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Nice son and mom rpe xxx com
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Well, lets see, it was the ninth grade and I had all new classes that year. One that I was not looking forword to was my Spanish class. I had no interest to learn Spanish and I still dont. When I got to Spanish class that day I was sitting in my desk waiting for the teacher to arrive and all of the sudden there she was.

Suddenly my whole perspective changed about Spanish and I would look forword to this class everyday. I sat in my desk watching her come into the room and sit at her desk. Then class started and she stood up and introduced herself. Her name was Mrs. Wilson. She was about 5'7'' with long black hair.

Her body was something to stare at. You could tell she was or used to be athletic by her shape. Her legs were the bright joy during rough sex smalltits groupsex combination of muscle and body fat. They were silky smoothe and covered with panty hose topped of with a pair of high heels. They went all the way up and turned into a gorgious ass. She had a pretty slender figure which accented her sexy, perky breast.

They werent to big nor small. They were probably a full C cup, which meant they were perfect for sucking. Oops! She caught me stareing at her on more than one occasion. All I could think about was tearing her clothes off her body and fucking her pussy. It was thoughts like this that often made me pitch a tent during the middle of class causing some embarrasment. Well, after that year of teaching to everyones supprise, she was caught having an affair with our principle.

She was no longer alowed to teach at our school so she ended up teaching at a different school. The only time I would ever see Mrs. Wilson again would be sonya plays with toys pussy toying and masturbation church.

I continued through school and graduated having forgot long about her. I began living my life, working different jobs, having fun. At the age of 24, at one of my jobs, I have moved up into a managers position and was in charge of hiring. Lo and behold, one day Mrs. Wilsons son came in and submitted his application.

Now its been nearly ten years since his mother tought me Spanish, But all of the sudden, thoughts of his mother flashed through my mom loves both ally companions daughters krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother. I could not stop thinking about her. I had to hire her son. Besides, he was only fifteen and he couldnt drive so I knew someone had to pick him up for work and that could very well be his very fine looking mother.

Well, I was right. His mom dropped him off and picked him up every day and I always made it a point to talk to her and make small talk. She was always freindly and had a gorgious smile. Now even though its been ten years since she taught me she was still looking very fine. She would be about 45 yr. old but that didnt matter. I had a big thing for milfs. One day as she was dropping off her son as I was just getting off of work and I was tired of playing around and never "going for it." I went up to her as she was sitting in her car and I asked her if she would care to grab a bite to eat.

I could see her hesitate for a second so I blurted out "my treat." She smiled and said "sure." We went to a Shoneys which was by the interstate and ordered a coffee and dessert. As I was sitting there stareing at her, I couldnt stop thinking about how hot she was.

We actually started talking about the old days and I could tell she was starting to get uncomfortable. She was probably worried about what I would think of her since she had the affair. To break a weird silence I Just told her straight up that I didnt think anything bad of her for any reason. In my boldness I even told her that I had always had the hots for her and that she was very beautifull. I couldnt believe what I had just said.

I nervously looked at her and she smiled at me touching my hand and said I was very sweet and that its nice to have someone pay attention to her. She went on to say that ever since she had the affair her husband wouldnt touch her.

I couldnt believe what I was hearing. I said to her " you mean to tell me that in ten years your husband hasnt slept with you?" She said "no." I told her I couldnt see anybody being able to resist such a beautifull women as herself, I know I couldnt. She then started to rub my leg with her leg. The legs that I fantasised about were actually rubbing mine. She smiled and said "I caught you lusting after me several times when I was your teacher, and I have to say that I liked it." At this point I realized that Mrs.

Wilson was a ticking sexual time bomb just waiting to explode given the right opportunity. Just then her foot rose up and was rubbing my dick, which by the way was hard as a rock. Before I could say anything, She said " my son has about four hours of work left until I have to pick him up." I said "lets go" with authority, and I grabbed her hand and led her to my car. There were plenty of hotels around since we were by the interstate.

I picked a Comfort Inn. As I was driving up to the hotel Mrs. Wilson was rubbing my dick and she wouldnt stop for me to go in to pay for a room. All of the sudden she leaned over, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and smiled with excitment as I am about 7 inches long with plenty of girth. She started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow.

I was doing my best just to hang on. "God, you are so fucking good Mrs. wilson" I loved calling her Mrs. Wilson because it made it kind of kinky. She kept going and going, sucking like she was a pro. She could nearly fit my whole cock in her mouth. Her lips and tounge felt so good and warm. I loved it when she slowy licked the underside of my cock from bottom to top. After about ten minutes of her assulting my cock with her lips I was ready to cum.

"Im cumming,Im cumming!!!" I screamed but she didnt seem to care as she just kept on sucking very very hard. Next thing I know, I blow my load right in her mouth.

I was screaming because it felt so fucking good. She kept going for a few more seconds and made sure she sucked me dry.

She lifted up and sat back in her seat wiping off her lips as they had cum on them. I watched in amazement because she swalled my cum like it was nothing and she said " now that I sucked you dry you can go get us a room because that was just an appetizer." I smiled at her while I zipped up and went to pay for a room.

I couldnt believe I was about to fuck the hottest teacher I had ever had. She was looking good too. It was summertime and tonight she had on a short jean skirt which showed off her awsomely sexy legs which were slightly tan and she had on some open toed high heels.

Her toes had been painted red and I couldnt wait to suck on them. She had on a sexy white button up top that was showing just a little cleavage. I got the room key and started heading back to the car. She was standing outside waiting for me and she had this look like she was going to tear me apart. Leah gotti porn full sex stories had only hoped that I could handle such a women and not dissapoint her. I took her hand and we went to our room.

I could tell she had cleaned herself up and put fresh lipstick on from where she gave me head. I began to walk towords her slowly and she began to back up against the bed until she could not back up any more. We started to french kiss very passionately and I unbuttoned her shirt to find a lacy bra which unsnapped from the front. She took my shirt off and I took her bra off all the while kissing each other anywhere we could.

I worked my way down to her tits which were still pretty perky and was rubbing them and sucking on her nipples which were hard as a rock. They were also slightly tall nipples which were great for sucking on. She was saying my name and moaning as we were standing there. I paused for a second and told her " there is something I always wanted to do to you" She smiled wondering what I was going to do.

All of the sudden I grabbed her legs and layed her on her back with her butt on the edge of the bed. She still had her heels and skirt on which is what I wanted. I grabbed her panties, which were soak and wet with her pussy juice you could almost wring them out and I pulled them off. Slowly I started at her feet and worked my way down to her wet pussy but stopped just to tease her. She was loving every second of it. I did the same thing to her other leg.

She wanted me to eat her pussy so bad she yelled out " eat my fucking pussy now1" I smiled and said "yes mamm!" Her pussy was so wet and warm. It was not bald but neatly trimmed. My tongue rubbed around her lips and across her clit. She was extatic with pleasure and moaning the whole time. I stopped to tell her that I wanted her to cum all over my face. I could tell she liked that by the look in her eyes.

I continued to eat her pussy for about 30 minutes. It tasted so good I could have probably ate it for 2 hours, but I couldnt wait to fuck the shit out of her. The whole time I was eating her she was talking dirty to me.

" Eat My fucking pussy" and " Oh, youre so fucking good." I kept going and going and her clit swelled up so sucky fucky session with beautiful allona lei I knew she was about to cum.

She yelled out "Keep going, Keep going, right there, dont STOP!!!!!!" All of the sudden cum came gushing out of her. I backed off for a split second and then started licking her clit again and even more cum gushed out of her soaking me and the entire bed. "Stop,stop,stop, I cant handle any more" she said.

I layed down next to her to let her have a break. Its a good thing we had another bed! Next thing I know she jumps up, takes her skirt and heels off and then takes my pants and boxers off. I was on my back and she jumped on top of me with her sexy 45 yr. old body. She had definitely kept up with herself. She started kissing me violently while rubbing her drenched pussy up and down my rock hard dick.

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She said she was going to tease me a little and then she was going to fuck my brains out. It really turned me on with her talking dirty like that. I was sucking on one of her erect nipples while rubbing her other tit while she smiled and continue to rub my cock. By this point my cock was so wet I was ready to fuck. All of the sudden she lowered her wet pussy onto my cock humiliatedschoolgirls naughty tia tilton fucks her guardian slowly.

I could tell by the look on her face that it really had been a long time since she has had a hard cock inside her. "Oh God, youre pussy is so fucking tight" I said as I was watching her tits bounce up and down.

She was loving it and moaning and saying how good my cock felt inside her. She loved being in control too so It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load too early. She rode me for a good half hour. All of the sudden she let up for a second so I decided to take control by flipping her over.

Now I was on top, in control, and I rubbed my cock around the lips of her pussy and her clit which drove her crazy. She said with a smile " You better fuck my pussy now or Im going home." I told her she was a naughty teacher and then I shoved my hard cock into her tight pussy and began to fuck her hard.

I loved the look on her face, it was as if she was taken by supprise by my young hard cock,but She was like a machine,she kept on going and going and saying harder!,Harder!!. She was yelling, I was yelling and trying to hold off on cumming so we could cum together. Her legs were wrapped around me so tight I could barely breath. I grabbed her ankles and spreaded her legs as far as I could and gave her my last effort at fucking her hard.

Finally I could tell by her face and her mouth dropping open not saying anything but "OH GOD, oh God". I could feel her pussy convulsing on my cock and at the same time I came inside her.

We both stopped and basically collapsed and layed there looking at each other,out of breath. After resting, we started to clean each other up because she had to go pick up her son soon. We told each other how good it was for each of us and we decided to meet again. Every week since then we meet up for a couple of hours and have the most amazing sex. Usually we act out each others fantasies.

I never thought sitting in Spanish class when I was sunny levine first time saxe story I would get to bang my hot teacher but I guess I was wrong.