Savoring beautys luscious fur pie hardcore and blowjob

Savoring beautys luscious fur pie hardcore and blowjob
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Samone's fantasy. Those of you that have read my other stories know that my sister and I were raped by my father a few months after our mother died, due to his drinking and loneliness. In other words, he was a horny drunk.

What follows is a fantasy of mine that I wish had of happened in those years. About a year after my father started raping my sister and I, my mother's sister came to visit. My sister, Trish and I were very happy to see her.

We had just about been cut off from the outside world since mom died. We seem to be outcast to the others at school and our father didn't like us going out at night. He wanted us to be ready for sex when he got home after a night out drinking.

I'm sure that Tani could tell we were very happy to see her. I dont think my father was so happy. I think he was afraid that we would tell her about the sex he forced on us. Aunt Tani worked around the house, as it had been a year since anyone was here to lizz tayler gets penetrated in various positions cleaning, as Trish and I went to school. Our father would go to work and then afterwards go to a bar to visit with his friends.

When Trish and I got home from school, we were so overjoyed to be able to talk to someone besides ourselves. I feel aunt Tani could see how happy we were. We told her all that went on in school and I think to make it sound like we were so happy, we may have made up some things. We were like this until our father got home. Then things got quite. I'm sure aunt Tani could see this. This went on for about a week and aunt Tani came to us and said she needed to have a talk with us about our father.

She told us she could see a difference with us when he was around. Both Trish and I lowered our heads and got quite.

Aunt Tani could see we didn't want to talk, but she kept on asking. After a while Trish opened up a little.

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"Aunt Tani, sometimes dad gets mean when he has been drinking, and we are afraid around him. He has been okay since you have been here, but we are still afraid." "What does he do to you? How is he mean to you? Is it verbal abuse, or physical abuse? Does he strike you?" Again we didn't want to tell of our abuse. "Dam it girls. Do I have to ask him what he is doing?" Trish and I both yelled at the same time. "No aunt Tani. Dont do that." I told her that we dont discuss these things.

It was awhile until she spoke. "Samone. Is your father abusing you sexually?" We both lowered our heads. "That son-of-a-bitch. What has he been doing? Tell me now."Trish meekly said, "he raped us.

Both of us while we were virgins" "Holly Mother of God. How long has this been going on?" By then I was getting angry. I started screaming, "since mamma died.

Every night he would rape one of us. And that's not all. He would cum in us and then make the other suck his cum out to keep us from getting pregnant. Every night. But not since you are here as I calmed down." "Holy shit.

That wont keep you from getting pregnant. You girls are lucky. Maybe he cant get anyone pregnant" No aunt Tani. We went to the drug store and got both of us birth control pills. We are safe." "I will have to think this through. I'm not sure what the best action will be. I do know that we will make room for both of you girls to sleep in my bed with me to start with. We will get a kitchen knife to take to bed." This is all aunt Tani could think of right then. If we went to the police, first thing they would want to know is why we didn't come forward sooner.

It would be hard to explain why we let him screw us for a year and not say anything. It would be disgraceful and a very public trial, that would put all of us in the lime light and the talk of the town. We decided to put that on hold for awhile.

Trish and I did move into aunt Tani's bed and we felt more at ease to know she knew what was going on and would be there to protect us.

Teens feast on healty cock ass blowjob dad learned of this, it was very apparent he didn't like it. He did some stomping around screaming and cussing, and the next night when he came home, he had been drinking much more than usual. As soon as aunt Tani saw him, she sent us right to bed.

We closed the door, but we could hear some screaming, but we couldn't understand what was being said. A little later aunt Tani came to bed. She gathered Trish and I close to her, put her arms around us and made us feel safe. "It okay girls. I think we will be safe." As she pulled us closer and put her arms around us, she noticed we both only had on panties. She didn't say anything, but I knew she was wondering. That night I had the best sleep I had in a long time. No raping, no pain, no screaming, but there was also no cleaning up each other's naughty petite babe zoe parker gets a spectacular fuck filled pussy.

I didn't feel the closeness I felt with Trish. I had mixed feelings over this. The next night all of us went to bed before dad got home. We were not ready for sleep, so we talked a little. We told aunt Tani that we were so happy she was here to protect us, but we had an empty feeling.

When she inquired as to what it was, I spoke up and said that Trish and I were use to making love after dad screwed us each night. He made us lick the others pussy and get the cum out and this got us excited. It felt so good to have Trish's tongue inside me getting out all of dad's cum.

It was soothing to the soreness dad's cock would give us. We got to where if dad didn't come in and rape one of us, we still had oral sex with each other.

It made us feel closer and made us feel a need for each other. "Aunt Tani, can you understand what we are saying?" She pulled me close, put her lips on my neck and whispered "yes child.

I know the feeling. I dont know how you are going to take this, but your mother and I felt the same way with each other. We felt no one wanted us, treated us badly, and thought that everyone wanted us gone from their life.

We naturally came together to share the closeness you and Trish share. I dont think we would have made in it in life if we didn't share an incestuous relationship. I though what we did was wrong, but as I see you and Trish doing the same thing to survive, I understand what happened to your mother and I." She pulled me closer and let her hand gently run over my hard nipple.

I moved my hand behind me and took Trish's hand and brought it to my other nipple. I raised my head and let my tongue move over aunt Tani's lips. Her hand left my breast and with both hands held my head as her tongue invaded my mouth. Our eve angels sexy tits scene manuel bengochea danced in and out devouring each other. Trish saw what was going on and she pinched the nipple she was attending, as she knew this would make me start creaming.

She reached over and grabbed aunt Tani's big breast and started massaging. This was getting aunt Tani hot and bothered. Me swapping tongues with her and Trish massaging her breast.

She pulled back from my kisses, pulled down her panties, screamed for someone to set on her face. Trish had her panties off in a flash and turned to set on aunt Tani's face. I knew from experience that Trish's cunt would be dripping wet. I could hear the slurping from between her legs. I wanted more kissing, so I went to Trish. I missed her kisses these past few days. We were experts at what the other liked.

We were moaning as we kissed and aunt Tani was moaning under Trish's soaking wet pussy. I knew it wouldn't take Trish long until her cum would be flowing. As she pulled away from my kiss, she started her screech.

I knew it was here and I used this break to move to aunt Tani's pussy.

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Wow. I could smell the aroma. It was different from Trish's smell. I was so exciting and I couldn't wait to get a taste. As my tongue met with her hairy pussy, it was so wet. I started devouring it.

My tongue was everywhere. Her juices were everywhere. They went all the way to her asshole and my tongue followed after it. I was not going to waste any pussy juice. My tongue went to her clit, and it was a monster. I think it was 2 inches long. I spent lots of time sucking on that lovely. I had to run a few fingers in and pull out more cum to put in my mouth for the taste. Aunt Tani's ass was bouncing up and down. I knew what Trish liked when she started that. She had a virgin asshole and I didn't know about aunt Tani's.

She was older so in went two fingers as Trish like one finger. I had two fingers in her pussy and I was sucking on her clit like a baby sucks on it's moms tit. Two fingers in her asshole going in and out like the fingers in her pussy, she froze and tighten all her holes and her cum came gushing out. I tried to gather all I could but Trish shoved me over and licked all she could.

Aunt Tani had a long and hard climax. As she was coming down, she hollered, "get those fingers out of my virgin asshole." I pulled them out, but I'll bet they had something to do with her earth shaking climax. So everyone had a climax with the exception of Samone. Both of them knew this and slowly shoved me back on the bed. Aunt Tani started on my breast. Sucking and licking one and massaging the other.

Trish had her head between my legs with my knees on her shoulders. She knew what I liked and needed. I was wet from all that had gone on tonight and Trish just shoved her whole face into my hairy twat. All my hair was wet and she was licking and sucking my hair. Her tongue checked out my pucker hole and it was wet.

This allowed her tongue to slid in as far as her tongue would reach. She knew this wouldn't take me long with her tongue fuckin my ass. As my body stiffened and my moan started, aunt Tani moved to Trish's place.

"I have to have a taste of Samone. I have had a taste of yours. Please let me have it." About that time is when I started gushing. Aunt Tani placed her mouth over my pussy and swallowed as fast as she could. I knew I had a expert cum drinker as Trish could never drink all of me and aunt Tani could. As I came down from my climax, we all wrapped our arms around the others and peacefully went to sleep.

Before I drifted off, I ran a finger in each pussy to check for wetness. I could tell the room would have some great smells in the morning. I think I heard aunt Tani's pussy purr. The next morning at breakfast, after father went to work, aunt Tani asked what we thought of the two of us staying home from school today.

Trish jumped up and down and started clapping. "Yes, yes, yes." I said that I would make the call. We showered together numerous times that day as we kept getting sweaty and smelly. Trish liked Tani's clit as well as I did, but aunt Tani said it was getting a little sore, so we had to lay off her clit.

We practiced tongue fucking each other's ass, and tried to see who could get their tongues up the others pussy hole the fartherest. Slender ebony goddess enjoys spreading her cunt Tani suggested we shave our pussys, but we told her "no way. The hair holds in the aroma. The taste and aroma is what eating pussy is all about." We wore ourselves out that day and were so happy.

We hated it when dad was due home. We heard the front door open and slam shut. He came in drunk as usual. He came straight to the bedroom. Kicked the door open and staggered in. He looked at the three of us huddled together on the bed, smiled, trisha parks licked then ass fucked by large wiener shouted "someone is going to get fucked tonight.

Who wants this cock?" As he pulled it out and aunt Tani saw it, she gasp. She whispered to me, "thats the largest cock I have ever seen.

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No wonder it caused the both of you so much pain. That has got to be 12 inches long and as fat as a Coke can." This was as much as aunt Tani could take. She jumped out of the bed with the butcher knife in her hand, shoved him back against the wall, grabbed his cock and placed the knife at it's base, applying a little pressure. "There will be no fucking in here tonight of any other night. We all will be leaving here tomorrow and if you give us any shit, we will tell the police what you have been doing to these girls for the last year, and you will be serving quite a few years in jail.

Now get your ass to your bed, get your ass out of here in the morning before I get up, and we will never see you again for the rest of your life. Give me any shit and I will cut your cock off before you go to jail. Now, get." Trish and I didn't know what to think, much less what to say. We just huddled there with our mouths open. Finally Big ghetto breast tube porn said.

"Do you mean that aunt Tani? Are we all leaving together?" "Yes child. Do you want to leave here, come live with me until you are off to collage? I live alone and I know we will get along fabulously. Okay?" Trish and I ran to her and she welcomed us with a group hug.

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Trish just keep bouncing up and down. She was screeching as she bounced. "Samone is a year older than me and she will be off to school before me. Can I stay with you all alone when she leaves?" "Yes dear.

As long as you can keep up with me," she said with a wink. We were out of there the next morning. Okay readers. That is just a fantasy. I wish this had of happened instead of our father raping us for two years.

Please leave comments so as I can tell if I am doing any good.

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