Fun with stepsister in the kitchen stepbrother spreading

Fun with stepsister in the kitchen stepbrother spreading
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Sighing I stand up from my desk, it was the new school year. I had been stumbling from class to class. It was finally the end of the day, and I had one more class. Then I could go home. My last class was with a new ball gagged busty ebony raw anal pounding, who happened to be an English teacher and my older brother. I walk in and he is leaned against his desk. Nobody else is in the room, his head is down looking at a book.

He has copper hair, olive skin, icy blue eyes, and he is 6' 2". I walk over to the desk in front of him. Sitting I say nothing, without looking up he says "you must be Raven." Looking at him I raise an eyebrow. Still not looking at me he says "the principal told me about you, sis." He puts the book down and looks at me, "are you always early? Or just to my class?" He ask smirking. Rolling my eyes at him I know what he is talking about. The fact that him and I have been fucking since I was 12 and he was 19.

Now Im 16 and he is 23 and teaching English.

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Blushing I look down and say "well not always sir, but I try to be." I look back up and at the book he had been reading. "To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harp Lee. That is a great book, I love it, that and many newer books." He raises an eyebrow and looks at me.

A few other students walk in and go to the back.

Laughing one of them says "look who it is, miss suck the fuck up, prissy bitch." Standing I turn and look at them, I give them a soft smile. "With that grammar Im not sure if what you just said even bothers me." Sitting back down I look at the teacher who has written his name on the board in big letters.

MR. Greyson, as the last bell rings and all the desk are filled he looks around. "Okay class my name is, Mr. Greyson. I am the new English teacher for freshmen. Because this is the first week I will be handing out something a little bit different." Mr Greyson, says looking at us all.

He then gives me a stack of books. "The book Raven is handing out is one of my favourites." I stand and start to pass out the books. Reaching the back Jean, the girl who was being rude earlier trips me. Falling my skirt flips up showing my lacy panties. I quickly stand and fix my skirt, I look up and see everyone is gawking at me.

Blushing I look at my brother, who is looking at me with his arms crossed. "Raven, what is going on? Do you think this is some kind of a joke?" I look at him and frown, shaking my head I walk back to my seat and sit. Class goes on without incident, and Luscious bitch cannot get sufficiently of sex smalltits and homemade wait for my brother after school.

Getting into his mustang I say nothing. "Sis? I know it wasn't you but, I dont want people to catch on." Looking down I say nothing, until I feel his hand slide between my legs. Pushing up my skirt slowly he says "sis did you remove them like I said to?" I look up to him and say, "yes Patrick." "Good girl, now you know the rules, get the vibrator out of the glove box and use it on yourself. I want you nice and wet by the time we make it out of town and home." I grab the vibrator turning it on and start to use it.

Slowly pushing it in and pulling it out. While my brothers fingers rub my clit and he drives with one hand. Our house is a little out of town, we only have to drive through the forest.

Take the path his truck can drive on for 20 minutes then pull up to the big cabin. I was already dripping wet by the time we pull up. He has me pull out the vibrator and clean it off with a disinfectant wipe. Placing it back into the glove box he helps me out of the truck. Before we get to the door he asks. "You still have that butt plug in, the one I put in you this morning right?" Blushing I look down, "yes Sir, I do" I say as I walk into the house.

"I kept it in all day like you said, unless I had to remove it, which I didn't" Smiling he kisses me gently, "off to your room to do your homework, or do it out here at the table." I look at him and smile gently, I wanted to play but he was right. Homework came first before sex, unless I stripped down to nothing. I knew he wouldn't be doing anything, maybe making dinner but it was a little early.

Wrapping my arms around his neck I kiss him. Roughly, biting his bottom plump lip. Tugging lightly, I let go and say "can we play first?" Pouting I look at him waiting for his answer.

He move back and nods, "but you have to do a strip dance and take your clothes off slowly." He picks up a remote that sits on the coffee table. Presses the power button and the music starts to play. I put a spell on you by Annie Lennox. Looking at him I slowly move my hips. Swaying back and forth, while I reach up and unclip my strapless bra. Pull it out from under my shirt I hold it up. Walking in caiu na net esposa nojentinha para dar o cu small circle I throw it to the couch smiling.

I place my foot up on the table, slowly I slide my hand down my side. Pull down my zipper, then run my hand teasingly up my leg.

Showing a little bit of my skin. I place my other foot on the table and repeat the process. Im now only in a shirt, thin socks, and my skirt. Reaching back I slowly start to pull the zipper down. I turn around so you can see. Turning back around I let ago, I let the skirt slip down. My shirt only covering up to half of my stomach. I pull it up and over my head.

I walk over, slowly kneeling and undo his pants. Pulling his cock out, I slide my mouth over it. Like I have for so many years. Slowly moving back and forth, taking inch by inch. Pressing my lips against his 9 inch cock. Licking all the way down and all the way back up.

Scraping my teeth against his cock lightly. Adding pressure as he moans lightly. I pick up pace slightly as I moan. Turning my head slightly to the side. Taking him deeper in my soft moist mouth. Listening to his moans and groans as I keep a steady pace. He strokes my hair back, "shit Rae Im close" he moans, using my nickname.

I use more pressure and flick my tongue once more. He shoots hot thick ropes of cum into my mouth.

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Smiling he looks down at me as I slowly stand. "Sis, you sure do know how to please a man." He say as he pulls his pants back up into place. Looking at me he strokes my cheek and sighs " I wish we could do more but I have to do stuff for school." I cross my arms and look up at him. He always had me put off school work to play before. Now suddenly he wants to work and put off playing. What did I alexies breeze and johnny castle Did I push him away today at school?

I couldn't have I didn't do anything wrong did I? Sighing I go to leave and he grabs my hips and pulls me back. His pants and boxers are gone again. His hard on is pressed against my inner thigh. Breathing harshly he says "I didn't excuse you, Miss. Greyson, now did I?" Blushing I giggle "no, Mr. Greyson you didn't Im sorry," I say. His hand travels south, slowly using is thumb he circles my clit.

Pushing his index finger slowly into me, he smirks against my neck and says "I should take you up to the office, and fuck you on my desk Miss Greyson." Smiling I press against him and moan lightly. "Is that what you want? Do you want me to fuck this sweet ass" he whispers in my ear as his hand cups my ass.

He moves it then smacks it. I can feel it vibrate deep inside my bones. Bringing up the blood to the surface. Not cutting me of course, just making the skin tingle. Moaning I wrap my arm back as if I were to do the Tango with him. He nips at my ear and says "answer me Miss Greyson, do you want to be punished?" Breathing harshly as he picks up pace, I moan. "Ye.yes" I say as he turns me around.

Picking me up he carries me up to his office. Setting me down on the desk he looks me in the eyes and says. "Yes Rae, you do. And because you agree Im going to use this ruler and spank you 12 times.

You will count and I will fuck you afterwards." I look down at my feet and wonder if he really means it. Lifting my chin he ask "do you remember the safe words I gave you? " Nodding I whisper "yellow and red" smiling he moves back, letting me get down. Leaning over the desk with my chest against the flat surface of the desk.

He gives no warning, the rule smacks me hard close to the bottom of lesbian fingering compilation and hot blonde striptease hot ballet girl orgy left cheek. Wincing I say "one" he smacks the rule against me again. Never in the same place twice. Moaning I finally reach "twelve", his breathing is harsh and I know he is admiring his work.

My ass was sore I wouldn't be able to sit for a while at this point. The spanking was all I joke, or was it? Maybe he was upset about the whole class seeing the panties he bought me. I wasn't sure, but whatever the case I took the punishment. After a moment I feel him press against my sore ass.

Shifting my hips so that he is angled right, and can enter me.