Haze her college xxx deep throat challenge

Haze her college xxx deep throat challenge
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The three of us waited for my wife to enter the house. Shauna(AKA Jill) and I bookended our dog, prof. Given, who was kneeling in panties and bra. A red ball gag was in her mouth to keep her quiet. "What the hell? Is this some kind of joke?" Helen couldn't take her eyes off prof.

Given. I don't think she even noticed Shauna at first.

"It's no joke, baby," I said. "Let's have a chat. Shall we?" I directed her to the kitchen. "The three of us have been having fun together. We've decided to move it to the house." "Not in my house!" It was, in fact, my house but I wasn't in the mood for an argument. "Helen, I booked a suite for you for the weekend. You can go there, or stay here and party with us.

Your choice. I'll send your girlfriend in here to plead her case." "I walked back into the living room and removed the gag. Professor, you've got ten minutes. Convince her to stay or forget about coming over here again." As she struggled to her feet, I winked at Shauna.

We have fifty dollar wager on the outcome. I think it's easy money. "You're so cocksure aren't you?" Shauna said, smirking at me. "I just know my wife. She's a closet lesbian. But the lies are going to stop here and now, or we're through. It's a no lose situation for me. Would you like a drink?" "You have any scotch? "Have I got scotch? I've got a double malt that will ride your tongue like a virgin." Time flew as we talked about liquor.

The professor was back in before we knew it. "Give us twenty minutes. Okay?" "Sure, professor," I said smugly as she led my wife back to the bedroom. "That fifty bucks is gonna buy some really nice steaks," I said to Shauna. "I'll grill them in your honor." "It's not over until she my best frends hot mom a mouth full of pussy." Shauna was really annoyed.

I bet this chick hates losing with a passion. Time was up. We headed back to the bedroom. The professor's big ass was swaying as she chowed down on my wife.

I could only visualize her pasty white cheeks because she was still in her panties. I should have forced her to remove them before she came back here. My wife's mouth was open as if she were sleeping, only the sounds coming out of her mouth weren't snores; the bitch was groaning in pure bliss!

Before I could choke on my own jealousy, Shauna sprang into action. "Move over dog." The professor's mouth traveled up to my wife's lips, her hands kneaded her breasts as Shauna went to work. She put two fingers in my wife's pussy and started playing her like a bass guitar. I watched in envy as my wife rode her fingers, her mouth singing Shauna praise. God, I loved watching this dyke work!

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"Earl, you've been negligent. I'm knocking the dust off this pussy," Shauna boasted. I was too fucking turned on to be insulted. My dick was in my hand before I knew it. I'd never seen my wife this turned on. If there was any lingering doubt, her body-racking multiple orgasms settled it: my wife is a full blown lesbian. Shauna watched my wife shake for a few seconds, admiring her work. Then she lay down beside her.

two luscious chicks have fun with toys lesbian blonde, lick!" Shauna commanded, beckoning the professor to her pussy.

The professor obediantly and enthusiastically complied. I felt my anger burn when I saw her hand reach out for my spasming wife. There was gonna be no fucking hand holding here.

This wasn't a date. "Get your paw of my wife, dog," I commanded, slapping their hands apart. I pulled my wife's hips onto me and entered her sloppy, wet pussy. Yeah, she was a lesbian alright. She'd never been this wet for me. "Lay that pipe, Earl!" Shauna shouted, as much from her own orgasm as encouragement to me. I started drilling my wife's pussy as if it were the first time, which in a way it was.

A quivering Shauna distracted be a little. "This is something you'll never be able to feel, bitch," I said to myself as our eyes met.

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I could see by the twinge of envy in her eyes that she heard me loud and clear. I hiked my wife's legs up until her knees were touching her shoulders and thrust all my anger, jealousy and frustration home to a body shaking orgasm.

Helen wouldn't speak to me after our little party Saturday night. She still hadn't spoken to me the following morning as she dressed for church. She had this denial thing down pat. I watch the pre-game shows as she finished dressing. She left without saying a word. Later that afternoon I grilled some thick, juicy porterhouses(thanks Shuana!) while Helen made pasta and a salad.

She still hadn't said a word to me as we blessed the table. But dad helps daughter with her first tampon I could take a bite.she came out with it. "Last night was a moment of weakness. The Lord has forgiven me, and is showing me a way back into his good graces." If she thought she was getting away with that shit, she had another thought coming. "Is he showing you a way to new husband?" "What?

No! I value our marriage. That's why we can't repeat what happened last night." She hadn't looked me in the eye since she sat down. "We have no marriage. It's over." Now, she was looking at me - panic stricken. "What are you saying, Earl? You can't treat me like this. We.took.vows!" Tears were starting to pool in her eyes.

"And.you.lied.to me! You stood on that altar and made those vows knowing good and goddamn well you were a lesbian." "I'm not a lesbian. Last night - " "What happened, Helen? Huh? What happened after daddy sent his little girl off to college?. Did she discover pussy the first week out of her religious cocoon? "You're not going to talk to me like that, Earl." "That's right, stay in denial. That's why your girlfriend is my dog now." "What girlfriend?" "Claire, Helen.

Claire! You remember? The woman who was waiting for you in her panties with a ball gag in her mouth? That's how bad she wanted your pussy. I thought if she was going to keep sniffing around you, I might as well make her my dog. But you can change that, Helen. You can spare her the humiliation. Just admit you're mz peachtree and shawty red lesbian and the two of you can walk off into the sunset hand in hand." Tears were now streaming down Helen's face as she stared into her plate.

"Can't do that can you? Wouldn't want the right reverend Fisher to find out his baby girl is a dyke." "Don't call me that!" she shouted standing to her feet. I was sick of her and her family slinging their mud thick piety at me. It started the week of our wedding. The right reverend presented me with medical papers verifying Helen's virginity. Who does that?

"My daughter is not some street whore for you to toy with. She's a good girl." What did the pompous motherfucker think we were gonna do: pray our way through sexual urges?

Now his lying daughter was standing over me at my table playing the good christian daughter. I wasn't taking it any desperate lilly hall kneels down and sucks pawndudes cock. "You don't like the word, Helen?

Well, get use to it - and much worse.

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We'll see how much christian charity you receive when your church folk find out you're munching carpet." She caught me with the whole bowl of pasta before I could react.

The steaming mess splattered my shirt and pooled in my lap. she stomped off like a petulant child and slammed our bedroom door behind her. I decided to give her a pass. The truth wasn't pretty.

She needed some time to pout and fan herself in self-pity. I looked at the porterhouse in my plate and realized it was no longer what I wanted. What I wanted was tall, stiff drink. "'Sup, Earl?" I called Shauna. If I wasn't getting laid, at least I could enjoy hearing about it from someone who was. "I'm in the dog house, man. Got me sleeping in the guest room." "what you do?" "I held up a mirror and Helen didn't like what she saw.

She's still in denial about her sexuality." "She didn't seem all that confused last night." "I hear you. I'm through playing games. This is coming to a head one way or the other. Who you in bed with tonight?" "I'm by myself. Decided to take a break." "Aren't we a couple of sad sacks?" "Speak for yourself, Earl. I'm voluntarily by myself." "Don't give me that bullshit. You're hiding from someone. Come clean. Ct naked milf pov handjob big dick and big cock is it?" "Busted.

Alright, it's this old rich broad. Must be about your age." "Fuck you, Shauna." She had a good chuckle at my expense. "She was in denial too. And the bitch was lazy. Would just lay there while I got her off and then send me off like the help. I got tired of it. The next time I saw her I worked her right up to an orgasm, and then just dropped her.

I'm like, 'I'm sorry baby. I'm just not feeling it today.' Man, she couldn't handle it. She was like, 'What do I have to do, honey.' I was fighting hard not to laugh." "She found plenty of energy, huh?" "You bet your ass she did.

She ate my pussy like nobody's business. Even showed me a new trick or two." "Nah. Not you?" "You'd be surprised what freaks some these old broads are - especially the ones who went to private school. They come in crying about no love from daddy. Before nightfall they're eating each other's pussy like it's comfort food." "Sounds like you're speaking from experience." "Fuck you, Earl.

P.S. 36. Brooklyn in the house, bitch!" "Well, if she's eating your pussy now, what's the problem?" "The bitch is talking about love now. She's gone from one extreme to the other. I don't deal too well with cuckoo." "I hear you. Well, I gotta get up early tommorow, so I'll let you ella sabe que si folla por el culo necesita lubricante. One thing I gotta ask you, though." "What?" "What you wearing?" "Fuck you, Earl" I laughed out loud as the dial tone echoed in my ear.

Then I closed my eyes and put my hand on my dick. Thinking of Shauna rocking some rich broad's world made me horny. Helen didn't have class the next day. She pretended to sleep while I showered and dressed. I knew our argument kept her up all night. She had a lot to deal with. So did I. Just thinking about Helen and her family made me angry all over again. Those self-righteous motherfuckers acted like they were taking a big chance on me with their precious Helen.

I'm the one who got rolled like a back alley wino. By one o'clock I was beat. It had been a long day and it still wasn't half over. We were supposed to pour concrete for the foundation at eleven and take a late lunch at one. At one o'clock the truck still hadn't arrived. Fuck 'em. This was the last time we were doing business.

I paid my crew for the day and headed home. I saw the professor's car parked out front as I approached the driveway; the day just kept getting better and better. I was expecting to see the two of them on my way to the bedroom.

No one. As I entered the bedroom, there was Helen, ass to the wind, eating the shit out of the professor!

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I was instantly hard and angry at the same time. My dick was out before the professor opened her eyes in horror. She started tapping my wife's shoulder to warn her. I was on her before she could turn around. I jammed my dick in her pussy as she squealed out in pain. I grapped her by the waist so she cum inside my daughter pussy creampie move.

With my free arm I pointed to the professor. "Don't you fucking move." He eyes were big as saucers as she froze in place. I grabbed my wife by the hair and emphasized my point with each thrust. "You don't.fuck.my.dog.without.my.permission." It seemed like a power from outside myself was helping me plow into my wife.

It was an exhilarating high that I didn't want to end, but I had a point to make. I pulled out, reluctantly. "Dog!" I commanded. "Get over here and kinky girl swallow his cum after she got fucked camfree and sucking The professor wept all the way over to my dick. "Get to it!" I could smell my wife's pussy on my dick as she reluctantly took it in her mouth. "Good, girl." I looked over at my wife. "You can stop this, Helen.

All you have to do is admit you're gay. Then the two of you can get the fuck out of my house and move in together." Helen was looking down at the sheets weeping. "Look at her goddammit. Can't you see the pain in her face?" Helen sneaked a peek of my dick pushing out the professor's tear streaked cheek. "Well?" She returned to looking at the sheets. I grabbed a handful of what little hair the professor had. "Now you know the score, don't you dog? Don't you?!" I yank hard on her hair; my dick fell out of her mouth as it stretched wide from the pain.

"Yes, master" She cried out. I jerked off into her face, washing it with cum. The two of them were weeping in unison as I headed to the shower. Oh, the fucking drama! My point had been made: The rules of my castle will be obeyed.