Hot and sexy latin girl gets a full facial around her face

Hot and sexy latin girl gets a full facial around her face
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Carrie stood naked in her bathroom, robe on the floor around her feet. She stared into the mirror as if it might reveal the answer to the question that was nagging at the back of her mind.

She shrugged it off, shaking her hair loose of its band letting it cascade over her shoulders, stepping towards the shower she said 'I'll talk to her tomorrow, she must be able to help.' The she Carrie was talking about was her roommate and best friend Evian. They had known each other for almost all their lives, kindergarten all the way through high school and even following each other to this dry, hot hell hole of a university in Phoenix.

She let the cold water wash over her, nothing but cold would do the heat outside was oppressive and she couldn't afford an air-conditioning unit so this was the answer regular freezing showers, leaning back against the wall feeling sex gay pom old xnxx com nipples go hard as she shivered.

She missed the cold of her home Michigan would never have one hundred degree weather in October. She shook her head looking down at her glistening body, time in the gym had meant that Carrie had a toned athletic body nothing to be ashamed of at all.

She remembered her brief spell on the gymnastics team at school where she was bullied for having large breasts, but they weren't oversized at all, they fitted her body well and now five years later she liked her body and she knew others did too.

University had been an awakening for the two girls, coming from a small high school in a strict catholic area of Detroit, the brazenness of the Arizona girls with their short jeans and tight tops had awakened new feelings in her.

The men had all been crowding round her, she remembered how on her first night a third year, Mark, had bought her drinks and she thought him sweet until he had pushed her into a corner and asked her to perform certain acts on him that as a good catholic girl made Carrie go red. She had refused to pleasure him and lexington steele porn lisa ann mellanie monroe julia ann india summer eva karera had left calling her frigid.

Frigid she wasn't though, for the last three years Carrie had been touching herself, in her bed in the shower in her car, she knew how to make herself achieve an orgasm but had only once had intercourse with a boy. Harry Won, a boy in the year above her in the boys school, they had been in the cinema and had had a little to drink they stumbled out the back into a side alley and rather haltingly between fits of giggling had all of two minutes of sex, needless to say Harry had been grateful but Carrie had felt let down and alone.

Since that brief fumble Carrie had abstained from further experimentation with the opposite sex, kissing another couple of boys but never taking it further.

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She knew that Evian was more liberal with her affections, already in three months of university she had brought seven different boys back to the flat keeping Carrie awake with their screaming.

A couple of times while Evian was playing in the next room Carrie had frantically masturbated bringing herself to silent orgasms. She switched off the shower, deciding not to put on her robe she quickly crossed the hall, climbed the stairs and into her room. Carrie collapsed onto her bed, unable to stop herself thinking again about the question she had to ask Evian.

She eventually fell into a fitful sleep, she always slept naked at university just another result of the Arizona heat. The early morning sun woke her, peeking through the blinds she had forgotten to draw, she threw on a loose fitting top and grabbed a pair of cargo pants.

This was Carrie's normal dress, much to the distress of her mother who thought them too manly complaining that she would never attract a man in them. But this was partly the reason she wore them, she set out the streets quite in the dawn light. She knew where she was going; Carrie hadn't come back from her date so she must be at David's flat only a few blocks down the campus.

An early morning jogging group powered past her shoes pounding out a strange beat almost like a heartbeat of a giant. David was a member of Sigma Tau one of the law fraternities on campus, she had been there before for a few parties always finding the guys a little pompous and arrogant.

She arrived just as David was leaving, 'Carrie' he drawled 'how's you? Little one' he always called her that because she was a little shorter than Evian, Carrie hated it.

'Fine David, where's Evian?' her tone clearly telling him not to mess with her today, 'inside precious, at least that's where I left her' he shot her a wink, grabbing his crotch. 'Disgusting' and she headed up the stairs into the hall of the fraternity building.

She spotted Evian in the kitchen and made a b-line for her. 'Evs' she called, Evian turned smiling 'hey you' she said in a dreamy voice.

'been up aaalll night' she laughed 'he's a dick' growled Carrie. 'he certainly has a big enough one' Evian said turning away, 'Evs, don't tell me that' Carrie cried, 'I have no wish to know about your sordid night activities' 'don't be such a prude Carrie' Evian shot back 'I know you don't indulge but that doesn't make it sordid!' 'Sorry Evs, bad mood, I need to talk to you though seriously.' 'do you ever not talk seriously Carrie, it will have to be later I am late for my psych class anyway' and with that she grabbed her satchel and ran out the house.

Carrie wandered back out, wondering what she would do. She had no classes today her biochem tutor was ill so they had inherited a few extra frees in the timetable which Carrie usually spent in the library but today her head wasn't in it. She was worried, that was the third night in a week that Evian hadn't made it home, and Carrie thought that she was been taken for a fool by David. She had seen the way that Evs was around him and didn't like it, maybe she was a little jealous.

Lately many of Carrie's fantasies has involved Evian, not that she would ever admit this but lately they always seemed to contain girls, mainly girls in those tight 'jeggings' hard banging of a wicked awesome babe said the word aloud and pensioner on a nearby bench looked up confused. She didn't notice. But she couldn't be a lesbian, she had never even kissed a girl and her one experience with a guy could hardly be called standard.

This is what she needed to ask Ev about, how to get a guy to have sex with you without getting all emotionally involved, but even Ev was now getting all gooey eyed about a boy.

And then it hit her, she would place a personal add in the SU times, there were always some adds in there and there was bound to be some guy who would answer. But what would she put on it, 'young single catholic looking for quick sex' again she said the words under her breath as she walked along, now directing her wandering towards the library, she would write it now and e-mail it. It should make the morning editions tomorrow. After about a dozen drafts she settled on 'young college girl looking for new experiences with an experienced man' not to explicit and yet still obvious in what was being offered.

Her finger hovered over the send button for a second and then her resolve strengthened and she clicked. As she set off home she felt as if a weight had been lifted from her, something was going to go her way at last. The next morning Carrie rushed out the house on her way to her law lecture, pausing only to grab a copy of the SU times from a box in the hall.

She quickly scanned through the personals and her heart jumped when she saw under the headline 'girls seeking men' her ad: in prime spot right at the top of the list.

Now she had done it no going back. She had provide the advert with an e-mail address that she had set up in the library, '[email protected]' she would check it after her lecture. She didn't take in a single word of lecture; she was so excited about the ad.

She didn't even notice David as she rounded the corner in the library and crashed into him, 'what's the rush, shorty?' he asked as she hurried to pick up his notes which had scattered away under a desk. 'oh nothing, just expecting some important e-mails' she mumbled.

He looked at her like she was some weird crazy girl and then just said 'well hope It keeps you busy for tonight, me and Evs are going to be at yours.' Then he was gone, what had he meant? She was briefly concerned but then pushed it to the back of her mind and hurried to a spare computer.

She was so nervous that it took her two attempts to get in to the account, her fingers not quite working properly. She closed her eyes, waiting, and then three new e-mails, she could hardly believe it. Three, already! She moved her mouse to the first one, disappointment, spam an advert for some nail varnish. The second: more spam this time for white label pills.

She began to lose some of her earlier excitement. But the third she could see was different, in the subject bar pulsed the phrase 'In response to your ad' she quickly clicked it. A simple three line message was displayed on her screen, 'experienced man willing to meet, tell me when and where. Love mr x' she could hardly believe it. Before she could stop herself she had clicked reply, and begun to type 'hey, thanks for your response.

We could meet at the café on campus tomorrow, @ 1' then she stopped. What If this guy was a loon, someone who just took advantage of the opportunity that these adverts provided?

No, she thought to herself, I am doing this. She sent the e-mail, and less than five minutes later a reply blipped into being in her mail box.

'Sure thing, I'll be in the dodge challenger, see ya. ' well thought Carrie, at least he will be easily spotted in that. She headed off to find something to wear. Twelve the next day came all too quick, Carrie had settled on her sluttiest outfit for the 'date' as she was calling it for lack of any other term really. She wore a white blouse open down to the third button, no bra and a black pleat skirt that barely covered her ass, borrowed from Evian.

To complete the ensemble, were a pair of white long socks that extenuated the length and shape of her legs, leading to that pert butt. She looked at herself in the mirror before she left, sluts face hole and fur pie get rammed would fuck me' she muttered but then that was her problem. She drove to the café, unnecessary as it was only really a ten minute walk but she wanted to have a means of getting away.

She took a seat near the roadside, and ordered a oj, as she sat she was aware of the gazing patrons, all wondering exactly what was barely covered by the pleat skirt.

She saw the Challenger pull up about ten to one, out stepped a middle aged man, in a suit, hair shaved short but not bald, well-built but not athletic. Carrie stood and walked towards him, as he turned he must have spotted her and put two and two together, he opened the passenger side door, 'shall we go somewhere more private?' he asked his voice was gravely but imposing clearly someone who could get his own way. 'Sure, that's cool.' Carrie chimed in her best cheerleader impersonation.

She stepped up into the Challenger swinging her legs around to get in making sure that he fat girls xxx story with big bobs a glimpse of the panties she was wearing.

He shut the door and walked round, getting in he said, 'my place is a little far so is the motel ok?' again he almost seemed to be brainwashing her, she said 'yeah, I think that'll be fine'. As he slipped the car into gear and cruised out of the campus he asked 'So, what's ya name kiddo?' 'Carrie. Your's' she answered, please with the less demanding tone of voice.

'jimmy' he replied 'how old are you?' again Carrie notice a slight tone 'I'll be twenty-one in January' she said. Sort of true in fact she would only be nineteen in January, Jimmy seemed to know that this was not the whole truth 'really now, no need to lie, I was just wondering' 'ohh, so you not going take me back then?' Jimmy smiled at her 'now why would I do that?' 'oh I don't know, most guys don't like inexperienced girls' Jimmy put his hand on her leg, giving it a little squeeze 'well I don't think it matters' Carrie smiled relaxing 'well then I am eighteen Jimmy' he squeezed her leg again, 'that's just great hun.' They continued in silence for a bit, then Carrie said 'can you make me cum' Jimmy looked taken aback 'well, hun, that depends.

Are you going to let me try?' 'of course, that's why I put the ad out, I want to have sex.' Carrie smiled at him and placed her own hand on his leg, running it up from the top of his knee to his groin. 'well now, you little minx' Jimmy whispered 'lets just wait till we are inside should we.' The motel manager look disapprovingly at my short skirt and tight shirt as he signed us in and gave us a key, he knew what we were there to do.

Jimmy paid in cash and led me to the room. Opening the door saying 'your pleasure kingdom awaits' it didn't look like much a pleasure kingdom that's for sure but a bed is a bed Carrie thought. Jimmy flopped down on the bed loosening his tie and pulling it over his head, then he flipped off his shoes. It felt odd, Carrie thought, the only man she had ever been in a motel room with was her dad and he was about Jimmy's age.

She shook off the idea, perching on the edge of the bed. 'No need to look so uncomfortable' Jimmy said, 'stand up lets have a look at you' Carrie stood. Jimmy whistled 'wow, girl, you have one fine body' Carrie grinned, pirouetting on the spot making her skirt swirl up revealing her cute ass and panties. Giggling, she sat again 'no, no' said Jimmy, 'give me a show, I am desperate to see more.' Carrie rose again this time slower, she grabbed her leg and pulled it up this mature loves big black cock up her pussy in one of the poses she remembered from gymnastics.

Jimmy, whistled again, 'I can see we may have a lot of fun, little missy. What else you got in your locker?' 'These' Carrie said grinning broadly, popping the button on her shirt, letting her breasts spring free. She cupped her breasts, pushing them up making them look even bigger than they were. Jimmy slipped to the end of the bed and beckoned Carrie over; he took her hands away and placed his own gently over the nipples.

Carrie felt a jolt travel through her body setting her pussy lips tingling. She gave a slight gasp and a moan, pushing her chest into Jimmy's hands forcing them back against his own chest. She stood there pinning his arms to him pressing her young body up against his shirt, feeling the buttons push gently against her stomach. Carrie placed her hands on Jimmy's legs, again following the seam of his suit up to his fly.

She could feel his heat and the shape of milf from milfsexdating net fist assplay fisting and amateur unfurling member, it was bigger than Harry's but then he had only been a boy Jimmy was a fully growing man, and growing further by super hot brunette gets her pussy stretch with big cock pornstars hardcore feel of it.

She slipped his belt buckle, popping the button at the top of his fly and pulled the trousers open. Jimmy had trunks on and she could clearly see outlined the shape of his cock, held in place by the tightness of the trunks. It looked huge, thick and long against his pelvis. She squatted in front of the bed, Jimmy moved to sit on the edge, Carrie looped her fingers into the waistband of the trunks and lifted them over the bulge.

Jimmy's cock sprung forward, erupting from its prison, it hit Carrie in the face. Jimmy laughed, Carrie looked up into his eyes, a look of such pure innocence. Then without averting her gaze she grabbed the base of his long cock and held it straight from his body, she ran her tongue up and down the length, tasting the saltiness of his sweat and feeling the warmth of his lust.

Carrie pressed the length of his cock against her face, burying her nose in his pouch, the bulbous head settled just between her eyebrows. She smiled up at Jimmy, his cock resting on her face. 'You like it?' he asked she nodded allow his cock to slap her in the face with the action.

Then he reached down, hooking his hands under her arms he pulled her to her feet, he flipped her around undoing the zip at the back of her dress and yanking it down. Carrie stood before him naked except for her little white panties. He rested his hand between her legs, gently cupping her pussy giving it a little squeeze through her panties.

His thumb playing loosely across the tight pussy lips. She pushed Jimmy back on to the bed, climbing onto him settling across his lap, panty covered pussy rubbing his hard cock.

She bent low over him, allowing her long hair to fall either side of her head, kissing him deeply on the lips. As she lifted her head Jimmy grabbed her shoulders pulling her around so he was on top, kissing her all down her body, breast to breast then down her stomach each kiss sending another shiver through her ever more impatient pussy. Jimmy ran his tongue around her navel and then up the inside of both thighs, Carrie was desperate now, thrusting forward her hips forcing him to pay attention to her pussy.

Finally he kissed her covered pussy, now wet with anticipation, before he gently pulled her panties down lifting her butt to allow her to take them off completely.

He kicked off his trousers and trunks, while he was doing this Carrie had taken it upon herself to begin to finger her pussy, Jimmy pushed her hands away and positioned himself between her legs lapping at her pussy. With every stroke of his tongue lightening shot through Carrie's body, as he did this he slipped a hand under her ass and just gently manipulated her asshole. Pushing gently testing her going a little further each time.

Carrie's pussy was dripping now, she just wanted sex hot wet dirty sex with this man she had only just met. Jimmy's tongue was a blur as it lapped and licked at her pussy, then she felt his finger enter her ass almost doubling the pressure on her pussy walls, it was too much she felt her stomach tighten and arse cheeks clench as the orgasm swept through her body, her back arching trying to keep that heavenly tongue rachel steele wunder woman vs mastermind mastermind her.

She could feel her pussy contracting around his tongue leaking its precious fluid into his mouth, the fact that she came like this had always been a problem for her before, heres a chic that has a empty bottle fetish that much mess to clean up but now Jimmy seemed to love it.

He lapped up the juices, finishing with a long slow lick going right from her ass crack across her pussy slit. Carrie slumped back against the bed feeling exhilarated, Jimmy slid around next to her, 'guess no-one has fucked you like that before then?' he said with a grin on his face 'no, that, that was amazing' she gasped 'do you want me to, you know … suck it' as she said it she glanced down seeing his erect cock lolling against his stomach a little pre-cum glistening on the tip.

He smiled at her 'you do what you want to do' at that time Carrie would have loved nothing better than to take that cock and milk it in her pussy but she thought he must want it, they always big tits asian tourist sucks off and screwed by the bus it In the films.

'so, do you want to suck it?' he said sitting up on one elbow facing her on the kristina rose is a cumhungry latina looker pornstars and brunette, all Carrie could manage was a little nod, Jimmy laughed kneeling up. Carrie watched in awe as his cock flopped forwards, it was long, almost as long as her forearm. She shuffled around until she was sitting opposite him, she took his cock in her hand gently gripping it at its base.

She stood it up right and it easily reached his belly button, as it touched his skin the drop of pre-cum attached and as she moved the cock away it left a silky trail between the two.

She slipped off the bed and gestured for him to come and sit on the edge so that once again as she sat back on her knees his cock was level with her face.

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She leant forward and kissed the bulbous head feeling its heat against her lips. She took his cock in both hands and even then there was about two inches left at the bottom. It was thick and veiny, she wondered for a second if her jaw would let it in, she knew for certain that it wouldn't all fit in her mouth. She bent her head to the massive organ, widening her mouth she sunk onto it letting it fill her mouth.

She got about four inches in only just past the wide head, she could feel his jordi el nino polla ridden by cytherea on top brunette blowjob resting against the roof of her mouth, she ran her tongue the best she could around the shaft but the movement was restricted simply because of its girth. Drool was running from her lips down the shaft of his cock, she withdrew a little corrected the angle so that her head was more above the cock and then began to rhythmically slide up and down his cock.

After a few strokes she managed to fit a little more into her mouth but still half or more remained outside. Jimmy all this time was stroking her hair and giving slight moans of pleasure, as she got more confident she pulled away spitting on the head of his cock rubbing it in and licking up and down the shaft flicking the edge of the head with her tongue. Jimmy placed his hand on the back of her head and began to push it onto his cock forcing more of it in until she felt it hit the back of her throat, gagging she tried to pull away but he held her saying 'a little more&hellip.just a little …ahh' and with that she felt his hips push forward and the cock in her mouth bulged spurting hot salty cum onto the back of her throat.

The force of the ejaculation pushed his cock out of her mouth and the second, third and fourth jets of the warm cum shot on to her eyes and over her face.

Jimmy lay back letting his wet cock slap against him as it began to shrink leaving a cum trail on his stomach. Carrie was in shock she had never seen someone cum like that, the taste in her mouth was not unpleasant and she licked the cum from around her mouth, wiping her eyes clean. She clambered up onto the bed and crawled up towards Jimmy straddling his body feeling his cock stir again under her arse cheeks. 'young lust' Jimmy sighed 'you want more' she didn't even reply simply squirming on his cock letting it rise to its full potential again, she felt the great pressure on her ass and pussy, his cock was so strong.

He reached up grabbing her breast tweaking the nipples, he could feel her wetness against his pelvis and he really wanted her young tight pussy.

In the end he didn't have to do anything, while he was playing with her tits she shuffled forward to allow his cock to spring free and then kneeling either side of his hips held it in place so she could back onto it. She was so tight, his bulbous head pushed her pussy lips and spread her so tight. She eased back slowly letting his cock fill her up entirely, she felt it stretch her almost to her limit, then she felt his head bump against her cervix.

There was still cock outside her pussy but she was full, she sat for a minute just relishing the full feeling that it gave her and then gently feeling her pussy reluctantly let his cock leave she rocked back and forwards. She began to moan and gasp as the cock emptied and filled her up entirely, jimmy couldn't believe his luck he had found a true vixen here, he flipped her over so that he was on top.

She gave a little gasp of delight as he began to thrust into her, feeling his cock bounce off her cervix each time he pounded into her. She was screaming now, with each thrust she met his cock with her hips pulling on her nipples and rubbing her breast as she writhed on his prick. Jimmy put his hands around her hips pulling her to the edge of the bed, he stood and pulled her hips towards him so that her arse hung over the side ramming small titted amateur mom playing with herself hq mp4 xxx vid pussy full.

He felt her contract around his cock as she came for the second time, closing her eyes throwing her chest towards the ceiling. He continued to fuck her as he felt her pussy juices flow over his cock and drip onto the floor, getting faster and faster until he felt his gut tighten as he spurted strongly into to her pussy coating her with his seed. He collapsed onto her burying his face in the bed next to hers, feeling her pussy leak a mixture of his own cum and her pussy juices onto the floor.

They lay there feeling each other's warmth and pleasure, she gently rolled him off her his cock popping free of her pussy with a pleasing slurping sound. Now she understood why Evian kept going back for more, sex was great when you had a good partner.