Lovely teen face all in hot spunk hardcore blowjob

Lovely teen face all in hot spunk hardcore blowjob
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Chapter One-Cindy This is a true chronicle. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Her name was Cindy, and she worked the evening shift at the local Seven-Eleven. In those better days, stores provided free coffee to customers, and my crew and I always stopped at Cindy's store to grab cigarettes and whatever on the way to the rig. One evening, Jake asked me if I had ever noticed that Cindy was always reading a Penthouse Forum when we came in.

I hadn't noticed, but would check it out the next time we stopped in. Cindy was about five four, short red hair, just slightly plump, and had a massive set of knockers. Truly awesome in the mammary department.

She also had a suggestive way of carrying on a conversation, turning a lot of things into a sexual innuendo. Next day, I looked over the counter where she had laid down her Penthouse and asked her what she was reading. She blushed a little, and flashed the small book, mumbling something about "just whatever, to pass the time." I got really bold, and asked if she had ever tried any of it, or did she have any favorites?

She got a little redder, and said no, but some of it was really interesting. Totally emboldened now, I said she should mark some passages and I would buy the book she was reading the next day. Then the crew started honking and hollering, and I had to go. She didn't commit, either way. Next afternoon, when we stopped, Cindy's friend Jackie was in the store.

Jackie was a petite blond, big tits, always dressed like a girly-girl, and was a total prick teaser. Not only a prick teaser, she did her best to interfere with anyone talking to Cindy when she was around. Jackie always had to be the center of attention, and was a real pain in the ass. The crew and I got our stuff, paid, and left. Later, when I got into my sack from the store, I found a small Penthouse Forum tucked into the bottom of the sack. No marked passages, but there was a note that said I should mark what interested me and return the book the next day.

I read the whole thing, cover to cover, and there was some really kinky stuff in there. I thought at the time, people were making this up, or Penthouse was writing stuff just to sell. Little did I know! I marked some pretty vanilla passages, mostly straight exotic diva acquires hot agonorgasmos pornstar hardcore and some blow-jobs, and tucked the little magazine away in my truck.

When we stopped by the store the next day, I made the magazine hand off to Cindy, and found a new Penthouse Forum in the bottom of my sack. This time, there were two marked passages, and Cindy's phone number at home, and at the store. I called that night, and we talked for a while, but with one thing and another, couldn't get together.

Work got really busy, the rig moved, and our hours changed, so I didn't get to see Cindy for several days. One of the crew came to work and told me that the "little red head at the store wants you to call her." I called as soon as I got off work and found a phone, and Cindy had won some tickets to a concert, and did I want to go with her?

Did I? I made some arrangements, got someone else to work for me the next night, and was right on time all natural college blondie samantha rone fucked sweet eighteen and first time pick Cindy up at the Seven-Eleven. Trouble was, Jackie was there, and wanted Cindy to do something else, with her, and I really thought that the concert was down the drain, for a little while.

We finally shook Jackie, and headed for Billy Bob's Texas, about a two hour drive. We did a lot of talking on the way there, and she felt up my dick, had her hands inside my pants, and I felt up her tits, and got my hand on her snatch, so we had to pull over and straighten up before we went into Billy Bob's.

We danced, drank, felt each other up some more, and finally left and found the nearest motel. I don't remember the name of the motel, just that I had Cindy's clothes off about two minutes after we got in the door, and that when I tried to enter her, after some very minimal fore-play, she was the tightest pussy I had ever encountered!

So we did some more fore-play, and I fingered her clit and lips until her lube juices started to flow, and tried again. She was still incredibly tight, and hot. Hotter than I had ever experienced.

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What with the alcohol, and the delayed entry, and whatever, I didn't last very long, was really "quick out of the chute", but Cindy managed to cum twice, anyway, the second one she shuddered and squealed so loud I thought we would probably have someone knocking at the door in a few minutes!

We rested, just holding each other, and I told Cindy I would try to do better the next time.

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She snuggled her butt up against me and assured me that that was the "best she had been done in a long, long, time." Somewhat reassured, I tried to rest for a few minutes, but with Cindy, there was no resting. She took my dick in her soft little hand, and rubbed and jacked and rolled those big titties on me until I couldn't resist, and was hard again. I tried to get her to blow me, but she wouldn't do that. I was disappointed, after all the Penthouse Forum talk, but contented myself with what was at hand, and soon had a raging hard-on, and was fucking Cindy wildly in the missionary position.

Her pussy was just as hot and almost as tight as the first time, but this time, I had one of those beer hard-ons that just wouldn't quit, and fucked her until she squealed and screamed so loud I had to muffle her mouth with a pillow. I finally came, spewing what seemed like a gallon of cum in that hot pussy, and she was moaning into that pillow for ten minutes after we finished.

We slept for a couple of hours, and I woke up with Cindy's nice big butt snuggled up into my dick, which was again semi-hard. A little rubbing against her wet, hairy snatch, and semi-hard became hard, and I slipped into her from behind. She wasn't fully awake, but when I started pumping into her, with a big tit in each hand, she came awake and grabbed a pillow to squeal into.

After that was over, we drifted off again, and didn't wake up until sunlight was coming through the blinds. We jumped into the shower together, and Cindy washed me all over with hot water and motel soap.

I washed her all over too, and would have tried to fuck her in the shower, but she pleaded that she had to make work and was also sore as hell. We got back in the truck, and started driving home. After about forty miles, out of Dallas proper, Cindy started playing with my dick, and got it out of my pants. I was thinking BLOW-JOB, but she would only get down and suck a couple of times, then jack me off some more.

This went on almost a half hour, before she got me off in her hand, and caught the cum in a purloined motel hand towel that she had brought for just that purpose. After the road trip, I managed to get together with Cindy about three or more times a week. We would meet after work, and go out to secluded roads and fuck on a blanket, sometimes to her house, and occasionally to a motel.

Always we would fuck like minks, japanese sweethearts receive wet with vibrator squirting and hardcore Cindy never got any looser in the pussy department. Then she bought some KY jelly, and I started to eat her some before intercourse, and it was a lot easier to get in her. She was always the hottest pussy I was ever into. Even after I started to eat her on a regular basis, (which made her squeal and scream louder than getting fucked), she never would give me a blow-job.

She got where she would suck me hard, then stop and want to fuck, no matter how much I bitched, griped, pleaded, begged or bribed. One night after we had both got off work at 11:00, I picked Cindy up in the local honky-tonk parking lot, where we could leave her car until 2:00 AM without it being noticed, then went out to the lake where there was a spot that no one that didn't know it was there could drive to.

We fooled around in the cab of the truck for a while, and then Cindy wanted to get out where there was more room. For some reason, we threw the blanket over the tailgate of the truck, and I laid Cindy down in the bed so I could stand up and fuck her. We fucked hot and heavy for a few minutes, with Cindy squealing and moaning, as usual.

I pulled her out of the bed, and bent her over the tailgate, because we both liked how much deeper I could get in her from behind. She really liked to be on her knees and be done doggy style, but bent over a tailgate was just as good. Her juices and some KY had run down the crack of her ass, and while I was humping into her, I let my thumb brush over her asshole.

She moaned and squealed, so I rubbed her little brown rosebud with my thumb, rubbing in her slickness and the KY. She moaned louder, so I got the KY tube and squirted a dollop on her little brown pucker, and worked it with my thumb, banging her from behind all the time. I slipped my thumb into her tightest hole, and she went wild, humping back against me and trying to get more dick in busty milf alexis joined quinn in a some fuck pussy and more thumb in her ass.

This went on for a few more pumps, and I pulled my thumb and my dick out. "Get ready" I told her. "No!" she screamed, "I've never done it there!" But it was too late to stop me now, and I had a hard-on that would have done credit to a stud horse. I was at the entrance of her starfish, and then about half in, I hit her inner sphincter. Her ass was tight, and if anything, hotter than her pussy. She had gone silent when I entered her asshole, but when I put enough push into her to get all the way in, she squealed!

"Eeee!" "Unh" I pushed in deeper. "Eeee!" "Unh" I pulled out to the head, then pushed in all the way. "Eeeee, eeeee, eeeeee!" I pushed in, pulled out, and every time I did, Cindy squealed.

Finally, her rosebud got lubed enough with all the KY, and I steadied down to a rhythm, and she was only squealing on the in strokes.

"Do you like this?" I bent over and asked her. "I don't know. It's tight and hot and hurts! You got my asshole cherry, you bastard! Eeeee!" She continued to squeal and I continued to pump in and out of her asshole. She never quit squealing, but soon enough, she started to push back against me, and her rosebud was lubed and slick so I could pump in and out fairly well. I finally came, squirting hot cum deep in Cindy's tight little poop chute, and when I did, she squealed her loudest "Eeeeee!" and shuddered all over as she got her own release.

She told me later that an anal orgasm was more intense than any other, and after that, I believed her. She lay over the tailgate, twitching and shuddering, and I lay over her, with my softening dick still inside her. I couldn't move for about ten minutes or so, after that. Later, as we were driving back to town, Cindy asked that I never fuck her ass when we were in a motel, or at her house. She said that she had to squeal like a pig to enjoy it.

I started calling her my Little Miss Piggy and she would just smile, and never say a word. When I asked her what it felt like, she said, "You feel like a broom stick being shoved up my ass that stretches me out and hits all the right places. Now that you got my cherry, I think Old anty sex with young boy like it." We continued to meet and fuck, and sometimes Cindy would ask me if I wanted to "make me squeal like a pig?" Of course, I always did, and I enjoyed ass-fucking her and she loved to be fucked in the ass.

We also continued to read and discuss Penthouse Forum stuff, and I got the idea I wanted to shave Cindy's pussy. At first, she was against it, but I continued to bring it up, and finally she agreed to try it. I got a new razor, and some shaving crème, and we went to a motel for the night. After a hot shower, I lathered Cindy's crotch up, and while she was lying back on the bed, proceeded to shave her bare.

Her pussy lips pouted wendy whoppers brain surgeon scene with no hairy bush to cover them, and when I had her completely slick, I turned her over and shaved the sparse hairs out of her ass crack. She looked so good, and I got so horny shaving her, that I just had to eat her to several orgasms before I mounted her doggy style and fucked her so hard I was banging her head up against the headboard of the bed.

I kept her shaved bare for a long time, and she enjoyed being shaved, and the aftermath, which was usually a long session of pussy eating. I mostly didn't shave her ass crack again, because if not shaved down regularly, half grown hairs can really be prickly on your dick!

Cindy then got the idea that she wanted to try bondage, and maybe some light S&M. I didn't have a problem with the bondage, so we got some cheapo neckties on sale, and I started to tie Cindy up and gag her before fucking her. I would tie her hands behind her back, or make her kneel and tie her arms behind her legs, and fuck her doggy-style.

Once, I tied her ankles to her bedposts, bent her over and tied her wrists behind her knees, gagged her, and proceeded to lube her up and ass-fuck her in her own bed. (Her kids were gone at the time, and we were both fairly drunk.) We tried several things we read in Penthouse, mostly S&M stuff, and usually Cindy wanted it tried on her. I spanked her ass with my hand, a belt, and a Ping-Pong paddle that she got for us.

Sex doll drills her mistress with a feeldoe, I got another paddle and took the rubber surface off, sanded it smooth, and drilled holes in it. Cindy called that one the "Ass Blisterer". (She really got off on having her ass blistered.) I had to carry a paddle in my truck, because once when we were at the lake, I started spanking her with my hand.

She said it wasn't getting the job done, so I cut a willow limb, and wore her out across her big ass and almost to the back of her knees, then fucked her in the ass. She screamed, howled, squealed, and finally cried. She was wringing wet with sweat, and panting like a steam engine. So was I. Later, she told me it was one of the most intense sex experiences she had ever had, but the welts from the willow rod didn't go down for days.

We went to a sex man assists with hymen examination and shagging of virgin nympho, and got her a set of nipple clamps.

Cindy had nipples that stuck out nearly an inch when aroused, and I found that she liked to have them played with, bitten, (not to hard, just nipped), clamped, and even iced. Her nips really stood up when I would tie her up and rub them with ice cubes.

Later, we found that common clothes pins worked better than her nipple clamps, gripping harder and getting more surface. Even better was a small set of electrical clamps, called "alligator jaws." Cindy said that they felt like I had my teeth on both of her tits and wouldn't let go.

Whatever we tried, and whatever Cindy got done to her, we always looked for something new. The only thing lacking was her reluctance to give a complete blow-job. She just said she didn't want to. I couldn't get any further than that. One night, when I had her tied up, clothes pins on her nipples, and had thoroughly warmed her ass with the ping-pong paddle; I thought she was going to go all the way with sucking my dick.

I stayed in her mouth until I was almost there, but she managed to pull off, and begged me to fuck her tits. I had titty-fucked her a few times, but we both usually preferred me to cum in her ass, or her hot little pussy. That woman had the hottest holes I ever experienced. Anyway, titty-fucking didn't work out to well with her tied and clamped, so I bent her over on the carpet and fucked her ass, after I got it pretty well blistered with the ping-pong paddle again.

She said she didn't sit down for three days. I'll admit I blistered her ass pretty good because of frustration, but she squealed like a pig and enjoyed it anyway. Cindy and I had one serious falling out, and we nearly didn't get back together again. She wanted to try a DP. I didn't want to share my sex experiences with her with another man. I asked how she was going to pull off a DP when she wouldn't suck a dick all the way, and she said that wasn't what she had in mind.

She wanted to be fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time. I was NOT receptive to doing her that way with another man involved. She still refused to give me a complete blow-job, and I was getting more and more obsessed with running my dick down her throat and face fucking her tonsils. So, we had a spat, and parted.