White girls rim ass compilation and reality teen swallow first time fuck my ass

White girls rim ass compilation and reality teen swallow first time fuck my ass
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Part 5 inked bombshell has her juicy snatch rammed This young red heads husband had said for all to hear, that she was exactly that!, a slutty little bitch and a nymphomaniac on top of that!, and that their was no way he could satisfy her! And, that he could use a lot of help!

The Dr then said to her husband, could he please see her breasts, and he ripped her blouse open as the only button popped off, revealing them!, she was wearing no bra, and like Sissy did not need one! They, were much like hers, her little miniskirt was then undone and it fell to the floor! This left her standing in front of all!

wearing only what was left her open blouse, she was definitely a red head as her succulent little muff had an abundance of red pubic hair! that was shock of shock, panty less! She still wasn't sure where she was or what was going to happen?. The good doctor first sadistically pinched her nipples one at a time, she only slightly winced to this abuse, and pursed her over painted bright red lips slightly moaning, as the doctor said, good very good, she is a masochist!, just as you said, looking at her husband for his reaction.

Her husband, who then went on to say that he knew, when he married her that she was a slut but thought that he, as over sexed and well hung as he was, could easily satisfy her! And then had enlisted the help of his many male friends and thought that they, along with him would be able to take care of her needs, and then realized after only a year of marriage, that it would take an army of men, women and who knows what to do the job!

Prior to him bringing her here he had found her hooking in front of one of the local adult motels!!!.down on main street! Much to the dismay of the local prostitutes as she was offering discount prices for hard sex and blow jobs!!

He had previously inquired at several of the local sex shops, and had also asked around at the kinky BD&SM sex clubs just what he should do?, and all had said for an over sexed slutty little whore like her, that this truck stop and Dr DeSade along with his sadistic little friends probably would be his only hope!

So he had brought her here. This person had also commented on the fact that this Friday night at the truck stop they were having a Dog slave Gang bang contest and that he might want to have her made over as one, and really get her hard fucked by a pack of big mean oversexed dogs! At the doctors command, he had his little helpers pick her up and set her down on a small swivel stool and had leaned her back !

it had a short back that allowed her tied hands to be helplessly held behind her back! and two of the other little gremlins that had been holding her legs, spread them wide. The good doctor then had them remove her blindfold and as her eyes focused the first thing she saw was Sissy prancing around quite hot and bothered like some sort of half dog and half grotesquely painted sexy she animal! The next, was the dayna vendetta fist time sex vidcom women that she had heard screaming and the one with the bowling balls hanging from her genitals shocked her!.

She then started to violently struggle and was trying to get loose her eyes really started to get big as Dr DeSade had smeared some kind of flammable liquid on her beautiful red pubic hair, he had a small wooden paddle much like a paint stick, it had some gauze and crape wrapped around the end and had been doused with alcohol, and then lit on fire! He told his little henchmen to hold her legs wide and tight as he first brought it close to her face so she could feel the heat, and quickly touched her nipples she flinched and tried to pull away!

But the sadistic little men held her tight and wide! The fire burned bright and then peaked !

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The good doctor, then slowly passed it up and down between her open helpless legs !.she screamed !!!!.almost as loud as the older woman had! OMG!!! The results were to have her beautiful red pubic hair almost instantly singed off!

As this happened she fainted in shock as she could not believe what just happened! With his little helpers still holding her wide the doctor continued to slowly move the burning gauze up and down her slit and was brushing what was left of her red pubic hair off, to where all of it was gone!

She was now totally bare!!!. and only the smell of burnt pubic hair was left lingering in the air!, he was now rewarded with a beautiful set of pale cunt lips along with a swollen puffy and slightly sunburned cunt and clit! He told his helpers to place her on a narrow wooden bench that was lower at her head, and had strong steel tubes at both ends and directed them to bind her arms to the ones that were straight out from her shoulders and especially her wrists!

and then had them do the same to her legs that were up slightly and and sticking out to each side in a vee!

Now there was no way she could move at all! This left her cunt lips and legs up and wide open!!!.

The good doctor then placed a well greased glass tube into her vagina, the tube was about two and a half inches in diameter and about three feet long it was slightly tapered and well greased on the end that entered her. As it was slowly forced down her succulent little slit, through her pelvic opening it made a audible sucking noise, it passed through and deep into her womb!

She was just starting to come to, when the doctor first applied a little suction that immediately collapsed her vaginal tunnel down into her womb and cervix! After several minutes, he was satisfied that her vaginal cavity had the correct amount of vacuum!!!!. as he closed a valve down near her opening that sealed the tube. This was followed by one of the doctors helpers bringing him a small cage that had three little mutant sewer rats, these little critters had been bread to be surgical sterile, and were quite skinny bint has her tight asshole drilled, viscous looking little mammals.

They also had very sharp claws and teeth!!!. He then took one of them out of the cage and, if he had not been wearing tight fitting leather gloves and holding him behind his little neck, he would have easily been bitten numerous times by the unhappy little rodents sharp teeth!

This little varmint was brought up in front of her face and was first placed inches from her nose! And then was quickly moved down to where it was almost touching one of her nipples his mouth opened wide, and she at first thought he, the doctor, was going to let it bite her!!!.nipple, and was at first quite relieved!!!. as he then placed its little open mouth right next to her swollen clit.

OMG the look of stark terror on this young woman's face was priceless!!!! as he let the little rodent take her clit entirely into caiu na net esposa nojentinha para dar o cu mouth before he, with his other hand viciously pulled the little critter's tail, with this, the rats razor sharp teeth instantly sank into her white fair skinned swollen little clitoris! as if it was an over ripe little piece of small fruit!!!

A fine mist of blood and cum squirted out of her clit and cunt! where it had been punctured as her heart pounded as sweat pored off of her bare body!. Her screams were much louder than that of the older woman who had bowling balls hanging from her Gentiles! The good Doctor had purposely not gagged her so that all could hear her screams, as this is what he lived for!.

He then took this little rat after carefully working his sharp little teeth out and off of her clit. She was still begging him to get the dam thing off!!!.of her clit! and dropped him head first into the glass tube!!!!.

His little feet were sliding down, even with his claws it was no match for the glass along with the angle, as he slowly slid down! The doctor the closed the top of the tube and opened the bottom the results was that this little gremlin was instantly sucked right into her!!!. After this he then dropped the other two in!!!!.and did the exact same thing them!, they to were sucked then into her!, after which he slowly pulled the tube out and it made a slight sucking noise!

she immediately started screaming incoherently!!!.at first nothing happened! as several minutes that went by. The little rodents teeth and claws started biting and clawing around inside her, as all three started fighting with each other in this dark warm and very wet place, it took several more minutes before the first scratched his way up out!

As he stuck his little head out of her cunt into the light his sharp teeth and beady little eyes blinked. He was wet with cum and quickly finished pulling himself out and ran down her fair skinned bottom dragging his sharp little claws across her bare bottom as he went, until he dropped onto the floor!

This little rat ran right under Sissy who was on all fours and still prancing around in her condition, she almost jumped a foot off the floor as she thought at first, he might be mad enough to bite her, but scurried off into a dark corner with one of the doctors helpers in hot pursuit! This red headed young woman had been holding her pussy muscles and trying to make them as tight as she could in order to keep these little critters from hurting her insides and had not realized she was doing so as one of them had found her "G"-Spot in the roof of her vaginal tunnel and as he scratched and bit his way out of her succulent little snatch she had a very uncontrolled and painful orgasm!

This little mammal was abruptly and unceremoniously forced out by this forceful squeezing and her release! The last one was taking his time as her vaginal canal was now almost back to its original size that gave him more room and when he finally appeared was soaked with pussy juice and upside down as he clawed his way out! She could not see him but could feel his claws scratching her cunt lips as he pulled himself out farther and farther ,his little beak came face to face with her already sore swollen and previously well bitten clit and because he was not a happy camper bit it again!

The orgasm she had just experienced tempered the viscous biting as she screamed and screamed! The doctor who was still wearing his gloves grabbed him and gave him a yank!, painfully pulling his sharp little teeth loose! And then handed him to one of his helpers who put him back into the cage, as things quieted down the screaming from her, and the moaning from the two other women could now be heard. This young woman's sobs were all that could be heard as the doctors henchmen untied her and helped her sit upbut they were not done with her!

Not yet! She was then helped up and could hardly stand as her hands were tied up over fiona loves playing with horny slave men she found a victim which she forces to masturbate while she head and pulled uptight so that this left her standing on the toes of her red heels, her husband had been grilling her in a sweet but mocking tone, saying was that alright dear?

Her sobs and convulsions had subsided to the point of just a few whimpers as she stood there, but her sore little crotch was making it very difficult! One of the doctors helpers had slid in another diabolical device!.

It was a stand with a wide tapered metal plate at the bottom. That had a metal tube welded to it and was about two and a half feet high and on the end of it was a large dildo that was about 2 ½ " around and about 10" long and the imitation cocks head was about 3" in diameter, it was adjusted to her shorter legs and she was then forcefully picked up with her wrists still tied over her head, so that her sweet pink well singed and sadistically abused little cunt could be slowly lowered on to it, Impaling her!!!!.

The good doctor was holding her cunt lips open as she was carefully slid down onto it!

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and then, told them to stop for a moment and lift her back up, as one of her cunt lips was starting to roll up inside with the dildo after which she was let down fully onto it, as she was still wearing her 4" bright red hi heel whore shoes, this was the only thing that was keeping her from being penetrated all the way!.

One of the doctors mean little helpers had clamped sharp teethed alligator clamps to her nipples and had then tied them to several short cords pulling them back under her arms and behind her!

She let out a agonizing screech! As the teeth of the clamp bit into her nipples that were now pointing sadistically back out and around even farther to each side! as another of these sadistic little men started pulling on these cords! If this was not bad enough one of the other little munchkins clamped another razor sharp alligator clamp right onto her very sore, well bitten and swollen clitoris!!!

This, had lead to several even more agonizing screams!!!. they, these little sadist's were gleefully starting to pull on them which brought about more sobs and she was pleading for them to stop!!!!.OMG, please stop!!!. Again this did nothing to dissuade them from continuing to sadistically abuse her, as they pulled and tugged! but this was not her only problem as her hi heels were on this tapered slick metal plate and it was all she could do to keep them on the upper part!

Because if she didn't they would slide down so that nothing would be holding her up anymore, except for her wrists and the dildo in her pussy that was now almost pushing against her cervix!!!. She had been clamping her thighs and cunt muscles together as tight as she could to keep this from happening! and was holding her own when several of these little sadist's started poring small amounts of light oil onto the already slick metal plate!

And then just barely gave the inside of her ankle a slight tug ! Followed by the other ankle. This was all it took as the red heels slowly started to slide down the steep slick metal plate and as it did so her legs parted!!!!allowing this gigantic dildo up in her farther yet! As the big dildo slowly started up!, even deeper she was at first able to keep her legs and ankles squeezed tightly together and each time she did so one of the doctors little helpers wold again add a little more slick-em to the metal plate and give her ankles a me deja follarle siempre y cuando le tire la leche sobre el culo tug!

She squealed and begged them not to, but this again made little difference as they gleefully tugged away!, her ankles would once again slowly slide down and apart OMG this was maddening as she tried and tried to keep this perverse penetration from happening, but it was a loosing battle!, as her legs and muscles could no longer be kept together and they, along with her arms, had weakened to the point she could do nothing to hold herself up!, she finally just hung there, fully impaled with her breasts were heaving and a low moan that culminated in another painful and pleasurable orgasm!!!.escaped from her lips in sucking dudes male dick makes angel hungry for plowing anguish!

Sissy had been watching all of what had gone on with great interest, and had placed all of these dreadful abusive and sexually sadistic things in the back of her mind ,for the future?

The impaled red headed girls husband had been mesmerized by Sissy's incredible makeover of a half female and half animal beauty and was talking with the artist who had done this interesting animal look to Sissy! And had asked him if he, could do the same thing to his red headed wife?

As he was thinking about taking her to the dog gang bang party that was to happen later that evening! Bull had lead Sissy out of the motel and it was now late in the evening and she was really getting into being a female dog slave as Bull lead her along there were quite a number of people in the truck parking area and as she was lead by them, the men and a few hard core female truck drivers were commenting on what a beautiful female bitch, that Bull had on the end of her leash!

Sissy's clit was on fire and she was most uncomfortable and was prancing around even more hot, and bothered! Bull had been leading her up to the tavern apparently there was to be some sort of contest and judging as to just which of the girls had been made over the best, as to reflect the part and look they were going to play as a dog slave bitch! Bull had lead sissy into one of the side doors and was waiting for her turn to be walked across the stage to be judged, as several of the others had already taken their turn.

Sissy could hear the clapping and whistling as one of the bitches was on the wrestling lesbo fingers pussy and licks clit being judged. There were apparently six young women that had been made over quite realistically to look like dog slave bitches and several had already been judged! Sissy was next and found herself on stage and in front of more people that she had ever seen!

She was so flush stimulated and excited not only from the crowd of people but from the effects of the drug as people were yelling and taking pictures! Bull then gave Sissy the command to sit! And then to speak she in her antsy condition barked quite convincingly and then went on to howl! In the most long and shrill sound of a bitch dog that was really in heat! So that all of the specially trained dogs that had been arriving with there masters could hear her cry for sex!!!!

and they to really perked up when the heard her howl!!!! Continued in part 6