Busty holly halston pussy licked sucking doggy big dick and blowjob

Busty holly halston pussy licked sucking doggy big dick and blowjob
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It all began with with a camping trip when I was nine, I had seen my dad's dick and ever since I had been wanting more than anything else. When I was fifteen, I decided to make my move by calling him into my room to "help me study" and I grabbed his leg, we ended up have wonderful sex on my bed, in the shower, on the bathroom floor, then again on the couch, and this is where I will pick up from.

"Oh Daddy, you are so amazing at this. I only want you and your cock." I said looking into my father's eyes while riding his meaty eight inch cock. I started going faster as he panted out, "Oh God baby, keep doing that, come down here and kiss your naughty daddy!" We kissed passionately and we slammed harder into each other, his balls hitting my ass with a slap as we came at almost the same time.

We stayed like that for what seemed like years, seeping in the orgasms we both just had and covered with our own sweat and each others. Finally, we both got up as my father said "Now baby, in front of friends and family we have to act like normal, it's only when we are absolutely alone when we can fuck like rabbits." he grinned and slapped my ass as I walked up the stairs to my room.

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I stopped, "We won't just fuck right? We'll make love and go out together right?" I pleaded. "Of course!

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I'm not just going to use you baby, I will treat you like a queen." He got up and kissed me softly, making me want so much more. Then we pulled away and went to bed.

The next day I had school, all day I kept thinking of my father's dick and instantly I would become wet and needed his dick. So at lunch, I went to go find Jordan, the biggest dicked guy I knew. He almost had my father beat in thickness, but he surely beat him in a little length. I pulled him into the girls bathroom where I quickly acted by whispering into his ear "Oh Jordan, I've been wanting you for so long, please baby, you have to fuck me." He quickly said yes as we slipped tied up slaves suffers lezdom at orgy the biggest stall and stripped down, hanging the clothes on the hanger to make sure no one saw them in the gap.

I then sat on one of the railings and pulled my legs up and around his waist, pulling him close. "Now Jordan, I want your dick now." He put it in slowly and then when I moaned he pushed it in faster, and faster until he was going as fast as he could. I was soon moaning and groaning as my pussy formed around his meat like cock, making him groan and match my speed against him.

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Soon, he and I were reaching our cumming points, I whispered "Oh Jordan, I'm cumming!" as he said "I'm cumming, hold on!!" We came onto each other and stayed tangled up together for a minute, then got quickly dressed and left the bathroom but before we did, I kissed him and told him to meet up with me again here tomorrow.

He nodded yes, smiled, and snuck gloryhole blowjob from a gloryhole girl tube porn of the girls bathroom. "Oh daddy! I'm home! Where are you?" i called out to my dad as I came through the door from school. "I want to tell you something that happened in school today! It was alot of fun!" i smiled and sat down on the couch. "Alright baby, I'll be out in a minute, I'm just wrapping up a bottle of wine for your aunt's birthday next week." After a minute he came out and sat on the couch next to me, putting his arm around me as I told him about the sex I had in the bathroom.

I looked down and saw my daddy"s cock getting hard as I told my story.

So I whipped it out of his pants, got on my knees and started sucking that glorious cock. I grabbed his balls with one hand while rubbing his cock with the other as I sucked his head.

I kept going up and down on his dick and soon he was ready to cum. i changed positions, pulling off my shirt and bra and i put his cock between my tits. He yelled that he was cumming and came all over my tits. He then grabbed my hand, and pulled me into his bedroom and put me softly on his queen sized bed.

HE pulled off his remaining clothes, pulled off my clothes and started kissing me, starting at my forehead and going down to my mouth. "Now we'll do something different babe. We'll make love together." I couldnt stop smiling as he kissed me softly and calmly.

He then slowly started to put his dick into me, and i spread my legs for the interaction. He slowly started thrusting into me as I thrusted back gently back on him, soon we were bribing the principal with their young pussies the same rythym and started to pick up speed.

He thrusted into me as I thrusted back and i was quickly yelling out "Oh geez Daddy!! Oh my!! OH, I'm Cumming!!" as he replied "I am too baby!! I am too!" After a minute, we finally came at the same time, screaming out with the passion and desire we both had building up from that moment.

We collasped into each other's arms in a slump and after cathcing our breath i said "I'm hungry now." my dad laughed as he pulled us up off the bed and into the kitchen, pushing me ahead and slapping my ass to hurry me along, I laughed and ran off, getting things out of the fridge to make some sandwiches and i put them on the counter as my dad got them and started putting them together.

He stood in front of the counter where the window was and started cutting up the food. i got up behind him and started kissing his arm and shoulder when he suddenly turned around, grabbed me, pushed me against the counter, and started nibbling on my neck while i was laughing at his growing cock.

All of a sudden, we heard a knock on the window and I turned around, showing my and my father's naked bodies, we saw who it was and i knew him with the first glance. Jordan had stopped by to see me and have more sex, but what he saw would get my father put in jail, and me in foster care.

Jordan now knew a dirty secret and could do anything he wanted with the information!