Bi chaps and their cute pretty gf

Bi chaps and their cute pretty gf
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He was my object of affection. The one that I masturbated about every night and morning. The one that sent tingles to my pussy when ever he leant over me or brushed up against me.

I so desperately wanted him but I never knew how to get him. Many days at the office were spent in day dreams of me and him fucking in every position, on every space in the building. Often coursing me to get very wet, and making me make frequent visits to the restroom for some immediate relief. He was a beautiful man, 6ft, shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. With a great body to match.

He definitely looked after him self and all the females in the office appreciated the eye candy. But sadly to me he was off limits, as he was my best friends brother, and that was the only rule we had don't fuck family members. I was still free to dream though. It was a long weekend this weekend. Carey had invited me to spend it with her at their cabin.

I couldn't wait, finally sometime out of this hell hole. She would be picking me up about 6ish on Friday night and then we would be off. Friday rolled around and I was excited to finally be getting some R&R. Work was the usual but I noticed that Luke wasn't at work and I wondered why, deciding to ask Carey what was up when she picked me up.

Once home everything was packed, so deciding to have a glass of wine to wait. Time went quickly and was nearing 6:30. I had already drunk half a bottle and was feeling kind of horny. Maybe I could get in a little play time before Carey strong fuck with one massive dong I thought.

So pulling up my skirt and pushing aside my thong. I started to feel really good, my pussy starting to get very wet. Looking around the only thing that I could find big and long was the wine bottle. Spitting and licking the neck, getting it lubed enough for my pussy. I felt myself get more wet, I'd never had anything like this in me, but I knew it was gonna feel great.

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Pushing the top into me, my pussy started to adjust to the size, so I inched more and more into me. Before I knew it I had sexy blindfolded y squirt wife gilf shared half of the neck in me and it was feeling so good, pumping in and out of me.

Just then my phone started to vibrate against my ass. Grabbing it and putting it where the bottle was entering me, made me moan and scream. Carey was ringing so I knew the vibration would keep going and make me cum.

Suddenly out of no where I started to pee all over the bottle, making me cum hard and loud. " Hay Care" " Hay girl, sorry I'm late ill be there in 5" Gee that was close I thought as I hung up the phone. For some reason I couldn't help myself, I wanted to taste my pussy juice. To my amazement I loved it and wanted more. Ending in me licking and sucking the bottle neck clean. Cleaning up a little and discarding my thong I was waiting at the door way as Carey was driving up the drive.

"Finally lol" We were finally on our way and the 2 hour trip was spent mostly talking about who we had fucked, how we had fucked and where. Pulling up to the cabin there were two other cars there. I must have had a confused look on my face. "Aww yeh, Mum, Dad and Luke are up for the weekend as well" Carey laughed as she got out of the car. "Hay Care. Hay Mel. How was the trip up?? You guys are late we were expecting you earlier" "Sorry Mum had some errands to run before I left" We settled in nicely, eating some dinner and then relaxing on the deck for a few quiet ones.

Careys Mum and Dad were telling me of their plans for the weekend, asking if I would like to go. Hiking wasn't really my thing and now that I knew that Luke was here I would much rather stay and perv at him all day. So I kindly declined. Carey and I carried on drinking and reminiscing when every one went to bed. Causing both of us to have a very bad hang over in the morning. I was woken with the smell of bacon wafting into my nose. Crawling out of bed I was greeted by Luke who was cooking in nothing more then boxers.

Drooling over his body while getting me some coffee. I was quickly snapped back to reality. "So how was yah sleep Mel?" "Great I love coming up here it's so peaceful" "Is Care still asleep?" "Yeh she's had a hard week, and was downing them faster then I was." We both laughed as I sat at the breakfast bar.

"I'm going for a swim after brekky, wanna join me?" "Um sure" Getting another eyeful of him before eating. He was already in the water when I came out. I could see him in the distance just bobbing in the middle of the sea. Dropping my towel and heading in. I was sporting my new bikini, a black thong with a triangle that just covered my slit, and a top that was really just two triangles and string. It made me feel so sexy. I swam right up behind Luke, he only noticed when my head popped up an I splashed him.

Quickly turning around he had a shocked look on his face. "Aw hay Mel, you scared me" "Sorry" As I swam closer. Just then a wave pushed me onto him. I then realised what he was doing. It was thick long and hard and it poked me in xxx vidos black guy and giral thigh. "Shit sorry Luke" Trying to back away blonde bondage fetish bdsm babe nailed rough him.

But he held me pulling me tighter to him, making his cock slip between my thighs. Finally after so long I was going to get what I always wanted and dreamed of, his cock deep in my pussy.

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The waves were still pushing us together so I tightened my thighs around his cock and pushed my bottoms to the side. It felt so good his cock running through my slit and rubbing my very hard clit, and by the look on his face he was loving the feeling too.

How I wished that it was sliding into my pussy though. His hand were exploring my body as were mine to his. When the next wave hit us, my top had been moved exposing my right tit. The cold water made my nipples hard and made me shiver. Immediately Lukes mouth was devouring it like a hungry baby. He flicked his tongue over the tip of my nipple and it sent more shivers straight to my hot spot.

"Mmmm you taste good Mel" "Wish I could taste more of you" As he slipped a finger into my ass. That did it I had to have him. Parting my legs and pushing away from him a bit, I undid my bottoms and let them float to the top.

Stroking his cock a little bit more I felt his hand cup my pussy and slide his finger deep in my hole. "Mmmm a perfect shaven pussy. I cant wait to taste you later." I was hungry for cock, but my pussy was in more need.

When the next wave hit I was ready. My legs were already wrapped around him and my ass was bobbing above his cock as it slid up and down my crack. Holding his shoulders I positioned myself so he was at the entrance of my hole and pushed down. "Oh my fucken god Mel" "Ride me" I was in heaven his cock was huge and my pussy was adjusting to the size it felt so good to have him finally and didn't want to let him go.

He was flicking my nipples and rubbing them between his fingers sending more tingles all over my body. Pulling him close I wanted this fucking session to last forever but because he was so close to cumming naughty babe lennox luxe makes a cock cum in public I surprised him he wasn't going to last much longer.

As his thick shaft entered me I felt a finger pushing at my ass. He had an expression on his face to ask permission, so taking control I just pushed back onto it. Having any attention on my ass always increased my orgasm and he was working his finger perfectly.

Not pushing it in and out but more exploring my shitter pushing against his cock every time he thrusted in. We were both in pure pleasure. So when he leant in and bit me my pussy started to spasm in the greatest orgasm I have ever had. "Cum for me you beautiful girl. Your pussy feels so fucken good around my cock" I loved to moan it always added to the pleasure. Knowing that I could scream was even better. Moaning and screaming I continued to grind on his cock. "I'm gonna cum Mel" "Cum in my pussy Luke.

I wanna feel you cum" " Oh my fucken goooooooooooodddddddddddd" When he came in me though it made my orgasm continue. Making me scream even more it was the best sex I had had to date but I was hoping to top it later. As my back was to the beach when I looked at Luke his face had changed he was uneasy and tense.

Turning around Carey was standing there waving at us and calling out. Kissing him once more before turning and swimming back to the beach. I was still feeling pretty good. As I got closer to the beach Carey pulled something from behind her back, it was bottoms and she had a very pissed off look on her face. She wasn't as pissed off as I thought she was though and I would soon find out how she really felt.

To be continued