Mom big bob and son xxx

Mom big bob and son xxx
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You arrive home late one night after working until close. You find all the lights in the house off. You enter the house and call out my name. There's no answer so you walk to the bedroom figuring I must be asleep. You take off your jacket and shoes as you make your way to the bedroom. You open the door and step into the bedroom. You notice I'm not in bed. You call out for me again as you reach to turn sex xredwap com download film hot the lights.

Before your hand reaches the light switch someone grabs you roughly from behind. You try to cry out but a hand clamps over your mouth. You start to panic and struggle until you hear a whisper in your ear. "You're going to do whatever I tell you to do.

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If you resist you will be punished. Do you understand?" You recognize the voice as mine and you nod, starting to relax.

"If you try to cry out you will be punished. Do you understand?" I ask. Again you nod as you start to get excited and you wonder what I have planned for us tonight. I take my hand away from your mouth and move it down to cup one of your breasts. I squeeze it roughly and you cry out from the shock and the slight pain. I whisper in your ear, "I warned you." I push down on your shoulder with one hand as I pull back on your hip with the other bending you over.

You reach out and feel the bed. You place both your hands on the bed to brace yourself, knowing what is coming. The first strike comes down on your buttocks. You tense up and bite your lip to keep from crying out. Then you feel a second and a third. The pain is fairly light through your thick jeans and is much more pleasurable than painful.

After a few more strikes I grab you roughly by the hair and pull you back up to a standing position. "You will not cry out again," I whisper in your ear. You nod again, then I start letting my hands roam all over your body. You press back against me and let out a soft moan. I continue to explore your body until I feel you press hard against me and your legs start shaking a little.

You whisper softly, "Please." I consider teasing you a little more but I'm getting desperate too so I decide to begin. I grab your shirt and quickly pull it up and over your head. You're surprised by my roughness but you moan with pleasure. I unhook your bra and pull it off of you. It's a cool night and your nipples quickly get erect when the chill air hits them. I massage your breast for a few moments before I tease your hard nipples.

I run my fingertips around your nipples and then pull gently on them. You start breathing heavily as you tilt your head back resting it against my chest. But then to remind you that I am in control tonight I pinch both your nipples hard. You gasp as your entire body jolts. I'm proud of you for not crying out so I bbw fucking her black bull on webcam rub your breasts as a reward.

Your body relaxes again but now your nipples are rock hard. I tease your breasts for a few minutes until you start moaning in frustration, wanting me to work my way down.

I slowly run my hands down your stomach, very slowly. You press your buttocks back against me hard trying to get some relief. You whisper, "Please, touch me." I smile as I let my hand slowly slide down between your legs, cupping you through your jeans.

You start to moan and I press down harder making you moan louder. I push down hard applying pressure to your hardening clitoris. Your knees buckle and you almost fall before I grab you. "Please lover, let me cum, I need it so bad," you softly ask. I tease you for a few more minutes pressing my hand against your warm pussy until you exhib milf masturbating in the taxi before getting ass fucked by the driver almost in tears.

"Please baby, make me cum," you beg. I smile and drop down to my knees behind you. I unbutton and zip down your jeans very slowly as you feel like you're going to lose your mind. I reach up and grasp the waistband of your jeans and wait a few moments. You start moving your hips trying to get free of your pants. Then, when I know you can't take anymore I quickly yank your jeans down. You gasp and start breathing even harder. You lift your passion hd huge tits peta jensen shower fuck and facial one at a time to let me remove your pants.

I look up and I'm very happy to see you are wearing one of your thongs. I gently rub the bare skin of your beautiful ass. You beg again, "Please." I know where you want my hands but I decide to tease you for a while longer by caressing your ass.

Then slowly I let a finger run down the silk material of your thong. I slowly slide down the crack of your ass as you spread your legs a little wider.

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The lower I get the slower I go. When my finger is just over your anus I push against it gently. You moan and press back towards me. I know you are completely frustrated now. I'm sure your pussy is on fire and you need release which is why I'm torturing by slowly working my way towards it.

Finally I slide my finger down until it is just over your opening. You bend over, grabbing hold of the bed again to balance yourself.

The thin material of your thong is completely soaked through. I reach down to touch your jeans and find the crotch completely soaked also. I pull your thong to the side. There is only a small amount of light coming through the window but it is enough to see your wetness dripping out of your beautiful pussy. I can't contain myself anymore and I push my tongue inside you to taste your wonderful juice. You cry out, but I allow this as I move down to lick your hard clit.

In seconds you explode and drop to your knees. I push my tongue inside you to lick up all of your juices until you fall on to your stomach on the floor exhausted. I continue to lick you as your body shakes from your orgasm. I pull off your thong and gently start rubbing your back and ass as you recover.

I gently spread your buttocks and start to run my tongue around your anus. You moan gently as I push teeny lovers the most romantic spot for sex tongue against you tight little hole. After a few minutes I pick you up and carry you to the bed.

I lay you down on your back. You're still slightly out of it from your orgasm and you don't fight me as I take your arms and place them over your head. Then I take silk scarves that I've tied to the bedposts earlier and tie up each of your wrists.

I spread your legs and tie your ankles to the bottom bedposts. I gently rub your thighs until you fully alert again. You pull on the scarves trying to get free, you groan when you find you can't get loose. You start to protest but then you remember that you agreed to do anything I wanted.

You lay back in resignation and I explore your body with my hands. When you start raising your body off the bed to meet my hands I know you're ready for more. I turn the bedside lamp on low and stand up next to the bed. I wait until our eyes have adjusted to the light and then I start to unbutton my shirt. You watch my intently as my skin is slowly exposed to you. I remove my shirt and then turn around. I unbutton and unzip my slacks and slowly slide them down.

You let out a little moan when you see I'm not wearing underwear. You stare at my naked ass for a little while and then ask me to turn around. I turn and you see that my cock is fully erect and you pull again at the scarves trying to reach out and touch me. I smile at you and then sit down next to you on the bed. I start exploring you with my hands again and then I move on top of you and do the same with my lips and tongue.

Your moaning loudly as your body twists trying to direct my to the spots you want pleasured. I sweet cutie opens up narrow snatch and gets deflorated my way up your body until we are face to face. We start to kiss passionately, our tongues searching each other's mouths. I reach down and start rubbing your clit as we kiss.

Then I break our kiss and roughly push two fingers deep inside you. You yelp with surprise from this invasion and instantly realize what you did. I look at you sternly and remove my fingers from inside you.

You start to apologize and ask me not to punish you again but I refuse to listen. I move down the bed and sit between your outstretched legs.

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I gently start to caress your inner thighs and I feel your body relax. Your eyes shut and you begin to enjoy the sensation. Then I roughly slap your inner thigh. Your eyes fly open and you grit your teeth to keep from crying out. Over and over again I slap your inner thighs until they turn dark red.

Your eyes are watering with tears but I can see your juices flowing from your amazing blonde angel masturbating babeblondenerdyglassesblowjobwebcampovmasturbationdeepthroatsmall. I start to kiss and lightly lick your thighs and slowly the pain turns to pleasure. I move my head between your legs and start to lap up the juices flowing from you. You pull hard on the scarves trying to get a hand free so you can grab me by the hair and pull my tongue deep inside you but they won't budge.

Finally when you can't take anymore I push my tongue inside you. I push my tongue inside of you over and over as your body goes crazy trying to get free. I watch your legs start to shake and then all the muscles in your body go tight. I reach up and press down on your engorged clit and you scream as your orgasm takes you over. You buck against my face as I lick and suck your pussy. I continue to lick you until you start pulling away from me.

I know you're too sensitive to take anymore so I start kissing my way up your body. I stop when I reach your breasts. I start kissing and licking every inch of your breasts except your nipples, watching them get harder by the second.

When your nipples are rock hard I lightly touch the tips of each with my tongue which makes your entire body shiver. I lick and suck on your nipples until you've recovered from your second orgasm. I move up to kiss you and then you start to apologize for losing control during your orgasm. I tell you it's ok and you can make as much noise as you'd like now. You smile and then you gasp as you feel me push my cock inside of you. I push all the way inside of you and then lay there on top of you enjoying the feeling of your tight, warm and wet pussy gripping my cock.

We kiss for a few minutes and then I slowly pull my cock out of you. You start to protest but I kiss you hard to quiet you.

I move up your body until my chest is over your face. I place one of my nipples right over your mouth. You smile and open your mouth and start to lightly lick my hardening nipple. You lift your head up and suck my nipple into your mouth. I moan as you lick and suck my nipple pushing my body against you. I move and let you pleasure my other nipple for a while before moving up your body. You lift your head to lay tiny kisses all over my abdomen.

Then you see my cock just inches from your face. It's covered in your pussy juices and you moan. You try to move your head to reach my cock but I move just out of your reach.

You groan in complaint but then realize what I want. "Please baby, let me suck your cock," you beg. "You want to suck my cock?" "Yes, baby. Please let my suck your hard cock." "You want to lick your juices off of my cock?" You feel you heart jump as you answer, "Yes baby, I want to lick my juices off of your cock.

I want to taste myself on your big thick cock." I want to tease you for a little while longer but I can't control myself. I push my cock into your mouth and you hungrily lick and suck on my cock. You start to slide your mouth up and down on my cock but I push against you pinning you to the bed.

Then I start to thrust in and out of your mouth. You moan with pleasure as you work your tongue on the underside of my cock. I feel myself getting too excited and I pull out of your mouth. You moan, "Please baby, don't stop! Fuck my peculiar czech cutie stretches her narrow kitty to the bizarre baby, use me!

Use my mouth, lover, use me!" Unable to control myself I push back into your mouth. I start thrusting into your mouth over and over and you moan with pleasure.

Then when I feel my orgasm start to build I pull out and kiss you deeply.

We kiss until I feel my orgasm subside and then I move down and untie your ankles. I move up your body and then untie your wrists. You wrap your arms around me but I quickly grab your wrist pressing them down to the bed again.

I whisper in your ear, "We're not done yet." You groan in frustration. I slap your hip and tell you to roll over. You smile at me and roll over presenting your beautiful ass to me. You know how much I love your ass and when you catch me staring at it you give it a little wiggle. I laugh and give your ass a little slap and order you up on to your knees. You do as you're ordered, you slide great bang with legal age teenager attractive girl hardcore and blowjob on to your knees with your head and shoulders still pressed down on to the bed.

I can't help but admire your ass for a little while as I run my hand over it. I untie one of the scarves from the bedpost and then pull one of your arms behind your back.

I tie the scarf to your wrists and then pull your other arm behind your back to tie the other wrist. Then I sit back and admire you for a while, your ass pushed up in the air and your hands tied, unable to stop me from doing whatever I want to you. I pull some lube and a vibrator from the nightstand. I lube up teen time cumshot in mouth and cum swallow finger and gently push it into your ass.

It slides in easily and I bury my entire finger into your ass. You moan as I slowly work my finger in and out sex xxx legal age teenager your ass.

When your loosened up I lube up a second finger and push it inside of you. When you start pushing back against me with each thrust I know you're ready for the vibrator. I carefully lube it up and then press the tip against your entrance. When I turn the vibe on you moan loudly feeling the vibration against your sensitive opening.

I gently push all seven inches deep inside you and then hold it there as I get in position behind you. I push my cock into your pussy.

I hold myself inside you for a while feeling the vibrator through the thin piece of skin separating your anus from your vagina. Then I start to slowly slide my cock in and out of you. I hold the vibrator in your ass with one hand while I reach under you with my other to rub your clit.

You can only take a few minutes of this before you start slamming back against me with each thrust. I press hard against your clit and you explode again. I hold you by your hips to support you as your orgasm drains your strength. I can feel your juices flowing down my cock and over my balls. With one last push against me your body goes limp. I let you rest for a few moments and then I see you try to pull your hands free.

I realize it's probably getting painful for you so I untie you. Sunny lione xxx story 2019 thank me and then push yourself up onto all fours.

I slowly start to push in and out of you and you sigh with pleasure. You turn and look back at me sexily and then say softly, "You can use my ass if you want." I smile and pull my cock slowly from your pussy. I lube up my cock and then slip the vibrator out of your ass.

While you are still opened up I push the head of my cock inside your ass. You grunt and I let you rest for a second getting used to my size. Then I slowly push into you an inch at a time until my entire length is inside you.

After a few minutes I ask if you are ready, you smile at me and say, "Yes baby, fuck my ass." I slowly slide out of you until just the head of my cock is in your ass and then I slowly push back in. You groan as my cock fills your tight ass. I continue this slowly until your muscles loosen and you start pushing mature rides her dildo for you-sponsored by adulttoysx tk tube porn against my thrusts.

After a few minutes you start moaning in pleasure. You start crying out, "Yes baby, fuck my ass! Fuck me! Fuck my tight little asshole!" When I hear you talk like that I lose control and start thrusting faster into you. You know I'm close to cumming and you encourage me with more dirty talk.

"Yeah baby, fuck my asshole! Use my tight asshole! Cum inside my ass, baby!" With that I lose it completely and explode inside of you. You feel my hot cum filling your ass. I cum harder than I have in a long time. It feels like all of me is being emptied into you and it doesn't seem to be stopping. I cum into your ass for what feels like forever until the cum starts to ooze out of you.

We collapse onto the bed together. I wrap my arms around you and hold you as I go soft inside you and slip out. I can feel my cum running out of you and down my thigh. You lay in my arms, both of us completely satisfied. You turn to kiss me, then giggle and say that it's a good thing we're both off tomorrow. I laugh and we kiss again. Then you get a devious look on your face. I ask you what's on your mind and you smile and say, "You just wait until morning lover, you know what the say about paybacks right?" Oh, how I look forward to morning.

I wake up in the middle of the night to find both my wrists tied to the bedposts. I wonder how I could have slept through you tying me up but before I can think too much about it I smell your sweet pussy. I look up to see you straddling my face and slowly lowering your beautiful pussy to my waiting mouth. I dive in and start to lick and suck you to your absolute delight. You ride my face until you feel your orgasm start to build. Then you lift your body up, just a little out of my reach and start to rub your hard clit.

I lay back and enjoy the show as you start to cum. Your juices drip from your pussy down to my lips as your body shakes and you cry out. I lick you juices off my lips and then you lower yourself down again. I stick my tongue deep inside you making a second wave of the orgasm hit you. You collapse on top of me and I continue to lick up your sweet juices. After you've recovered you open your eyes to see my hard cock in front of your face. You passionately take me into your mouth like you're starving for my cock.

You suck and lick my cock until I'm close to orgasm and I start thrusting into your mouth. Then you open your mouth letting my cock fall out. It slaps against my stomach and I groan. You giggle and say, "Not yet baby, I still have a lot in store for you." You move around until we are face to face.

You see a little of your wetness on my chin and you lick it up. You smile and say, "I do taste pretty good don't I?" I groan and say, "Oh God yes baby, I love to eat your pussy." You smile taking that as a compliment and then gently kiss me. Then you sweet lesbians do it better in the ass back and say, "Now, I think I owe you for a few things earlier." You untie my hands and order my to roll over.

I do so willing, rolling over and getting up on my knees, offering my ass to you to do with as you please. You tie my wrists to the bedposts again and then go into our bathroom. Before I can start wondering what you are doing you come back into the room with your wooden hairbrush.

I moan, partly in pleasure, partly in fear. I know I'm going to have some trouble sitting tomorrow. You gently run your fingers all over my naked ass. The feeling is amazing, causing chills to run up and down my spine.

Just as I'm in complete ecstasy I feel your other hand come cracking down on my ass cheek. I yelp in surprise and pain. Then I feel blow after blow on my ass. You don't give me even a second between slaps. Over and over again you spank my ass hard. When your one hand gets sore you just switch to the other. When both of your hands are too sore to continue you sit back and admire your work. My ass is deep red and hot to the touch. You give me a few seconds to breathe then you pick up the hairbrush.

I start to beg you not to continue, that I can't take anymore but you know that I can. I tell you that I'll do anything you want if you'll just stop. You laugh and tell me I am going to do anything you want but that you are not going to stop. I feel the first strike from the back of the hairbrush and it feels like my entire ass is on fire. Before I can even catch my breath you spank me a second time, then the third and then a fourth. You stop to watch me for a while. After a few moments rest you start in again with blow after blow on my dark red ass.

My body is shaking uncontrollably. You know this is enough and you put the hairbrush down. You start to lightly run your fingertips over my ass. My body jerks with pain at the first touch but then after a few moments it starts to feel good and I moan with pleasure. You replace your fingertips with the tip of your tongue. Your trace your tongue all over my well-beaten ass cheeks. You even stop for a second to run your tongue over my anus. My entire body jerks and I moan loudly as your tongue touches my very sensitive opening.

I wish you would continue to tongue my ass but I know you don't care for that so I'm not too disappointed when you pull your tongue away. Especially when it is replaced with a well lubed finger. You run your finger all over my entrance until you push gently at the opening.

I moan as your finger slips all the way into my ass. You start to finger fuck my ass and I'm in complete bliss. After a little while you slip a second finger inside me and then a third. I start pushing back against you begging you to fuck me. "Yes baby, beg me to fuck your ass," red and blue suit lesbians order. "Please baby, take my ass!

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Finger fuck my tight asshole! Oh God, I love it! Please baby, fuck me!" I cry out. You smile with satisfaction and then pull your fingers out of me.

"No baby! Don't stop baby! I need you to fuck me! Please!" You just smile and take out a vibrator from the nightstand. I smile and stop my complaining, I lay my head down and wait for you to enter me with the vibrator.

You lube up the vibrator and then I feel the tip pressed against my anus. I feel the throb of vibrations and I moan loudly. Then I feel you push the entire length up into me. It hurts for a second but then the throbbing vibrations take over me. I lay there and let you push the vibrator in and out of my willing ass. You piss lover blonde hottie teasing peachy cunt in close up around with one hand and start to play with my nipple as you fuck me with the vibrator.

Then you get an idea. You kneel behind me and place your mound up against the end of the vibrator. When you slowly pull back the vibrator slides out of my ass and when you push back it slides back in. Now both of your hands are free. You reach around to play with both my nipples as you take my ass with the vibrator. You slide your hands down my sides until your holding on to my hips pushing the vibrator into me and letting it slip back out before thrusting it back in again. You realize this is how I must feel when I fuck you from behind and you really enjoy the feeling.

"I kind of like this, " you say. "Maybe we should get a strap-on." I'm practically in heaven to hear you say this. It feels wonderful to have the woman I love fucking my ass. After a while you get tired of this and you pull back letting the slippery vibrator fall out of my ass. I groan a little but I'm ready for something else too.

You untie angel gets fucked in her ass the first time hands busty juelz venture takes cock in butt roll me over unto my back. You mount my face again and I hungrily grab your hips and pull you to my mouth. I go from thrusting my tongue inside you and licking and sucking your clit. You take my soft cock into your mouth and slowly tease me with your tongue to get me hard again.

With my cock rock hard in your mouth I attack your swollen clit, sucking it into my mouth and teasing it with my tongue. You start humping my face uncontrollably and then you explode, cumming all over my face.

I lick up as many juices as I can before you pull away. You surprise me, instead of resting for a few minutes to recover from your orgasm, you turn around and mount my cock.

You push down hard taking my cock deep inside you. You bounce up and down wildly on my cock. I watch your breasts jump up and down as you japanese mom sleeping best king download porn sex fairy tales movies me. I know your close to another orgasm the way you're attacking my cock so I grab your hips and start to meet your thrusts.

You grunt each time I push up to meet you until you scream and plunge down on my cock one last time. I feel your wetness run down my cock, over my thighs and down on to my ass. I hold you close to me until you start to gently ride me again. You grab my wrists and push my arms up over my head.

You hold me down as you continue to ride me. Then you tie my wrists to the bedposts again. You start wildly bouncing up and down on my cock again. I can't hold back any longer and my body starts to stiffen up.

You pull off of me and grab my cock with both hands. You start stroking my cock hard and fast until you feel it start to throb. "Cum for me baby! I want to watch you cum! I want to watch you cum all over yourself baby!" you say in a low sexy voice. You aim my cock at my chest and stroke it faster. Then I explode. You watch in fascination as my first shot of cum sprays out all over my chest.

Then second shot coats my chin and throat and the next few hit my chest and stomach. You watch as the last of my cum slowly drains out of the head of my cock. You kiss my cock and then lay it down as you slowly climb up my body.

You lay down on top of me rubbing your breasts and sexy blonde wife sucks and fucks pov all over my cum soaked body.

You untie my hands and I wrap my arms around you. You kiss me gently and then lick up the drop of cum on my chin. You kiss me again and then we fall back asleep in each others arms. We awake in the morning, you still laying on top of me and we start to kiss. We kiss for a while until we realize what a mess we both are covered in my cum. We both laugh about this, then you get up and go into the bathroom. You come back with a wash cloth wiping yourself off. You lay down next to me and clean me off also.

Then you put the wash cloth on the night stand and start to kiss my chest. You work your way to my nipples and start to kiss and lick them. I moan and ask you, "I take it you're ready for more?" "Take me baby, any way you want me," you reply. This surprises me because you usually like to be the more dominant participant in our little sex games.

I guess you must have really enjoyed me taking control last night. I ask you to kneel on the bed. You sit up and kneel and I go and get the cloth belt from my robe. I stand up on the bed and tie your wrists together with one end, lift the belt up raising your hands over your head and tie the other end to hook I screwed into the ceiling. I step back and admire your naked, vulnerable body on display for me. I reach down and grab your breasts as my cock dangles in front of your face.

You try to take me into your mouth but I pull away. I massage your breasts for a few moments and then tease your nipples. Once your nipples are fully hard I pinch them roughly causing you to moan. I slide my hands down your stomach to your mound. I run my fingers through your pubic hair and then gently tug on them causing you to yelp.

I move behind you and start to rub your back. I slowly work my way down your naked body to your ass. I massage your buttocks for a few minutes and then slap them hard.

Instead of crying out in pain you moan loudly. I know you're turned on now but I reach between your legs to check anyway. You're so wet your juices are running down your leg. I slap your inner thigh telling you to spread your legs a little more.

You do so, lowering your body a little which pulls even harder on the belt holding your arms up. You feel even more vulnerable now since you're unable to move your arms at school girl s sex marathi story. I lay down on my back in front of you placing my head between your legs. You stare at my cock lustfully as I begins to lick and suck on your clitoris.

You moan and try to push yourself into my face but having your arms held up you can't move any farther down. I could tease you but I want to make you cum so I suck your hard clit into my mouth and tease it with my tongue.

I slip two fingers inside you and start stroking your g-spot. Within seconds your hips start to buck. You start to thrash almost pulling the hook out of the ceiling. You start groaning loudly as you feel your orgasm coming.

Your body stiffens and I taste your juices flowing out of you. I hold your hips steady as your orgasm overcomes you and I lap up your juices as they spill out of you. When your orgasm subsides I move behind you and slip my cock inside of you. Still overwhelmed by your orgasm you're hardly aware of what is happening.

I pump my cock in and out of you and after a while you start talking dirty to me, encouraging me to fuck your pussy harder. I lose control and start driving into you. After a few minutes I realize I'm going to cum if I don't stop soon so I slowly pull out of your tight pussy. You start to beg me for more but then I stand up in front of you.

You smile and start to lick your wetness off of my cock. You lick every inch of my rod and then start to lick my testicles too. I grab you by the hair and force my cock into your mouth. You tease my cock with your tongue as I fuck your mouth. I drive into your mouth over and over again until I feel my orgasm start. I pull out and spray my cum all over your breast and stomach. You moan as you feel the hot liquid spraying your naked body and when I'm done you take me in your mouth and lick my cock clean.

I untie your hands and you collapse to the bed. I take the wash cloth and clean off your breasts and stomach and then we fall back to sleep in each other's arms.