Sexy oil massage for shy casting girl

Sexy oil massage for shy casting girl
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I woke up groggy. I was in my bed and not too hung over. The light around the side of my curtains told me that it was light out. A beautiful young woman with light brown hair lay beside me; Liss, her head was against my chest. I started remembering last night's activities and my morning erection started pulsing in anticipation of more. However, I heard a voice and looked around for Kelsie.

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The voice was coming from the living room my ears perked and I listened. "You were such a jerk last night you acted like an ass to one of the managers, and then you abandoned me without a word and went to a party.

Now you expect me to act like everything is ok…" She's obviously on the phone with Tim. I leaned down to Melissa's ear, "Psst. You awake?" I whispered. Her eyes were open and she nodded. "Tim stuff," she whispered back. I nodded. I didn't want to get up yet but Kelsie was up, so the party was breaking up anyway, whether I liked it or not. Liss seemed to be under the same impression and started to sit up. "Hey, could you get me some water?" "Yeah, I didn't want to disturb her but…" I sat up.

I had some gym shorts in my hamper and decided those would work since I wasn't sure what Kelsie would say about last night, if the first thing she did this morning was to talk to Tim. I walked out Kelsie seemed much more nervous than I was and blushed when she saw me. I just waved and gave a small smile. I grabbed three glasses and filled them from a carafe of water in the fridge. I walked over and handed one to Kelsie who didn't seem able to look at me without blushing, but she took the water and sipped it with her ear clamping her phone to her shoulder.

I brought the other two glasses back in the bedroom. Melissa was sitting with the sheet was around her shoulders covering her chest and waist.

She whispered a thank you and sipped quietly at the water. I sat next to her not knowing what to do. I blonde facefuck and anal watch part on warmcamcom feel comfortable with the conversation going on in the living room. I didn't particularly want to listen in but I admit I was curious. Melissa looked pensive, maybe the same thoughts were going through her mind; maybe she felt uncomfortable too.

The gist of what I got from what I heard was Tim was making an epic apology. It sounded as though Kelsie was going to eventually accept it too.

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Finally she said "Look we'll talk later, you aren't out of the doghouse but, I dunno. I'll call you later." Kelsie, done with her call, stayed in the living room. "I should get my phone and call my dad about my car" Liss said, no longer finding it necessary to whisper.

"I'll check on Kelsie," I said. I had to work with both of rebecca rainbow in suck lick fuck cum girls and I wanted to make sure that I stayed on good terms with everyone.

Melissa gave a quiet 'hey' to Kelsie when we went out, asked "Are you okay?" "I guess, I got up and checked my phone when I woke up and saw all these messages about Tim being worried about me and his friends had to stop him driving drunk to go out and look for me.

I had 17 missed calls from him. Meanwhile I was having a kinkier threesome than I've ever dreamed about." "Come on Kelsie," I said. "The fact is your boyfriend acted like a complete douchebag last night. So much so that your friends got you drunk and tried to relax you. How much you actually got 'relaxed' is nobody's business than us three here, I'm pretty sure Liss would agree with that.

You did think for most of the night that you actually were dumped or something similar when he abandoned you at the store." "He's right Kelsie, I'm sure you were thinking that when he went to his party he'd be looking for someone else to sleep with. Why else would he leave you like that?" Melissa chimed in. Kelsie nodded and looked up. "Yeah I guess. I did think it a few times actually." Liss then excused herself to use my bedroom to call her father about cars and mechanics.

She grabbed her clothes and would get dressed in there too. Kelsie grabbed hers and used the restroom to dress. I refilled our waters and sipped mine till Kelsie returned.

She looked blonde teen in the fields xxx back in brunos dungeon madelyn monroes transformation good as ever; though makeup less and with a case of bed-head hair she made up with it by having that 'just fucked' aura.

"You still seem sad," I said, handing her more water. "Tired, worn out, sore," at this she gave a smile at me, "and emotionally drained. I don't know what Tim's deal is sometimes but other times he's great to me. I don't know if it's worth it.

I'll just have to keep at it for a while and see." I knew from long experience not to give women my opinions on their boyfriends. So I stayed silent listening to the wall to the end Melissa's conversation. She stepped out of the bedroom and I handed her the other glass of water she sipped it.

She said, "My dad says that to him it sounds like the alternator, either that or the starter." She shrugged, "He doesn't know a lot more about cars than I do. He said to have the tow truck bring it to the mechanic they should be able to fix it on Monday or Tuesday… but anyway I'm ready to go when you are." We got back in my car and headed back toward the dorms. Kelsie seemed subdued about her boyfriend; Liss seemed subdued about her car.

I just mimicked them to be honest. Liss and I dropped off Kelsie at the dorms. I made a point of telling her, "If Tim gives you any shit Kelsie; you have my number." Liss leaned over me to say out the window, "Mine too, any time you need me." Kelsie nodded, then smiled, "He'll be on his best behavior, or else." She winked that sexy wink at us and turned around and headed off into the dorms.

"Ok let's go figure out your car situation beautiful." She shook her head, "You still owe me breakfast, big guy, even if Kelsie gave us a rain-check on it." "That sounds fine, Liss." There was a place with a good breakfast not too far from the store. We went there and got a table. We had a big glass of orange juice each and downed three glasses of water a piece.

We did drink a lot the night before. I ordered a couple of pancakes, a plate of bacon and an order of corned beef hash. Liss got an omelet. I kept finding myself touching her hands during the meal not quite holding hands but being pleasantly playful.

She caught me at it smiled, blushed a bit, and whispered for me to stop. She still did cutesy things she fed me a delicious chunk of omelet from her fork and wiped a drop of syrup from my lip.

She even stole a strip of bacon from my plate without repercussions. I popped a twenty and a five on the table and we went off to the store and her car. The store had opened a little while ago but no one we knew noticed us. The first few customers of the day started to bustle in for a new read for the week or a morning latte.

Liss got out of my car, and opened hers door, popped the hood and grabbed her sunglasses. "I Forgot these," She told me, "The sun is way too bright without them." She went over to her engine and reached down for something.

She pulled it out and replaced the terminals to her battery. Then she got a little wrench out of her back pocket to tighten them fully. She waved to me, and got in and started her car, pulled out and drove off. I popped my car into reverse and headed savoring beautys luscious fur pie hardcore and blowjob. I was still tired and wanted nothing more than a shower and another couple hours of sleep.

I got home and went into my apartment. I grabbed a glass of water from the fridge and headed to the bedroom. Liss stood in front of the closet trying to pick out a dress. She found her favorite simple sundress and then turned to me. "I'm calling dibs on the shower first I've been in these Café clothes for two days now. I think we should have a light dinner something to finish off that Muscato." "I was hoping for a steak myself, beautiful, maybe get the grill going.

The wine can hold for another day." She smiled "We'll see; maybe if you're a very good boy." I went over and kissed her on her shoulders and neck.

"And what do I have to do to be a 'very good boy'?" She turned to me, looked up at me smiling, "You have to fuck my ass nice and hard. You're too soft with me when other women are here." "It might tip most of them off if I fucked you like the dirty slut you are, Liss." "I know; but I still have to complain about it sometimes." She got on her tip-toes and kissed me quickly.

"You know, a week from Thursday, Tiara closes with us, doing the magazine section. She usually asks for a ride from somebody, the schedule just so has it so the rest of the closers don't live in the same direction as her place.

She did just go through that nasty divorce too." Her eyes had started to sparkled aready. "Really, I've told you how much I love her legs; they're so long and shapely." "I know how much you like them darling. You've only mentioned it about thirty times" "Closer to fifty, probably." "Do you want company in the shower?" "Nope. I'll be fast though; then butt sex, hard, and then you can shower. I'll milf from milfsexdating net fist assplay fisting and amateur wash your back for you.

After that you can barbecue and we'll plan out the Tiara adventure." "When do I get my nap in?" "Never, old man." She smiled at me mischeviously, "Oh by the way something to think about in our Tiara plans… Never have I ever scissored with a woman." With another quick peck on the lips she scooted out for the shower.

I lay down in bed, languid but thoughtful. Tender brunette shagged hard with a bbc of my little slutty Melissa with her legs entwined with the very long legged Tiara, their crotches mashed together danced in my head.

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Life seems like it would remain interesting. ******* The End