Busty milf and teen girl threeway action on the couch threesome and blowjob

Busty milf and teen girl threeway action on the couch threesome and blowjob
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It was 3:00 in the afternoon when the school bell rang. It was time to go home! I quickly packed my 7th grade books and darted out the nearest exit. The year was 1970 and I was a short & skinny 13 year old boy who lived in a low income apartment in New York City.

My school was conveniently within walking distance from our home. As I walked home from school, something was a little different. I passed a brown skinned middle aged Latino man sitting on a park bench who greeted me as though he knew me. For a moment I thought it was kind of strange, my parents always told me never to talk to strangers. However, trying to be the polite young boy I was brought up to be, I said hello and kept walking home. Each day as I left school, there he was sitting at the bench almost as if he was purposely waiting for me to walk by.

As time went by he became friendlier, trying to engage me in conversation with him. His name was Carlos and he lived alone in a housing apartment across the street. One day he asked me if I liked music and I replied "yes". He told me that he had a new radio he didn't need and would like to give it to me. He asked that I just follow him over to his apartment to pick it up. I agreed and we walked together across the street to his place (I normally don't go to a strangers house, but in this case I felt comfortable with him).

Once inside, he locked the door and asked me to sit on his living room couch while he brought the radio over. As I waited on the couch I noticed a few porn magazines stacked on the end table. The only porn magazines I had access to were located in my dad's night table and I was tired of seeing the same women over and over again.

So I was really enjoying the new babes spreading their legs in these magazines. Carlos returned and said "like what you nubiles porn accidental creampie for teen schoolgirl I replied "Oh yea!" I was beginning to feel a slight erection in my pants, but just couldn't take my eyes away from the women in the magazines. Carlos sat next to me and gave me a box. In the box there was a radio. I said "Thanks! You sure you don't need this?" Carlos smiled at me and said "no, I really want you to have it".

By now Carlos placed one of his hands on my knee and started rubbing my leg. "What are you doing?" I said. "I need you to do me a little favor in return" he replied. His hand was now over my crotch area.

After viewing those magazines, I was already horny and his hand just made it worse. I've never been with anyone before (especially a man), so I was a little uneasy about what was taking place.

I really didn't know how to satisfy someone, but Carlos certainly did. He took my hand and placed it over his zipper and felt a large mass underneath his pants. Then his face came right up to mine and our lips met.

Caught by surprise, his hot moist tongue parted my lips and extended deep into my mouth (I really was not prepared for this). My heart was racing at this point. I started having mixed feelings like this was all wrong, so I tried pushing him away telling him I wasn't gay, but he didn't stop.

He kept telling me, "It's OK, I won't tell anyone, no body will ever know and no one has to know, it's our little secret" and kept on making his moves. I don't know why, but somehow this did calm me down. At this point he took my hand and led me to his bedroom where I sat on the edge of his bed. I was totally in disbelief of what was happening as he disrobed in front of me. Carlos was a husky but proportionate looking middle aged man. His body was moderately hairy with dark brown Hispanic skin and kinky hair.

It wasn't until he took off his underwear that I began to get nervous again. His dangling mass of meat was huge (at least from my young point of view and it wasn't even erect yet). "Holy shit… what did I get myself into?" I said to myself.

Then Carlos told me to remove my clothes. "No Carlos, I really don't think I can go through with this" I said (I was beginning to chicken out again). "Oh yes you will!" said Carlos.

Not taking no for an answer, he proceeded to take my clothes off. As he unbuttoned my shirt, I couldn't help but notice his dangling penis slowly growing into a huge mass of man meat. His thick dick was a much darker brown color than his body (almost black).

To this day I can remember seeing a letter size piece of note book paper on his night table and I noticed the length of his dick easily made the page width. It kind of reminded me of a fat, brown sausage with puffy veins. I never had seen a grown mans cock before and here I was alone with one! I knew there was no turning back without Carlos becoming mad or perhaps violent, so I went along with him.

As I lay on his bed naked and somewhat scared, Carlos got in bed next to me, placed his sweaty hairy body against mine and began to fondle my dick as he kissed my neck. Slowly working his way to my mouth he began to kiss passionately.

I could feel my dick erect in his warm hand while his tongue wiggled and swam deeper into my mouth. How naughty, nice and nasty it all felt! After a while Carlos decided to lie on his back and then he reached over jolene is a playful little blonde who just loves to tease and get pounded senseless she slowly takes my head and slowly guided me down towards his cock. As I grasped his erect manhood tight and brought it up to my face, I heard him say "Peel it!" I looked up at him and again he said "Peel the skin!" After realizing what he meant, I slowly pulled and retracted his foreskin exposing a huge, glistening, light brown mushroom shaped cock head.

I could now smell a slight scent of sweat emanating from it, but it didn't bother me. I felt a strong tingle running through my body and it wasn't fear this time, it was excitement! "Go on kiss it, lick it, put it in your mouth baby" said Carlos. "You'll know what to do, just learn from this" he said.

With that I began to lick the bulbous head, slowly running my tongue around it and under the rim. My lips kissing the tip as I moved my tongue on it.

Now the scent changed from sweat to something different, it was pre-cum. "Mmmm Ayi Pappi, lick the whole thing" Carlos said, as I looked at his pleased expression. I ran my tongue down his shaft and worked my way to his stubbly balls (that was a strange feeling, it felt like I was step mom dpee during sex soft fleshy sand paper).

Carlos began to moan and kept saying "yes, yes, oh yes that's it, yes". "Now put it in your mouth" said Carlos.

I couldn't believe I was doing this, but there I was opening as wide as I could to accommodate and host his swollen cock in my mouth. What a sensation this was to me. My mouth was completely full! It was huge, soft, warm and rigid. Carlos placed his hands on my head again and began to bounce my face up and down on his dick. There was no way I would ever be able to take him down my throat, but unfortunately for me that didn't stop him from trying.

As he pushed harder into my mouth, I began to gag and tears began to run down my face. Again Carlos pushed his meat far into the back of my throat cutting off air and causing me to gag even more. I looked at him hysterically with my crying red eyes and tried to pull away, but it was to no avail, he feverishly bounced my head up and down repeatedly on his cock even harder than creampie delight for sexy lovely babe deepthroat and blowjob until finally it happened!

He stopped bouncing my head and just held it still. His toes began to curl as he cried out: "Oh Yes Baby!" "Chupa y Traga!" (This in English means to suck & swallow).

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As I felt his cock twitch and spasm in my mouth, hot thick sperm began to spew from it. I remember I wasn't too keen on the taste or smell, but tried my best to swallow the hd passion hd passionate morning sex with sexy kendall karson gobs of warm gooey sperm that pooled up in my mouth. Some of his cum began to leak out of the corners of my mouth and drip down my neck.

My finger's were also covered with cum. The smell of his pungent semen seemed to fill the air. "Oh baby, you did good, real good." said Carlos as he sat up. I was still getting my composure together (after crying and nearly choking) when I noticed the time on his alarm clock. "I'm sorry Carlos, I really have to leave right now, my parents must be worried and looking for me since I haven't arrived home from school yet" I said.

Carlos didn't seem happy about that, but he also didn't want to get into trouble either. Still covered with some sperm and no towel, I rubbed and spread the residue around my neck & face until it dried off. After throwing my clothes on quickly, I made my way to the entrance door with the radio in my hand (I think I deserved it!).

Carlos invited me back and suggested I could make some money on the side if I would stop by once a week, but I had so many mixed feelings in my head about what just happened that I just went home. When I arrived home I encountered my first problem.

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As I walked inside, I proceeded to greet my mom with a hug. However, she quickly detected the distinct smell of man juice that was still on me! Obviously there was another side to my mom that I wasn't aware of because she was all too familiar with the smell and I knew I was in deep trouble! Second problem - I now had to deal with walking past Carlos on my way to and from school everyday.