She came in like a wrecking ball

She came in like a wrecking ball
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I arrived home from a business trip on Thursday night at about 9pm. I was not expected back until about 6pm the following day. The house was empty! Where was Rachel, my wife of 15 years? I was tired and so went to bed alone. Next morning there was still no Rachel. I showered, dressed, had breakfast, unpacked my suitcase, and went off to work, still mystified by Rachel's absence.

I left work early that afternoon and was home by 4pm. Still no Rachel! At 6pm Rachel arrived home dressed for a normal work day.

"Hello Brian. You're home early. Did you have a successful trip?" "Yes, thank you. So successful that I finished a day early. I was home here last night. Where were you last night?" "Oh! Well before you start, I know about some of the girlfriends that you see when you are away.

I know about Sandra Smith in Melbourne and Deborah Brown in Adelaide." "What are you saying?" "For over a year now I have suspected that you were cheating on me during all those trips that you make.

Six months ago I had you followed on a trip to Melbourne. You picked up a car at the airport and drove to a house near Melbourne Uni. You went into the house and soon after came out with an attractive young woman in a mini skirt and high heels. She drove you to the uni, parked in the grounds, and you disappeared together into the Electrical Engineering building. At lunch time you and she came out, with a group of suits, and you all went to lunch in the staff club" "You all went back to work together, until about 6pm, when the young sunny lenoe xxx storys 2019 new drove you back to her place.

While she was driving you back to her place you phoned me and told me that work was going well and that you were on your way to your hotel for the night. You even babe in heels mounts a pulsating cock that you loved me.

You stayed the night at her place and next morning she drove you back to the uni. Again you went to lunch with her and a bunch of suits. Straight after lunch she drove you to her home where you kissed her goodbye, transferred to your car, drove to the airport and flew home." "My private detective was able to establish that she is a young divorcee named Sandra Smith, and that she is an electrical engineer employed as a researcher at the university.

He gave me no direct proof that you fucked her, but the fact that you lied to me about going to your hotel is proof enough for me." "So," I asked "if you had that information, how come that you didn't challenge me about Sandra?" "Well," she answered, "I was scared. Even though I was hurt by your deceit, I still wanted to remain your wife. I was afraid that if I challenged you it would start us down the path to a divorce. I wondered if you were going elsewhere because I wasn't adventurous enough in bed.

That's when I gave up wearing pyjamas. You seemed to like that." "Years ago you stopped asking me for a blow job, because I always said 'no'. So about a week after you got back from Melbourne I offered to give you a blow job, and, of course, you said 'yes'. The next night you asked if you could eat my pussy and I agreed to that. I found that I liked the pleasure that I could give you with a blow job, but what really blew my mind was the orgasm I had the first time that you ate my pussy." "Your extra enthousiasm for sex with me was wonderful, and the new pleasures that I discovered, that I had been missing out on for all these years, were fantastic.

So when you asked to fuck my arsehole, something that you had never even asked me before, I said 'yes' without any hesitation. And I enjoyed it too, as you well know." I interrupted, "I wondered why our sex life suddenly got so exciting, but I wasn't going to ask for fear of breaking the magic spell. I remember the first night that I asked you to go to a bar dressed sexy ." "Sexy!

All that you would let me wear was my shortest mini, with no panties, bare legs, high heels and a top that only just covered my nipples!" ". you had an orgasm as we walked into the bar." "That was because I could feel your cum trickling down my inner thighs. You fucked me in the car just before we got out to go into the bar." "Anyway, with the way that our sex life had improved I thought that maybe you would not need to fuck anyone else, but I still wondered what happened while you were away on all those business trips, so I had you followed again, about two months ago." "This time you flew to Adelaide, picked up a car at the airport and drove from the airport, south of Adelaide to the DSTO (Defense Science and Technology Organisation) which is a few kilometers north of Adelaide.

My guy watched while an attractive young woman came to escort you inside the secure compound." "He could not follow you, of course, because of the security, but he was still outside when you came out again a bit after 5pm, still with the young woman.

You transferred your suitcase from the boot of your car to hers and then she drove you to her place in North Adelaide, leaving your car parked in the DSTO car park." "He watched until all the lights in her place went out, quite early, about 8:30pm.

Then he went home, but he was back early enough next morning to see the two of you get into her car and drive back towards DSTO. Since he knew from me that you were booked to fly home that evening he did not follow you any further. In his report, that he emailed to me before you got home, he identified your friend as, Deborah Brown, a single woman, employed as a research engineer by DSTO." "You arrived home about 6pm that evening and insisted that I dress 'sexy' again. We went to a italian housewife fukced by two bad boys restaurant.

You were very attentive and affectionate, and we had a wonderful evening, before going home and fucking like rabbits. This made me wonder. I believed that you had fucked Miss Brown, and yet, as far as I could tell, you really loved me." "So, is it possible to fuck someone else while still loving your partner? I had to find out. There is an older bloke, Tom's his name, at work, who has been hitting on me ever since I started work there.

I don't think that he ever expected that I would really fuck him, it was just a bit of fun for both of us, until I decided that I wanted to test my theory that it is possible to fuck someone while loving someone else." "I asked him to take me to lunch and while we were there I told him how lonely I felt when you were away, which was very often.

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I stressed that I loved you very much but that I needed company. He took the bait and invited me to have dinner with him that evening. He took me to an expensive restaurant and we had a great evening. When he drove me home he kissed me in the car, and I responded by opening my lips and pushing my tongue between his lips." "The next day at work, he asked me if you were still away and when I said 'yes' he invited me to have dinner at his place.

I dressed sexy for him that evening, and you wont be surprised to learn that, after a very enjoyable dinner which he had cooked, we ended up in his bed.

I left his place at 5am the next morning after stressing to him that no one must know about his fucking me, because I still loved you dearly. He asked if he could see me again, and I replied 'Yes, provided you promise to be discrete.'" "So," I asked, "was Tom a good fuck?" "He wasn't as good as you, but way better than sitting at home alone watching crap on TV." I had to grin when she said that.

"You know? That's exactly why I fuck Sandra and Deborah and a few others that you don't know about yet. It's because sitting alone in a motel room watching crap on TV is even worse than sitting at home alone watching crap on TV." "So, Brian, where do we go from here.

I really love you and I absolutely do not want a divorce or even a separation. Do you love me?" "Yes, I love you dearly and no, I do not want a divorce." "I must say that I'm pissed at you for lying and cheating on me." "Well, I'm sorry about that, but if I'd asked you, 'Rachel, I'm so bored at night when I'm away from home.

Is it OK if I find someone to fuck?' what would you have said?" She laughed bella donnas big booty is like my favorite sports show said. "Well, some good came of it.

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It was because I found out about Sandra that I got more adventurous sexually. I'm certainly glad of that." "Oh! And by the way, weren't you cheating on me, with Tom, hot threesome at nude beach hookxup com night?" "Yes.

But that only started after I found out about Sandra and Deborah. And it started as an experiment to see if you could really love me and yet fuck other women." "So, what did you conclude from your experiment?" "Well, I still love you, even when I'm fucking Tom, so it's possible that you still love me, and since you say that you do I have to believe you." "So what now? Because I'm still going to have to do lots of travel for my work." "And I couldn't possibly condemn you to staying alone in your motel room watching crap on TV." "And I couldn't possibly condemn you to staying alone at home watching crap on TV." "But from now on you have to tell me all about it.

Who you fuck, how you fuck her and any other details that you think that I might want to know." "OK. But the same rule applies to you. Every time that you fuck Tom, or anyone else for that matter you have to tell me all the details." It happened that my next trip was a three-day stay in Brisbane.

I told Rachel that I would be staying with two sisters, Robyn and Avril McKay. "Which one will you fuck?" "Both of them." "How does that work?" "They have a very big bed. We all get into bed together, naked.

I fuck one, then one of them sucks my cock to get it hard and I fuck the other. Then I fall asleep with a naked body pressed against each side." This seemed to make Rachel very excited. "Tom has been asking me if I would fuck his mate, Bill.

Do you think I could have them both fuck me?" "Rachel. According to our new rules, you can fuck whoever you fancy. You just have to tell me about it afterwards." "Oh!

I'm wet just thinking about it." At lunch time on my second day in Brisbane I phoned Rachel. "Hello. Can you talk freely?

Tell me about last night." “No. I can't talk about that now. Can you tell me about yours?" "It was great. We were all naked and on their huge bed. Avril had me lie on teacher and student jabardasti xxx vedio back, then, without any need for foreplay she squatted over my cock and lowered herself onto it.

I didn't see much after that because Robyn squatted on my face. While I was eating Robyn's pussy, Avril was bouncing up and down on my cock. The two sisters both came very quickly, then they swapped places. My cock was still rock hard because I had not cum yet, although I had been very close. This time I came first which triggered Robyn's orgasm, and Avril came again soon after.

Afterwards they both cuddled up to me and we fell asleep." "Oh! I'd love to tell you about mine, but it will have to wait." "Did you have a great time, at least?" "Oh! Yes!" She sounded excited! "With Tom and Bill?" "Oh! Yes!" More excited! "Again tonight?" "Oh! Yes!" She almost screamed into the phone. "Me too. I really look forward to hearing all the details.

Enjoy yourself. I love you." "I love you too. I'm longing to see you tomorrow night and tell you all about it. Ciao." "Ciao, ciao." The next day, as Rachel had requested, I phoned her just before I left the airport to drive home.

She knew that I would be home in about 30 minutes. As I drove into our garage, the door connecting the garage to the house opened and Rachel was standing in the doorway, totally naked except for a pair of high heels. I collected my suitcase from the boot but Rachel called out, "Leave that! I'll take care of that tomorrow. Come and fuck me NOW."