Kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals

Kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals
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Author's Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy.

It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect. I am only human after all. Author's Note 2: Although this fantasy can be read independently, it was written as part of 8 series.

For full enjoyment, please read "The Barbie Lez Fantasies: Week 1-68". *** Have you ever had one of those fantasies?

You know, the ones that feel so real you begin to wonder if you are actually imagining them. Well, I do… because I have them all the time! Sometimes, they turn into a story, but mostly they remain trapped inside my brain. That is, until now… I was walking down the street when I heard boyfrend sleeping his frend fuck0me call my name.

I glanced around, but when I did not recognize anyone, I kept going. But my name was called out again. I assumed someone else who bore the same name was being called. That is, until I recognized the voice. It had been so long since I had heard it last, but there was no denying it was her. "Oh my god!" I gasped as I recognized the speaker as my high school crush. It had all started around ten years ago. Back when I was only fourteen, I had the world's biggest crush on one of my classmates.

She was a beautiful ebony beauty and I was hopelessly in love with her. The mere sight of her would force me to endure one of my overpowering fantasies. That would not have been a problem had I not prided myself on being a good student. Of course, that only made things worse, because whenever an assignment required a partner, she would make sure we were partnered up.

I knew it was only because of the good grade it guaranteed her, but I could not help but hope it was more. But no matter how hard Cute babe mila marx gets paid to suck cock tried, I never worked up the nerve to tell her how I felt. She had never shown any signs of being a lesbian and the concept of rejection was too frightening. So I kept my mouth shut and spent the next ten years regretting it.

As I turned around to make sure my ears had not deceived me, I promised myself to finally take the plunge and tell her how I felt. Or at least how I had felt back in high school.

But all I could think about when I finally laid eyes on her was… "Wow!" I gasped as she hurried toward me. She had been quite a looker in high school, but she was now a veritable knockout.

Her lips were fuller, her breasts were bigger and her hips had finally filled out. In other words, she was perfect. "Barbie!" she said as she hurried toward me. I gave her a quick smile and a wave. "I wasn't sure it was you," she admitted upon reaching me. "You've changed." I smiled. "You too," I said. Of course, that was an understatement, but it would have to do. Seeing her standing before me forced me to revert back to my teenage self. I suddenly felt nervous and even started to stutter.

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But a few deep breaths calmed me right down and I was able to focus on what she was saying. "How have you been?" she asked. "Great!" I assured her. "You?" "Awesome," she answered. She actually said more, but that was all I heard before the massive amounts of arousal that had crept into me at the sight of her had forced a powerful fantasy to grow within me.

Policewoman on a fake taxi barely had time to figure out what was happening before reality faded. As soon as the fantasy begun, I lost all shyness and reservations. I opened my mouth to tell her about the crush I had on her throughout high school.

Unfortunately, she beat me to the punch. "I have a crush on you!" she blurted out. I was so shocked that I did not speak.

In fact, I did not even more. I just stood there and stared at her in utter bewilderment. "What I meant to say was: I HAD the biggest crush on you," she explained. "In high school," she added for clarification.

I could not felt but feel my heart sink.

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"Had?" I asked. She smiled at me. "Actually, you're even hotter than I remember," she admitted, bringing hope back to my heart. But it was not until she pulled me in for a passionate kiss that I truly recovered. "Mmmmm!" I moaned as her tongue explored my oral cavity.

It took me a few seconds to get over the initial shock, but as soon as I did, my tongue came to life. "Mmmmm!" we moaned in unison as our tongues danced around in each other's mouths. "I had a crush on you too," I admitted once our lips had parted. If she was surprised, she hid it well, because her expression did not change. However, that could simply have been because she was busy staring at my boobs.

Following her lead, I studied her cleavage. As enticing as it was, I wanted to see her breast in all their glory and reached out to remove her blouse. At least I would have had she not beaten me to the punch.

"Wow!" she gasped, mere seconds after literally ripping my t-shirt from my body. Because I hate wearing underwear, my boobs were not fully exposed and she was now studying them in detail.

I could not help but blush at the admiration she showed my breasts. But it was not until she buried her face in them that my face really turned red. Luckily, it was quiet street and there was no one in sight. "Oh yes," I encouraged as she used her hands, lips and tongue to turn my nipples to stone. As great as it felt, I soon asked her to stop. I had fantasized about her for so long and I could not wait any longer.

Reaching out, I ripped her blouse clean off and eyed hot babe gets anal creampie at casting equally bra-free boobs. "Mmmmm!" I moaned as I wrapped my lips around one of her nipples. Using my tongue, I played with it for a few seconds before switching.

I did this for a moment before I too was asked to stop. I expected her to escalate things, but instead, she grabbed my hand and dragged me off the street. She led me into a nearby park and did not stop until we were standing behind a hedge. We were now hidden from prying eyes and free to do as we pleased.

I went to remove her pants, but never made it because she was attempting to do the same to me. This time, I would not back down and struggled for power. Unfortunately, she was just as pig-headed as me and we battled on for a few seconds before realising it was clear neither of us would give up. "Maybe we should work together," I finally proposed. "Good idea." The first step was to get rid of our remaining clothes. The simplest way to do this was to get undressed ourselves.

Upon realizing this, I got to work. "How about a sixty-nine?" she proposed as soon as we were both naked.

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I nodded, but not before first taking a few seconds to study her tight, clean-shaven pussy. I watched her lay down upon the soft grass and studied her flawless body for an instant before joining her. I barely had time to get into position before I felt her tongue on my labia.

"Fuck!" was the last moan I uttered before lowering my own tongue to her lower lips. "Mmmmm!" we moaned in unison as we avidly licked each other's pussies. As great as it felt, we both wanted more and it was not long before our tongues were darting in and out of each other's soaking-wet cunts. Her tongue felt great inside me and I could not wait to enjoy the powerful orgasm that was now growing within me. Unfortunately, she had other plans.

"What are you doing?" I asked when I felt her tongue leave my poon. She did not answer. Instead, I felt her wiggle around for a few seconds before I was handed something. Accepting the offering, I brought the mystery item up to my face and could not help ct naked milf pov handjob big dick and big cock smile when I discovered a vibrator.

A massive vibrator. I had no idea how she could possibly have been carrying this in that tiny purse of hers, but I honestly did not care. I barely had time to turn amazing round teen ass rdy for you the sex toy before she spoke. I was halfway through guiding it to her cunt when her words reached my ears.

"Fuck my ass!" she begged. I was so stunned that I did not react immediately. But when the meaning of the words finally sunk in, I got right to work. "Oh yes!" she moaned as I forced the vibrating shaft deep into her rectum. I started sliding the toy in and out of her, but I only had time for a few penetrations before she got back to work. "Fuck!" I moaned when I felt something long, hard and vibrating make contact with my asshole. As surprised as I was, I did not have to look to know my beautiful lover was forcing a large vibrator into my ass.

I had no idea how she had been able to conceal a second toy in her tiny purse, but I did not care. All that mattered was the incredible feel of the vibrator darting in and out of my asshole. But things got even better when she resumed her vaginal tongue fucking.

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Inspired, I did the same and moan after moan started flowing past our lip. Of course, only muffled cries escaped us, but francesca dicaprio in italian likes it hard on the couch brunette big tits of us cared.

This was the most intense sixty-nine of our lives—at least it was for me—and that was all that mattered. The sound of vibrating toys and moaning women filled the air for a few more seconds before I climaxed. "FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" I tried to moan, but only a muffled cry escaped me.

A split second later, I started squirting. Apparently, I was not the only one to climax, because wave after wave of tasty orgasmilk suddenly gushed out of my lover's cunt.

Unable to resist, I began to swallow the sweet nectar. She did the same and moans filled the air for what felt like an eternity before the final waves oozed out of us. With one final grunt, we crashed to the ground in a pile of limbs and vibrating toys. I was only given a few seconds to recover before I was snapped back to reality.

My fantasy lover's real-life twin had just finished telling me all about her life after high school and was now asking me mine. It took a few seconds, but I eventually figured out my fantasy was over. When I did, I gave her an innocent smile and tried to act like I had not just fantasized about her.

"So, what do you do for a living?" she asked.

I almost laughed. After all, I could not very well tell her I write erotica. Nor could I admit she would most likely be playing a major role in my next weekly fantasy. So I simply told her I was a writer and left it at that. But I knew better. And so do you. *** Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often. Have a horny day, Barbie Lez

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