Handsome renato drives himself deep into crystal wet pussy pornstars and hardcore

Handsome renato drives himself deep into crystal wet pussy pornstars and hardcore
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Odd Alice ME You can find me frequenting a club called Bedaism (pronounce it how you want, no one is quite sure how you say it anyway), a large BDSM sex club in the city that takes up an entire thirteen-storey building. They have just about everything you could want in that kind of club, and I gotta tell you I haven't even seen it all.

I've tried so much there and learned so much about myself. What I discovered that I liked most was being the dominating one, treating others like sex objects, forcing others to do my will.

On the first floor they have a store where you can by an incredible selection of sexy things. That was where I got my favorite suit. It's a full leather tight-fitting suit complete with a mask that makes me both anonymous and powerful-looking.

My entire body is encased in leather, except for my eyes so I can see, nostril holes so I can breathe, and a gap in my crotch so my cock and balls are displayed. The suit has zippers all over it, some to help put the costume on and take it off, but a lot of them go to pockets, but I rarely use them. While I'm in that costume, I find I look more dominating if I don't horny girls have fun with a friend anything else. Condoms and lube would suggest I care about the person I fuck, and even having something like a whip suggests I cannot dominate on my own.

I'm a tall guy in the first place, over six feet, so I look pretty dominating as it is. The only other zipper on the costume is for my mouth, though I rarely open it. While my body is impressive, my voice is not that commanding, so it would ruin the illusion if I were to speak. I think I also look threatening because of my cock and balls. To begin with, I have a solid nine-incher, near two inches thick (don't tell anyone, but I got some help to make it all that big), which looks scary enough to some as it is.

My dick is also fairly veiny which gives it a muscular impression. Also, I'm uncut, and I think having a circumcised cock makes you look weaker. But it's really what I've done to it that makes it a lot more dominating.

Firstly, whenever I go to Bedaism, I keep my erection the whole time I'm there. I drink a boner-inducing cocktail before I go the club (but that's my little secret, and I should really patent it). Just one cup of my home brewed drink keeps my dick monstrously firm for eight hours, so I can spend the whole night at the club, cream all I want, and still look threatening even when I'm dead tired.

When it comes to my balls, they're pretty damn big too (that part's natural, and I'm proud of that fact), and that homemade drink of mine gets my balls going and produces lots of cum, so my balls are always real firm and huge, and when I cum it's always a full blast of the white stuff, even if I just came a few minutes before. But I think it's the piercing that really shows I'm a tough guy. See, I have a piercing that goes right through the middle of my nut sack.

When I got it, it hurt like a son of bitch (don't tell anybody that, either), but it sends a message to all that "you can't hurt me." Some days it's just a big ring like a bull's nose ring, and some days I make it so it looks like spikes are popping out of my balls to drop dead gorgeous brunette big ass rough couch penetration "I'm really gonna hurt you." I also shave my pubes, and I learned to for a few reasons.

At the clubs, while people like to be dominated, and think that the dirtier a guy is the better, in reality if you're not that hygienic it's a turn off, and some people might think you're so unclean you might have an STD or two. Also, I once had a girl who liked hairy partners, just so she could rip their hair out and make them bleed. I decided to shave from then on, but that's another weakness I pretend I don't have. Lastly I shave because I don't want anyone to miss my nut-piercing to know what a badass I am.

All this completes my Bedaism persona, and on the eighth floor where I most often roam (the eighth floor is dedicated to those who want to have "forced" sex), I've given plenty of partners the time of their lives. THE GIRL If you can think of the opposite of me mother seduces teen i had no control every way, it would be this girl.

She was a petite (or even tiny is a better word, since I don't even think she was over five foot even) girl with the cutest face and wavy blonde hair the reached half-way down her back.

She had a good rack on her, a small C-cup at a glance, but when I first saw her I couldn't tell what kind of curves she had, mainly because she was wearing that blue dress from "Alice in Wonderland". She was even wearing the little shoes and white stockings. That dress, her small size, and baby-cute face made her look not a day over thirteen, except for her tits, which ruined the illusion. Well, and the fact that she was in an 18+ only sex club, of course.

I saw her sitting on a bench in the back of the bar area just staring off into space. She had her arms crossed, and was hunched over as if to try to hide both her tits and her crotch, like she was ashamed, or maybe she didn't want to be here.

No one was talking to her or looking at her, and I think the biggest turn off to most of the guys that saw her was that she was crying. She wasn't crying a lot, only a very little bit like she was trying to control her tears, but her face had that look as if she'd been crying for awhile.

Now, I ought to remind you that I was on the floor where people acted out their fantasies of rape and forced sex, but of course, if you're there in the first place it can hardly be called rape, can it? But guys and girls play their parts, being as violent as they want (short of torture, that's another floor), so when I looked at this crying Alice, I knew I had to take her and force myself upon her.

I marched up to her, my nine-inch hard-on leading the way. When Hot amateur busty gf sucking and fucking on home video stopped, she looked up at me, studying me top to bottom, and pausing a long time at my cock. Her eyes grew, almost to a look of fear as she stared at it, taking in the size and the spiky piercing on my balls. Those were beautiful baby-blue eyes that matched her dress. She looked back up at me, but even though my dick was right in front of her face, she kept her mouth closed tight.

I offered a leather hand to her, but she just shook her head. Typically, even though we act like masters and subs on the eighth floor, when choosing a stranger to fuck, you can't just grab a girl and violate her. There still has to be some kind of agreement, which unfortunately does take away from the whole atmosphere. The girl had not given her consent to me, but she was such a perfect catch, I did not want to let her go that easy. I grabbed her upper arm and squeezed it hard enough to hurt, and pulled her up from her seat.

She got up willingly enough, and I detected that she was barely hiding her smile. That was all she wanted: just someone who wouldn't take no for an answer. It was her little game to see who was willing to dominate her completely, and even though she had said no to me, she went with me as I pulled her along by the arm to one of the private rooms. Her act was near perfect, however; if I hadn't detected that trace of a smile I might never have known she was acting. Her tears were real enough, and they seemed more ready to come out now that she was moving.

She pulled back against my grip, but she did not say a word. THE SEX We found an empty room, and I pushed her inside. I closed the door and locked it to prevent anyone else from coming in. There were no beds in this room, just a cold metal table with hand and foot holds, to keep the sub in place.

There were also shackles dangling from the ceiling both above the table and above empty floor space, just in case a master wanted a sub to be suspended in the air. The room was lit by dozens of candles and very dim lights that were buried in the floor, to give the room a glow rather than a source of light.

I pointed to the table, which she reluctantly jumped up on and sat there, sniffling and trying to keep her tears in. She was acting the part so well, forgetting only to quiver her lip.

I almost wanted to tell her she didn't have to do this if she didn't voluptuous beauteous girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob to. But if I had said that, I'd show myself to not be a complete master, and she would quickly leave. I kind of wanted to see her naked, but at the same time I could help but wanting to fuck her in her Alice dress.

It would only complete the illusion of a totally innocent girl, rather than making her seem like a slut by stripping, even if she did it reluctantly and with embarrassment and shame.

Instead of stripping her, I grabbed her wrists and made her get on her knees on the table.

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I cheating wife fucks daughters man and gets threesome se the shackles on the ceiling until they hit the table, then put them on my little Alice. She would have free range of movement that way, allowing her get on her hands if she wanted or grab the chains and pull herself up if she wanted. But I would not let nearly as much freedom with her feet, and I shackled them with the table restraints.

They made her stay on her knees, unable to turn around if she wanted. The most she would be able to do would be to turn at the hips if she wanted to see what I was doing to her.

I lifted up her dress to reveal that her stockings were not separate garments, but were pantyhose that went up to her hips. Underneath her pantyhose, I could see she was wearing white panties with blue polka dots that matched her dress. She had thought of everything to make herself seem more innocent.

I grabbed her pantyhose first, and pulled them down to her knees. I heard them rip, and she did, too, because she choked back a sob right after the tearing noise. I then grabbed her panties and pulled them down, too, but I ripped those on purpose, right off her body. She yelped again, so I walked up to the front of her and dropped the ripped panties at her hands.

She could use her panties to blow her nose or wipe her tears away if she needed. She did not pick them up, but I did not small titted blonde finally gets her first bbc for her to do so. I went back around the table to see her exposed ass and pussy.

She was shaved perfectly for me, and her pussy and ass both looked clean and completely unused. Her cunt was the cutest little slit I'd ever seen, and I was starting to believe the fantasy that she was underage, 18+ club be damned. She was so petite, I knew my dick would be a tight fit in her twat, sexy lezzies fill up their monster butts with whipped cream and squirt it out now it looked like I might even hurt her with it.

But that was okay; if it hurt her, it only showed her that I was undeniably the master. I grabbed her hips and brought her ass closer to my cock, so that the head of my dick pushed fellow assists with hymen examination and shagging of virgin kitten pussy lips open. I wanted to shove it in her deep and hard, but she was barely wet, and as the head on my dick entered her pussy, it felt something else, blocking my entrance.

I quickly took my dick away and spread her pussy lips with my fingers, and got a closer look. She had a cherry! I could not believe it. She was a god damned virgin. What could she be doing in a sex club, and on the forced sex floor of all things?

My luck was too good to be true, and I wasn't going to waste it. I stuck the head of my dick back in her pussy and up against her hymen. I pushed hard and pulled her onto my dick. Her hymen wouldn't give, but I just continued to brute-force my way through.

I heard her voice, but muffled, so I looked up and saw that she had grabbed her panties after all, and had stuff them in her own mouth. She was biting something to keep herself from biting her own tongue, or screaming too loudly. At last, I felt her hymen give, then tear. The head of my cock pushed in past her hymen, then had to open up her pussy, which was so tight it was even hurting me.

I could hear her screaming and wailing and crying and coughing, even through her panties, sobbing like she was being tortured. I pushed my dick in deeper, pulling her hips against me.

She grabbed the chains above her and pulled her self up, almost to escape from my cock. I pushed my dick deeper in, filling her, listening to her wails and screams of pain as her pussy was broken and filled for the first time. I buried my nine inches deep, and finally my balls touched her skin. I dick was fully inside her, and her tight pussy walls gripped my dick, choking it. I then put my hands on her ass cheeks and pushed her away from my dick, taking it out much faster than it went in.

My dick had drops of blood on it, and her cunt was dripping red. I really had pierced her; I really had just deflowered her, put the first dick in her. So I put it in again. I shoved my cock as deep as last time, and she might have screamed nearly as loudly.

I began to fuck her in earnest, pumping my cock in her, sliding it in and out, trying to force it in as hard as possible; there would be no gentle sex for her. Her wailing and crying did not end, and it sounded amazing to me. I could not tell if she was acting at all; her screams sounded like true pain, like I was really hurting her. I could not tell if she was getting wetter or not, because her cherry blood hid any other wetness she might have from me.

But that was okay; the less wet she was, the more it was all about me, and the more innocent she became. When she dared to turn her neck and look at me was when I changed my attack. When I noticed she was trying to see what was going on, I pushed her flat onto the table and crawled on top of her.

I put all my weight on her, crushing her, and shoved my dick back into her cunt. It was, if not wet, certainly more open now, looser, and slimier from the blood.

She kept trying to scream, but my weight on her kept her out of breath, constantly gasping for air. I have always had a thing for choking women, of course; it comes with the domination bit. So I loved to see my little girl gasping for air, and drove me close to cumming.

I gripped her neck with my hands and began to choke her further. Normally choking someone cuts off oxygen to the brain, creating a high. But in this instance I didn't want her to feel good; I wanted her to feel worse. So I choked her, instead, to block her windpipe and make her lungs unable to take in oxygen instead.

She was already having trouble enough; what little choking I did just blocked the last of her airflow. Her cries were cut off by my hands, and all sound by the steady, squishy slamming of my dick into her bloody pussy.

I finally shoved my dick inside and stopped fucking her, just to bring absolute silence to the room. Her face turned red, then purple. When she looked like she was about to pass out, I reached my climax, and shot a full load deep in her cunt. Each shot that came out of my dick felt better than the previous, lezzies trying dildos and great sex times pantyhose and lesbians after a few I could not maintain my strength to keep choking her.

She began to breathe shallowly again, although she was trying to take in bigger gulps of air, but the weight of my body pressing down on her made it impossible. Her arms stretched out, as if to try to crawl away, to grasp at nothingness for help.

When I finally finished cumming, I was so exhausted I wanted to fall asleep right on her. But I got up immediately instead, to show no sign of weakness. I got off her and finally allow her to breathe, which she did immediately, breathing extremely heavily and loudly, but hardly moving.

She had no strength to move at all. When my cock slipped out of her cunt, I stood back and watched as my cum oozed out of her bleeding pussy. I looked at my dick, and it, too, was covered in blood, much worse than before. There was a puddle on the table, getting close to spilling over and dripping on the floor, and the bottom of her Alice dress and panty hose were stained. Finally, weary, she tried to turn over, even with her ankles locked in place. She spit out her panties, and looked at me.

Her whole body was shaking, and it may have been from exhaustion and pain, or perhaps fear, but I knew it was something else when she said "Take me home." AFTERMATH This girl who I had broken in - in the most painful way I could, mind you - this girl who had just been violated for the first time, this girl who had screamed and cried and had hated every minute of what I did to her.

wanted me to take her home. I was not about to say no. I marched back up to her and took her wet panties. They were damp from spit and all chewed up. I took them and wiped my bloody dick off with them, then went around back on her and gave them a rough shove into her pussy to stop the leak. She cried out as I did this, but it would be necessary to keep her from bleeding all over my car.

I found the keys to her shackles and took her out of them. She climbed off the table on her own, and walked with a limp. She pulled up her torn panty hose to walk easier, but it didn't make much difference, because the real discomfort came from her freshly violated vagina. We left the room, and I flipped a sign hanging on the door so it read "Cleaning Required". It is always courtesy to have a sex room cleaned by the staff after use. This is not your average grungy club.

And I especially thought it needed cleaning after us, at least for the blood. TRIP HOME We left the club together and drove to my apartment. I considered changing into my normal clothes before leaving the club, but I decided to stay in my Bedaism persona and just keep silent and scary around my new sub. We were silent on the drive home, at first only the road noise and the last of her sniffles to break the silence, but eventually even her sniffs went away.

She stared out the window for a time, until I was horny again and knew I needed release before getting home. My dick had been hard the whole time, of course, and now my balls had refilled and were ready to burst. I took her hand and wrapped it over my dick. She took the cue and started stroking me, but continued to stare out the window with disinterest. My dick had not been cleaned of blood by just the quick swipe of her panties over it, and the blood was drying red stains into my dick.

I figured I'd shower before going to bed tonight. She jerked my dick with slow, long, steady strokes. She did not seem to care about pleasuring me, and I wasn't sure if she was faking her disinterest or not - perhaps she had done what she wanted, and she just wanted to shower and sleep now. After a few minutes, I knew that I wasn't going to cum again just from her stroking, and if I didn't cum my balls would burst.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face towards my cock forcefully. She didn't seem to want to, especially given how dirty my cock was, and I expect given its size, she didn't expect to be able to take it into her mouth. But she opened her mouth like a good little girl anyway, and managed to take the head in, not particularly giving head, not bobbing, not licking - almost resigned to the fact that her mouth was nothing more than a place to dump my cum.

I pushed her head down onto my bloody cock, and could feel her teeth scrape against my shaft. She didn't mean to, but her mouth could not open as wide as it needed to. But I pushed my cock into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat, and she began to cough over it. She tried to pull away, but Cuckolder gets bbcs cum interracial and pornstars kept a hand gripping her hair, pushing her skull down, shaking it back and forth violently, trying to get my cock wet with her spit, to get every spot on the head of my dick to touch her mouth, to squeeze it down her throat.

I could feel her spit drip out of her mouth and down the length of my shaft. This would not be a particularly good orgasm, I knew, but it had to come out nonetheless. I grabbed one of her hands and made her start squeezing my balls.

She did not have much strength, although I suspect she wanted to squeeze them so hard it hurt; instead she massaged them just perfectly to bring me to climax.

My orgasm began, and I shot cum into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag, trying to pull away. Cum shot out of her nose, I could feel her throat contract and see her body jerk as she tried to hold down her vomit. When I was done, I finally let go of her hair, and she ripped her mouth away from my cock, scraping her teeth painfully against it. She sat up and rolled down the window as quickly as possible, to get some fresh air and not throw up in the care, should it happen.

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I don't know if she threw up or not, but she made the sounds of heaving, and she spit a lot. When she brought her head back in the car, she wiped her mouth blew her nose on her dress. When she finally seemed to have recovered fully, except for keeping the window open now for the cool wind, we arrived at my apartment. END OF THE NIGHT I led my new sub to my room with a firm grip on her upper arm, and thankfully we ran into no one on the way up. I was still in my Bedaism costume, and my dick was still rock solid, leading the way.

Had any of my neighbors seen me, it would have led to horrendous embarrassment. But I brought her inside without incident, and finally let go of her when I had the door closed and locked. I pointed toward the bathroom, figuring she'd want to shower, and she limped to it. She kept the door open, so I followed her in. She took off her Alice dress, on article at a time, and when she was completely naked, she stuck a finger in her pussy and pulled out her bloody panties.

They were soaked with blood now, so she dropped them in the tub and turned the shower faucet on. Now that she was nude, I could see her curves for what they were. They weren't much. She did not hawt sweetie enjoys hardcore ride russian and blowjob the exaggerated curves of a hot actress or model or porn star; instead she had a cute little frame, petite as hell but not too curvy. She was not missing so much fat as to be bony, but she was definitely a skinny girl.

She stepped in when the water got hot, and I simply stood in the doorway, watching her clean herself. She did not touch herself in a sexual way, but she did spend a long time on her crotch, making sure that she had stopped bleeding and was very clean down there.

I had cum inside her, and she may have been hoping to get as much of my fat moms big ass sex out as she could, in her best effort to prevent the chance pregnancy.

When she was done, she got out and dried herself in front of me, then took her clothes and wet underwear (which she also tried to wash in the shower) and left the bathroom.

She found my clothes hamper, looked at me, and dropped her clothes in only after I nodded. "Where can I sleep?" she asked wearily. I pointed to the bedroom. She looked at me with a curious expression, then asked "Are you going to fuck me again?" I nodded, although in truth I wasn't sure. I would need to cum a couple more times tonight, thanks to my special cocktail, but I didn't know if her pussy could take it.

I didn't want to make her start bleeding again all over my bed. She went into the bedroom, but I didn't follow her this time. I went back to the bathroom and took a quick shower myself. When I got out, I debated whether to put my leather outfit back on or not, and eventually decided not to. I took out my nut piercing and entered my room naked, but with my dick still hard and my balls aching for some release. She was sound asleep, but for some reason she was not on the bed. She had taken the floor next to the bed, as if she were a dog.

I didn't understand, but I guessed maybe she figured that if she was going to be a sub, she could not be equal to me, and could not share the same bed. I guess I should have expected it. But she looked exhausted, and didn't even move. I felt sorry for her, actually, and didn't want to wake her up to fuck her again, so I just stood over her naked body and masturbated over her, resisting the urge to get on top of her and penetrate her again.

If she was going to be my new sub, and live with me like she seemed to want to, there would be plenty of opportunities to fuck her. Doing so now would just be selfish. Instead I came on her, three times in fact: once aiming for her stomach, once for her breasts, and once for her face, and she never even stirred. When I completed my third load, I knew that my cocktail was finally becoming less potent, and the ridiculously fast production of sperm slowed back to normal.

My dick finally went soft, and I got under my covers and fell asleep. NEXT MORNING When I woke up near noon, she was still asleep, exactly as she had been, dried cum all over her, making her skin look crusty.

I got dressed and made coffee. The smell of the coffee or the sound of the urn churning might have woken her up, and she came into the kitchen and looked at me, seeing the face under the mask for the first time. She looked shocked, and immediately ran for the clothes hamper to retrieve her Alice dress. "What's wrong?" I asked her, following her around. "I'm sorry, I have to leave." "Do you need me to drive you anywhere?" "No, I just have to go. I'm sorry, this won't work out." "Can you tell me what I did wrong at least?" She began to put her dress back on, and explained: "You talked.

You're out of your suit. Last night was perfect, until I got here. You live in a normal apartment.

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You look like a normal guy. You are normal.

You didn't fuck me again last night." "I didn't want to wake you," I said. "Yeah, you care. You shouldn't. I wanted you to control me forever. I wanted you to have your way with me. I wanted to serve you until you grew tired of me, then I hoped you'd kill me." "Say that again?" "Now I've lost my virginity to the wrong guy. I lost it to a normal guy, just somebody who likes to be freaky on the weekends.

I thought you were the one, and I gave myself up to you, but you're not the master I was looking for." She marched to the door as quickly as she could, although she was still limping, and clearly still sore. "Goodbye," she said, and left.

So that's it. I don't know how to explain her motives. I don't know how to explain what happened then. Maybe she had some psychological problems.

I suspect so anyway. I can't explain anymore than what she told me: she wanted to be someone's sub for life. I don't understand what her world view could possibly have been to think she'd ever find the right guy. I think I was probably the closest she would ever come, but, like she said, I just pretend. And she had been holding out, had never had normal sex, and she had probably never even given a blowjob before me - and she waited for some guy to take her virginity away by force.

I don't even think she had gotten any pleasure from that night. I don't recall her having an orgasm, and I think the only reactions I ever got from her were of discomfort and pain. She smiled once or twice, only slightly, as if to hide it, so maybe she was getting something out of it that I just can't fathom. I'll never know, because I never saw her again. I still go to Bedaism on weekends, but she has never shown up.

I think that even if she wound up with another guy that night, she would have been just as disappointed come morning. Sometimes I yeah mom doesnt want cumshot from brother myself and wonder if I could have grabbed her before she left and tried to get her help, or even if staying in my costume would have kept her happy.

I'll never know what could have been with my little Miss Alice.