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Horny ebony babe slurping on blonde pussy under the sun
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Mike helped lovely teen babe nailed by her masseur hardcore massage put the bar back on the bench hold, and I answered my phone. "Hello?" I greeted. "Rick? It's Dad. We got the Young's house for the week in South Beach." "No way!

This week?" "Yep. Coach T called me already, we're going for your official visit." "Thank you so much dad. This is awesome!" "Go tell coach you're missing practice this week." "Deal. When are we leaving?" "0600 tomorrow." "Damn it. See ya." I got up, and told my best friend Mike, "Miami." "Miami?" "Miami." "Dude!

Holy Shit!" I gave him a huge bro hug, and got my stuff, ran down to the athletic office, and got Coach Ben. "Coach! Coach!" "What's up Rick?" "I'm going to South Beach this week for a visit." "Really? Oh, wow. The legacy lives! When you coming back?" "Friday night. I'll play Saturday." "Gotta deal.

I'm resting most of the seniors because we're playing Bishop anyways, but if you wanna play, why not?" "Alright coach. You want an autograph?" "Go already." I ran out into the quad, and yelled a bunch of random shit out loud, pacing towards the parking lot.

I pulled out my lanyard, and enthusiastically threw my stuff into the back seat. "Ah HA HA! YEAH!" I yelled, driving by the lot. Everyone raised their fists for me, I was a fan favorite apparently. Oh, you don't know me yet. I'm Rick McCoy, Jr. I play Strong Safety and Middle Linebacker for my high school, a prep school in Maryland.

I was getting recruited by a couple of decent schools, but no one as big as The U. My dad was a legend at my high school, and a first-teamer at the U, and played in the NFL for six years, retiring when he got his fourth concussion.

He had a big contract, so we weren't poor by any means, but we weren't big spenders. He was very conscious of what we had, and knew how lucky we were; a big revelation to him when he was told he must retire. I got home in about ten minutes, speeding my ass off, uncaring of law enforcement. I got all of my stuff together, plugged in my blackberry, and got to bed at 12, after get skype and phone calls from all the girls I had class with over the years, congratulating me and telling me we had to "chill" when we got back.

The ladies never gave a shit about me, because I didn't play much until midway through my junior season, then I got hit up a lot, but my dad said no "chilling" until senior year and when I had a ride. I said deal. We got on the flight early, made it to Miami around ten-eleven-ish, and got in at noon.

Mr. Young, my dad's friend, played in the NFL for ten years, and was rich as shit. His beach house in South Beach was awesome. His house was stuffed with awesome stuff, and his kitchen was full! I was in heaven, and I was so hammerboys tv present hammerboys 17 tube porn to work over the next four years to get this. I always wanted to follow my dad, and my shot was finally coming.

We had pizza at one, and I settled in my room, doing my homework. I lay out my team jersey, clad in Kelly green and pearl white, emblazoned with me and my dad's number, 31. It was our number, and it meant absolutely nothing besides that. I brought a shirt and tie, just like my dad said. He wasn't gonna let me stay with the team for the week, because he was so aware of how players did so well partying in college.

But, one of my dad's teammate's son was gonna hang for a day or so, a rising name in the college universe, DeMarco Thomas. Jackson Thomas played Free Safety along with my dad, who played Strong Safety. He was a sophomore, playing behind the best safety in football. DeMarco came over around two the teen virgins first time painful blood day, and we left for the real city short after.

He gave me a tour for like three hours, and we hit a couple spots while going. He gave me a quick tour through the U, and I was in love.

The place was the shit for football players, and the facilities looked great from the outside. I saw all the defensive ends walking out from the weight room, and knew me from DeMarco. They all pointed at the ground, asking me to come play for them. I had no clue if Coach T was gonna offer me a scholarship, so I said maybe. I saw Coach driving out of campus, and said, "Coach!

I can't wait for the visit!" "Better be excited. Got a lot planned. Got your stuff?" "Dad ain't letting me stay with the boys. Says I'll get in trouble." "Huh. Ah, we'll work something out. See you then! Take care of him, D." "Yes, sir coach." We got home, and I told Dad I loved it. DeMarco had BBQ with us, and left late. I was ready for tommorow. We had an official tour of the campus, and I was in love. I loved the, well, everything. I went up to the office for what coach said was an interview, but was really a review of visit and call.

In laymen's terms, he was laying out how I would fit here, and in percentage, said I was a ninety-two percent fit. I loved it as much as the meter did. I wanted was an offer.

I got back, and said, "The U's the one. I want the offer, Dad." "Fingers crossed." We got on a plane two days later, ready to tell everyone I wanted to go to South Beach more than anything. My grades were solid, so I wasn't worried there.

I was worried coach may pass on me. I strapped on my shoulder pads, and I was finished. I tugged down my jersey, pulled on my helmet, and smacked both sides of it with my hands. I screamed, ran into the middle of the locker room, started jumping up and girl gets fucked by hot foreign guy, and everyone huddled around me.

It was time to kick ass. Pick one. Fumble one. Sack one. Pick two. Sack two, and three. Sack four, fumble two, and touchdown one. I had the greatest game any safety had played in school history. I partially paralyzed the poor bastard on one fumble, and guarded their top wide out, snagging two picks. Four sacks in, I was all conference player of the week. The school would take my jersey after the game, and frame it in their trophy hall. The next week was spirit week.

Everyone wore school green and white, crazy costumes and clothes, getting siced for our game against our rivals, McHenry. All the athletes like to wear their jersey to school, and I was never more proud to do so.

I put on a clean white shirt, my new green jersey, and grey sweats, and went to class. So many girls had the number three on one cheek, and one on the other, obviously sporting my digits.

I had made national recognition, hit top 20 in nation's safeties, and got a call from the governor. I got seventeen skype screen names from girls I knew already, 120 facebook requests, a good number of which were girls, and a ton of phone numbers. Mike's bro Kenny was having a party Wednesday because we got Thursday and Friday off, and I was definitely going.

Eighth Period Tuesday. After sneaking away at lunch to get doubled up on by two babes, and was two minutes away from getting head for the first time, but I don't skip class. Our parents get full reports because of the new computer system, and my dad, well, you know my dad. I wish I had never had to get out of my jeep that lunch. We had a pre-lab assignment due in class for Chem, and we had new partners after the cycle.

I was paired up with Mary, who was a girl I had always found hot, but never had the opportunity to talk to. She had brown-black mix hair, blue eyes, above-average tit size and perfect shape, and an ass that was never in the way. It was perfect, and so was she. I just never talked to her much. "Long time, Mary. How's it?" "Hey Rick! How long has it been?" "Sophomore year, the basketball game. How's school?" "Good, good. College process is killing me." "Football's stressful because of college.

It used to be for pleasure, but, you know, my dad's convinced I can play Saturdays." "Any offers yet?" "Well, a couple of schools that really don't float my boat." "Aww, well, what are you gonna do… I guess spirit weeks going well for you, huh?" "Well, yeah.

Socially, it's great. Time wise, I'm hard pressed." "Big shit, huh? How's your weekend looking?" "Football, then football, and some sleep, then school.

Wednesday, party. Thursday, recovery. Friday, free. You going to the party?" "Are you inviting me?" "Am I?" "I would say so.

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Mike's, right?" "Nope. I can get you a ride, though." "Alright. Here's my number… and call me when you're coming." "Okay." We enthusiastically did our work, and finished early so we could leave early. I had a chem john cena sexy story sex stories download now, and hoped we could be a little more than that.

Maybe it could advance to something awesome. I skyped Mike, telling him I got a date for the party. "Dude, you remember Mary from Sophomore year? Chem partner for the lab cycle." "Really? Hotter now?" "Much. My dick nearly exploded three times." "Bring her, we can get her drunk easy. My boy stole two things of those metal beer pints from his job, so we have so much beer for the party.

You got any bud?" "I got some yesterday from girls, they wanna smoke sometime." "Dude, so jealous. Hook up with any others?" "Just the two at lunch, and nearly got head. Definitely need to get laid before college." "I'll try to help you out.

You owe me." "Deal." I called Mary, telling her I was on my way. I pulled on my school sweatshirt, grabbed my keys, and drove out. I approached her place ten minutes later. "Hey!" I heard out my window. I glanced toward her.

She wore a school shirt, sweats, and looked hot as shit in what she wore. I was horny the second I laid eyes on her. Her body looked awesome as she walked up, she had perfect tits, and I wanted to see them personally. " 'ts up?" I spat out. "Is this okay?" She asked. "Are you kidding? You look great! You bringing a dress?" "Wh—What?" "Haha, let's go." She hopped in the passenger seat, and clicked her seatbelt.

I couldn't help stare at her. "Rick. Rick. Ri—" "Oh, s—sup." "Eyes up, man. What were you doing?" "Nothing, nothing." "Okaayyyy. Where are we going?" "Mike's cousin's place." "Shit.

Shit. Don't." "Why?" "He's on 3rd, right?" "Yeah, how'd you know that?" "We can't go there. Trust me." "What's wrong?" "Don't. Anywhere but there." "Okay, yeah. Whaddya wanna do?" "Movie. Anything." "Movies it is." I was skeptical of her intuitive behavior, and drove to the mall. It felt kind of awkward. She was quiet on the drive there, and finally spoke up. "Police are there already, waiting to strike." "How the fuck do you know that?" I asked.

"My dad is the party guy in the force." I felt the blood drain from my face, and looked at her at a stoplight. "I don't believe it. You saved my reputation. You saved college for me." "Lucky draw, huh?" "Lucky." We stared at each other, and she smiled.

Cars blared their horns for ten or so seconds as we stared, green light showing. I drove in, shocked by my luck. The fine ass girl I was paired with in chem saved The U for me, potentially. My dad definitely wasn't gonna let me go to South Beach if he thought I was gonna exhausted employee fulfills his dream of banging dark beauty. We walked into a quarter filled, huge screening theater twenty minutes later.

We got two seats well separated from all the other pairs and groups, chosen by her. I smiled as I looked at her, sitting down. We watched the movie, together, in a clich?date way. It slowly advanced from scooching closer together, to the hand holding, to the move.

Yeah, the move. I nearly cried from how corny the sudden date was playing out. I looked from our high up seats, seeing if we were safe for action. She didn't, and went for the kill, starting right as I was looking back at her to talk. She was a slow kisser, and I tried my best to make our lips make less and less noise so the people several rows by couldn't hear our smacking faces.

"Missing the party?" She spared out, in between kisses. "Not at all." I said. It went like this for at least ten more minutes, and my tongue was tired, so I was the first to stop. She looked at me, surprised. "What's wrong?" "You win." "Hahaha." She was unsettled as I laid back in my seat, eyes fixed on the screen. Her hand was acting funny, twitching in mine, until it dropped onto my thigh.

My heart skipped a beat as her hand collided with my leg. It inched every scene turn in the film. "Smooth." I whispered. "Was I too obvious?" "Kinda. Sorta focused on holding your hand. I'm having the best time, fuck Mike." "Aww," she said, very stereotypically.

"Wait." I said. I slightly sat up, staying aware of our company in the theater, pulling down my shorts inch by inch, slowly. I got far enough down, letting my dick free from it hold of the waistband. "Wanna be less obvious?" She asked.

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I smirked, and shortly after, her cold hand found her way through the slit in my boxers, touching me. I convulsed violently, and let out a slight moan, pulling her closer to me for warmth.

She slowly beat me off, and I shivered hard after every couple of strokes. "Ohh my god." I said. I looked at her, and saw her poor attempt at trying to watch the movie while masturbating me. "Too obvious." I said, in between gasps. She giggled, and went faster. I lovely amazing hottie is a cock pleaser smalltits hardcore to adjust my sitting often, telling her to stop a couple of times minutes after.

After she stopped a third time, my balls finally calmed down. Finally, the pressure was off. Or so I thought.

I never expected her next move. She looked around, looking at our closest company, and decided finally to move her head towards my waist. Time seemed to slow down the closer she inched towards me. I nearly started to tear. She licked the tip of my cock, and I breathed extremely heavily, quickly. "You—ugghh—keep going." She breathed hard, in a sort of laughing way. That felt great, too. She took the whole head in, and moved her way down over a couple of minutes.

The slick motion of her mouth was the greatest thing I had ever felt. "Stop. Stop stop stop." I saw a flashlight flash at the end of the entrance tunnel, assuming it was an usher or whatever.

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Mary's head shot up, and I slyly slid up my pants, flipping my dick up between my waistband and my chest. I grabbed her hand and squeezed, meaning a sort of thanking. "Let's get out of here." She said. "I love you." I replied. After I said that, she squeezed my hand back. As the usher walked away, we made our exit. We ran out into the parking lot, laughing as we got into our car. "Well." I sighed.

"How bad was I?" "Torturous." I turned the keys, and drove. "Where do we go now?" I asked. "Rockland." I shrugged, and drove. "Okay." Rockland was a kind of park. It had a playground, basketball court, and a five mile trail, with a cartpath walkway and a separate woodland trail. I parked, and before I got out, I said, "Wait." "What?" I got out, shut my door, walked around the front, and opened the door for her. "Hahahaha, why thank you sir." "Yes, ma'am." I shut the door behind her, and made our way to the park.

We had about an hour so left of light left, so I wasn't sure what we would do. "So, what's the deal?" "I wanna go for a walk." She said. "Umm, okay." We headed out on the trail through the forest, and fifteen minutes in, she led me off, behind a tree. She started making out with me again, groping at my crotch with one hand as I grabbed her ass.

"Mmm." I groaned. She giggled, and pulled my shorts lower. She moved my dick through the slit again, and played with me. I kissed her again, squeezing her ass harder. She lowered her sweats, pulled me off the tree, and put herself against it. I made my turn, pulled down her panties slightly, and rubbed my dick along her slit.

She grabbed me, leading me towards fucking her in the ass with strapon hole, and when she pulled a little, I pushed. I made it with ease, and was in pure joy. I couldn't believe I was fucking this beautiful girl doggy against a tree in Rockland park.

Mike would be proud. "Shit, you're so tight." I blurted. I focused on her ass. I never realized how awesome it was, and straightened out her back so it was pure doggy.

We took turns doing the job, but we both enjoyed it more when she did the work. She moaned like crazy when she did the work, and I had never felt anything like a vagina going down on me watching an ass like hers.

This was almost a dream come true; although I wasn't sure the park was the ideal place. She did it herself for what felt like forever, until she came first. When she did, the rush of fluids brought me close. "Shit, I'm gonna-" "Just do—ugh—it!" We moaned harder and harder until I came, an explosion of ecstasy, a climax of joy.

I wished we could've kept going, but I just couldn't handle another round. I came so hard, I was wiped out. "Are you on the pill?" "Maybe." I laughed, and we ran back to the car together.

Well, I jogged, because I didn't want to get too far ahead, and run along side her. I started the car, and started to drive again.

"What now?" "No clue. What's there to do?" "Hold on, lemme call my mom." She said. "Yeah, Mom? It's Mary. Is dad back home yet? Where is he? Oh, police stuff. No, I'm at Starbucks. What time are you getting back? Okay, see you next week then." When she said next week, my heart jumped. "My place. Mom's in St. Louis. Dad's gonna crash it late, but neither of my parents know that I know." "How long do we got?" "Till two-ish." "Sounds awesome." After a while of driving, we pulled up to her place.

I was nervous, but I knew I was in heaven. We walked in, wary of any neighbors or anyone that may see us. She brought me downstairs, and brought her macbook down with her. I took a sip of her water bottle, and she smirked. This basement was incredible. They had retractable, motorized screen you could bring down to cover the windows. The sofas had seats that were divided by a huge armrest in between, which the one next to the two of us had the remotes in them.

I turned on MTV after fumbling through their FIOS guide, and she asked me, "Facebook?" "Sure." I put the computer on my lap, and she curled up next to me, huddling into me.

I checked my basic notifications, see if anyone wrote on my wall, and saw nothing. I went to my relationships, my a few guys my siblings on my list, and in relationship status, put in "in a relationship," with no one there.

I closed out the window, and handed her the computer. She got on, and I went to the bathroom. I peed forever, and came back to see her, with her biting her lip, on facebook. She looked up at me, and said, "You didn't log out." "Don't you dare." "I'm not pranking you status. Promise, just something us." "What?" She logged out of mine, and went on hers.

"Better not be bad." "I said I promise. If I do something bad—" "What? What'll you do?" "Never mind." She logged out of hers after checking her stuff, and closed the computer. "Can I use it again?" She had a weird look on her face, almost hiding something. I signed in, and saw I had ten likes on my new status. I looked on my profile, and it said I was now in a relationship with Mary. Ten girls best of whooty amnezia ass london andrews amp more liked this, none of whom I had recognized.

I looked up with Mary hesitantly looking at me, and I smiled. I logged out, closed the computer and put it on the floor. I laughed, saying, "Good prank." She looked at me worriedly, "What, you don't like it?" "Oh, you meant it seriously?" I asked back.

"Uh, yeah, actually." "Sweet." I lay back down on the seat, and she jumped on me, basically. She made out with me furiously, until I lay fully across the sofa with her on top of me, with us going at it.

"Wait, wait." She said. She grabbed the remote, hit a button, and all the movie window screens came down, covering all the windows which could've gotten us in trouble. When it got down, we made eye contact, vinna reed and andy west in bisex orgy in a very stereotypical way, made out again.

"God, I love you." I said, and she stopped. "What?" "Umm—" She took off her shirt, grabbed for mine, and we both took mine off. "How nice of you." She sarcastically said. "I try." I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks with one hand, simultaneously kissing her. She pulled hers off, and threw my pants on the ground. As she pulled off her socks, I led her on her back, pulled her sweats off, slid down her panties, and started to eat her out. I lapped at her pussy, sticking my tongue in randomly.

She squealed and giggled loudly, and she cross dresser pimped out by wife pushing my head at her crotch. She got wetter and wetter, and I did my best to go faster and harder, and kind of kissed it at a couple of times.

She unhooked her bra as I finished up, and saw her marvelous tits. They were perfect. Her nipples were perfect, and her tits weren't too much, but that perfect amount.

I slid off my boxers, and got on the sofa again. "Never knew how good you were." She said. "I try." I said again. She giggled, and lay back on me again, although this time, she was nude. We made out until we were comfortable, until she sat up a bit, put one of her hands on my chest, and lowered herself onto my cock. She got on easily, and started to move her hips.

She laid back down on me, grinding her crotch on mine. I grabbed her ass, moved her until we were comofortable, and she bounced up and down.

"Oh shit. You feel incredible." "Your dick feels great like—fuuuck—this! SHIT!" She increased the pace until I couldn't bear it anymore. I was going to blow the biggest load ever. I watched her exhilarating oral sex session blowjob and amateur on me, my view obstructed by her body on me, but looking sexy lesbo girls homemade strap on action cunnilingus and pornstars her butt jiggle was awesome enough.

I started to make out with her again, and blew my load ten seconds after. "Jesus, how much did you come?" "No clue. I guess you found my g-spot, hehe." I said. We lay there, kissing until she got up to go get cleaned up. I grabbed a few tissues to wipe off the fluids, and sat back up to get the rest. She came back in with a new water bottle and a towel. "Facebook rules." I said. "Haha, yeah I guess so. What time is it?" "Nine thirty.

Lets order something. How much money do you got?" "Ten. You?" "Yeah, like ten. Pizza?" "Deal. Get some clothes on already." She said, nearly dressed while I sat there. I pulled on my boxers and pants, got up and planted a huge kiss on her, then went to go take a shower. She picked up the phone as I walked into the bathroom, just down the hall from the tv room. I approached a huge shower, one with a glass door, black tiling and finish, stretching the whole opposite wall.

It had luxurious soaps and shampoos in the nook of the shower, and the room even smelled heavenly. I twisted the lever onto hot, and flipped on the fan. I walked out as she hung up the phone, and asked, "Shower?" "I'm gonna grab some clothes. Don't wait." "All right." I threw off the few clothes I had on, and tested the water.

Perfect. I walked in, and put my face in the stream on the side I walked in on. The other one hit the top of my back, and felt amazing. They lived a damn good life. Hopefully I could get through the U, and go to the NFL, and live a life like this, with or without Mary. I didn't really want this to end, we'd been going out technically for two or so hours. I got some Irish Spring, and rubbed some around, not too much, didn't want to be greedy. After I started to wash it off, Mary walked in. She had nothing on, with her fresh clothes at her feet.

I stood frozen, and first time brazzers porn star anal porn movie her in, being as awkward as I possibly could, trying to humor her.

She walked in the shower, and greeted me with a peck on the lips. "You look ripped as hell naked in the shower." She said. "Whey protein is my best friend." I said. "Why are you being so awkward?" She asked. "I don't know. It's been official for like two hours and I'm fucking the girl of my dreams in the shower." "Aawwh, Really? I didn't know we were having sex right now." I laughed, and started to kiss her again.

My hands reached around her ass, fingering her pussy, and she pulled my hair often as I did. She made the next move pulling us against the back of the shower wall, putting one of her legs around me as we kissed harder. I think I tasted blood from how fierce it was. My dick throbbed for any release, and she sat on the back support, grabbing me with two hands, and slowly to blow me.

She looked deeper into my eyes the deeper she went down, and I then knew this was most certainly the life I wanted. This blowjob would motivate me to make the NFL, as funny as it sounds. "Shiiiiiiiiit. Oh my fucking god, I love you." She made a rhythm, repeatedly going up and down. She grabbed the end of the shaft with one hand, and in between ups, she massaged it. Mary was the best girlfriend ever. She got up, and pulled me around, pushing me against the wall. I shrugged down, pushing out my waist, so she could fuck me easier.

Mary backed her pussy onto my crotch, and I lined up my dick into her. She pushed back, and got on, sighing. "Fuuuck." She banged her ass against me, holding herself with one hand on the wall, the other around the back of my neck, in a very romantic pose.

I had my hands on her hips, and pulled as she did the work. I watched her the hottest babe caught on webcam continue on mycyka com body welcome my dick, and I couldn't believe how lucky I was.

I loved her so much, hopefully she was gonna be serious about this. I would never fuck another girl if we stayed steady. "I'm comin—OHHH!" I blew a modest load in her, and she cooed.

She turned with me still in her, and kissed me.