Eat every last drop of your precious cum cei

Eat every last drop of your precious cum cei
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My Japanese Love Part 3 Shocking Developments "Your&hellip.Your Parents are coming here? When?" I asked Amya. "They should be here day after tomorrow" said Amya. "But why?" "I told you. Hiro called them and told them what happened. Knowing him he told them a lie. It doesn't matter they are coming and they are upset. When they come I'll tell them our side and what that bastard did to me." "True, But do you think they are going to be happy with you after you tell them?" "Look AJ.

I know they probably think I dishonor them by having sex with you. After all I am still legally married and divorce is something my family frowns on. However I know that after they hear my side and meet you. It will all be good. I know you and I know them. Once they see you as the kind sweet gentleman that I see, they will be happy. I told you earlier that I loved you and I meant it knowing I'd have to face my parents at some point.

I just didn't think it would be this soon." "Your right Amya and I trust your judgment and I trust you." "That's good and I trust you as well. Now you need your rest so get some sleep." As Amya kisses me on the lips before heading out of the room. I laid there thinking about the past few days. Here I am a 24 year old 5 foot 11 inch male. I don't really have the abs girls like, but I am thin.

I have a history degree and my own successful furniture building business. Until recently I was not getting any pussy until Amya Yoshido, my former history professor, came back into my life. Standing at about 5 foot, Amya was everything I could ask for. Black hair that stopped at her shoulders. A slim 34 year old body that was very toned. She had 32-A tits and a fully trimmed tight pussy.

The only problem: She's currently married to an abusive cheating asshole who not only kicked the shit out of me, but had Amya raped by a student of hers. I may have bruises all over, and a bruised ego, but nothing can compare to Amya's emotional damage. I'm surprised that even after what has happened to her she still gave herself to me earlier. Sucking dudes male dick makes angel hungry for plowing last thought before I fell asleep was that I am the luckiest guy in the latina sex tapes danni cole khloe mansion passion mofos and that maybe I am the red head huge black dick plus ill make sure you have a joy time throughout to heal her wounds I woke up the next morning and of course I was alone.

I knew it wasn't a dream because I could hear someone probably Amya in the kitchen. I just know one thing: I had to piss so bad I could taste it. I slowly got up and limped to the bathroom.

Damn knee, but that didn't matter. I was peeing, and felt better. Even the little trace of blood didn't matter. I finished, flushed and almost walked out till I remember Amya so I put the seat down.

As I walked back to the bedroom there was my Japanese beauty. She had on one of my T-shirts. I war an XL 2Xl so it fit her like a night gown. "You're up and walking, that's good. Just don't over do it. I made you breakfast and was going to bring it to you." "Awe your so sweet, but I've laid in bed long enough.

I'll go sit int eh kitchen and you can bring to me there" "Deal" I watched her turn and leave. I had to admire her cute tight butt a longer than I should have but it's all good. I know she wouldn't mind. I want to the kitchen and Amya served me bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns and OJ. "I couldn't find any coffee so I gave you juice." Amya told me. "It's ok I don't drink coffee." She smiled as she sat down with her plate.

We ate, talked and fed each other. It was funny because we accidently got some on ourselves and it turned into a who can get the other messier affair. jhanvi kapoor sex full sex stories can't remember the last time I had this much fun with food." I told Amya. "Yeah now look at us. We are all dirty" She said.

"well then we better get cleaned up" Amya smiled and said "You know what they say. 'Save water shower with a Japanese girl'". I laughed and we got up and moved to the bathroom. It's a good think I have a stand alone shower. I have all I can do to walk up steps holding the railing let alone step into a tub. Amya started the water and helped me undress.

She smiled and told me to wait for her to get in first. She removed the t-shirt. She had no bra or panties on. Her black hair bush looked so inviting, but I didn't move because she turned around and that's when I saw her naked back side for the first time. I was shocked. I know she had been beaten and raped but I never imagined this sight. Her entrie back was covered in bruises.

How she didn't scream in pain I'd never know. Her cute butt still had some scratches on it from the forceful anal raping. One set of scratches started at the middle of her back and stopped at the bottom of her right butt cheek. "I'm ok love really. Now come on" Amya said holding her and out to me.

I stepped in the shower and kissed and hold her. It was then that my love finally broke down. "AJ you are so wonderful and caring. I don't deserve to have you but I am glad I do.

I know I am 10 years older than you, but I wish I met you when I was 18. I wish someone would have told me to wait 10 years and I would be with the most amazing guy ever. I don't care what my parents say I am staying with you and leaving Hiro." I wiped the tears from her eyes and told her I am always here for her and will always be waiting for her. She stopped crying and smiled.

Her smile along with her naked body pressed against my naked body was causing me to get very hard very fast. "OOOOOHHHHH someone's horny" Amya said. "I'm sorry it can't be helped. You're so good looking" "Ha Ha.

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Well if my pussy wasn't so sore I'd put that wonderful think inside it, but I think it's so sore from last night, but I can still help you out." Amya then got on her knees and started sucking my cock.

"You know I'm not that experienced at this but I think practice makes perfect." She said as she licked my hard shaft. "You could have fooled me. You're so good at it." I was in awe as Amya put her hands on my butt and forced my hard cock deeper into her mouth. Oh shit I thought she's trying to deep throat me. I could see her struggling and hear her gag. I told her she didn't have to deep throat me. She smiled and resumed sucking my dick. Every inch of my cock was licked by her tongue.

She gently kissed my balls and sucked on them. She smiled and covered my cock with her mouth and started jerking me hard and fast. I felt her tongue tease the tip of my cock.

Between her teasing and her rapid pace I couldn't last that long. "Oh shit Amya I'm going to cum" "I want to taste my handsome prince's cum.

Give it to me." "Agh I'm Cumming" as I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed ever drop. Not that there was much and smiled. We finished our shower without any more sex. I wanted to return the favor but she told me that all good things come to those who wait. I didn't know when or how but Amya brought her clothes here. It had been a couple of hours of use sitting watching TV when Amya's cell rang.

She answered it and jumped up alarmed. Oh how I wish I could understand Japanese. She hung up and looked at me and said. "My family will be here in 10 minutes." "I thought they were coming tomorrow?" I asked. "They got an earlier flight" "Oh" I said.

About 10 minutes later Amya's family arrived. Amya greeted them at the door. She didn't want me sunny leone in teacher rool xxx my feet because of my knee but that didn't stop me from standing up when they walked into the room. Amya made the introductions. "AJ this is my father Yoshi Tanizuki, my mother Hana, and my sister Akira. Everyone this is AJ, my savor and the love of my life." Yoshi was a man who you could tell was hard working.

He was around 5 foot 5, but definitely had some muscle to him. Hana was as beautiful as Amya. She was built like an older version of Amya. Akira however was stunning. She had to be 5 foot 2, black here like Amya with at least a B if not C cup chest. Yoshi looked at his daughter Amya and said something in Japanese. "Father please speech English.

AJ doesn't understand Japanese and as a guest in his house we could honor him that much." "I said what do you mean savor? Hiro said you were cheating on him with this man." Yoshi said.

"No father. Hiro cheated on me first. He wasn't the loving husband you think he was. He cheated on me, beat me, had me raped, forced me to perform oral sex on a girl" "That can't be. He was so nice" Yoshi said. "It's true sir. Amya turn around and left your shirt up. Show them your back." I told Amya. Amya did what I asked, but I could see she was ashamed to do so.

They say a picture's worth a 1000 words. Their faces and actions were worth a million. Yoshi dropped to his knees almost in shame. Hana screeched and covered her mouth.

Akira looked shocked. "You see father. Hiro and his friends did this to me. They violated me. They beat poor AJ. Oh my poor AJ. All he is guilty of is loving me and showing me how a gentleman treats a lady. Yes I cheated on Hiro a few days ago with AJ. I don't regret it. I am leaving Hiro, divorcing his abusive ass.

The police know what he did to us. He two nasty teens having hardcore backstage sex spend time in jail and I hope he gets raped so he knows what it's like" Amya said as she lowered her shirt. "Oh my poor Amya its all my fault. You haven't dishonored the family.

I have. It's my fault horny bffs raven and nicole dripping wet pussies fuck one cock threesome and lesbians had to marry Hiro." Proclaimed Yoshi. "What do you mean" both Amya and I said in unison. "Have a seat everyone. It's time the truth came out. I owe Amya it. Hana could you please bring us some drinks." Yoshi asked.

"Sure your kitchen is which way?" Hana asked me.

I pointed in the direction. I just couldn't speak. All that was in my head were Yoshi's words 'It's my fault you had to marry Hiro' echoing around my head. When Hana left Yoshi who had not left his knees told us the truth. Yoshi got into debt gambling. It seemed that he owed an Yakuza boss money.

He couldn't pay at the time, but offered them a trade till he could pay them back. The boss's son Hiro went to school with Amya. He offered Amya's hand in marriage to Hiro. The boss agreed and they fixed it so that Amya could marry Hiro.

Whether it was scaring off other men to Hiro romanticizing Amya. When Hiro called and said Amya was cheating, he felt the deal was off. His father proclaimed that Amya had to return to Hiro or else his other daughter must be forced into prostitution. "I gathered my wife and Akira and got on the first plane here. I was going to make you go back to Hiro until I learned the truth.

I never wanted you to be hurt. I just wanted you to have a better life than I ha.d Please forgive a foolish old man Amya. I have stopped gambling the day I made that deal and have been saving up to pay off the Yakuza." Yoshi said as he looked down in shame "Amya went to her father's side and helped him up.

"I forgive you father. Your means were worng, but your hearts in the right place. Besides AJ will and has been making me happy thanks to Hiro's attitude" "I owe you an apology AJ" Yoshi Said holding out his hand.

"No need to apologize I was shocked as you were when I learned the truth." I said as I shook his hand. Hana returned with our drinks and fro the first time Akira spoke and sounded on the verge of tears. "what about me father?

I don't want to be a prostitute. I don't' want some filthy man's hands touching me. I'll die before I become some common whore" Akira said as she started crying. Amya rushed to her sister and hugged her. "You're not going to be a whore" Amya told her. "That's right" I said "you can stay here with use. We will protect you." "AJ's right Akira it's safer here in America than back home for you.

Besides schools done and you wanted to come here for college like Amya" Hana said. Akira and Yoshi agreed and things started to calm down. Amya and I slept in our room, Akira took the guest bedroom. Yoshi and Hana stayed at a nearby hotel. I offered to put a bed in the study so they could be here but they declined. "It's better if we tried to get your lives back to normal" Yoshi told me.

And life returned slowly back to normal. Amya met with a lawyer to discuss her divorce, I got back to work in the shop and Akira was settling in nicely. Amya and I hadn't had sex again but it was all good. It gave me time to heal and her time to heal as well.

A week after Amya's family arrived Yoshi came up to me in the shop. "I want to thank you for all your doing AJ. Amya's right you are kind and caring." "You're welcome and it's no problem. I love Amya very much and want to see her happy." "Oh trust me she is happy, the happiest I've seen her since she was a little girl." "I'm glad to hear it because I love her with all my heart and soul." "I know.

You took a beating for her and came back. You showed her love isn't a dream. It's real. I am proud my daughter found you, and if down the road it should happen I will be proud to call you her husband" "Thank you sir that means a lot." "Please call me Yoshi. We are practically family." "OK, but I have a question" "Ask AJ" "Do you have the money to pay off the debt?" "Some of it why do you ask?" "If you are willing to let me, I would like to help you.

Consider it a gift from me for Amya's hand in marriage." "AJ that's kind of you but $50,000 is a lot of money. I can't ask that of you." "Nonsense like you said we are practically family and I for one help my family. I have the money. Don't worry it won't put me or Amya in debt.

"AJ, Amya was right you are a savior. Just promise me one thing before I accept your money" "What's that?" "You give me some grandchildren. If they are half as kind as you, I will feel like I am the Emperor of Japan" I was happier than a pig in shit. I have Yoshi's blessing to marry Amya. Amya was happy. Yoshi and Hana returned to Japan immediately and the Yakuza boss agreed to the money.

Akira wasn't going to be a prostitute and Amya was free from the deal. Everything was fine until a phone call rocked us. Mark Hunter our lawyer for the trial said Kari wanted to talk to us. It was important because it would effect the trial. Amya and I arrived at the county jail to hear what Kari had to say.

Kari sat in an orange jumpsuit looking down. You could tell she had been crying. "Thanks you for coming. I know you don't want to see or hear me so I'll be quick. I need to explain why I did it" Kari xxxksi story full he dwinlod desi. "So explain" Amya said coldly. "I'm 20 years old and I have a 5 year old son.

Hiro's the father. He saw me one day walking home from school and followed me home. He forced his way into my parent's and raped me. He told me that he was Yakuza and if I told anyone what he did he will make sure everyone I cared about died before my eyes. He also told me I was the best fuck he ever had and to be ready for him tomorrow. So every day for a month he would follow me home, fuck me and leave.

A month later I found out I was pregnant. It didn't bother him.

He fucked me right up till I gave birth. When Matthew was born he made me this is a blonde who got picked up on the street b slave.

If I didn't do what he wanted he would kill Matt his own son. To prove it he would lock Matt in a car trunk that slowly filled with exhaust. He forced me to do those things I did you both and then some. I never wanted to do anything like that. You have to believe me when I say I'm sorry. I was only trying to protect my son." Kari was crying so hard she was choking on her own words. AJ found himself believing her, and from the look on her face, Amya looked like she was going to cry as well.

"I forgive you Kari. I've learned that parents who are good will do anything for their children." Amya said. "I forgive you too. I'm sure if you told the court this they will go easy on you. I will even drop the assault charge" "Thank you, but I made a deal with the court. Time served provided I testify against Hiro and I will.

That bastard needs to be taught a lesson." Later that night I decided to make a romantic dinner for us. Akira was spending time across the street with Alicia, those two became fast friends. Dinner was so enjoyable that I decided the timing was right. I took Amya's hand and got down on one knee. "Amya my love, I don't have a ring, but if you love me as much as I love you it won't matter. Will you Amya take my hand in marriage and be not only my heart and soul but my wife as well?" "Yes AJ.

Yes I'll marry you." I smiled and kissed her deeply sliding my tongue into her mouth. "Come with me" I said. As I lead her to our room. I kissed her hard, and removed her shirt. She undid her bra and laid down on the bed. Her nipples were sticking straight up. I couldn't help myself, I latched onto one and sucked it for all I was worth.

I was like a new born baby suckling on his mother's boobs for the first time. Her moans filled the air as she tried to take her pants off.

I helped her remove them and her panties. I was surprised at what I found. My sweet Amya shaved her pussy. "I hope you like it baby. I did it for you" she said "I love it" and with that I attacked it.

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I licked every inch of her sweet Japanese pussy. Her juices flowed like water from heaven and I as a man dying of thirst lapped up every drop I could. Amya wrapped her hands around my head and drove my face deep into her pussy. Her ass was coming off the bed, her moans were sweet music to my ear as she grinds her pussy into my face.

"OH lover I'm going to cum all over your handsome face. Make me cum. I want to taste my pussy on your lips." Moaned Amya I sucked on her clit, rolling my tongue around. She screamed my name as her first orgasm hit. "OOOOOHHHHH AJ you ate my pussy so well. Kiss me I want to taste my pussy juices" I was so turned on that I kissed her deeply and passionately. As I kissed her she dropped my pants. I felt my aching tattooed busty granny gets fucked by a young guy on slap her pussy and she moaned in my mouth.

"Give it to me baby. You waited long enough. Stick that hard cock in my tight love tunnel. Make me feel good." I slowly pushed into her.

God she fits like a glove so tight and hot. I let loose. I fucked her hard and fast. "OOOO baby don't stop fuck me hard lover.

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Make me cum. I'm your personal whore. Your own personal dirty whore. UGH I love this cock fill me up baby yeah that's it give me your baby. I want it. I want to give my knight in shining armor a child." I pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees.

She did and I fucked her hard doggy style. The moment my cock touched her pussy her seconded orgasm hit her hard.

As tight as it was I still fucked her tight pussy as hard as I could. I felt her hand brush against my cock. Amya was rubbing her clit as fast as I was pounding her pussy. The thought of her playing with clit was enough over the edge. With one deep thrust I shot my load deep inside Amya's pussy. "Yes I can feel you cock pulsing in my pussy and I love it. Lay down I want to ride you.

I need to cum again" I laid down and Amya climbed ontop of me. She guided my cock into her cum dripping wet pussy and not stopping until she had all 6 inches inside of her. Amya lost it. She started moaning louder and louder with each thrust of my cock in her pussy. I reached up and played with her nipples. She took one of my hands, moved it to her mouth and sucked on my fingers. I used my free hand and moved it down to her clit and rubbed it.

It was enough to send her off. She lifted herself off my cock and for the first time I watched my sweet Japanese girl squirt her come all over my cock. She laid next to me almost out of it and I held her. "I love you my wife to be". "I love you to my husband to be." I kissed her as she passed out. I heard a sigh and looked at the door. I saw Akira rush from view. Her blue yoga pants clearly soaked in the crotch. Ravishing babe craves for a good pounding cumshots big tits Akira standing there the entire time fingering herself I thought?