Guy assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin sweetie

Guy assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin sweetie
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Mr Robert Alexander went through his lesson smoothly without a moment's thought. His lessons were like a memorised script with no alterations, one that he repeated seven times a day.

His entire life seemed like deja vu. The only thing that changed year after year were the faces before him. The vacant faces which bored eyes sat in the middle of. If it weren't for his fantasies that ran through his head every day, he might have ended his miserable existence years ago.

He smirked involuntarily as one of those fantasies began to play at his mind. Rose was a senior student of his, a student that barely got even a glance from boys her own age. Why would they glance her way?

She was short, always kept her hair neatly in a bun and had those awful glasses masking any prettiness she could have. Her nubiles casting frisky teen swallows cum to land the job were many sizes too large for her figure and looked like they belonged to her grandmother.

Though there was one thing going for her that Mr Alexander, who was 12 years her senior, noticed the very first time he laid eyes on her. Her mouth. A natural beautiful pink that was just the right size to wrap around his cock that throbbed every time he looked at them. He imagined taking off those glasses and peering into her green eyes as she took every inch of his dick into her mouth. He'd never seen her in any apparel that was pleasing for her figure but he could imagine, and imagine he did.

She was slender, that much was apparent and whenever she danced around in his day dreams she was clad in pink lace lingerie that showed off her flat stomach and long legs the colour of caramel. Oh how he wanted those inner thighs to gleam from his cum that dripped from her tight slit. Suddenly he snapped back to reality and realised he had stopped mid-sentence but from practice he quickly recovered and went on, this time trying to focus.

He was a teacher but he was still a man, which was what he tried to convince himself of because if he didn't, he would beat himself up at the very thought of inappropriate behaviour with a student. Poor eighteen year old Rose sat before him and took out her hankie that she kept in the front pocket of her school bag.

It was allergy season. Even her cute little sneeze made him go crazy. The bell sounded in his ears. It was the sound he and his students longed to hear because it meant the torture would end, it was the end of another day. Why couldn't he have studied something he actually enjoyed? Oh yes that's why because his stupid whore of an ex-wife had studied the very same thing in college and he was just a pathetic teenager that only thought with the appendage in his pants.

Then again wasn't he still thinking with the same appendage? Rose stood up less eagerly than her classmates. Unlike them, it was the classes she enjoyed not because she liked learning but because out there in the hallways, humiliation fellow bangs breasty lovely hottie pornstar hardcore with eager claws.

She was mocked and ridiculed day after day because she didn't conform to all the nonsense that her peers did.

The sweltering heat of the day made Robert strip off his sauna of a blazer. He could see by the small beads of perspiration on Rose's forehead that she too was dying from the heat.

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She put down her bag and took off her jersey, but of course Murphy's Law wouldn't let her do anything without being punished. Her shirt stuck to her jersey and she noticed just a moment too late sunny leon fuck by 2 men her shirt nearly came up to her bra.

Her face went crimson as she pulled her shirt down but Robert had seen. He had seen the body that he dreamt about, and was not disappointed. It was better than he had imagined. Her stomach was surprisingly toned and he caught a tiny glimpse of a pink bra. All this was too much for the teacher. He had to see more of that perfect body and taste that flawless skin.

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Before now he had never actually considered making one of his fantasies a reality but now lust fought against reason and was winning. The students had by now all left, laughing at Rose's expense and gossiped between themselves. Rose sat back down in her seat and tears rolled down her face. Robert closed the door gently and sat in a chair besides Rose. "Would you like someone to talk to?" Robert said softly to the distraught girl beside him.

She shook her head but started to speak regardless "Did you know I haven't even been kissed once? I will be graduating at the end of this year and no boy has ever been interested in me. My mother stops me every time I want to buy clothes that boys will respond to. She won't even let me wear makeup." He was at a loss for words, but an idea nudged at his brain. He reached out cautiously as if to show her she can stop him at any time and took off her glasses, then slowly stretched his hand towards her bun to let her hair loose.

His breath caught in his throat at the sight before him. Fine, incredibly long black hair cascaded past her shoulders and framed her face and piercing green eyes still swimming in tears looked up at him in question.

Her complexion was flawless and her little button nose was adorable. "You are so beautiful Rose." She smiled for the first time since he met her. the smile transformed her face into one of complete beauty. "You don't need makeup or fancy clothes" his horny chick leila severine taking on a large dick was gruff with lust but she didn't seem to notice.

The school was dead quiet as all the students had left in a hurry.

"Sir could you." her voice trailed off and Robert could sense the hesitation in her. "Could I what?" he whispered in anticipation. "Kiss me. I just want to know what it feels like but its ok if you don't want to I understand if you." He interrupted her nervous babbling by placing his lips on hers.

Warning bells were sounding in his head but he shoved them aside and pushed his tongue onto her lips until she subsided and let his tongue explore every inch of hers. She moaned involuntarily which made him deepen the kiss and put all the passion he felt for her into it. Robert held her head close to him and felt her soft smooth strands of hair tickling his hand.

He wanted more and it was apparent she did too as she cupped his face in her hands and was returning the kiss with as much passion as he put into it. Robert broke their embrace and went to the door to lock it. As Rose heard the lock on the door her eyes widened slightly, but there was no going back for him. He would take her whether she wanted him or not. She awakened the beast inside of him. He approached her again and took her hand leading her to his desk.

He lifted her easily so that she was sitting on top of his table and continued to explore her mouth, her arms wrapped around him as his hands went down to her breast, feeling the smooth skin through the thin fabric. Rose surprised him by taking off her shirt and Robert stopped and took a moment to admire her upper body.

His hands began exploring her smooth skin as he continued to roughly kiss the young girl's mouth. Her hands lifted his shirt up momentarily pausing their hungry kissing, but instead of returning to her mouth he bent down to her breasts that were just the right size. He bit her nipple through the fabric and she moaned softly. He quickly and masterfully unclipped her bra so that two perfect, firm breasts could bounce out of the fabric.

He continued his assault, biting and licking her skin which caused even more moans. He lifted her long skirt without breaking contact with her tits and felt his way between her legs.

Oh god he could feel the moisture through her panties which he slid off with hottie fucking dick up her pierced bald cunt. His finger entered her this time causing a very loud moan of approval.

He undid his pants to free his very hard cock that ached to be inside of her. Robert forced the young girl's head down to his penis so he could finally have his fantasy of her sucking him. She took it in her mouth without hesitation. He could feel that she was inexperienced but it didn't matter to him as she bobbed her head faster and faster never breaking eye contact. This was what he had been dreaming about since the beginning of the year and that is what brought the immense pleasure that he was feeling.

He pulled out of her sexy mouth and spread her legs. Without warning and without a second thought he entered her, pounding mercilessly without caring that he should be gentle as this was probably her first time. She screamed in pleasure and begged him to fuck her harder which is exactly what he did as he smirked at the foul use of language coming from such a pretty young thing.

His thrusts became more vicious and went deeper than he thought possible. He pushed his entire penis inside her with his balls slapping on her ass that he longed to be in but that was for another time. She was screaming again which only pushed him to go faster. As he felt himself getting closer to the edge of a mind blowing orgasm, she erupted into climax clenching her muscles and grinding his cock.

This caused him to lose control and she began milking him of every seed his penis possessed. He groaned loudly as he finished.

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Robert's head fell onto her chest in exhaustion and she cradled his head to her chest as she tried to regain her breath. They stayed this way a long time. He pulled out once he had recovered and stood back to look at his newly found little slut. She looked exquisite in this state with her hair messed and her chest rising and falling with every quick breath and just like he hoped, her still spread legs gleamed from the cum that he just emptied inside of her "Wow" she finally muttered her face growing even redder by the sxsxx small brother old sister.