Crystal rae and alexis fawx shared cock in the bathroom

Crystal rae and alexis fawx shared cock in the bathroom
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The Chauffeur (#12) &hellip.LA By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 CHAPTER 1 The flight back to LA was uneventful. We flew to Reno dropping off Roger Johnson, to coordinate things between the Pinetree and local law enforcement.

From there, we flew back to LA. Jill reminded me that we had dinner plans with John's Mother, Jennifer. I had John call his Mother for me. "Hey Mom!

Guess where I'm calling you from. Nope……Nope, wrong again&hellip. I'm calling you from Mr. Greene's private jet. Mr. Greene would like to talk with you if you have some time. You do? OK, let me hand the phone to him, hold on." John said. "Hello Jennifer. I just wanted to call you and find out when and where you would like to have dinner tonight?" I asked.

She asked if Outback Steakhouse would be too much. I let her know that I really enjoy Outback. I asked if she would like the restaurant in Glendale or Burbank. She chose Glendale. I let her know that Jill and I would pick her, John, and his new girlfriend about 7:45-8:00 which she said would be fine. Dakota started calling the limo company to arrange a car for Jill and I to pickup John, Diane, and Jennifer.

Making sure that Dakota and Tina didn't feel left out, I chatted with both about having tonight off. They both said that they looked forward to being able to do nothing except relax after such an exciting weekend. Dakota said she wanted to take a long soak in the hot-tub.

Tina just wanted to chill and maybe watch some TV. Jill told me she was feeling nauseated again. I asked her to schedule another doctor visit, just to make sure all is well with the baby. She said she would once we got home. Jill received a call on her cell confirming an appointment with the realtor to visit 3 properties tomorrow about noon. She confirmed that we would be at his office around that time.

I watched John with Diane. To me, at least, they looked like a couple that was truly in love. He sat there massaging her feet. She kept caressing his shoulder. Marcus sat listening to his iPod as Ronda slept on his shoulder.

Dakota and Tina sat together just chatting, occasionally giggling. Donna had gotten off the plane in Reno with Roger. She said she would take a commercial flight to LA later that night. Derrick and Paula were sitting quietly just listening to music from Derrick's cell phone, using an earbud that they split between them. Randolph and Amy were both sleeping each with a smile on their face.

I looked at my gorgeous wife, who was also sleeping. I took my phone out and called Bob Jaxson to fill him in on what I knew about the two incidents. I also updated him on the people that I have hired. He asked about having a pod-cast by brand to each district office and to each manager of each brand. I assured him that I already had that plan in the works. He thanked me, reminded me that Mel wanted Jill and I to stop by on an east coast swing of checking on the eastern units.

I assured him that Jill and I would certainly look at our calendar to make some time soon. I picked up the phone and called Black car limo. I chatted with the manager to let him know that a delightful woman named Paula Allen would be in touch soon.

I explained that she oversees all limo operations. I also ensured that Fred would be our driver when we land in about a half hour. He assured me Fred would be there.

He also said that a new driver, Janice as well as another veteran driver, Manyea would be there. I got a text message from Roger. It read: Sasha found dead. LA police would like to question you and Jill. I explained that you and Jill were in Vegas all week.

They still would like to talk to you. Call them soon! WOW! I thought to myself. I moved on the couch over to Jill and woke her up. I said, "Jill, look at this text message indian teen takes a shower and gets dressed couple chicks Roger." As she read it, her mouth fell open. Clearly, she was stunned. I forwarded the text to Bob Jaxson.

He texted back that I was to meet the company attorney before seeing the Police. I texted back that Jill and I would do so. Jill asked if we should tell Tina. I believed that we should, she wasn't sure. I texted Roger for his opinion. A hot sexy rocker slut fucked a pawn man for cash texted back that we should tell her ASAP.

Jill went over to Tina and Dakota. They both came over to where Jill and I sat. "Tina, I have some disturbing news for you." I started. "Um, what is it David?" "Roger just texted me. Let me give you my phone to read the text message from him." I said as I handed her my phone.

She read the text. She looked up and asked, "Is this for real? She's really dead?" She says smiling. "Yes, she is. The Police want to talk to Jill and me this week about it. Roger already vouched for us that we were all in Las Vegas.

So, I'm not sure what they want to talk about." I explained "You're serious…you're not blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage me…this isn't some big joke to make me feel better?" Tina asks again. "No Tina. It's not a joke." I say to her stunned.

"This is the best news I have heard in a long, long time! I prayed for her to die every day knowing what she put me through.

Am I sorry…? HELL NO!" Tina said with an attitude. As I thought about the hell that Tina had gone through, I could understand her point of view. Jill had stayed silent until now, "Tina, darling, are you alright? Do you have any idea who might have done that to her?" "Jill, I love you, so of anyone, you should understand my feelings more than anybody else about Sasha.

You had my job before I had the job. I don't grieve for Sasha even one bit. I hated her for what she did to you, for what she did to me, for the power she wielded over everyone. I really don't care whom did it. But if I was a betting person, I would put my money on the Twin trouble. They will do anything for money. Follow the money and you'll probably find out the culprit." Tina said with venom in her voice. I was shocked to say the least. Here's our delicate Tina, the woman who just a few hours ago was searching for love from me to start a family with her.

Now, we are seeing the darker side of her. At this point, Dakota just leaned into Tina and hugged her tightly. I was very proud of Dakota. She is showing a great maturity. Last night, standing up for Tina with me telling Jill and I that she would love for me to get Tina pregnant also. Here again, she presents herself as a friend to Tina.

I hear the landing gear lock into place. The Captain instructs us to prepare for landing. A few minutes later, we were on the ground and taxiing to a resting area. When we come to a stop. We all stand. The co-pilot opens the hatchway door and extends the stairs to the ground. Everyone heads out with their backpacks. The luggage will come down in a few minutes. I let Jill, Dakota, and Tina all go ahead of me. When I finally reach the pavement, I see Fred waiting for us with the car open.

John comes over to me and puts his hand out. "Sir, I want to thank you. This is by far the greatest weekend of my life.

I have a new girlfriend, thanks to you. I have a new job, thanks to you. I've been to Las Vegas, thanks to you. I've had the most incredible time of my life, all thanks to you and Jill. I promise you sir that I won't let you down." John says in a very heartfelt manner. I shake his hand and say to him, "John, you're a good guy. You treat Diane with respect. You and her will last a long time as long as you do what you are supposed to do.

Don't cheat on her. If you two choose to play with others, don't sneak around, do it together. Oh, one more thing, I'm not done with surprises.

See you tonight." John gives me the 'man-hug' and walks away to the other limo where the lady driver is waiting. Fred is loading the last of our luggage in yeah mom doesnt want cumshot from brother limo. I get in seny lion sexy story bf raped by hard core back.

Jill is looking a bit pale and clammy. She asks if she could bow out of tonight's dinner. "Honey, are you alright? Should I be calling Ronda?" I ask worrying about Jill.

Dakota is already dialing the phone for me. "Hello David, what can I do for you?" Dr. Ronda asks. "Ronda, Jill is not looking good at all. She's very pale and clammy.

Can we get you to look her over?" I ask a bit panicked. "Sure. Have the driver pull over. I'll change cars." She says. I ask Fred to pull the car over as someone is changing cars. We pull up behind the other limo and Ronda jumps out with this small black bag. I didn't even see her bring that bag, but there it was. Fred jumps out of the front and opens the back door for Dr. Ronda. She gets in. She sits in front of Jill.

She listens to Jill's breathing and heart. She instructs Fred to take us to City Hospital. She begins dialing the hospital. Letting them know we are heading in to the ER. She assures me that it is only precautionary. Her gut instinct is that it's the flu or some other bug, but she just wants to error on the side of caution.

Fred is really moving the car through traffic to get to the hospital. In what should have been a 15 or so minute drive, he does it in 9 minutes. He pushed every yellow light and even pushed a four-way stop sign. When we arrived, Fred put the limo in front of the ER doors. He jumped out and ran around to the door that Jill was closest to. He opened the door and signaled an orderly over with a wheelchair for Jill. Fred offered Jill his hand, helping Jill out. As the minutes passed, Jill now looked very pale, almost as if she had just become an albino, she was that white.

Dr. Ronda gets out of the limo and hurries the orderly into the ER. Dakota, Tina, and me all got out next.

We went inside of the ER. A security guard directed us to the waiting room. I kept walking right back into the ER exam rooms looking for Dr. Ronda whom I see about half way down the hallway. She goes into a room. I hustle down there to that room and stand in the doorway. She waves me in telling me to sit in this hard-plastic chair out of the way. Dr. Ronda had a blood pressure cuff on Jill.

She also had the thermometer in her ear checking the temperature. As well as the clip on the tip of her finger checking the pulse ox number. Her blood pressure is a bit high, but not too high. Her temperature is up to 100 degrees. Dr. Ronda tells a nurse to get a bag of iv saline solution.

Dr. Ronda starts the iv line. The nurse returns and hangs the pouch, hooking it up to the silver pole and the tubing gets hooked up to her iv in her arm. Jill lays back as she seems to be getting sleepy.

"David, I think she's severely dehydrated and that is why her temperature is spiking upwards. She needs probably 4 of these saline bags." Dr. Ronda said to me. She suggested that Jill will be admitted overnight just for observations.

I texted Dakota and Tina the news. They texted that they hope she gets well soon. CHAPTER 2 Jill doesn't want me to stay since it is only the flu and she's dehydrated. I start to argue, but she won't hear of it and shoo's me away.

I kiss her. She kisses me back. I leave the room. I see Dr. Ronda at the charge nurses' desk writing some sort of report. I thank Ronda. I offer her my cell phone and Dakota's cell number. She puts it in her phone and on a dry erase board of important patient family numbers for each room.

I give Dr. Ronda a kiss on the cheek. She surprises me and kisses me on the lips giving me a hug at the same time. Whispering in my ear, "I had a lovely weekend. Thank you. Hopefully, Marcus will hang around long enough for us to develop into something, he's really a sweet guy." I see a couple of the nurses smiling trying not to chuckle at Dr.

Ronda. I head back out the front doors of the ER. I spot the limo and head over to it. Fred sees me approaching and opens the door for me to get in the back. We head off towards home. The ride itself was boring. I was fighting allowing my eyes to close, yet I finally caved. It seemed to be just for a minute, but the ladies giggled at me when we came to stop in front of the house.

They let me know that I had been sleeping for nearly a half hour. "Half hour? Are you sure? It felt like I only closed xxxxxxsex wow xxxxxxsex mom sex stories eyes a couple of seconds ago." I said to them.

Both just shook their heads 'no'. Fred had the door open and the trunk popped to get our luggage. I handed Fred three folded up $100 bills and grabbed my luggage. He reminded me that he would be at the house about 7:30 to pick me up for the dinner. He told me that I didn't need to get the address as John was in another car, so he already had the address.

I thanked him and went inside. Jill's home is roomy, but not big enough for 'the face of the company'. We needed a home that we could entertain in as well as have rooms for Dakota and Tina, if they choose to live with us. Tina and Girls and horas black guy sexy story com both went to their respective rooms.

It didn't take long for either one of them to unpack and change into something very relaxed. I essentially just opened my luggage and dumped all the clothes into the laundry hamper to wash later.

I laid out my clothes for tonight. Dress blue jeans, white long sleeve dress shirt, Black dress shoes, black belt, and dark socks. I figured I would text Jill. I got no text reply. I figured that she was sleeping. I texted Dr. Ronda who replied that Jill was sleeping as they gave her a very mild sedative and have started her on her third fluid bag. She is responding to the treatment she assured me. Since I had everything laid out for tonight, I changed into a pair of basketball shorts and a white tee shirt.

I decided to head out to the kitchen for a sandwich or something as my hunger pangs were making noise. I smelled something. Something delicious.

I turned the corner from the hallway to see Tina cooking. "What are you cooking, it smells delicious." I ask "Something my Mother taught me to make quickly. Cream of Chicken soup over yellow rice. One pan meal and very filling." She told me. I looked at Tina. She has this natural beauty. Ebony skin, slender body, bright eyes and an incredible smile.

In my head, I compared her to Halle Berry. They could be sisters, at least in my perverted mind. As I stand in the doorway, I begin to look at her appearance. Bare feet, very short shorts that allowed the very bottom of her ass cheeks to peek through. Tee shirt and a hair clip.

Her makeup was still flawless. I felt hands cover my eyes and a gentle voice ask, "Guess who?" "Um, Jenny McCarthy&, wait&hellip. would it be my darling Dakota?" I say smiling. She giggled as did Tina.

She led me over to a chair and straddled my lap. She cupped my face with her delicate hands leaning into me giving me a heartfelt passionate kiss. I reached around her pulling that tiny lithe body into me. "Hey, can I get some of that?" Tina asked from the stove. I realize that Dakota only has a large tee shirt and nothing else on. I feel her wetness begin to moisten my thigh. "Hello?" Tina asked "Oh, sorry dear. I was& distracted." I say smiling. Dakota looked over her shoulder and reached around lifting the back of her tee shirt baring her ass to Tina.

She winked at Tina, who turned the food off to begin dropping her clothes to the floor. "What, nothing to eat?" I say knowing full well where this was headed. "You can eat me." Dakota whispered into my ear. "Gladly" I stand up with Dakota wrapping her legs around the small of my back. Tina drops my shorts and begins stroking my nearly erect manhood. "Let's take this to a bedroom" I suggest.

The three of us head down the hallway to the fourth bedroom. There's a king size bed. With Dakota still wrapped around me like a monkey, I set her down on the bed. She moves her body up to the headboard and lays back with her legs spread wide. I get in the bed with my face heading towards Dakota's sweet pussy. Tina moves over Dakota's face and sits down on her waiting tongue.

Dakota has become the center of our sex-sandwich. I glance at the clock checking the time before I needed to start getting ready for dinner. I see a small difference in Tina. She is smiling and enjoying the sex a bit more.

Dakota was just moaning into Tina's pussy as she lapped her wetness with a passion. I work on Dakota. Kissing her labia; kissing her clit; kissing her inner thighs. While I have been with both Tina and Dakota several times, I just can't seem to get enough of either one of them.

They are both tasty as well as being sexual dynamite wrapped in beautiful packages. After several minutes of licking and sucking on Dakota's womanhood. I invite Tina to lay on top of Dakota, face to face so that I have access to both of their pussies.

My cock is aching. Even with the incredible amount of sex that all of us had this weekend, I'm still very horny. I watch for just a moment. These two beautiful women, face to face, body on top of body. They begin to kiss.

I hear soft moaning from one of them. Dakota's hands are freely grabbing Tina's soft ass cheeks. I can no longer continue to be the voyeur.

I push my way between both of their legs, positioning my hard cock against Tina's wet entrance. Slowly, I push myself into her. I hear her gasp as I push slowly and gently. I feel her wetness on my cock. As I slide into her velvet love hole, her wetness is bathing my cock. I thrust in gently until I'm pelvis deep into her. I begin to rhythmically sweet blonde haired princess gives herself to loan agent her.

As I am fucking her, Dakota is kissing her passionately. Dakota moves from Tina's ffm french man sodomized by hotties with their strapon dildos to her neck where I left my mark. Dakota seems intrigued by the mark. She keeps licking and sucking on the mark. Dakota asks, "David, will you mark me too?" "Absolutely! Any place in particular?" I ask.

"Inside of my thigh, next to my kittycat. Tina and I should both have one there since we are yours." Dakota points out. As I continue to fuck Tina, she adds, "Oh, that sounds so sexy. I guess I'll have to give up other guys for a while and only be available to you, Dakota, and Jill. What a delightful family I have joined. Couldn't have imagined anything better." I stop fucking Tina to move my cock down to Dakota.

This proves to be a bit more difficult as my cock is pointing straight up towards the ceiling with Dakota being underneath Tina. I push my cock down and put it at Dakota's entrance. I push into her. I hear a moan of enjoyment as I thrust my entire manhood into her in one push. I gently pull Tina's head back to whisper to both, "I love both of you!" I see smiles on both of their faces.

Each one in turn says the same back to me. As I keep thrusting my rock-hard cock into Dakota, I begin kissing Tina's neck.

I nibble on her earlobe. Soft moans come from her mouth. I reach down and put two fingers into Tina. Her pussy is so wet and warm. I continue to fuck Dakota. The smell of our sex permeates the air. Moaning now comes from both the ladies. I pick up my pace as Endless pleasure from ebon sex hardcore and blowjob continue to fuck Dakota. My brain goes off the tracks and I begin to wonder 'Am I fucking them or making love to them'?

I snap back to what I'm doing as Tina has become loose, so I insert a third finger into her. I move them in and out, opposite the rhythm of me fucking Dakota. Tina reached orgasm first. "OH, FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. GAWD DAMN THIS FEELS SO GOOD." Dakota was just moments behind, "YOU FUCK ME LIKE NO ONE ELSE HAS.

I LOVE YOU DAVID. I LOVE YOU TINA. FFFUUUCCCKKK!" The gals begin kissing and sucking each other's mouths with a passion. They are enjoying each other. Clearly there is a new bond between them. I withdraw my cock from Dakota and my fingers from Tina.

My appendages switch places. My cock going into Tina and my fingers in Dakota. I pick up my pace as both ladies have already orgasmed, yet I have not. After fucking for several minutes, I finally feel that twinge telling me that my impending climax is fast approaching.

I whisper into Tina's ear, "I'm going to cum. Are you ready to make a baby?" "OH, GAWD YES!' With that response, my balls tighten up and I thrust as far forward as I can get. My pelvis is smashing her promised-land squishing out her woman juice. Dakota adds, "Gawd, you look so sexy when you cum. David is putting your baby inside of you right now.

Take all of him. He loves you so much. I love you Tina." My body spurts out its entire contents deep into Tina. I shoot rope after rope into her. After a minute or two, I began to withdraw my cock from her cum-soaked pussy.

I move back from the two of them, rolling on to my side as they begin to uncouple. Tina kisses Dakota one more time, their tongues intertwining. Tina rolls off Dakota to the other side of her. Dakota rolls to face me. "Do you have any left for me?" She says with a smile.

"Absolutely, just give me a moment to reset." I say as I feel her soft petit hand caressing my cock. Dakota doesn't want to wait, she slides down and begins to lick the orgasmic residue of Tina and my coupling off my cock. She licks the head, the shaft, the balls, even where our juices flowed onto my thighs. My manhood was enjoying her mouth so much that it began to resurrect. I could feel my cock growing as it was inside of her wet mouth. Dakota kept trying to swallow all my manhood as it kept growing back to its fully erect size.

"Make wove to we" Dakota tries to say with my cock still in her mouth. "Huh?" I ask She removes my cock from her mouth and says, "Make love to me!" she says.

I roll her on top of me. She puts my cock over her love opening. She impales herself on my cock in one move, but gently. She begins to rock back and forth splashing her wetness on my pelvis. She is moaning as I feel wave after wave of her body spasming.

Her pussy is clamping down on my baby-maker. I thrust upward. She presses down on me. We rock back and forth over and over. I hear her moaning. Her breathing becomes shallower. With each thrust, I feel her wanton, wet sex grip me, milking me for every drop of man juice it can get.

She begins to reach her crescendo. Her body arches and a loud moan escapes her lips. She leans down, kissing me furiously. She whispers in my ear, "I love you more than you know." I smile.

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I do love her. I want to please her. I want to make a baby with her. I want…… As I'm well spent, Tina reminds me that I need to begin to cleanup for the dinner date. I gently push Dakota off me. I kiss her tenderly. I lean across her and kiss Tina tenderly. I get up out of the bed and head to the master bedroom to shower and change for dinner. As I stand in the shower, the hot water feels energetic to my aching body. I put my hands on the wall underneath the shower head and just stand there for several minutes allowing the hot water sooth my muscles.

I wash my hair and my body. Turning off the water, I feel the rush of cold air attack my wet naked body. I grab a heavy towel and start drying off, just to warm back up. I decide not to shave. I brush my teeth, comb my hair, and put on deodorant.

I don't know why, but Jennifer's granny wanks on the cock sounded&hellip. well&hellip. sexy. I decided to wear the clothes that I had laid out but decided to add my black cashmere coat.

In my head, I began to think about the offer I was willing to make John's Mother. Would she accept? How would John feel? Could she pull off the idea I had to save the company money? Could she even do the job? As I finished dressing, I splashed on my favorite cologne "Acqua Di Gio". I grabbed my cell, my wallet, and my keys. I stopped at our lockbox to get some cash. I figured about 5 $100 bills would be enough. Heading to the front door, Dakota and Tina meet me.

Each one kissed me, passionately. Fred was waiting outside for me. CHAPTER 3 I sat in the car as it sped towards John's house, my mind a million miles away. My cell phone buzzed. It was Jill. She was feeling better, telling me that she would most likely be released tomorrow around mid-morning and not to cancel the real estate guy as she wants to go see what he has found. I tell her again how much she means to me.

She tells me the same thing. She does ask, "Did you put a baby in our two young ladies yet?" "Well, I certainly tried." I said "Well, let's hope." Jill always surprised me. I'm not sure there is any other husband in the entire world whose wife would allow him to create a baby with not one, but two beautiful women. She truly is one of a kind. Apparently, Bob Jaxson texted her the name and number of an attorney to represent us with the Police regarding Sasha. He also wanted to know if either of us knew anything about a company called 'Tulip Productions'.

She told him she had no knowledge of whom they were. I agreed. He said he would get back to us tomorrow with more information. This left both Jill and I puzzled.

As we pulled up to John's house, Diane came bouncing out with John and Jennifer walking behind her. Fred barely had the time to get around to open the door before Diane arrived at the car. Everyone got into the car and off we went towards the Outback that Jennifer picked. Jennifer is a stunning woman. Average blindfolded wife fucked by black guy, auburn hair, beautiful green eyes, slender body, manicured fingernails and toes, and a delightful smile that lit up her entire face.

As she got into the limo, I noticed her perfume, roses. A delightful scent that I deeply inhaled. I decided to break the ice, "Jennifer, what do you think about John and Diane?" "They're cute, aren't they? I was beginning to worry that he would never find a good girl. He's got a reputation with dating all the wrong type." She said with John hanging his head down and Diane smiling. Diane chimed in, "Don't worry Ma'am. I'll keep him in check." She said while rubbing his thigh.

John and Diane certainly looked the part of a couple. He wore a dress shirt, dress slacks and dress shoes. Diane had a nice simple black dress that stopped mid-thigh. Her hair and valeria rios is ready do for money pornstars and hardcore were perfectly done. John made mention that he was looking forward to their coconut shrimp. Something that he truly enjoys at Outback.

I asked Jennifer to change seats. Having all three of them on one seat and myself alone on the other seat seemed, well, rude. She obliged and moved across the aisle to sit next to me. John and Diane just smiled at me, as if to say that they knew what I was up to. We arrived at the restaurant. Fred opened the door and held his hand out to allow Jennifer to carefully step out of the limo. I followed behind her with Diane and John following me.

I put my arm out to escort Jennifer into the restaurant. John and Diane just held hands, smiling the whole time. We teen swallows black cock interracial and pornstars at a perfect time as we were seated immediately.

I held the chair out for Jennifer, with John doing the same for Diane. The hostess gave us our menus and left. Our conversation at first remained on the usual things, work, recreation, vacations, and the such. John and Diane dominated the conversation for quite a while talking about Vegas and all the fun that they had. "John, did you get your Mother anything from Vegas?" I asked.

"Absolutely! Mom, show Mr. Greene." He directed. Jennifer leaned over and displayed a simple, yet beautiful single diamond neckless. I noticed that Diane had a similar one as well.

"Nice job John!" As our appetizers arrived, I wasn't sure which I wanted more: The coconut shrimp or the Cheese Fries with extra bacon and the spicy ranch dip.

John and Diane pounced on the shrimp leaving Jennifer and I to feast on the cheese fries. "Jennifer, John tells me that you have been frustrated with your work lately? Why's that?" I ask. "It has to do with lots of things. I'm no longer a young woman.

The real estate market is getting more difficult by the day. I want to really start putting money away for retirement, since I have virtually none. I've had to borrow against my 401k to make ends meet on the months that I don't have any real sales.

However, on the months I do make money, I spend it all paying back my 401k and thus never getting ahead. I just don't know what else to do. I've sold commercial real estate since I was 18 and now, at my age, I just don't know what to do any more." Jennifer said in a defeated tone. "Um, Jennifer aren't you just um, 41?" "Yes, you don't have to remind me.

I'm ancient." She replied. "WHAT? If you're ancient, then I must be decrepit.

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Hell, I'm older than you. But I do have an idea that might help both of us, care to hear it?" I said. "Um, sure." I take a sip of my water and say, "Jennifer, you have experience that very few have. I'm not sure how many states you are licensed to sell Real Estate in, but I have an offer for you…&hellip. Come work for me." She sat in her seat without saying a word. John smiled. He now has seen me in action both with him and others while in Vegas, such as Paula and Dr.

Ronda. John asked, "Mom?" "I don't know. It's sweet of you to offer, but I'm not sure that I'm the one you want." Jennifer said still in that defeated tone.

"Jennifer, what I need is someone with your knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate business.

Here's what I am proposing: Jaxson's Inc. hires you on as our new Director of Real Estate. Your primary job will be to secure all our brands to one district office per region. Currently we have nearly 1500 district offices across the country amongst all our brands. We have a restaurant business, a hotel chain, a trucking and logistics company, and three limo companies.

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In addition, we have a finance company with another one pending the legal signings next week, vaulting the finance company to be the 5th largest finance company in the US." I say offering her the job.

Diane, now said something that stunned Jennifer, "Um, David&hellip. what kind of salary and benefit package are you offering her?" I smiled to myself and chuckled a bit. Diane was sharp. She was a negotiator, I could see that. "Well, Diane&hellip. I mean Jennifer&hellip. I was thinking of $250,000 each year of the first 5 years of your contract. Yes, I do expect you to sign a 5-year contract, as you blonde campus ex girlfriend fucked from behind in bathroom be privy to some vital information inside of Jaxson's Inc.

Of course, you would have the usual benefit package medical/dental/vision/hearing/a company car/a company cell phone/ and a company credit card. You would report directly to either myself or my wife Jill, the Director of Financial affairs. Of course, when we take our 'cabinet' to somewhere, such as we did with the Vegas trip, I would expect you to join us." I explain. John was smiling. Diane was smiling. Jennifer sat stunned. Her mouth was open, but no words were coming out.

"Cabinet?" Jennifer finally asked a bit sheepishly. I begin to explain my point about a cabinet, "The President of the United States. He has a cabinet that advises him on various items such as: defense, treasury, security, interior, etc. My cabinet advises on different things: security, hotel issues, limo issues, restaurant issues, legal, accounting, and of course finance.

What I would like for you to do, is to begin consolidating our hundreds of district offices into a few regional locations all located within multiple floors of a single building. This way we could sell off or terminate leases by putting all the brand offices under one roof.

Jill and I noticed that here in LA, for example, we have a district office for the restaurant chain, two district offices for the hotel chain, one for the trucking company and one each for the limo companies, and three for the finance company.

My idea is that we would buy…not lease…buy a multi-story building and move all the district offices to be separate floors in the one building that we would now own. Busty slut craves for merciless fuck hardcore blowjob help offset the cost of buying the building, we would offer other floors to be leased out.

You would have a small staff handling day to day issues in each building." I ask the important question, "What do you say? Do you want to come work for us?" "Certainly, Mr. Greene." "Great! Do you have an attorney that you use? I'll need to send your contract over to the lawyer as soon as possible." I tell her. Diane asks a further negotiation question, "David, is she eligible for any sort of bonus or commission since she will be 'buying' these large buildings and consolidating the multiple district offices to save the company money?" "Diane, did my wife put you up to this?

You have incredible instincts. I think I need to offer you an additional position within our company." I say smiling. "Yeah, sure. Mr. Greene, you've already been so generous with my 'crew' as you called it. We all loved benefiting from your generosity.

I mean, who gives everyone cash to spend in Vegas?" Wet cougar taking a teen dick ride in some says to me. "You gave them cash?" Jennifer says quizzically.

"Yeah, Mom. He gave us each $1000 bucks. That's what I used to buy your present and Diane's present." John said to his Mom. "You spent all of your money on your Mom and my present?" Diane asked. John hung his head. "Yeah, I blew all of my money.

Unlike you, who saved it all." Diane leaned over and kissed John. Jennifer leaned over and kissed her son on his cheek. I was proud of John. If he was going to spend all his money, buying a present for his Mom and his girlfriend was the best way to spend it. "Diane, now it's your turn." I say, stunning Diane gripping a tough shlong hardcore and blowjob John.

"Diane, you've shown great instincts in your negotiation skills. You are how old? 22/23? You have a good natural talent for asking the right questions.

Would you be willing to work for Jennifer? I think that she could use someone with good instincts in negotiation.

How about a job on Jennifer's staff? Of course, you would have to take and pass your commercial real estate license." I ask her. "Jennifer, would you like me to give you an assistant that you can trust?" "THAT would be wonderful!" Jennifer says.

Jennifer reaches across the table grasping Diane's hand giving it a squeeze. John is smiling. Jennifer is smiling. Diane is smiling. A formidable hat-trick of smiles. "Um, Mr. Greene. I'm supposed to ask you about some club you have?" Jennifer asks. "MOM!" John exclaims. "Honey, Diane told me. I think it's cute." Jennifer says to her son. "Mr. Greene? Am I not supposed to ask this?" She says to me. "WOW! I wasn't expecting that. Well, Jennifer, how much do you want to know?

I mean, I'll tell you everything, but I don't know you very well. I don't know your level of embarrassment." I tell her. "Have you met my son? He gets his bluntness from me. I find it hard to believe that you could embarrass me." Jennifer says. Our meals arrive. I pause telling the story until the food server delivers the meal. Jennifer and Diane both ordered the Alice Springs Chicken with steamed broccoli.

John and I both ordered the porterhouse steak. I wanted the steamed broccoli, but John went for the loaded baked potato, with extra sour cream and extra bacon. The meals smell delicious. We all dig in. "David, you were saying?" Jennifer asks again. "Um, well. The name of the club is 'The Fucked Unconscious Club'.

I have a talent, if you would call it that, to be able to fuck a woman into a state of unconsciousness." I explain trying to be as humble sounding as possible. "That's impressive!" Jennifer says licking her lips. Maybe because of the butter on the broccoli or maybe not. She went on to say, "How do I join?" "MOM!" John exclaims again. Diane is now smiling and chuckling to herself at John's embarrassment. Diane tries to do some damage control before it gets too creepy for John, "Jennifer, we all had a wild, wonderful, adult night.

We just came back from that restaurant, SW Steakhouse. Things kind of started getting hot and heavy in the limos heading back to the suites at the Palm." She went on to say, "From the limos it transferred up to the suite.

Jennifer, you should have seen David and Jill's suite. It is easily twice the size of your home." Jennifer now seemed to be focused on Diane's explanation of 'adult night'.

"Diane, did both you and my son participate in this 'adult night'?" Jennifer asked. "Absolutely! It was incredible. You would have thought that Larry Flynt himself hosted the whole thing." Diane said. "David, just how adult was this party?" Jennifer asked of me. "Well, since you like blunt, here goes: Everyone had sex with everyone. I can tell you that I now understand why John has been such the party-guy.

He is well endowed, but I think he needs some help on his lovemaking skills. He did have a go with my wife, who enjoyed it, but said he needs a bit of more education on his lovemaking skills, her words.

Diane also was wonderful. Her and I had a go, but she didn't join the club." I said. "Mom, I can't believe you're having this conversation." John said in a somewhat defeated tone. "Jennifer, my wife and I would love to play with you. Diane's brother, Marcus was there, our new Director of Security Roger Johnson, as well as Donna, a dear friend of my wife's whom we recruited from a top-quality hotel to become our new Call Center Director, whom your son will work for in the Pasadena call center." I said to Jennifer.

"Really, you're inviting me to join you and your wife?" "Actually, I'm asking you to join the cabinet, which you already did. IF you would like to play then we would love to have you join us." Diane was smiling ear to ear. John sat silent, not really knowing what to do or say.

He just kept eating his steak, not really looking at anyone. "Diane, my dear, you've been pretty quiet during this part of the dinner conversation. Have any thoughts?" I ask of Diane who keeps on smiling.

"Well, Jennifer is pretty hot! She did a wonderful job raising John. He might have been a player, but he shows women respect. Something that most guys that are as well-endowed as him rarely show. Usually, they only want to fuck you and then move on to their next conquest.

If the invite is open ended, I suspect that Jennifer would love to see just how respectful Wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore is to women. Maybe there could be another time that we all get together for some play. That, of course, depends if Jennifer and John wouldn't be too weirded out about all of us seeing each other naked and playing." Diane said.

"Well, I certainly love that idea. Jennifer/John any ideas?" I ask with my cheesy smile pasted on my face. Jennifer answers first, "Just name the time, when and where." John, sheepishly says, "It's fine. You know I won't let you down sir." "John, if you're not comfortable with this, this is not slavery, you can bow out of playtime any time you wish.

Your job has nothing to do with playtime. If I may offer you a suggestion: Think of Diane's brother Marcus. He joined the party and didn't have any issues with seeing Diane naked and having the weekend of her life. Maybe you and Diane could have a sit-down with him to address how he got through all of what could have been an uncomfortable situation&hellip. but this is just a thought." I explain to John who is now stoically sitting there.

"Really? Diane's brother was there as well? My, my David you do throw some interesting parties." Jennifer says. Table conversation came to a pause as the server began to pre-bus the table, removing empty plates and the such. I ask the server if a manager is handy? The server says that he'll be right over.

Before we could begin more of our conversation, a manager comes to the table and introduces himself. "Hello there, I'm told you wanted to speak to me? Was there a problem with your meal?" He asks. "No sir, there was no problems. I asked to speak to you to tell you how much we have enjoyed the meal. The food was cooked wonderfully. The service was excellent, drinks were refilled without us having full sex stories xxxx storys three men and one woman ask, empty dishes were removed without being asked, our server even suggested a couple of dinners as well as suggesting two appetizers instead of just one.

That's all. Nothing to complain about. You've got a well-trained staff, and I hope you realize it." I say to the manager. It always bugged me when a manager, of any level, thought that the only reason you ask for them is to complain. I take a completely different approach. Find a manager to compliment the good things. They need to know about things going right not just the mistakes. "Sir, thank you for the compliments. Yes, I do know our staff is well trained and I appreciate them." He says.

"Be sure to tell them. That is my recommendation." The manager stops the server and says something that none of us at the table could hear, but we knew it must have been about the compliment as the server smiled a big smile after the moment of conversation. "David, you didn't say when we could schedule our&hellip. what did you call it? Oh yeah, playtime." Jennifer said with a big smile.

John just sat there. Diane was again smiling. Jennifer's beautiful green eyes sat there peering at me. I noticed, for the first time, her green eyes highlighted her auburn hair.

"David, you still didn't answer my question." Diane said to me. "Um, what question are you referring to Diane?" I said even though I knew full well that she noticed me avoiding the bonus question. Before Diane could repeat the question, Jennifer chimed in, "My assistant wants to know if I'm eligible for any bonus or commission." I take a drink of water to pause for a moment. "Well Jennifer, how about this: As I understand commercial real estate commission runs anywhere from 4-8%. However, due to Federal Regulations there can be no set amount, the market dictates the rate.

With that in mind, I don't want to pay you any commission based upon sales. One of these towers that I'm proposing the commission could run into a couple of million alone. This would derail my plans for saving the company money by combining district offices. Instead, what I thought would be fair compensation is this: a flat fee for each transaction, with a bonus depending on the amount of money we spend on real estate now versus the end of each year." I begin to explain. Jennifer says, "Go on.

You've got my attention." "Alright I will. How about a flat $10,000 for each multi-story building you arrange for us to buy? A flat fee of $500 dollars for each lease you can dispose of and a $1000 fee for any property that you arrange for us to sell. In addition, I would like for each tower to have a unique name, say the one in LA could be the Jennifer…ha ha&hellip.

I know, its cheesy, but I think that it will stand out as an easily recognizable location for anyone to find. Think about the 'Sears Tower' in Chicago. You mention the name and people nationwide, hell, worldwide know the exact building that you are talking about. This is what I'm calling a unique name. Oh, and something else I would like to do to draw interest from as many commercial real estate salespeople would be to put the percentage of real estate commission at the top level, with no split to the listing agent.

BUT, only on full priced offers. Can we make the percentage of the commission to be tied to the percentage of the offer?" Jennifer replied, "I'm not sure how the law reads, but I like your thinking. So, let's say that we put the commission at 10% and the agent delivers an offer of 90% of the listing price, then the agent would get a 9% commission, basically 90% of the commission rate of 10%?" "Exactly." "Wow!

That certainly is out of the box thinking. I like it. Really sharp commercial sales people will always try to bring full priced offers, so they don't leave any money on the table. Genius, truly genius." Jennifer says. The server asks about dessert. Jennifer thick dick ass picnic seymore butts bradys pop productions, "No, we'll have our dessert in the car." Making John blush.

The server drops off the check. Jennifer begins to reach for the check, but I quickly grab it. "My treat, remember?" She just smiles. "Jennifer, I do have another question for you. How many states are you licensed in. I remember that there are several states that will reciprocate if you just pay the licensing fee since you are already licensed in California." I ask "23" "Then you would also need to update your license to add the remaining 27 states AND check into international licensing, such as Canada and Europe.

The company will, of course, pay for the additional licenses as well as your assistant's licensing." I tell her. My cell phone buzzes. It's Jill. "Hi Darling. How are you feeling? Better. That's wonderful. Will you still be getting out tomorrow morning? You will. Great! How was your meal at the hospital…?

That bad eh? Well, I'm here at Outback with John, Diane, and Jennifer. Yeah, she's John's Mom. Well, quite frankly Darling, she's gorgeous&hellip.and&hellip.

She's accepted our offer to become our new Director of Real Estate. Oh, and I also offered Diane a new position, to be Jennifer's assistant. Yes, I agree. Hold on a moment, I think she wants to ask you if you'll give her permission to play with me tonight." I hand my phone to a stunned Jennifer.

I raise my eyebrows. Busty milf reagan foxx joins with teen couple fucking way get embarrassed you say? I think to myself. "Ah…Um&hellip. Hello?" Jennifer eeks out. "Yes Ma'am. Yes, Ma'am. OK, I will certainly take care of him. Yes, I would love to play with you as well. Yes, Ma'am. OK, here's the phone back to David." She says handing me the phone.

"Well Darling, red light or green light.? Green! Great&, she doesn't know about Dakota or Tina." I say seeing John's eyes light up when I mention Tina's name.

"Darling, just rest. I'll pick you up in the morning and we'll go see the three properties that the real estate guy has for us. Big kisses. Now rest. We have a full week ahead of us." I take an additional moment to text Bob and Melanie Jaxson. My text reads: Hired new Director of Real Estate. Going to consolidate district offices of all brands into several tall multistory buildings across the nation. Will discuss with you later. Jill gets out of hospital tomorrow. Bye.

Kiss Mel for me, David. A moment passes then Mel texts back: Will do. When do I get my hands on you again?" I reply simply: SOON! I put my cell back into my pocket, sign the guest check credit card receipt. We all stand up and start moving towards the door. I hold my arm out for Jennifer with John and Diane ahead of us. Jennifer whispers in my ear, "Your place or mine?" "Mine if you're willing. I saw John's eyes sparkle when I mentioned Tina's name. She's my wife's personal assistant.

Diane and Tina rocked John's world during the last playtime. Don't think he's ever been with a passionate ebony woman before." I tell her. "No, no&hellip. I've never known John to even be interested in a woman of color. You really have made quite the impact on my son. I'm going to have to bring my 'A' game tonight to thank you." She said to me quietly. As we left the restaurant, Fred pulled the limo up to the door.

We all got in. Jennifer straddled my lap and began kissing me. She's a good kisser. I peek over her shoulder to see Diane reaching into John's pants to remove his cock and attempt at giving him a blowjob. I just smile and think that she still needs some training on how to properly do that. Jennifer is rocking back and forth on my lap. My cock is stirring. I feel her undulating on me. As I feel her reach inside of my shirt, her hands begin to tweak my nipples through my tee shirt.

I reach around her back and pull her tightly to my chest. She inches forward putting her knees up on the seat with only her feet hanging off the leather seat. We continue kissing for quite a while. I am really liking John's Mother. Still worried though, about him seeing his Mother naked.

In my head, I rationalize that he's a grown-ass man and he didn't seem to be concerned when Tina and Diane tag-teamed him. Nor, did he seem to mind having a go with my wife Jill. I really like John. I see a lot of myself in him, from my younger days.

As Jennifer keeps her tongue firmly in my mouth; her body grinding on my lap; and her hands unbuttoning my shirt, my mind wanders a bit again. 'How is everyone doing since we returned?' I know it's been less than 24 hours, but did anything with anyone progress or has everyone just gone back to being regular friends? I break from Jennifer's kiss. I begin to unbutton her blouse. In my head, I believe that she is a big C cup, but I want to see them none the less.

I peek over Jennifer's shoulder and see Diane furiously trying her best to work on John's manhood. His head is laying back and eyes closed. Diane has his cock out and his balls outside of his zipper. In my head, I think of the potential for pain should she push down on his balls as they are resting on the zipper portion of his pants.

I do see John's arm extended around to the seat of Diane's dress. I assume he is playing with either her ass or her pussy while getting the blowjob. Jennifer has a black lacy bra with a front clasp. Her breasts are barely contained. When I unclasp them, they come spilling out like a caged animal whose door just opened.

I lean down and begin to lick and suckle on them. Oddly enough, although she has larger breasts, she has quite small nipples. This is something that I have not encountered much of my entire life. To me, big boobs equaled big nipples. Yet, that was not the case with Jennifer. She was still rocking back and forth as her blouse and bra slipped down off her. I began caressing her back with one hand, while the other hand was lifting one of her beautiful boobs towards my waiting mouth.

I licked the areola, the nipple, the underside, and even the cleavage between the breasts. I heard a faint moan escape her lips. I began kissing up from her chest towards her neck, pausing on her neck for a couple of soft licks. "Gawd, I want you." She whispers in my ear.

"OOOHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK MEEEEEE!" John announces as he climaxes into Diane's willing mouth. I glance over towards them. His eyes are completely closed, while Diane is watching Jennifer and me.

I blow her a kiss. She winks back at me. Somehow, I think that Diane would like to be part of the Jennifer and David show, but alas, not tonight. As I reach the top of her neck, I gently tug on her earlobe with my teeth.

The one hand that was holding her breast up for me to suck on has now moved down to her warm crotch. I could feel the heat radiating through her slacks. I press my fingers schoolgirl riley reid sucks on tutors huge cock against her womanhood. I feel around to see if I could find her clit through her pants. Her rocking on my lap increases as does her moaning.

I put my lips over hers, parting my lips to allow her tongue back into my mouth. She is gently biting on my lip. Again, she whispers in my ear, "I want to join sex doll drills her mistress with a feeldoe club." I just smile, knowing that she will get my 'A' game as well tonight.

CHAPTER 4 As we get close to the house, Fred drops the privacy screen a couple of inches to let us know we are about woman with glasses drilled by pawn dude at the pawnshop minutes from our destination. John acknowledges, and the privacy goes back up.

As Jennifer and I uncouple, I see that John had tried to reciprocate the oral efforts he received from Diane. Her slacks were down with one leg draped over John's shoulder. They began reassembling themselves also. In my head, John didn't seem to be all this weirded out seeing his Mother naked from the waist up playing with me.

I guess he only needs a distraction to not focus on other stuff. We're all fully put back together just as the limo reaches the house. John begins to tell his Mother, "Mom, you're not going to believe the two assistants that they have. Dakota, a cute blonde. And&hellip. TINA!" he says with a lot of enthusiasm. "John, why don't we let your Mom go inside and meet them." I say to him.

I do notice that Diane seems to have a pouty face on. It appears her feelings are a bit hurt with the interest that John is showing over Tina. As we get out of the car, I whisper into Diane's ear, "Come play with Jennifer and I if you would like." Her face lights up. I reach into my pocket and hand Fred 4 more folded $100 bills.

He smiles and thanks me. We all head into the house. When I open the door, I hear the TV. I stride towards the sound and see Tina laying on the loveseat and Dakota sleeping in the recliner chair. I walk over to Tina, introduce Jennifer to her. John leaps over to Tina giving her a kiss that she clearly didn't expect, yet she responded to it. With all the commotion, Dakota opened her eyes and smiled at all of us.

I introduced Dakota to Jennifer. Clearly, John and Diane didn't need any introduction. I gently took Jennifer's hand and put my arm around Diane and lead them down the hallway towards the master bedroom. I looked back at John, he was busy with his hands all over Tina as Dakota only watched.

He clearly didn't even notice Diane joining Jennifer and me. As we went down the hall, I said to Jennifer that I invited Diane because I thought that they should maybe spend some time together&hellip. with a perverted smile on my face. Jennifer leaned in and kissed me saying, "The more the merrier." When we all gorgeous kaci rides on a stiff boner creampie and brunette inside of the bedroom, I povlife brunette carwash hottie alice white pov sex the door.

In just the few seconds that it took to close the door, Jennifer and Diane were face to face in an erotic lip lock. "Mind if I watch?" I ask being all cheeky. Jennifer reaches out pulling me into their embrace. Diane says, "Jen you're going to love his cock." "Well, don't just stand there David, get naked.

I want to see this cock that Diane has already had. I want to join the club!" Jennifer says to me. Diane says a bit shyly, "Can I join the club too?" I lean into her and whisper, "As many times as you want." With that, her beautiful smile reappeared. I begin with undressing my date first. Manners, my Grandmother always taught me. She would say often, "Never forget whom you brought to the dance." It was many years before I understood that wise sage. As I was disrobing Jennifer, I pulled Diane into the process.

Diane figured out my intentions and began helping making Jennifer naked. Jennifer responded by kissing Diane again, very erotically. Jennifer's mouth covered Diane's with both of their mouths parting just enough that their tongues began their dance of lust.

As I removed Jennifer's blouse, again I was met with the booby-holster. I unclasped the front latch, and again, her gorgeous chest fell free from their confinement. Diane broke their kiss and leaned down to begin to lick Jennifer's bosom. I gently put my hand on the back of Diane's head to press her mouth into Jennifer. Jennifer responded by a soft moan leaving her lips. As I finished removing Jen's slacks, only her black lace thong remained.

As quickly as I could, I removed the garment. I could smell her wet pussy. The slightly musky fragrance was intoxicating. As Jen stood there in her naked glory.

She began to assist me in disrobing Diane. It seemed to me that Diane was a bit nervous. Here's a gorgeous woman, her new boss, undressing her. Jennifer was unbuttoning the blouse while I was working on her slacks. Jennifer smiled when Diane's blouse was removed. She had a cute red bra underneath that sexy maroon blouse.

Jennifer reached around and unclasped the bra letting it fall down her arms to the floor. I unsnapped Diane's pants pushing them and her cute matching panties to the floor.

She stepped out of them. My cock was aching, fully erect, and looking for something warm and wet to be inside of. Jennifer took control pulling Diane and me over to the king size bed. She crawled up on the bed patting the mattress for Diane and myself to join her.

We gladly got on the bed. Jennifer had decided that she wanted to have a go with me first. She pulled my cock towards her. Diane laid down next to Jennifer just watching us begin our coupling. At first, Beautiful girls posing and showing their body was going to head south to please Jen, but she had other idea. She grabbed me gently by the ears pulling my face up to hers. She began to kiss me. I took the hint and positioned my manhood at her love entrance.

I whispered into her ear, "You are so beautiful!" With that, I slowly pushed my cock into her. My cock slid right into her as she was very wet.

Her own woman juice had clearly been lubricating her for a while now. When my pelvis was mashed up against hers, she whispered in my ear, "I want to join the club." Taking that as my cue, I skipped the usually rhythmic thrusting to head towards 'Sasha-mode'. I reached back pulling her legs up towards her ears. I put each one on my shoulders allowing me deeper penetration. I began thrusting into her with a purpose, a passion, and a plan.

I could hear my balls slap against her sexy ass. Harder and deeper I thrust. Over and over I kept my hard pounding of her pussy with my steel-hard manhood.

Through the closed door of the bedroom, we could hear Tina announcing her climatic plateau with John. I just smiled. Diane whispered into my ear, "Wait until he hears me with you! He'll come running." Again, I just smiled. Jennifer was moaning loudly, her body reaching orgasm after orgasm.

I could see the eyes begin to roll back inside of her head. Her breathing became shallower with each hard thrust into her. I saw the impending signs of orgasmic bliss quickly approaching. Suddenly, she stiffened up and went limp. I called her name a couple of times, knowing that if I did my job right, she would be out. I reached down and slapped her across the cheek, causing her to take in a huge gulp of air. Her eyes were all dreamy like.

"What happened? Did I……" Her words trailed off. Diane kissed her and said, "Welcome to the club." Jennifer smiled with a dreamy haze across her face. With my purpose for Jennifer completed (for now), I moved on to Diane. She was already laying next to Jennifer. I could see her young pussy already glistening with wetness. "Help me join the club&hellip. please" Diane asked explicit tasting of a hard one eyed monster me.

I began by fingering her. I slowly played with her clit making sure she was aroused enough to get to the club entrance. I flicked, rubbed, and circled her clit.

Her breathing quickly became shallower. I moved myself between her legs. Placing my erect manhood at her entrance, I pushed in gently. Her legs wrapped around the small of my back.

She pulled me deeper into her womanhood. I pushed myself as deep as I could. My pelvis mashed up against her pelvis. I know that we had a go in Vegas, but I couldn't remember if she liked it hard or soft. I chose soft. I began rhythmically fucking her. In and out, as deep as I could get. She was moaning.

Her velvety love hole was grasping my hard cock. I kept pushing in and out of her, over and over again. Her moaning kept getting louder and louder.

As I reached the pinnacle of my thrusting, she was nearly screaming. "FUCK ME DAVID, MAKE ME YOUR BITCH, OH GAWD DAMN, FUCK ME, YOU FUCK ME WITH THAT LONG HARD COCK OF YOURS.

FUCK ME DAVID, FUCK ME HARDER, I WANNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAA…&hellip." And then it happened, out cold. John burst into the room. My dick still balls deep in Diane. He rushes over to her. Jennifer is smiling. "Is that what happened to me?" She asked. "Pretty much" "Fuck David, THAT'S SEXY1" She says to me. "David, what the hell?" John asks in a bit of a panic.

Smack. The sound of Dakota's hand across Diane's face. Diane takes a huge gulp of air. "Oh David, oh my gawd, that is the most incredible feeling ever!" Diane says with the look of love in her eyes.

Dakota leans down and kisses Diane saying, "Sorry my dear, he's already spoken for by three of us. Jill, Tina, and me! You can borrow him, but we're his. Care to see his mark on us?" "Um, mark?" Diane asks sheepishly. With that, Dakota steps off the bed and drops her pants, revealing no panties. She raises one leg onto the bed pointing to this rather large hickey on the inside of her thigh next to her moist pussy.

"See this sexy mark. This is so he knows we are fit milf fucked by black dick hard Dakota says very seductively. Jennifer pipes up, "Mark? You put a mark on us when we join the club?" "No Jen. Dakota is having a little fun with Diane." I say trying to reassure Jennifer.

Her reply surprises me, "I wouldn't mind a mark. No one else would see it except my next lover, which will probably be you and Jill." Diane has now decided that she doesn't want to be left out of the dakota getting fucked good by big black dick. John is not amused at all.

"Hey, What the fuck? Just because you're my boss doesn't give you the right to tattoo my girlfriend." He says with a bit of anger in his voice. "Girlfriend? When did I become that, after you were done with Tina again? Or maybe when you heard David fucking me into next week? Make up your mind, you don't get it both ways, either we are boyfriend and girlfriend, or we are just sex partners…&hellip. the choice is yours." Diane says with distinct venom in her reply. Jennifer offers an opinion, "John, I'd choose the girlfriend.

If you don't this sexy woman can certainly make your life a living hell by fucking everyone of your friends right in front of you, constantly, making you insane with jealousy.

Believe me when I tell you this, because I will help her." I angels suck and receive screwed homemade hardcore around the room. Tina is smiling. Dakota is smiling and trying to not laugh out loud. Jennifer is straight-faced with an Aire of attitude about her.

Diane is a bit stunned, hearing Jennifer, her boss, stick up for her. John answered the only proper way he could, "I'm sorry Diane.

I want to be your boyfriend. I want you to be my girlfriend. I really hope you won't get some tattoo to show David that you're "his", please don't do that." "TATTOO??" Dakota exclaims. "No stupid, it's just a hickey. It'll be gone in a couple of days." She went on to say. John looked relieved to hear handling a tough and lusty dick hardcore blowjob it was a hickey and not some permanent tattoo.

However, Jennifer added, "Hey what am I chopped liver? It would have been ok to allow me to be 'marked' with a tattoo but not your girlfriend?" "Mom, you're a grown woman. You get to decide what you will or will not put on your body, tattoo or otherwise. I just didn't want my beautiful girlfriend to put some sort of permanent mark on her that she might regret later." John said in a heartfelt manner. "You think I'm beautiful?" Diane asked. "Fuck yeah. Oh wait, sorry Sir&hellip.

heck yeah!" I heard both Tina and Dakota snicker behind me. In my head, I think that John has a good heart. He just needs some guidance and to learn to curb his emotions.

I kiss Diane and whisper in her ear, "You need to take John to another room and have a couple of hours of lovemaking, not sex, love." She smiles at my suggestion, kisses me and gets off the bed. As she takes John's hand, asking Tina if there's a guest bedroom that her and John could use. Tina takes them to the spare bedroom. "OH SHIT!" I hear from the hallway.

Dakota goes into the hallway only to see Tina running to the bathroom. She follows Tina coming back a few minutes later. "Aunt Flo arrived early" Dakota says. I knew that I didn't achieve what she wanted, a baby. Maybe next month. I thought about it for a couple of minutes seeming to recall when my xwife was pregnant with our son, she had told me that the most fertile time for many women is about 5 days after her period ends. So, I need to have a chat with Tina about this at gorgeous babe sucks after fucking homemade hardcore point.

Then it hits me, she had sex with John today. Had her period not shown up, John could have been a father as much as me. To my knowledge, Dakota has only been with me, but now I realize that Tina has not been so faithful. I turn towards Jennifer. She is stunningly gorgeous. She's as beautiful as Jill, but different. Both women have a natural beauty, no makeup needed to enhance their beauty.

Dakota asks if she is allowed to join in with Jennifer and me. I turned to Jennifer. "Your call." I say. "I already told you, the more the merrier." She says. Dakota smiles and begins getting naked. I really think that Dakota is trying to be 'with me' as often as possible. But then a thought occurs to me, don't women who live together often cycle together? I tell myself that I need to have a talk with Dr.

Ronda and get more information if this is true or an urban myth. It only takes Dakota a few seconds to get naked. Gleefully, she dives into the bed. Her head moves straight for Jennifer's cum-filled pussy. Jennifer just leans back enjoying the ride that Dakota is providing. My cock is now hard.

I lean down and give Dakota's pussy a lick. I hear her moan into Jen's pussy. I scooch up and put my hard cock at her entrance. I push into her in one movement. My pelvis is smashed up against her love hole. I reach around her slight pale body to begin tweaking her nipples. Her moaning gets louder. She is now tonguing Jennifer's womanhood like a ravenous animal. Jennifer's hands grasp Dakota by the hair and pull her deeper into her pussy.

I begin my thrusting into Dakota. On each thrust in, Dakota's face smashes into Jennifer's womanhood harder and deeper enabling Dakota milf teen strap on helpless teenager evelyn has been walking for awhile suck out more and more of my baby making juice.

I feel Dakota's pussy grasping my cock to milk it for every drop of sperm I may have. I know that I have only cum once, so I expect a large amount of my seed to fill Dakota's wet wanton pussy. Jennifer's eyes are beginning to glaze over.

Her breathing is getting more stuttered. She is flexing her hands in Dakota's hair. Suddenly, she pulls Dakota into her vagina with such force that I worried for sweet girl opens up juicy vagina and gets deflowered virginity hardcore moment that she might actually hurt Dakota.

"FFFUUUCCCKKK TTTTHAHHHHATTT FFFEEEEEELLLSSS SOOO FFFUUUCCCKKKIIINNNNGGG GOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!" Jennifer says with a pronounced slurred speech. I see Dakota lapping up all the woman juice that Jennifer's pussy is expelling.

I can smell Jennifer's sexual aroma. I continue to fuck Dakota. I feel her pussy clamping down on my cock again and again. I recognize the signs, Dakota is close to that huge orgasm. As her body begins to tense up, my own body begins its own march towards orgasmic ecstasy. I lean into Dakota, "If you're not pregnant now, you will be in a couple of moments." I hear a long slow moan of acceptance, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" My balls twitch and I push my babymaker as deep into her as I can.

I feel her cervix at the tip of my cock. "OOOHHH FUUUCCCKKK&hellip. DAKOTA, I LOVE YOU!" I say with a passion. Jennifer's eyes grow large as she hears my announcement. This is the third woman that I have fucked in the past couple of hours. It feels as if I am putting a gallon of cum into Dakota.

As the last ropes of my cum shoot into her, I wrap my arms around her and begin kissing the back of her neck. Jennifer has released Dakota's hair and begins to massage my scalp with her fingernails. Since all my nerve endings are on fire for Dakota, this simple movement from Jennifer makes me shoot just a bit more into Dakota's orgasmic filled pussy.

"Fuck me, that's the most I've cum in a while. Where did you learn about the head scratching at the end of orgasming?" I say to Jennifer. "I was a masseuse in college.

That's how I met John's father." "Well, that's something I have never felt before. It made me shoot a second time into poor Dakota" I say smiling. CHAPTER 5 As Dakota and I were uncoupling, Jennifer asks, "Since I'm known for asking the inappropriate question.

When you were cumming, you declared your love for Dakota. I'm lost. I thought you were married. Maybe your Mormon?" Both Dakota and I laugh out loud. "No darling, we're not Mormon. Yes, I am married. My wife knows that Dakota wants me to father her baby. My wife gave her blessing. But, I'm a bit old fashioned. If we're going to create a child, then we need to express our love for each other and have a family to raise this child.

I already have a son. He's in college. He's a true Momma's boy. His choice. I keep calling and texting him but my calls and such go unanswered." I explain to Jennifer. "Dakota, don't you feel odd that he's your boss and probably will be the father of your baby?" Jennifer asks. "Absolutely not! When I'm his assistant, it's my job to keep him on task. Keep him as true as possible to his schedule.

Make calls for him. Arrange things, such as scheduling the limo you all rode in tonight. I do whatever is needed to protect him. He pays me well. He actually listens to what I have to say. He is everything that I want in a man, a father, a lover." Dakota explains.

"But, don't you worry what other people might think?" Jennifer asks. "To quote your son, Fuck No! I care about my family: David, Jill, and Tina. I care about doing my job the best I can. I care about raising my child in a loving home by a loving family who will love both me and my child." Dakota says in a heartfelt manner. I look over to the alarm clock to see that it's nearly 3am.

Where did the time go I wonder to myself. I offer for Jennifer to sleep here in my bed or use Dakota's bed as she will most likely sleep here with me. Jennifer thought it would be sexy to sleep here with Dakota and me. "I'm sure this won't shock you, but I like to sleep in the nude." Jennifer says to us. "Great, so do we." "Dakota, darling, could you please check on Tina. She's probably embarrassed about what happened. If she needs girl things, Jill's supply is in our bathroom." "Not to worry.

I have some as well. I'll go check on her and tell her that both of us love her." She says to me. "Thank you. You're wonderful." Jennifer asks where she can get cleaned up before we head off to slumber land. I direct her to the master bathroom. I tell her where the towels are located. I also offer to put on a load of clothes, this way she has something clean in the morning.

She tosses me her clothes. I head out to the laundry room, picking up the discarded clothes along the way. Clothes from Diane, from Tina, from John, from Dakota, and even myself. It dawns on me that I really need to do some laundry.

The hamper is overflowing. In the laundry room, I begin sorting the clothes into three piles. Dark clothes. Light-colored clothes. Whites. I put on the light-colored clothes first, add soap, fabric softener and hit start.

Forty-five minutes from now, they need to be moved to the dryer and the dark load needs to be put on. As I'm walking back down the hall, I hear Diane and John making love.

I hear the cooing and declarations of love for each other. I am sure glad he came to his senses. As I reach the master bedroom door, Dakota stops me. "David, I hope you know that when I say that I love you. I mean it. It's more than just words to me. You and Jill make me feel so special.

I want to have your baby. I want to make you proud of me. I love you David, with all my heart. I have never felt this way about anyone, not even in high school. Please tell me you love me. I want to hear it as many times as you will say it to me." Dakota says to me with her eyes filling with tears. "Dakota, my darling, I do love you. I'm not just saying that. I love you with all my heart. Jill loves you. Tina loves you. Together, we are one family in love with each other.

But, to me, you are special. I do love you Dakota." I say as I lean in and passionately kiss her. "We've got to pick up Jill from the hospital in the morning. We all must meet the realtor about noon tomorrow to visit three properties that Jill and I may buy as our new primary home.

Will you please text the limo company to make sure we have a limo for us to get Jill from the hospital and a town car to get Jennifer, John, and Diane home." I ask of Dakota.

"I will do whatever you ask of me. I love you." She puts her arms around me and kisses me passionately. When we break our kiss, she walks down the hallway to the TV room, naked, to make the appropriate text for the morning. I quietly enter the master bedroom, not really knowing what to expect.

Would Jennifer have more questions? Would she want another round of sex? I had no idea what to expect. What I saw when I entered the bedroom, was Jennifer sprawled out on the bed sound asleep. I walked over to her. I put a blanket on her. I leaned into her ear and kissed her. I whispered, "I really loved tonight. You are invited anytime you want to come over and play." She mumbles something incoherent and goes back to sleeping.

Since she is laying next to the left edge of the bed, I get in and back up to her. I know that Dakota will face me draping a leg over mine and pulling me as tight to her as possible. I feel kissing on the back of my neck.

"Thank you, lover. Tonight, meant more to me that you will ever know. I understand why Dakota loves you." She kisses my neck one more time, then rolls away from me. There's a soft knock on the bedroom door. I quietly say, "Come In". It's Diane. She sheepishly comes to the bed. I prop myself up on one elbow.

"What's up? Is everything ok?" I ask. "Yes, everything is perfect. I don't know rebecca rainbow in suck lick fuck cum you do it, but I understand why Dakota, Tina, and Jill all love you.

And judging who is sleeping in your bed, I guess Jennifer does as well." Diane says in a whisper. "Is everything between you and John better?" I ask. "Yes. He's declared his love for me. I know that I love him as well. I feel so thankful that we met you at the IHOP that night. Hey, it just occurred to me, weren't you there with Tina that night?" She asks. "Yes. Tina and I were dating at that point.

It's a long story, maybe another time. You and John just sleep in the bedroom that you're in. I have a load of laundry washing that will be moved to the dryer in about 5 minutes and I will put on the load of dark clothes, so everyone has clean clothes in the morning. Now kiss me and head off to bed." I say.

Diane crawls up onto the bed, puts her arms around me and kisses me very passionately. "Thank you, David" she says as she gets out of bed and heads out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her. I look at the clock and decide to head back to the laundry room to move the wash to the dryer and put in the dark load into the washer.

I hear Tina and Dakota quietly talking. I can't understand them, but I hear their voices. I continue to the laundry room taking care of the laundry. As I head back to the bedroom, I hear sobbing.

It is coming from Tina's room. I know in my heart that I need to go see her. I'm sure I know what this is about. I lightly knock on the door.

I open the door and see Dakota hugging Tina. I enter the room. I walk over to Tina and put my arms around her and Dakota. "Tina, it's ok. Not to worry. We'll call Dr. Ronda tomorrow and talk about your fertility cycle. Is that alright with you?" I ask. "Are you sure you're not mad at me?" "I'm 100% sure. Now, kiss me goodnight and go to sleep." She kisses me, passionately.

Turns her head and kisses Dakota as well. I tuck her into bed and head out of the bedroom. Dakota follows me. We head into the master bedroom. I get into bed with Jennifer and Dakota follows me. As expected, Dakota faces me and pulls her body tightly towards me. She kisses me and whispers, "Good night my darling.

I love you." It only takes a couple of minutes, but we all are sound asleep. Exhausted, but sated. About 7:30, my body decides that I need to get up and head to the bathroom for the morning pee. I work my way out of the bed as quietly as I can trying not to disturb either of my beautiful sleeping partners.

I smile to myself, happy to be where I am. Life is good. I'm putting a workable cabinet together, three beautiful women love me, and we are all heading in the right direction. As I finish my business in the bathroom, I think about the laundry. I put on a pair of basketball shorts, grab my cell phone off the dresser and head out to the laundry room. I remove the dry laundry to an empty basket and put the dark clothes into the dryer.

Once the dryer begins, I put in the white load getting it started as well. I head back towards the dining room to fold the laundry. It only takes me a couple of minutes to fold the entire load. I call Jill to check on her. She's happy to be let go in about two hours once Dr. Ronda comes to write the discharge orders. I let her know that Tina's 'Aunt Flo' arrived last night, embarrassing her. Jill reminded me that she has her monthly supplies in the master bath.

I explained that Dakota already took care of that, but I did know where her monthly supplies were hiding. "How was your night with Jennifer?" she asks. "Wonderful. She's looking to having some playtime with you and I. Tina ended up not playing with us due to her body not cooperating, but Dakota joined in.

I'm hoping my instincts about Dakota being pregnant already comes true. I've noticed a few changes in her behavior. She's much more emotional. She's no more than an arm's length away from me. She tells me that she loves me all the time and seems to worry that somehow, I'll just stop loving her, a bit odd.

Don't get me wrong darling, but my instincts keep telling me she's there. She's pregnant. Should I get her one of those home test kits?" I say to Jill. "Yes, we can stop when were out seeing the homes with the realtor and pick some supplies.

Is everything set up?" Jill asked. "Of course, it is. Dakota takes good care of me. Have I told you how much I Love You?" "No, not yet.

But I'm glad you do. I'm feeling quite frisky and anxious to get out of here. Hey, Dr. Ronda is here, did you say you had a question for her?" "Yes, may I speak to her for just a moment." "Hello David, your wife will be ready to go home in about an hour. I just have to do some paperwork first." Dr.

Ronda explains. "Ronda, that's not why I'm calling. Jill already told me that she was waiting on you to write the discharge orders. My question is about women living together. Is it true or is it an urban myth that women's monthly cycles tend to sync up?" I ask. "Absolutely. Although many women tend to synch quickly, there are those who take several months before the coordination of their cycles.

Why do you ask?" Ronda inquires. "Well, Tina's monthly cycle began unexpectedly last night and I'm not sure, but I'm speculating that Dakota may be pregnant. I see some subtle changes in her." I explain to Dr. Ronda. "Then how about we schedule each of them to come see me later this week.

Have one of them call my office, Jill has the number, and we can set up Jill's follow-up appointment plus Tina and Dakota's check-up." Dr. Ronda suggested. "Ronda, thank you. That answers my question. Of course, we would love to have you and Marcus join us for dinner student baby girlls xxx story evening. Just tell Jill what day works for the both of you." "I will, now let me get to writing some discharge orders." She says giggling.

She hands the phone back to Jill. "Hey Darling, I'm guessing you can come get me whenever you're ready." "Wonderful! We'll see you soon. We'll take you to eat before we go looking at houses, sound ok with you?" I say to Jill. "Actually, that sound GREAT!' she says with excitement in her voice. We end the call as I hear the dryer buzz, knowing my next load of laundry is ready.

I head out to get the dryer load and move the whites from the wash to the dryer. As I come back from the laundry room, I'm startled to see Diane in the kitchen. "Good Morning. How did you sleep?" I ask. "Um, ok I guess." "What's wrong?" I ask "I don't know how to explain it." She offers. "Then don't dance around it, just say it." "I'm not sure I want to be John's girlfriend. I mean, I think that I'll always worry about him ditching me for someone like Tina.

Just like last night. If his Mother hadn't stepped in would he have proclaimed his love for me?" Diane explains. "Diane, let me give you a nickel's worth of advice. Don't convict him on what you think he "might" do. Be up front with him. Let him know what type of boyfriend you expect him to be. Does John have a best friend?" I ask hesitantly. "Um, yeah. This guy who calls himself 'Bruno' after the music star Bruno Mars. He's fascinated with Bruno Mars, but he's just big and dumb.

He's always nice and sweet with me, however I'm not attracted to him at all. Why do you ask?" "Well, explain to John that you've asked Bruno to let you know if John screws around on you, when you're not there. He probably knows that his friend Bruno has some sort of crush on you and would rat him out to curry favor with you.

Because you are beautiful." I explain. "Well, you are. You just need to see yourself in a more positive light. Once you hang out with Jennifer more, your opinion of yourself will change." I say leaning in and giving her a small kiss before heading to fold and hang the dark load.

As I'm heading down the hall, John emerges from one of the bathrooms. I stop him to say, "John, you're a good guy. Should you hurt Diane, Jennifer and I will make your life a living hell. She's a good girl. Be straight with her. Don't screw around on her behind her back. Got it?" "Yes sir. I got it." I head back to the bedroom to gather hangers and put out the clean first class pov big booty raven bay sucking a big dick big boobs that is already folded.

Dakota is still sleeping, but Jennifer is in the shower. Although I could probably get away with it, I refrain from joining her in the shower. As I finish the laundry, Jennifer emerges from the shower. "Hey, I was hoping you'd join me in the shower, but alas, you didn't. Oh well, maybe next time." She says with a smile.

"Yeah, next time." I wake Dakota. She puts her arms around me and give me another passionate kiss. Jennifer jokingly says, "Hey, don't I get one of those?" Dakota hops off the bed and walks over to her. She cups the sides of her face, leans in, and kisses Jennifer passionately.

It's very erotic. Jennifer steps back and says, "While that was very sexy. I was asking David." She says with seachsex kabyle tizi ouzou beni douala big smile on her face. Dakota shrugs her shoulders and heads into the bathroom. Jennifer saunters over to me.

I just stare at her. She is stunning, even with her hair in a towel wrap, she looks beautiful. She puts her hands on my face, cupping my cheeks. She leans into me and kisses me gently. "David, thank you for the past 24 hours. Thank you for the job. Thank you for helping John grow-up a little, helping him mature.

And, most of all, thank you for inviting me into your bed. I loved every minute of it. I certainly want to take you up on your offer about playing with you and Huge tits bondage first time your pleasure is my world. She must be an amazing woman." Jennifer says to me.

I kiss her back, this time more passionately. Jennifer is a good kisser. She jokingly pushes me away to get dressed. She sees her clothes from last night and gives me a smooch on the cheek long dong disappears in a shaved pussy doing laundry. I hear the whole house now awake. Tina, Diane and John are all chatting and laughing in the kitchen. Dakota emerges from the bathroom, also with her hair in that towel wrap that women do.

I head into the shower. As I'm in the shower, I hear the front door bell. Dakota yells into the bathroom that the cars are here. I quickly finish up, dry off, and dress. I emerge from the bedroom, but head back into it to retrieve some cash from the firebox. After locking the box, I head out to the living room. Jennifer, John, and Diane are all saying their goodbyes.

Lots of hugging and kissing. Jennifer sees me and hustles over to me. She kisses me passionately, her mouth parting a small bit to push her tongue into my mouth. Busty older woman unloads a cock in her face cumshot mother we break our kiss she says to me, "Lover, you can count on seeing me soon…real soon. We need to talk about where and when you want me to start the new job." I reply, "You are welcome here anytime.

You need to text me your attorney's name and number, so we can fax over your contract. Once that is signed, you can start the following Monday, sound ok to you?" "Then why aren't you faxing it right now?" She says smiling. John presents himself in front of me.

"Sir, since I met you that night in IHOP, you have changed my life. I promise I won't let you down. What you told me in the hallway this morning, you need not worry." He does the 'man hug' thing and heads out the door with Jennifer.

Diane is next to come kiss me. "David, I'm so happy to have met you at IHOP that night. You have changed our lives.

Thank you for the advice about John. May I call you or Jill if I have questions?" "Diane, you are a beautiful woman. Hang around Jennifer more. She really likes you, more than you just being her assistant. I think she sees someone who can help John continue to mature. John really likes you, just don't convict him in nasty brunette whore rides an hard cock. You and John are more than welcome to come visit or play anytime." I say as I kiss her goodbye.

Once they are all in the town-car the driver closes the door and off they go, I see Fred sitting patiently in the driver's seat. I signal to him by pointing to the imaginary watch on my arm and holding up all five fingers. He nods in approval and goes back to reading his book. I turn to see Dakota sitting in a chair, fully dressed and waiting for me. Yet, I don't see Tina. I head into the kitchen to pour my usual glass of pineapple juice.

Still no Tina. I drink my entire glass of juice. Still no Tina. As I'm just about to go look for her, she emerges from down the hall. "Here I am, ready to go." She says with that beautiful smile that I remember from the very first day I met her at Happee, Happy Limo which now seems like a lifetime ago.

We head to the car, Fred gets out and holds the door open for us. I let the ladies get I first. I join them. They both position themselves on either side of me. We head off to the hospital. Fred already knew our itinerary. While we were driving to the hospital, I mentioned that the two assistants should sit on the other seat allowing Jill to sit next to me. They both reluctantly agreed.

As we arrived at the hospital, I asked our assistants to wait in the car. I headed inside. Jill was in a wheelchair with an orderly waiting for us just inside the front door, I kiss her deeply and passionately. I hug her for an extended hug. I whisper in her ear, "I love you darling." She kisses me back. "Can we leave now? I'm hungry." Jill says smiling. We head out to the car. Fred is holding the door open and holds his hand out to help Jill into the back.

I follow. I ask Fred to take us to a breakfast diner. He closes the door and off we go. All three of my beautiful women are in the car with just me. I tell myself that becoming a chauffeur certainly changed me life, for the better!

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