Brutally fisting her teen twat in bondage domination and extreme

Brutally fisting her teen twat in bondage domination and extreme
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He was dressed in a white t shirt and black sports shorts, and had purposely not worn any underwear. He waited in the hotel room for his guest to arrive. Suddenly he heard a knock at the door. He answered and without saying anything led her over to the bed. He grabbed her by her wrists and wrestled her down onto the bed.

She struggled hard to stop him but he pinned both her wrists above her head and moved one leg over her midsection straddling her.

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He sat down right on her upper stomach and sat up straight allowing his weight to sink into her. She weighed about 135 compared to his 185. He looked right into her eyes as he sat down on her and saw a slight look of panic on her as she felt his weight take its toll on her.

He sat for about a second before she bridged hard trying to unseat him. He simply arched his back backwards and rode her struggling body like a wild bronco. She kept her back arched for another second before he slid backwards along her stomach and did a slight jump before crashing his butt down onto her stomach with all his weight.

She made a loud "umph" sound. Again she tried to bridge college rules triple blowjob operation pussy run with him sitting right on the middle of her stomach (basically on her belly button) she had a much harder time keeping her back arched. He just focused on sitting on her stomach with all his weight until she collapsed under him.

He still had a hold of her wrists but they were up in front of her face now as he sat upright on her. She took a deep breath and he could see this was taking its toll on her. "Your hurting me" she said as her face began to turn red. "Well thats not my problem, and your really not gonna like what happens if you try to unseat me again" he said. He continued to sit on her stomach, really trying to make it hard for her to breath as he rose and fell with her labored breathing.

She again tried to bridge and this time he bounced his ass down hard right on her stomach. "Ooohhh!!!" she screamed. He smiled at her "Do you give?" he said. "Im done" she said.

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After sitting on her stomach for about five minutes she was turning bright red and obviously having trouble breathing. By this time he was hard as a rock. He moved up and sat on her chest. He positioned her nice big breasts saxy story fill sex stories jabrdsti himself and sat right down on them with all of his weight, what an awesome feeling. He looked down into her eyes, she stared up at him submissively his erect penis right over her mouth and nose.

As he settled his weight into her breasts a look of pain came across her face but she shifted and it seemed to subside. He pulled out some rope from a bag that was within arms reach and began to tie her arms to the bed posts. She again started some slight struggling but she was obviously exhausted by this point. Besides her struggling was not serious. She liked this, almost as much as he did and they both knew it. After tieing her arms to the bed. He got off of her for a second.

Now was when the fun really starts. He dropped his shorts and was now naked from the waist down, wearing only a tight fitting t shirt. He took this time to also tie her feet to the bed posts so that she was totally immobilized. She was wearing a button up blouse and some jean shorts. He turned to face her feet and slowly sat his naked ass down right on her upturned face. She tried to turn her head away. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.

"Stop acting like you dont love this" he said. As he sat down he felt her face make contact with his ass cheeks, and felt her nose go right up his crack. He settled in and moved around until her nose was going directly into his asshole.

"Hows that smell?" he said. He purposely hadnt washed his ass in days. He sat for a few seconds and could tell she was running out of air. He raised himself up for a second and as she took a slight breath he abruptly sat down again. "Your my little brown noser arent you?" He said. He undid the top buttons on her blouse and began to fondle and play with her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingers.

As he did this he rubbed his ass all over her face, jamming her nose up his asshole as far as it would go with his weight.

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She started sucking and licking at his taint and under side of his balls as he facesat her. "You like this huh you disgusting bitch" he said. He continued to face sit her, periodically giving her air. Other times he would sit full weight on her face and make her struggle to get a breath before pulling her hair and sitting back down on her nose.

He had been working up a fart and the next time she needed air he spread his cheeks with his hands and pushed a disgusting rotten egg fart out right into her nostrils. He let her smell it for a couple seconds. He moved off her face and said, "How does that smell, you like it?". "Yes!" she cried, moving her mouth up to meet his ass she started to kiss and lick all over his ass cheeks and crack.

He sat down full weight again as she struggled to continue making out with his ass. After doing this he could feel himself getting ready to come. He ground his asshole over her face mercilessly as he masturbated with one hand and pinched and twisted her nipple rouphly with the other. She let out a muffled scream of pain as he came all over her chest.

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