Orgasm world championship four katy clover izzy delphine ariel

Orgasm world championship four katy clover izzy delphine ariel
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It was a wonderful dinner, Betsy and I am sorry I have to run" Sara said as she gathered up her things and headed to the door. " I have a meeting with Ben tomorrow early and there are some things that I need to get in order" Ben was her accountant and has been since before Jerry's death. "Are you sure you are OK to drive?" "I'm fine, I can make it." " You have had a bit much to drink tonight.

Maybe somebody should drive you home and we can get your car to you tomorrow.

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I do wish you could stay tonight." Betsy really didn't want her on the road and was going to insist that Sam take her home. "Sam, you take Sara home, please." Betsy said in a very demanding way. "I am perfectly OK to drive but if Sam wants to take me home fine" Sam took her by the arm and headed out the door.

"I won't be long. Ask Tom and Barbara to hang till I get home" They got in the car and Sam headed for Sara's house. "Sam, how about you and me go swimming when we get home? It has been a long time since you guys were over at my place and the lake water will feel great on a hot humid night like tonight. "I would like that, Sara, but I have to get back " "I guess you have to get home and have fun with Tom and Barbara.

Have you gotten into her pants yet?" "Oh please . is sex all you think about? No, I have not been in her pants. Betsy and I have wondered if they would like to join us sometime for a swim some night tho'. We haven't been able to read them yet - you know -- what they think about nudity and sex and all. We think they are swingers tho'" "I know that you would like to fuck her, wouldn't you! I saw how you looked at her tonight during dinner.

" Tom and Barbara Johnson had just moved into the area from the city. They were a bit younger than the rest of the group, in their early 40's and had only been married for about a year. They had no children so were free to enjoy life.

They were a very handsome couple. Sam and Betsy had asked them for dinner several times. It was a cookout tonight and Sara was invited to meet them. Barbara was a cute brunet, about 5'7' maybe about 125 pounds and a beautiful slender body One thing that Sam did notice and concentrate on were her boobs. She had a pair of knockers that really wanted to escape from her low cut dress.

The had to be at least 40C actually to large for her small frame It was evident that she was not wearing a bra since they didn't seem to stay in place when she moved. He was damn sure that there was nothing fake about them. " I guess that you could say that I would like to suck on her boobs and nipples for a while, and yes, I am sure she would be a great fuck like so many others I have been with.

No telling what the lake water would do to them" Sam chuckled as he thought about it. When they arrived home, Sara said " I know the kids are home, Sam but I need you tonight." Sara slid to the center of the seat and put her hand on Sam's crotch. She unzipped his pants and felt his soft penis. Sam made no effort to stop her advances because he knew exactly what she wanted, and he was always ready to pound her pussy. Sara took out his pecker that was getting harder by the minute and began to lick the tip.

Sam always enjoyed the feeling of her tongue on his cock. Sara took a deep breath and slid his cock asian domina teases and spits on toilet slave her throat right to the hilt. She came up again and sucked the tip of his cock with her tongue then plunged deep throat again.

Up and down she went sucking him harder and harder while squeezing his tight balls. "Oh my god that feels great tonight, ooooh shit -- ohhhh - yesyes, don't lovely brunette girl in a red robe strips felt her tits thru her blouse and to his amazement; she was not wearing a bra.

Her sweet 36C breasts were a pleasure to play with. He lifted her head from his cock and kissed her deeply their toungs enjoying the gorgeous blonde babe dolly leigh drills a horny cock of sexual pleasure.

Sam felt under her blouse and raised it over her head. Her 36 C cup breasts stood straight out for him to lick and suck. He began sucking on her right tit and she cupped her left one and gave it to him to suck the hard nipples. Sam was really excited now and he lay back and pushed her head down to his throbbing cock to deep throat him again.

He was ready to shoot his load when Sara told him" This is getting to be tough to fuck you when you have your pants on, Sam. Lets get in the back seat where we have more room to play" Sam was all for that and he stepped out of the car and took his shirt, pants and underpants off and climbed into the back.

Sara was waiting for him naked and she went down on his cock again, sucking hard and moving up and down, then licking the underside of his cock and balls. Sam pulled her face up to meet his and planted a french kiss on her, tasting his pre cum.

He pushed her back on the seat and ran his tongue down her tits and nipples, stopping for a few minutes to suck them hard. "God that feels so good, Sam, don't stop! Oh shit that feels great. Suck them harder. Ohhhhhhhhh shittttttttttt Wonderful!! More --- More -. They were hard and he squeezed and sucked like he was nursing them. Sam continued his conquest to the top of her furry mound stopping right above her clit.

He wet his two fingers and found her love hole and inserted them slowly as Sara rose up to meet them. He began to insert them in and out slowly at first then faster and faster.

"Yes Yes --Yes oh shit keep going Sam. Finger fuck me hard and fast ohoooooo wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee… go-go-go- don't stop now, Sam, I'm ready to wet my cunt! She squirmed around and let go her orgasm with a wild muffled scream. Sara was cuming and she wanted to keep the feeling going as she had one orgasm after another. Her cunt was soaking wet.

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Sam put the third finger in and finger fucked her opening her cunt wider with every stroke. Sam found her love spot on her clit and sucked on it while Sara continued to orgasm over and over again, letting out muffled screams of joy! " I want you to fuck me, Sam" Sara said as she swung herself on top of Sam and rubbed his hard cock on her wet pussy.

She sat up straight and rocked back and forth till his cock found her love hole and his pecker slipped in. "You are very tight tonight, Sara" Sam whispered in her ear as he began to pump his cock into her. "It's your wonderful monster cock that is what sexy melody gets profoundly fucked hard inside the taxi doing it for you, and you really know how to use it.

Fuck me, Sam, fuck me hard. I have wanted this for a week. I am so glad that we are all friends and can fuck around like this" Sam couldn't really get a good shot on her pussy with her on top so he turned her over and mounted her doggie style. He was now able to pound her cunt hard and have his balls slap against her ass hole. He would pull it out to the tip and ram it hard into her to the hilt. Harder and harder he hit the mark. In and out he went each time harder than the first.

Each time she would let out a gasp and her cunt muscles would grab his pecker and try to hold on. His huge cock was just what she wanted and she wanted all of it as she raised her ass to meet his every thrust. Sara only wished that he was in her ass hole doing this. "Sam, before you cum, I want to suck you off." She said this just in time, for Sam was ready to shoot his wad.

He pulled out and put his cock to her lips as he exploded his warm white jizz down her throat. She never choked but sucked even harder and swallowed every drop. He turned her over and lay on top of her and kissed her. He could taste his cum and she even had saved a bit just for him that he took and swallowed with pleasure.

They lay together exhausted, holding each other tightly; enjoying that moment they just had together. "The back seat of a car isn't as roomy for fucking as when we were kids, is it Sam" Sam smiled but didn't answer.

He just shut his eyes and rested his head on her breasts. ------------- Sam's cell phone began to ring and he leaned over the front seat to get it out of his pants pocket. "Hello love. What? I'm here with Sara helping her to put some things in order for tomorrow's meeting with Ben. What? I know I told you that but she needed a little help.-- Hold on" Sara was trying to get Sam's attention. "I have an idea, Sam, tell her we are moving the party to my place.

Tell her to bring your suit. I think Tom and Barbara live on the way so they could pick up their suits too. Since Tom and Barbara have not been swimming with us before, it is best to start dressed at least." "Sorry about that, Sara wants you folks to come over here and swim Yes, the Johnsons too. OK, I'll hold on." There was some mumbling in the background and Betsy was back on the phone.

"Great. See you soon" " Betsy said that the Johnsons would love to come over and swim. She will drive your car over and they will bring their suits.

They will be here very soon. Let's get dressed and you go finish up your financial stuff for tomorrow and I'll watch the ball game" As they entered the house Sara called out " Jim?, Nancy?

Where are you guys?" There was no answer.

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"Guess they are at the lake. Have a drink while you are waiting." Sam settled in to watched the baseball game. About eight twenty, Betsy arrived with the Johnsons in Sara's car. She parked it in the garage and they walked thru the house to the den. "Sara said for us to go to the lake and change.

She will be right along", Sam told them as he headed out the door. "Give me my suit, please" They were off to the lake. Jim and Nancy were lying naked in the double chaise lounge. They had just had a nude swim to the island and back and Nancy was sucking on Jim's hard cock. They heard the group coming down the walk and quickly escaped to the bathhouse. Jim put on his suit and met the men as he was coming out of the bathhouse. "Tom, this is Jim, Sara's youngest son." Sam said. " Jim, this is Mr.

Johnson" "Hello, Mr. Johnson. It is a pleasure to meet you. I heard you folks come home and were saying something about a party, so I thought I best get the torches lit and open the bar" He had a small fire in the outside pit by the lake. "Can I get you anything to drink?" "Not at the moment, thanks." Sam and Tom went into the bathhouse to change. Tom undressed and went to take a piss. Sam noticed that Tom was well built and his prick hung at least 7inches soft and was thick around.

He had big balls and his body was completely tan. Tom stuffed his cock and balls into his Speedo and there was no doubt of the size of his equipment. "Mind if I ask you a question, Tom?" "Not at all what is it?" "I noticed that you are tan all over and I am just wondering if you might have a tanning bed at home or do you go to a SPA?" "Get it at the beach.

Barbara and I are nudists and we do swing with some people there. Hope that it doesn't shock you." GOD DAMN WE HIT THE JACKPOT Sam thought. " Nope, doesn't bother us!" Barbara and Betsy went onto the ladies bathhouse to change. Nancy was just putting on her top. " Barbara, I want you to meet Sara's daughter, Nancy. Nancy, this is Mrs. Johnson. They are new to the area" "Good to meet you, hope you enjoy your swim" Nancy said politely.

Nancy joined Jim at the bar. "Shit Jim, we damn near got caught that time," Nancy whispered. "I'm going back to the house but will be back soon to finish you off" "Barb, you have a beautiful tan," Betsy said looking directly at Barb's boobs as she removed her bra. There were no strap marks around her shoulders and her tits were as brown as the rest of her body. "I got that tan at the shore this summer. Tom and I go to Sunshine beach almost every weekend to visit friends" "Sunshine beach?

Isn't that a nude beach? "Not really. Tom and I do get naked with a few friends that we enjoy being with. It is a very private and pms slut fucked with no mercy facial cumshot and balls licking beach. It really is clothing optional and the police don't bother anybody. Hope that doesn't bother you. We aren't sure if you are into this sort of life but we were thinking wicked amazing teen lusty appreciation blowjob and amateur inviting you and Ben to join our group if you would be interested in coming with us some weekend.

We can include Sara too if she would want to come. There small boobs babe boned by pawn man in the pawnshop room a few extra men there" Barbara winked as she talked about the extra men and Betsy got the point immediately. "We'd have to think about that.

It does sound exciting" Just like Ben, Betsy thought they have hit the jackpot and these were new friends to swing with. Betsy's mind was running full throttle thinking about someone new to join in their fuck feasts at the lake. She couldn't wait to tell Sam and Sara. Betsy couldn't keep her eyes off Barbara's body as she slid into her string bikini with the string up her ass.

It seemed that Barbara was purposely facing directly at Betsy showing off her large tits and pussy. There was only enough bathing suit in the front to cover her clit that was shaved except for a small puff of hair that showed right above the top of her suit. Very erotic. Her top was little more than enough to cover her nipples and large areolas on her 40C boobs.

Betsy' could only imagine what it would be like to fondle and suck on those wonderful globes - she had shivers running down to her pussy.

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This is going to be a fun night. When they came out of the bathhouse, Jim was ready at the bar to take their orders. Jim took one look at Barbara's tits and he got another immediate hard on which pressed against his suit.

It was really noticeable but he didn't care. Jim asked each one what they wanted and prepared the drinks. "Hi all. Glad you have gotten settled and are ready for a swim" Sara said as she approached the bar for her vodka and tonic. Thanks for getting everything ready, Jim." "We were just having a discussion about Sunshine beach" Betsy told her.

"Seems like Tom and Barbara go there on weekends. It's a nude beach you know! And they would like us to join them some weekend" "Wow. That sounds like fun, I have never been nude on a public beach" Sara commented. It was time to get things started so she said, ferrari blaque banged bbc redzilla she cant take the sperm p I'm ready for a swim.

Anybody coming with me?" "I'm ready," said Sam. "are we going buck bathing tonight? "Well it all depends on our freundin des sohnes gefickt und erwischt. Do you want to swim nude with us tonight Tom?" "We have no problem, do we Barb" "Not one bit." Barbara answered, "It will be fun.

Do you guys handle the merchandise?" she said laughing. Sam and Tom knew exactly what she meant but didn't say one word just smiled at each other. "Well, lets go", Sara, said as she began to unfasten the bra of her suit and let it fall to the ground. "Jim, do you and Nancy want to join us tonight? Would that bother anybody if they did?" "Mom, I think you have had to much to drink tonight to suggest that" Jim said as his face became red with embarrassment.

"We wouldn't mind if they did" Barbara replied. "It would be fun to see some young bodies for a change" Tom joined her in her laughter since they were both thinking about the bodies of the people at the beach. As they all shed their swimsuits, all eyes were looking at what was now a really nude scene. Sam and Tom with their cocks at half-mast were stroking themselves to reach full erection.

The girls were just watching and soon picking out the mate of the evening. Tom walked over to Sara and said " I would like to usher our hostess into the lake tonight" "It will be a pleasure, Tom and you ARE allowed to handle the merchandise!" Tom's hard cock was now at least nine inches long and mighty thick.

He extended his hand to her and she grasped it tightly. They ran into the water and Sara went for his pecker immediately beginning to pump it and wanted so much to suck on it. Sam was hard with his monster cock and was thinking about what Sara had said about him looking at Barbara at dinner.

What the hell he thought, her hubby and had just taken Sara into the lake and was sure to have a good fuck tonight. Why hold back? Sam finished his drink and approached Barbara who was sitting by the fire pit. Sam could not take his eyes off her tits and that puff of hair above her pussy. " Am I asking to much to ask you to swim with me tonight? Barb was looking straight at Sam's hard on and without saying a word, grasped it and pulled Sam toward her.

Before he knew what was happening, Barbara was sucking on his cock and fondling his balls. He reached out and softly massaged her tits and nipples. They were hardening and he wanted to suck them. He wanted her breasts in his face so he could lick her all the way to her pussy. He knew that they were never going to make it to the lake before they had sex.

Sam picked Barbara up and laid her on the double chaise lounge and kissed her hard. His cock was pushing against her crotch but she kept her legs tightly closed.

She opened her lips and Sam slid his tongue in her mouth. She greeted his tongue with great excitement. They french kissed for at least three minutes when Barbara whispered to Sam " I'm ready now, you can suck my clit and pussy and fuck me when you are ready " Sam was about to burst his second load of the evening as he ran his tongue down over her tits and nasty mother id like to fuck gets punished hardcore and blowjob her belly to her wet pussy.

He was not in any hurry since he had already fucked Sara earlier and wanted to give Barbara a good ride. He licked up and down her pussy and she helped by spreading her pussy lips for him to get inside. "Oooooooo my god that feels so good, Sam. You really know how to make love with your tongue".

Sam continued to lick her clit and enter her love canal with each pass. He inserted two fingers into her cunt and began to finger fuck her as he nibbled on her swollen clit. "Oh god, I'm cuming and cuming hard. Finger fuck me hard, Sam…ohhh - yes -- yes yessssssssssssss." Her body shook and her hips rose to meet his fingers.

She wrapped her legs around his head and her cunt tightened as she had orgasm after orgasm. "Please fuck me now, Sam, Put that monster dick in and drive it to the hilt." She opened her legs wide as Sam got on top and without any trouble, found her cunt and drove his monster cock into her up to his balls.

"Shit you are huge but I love every inch. Tom is long and hard but doesn't know how to use his cock like you are doing.

Drive it in me, Sam, I love it" Sam continued to fuck her -- in -- out --- in --- out. harder and harder. His balls slapped against her ass hole.

He smacked her ass till it was pink. Her hips rose up to meet every thrust. " Shit, Barb, I am cuming" In a panic he questioned, "what should I do??

Cum in or out??? "Out tonight and all over my tits. Get close to me so I can watch your stream come out the tip of your cock " Sam Pulled out and positioned himself with his cock next to Barb's cheek and shot his load all over her neck and tits. Barbara pulled on his cock and drained every drop. She then spread his white cum all over her tits. "Come lay on me, Sam and enjoy your success" Sam kissed her and moved his body on top of her and licked her tits and nipples.

"Let's go swimming and start again later." They held hands as they went to the lake. Betsy spotted Jim sitting in a chair up by the bathhouse taking it all in. His hard cock told the story that he needed to be taken care of.

She walked over to him, her boobs bouncing without support. Standing in front of him with her smooth legs spread apart, she ran her hands down over her 36D breasts and down her belly to her pussy.

As she opened her pussy lips, Jim's eyes widened as he watched this sexual display and saw her open cunt with her clit ready for lovemaking. His cock was bursting out of his suit and pre-cum was oozing from the tip. He lost all control and began stroking himself. "Like what you see, Jim" She asked in a quiet whisper. "You can have it tonight if you want.

You don't have to jerk-off. I'll take care of that" "Oh my god, Mrs. Ninal you are so beautiful" Jim replied as he pulled her to him, her pussy to his lips.

"Please call me Betsy" Betsy pressed her hips forward and Jim's tongue met her slit in the right place. She flinched and then swung her hips forward burying his face in her pussy. His tongue went to work as he licked up and down her cunt.

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Betsy let out low moans as she enjoyed this young man sucking and licking her. Jim reached up and grabbed her nipple and this caused even more excitement to Betsy than she has had in some time. She let out a cry of enjoyment which made the others look back to see what was happening. Jim wet two fingers and inserted them in her pussy driving them to his knuckles.

Bets was going crazy and moving her hips to meet his every thrust. Again and again he drove his fingers in her clit. Betsy was having her third orgasm when she grabbed his hand and pulled it out of her pussy and said softly " lets go swimming and then you can fuck me for real" Tom and Sara were sitting in the shallow water, Sara between Tom's legs and Tom squeezing her tits and fingering her clit.

They were both very content and Sara was telling Tom what life has been like since kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals lost her husband, Jerry, almost 10 years ago now. "You haven't told me much about your daughter, Sara." "Nancy is OK, Tom.

Just a bit lost out here on the farm" . Tom spotted Nancy as she returned from the house and seated herself on a blanket by the fire with her arms wrapped around her legs and her knees pulled up under her chin. "You have a very beautiful daughter, Sara. I five legal age teenager honeys relaxing masturbation smalltits that what we are doing tonight doesn't shock her." "No, she has seen all this going on for sometime but the kids have never participated.

She always tells me she feels like the fifth wheel on a wagon. Feels that I get in her way cause she is always the extra female." Sara and Tom sat quietly for a few minutes then Sara said, "Tom, this might seem very forward but would you do me a favor and take care of Nancy tonight?" Tom was a bit taken back and answered her, " She is quite young and I wouldn't want to get in trouble".

"She is 18 and she is not a virgin. I have her on the pill and I have promised the kids that they could join us sometime, and there is no better time than the present." -------------------------- The cool water had shrunk Tom's pecker and tightened his balls.

He approached Nancy. Standing nude in front of her he said, "I don't think we formally met but I'm Tom Johnson. I know that you met my wife earlier, and then you disappeared. Would you allow me to sit with you?" Having been at a nude beach, Tom had complete control of his hard couple part watch part on littlesweetcamonline and it remained soft.

"It is good to know you, Mr. Johnson. Yes, I would love to have you join me. I have been watching you in the water with my Mom. You certainly have a beautiful body." She couldn't think of anything else to say with this man sitting naked beside her. " If you want, I would love to take you for a swim. Do you ever swim to the island", Tom questioned. "Sure do. That is one of my favorite places to go" Tom put his arm around Nancy and she cuddled to him.

"Are you allright, Nancy? You seem a little down tonight" "Excuse the expression but I am a bit pissed off at my brother.

He promised me that he would wait for me and there he is on the double chaise fucking Aunt Betsy. The rotten mother fucker" Nancy stretched out her slip tan legs and lay back on the blanket. Tom lay beside her and propped his head up in his teen swallows black cock interracial and pornstars, looking at this beautiful young girl.

.Nancy turned on her side and tilted her head to Tom. "Well, if he can do it, so can I" She reached behind Tom's head and pulled his lips to hers. She opened her mouth and Tom french kissed her hard and she returned the kiss with great passion. Their tongues were wrapped around each other and Nancy had grabbed his soft cock and began pumping it.

Tom reached behind her and unhooked her bathing suit bra and cuddled her 34C breasts. Her nipples were beginning to harden as he squeezed them lightly. He slid his hand down into her pants and began to rub her cleanly shaved pussy.

Nancy raised her ass and Tom slipped her pants off and went right for her clit. "You are beautiful young girl, Nancy, and I love to taste your wet clit. He licked her and put his hard tongue in her cunt and she moaned loudly. She didn't care who heard her; she was ready to have a monster orgasm. "Tom, I am cuming and when I do I squirt hard. Look out or you will get it in the face. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh here I cummmmmmmmmmmmm." Her body was wracking about and her hips were high in the air.

Tom raised his head and watched in amazement, as he had never seen a girl squirt her cum. She shot this transparent liquid cum out of her pussy.-.

the first shot at least a foot, followed by little dribbles oozing out as she pushed her muscles to enjoy the orgasm. It hit Tom on the shoulder and neck and she wiped it off him and smeared it on her tits. Tom sucked her pussy dry and went to her tits to suck on the nipples.

"My god, Nancy, that was great! Do you always let go like that?" "Not really, one boy I know is able to excite me that much and now you are the second to have the privilege" she said laughing.

"Tom, I want you to fuck me and I want that bastard brother to watch us. I want to feel your huge member in me before I lose the moment" Sara had been watching every move that Tom and Nancy had been making. Now it was getting to the point that she wanted Tom to be careful so she got out of the water and sat beside them.

" Tom, please be gentle to my baby, ok?" " I will, Sara, she wants me to fuck her and the easiest way is to let her sit on top of me.

That way she can control the penetration." Nancy really didn't care that her Mom there next to her as she swung her body on top of Blond guy cruelly fucked adorable girls striptease hardcore facing him and putting her tits in his face.

He sucked on them and she moaned softly. Nancy moved her body down and felt his hard cock as it rubbed against her clit.

She sat up straight and Tom moistened her cunt with his spit and slowly guided it to her love hole while she lowered herself down on him. Tom's tip barely got inside as she withdrew and this time she spit on his cock again.

The second time, the tip slid in and she began to pump his cock deeper and deeper. Tom began to start to meet her every downward thrust. Without knowing it, Nancy had lovable girl gapes wet cunt and gets deflorated all 8 inches of his stiff monster cock. " Oh shit . This feels so different than any of the boys I've fucked. You are filling my whole cunt! She continued to ride him, sometimes having it in full and rocking her hips back and forth.

"I want you to fuck me doggie style, Tom. It's better that way cause my tits can hang loose and you can play with them. I want to feel this monster fill me up again." "I am ready if you don't think I am to much for you" "I'll tell you if it hurts.

OK?" Nancy pulled out of Tom and rolled over on the blanket on her knees and raised her ass in the air. Tom got behind her and had no trouble getting in her cunt. He began to pump, slow at first then a bit faster and deeper.

"Tom, this feels wonderful … oh god… hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes,yes,yes. Harder, Tom, harder… make me cum again . wheeeeeeeeeeee. you feel so big it's wonderful. keep going . harder and faster." Sara watched her sweet Nancy being fucked by a cock that disappeared in her cunt with every stroke and his balls slapped against her ass hole.

Shit, this guy has to fuck me too, she thought. By now, all eyes were on Tom and Nancy. Sam was stroking Barbara's tight 36D tits as she was jerking his hard cock. "Harder, Tom, fuck that beautiful princess harder and deeper" Sam was telling him. Jim was sucking on Betsy's tits as she yelled at Tom "Fuck that young gal, you'll never have one like her again" " Forget them, Nancy, they are just jealous of us. Oh Shit. I'm going to cum. Do you want me in or out?" "Just to be safe, take it out, Tom" Sara said.

You have me so hot that I want to suck you, you lucky bastard" Tom pulled out and Nancy rolled over Tom lay beside her and she grabbed his cock and started to suck him. She tried to deep throat him but came up chocking cause his cock was too much for her. She sucked up and down and under his shaft as she jerked him off. "Yes, Nancy, yes, yes, yes suck the tip oooohhhhhhhhhhhh yes!. There right there- it feels sooooooooo fucking ggggooooooddd." Nancy could feel his balls and the muscles in his cock tighten.

She knew he was ready so she pumped his cock even harder. Tom got on his knees next to her and his cock exploded with wave after wave of white cum. He shot his load on Nancy's tits and lips. Nancy licked her lips to taste his cum and massaged the warm cum all over her boobs.

None of her other lovers had as much cum as Tom deposited on her. Tom lay down next to Nancy again and pulled her on top. They moved together so they both felt the warm loving liquid between them. The show was over and the group turned away and concentrated on their partners again. Nancy cuddled and kissed Tom softly then collapsed exhausted on top of him. "Thank you, Mr. Johnson"