Two horny babes pleasure a throbbing rod pornstars brunette

Two horny babes pleasure a throbbing rod pornstars brunette
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Now that he was a teenager, Tom was becoming more aware of the beauties of the opposite sex. He had been having erections and wet dreams for some time now and had found out, what seemed an eternity ago, how to pleasure himself. But now he wanted more, he wanted to know what it felt like to have someone else touching his cock.

He wanted to know how it felt to have a mouth sucking on him as he had read about in the magazines he had found in his Father's room. And more than all of that, he wanted to know how it felt to touch a woman or even to just see one fully naked, for real. Tom attended an all boys school and as such, his contact with females, especially those his age were limited. The only females he knew were his Mother and Sister and as his hormones raged out of control he found himself becoming more and more aware of them sexually.

One of his favourite things to do was to go into the bathroom after his 16 year old Sister had taken her bath and search through the laundry basket for her dirty knickers. He had done this for the first time quite by accident. He had gone into the bathroom and while there saw the pink cotton knickers of Emma, laying on top of the pile of clothing.

He vividly remembers his young cock twitching in his trousers as he picked them up and held them in his hands. They felt so cool and thin in stark contrast to his own underwear. He remembers putting them to his nose and sniffing in the aroma of his Sister's pussy. The smell was like nectar to a bee and he had felt his busty tattooed babe in real gangbang fuckparty and groupsex responding immediately as he pressed the soft material to his face.

He wasn't sure why they had the effect on him that they did. He didn't think of his Sister in a sexual way, at least not at this time but the smell of her recently worn knickers had lit a spark inside his teenage body. This continued for some time, every night after Emma's bath Tom would lock himself in the bathroom and take her knickers from the basket.

On some occasions he would be lucky enough to find a small wet patch in them and he would lick at it and hold it hard against his nose, taking in the gorgeous smell. This had added a whole new dimension to his masturbatory habits, he loved to feel Emma's knickers wrapped around his hard cock. As he sat on the edge of the bath he would slowly rub the thin material up and down his glans until he could feel himself about to cum. At the point of ejaculation he would aim his cock head at the gusset of his Sister's knickers and try to imagine her pussy pressed into them.

Not that he knew what Emma's pussy looked like. And this was becoming something that he desperately wanted to find out. He knew that Emma had some pubic hair, he often saw the odd stray black hair as he inspected her knickers but he was determined to find out just how her most intimate body part looked.

This was when he had the idea of spying on her properly. Tom's bedroom was adjacent to the bathroom and he figured that if he could somehow make a hole in the wall, he would be able to look inside and watch Emma as she undressed and bathed.

One afternoon, while everyone was out, he found in the garage a hand drill in his Father's toolbox. He entered the bathroom and found a spot on the wall where he was fairly confident it wouldn't be spotted and would allow him to see most of the bathroom.

After about twenty minutes he had managed to drill a hole through to his bedroom and after a quick clear up ran next door to see how it looked. Tom was so happy to see that his plan had worked perfectly, the hole allowed him unobstructed access to almost all of the bathroom and toilet. He spent the rest of the day eagerly anticipating the fun that he was about to have.

As soon as Tom heard his family return home he turned out his light and positioned himself at the hole in the wall. He didn't have long to wait for the bathroom light to be switched on and as he peered inside he saw, to his delight, that it was Emma. He watched in silence as his Sister unzipped her jeans and pulled them and her white knickers down, before sitting on the toilet. Tom's heart was thumping against his chest as he peered inside the bathroom and his cock was straining at his jeans so he unzipped himself and pulled it out and stroked it up and down.

His view of Pms slut fucked with no mercy facial cumshot and balls licking on the toilet was side on so he was unable to actually see her peeing or even to get a proper look at her pussy from this angle but he didn't care. This was the most erotic thing he had seen in his young life and as Emma stood up after wiping herself he could contain himself no longer.

His fingers gripped his cock tight as he felt his balls tighten and he shot out a long string of creamy, white cum onto the carpet near his feet.

He watched as Emma stood up and pulled her knickers and jeans back up, flushed the toilet and left the bathroom.

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That evening at dinner Tom couldn't get the vision of Emma sitting on the toilet out of his mind. As they ate, he constantly looked over at her and remembered how cute and unaware she had been of his spying. He looked at her pretty young face and her long black hair and he noticed, for the first time, her sweet, sexy smile. After finishing his dinner he retired to his bedroom and laid down on his bed.

His mind was flying off in all different directions as he thought about how amazing his plan had worked out. He must have drifted off to sleep because he was shaken from his slumber by the sounds of movement coming from the hallway. He heard his Mother talking to Emma and his cock stirred in his trousers as he heard Emma saying that she was going to run a bath. His heart immediately began to thump against his chest again and he tried to take deep breaths to calm himself down.

He rose from his bed and quickly undressed, throwing his clothes in a pile on the floor. He stood, naked, at the hole in the first time brazzers porn star anal porn movie resisting the temptation to touch his cock which had become hard with the anticipation of finally seeing his Sister naked. As he peered through the wall he saw Emma enter the bathroom and turn the taps on to run her bath. She was still dressed in the top and jeans she had worn earlier but as she bent over the bath he noticed the curves of her tight, young body.

The gray top she wore clung tightly to her breasts and her jeans were tight against her small, cute ass. He watched in mesmerized silence as his Sister, totally unaware of the invasion to her privacy, added the bath salts and prepared herself. When Emma was happy that her bath was ready she turned off the water and turned to face the wall so that she was directly in Tom's eyeline.

He watched intently as Emma removed her top to reveal her white bra underneath. Next she removed her socks and jeans until she was standing in just her underwear.

Tom's breathing was becoming erratic as he struggled to control his heart rate, never before had he been so aroused. His cock was rock hard and touching the wall as Tom pressed against it, daring not to make a sound. His eyes grew wider and he thought he was about to have a heart attack as he watched his beautiful young Sister reach behind her back and unclip her bra. As small titted amateur mom playing with herself hq mp4 xxx vid slipped it from her shoulders and dropped it in the laundry basket Tom let out a sigh, which sounded so loud in the quietness of his room.

He stared at Emma's gorgeous naked breasts, they looked so big and round to him, and he loved how her nipples were hard and poking out proudly. Blissfully unaware of her Brother's spying, Emma slipped her knickers off and revealed her complete nakedness to his young, eager eyes. Tom was in heaven now as he stared at Emma's gorgeous, sexy, black triangle of pubic hair. Her body was perfect to him. It was everything he had expected and more.

Up to this point the only naked women he had seen had been in magazines but here, now, was a real naked girl, standing only a few feet away from him. He loved the curves of her breasts, he loved how big her nipples looked, he loved her cute flat tummy but more than anything else he adored the sight of her pubic hair even though it obstructed his view of her pussy. He couldn't resist the temptation any longer to grasp his cock in his hand.

He was so turned on by what he was seeing, his cock was twitching in anticipation. As he watched Emma turn away and he saw her cute, tight ass as she bent over to feel the temperature of the water he placed his fingers around his throbbing cock. An amazing feeling flowed through his body as he stroked himself and within seconds he was ejaculating his creamy cum. His orgasm had taken him by surprise, he hadn't expected to cum so soon but he was so aroused by watching Emma he couldn't control himself.

Normally, after an ejaculation, Tom would be satisfied but this time he realised that his cock wasn't softening, it was still as hard as before and sticking out from his body. He stayed in position and continued to stare into the bathroom where Emma had gotten into the bath by now and was laying back in the water.

He watched in silence as Emma washed herself, he couldn't see into the tub but he could still see his Sister's beautiful firm tits.

He watched intently as she continued to wash, totally oblivious to her Brother. After a while, Emma changed position in the bath so that she was on her knees in the water. Tom's eyes were wide as he saw her wet, dark pubic hair as she placed the shower attachment over the taps.

She tested the water, trying to get the temperature right before leaning back slightly and letting the jets of water flow onto her pussy. Tom wasn't aware of first what it was Emma was doing. He assumed that she was merely washing herself off with the shower but she kept it there for a longer time than necessary. It was only when he saw her closing her eyes and throwing her head back slightly that he realised she was somehow enjoying the sensations of the water hitting her pussy.

He knew nothing of the female anatomy and didn't know how Emma was finding this so enjoyable but he loved seeing his big Sister finding it pleasurable. He watched in wide eyed delirium as Emma put her free hand onto her pussy and rubbed it as the water hit her clit.

Tom took hold of his still stiff cock and stroked it up and down as Emma threw her head back and let out a cry of ecstasy and her body convulsed, as her orgasm hit in spasms, sending her weak at the knees.

She held her hand tight between her legs as the water continued to pound her clit and wave after wave of pleasure shook through her body. Her face was a picture of excitement and pleasure, all flushed with a glow of pure satisfaction.

As Tom stroked his cock he could feel his balls tightening and for the second time he shot out a string of cum onto the floor. He watched Emma as she let the shower attachment fall into the bath and he could see her breasts rising and falling as she took deep breaths, coming down from the high of her own orgasm. She lay back down in the bath and rested there for ten minutes or so, occasionally two horny schoolmates having sex on red couch herself with a sponge before rising out of the water and wrapping a large bath towel around her body.

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Tom was disappointed that the show was over but he was excited by what he had seen. His first naked girl had been his Sister. He was determined that this was going to be just the beginning of many new exciting adventures. If you liked this story let me know and I can write more. If you didn't like it then let me know and I won't write again. Thanks for reading.