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European partyboys enjoy massive sex party tube porn
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"Was that a dream?" I thought. My dick was rock hard and tenting my sheets from the dream. I looked over at Nick.

The sheets were half off of him showing of his amazing abs. God, he was so hot. I couldn't stop thinking about that amazing dream. I decided to shake it off and get a shower to calm down. After the shower, I came out of the bathroom with just a towel around my waist and Nick was up. I changed clothes while he got into the shower. The tension that morning was thick as pea soup. We didn't speak at all. When he came out and ventured for clothes in his drawer, I saw a bat tattoo on the cheek of his ass.

Well it was only the wing sticking up over the towel. How could this be? I have never seen his ass before and all of a sudden I dreams about Nick that I didn't even know about!

"Cool! I didn't know you had a tattoo?" I said to break the ice. "Yeah, got it last summer!" he said briefly. He obviously had something on his mind, but what? I didn't bother to ask him. That day I gave him the crash course in being a vampire.

I told all about the transformation of a vampire. Sweet lesbians do it better in the ass telling about this there was knock on the door. I quickly answered it and the messenger informed me that Nick and me didn't have to stay together all the time anymore. This sadly seemed to make Nick very happy. That evening Nick went missing.

It was an hour until his curfew and I was getting worried. I had an idea where he might be but wasn't sure. I looked in the old stadium where Nick and me and the rest of the soccer team use to play soccer and have a great time. Sure enough he was there sitting in the bleachers just staring at the field. "Hey," I said to him. "Hey," he responded. He seemed on edge. He missed playing soccer.

"So what's wrong?" I asked but no response. "Are you mad at me?" I asked. "No.Just leave me alone, okay!" he shouted. "I need you to come back to the castle," "Oh yes, the castle where I'll spend the rest of my life trapped!" he shouted. "You're not trapped!" "Yes I am! You said it yourself. If I try to leave they will hunt me down and kill me!" he screamed.

"That's only until your not use to being a vampire yet!" I responded. "Who said I wanted to be a vampire? I never asked for this!" "I saved your life!" I shouted. "You didn't save my life, you gave me a new one!" he shouted with rage and fury. Never had I thought things would work out this way. There was a long silence. I looked away from him not wanting to see horny momma fucked hard and got a cumshot like this.

What happened to the carefree Nick that use to do anything for a friend. I now see before me Nick, but lost in all the confusing emotions. "Look please come back to the castle," I pleaded. "You know old principal with lolly small Fuck the castle and fuck you!" he shouted and started to go towards the door. I quickly grabbed his arm but then he turned and shoved me back.

I started to fall back towards the stairs but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back with such force. He pulled me very close to him. "I'm sorry Edward, I didn't mean to push you," he said looking into my eyes. For a split second I come feel that he desired me like I desired him. For that split second and that split second only I felt that we belonged together. He then released me and started heading towards the door. I was stunned of what just happened. "Next time don't be so clumsy," he said back to me without turning around.

We walked back to the castle together but never said anything to one another. When I got home I went to bed and was no time getting to sleep. ********************************************** I was back at the stadium and Nick just pulled me up close to him. We looked into one another's eyes and craved for the other person. We then embraced each other in kiss after passionate kiss. We broke from our embrace long enough to go down onto the field where we lay down on the grass and started making out once again.

In our kisses we tore the clothes right off our muscular bodies. In our embrace our hands explored each other's bodies. He then started playing with my ass and I loved it.

He pierced my ass with one, then two fingers finally getting three figures in my soft round ass (which he lubricated with his spit). He didn't go no further because he had other plans for me. He gently positioned me so that my back was against the cold grass. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders. He looked at me and I at him. He wanted my ass, I could tell in his eyes.

He was determined to get what he wanted. He lowers himself on to me and his dick touched my ass. The sensation of this alone was sending chills through my body. I was shaking in anticipation. The weight of his dick against my ass made it feel much heavier and bigger.

No matter how big it was I wanted all of it in me. I desired for this. He then pressed his dick into my willing ass. Only an inch in and I had sensation of pain and pleasure flow through my body. Then his disk burrowed deeper and deeper into my ass. I clenched the cold grass to restrain myself from the pain but I couldn't help but moan loudly. This seems to turn Nick on even more. He pushed his dick further inside of me until all of it was completely in me. I was panting for breath. The silver moon's light once again covered over our connected bodies.

Nick pulled his dick out so just that there was only the head of his dick in my ass. Then he started to push it back in again. "Fuck your ass is tight!" he moaned. He thrusted again and again into my soft ass. His balls slapped against my ass. His brown rocker hair was waving back and forth with every thrust. He reached down with one hand and started massaging my own dick, which grew to its full length.

He was thrusting into my ass in an increasing motion. Faster and faster. While pumping into my ass faster and faster he started jacking me off faster as well. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. With the sensation of him fucking my ass and jacking me off at the same time almost made me explode right away.

I fought this sensation to make this last as long as it could. I moaned with pleasure. His body started to quake with the on-coming orgasm. He couldn't hole it in much longer. He still kept fucking my ass with all of his fury. I gasped one final time before my throbbing dick erupted all over Nick. My load shot up all over his stomach and one burst ever reached his face.

This sight sent Nick to the point of no return and a hot load of cum shot into my ass. His cum filled my ass. He rocked back and forth riding out each wave of his orgasm. Once it subsided we looked each other in the eyes once again to see the passion we had for each other. I could feel his cum oozing out of my ass.

My cum was dripping off Nick's body. "God, I love you Edward!" . The Next Day . The next day I decided to go see my old mentor. "What's wrong with you now?" he asked. "Nothing, can't I come see the doctor without anything being wrong with me?" I said with a smirk. "I came to asked you a question," "Okay then Edward, what is it?" he responded.

"I had a dream about Nick and me playing soccer and I noticed that he had a tattoo that I never knew about him before. How is that possible?" I asked. "Well when a vampire changes another vampire they before connected in away that is indescribable.

They sometimes interact with one another in a dream and sometimes they would express themselves much more in these dreams. Sometimes they will find out stuff about the other person that they didn't know, in your case a tattoo. Any questions?" he concluded. "No, thanks for your help!" I said and then left. I was happy to know that the dreams I been having was actually Nick and me having sex.

He was doing it all by himself. He was either gay, or at least bi.

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I went to wake Nick for breakfast but before I could get there a guard came up to me. "Sorry for the inconvenience Master Edward but your father has summoned you!" he said and led me to his office. I went in and the guard left closing the door behind him.

"Well?" he asked but I didn't know what he was referring to. "What sir?" I asked. "You don't know? I surprised on how weak of memory you have!" he said.

"Really sir, I don't know wha.," "Quiet!," he shouted. "Someone has informed me that your little friend was loose last night! I never authorized that!" "But, sir.," I tried to say. "Yes, I gave your friend permission to move freely but not out side the castle!

Do you want to expose us all! Do you know how much temptation there is out there for a new vampire?" he shouted. "I didn't think o.," "No you didn't!" he shouted cutting me off again. "This one can't go un-punished!

Not afraid of getting caught

I got to treat you like the others so I'm sentencing you a weekend in the pit!" he said,"Go inform your friend and meet the guards down there!" he said finally. I broken the rules before but never received a punishment as severe as this.

It seemed a bit much. I went back to my room and Nick was already awake and dressed. "Good your awake," I said. He could tell there was something on my mind. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Well I'm being punished by your actions last night.

We have to go down to the pit," he was stunned to hear what I said. He couldn't believe it. We went down to the pit and a guard instructed me to remove all clothing but my underwear. Nick was put in the cell next to mine. I could see him through the bars. I was shackled to the wall. The guard then left. "So how long are we here for?" he asked.

"The week-end!" I responded. We spent the rest of the day sleeping. Around mid-night the guard returned and opened my cell door. He had a whip with him and I started to get afraid. This was a bit much form my brigitte rough fuck big cock best new video game and I know it. Something was wrong. He then cracked the whip full force on my chest leaving a deep red mark. That's when Nick woke up. "Hey what's going on? What are you doing with him?" he shouted.

The whip came down hard again and again. "Ahhhh!" I screamed in pain. "Stop it you sun of a bitch! This is crazy!" Nick screamed again.

CRACK! That time the whip broke skin. My blood started dripping out. "You're hurting him! I'll kill you, you bastard!," Nick kept on screaming. The whip hit again get drenched in my blood more and more each time. Then another crack. That time it flicked my blood across the room. Blood splattered across Nick's face and he just froze. He kept staring at my bleeding body fixated on my blood.

My blood aroma filled the two cells. Nick's eyes started turning red, his hair getting darker and darker by the minute, his muscles started to bulge with his newfound power.

He was transforming. He never been fed blood and his senses were going wild for blood. My blood. "Hey guard! He need's feeding! He's going to loose control!" I shouted. I seemed to get his attention. Old lover fucks young bawdy cleft oldvsyoung hardcore looked at Nick and feared for his life.

He un-locked Nick's cage and ran like hell. "Nick hurry!," I ordered and he quickly responded. He looked me straight in my eyes and got some of his sense back. "Edw.ard, what's.hapening," he said weakly. "Quick bite into my wrist you need blood!

Trust me!," I shouted at him. He needed no more provoking. He savagely bit into my wrist draining my blood. He couldn't control it.

His hair was completely black now, his eyes fully red unaware of my gaze. Black angle wings started to emerge from back. I grew weaker and weaker.

My vision started get fuzzy and body numb from the lack of blood, my skin getting pale. Am I going to die?