Sweet horny couple having great passionate sex

Sweet horny couple having great passionate sex
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I'd been round at a mate's house for a poker night. I didn't win but we hadn't been playing with serious money, just drinking and having a laugh. It was about 3am that I left. I was feeling sleepy so I finished my whisky, said my goodbyes and pulled on my coat. I didn't really realise quite llxxx bbc fuck small white girl drunk I was until I stood up, but I figured I'd be fine walking home.

The lights were off in the naughty teen gets her tight pink pussy fucked hard brunette and titties room as I passed it on the way to the door but someone had left the TV on. A sex scene was playing from one of the Pierce Brosnan James Bond films. Golden Eye, I think. Or maybe Tomorrow Never Dies. Anyway, I paused for a moment, it was turning me on. I got a hard-on almost instantly as the brunette thrust herself against some guy's body.

I wanted a wank right there and then but obviously the situation wasn't ideal. I decided to walk through the park on the way home, as that'd cut ten minutes out of my journey. Hell, maybe if there was no one around I could knock one out sitting on a bench or something. I discreetly massaged my cock through my pants as I walked down the street, thinking about the girl I'd just seen in the film. Thinking about fucking her hard and making her cum. I was getting more and more desperate.

There was no one around in the neighbourhood, despite it being a Saturday night. I entered the park, hurrying along the path by the lake, eager to find somewhere just a little more secluded. As I neared the centre though I saw a figure ambling towards me from the opposite direction, so I put both hands in my pockets and hoped they wouldn't notice my hard-on.

As I drew closer I saw it was a girl. She looked about 18 years old.

Drunk, undoubtedly. She was about five foot, wearing a skimpy dressed that showed off her impressive cleavage. Her proportions were my idea of heaven. A perfect ass. I think every man's thought about rape before. Not necessarily considered it, but thought about it. I thought about it then. I was confident that if I wanted to, I could. But I wasn't going to, of course. I had morals, however horny I was.

I was picturing it though. I could feel my cock growing even more as these thoughts raced through my mind. We were only a few metres away from each other now and I realised I'd blatantly been staring at her. She was staring at me too, now. I stopped walking and we maintained eye contact.

She came right up to me until she was standing only an inch or two away, looking up at me.

It was my lucky day. "Getting a good eyeful of me, aren't you?" she smiled at me. I didn't know what to say. I thought she was acting seductively but I thought maybe I was just drunk… my thoughts were confirmed though as she placed a hand on my bulge and squeezed. She went up onto her tip toes and whispered in my ear. "Fuck me." And then she kissed me on the neck. "Fuck me right here.

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I want it." Not that I needed telling twice. I burst into action, placing my hands on either side of her face and kissing her. For a few seconds we just kissed aggressively. She undid the button on my jeans and unzipped the fly. As she pulled them down my dick sprang out and she held it tightly as she went down to her knees and took it in her mouth.

I took her by the hair and pulled her head right into me. The feel of the back of her throat on the tip of my penis made me want to cum right then, but I stopped myself. I pulled her head back and forth violently a few times and she began to choke. I wanted to feel her pussy around una buena follada para las hippies servipornocom though, I couldn't wait any longer for it.

I pulled her up back into a standing position and we kissed again. I could smell my own juices on her lips. That turned me on even more. As we kissed we edged towards the grass besides the path and we fell down, her back half in a bush, me on top of her.

She kicked her heels off and pulled her underwear down and placed my hand onto her pussy. It was warm and so wet.

She groaned.

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I couldn't take anymore. I guided my cock towards her opening and pushed it in. She winced a little as it first went in. I love seeing girls do that. She wrapped her legs around my back as I positioned my arms around her head and back. She kissed me on the neck as I began thrusting in and out. She was moaning loudly, as was I. "You fucking whore!

You dirty slag!" I was almost shouting in her ear. She moaned louder. "Fuck- fuck me!

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Fuck me!" I could feel myself edging closer to climax. Her nails were digging into my back, clawing away. I couldn't take much more. A final thrust and my hot cum was spurting into her. We both panted in each other's ears and then we kissed.

For a few minutes we lay on top of each other, half in a bush, and then I got to my feet and did up jeans. I helped her up. "I'll walk home this way more often" she said, as she put on her heels. I grinned back at her. She leaned forward and bit my lip. I squeezed her ass tightly.

We started kissing again. And then we stopped and looked each other in the eye. It was weird, surreal. We both smiled.

And then we parted ways.