Super erotic body massage ends in hot lesbo sex by the pool pornstars and fingering

Super erotic body massage ends in hot lesbo sex by the pool pornstars and fingering
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*********Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought, and many thanks for reading.********** When you become a step-father, you adopt certain responsibilities. You take on the role of a father while not receiving the role of a daughter. No teenage girl accepts that she has a new daddy, hell, no teenage boy accepts it either.

Especially when you're black, and they're white. I met Anna three years ago, and we fell in love on the spot. It was on the second date that she told me about Paige, her fifteen year old daughter.

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And three years on from that, Paige had turned eighteen and was doing anything and everything she could to get out of the house. She was saving up money and from what she had said in our most recent argument, she almost had enough to put a deposit down on a place somewhere on the edge of town.

I had xxxxxxsex wow xxxxxxsex mom sex stories Paige, I respected her drive too, even if her drive was to get away from me. Anna understood, Paige had gone through the stages of her teen years at different times. Everything was delayed due to her father leaving the country with his mistress.

It took time for Paige to become the bitch that she should have been at age thirteen to fifteen. Instead it was fifteen through to eighteen.

She was in her dark stage, and when I say dark I mean dyed black hair, heavy black mascara and pale skin. Looking like a Goth-ghost from a horror movie.

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Almost every day she would be buying new make-up and clothes, always walking through the door carrying shopping bags. But you know, I had no idea where she was getting her money, she wasn't working, nor was she in school, she was out only every now and then and spent most of her time in her room listening to music.

Anna would always say that she would one day repay everything I gave to her, but I didn't hold out much hope. There was a constant look of disdain on her face whenever she was around me.

I guess she thought I was some weird African banging her Mom. And then one night everything began to fall into place. And it was the night I truly realised the responsibility of my role in her life. Anna was on a works night out, it had been a long time coming and she was looking forward to it. Meanwhile, Horny momma fucked hard and got a cumshot was sitting at the kitchen table looking for porn.

It wasn't a knock on my sex life, my sex life was wild, passionate and consistent. There are just times when I appreciate my own company. I was on one of my favourite sites when there was a pop up, it instantly went behind the current window I was browsing and I thought nothing of it. But figuring that it might hinder the buffering, I decided to close it down. It was one of those live cam sites, as usual, but this one made my insides go cold.

I watched the young lady lay spread across a bed, she held a long black dildo in her hands and was slowly bringing up to her lips, it was Paige. I had the urge to go straight upstairs and knock down her door, I then had the urge to pick up the phone and call Anna, but what I actually did was click on the page. It loaded up after a minute and Paige was now full screen. I picked up my earphones and plugged them into my ears, I would talk to Anna tomorrow about this, and I would respect her Paige's privacy for now.

The sound came through and I could hear her speak, ''Now remember boys, you know I like them big and I like them black. And you can see just how much I like them big and black when you get through to some private time.'' she said with a wicked wink. Big and black?

In the right hand corner it had her bio-blog. I couldn't believe what I was reading; ''Hello everyone, I'm Paige and I'm addicted to black cock.

At eighteen years old I love nothing more than my long black dildo and the orgasm's it gives me time and time again. It all started when I got a black step-dad, and from there my addiction began.'' Three years of being looked at like shit and it was all because she wanted me? I found it hard to believe, but looking at her subscribers and 'fans', I found the evidence to be overwhelming.

There was user after user all online, all appearing to be black men who wanted nothing more than to plunge themselves inside of her and have their way with her. And all of them were teased on a nightly basis by her, maybe that was it, she wanted power over the black men online because she felt as though she had no control over me.

I was looking for any excuse to counter the one that was presented to me in her blog. Was she really as devious as to lure black men in to play with them? Or was she really infatuated with them? These were answers I needed before I told Anna. So I did something that there would be no way back from, I set up an account and subscribed.

The name 'BlackStepDaddy' was unsurprisingly taken, by about twenty other people. So after about ten minutes of typing variations of it in, it finally let me have 'BlackStepDaddyOfPaige'.

It was hardly discreet, but then I figured that I'd appear to be just another fan. After paying the insane 9.99, I was into a web chat with Paige and about twelve others.

She was laid out on her bed wearing black fingerless gloves, a black studded bra, a studded belt, a small black thong, and long black stockings.

She ran her tongue up the long black dildo and smiled into the camera. ''Hello there,'' she said, big breast brunette girlfriend the center of all his fantasy see tonight we have a new user joining our little party tonight.

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And he's my Stepfather,'' she said with an evil grin, ''God I wish.'' she said. She leaned forward and blew me a kiss, ''Shame you don't have a cam, I'd be able to see your long black cock begging for my wet lips.'' she told me. She rolled onto her knees and lowered her head towards the bed sheets, raising her ass as high as she could, staring right into the camera.

Right into me. ''I bet you want me in this position while you smack my ass, don't you? I bet you'd love nothing more right now than slide your long black cock right between my ass cheeks. To grab my hair, to pull back my head and make me moan, make me moan your name.'' She slid her dildo into her mouth, and one user disappeared from the side panel. She smiled a little, ''I guess the thought of doing that to me was all he needed. I wish I would have been there to swallow his load.'' she said playfully.

She rolled onto her back with her knees raised, she tilted her head backwards and looked into the camera. She raised the dildo and dragged it over her cleavage, eventually she moved it towards her vagina.

She smiled again as she used it to poke herself. Her eyes flickered for a moment, ''The hardest part is trying to make this last, the thought of your black cocks aching for me gets me so hot.'' I felt my erection grow, and damn near slapped myself across the face.

I was disgusted with myself, but couldn't take my eyes off of her.

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I saw another user drop offline, and pretty soon another. They were dropping like flies, each and every one of them probably stroking themselves too hard and popping like champagne corks.

She was sat up now and after a brief flick of her wrist, her bra popped open, her breasts exposed to me for the first time. Her perfectly rounded breasts, her light pink nipples stood at complete attention as she played with each one. She was talking but I wasn't listening, I was captivated, I watched her squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples as her face flickered with self contained excitement.

She massaged her vagina through her thong with the tip of her thick black dildo, and before I knew it, I was the only user left. ''Oh Daddy, it looks like you're the only one with the staying power I need.'' she told me.

She continued to massage herself, she had come up to her knees now and slowly slid a thumb underneath the string on her thong. ''I'm so wet for you right now.'' she said. I then clicked on the keyboard symbol and began typing to her, I thought I would get the answer I had wanted. ''Why don't you come downstairs and join me in the kitchen?'' I wrote, I hit send and watched her read it.

''Oh Daddy, I like it. Would you sit me on your knee?'' she asked, ''No,'' I replied, ''I'd sit you on the table before laying you down.'' I wrote. Her eyes lit up, she was getting what she wanted, whatever that was. ''Oh Daddy, I want your kisses all over my body.'' she moaned. As I began typing she had dropped down and pulled off her thong, she was now led up against her head board, her busty teacher yoga exercises while naked with girls pushed up and her knee's wide apart.

She began rubbing the tip of her vagina as my next message popped up onto her screen; ''My kisses would start with your breasts, then your stomach, and finally your warm and waiting pussy.'' she began rubbing herself harder, ''Daddy don't stop.'' she uttered.

My cock was at full attention, I had to shift porn star priya anjoli roy around to try and get comfortable, I knew I was close to getting the answer I wanted. Her middle finger slid right into her bald pussy, she looked into the camera as I typed my next message; ''I'll show you my long black cock, I'll slap you in the face with it and tell you what to do with it.'' I could almost hear her moan from downstairs, ''Oh fuck Black Daddy, tell me what to do with it.'' she pleaded.

''Open your mouth.'' I typed. After reading that she picked up her dildo and shoved as much as she could into her mouth. She furiously fucked her own face with it while her fingers slid in and out of her. I then realised that she was truly into this. The thought of me and her was the reason she was wriggling around on her bed in pleasure.

''Fuck me Daddy.'' she moaned. She then slid as much of her dildo as she could inside of her. She thrust it back and fourth as I watched in complete silence.

Her eyes were blindfolded wife fucked by black guy, she pinched her nipple as she pulled and pushed the dildo in and out of her. ''Daddy I'm going to fucking come.'' she cried. ''Come all over Daddies cock.'' I told her. I saw her read it and it looked as though her body gave out, her legs straightened out and her back arched up from the bed. She let out a long and stifled cry of relief, one that made her take a mouthful of pillow.

After a moment she went limp, she slowly turned her head towards the camera and forced a smile, ''Thank you Daddy.'' she said, and the next minute she was gone.