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Aunty saree strip boob suck
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I cry out in pleasure.My body on fire.I cling to your scent.Hunger feeding my desire. I have not seen Ellen in three days, she has had a friend from out of town staying with her. As Ellen and I kissed on the couch, her body is driving me wild. I grope her tits and tried to push her onto her back. " I want to fuck you!" I whisper. " But John.I.No.I don't want to!" she replied. " You'll do it and enjoy it!" I said gruffly.

Suddenly she stopped struggling and I quickly undressed her. When I start sex siren claudia bavel gets impaled and cum sprayed with her tits and nipples, I can see that she is trying hard not to be excited, but her body is betraying her. Her nipples got bright pink and rock hard and as I suck and pull them. I hear soft sighs as I spread her long legs, pressing my hard cock against her pussy lips.

Ellen whimpers as I hold her down forcing my cock into her pussy. I feel her tight pussy stretching as I slide up into her. " Ohhhhh God!" Ellen moans and turns her head to one side. I start thrusting in and out of her and again her body betrays her. I'm surprised when she came after only a dozen of quick thrusts. She tries to hide it, but I knew that she'd cum by the way her body quivers and her face, neck, and chest have flushed bright red!

" You are so wet and it want more, Ellen." She groans in denial as I sink more of my huge cock inside of her. Her body may have betrayed her at this point, but she is determined to get me to stop. " Stop John." Her voice is shaking as she feels herself treacherously begin to adjust to my massive size. Her mind is blank at what else to say as she feels more of my cock going inside her, the stretching of my pussy was painful, but the sweet ache to it bothered her.

Yet, as I press more of ella sabe que si folla por el culo necesita lubricante inside of her, she feels every inch of my huge cock and it scares her when she feels my balls finally press against her. I'm balls deep, " Damn you took every fucking inch!" I groaned, I'm stunned at how much I managed to get inside of her.

" It took me at ten minutes but I'm all the way inside of you." " Okay!" Ellen replied with gritted teeth. " You've had your way now stop." I responded by pulling out till only the tip is inside of her, and savagely thrust forward, the sound of flesh slamming against flesh filling the room.

Ellen feels her mouth open as all she can see is stars, her fingers painfully bit into the carpet. She is thankful that I only did that once. Her dress is bunched up to her waist, she has a look of confusion as my cock feels hot deep inside of her.

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I didn't seem to move for a while after that first violent thrust, and she hopes I just came and would roll off of her. Instead much to her horror she feels me open the back of her dress and half of it is down her shoulders, I unhooked her bra. A moan of unwelcome pleasure fill her mouth as she feels my hard hands grasp her breasts.

Ellen is scared as I slowly proceeded to take her. My huge cock slamming in and out of her pussy, every movement tormenting her with pleasure as pain as she begs me to stop.

I'm ashamed to say that I came more times than she can possibly count. The orgasms are nothing like she has ever had in her life, no other man simply can't compare to this larger than life man. She never felt such orgasms from any other man, in fact she never ever had an orgasm with another man. It is something she would never admit to with anyone, not even her best friend.

" God you are one tight bitch." I grunted savagely as I continue slamming against her.

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" I swear every time I fuck are a virgin." She feels the blood rushing to her head, and deciding to bite her bottom lip.

She isn't a virgin of course, but she never had a man like me before. My cock stretching her in ways that no man, definitely has never stretched her. Not to mention I'm touching places she never even knew existed. " J-just stop--OH!" She broke off whatever she was going to say as an Earth shattering orgasm wracked her body. Ellen saw stars again as I didn't pause, just continuously pummeling her pussy without mercy.

As she recovered from several other smaller orgasms, she found herself crying out for me to stop. She needed to get away from my cock, so she reminded me sharply that she had an appointment that she needed to go to.

She hated herself as she feels further stimulated as I pause my heartless fucking. She half wondered if I was ever going to finally cum. Most men would have been passed out by now, while I'm not done yet. " We got an hour and a half to go, sweet thing." Ellen is ashamed to admit that pleasure radiates throughout her small body, as I resume rolling my hips and continue slamming her small pussy with my big cock.

She wanted to escape, run for her life if she could, but another violent orgasm wracked her body. She bites her bottom lip again, so as not to give me the satisfaction.

It did no good as a moan came from deep inside her. " Going to cum in your fucking pussy." I groan with an impeding release that is undeniable, and equally dreadful. " Noooo!" She hissed, clenching her teeth.

She knew that there is simply nothing she can do to stop me, I'm just too strong for her. " UHHHHHHH!" My grunt is a grunt of primal force, with one brutal push against her, I unleash my cum deep inside of her unwilling womb. She screams in one last protest as she feels my hot seed pour into her. Thoughts of whether she might get pregnant already flooded her mind. This is her most fertile time of the year, the she remembered she is on birth control.

" Damn that was fucking great!" I whispered, kissing her on the lips. She tried to pull away, but my strong hands wouldn't let her. Every moment of having this bastard inside sex gay pom old xnxx com her is a painful experience and she wished I would pull out, but instead I just laid there, my cock lodged deep inside of her.

She had to wonder if that was this bastard's plan, to get her pregnant. Finally I pulled out, chuckling openly at the crude sloshing sound my cock made as it left her pussy. Ellen just laid still for a long few minutes, trying to catch her breath. Ellen is the perfect, subservient lover. Just about every night I'd force her to have sex with me.

I didn't want any kids, so I kept her on birth control. Ellen in the beginning was very enthusiastic, but after a year her enthusiasm wained, but her body continued to betray her. While she never cried out, she knew that she was having orgasms while I fucked her.

I returned two hours later, " Babe, I want you to suck my cock!" She looks surprised and then aghast! " But Honey.I don't want to do that!" she said. I growl at her, " I don't care what you don't want to do! You'll do it because I tell you to!" She looked down submissively and said, " Ok, Honey." She horny bffs raven and nicole dripping wet pussies fuck one cock threesome and lesbians very good at first, but with my coaching she became better.

After a few minutes, I asked her how she liked it. " I don't like it at all," she replied. " It makes me feel dirty when I do it!" I grinned at her and said, " Too bad!" She continued sucking my cock, I said to her, " Babe, I'm going to cum in your mouth!" Her reaction is predictable. " But Honey.I.I really don't want you to do that!" Once again I growl at her, " That's too bad, because I'm telling you how it's going to be.

Now keep sucking and get ready! I don't want you to miss any of my cum!" Reluctantly but obediently she returns to sucking my cock. After a couple of minutes I'm ready to cum, so I held her head with both hands so that she can't back away and spewed my semen into her mouth!

Ellen choked and gagged, and some horny wet crack of a amazing teen needs fuck dribbled down her chin, but she'd swallowed most of it.

" Wow!" I said. Ellen just stared at the bed between us. I spent the next half hour eating her bald pussy while she recovered. She came three times! Then, after Ellen's mouth got me hard again, I fucked her for forty minutes and she had three more orgasms! She never cried out in pleasure when she came, as if she is ashamed of what her body is doing!

She is impressed with the number of orgasms that she has had! We both lay there gasping for air afterwards. " That was the absolute best sex ever!" I said between gasps. From then on I forced her to give me a blow job before every time we had sex! It was incredible! In no time she could swallow my load without gagging or losing a drop, and afterwards I lasted longer so I would fuck her into oblivion!

She didn't like it, but her body betrayed her every time and by the time I was done she was exhausted from her multiple orgasms! After we came home from dinner, I said, " Hey Ellen. Take me deep!" " What?" Ellen asked, her eyes wide. " You heard me! I want you to take my cock all the way in and down your throat!" " But Honey.I." then she cast her eyes down and slowly nodded. For the next half hour there is a lot of gagging and retching as Ellen trained her throat to accept my cock.

I wouldn't let her give up! Finally she managed to get her gag reflex to relax and I looked down to see her nose pressed hard against my pubic bone as all of my 9 inches went into her mouth and down her throat. Once she had that licked, I forced her to start bobbing her head back and forth until I came and shot my full load straight down her throat! What a feeling! With her eyes watering and gasping for breath, Ellen looks up at me. " Good job, Babe!" I said. I'm horny as hell.We're going to have anal sex!" Ellen's mouth gaped open in surprise and she said, " But Honey.I won't do that again!

It's disgusting!" I turned to her and growled, " Yes you will!" I watch as she took off her dress. Then I said, " Get onto the bed on your hands and knees!" She slowly did as I'd told her. " Don't move!" I said and headed for the kitchen where I grabbed a bottle of cooking oil. When I returned I poured some oil onto the crack of her ass and used a finger to push some of it into her anus.

" OOOHHH!" she gasped as her anus is forced open. " John. Please. No!" I work my finger in and out of her anus several times to spread the oil around, then poured on some more and pushed two fingers into her tight brown hole.

Ellen gasping and hung her head down in shame. I stripped down rubbing oil onto my hard cock. I climbed onto the bed behind her and put the head of my cock against her anus. Ellen whimpered as I slowly press my cock harder and harder against her anus until the pressure forced it open and I slipped inside her! I paused there for several seconds, and then pushed forward again, sliding half my length into her!

I knew anal sex could be painful the first time, but it seemed that Ellen is a relaxing, this only the second time I have penetrated her tight ass. I held her hips with both hands and started fucking her ass! I hoped that it would happen, but still I'm surprised a minute later when my hard thrusting into her brought her to an orgasm! She is gasping, surprising herself, and her body quivering as her orgasm hit.

Her tight anus brought me off seconds later and I shot my cum deep inside her ass! Ellen collapsed forward and I fell on top of her.

I rolled over onto my back, holding her tight so that she is now on top of me facing the ceiling. " Rub your clit!" I hissed. " Masturbate for me!" " But Honey.I.don't do that!" " I know you masturbate when I'm not here." I growl in her ear.

" Do it! And don't stop till you cum again!" Slowly, Ellen moved her right hand down to her crotch, I saw her hand start to rub her clit with my still semi hard cock buried in her ass. Faster and faster her fingers moved until I feel her body quiver and she gasps quietly with another orgasm! Anal sex then became another regular part of our sex life.

At least once a week I pushed my cock deep inside her ass. She is sore all over her body as we fell asleep.

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I was waiting for Ellen when she came home after the 4:30 am morning news show. Ellen walked past me to the bedroom, still upset about yesterday's forced sex. I followed her into the bedroom and grabbed her flipping her onto her stomach.

I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass into the air. I ran my fingers up and down her damp pussy and explored her. She shook her hips back and forth, trying to avoid my fingers. " Hold still Ellen or I swear to God, I will stick my cock in your ass without any fucking lube. You choose. My cock is gonna fuck something this morning before I leave. Keep still and take it in your pussy like yesterday or keep thrashing around and I'll rip your ass open." Terrified by the thought of having my monster cock in her asshole again, she froze and waited, accepting her fate.

She feels the head of my cock press against her moist pussy. Her body tensed in fear and her lips mouthed the word, " no." Then I grabbed her hips and pushed forcefully into her tight, wet hole. She wailed as my big cock spread open her sore tight pussy. The humiliation is an inferno, blazing through every part of her. Excruciatingly hot, tense and terrible: that is what she felt as her pussy dribbled over my cock. This is the first time in our long relationship that I have forced her to have sex and been so ruthless.

Ellen has never seen me this way. I begin to roughly fuck in and out of her tight pussy. My cock slamming her body, her body is pushed forward with each of the powerful thrusts. Unable to fight it back any longer, she uncontrollably moans as she is taken by force, her pussy fucked with hard violent penetrations. " Take that cock, you dirty little whore, I know you like it.

All whores love a big cock in their dirty cunts," I taunted as I continue to slam her defenseless body. She feels me grab her hair and yank back hard, her head pulled up and back off of the pillow as her upper body remained pushed against the bed.

My hand wrapped her hair up and I held on as I continued to fuck her dripping pussy. Pulses of pleasure forcing their way through her unwilling nerve endings. The heat in her pussy starts to dial up. She feels the unmistakable tinge of an orgasm building in her. " Please stop responding," she pleaded with her body, " don't let me cum like this." But there is no way to stop it. As much as it mortified her, redhead grandma gives head before passionate banging cock feels too good.

As it drove in and out of her, she knew there is no turning back. She inhaled, her muscles involuntarily clamping down on my large cock creating a vice of hot, wet flesh around me.

Her entire body tensed. Then her pussy exploded into orgasm, pulsing violently all over my dick. Her body shook as my unrelenting attack on her young pussy continued. She screams, "," she said as her mind and body is consumed by mortifying carnal bliss.

The tightness and the spasms of her pussy sent me over the edge and my cock begins to blast several large spurts of hot, searing cum inside her. I roared with my release, digging my hand into her dynamic three some delight hardcore and blowjob and gripped her hair tightly.

My body tensed and shook as my cock unleashed inside her, brandi love fuck my mom her quivering body with another load. I finally stopped pumping, releasing her hair and took my hand off of her hip. Her head slumps forward into the pillow as she panted in short, sharp breaths. My cock is still buried deep inside her and I slowly pull it out. She gasps suddenly feeling a certain hollowness.

She can't believe that she actually wants me to remain inside of her.but her body keeps trembling and every second or two, her legs twitch involuntarily as horrible little aftershocks of pleasure rush through her. Devoid of the cock that filled her, she feels the remnants of my enormous load dribbling out of her pussy and running down her inner thighs.

I smacked her quivering ass and said, " I knew you'd be a good fuck." I got off the bed and put my pants back on. I knelt back on the bed, next to her head and leaned down next to her face.

" Take a shower and get dressed.So we can go to lunch." She is staring into my piercing eyes as I spoke to her.