Teen anal party hd i neva let a cockslut go

Teen anal party hd i neva let a cockslut go
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Nigerian Nightmare - Part 1 By Andy Caulden Kevin and I were often mistaken for brothers in the looks department.

We were both tall, slim and blond, and much sought after by those who liked submissive cock-suckers in their early twenties. We also shared a craving for coal-black cock, which our mentor Bryan, who was white and a professional photographer, helped to satisfy.

We were fairly adventurous in the early 1970s, when it came to non-vanilla sex. We had, on occasion, fucked in places where someone might have seen us: in the park; attractive girl with nice a hole bounces on knob girlfriend hardcore my car; on the landing outside a friend's flat.

We both enjoyed oral sex, and Kevin was always keen to take it up the arse. He was also very keen on flashing, but limited his audience to the lurkers in the local park. We were considered to be quite attractive, and definitely got 'the look' when out clubbing. However, we got more than 'the look' fingers on the clitoris this sweet ftv girl we entered Point2Point, a club that had been recommended to us by Tony, a friend of Bryan's.

Most of the guys in the club were big and beefy, and black. However, there was a good few white faces in the crowd, looking for a bit of African rough, so we decided to give it a shot. We made our way to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks from a friendly barman; we then headed off to find an empty table.

The table we eventually found was right at the back of the club, in a corner by the fire exit. The music was as good as Tony had said, and the small dance floor was packed.

I looked around and saw nothing but happy, smiling faces. After Kevin had downed his second drink, and loosened up a bit, he accepted an invitation to dance from a burly Nigerian.

He had never danced to this kind of music before, so he followed the black man's lead and joined the dancing throng. The man brought Kevin back to the table after three tunes, and then pulled up a chair and sat down, even though he had not been invited to join us. Three drinks appeared at our table as Remi introduced himself. We drank our drinks as Remi talked to Kevin. I couldn't hear what was being said over the music, so I just sipped my drink and watched Kevin.

He seemed nervous about having Remi sitting so close to him, but neither one of us wanted to make a scene, by asking the man to leave. Kevin and Remi finished their drinks and went back to the dance floor. Kevin didn't look too keen on the idea, but let the man lead him back into the sea of black faces. They returned after two more tunes and sat down opposite me again. Kevin's hair and clothes looked dishevelled, and his fly zipper was fully open.

More drinks appeared on the table in front of us, and were accompanied by two more black men. Kola and Samson sat down on either side of me and talked loudly with Remi in their native tongue. They were very friendly and out-going, but I became increasing anxious as they crowded in on me. All three Nigerians were in their early thirties; and all three were large and muscular, and very imposing.

I watched as Kevin and Remi drank their drinks and talked. I could tell that the drink was starting to have an effect on my boyfriend, but he wasn't relaxed. He looked very nervous, and seemed unable to fend off Remi's advances. Samson said something to Remi, who grinned and nodded as he unbuttoned Kevin's shirt. All three men laughed as Remi slipped his hand inside the shirt and tweaked Kevin's left nipple. I decided it was time to say goodbye to Old and young anal with hairy granny youngandold older women and leave with my hapless boyfriend.

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way. As I tried to stand up, Kola and Samson put their hands on my shoulders and held me in my chair.

They both smiled at me, and there were no threats, but still I was unable to get up. I looked over at Kevin and saw the anxious look on his face: Remi's hand was now beneath the table. I shouted at Remi over the music, telling him that it was time for me and Kevin to leave. He just looked at me and went back to talking to my boyfriend. Kola leaned closer and said in a menacing voice, 'You don't want to leave now, white boy.

It's still early, and the fun is just beginning.' I didn't know what to do; I couldn't fight these men and they wouldn't let me up. I was forced to sit and watch as Remi continued to amuse himself with Kevin. Over the next hour or so, Kevin and I were 'encouraged' to down several more drinks - I don't know what the drinks were called, but they were very strong.

Remi 'encouraged' Kevin to take off his shirt, and then he dragged my boyfriend back to the dance floor. The sea of black faces swallowed him up whole. 'That white boy will be dancing to the beat of the drum with his cock hanging out of his strides,' said Samson to Kola. 'The man-eaters like to see white cock swinging in the breeze.' 'And Remi won't let the wimp disappoint his admirers,' replied Kola, laughing.

Kevin's cock was indeed hanging out of his trousers when he returned to the table. He looked so helpless standing beside the burly Nigerian.

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'I had to fight the man-eaters off,' said Remi to his two friends. 'They all wanted a piece of him.' I watched in horror as Remi took hold of my boyfriend and kissed him fully on the lips.

He then slipped his hand inside Kevin's trousers and squeezed his arse-cheeks. I tried to get to my feet again, but my efforts were met with the same response as before: I was slammed back into my chair by Kola and Samson, who held me there while they watched Remi molest Kevin. Remi finally broke off his suffocating kiss and withdrew his hand, leaving Kevin with a look of desperation on his face. I didn't know how we were going to get out of this mess, and I was getting scared. There were no sympathetic faces in the club, but they were all still smiling - for some reason the smiles now seemed more sinister and threatening.

I watched as Remi reached down and began toying with Kevin's flaccid cock, making it semi-erect within seconds. My boyfriend just stood there and let the black man have free reign over his pale, white body. Remi and his two friends began speaking to one another in their native tongue.

They then downed their drinks and made ready to leave the club. For just a second I thought that it might be over. Alas, it wasn't over. Remi pushed Kevin towards the chubby big tits english babe on the couch exit; and I was pulled to my feet by Kola and forced to follow.

Once outside, I could see Kevin being guided towards a large, white van by Remi. I told the men that we couldn't go with them, and tried to get between Kevin and Remi. Unfortunately, I was just as much under their control as my boyfriend. So we all walked slowly towards the van. I was forced to watch Remi take hold of Kevin and kiss him passionately again, as his hands went exploring once more.

Kevin struggled for a few seconds, but soon gave up and let the man have his way. As they kissed, Kevin's trousers and boxer shorts fell to the floor. I was now standing in a car park, beside a van, watching my naked boyfriend being turned into a submissive sex slave. The van backed over Kevin's clothes as it left the car park and headed west.

As the van crossed the main road, Remi pulled his large, black cock out of his trousers and 'encouraged' Kevin to suck it. I tried to protest, but Kola slapped me across the face and told me to, 'shut it!' Samson scared the hell out of me as he drove the van erratically through the narrow, unlit streets. He had several close calls, but each time he managed to swerve and avoid crash. I was forced to watch as Remi finally emptied the content of his ball-sac into Kevin's mouth.

Kevin gagged as he struggled to swallow the man's large load. Samson finally pulled the van over and parked it in front of a bungalow. 'You two white boys belong to us tonight,' said Remi. 'You do as we say and you don't get hurt. You play up, you get beaten up; and then left naked in the street.' Kevin and I shook with fear. The look on Remi's face told us that his warning to behave was no idle threat.

No one knew where we were and these Nigerians had us at their mercy. Kevin and I were soft, city wimps, so we were going to do whatever it took to satisfy these burly black men. Inside the bungalow, which was expensively furnished, we were introduced to Saka, a wiry old man in his fifties. The four Nigerians spoke to one another in their native tongue for several minutes, whilst eyed up their captive prey.

'You get naked, man,' said Saka to me. 'You get naked, like your bum-boy friend.' 'And dance for us,' added Samson. 'I want to see you two white boys dance.' The room fell silent as I nervously undressed. Saka never once took his eyes off me: I was clearly going to be his bum-boy that night.

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'You have a sexy body, man,' said Saka, smiling. 'I like fucking men with sexy bodies.' 'I like his friend,' said Remi to Saka, as he collected up my clothes and threw them into the fireplace. 'He's real nice to kiss and cuddle.' The fire was not lit, but it was filled with coal dust and ashes. My best clubbing outfit was now ruined, but that was the last thing I was worried about.

Kevin and I had to avoid any confrontation with these thugs. We had to get through this ordeal without being beaten to a pulp. The thought of being beaten up was swiftly replaced by a much more positive notion: Kevin and I liked being fucked, so why not let these Nigerians have their way with us, again and again.

If we kept sucking their cocks and bending over for them, why would they want to hurt us? Of course, if we did smile and spread our arse-cheeks for these thugs, we could end up being their bum-boys for a very long time.

'Now dance for us, white boys,' said Samson. 'And don't you forget to swing those cocks.' Without any music, Kevin and I looked so silly dancing naked in front of the four men. Nerves and embarrassment kept us from getting into any kind of rhythm, so we just bopped up and down on the spot, doing the dozy-boy dance.

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'No, no, no,' Samson snapped. 'Dance together. Kiss and play with each other. Swing those cocks and wiggle those bums.' We came together, under the centre light, and did everything Samson had ordered us to do.

We kiss and wiggled our hips; we took hold of each others arse-cheeks and spread them apart, much to Kola's approval; we tweaked each others nipples and squeezed each other ball-sacs.

Kevin was clearly on the same page as I was: he knew we had to please these men big time. 'Lick his arse, bum-boy one,' said Remi, as he picked up my shoes and threw them into the fireplace. Kevin and I looked at Remi, not knowing who was 'bum-boy one'.

'You,' said Saka, pointing to Kevin. 'You are bum-boy one; and sexy body is bum-boy two.' I was annoyed at being labelled 'bum-boy two', but the feel of Kevin's tongue on my anus and arse-crack soon made me forget about it. All four men began to strip naked as Kevin's tongue probed deeper into my love hole, prompting me to moan and groan with pleasure. My boyfriend certainly knew how to rim a tight arsehole, even when he was stressed out.

As I continued to moan and groan, Saka stepped forward and ran his hand over my back. I was now his creature; his bum-boy; his sex slave. 'Open your mouth, man,' he ordered. 'Suck my finger, like it was a cock.' I opened my mouth and eagerly sucked in his coal-black finger. 'You like sucking finger, man?' he asked, smiling. I nodded my head. 'You like sucking cock?' I nodded my head again. Remi, Kola and Samson were now behind Kevin, running their hands over his pale, white body.

'That's enough arse licking,' said Remi. 'Sit your bum-boy down, Saka, and let him watch his friend being used by Kola.' I stopped sucking on Saka's finger and moved busty amateur with big booty banging pov homemade to the sofa. The old man plonked himself down on my lap, put his arm round my neck and ran his stubbled chin across my forehead.

'Kiss me on the lips, man,' he said, tightening his hold on my neck. 'And call me Awesome Master.' I did as Young teen daddy taboincest rape gay was told, and was rewarded with an order to suck on my Awesome Master's finger again. Saka and I then sat in silence and watched my boyfriend being used by Kola. The man ran his coal-black hands over Kevin's upper body and bit him on the neck several times. Kevin's arse, stomach and cock were then squeezed real hard; much to the delight of Remi and Samson.

'He's nice and firm,' Kola announced, 'and he's all ours.' The burly Nigerian nudged Kevin's legs apart with his foot and slipped a finger into the wimp's love hole, and began to explore. 'He's nice and tight down here,' said Kola. 'Yes, nice and tight.' Samson laughed as he and Remi bent Kevin over and offered him their semi-erect cocks to suck on. All four men had ginormous cocks, so Kevin and I were clearly going to have our horizons stretched to the limit that night.

Kevin sucked on each cock in turn, ensuring that both receive the same amount of attention. He wasn't about to play favourites and get a slap. 'Suck my cock again, white boy,' said Samson. 'And make that slurping sound again.' 'Then suck on my ball-bag, boy,' added Remi. 'And lick my knob with the tip of your tongue.' As Remi and Samson put in their orders, Kola's cock-head replaced the probing finger and pushed deep into Kevin's love hole.

I saw the look of anguish on my boyfriend's face, and the tears running down his cheeks. I felt so sorry for him as Kola began pounding away at his rear end, whilst holding onto Kevin's hips and grunting loudly.

'Are you having a good time, boy?' asked Remi, as he and Samson mopped up Kevin's tears with their cock-heads. 'Yes! Yes! I'm having a really good time,' gasped Kevin. 'That's such a relief to hear,' said Remi. 'Kola can be a real pain in the arse sometimes.' The three men laughed as they filled Kevin's arsehole and mouth with hard-standing cock. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I sat and watched my boyfriend being fucked and face-fucked by the three Nigerians.

I felt so guilty, because I liked what I was seeing. Kola shouted out something in his native tongue, released Kevin's hips and slapped the wimp across the arse-cheeks. He then tensed up, took hold of Kevin's hips again and shed his load. With a broad grin on his face, the Nigerian collapsed on top of Kevin's back and remained there, resting, until he pulled out several minutes later.

He then staggered into the kitchen to get a bottle of beer from the fridge. Upon his return, Kola sat down in an armchair, sipped his beer and watched his replacement, Samson, mount bum-boy one. - - - Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Andy Caulden