Pussy closer fingering in live chat masturbation striptease

Pussy closer fingering in live chat masturbation striptease
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It was half past twelve (12:30) midnight. I was staying at a motel from having a huge fight with my parents arguing about my arranged marriage with some rich, disgusting guy I was supposed to marry and have children with.

He was so hideous I had chills down my spine. It was getting late I couldn't sleep from thinking too much.

Suddenly, a bag went over my head and everything went black with a fierce pain in my neck. I woke up with a potato sack bag on my head and I was tied to a chair naked, I suddenly pause when I heard foot steps coming near the door.

The strange guy said " Ohh so early in the morning you haven't even take a shower like the regular mornings." Then he cut the ropes roughly and dragged me off the chair mostly scraping my back across the carpet. By the time get got there my arms were sore and my back was stinging, he removed the bag and saw the tears all stuffed in my eyes making everything blurry.

He quickly cut the ropes and dumped me in the shower. Turning on a little more hotter water than I usually shower with, and harshly sprayed my back sexy teen fucks her ass with dildo a slap came across it making it even sting more with the hot water and handprint.

The man then, brunette teen wildly masturbates with a dildo his rough gloves on and rubbed my back, I cried and arched my back and screamed in pain and agony.

When it was over I tried to make a run for it to the front door but it was locked with a screen and a whole bunch of panels. Then the same pain came across my neck and everything went black.

I woke up sitting in the same chair but without and blindfold just a rope across my mouth. The door opened and guess who I saw the man that kidnapped me. He had dirty blond hair and big Gorgeous milk chocolate eyes, but he was naked and I know what he was going to do with a very long and thick dick about 12" and a toned six pack chest.

I was dazzled as my eyes widened he came closer massaging his dick ready to strike any second. I sobbed "Please stop I am still a virgin, please please stop." He replied "Oh child that's why I wanna fuck you down so hard, and on your first time.

You are not going to enjoy this. I felt a intense pain in my pussy, my walls are stretching so much and his dick was inserting in it.

I cried and squeezing the arms of the chair so hard it could break and whimpered "Stop.please.STOP!" Then he stopped, in relief i sighed. Then,he started to hump back and forth in to my pussy it was more Than intense pain.

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It was not like what my friends said,it was not pleasure. I looked down at my non-virgin pussy and saw blood. It was so painful I nearly fainted, but I couldn't. Who knows what he could do.

He could slice off my arms and legs and dump me on the street. So I stood there in intense pain with the motion I am not familiar with, until he stopped and thick loads of cum went inside me,it stunk. Then he cut the ropes and carried me to the tub and put me down carefully.

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I whimpered "Why did you not drag me off the chair and dump me in the tub?" He replied "Because you were a good little slave." "Slave!!" I answered "Yes you are." "I decided to keep you since you pussy was so wet and small." "But if you don't become my slave I guess I'll have to kill your parents and yourself." I replied nearly crying "Fine please just leave them alone." "Good girl now for obedient and non-trouble experience I will shower you gently." He replied After that shower he grabbed a towel and started drying me everywhere especially my pussy.

The said to get dressed and come down stairs. When he left I quickly got dressed and ran towards the window and tried to open it but it was locked then I ran as fast as I can to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I positioned it to my heart and said "Listen set me free or I die in your face." Then he chuckled "What about you parents I guess I'll kill your dad and fuck your min till girl boobs inject by injection animated death." Then I dropped the knife and he quickly grabbed my hair to the basement.

He angrily said "Now for disobedient I will punish you." And quickly grabbed my face and pushed me against the wall. Then got rope and tied my hands and feet. Finally he got some duct tape and taped my mouth. He cut my clothes off and started fingering my pussy extremely fast with his finger curly up making his nail ding in my pussy walls. I cried and cried and cried but he wouldn't stop until it he got tired. And said "that's what happens when you disappoint me." I nodded and it felt like my pussy was cut open.

Then dragged me to the fancy dining room and threw me on the couch. He said "Here are the rules to being a good little slave and you know what happens to you when you misbehave right?" I nodded and he said "Good now we got through rule 1 let's continue shall we?" I nodded again. "Never try to escape or else you know what happens." "Always call me sir or master." "And never answer unless spoken to." "Oh and one more if you do good as a slave I let you sleep on the bed instead of the chair." "Also let me remind you that I am a man of my words." Then he took me up stairs and placed me on the chair and tied me there to sleep.

I couldn't sleep with the pain in my pussy oral job and sex with brazilian beautiful babe the uncomfortable chair. _________________________________ Hi I am the author and chapter two will come outon 09/01/15. Please be patient I have school and homework but I'll try to finish on the 1st.