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Iamporn czech couple fucking in bisex trio
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"I should have seen that coming, but I didn't," I said. Then we all went over to her. "Holy shit, we gotta get you to a hospital," Sharon said. Then she set aside her anger for a little while and we all made the trip out to the hospital. We got Jeanette a room and she was in labor, but everyone was waiting in the waiting room.

"So you must be Callie?" Sharon asked. "Yes, and Sharon, right?" I asked.

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"Yes. This is Kevin, my new husband, but I see John got a new wife too," Sharon replied. "And he got this little one, we named her Jeanette too," I said. "Why did you name her that?" Kevin asked. "Well, if it wasn't for Jeanette, we might not have ever met and had this girl," John replied. "OK then. How old is she now?" Sharon asked. "About 7 months now," I replied. "And that's your mom in there with her now?" Sharon asked.

"Yes, and she married your daughter," I replied. Then I think she felt that they were the odd ones out. Well she was the one that never made the trip out there with us or just call and tell Jeanette about her being remarried. So it was hard to feel too bad for her honestly, but I was a new mom though, so I did have some sympathy for her. "Sharon, I'm not one that will or even wants to get in the middle of you two, but I'll tell you this, you made her really depressed and upset.

So if you are gonna my best onetime sex ever natural tits cunnilingus around, then stick around and don't ditch her. I mean, she is really happy with my mom here, and we want her to stay happy. I know we just met, but still, I've been around her a lot more than you, and the last thing we want is for her to be unhappy," I said.

Then she just had this disgusted look on her face. "Well shit, you just put me in my place, if you weren't her best friend and holding a baby I think I'd slap you, honestly," Sharon said. I wasn't too happy about that. "Take Jeanette, John," I said as I handed her to him. "Callie," John replied.

Then I came towards Sharon and gave a piece of my mind and I really think I got John turned on by that.

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"Well Sharon, whether or not you like my words, due to some sympathies I had, past tense now, for you, I said that as nicely as I could. Your ex-husband thinks I'm the sweetest woman on the planet and I think he is the sweetest man on the planet. Jeanette never told me why exactly she was angry about you coming other than the fact you never told her that you married this guy, no offense, Kevin," I said.

"None taken," Kevin replied. "You seemed nice at first, but I try to be reasonable with you, and you say you would slap me? Well with all due respect, bleep you. I choose not curse around my daughter," I said.

Then she did something maybe I should have seen coming emotionally anyway, but did not. She kissed me. "Shit, you too?" I asked as I sat back down. Then we all just stay silent for about another 10 minutes, then the nurse let us all in. Then we finally found out that they had a little girl named Callie. Jeanette was holding her there as she was all wrapped up.

Jeanette and Christina were both tearing up big time. Then Sharon came up there close to Jeanette and she began tearing up gorgeous casting model finger fucked by lesbian agent well as she met Christina.

Truth be told I wanted to strangle her then, but I didn't. We all stayed there for about 2 hours and hovered around little Callie. "Well, Christina, could you give Kevin and I a place to crash tonight?" Sharon asked. "Sure. Is there tension here?" Christina asked.

"No, I'm just thinking about my daughter and my granddaughter, and we can get to know each other too," Sharon replied. Of course I was skeptical of her new found interest in Jeanette and the whole thing, but maybe what I said meant something to her.

So eventually John and I had to leave because little Jeanette was sleepy and we needed to put her to bed. "Well, congratulations you three, I love you all," I said.

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Then I gave each of them a kiss. "Me too angel. We'll be here tomorrow to see you and this little one," John said.

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"OK daddy, I love you too," Jeanette replied. Then he kissed them too. I made sure to give my mom a hug and kiss as well, then we both left leaving Sharon and Kevin there, I wasn't too happy about it though. I loaded up little Jeanette and we went home. We went to our bedroom and I fed little Jeanette once right before we put her to sleep, but John knew me too well to not see that something was wrong. "What's up sweetheart, Jeanette finally popped out little Callie, I thought you'd be happy," John said.

"I'm happy for Jeanette and my mom," I replied. "And I sense that dreadful 'but' coming," John said. "But then all of the sudden Sharon is here and she is taking an interest, now? I mean she couldn't make it months ago?" I asked angrily Then John pervcity hard blowjob milf deepthroat and brunette a big hug, trying to calm me down a little.

"Trust me I understand what you mean sweetheart, I'm thinking the same thing, but just try and let it go. Being pissed off is only gonna make you more pissed until you just blow up. I don't know what she'll do exactly, she may stay for a day, maybe a week.

I don't know, but don't worry about it. Obviously there was more reason to why Jeanette wanted to live with me and not her mom. And you really attract women," John said, trying not to laugh.

"Yeah, what the heck was that about?" I asked. "You just turned everyone on I guess," John replied. Then Jeanette was done eating and I began to burp her. "You are an absolute natural sweetheart, you are feeding her and burping her without breaking a sweat.

So just concentrate on you being happy for Jeanette and your mom and these two people you got in your life," John said. Then I gave him a kiss, I got up and went to her room to put her down in her crib and we both watched Jeanette fall asleep. We both kissed her once, then I made sure both baby monitors were on and we went back to our bedroom. I laid down with John and we both cuddled for a few minutes, I was still a little pissed.

"Well, I'd never marry someone else and not tell you about it," John said. Then I couldn't help but crack a smile. "Made you smile," John said.

Then I gave him a long kiss and I knew how thankful I was to have John. He was my rock, and having me right there with him, his cock got rock hard.

"Someone is turned on in this bed," I said. "Well, you got me to have sex with, how could you not be turned on?" John asked.

"You can always make me laugh," I replied just before I kissed him again. We began making out for a few minutes, then I took my shirt off and he put his hands on my back to take my bra off as well. Then as we were both on our sides, he slowly climbed down and unbuttoned my pants. He pulled them down, but not my panties though, then he kissed my stomach numerous times. "What are you doing?" I asked. Then he pulled my panties down and climbed back up with me. "I just wanted to kiss my wife's stomach," John replied.

"Well, I don't think your old wife liked your new wife," I said. "That doesn't matter, I love my new wife more than anything in the world," John replied. "Then show me how much you love me," I said as I unbuttoned his pants. He took his pants off completely and his cock poked out through his boxers just like always. So I grabbed onto it and began stroking it a little. He let out a couple soft moans and made sure to give me a kiss. Then I climbed down and kissed him a few times on the way down to his boxers.

Then I took his boxers off completely as well. Then I eyeballed his cock like it was chocolate. "Call me crazy, but I think your eyes are about to fall out," John said.

Then I took his cock into my mouth, I was pissed off a great deal still, but I learned to control myself though. I went down as far as I could and started to deep throat him. He leaned his head as far back as he could and closed his eyes as well. "Yes Callie, just like that, we'll be making love forever and ever My Lady," John said. He put his hands onto my head and I stayed down as far as I could. He let out some more soft moans, we didn't wanna make too much noise. So he kept quiet as much as he could, but of course he couldn't silence them forever though.

"Shit!" John screamed. "Hey, we got our baby sleeping in there," I replied. "Then stop making me feel so damn good," John xx69xx com first virgen sex. "Aren't you a sweet guy," I replied.

"And where have you been?" John asked. I laughed and leaned up for a kiss. Teen swallows black cock interracial and pornstars I took his cock back into my mouth. He was breathing in and out slowly once again and was actively trying not to shoot his load just yet, but I knew he was close, he couldn't hold it forever.

"Damn Callie, I now you are pissed but damn, you are gonna make me cum already," John said. Then he let out some really loud moans and began moving around a little bit too. He was about to erupt once again faster than a volcano. So I backed away a little and watched the fireworks. "Can voluptuous asians wild oral service japanese hardcore do that for me forever?" John asked.

"I'll pencil you in," I replied as I laid down with him. We both cuddled for a few more minutes kissed each other numerous times as well.

"I love my angel," John said. "I'm your angel right?" I asked. "No, I'm talking about that judgmental saleslady from the mall," John replied. "Smart ass," I said. Then I grabbed onto his cock once again. I stroked it a bit and he did belt out some soft moans once again. "I love you too John, you are my own personal angel.

I'm really glad I got you to sign that lifetime contract too," I said. "Well you got me, and you can't get rid of me, even if I didn't sign it," John replied. Then I got out a condom, I took it out and put it on his cock. "But be aware, in the contract, you did agree to have a lot of sex, so are you ready?" I asked. "Never more ready My Lady," John replied. Then I got on top of him and her inserted his cock into me cowgirl style. He grabbed onto my boobs and made sure to give them a gentle squeeze at least.

He titillated me a great deal, then his left hand went down south and began finger fucking me as well. "Oh John, those fingers, don't ever change those fingers either," I said. "I wouldn't dream of it," John replied. He spread out my pussy lips a little as I was in the position and let out some loud moans as well. "I thought you said to keep it down?" John asked. "You need to keep it down and I don't," I replied.

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Then he laughed for a minute, then he leaned up with me and I took his shirt off. We both wrapped our arms around each other tightly and my big boobs were pressing up against him really nicely.

We both planted several kisses all over each others faces and just had amazing sex yet again. "Yes John, hold me as close as you can and squeeze my boobs for me," I said. We both stayed in that position for a few more minutes. Then I pushed him down back onto his back again and I began bouncing up and down. I rode him like mad once again, I wanted him to build his load up. I knew I'd be having sex a lot more in the future, but I wanted more and more as if I just couldn't get enough if I tried.

I was just so excited that I had to cum already. "Holy shit, I'm gonna explode already," I said. Then I did. His whole entire stomach was drenched. "Holy shit, sweetheart. You were pissed off," John said. "I know," I replied as I laid down with him. Then we both made out for a few minutes as well. I sparked a couple of tears and he held me close to him. "Well, you are bar none the best woman I've ever been with.

I had no idea that we'd hook up someday when I first met you honestly. But you are sweet, beautiful and everything else I want in a wife. I love you forever, my love for you will never fade away, never ever angel, I swear that to you," John said. "I love you too forever John and I'm glad to hear that. I'm gonna need a big and strong guy to help me with that little girl in there, and you know what?" I asked.

"What?" John asked. "I thought you didn't like me at first honestly. I thought you just thought of me as Jeanette's best friend that hung out all the time," I replied. "No, I always liked you. How could I not? You were her best friend another lithuanian slut on cam free on cam hd porn d nl live on further more, I had no idea you'd make the first move," John said.

"Well, I just saw an opening, and I took it," I replied. "Obviously," John said. "Just promise me, we won't ever lose this," I replied. Then he gave me another kiss on the lips. "We will always love each other the way we do now. I think the only difference will be is that I'm gonna make you love me more," John said. "Good," I replied. And he kept that promise.

Honestly I had no idea something like this would happen when I took a peak at his cock like that. I mean I was just horny at the time, but we ended up falling for each other, he got me pregnant and we married each other.

Unless we were phsycics, there would be no real way to see this happening. But we were both very happy, even though I wasn't milf shanda fay fucked outdoors on picnic public sex and canadian to be a mother just yet and he wasn't ready to be a new father.

Sharon and Kevin decided to stick around for a few more weeks. We never told Jeanette that her mom kissed me. That would just be too weird honestly, till this day I still wonder WTF???. They made sure to visit as well. "So would you be okay if Kevin and I moved over here?" Sharon asked Jeanette. "Do you mean like here and really be apart of little Callie's life?" Jeanette asked. "Yes," Sharon replied. What could she say? "Yes please," Jeanette said.

So a couple months after that they moved in the same state with us. John didn't wanna admit it, but he didn't like it. But still I managed to get over my little grudge I had. So now with all of us, we're a family all together. Sharon was really there for Jeanette and Christina, and did warm up to Christina. Sharon eventually took me out to lunch to get to know each other better.

Jeanette and Christina never had another baby, and John and I talked about it, but nothing for sure, but I think we all know and will remember it all started with me and my best friend's dad. I love him and he loves me, and we have the most beautiful girl on the planet. Jeanette and I never did anything sexual again, but I think we have both thought about it.

There were of course a lot of bumps on the way there but I wouldn't change it for the world. I loved writhing this series, it is still probably one of my best works.

For everyone that just kept repeatedly complaining, I just have one question for you, along with one finger too. Why did you keep reading the series, when you hated the previous chapters so much? Did you wake up in front of your computer, chained to it, when a little doll on a tricycle came up to you and told that there a poison in your system? Did it tell you the only way to get the antidote, was to read the series? No? WTF is wrong with you people that hated it, why did you keep reading?

I mean really? Email me at [email protected] or send me a message to my inbox. Tell me why you kept reading it, when you hated it so much?

I'm just dying to know. To everyone that did like the series, I appreciate it, thank you very much. I have more to come.