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Tanned brazilian beauteous babe rides hard weenie
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The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Harem Part Twelve: Shadow's Tricks By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to B0b and WRC 264 for beta reading this. Chapter Thirty-Four: Shadow's Tricks Sven Falk Forest of Lhes, The Strifelands of Zeutch "Las's cock," I groaned, throwing Nathalie off of me.

The former virgin rolled, on the ground, gasping in shock. Shadows surged around her, wiggling and writhing on the ground like angry snakes. I stared up at the faerie standing young dykes make each other shiver and groan me, her arms folded beneath her large, soft breasts.

Nipple rings glittered as her tits rose and fell. She had purple eyes that almost glowed with an intensity, her pink hair billowing about her hard face.

Butterfly-like wings spread wide behind her, the same hue as her hair trimmed in the same purple of her eyes. "You!" I growled, rolling to my feet, rising naked. The shadows rippled about my feet.

"You tricked me into fucking the virgin?" The faerie arched an eyebrow. "I think you have more important things to worry about than my game," she said, something mischievous in her voice, a twinkle in her eyes. They flicked, liked they focused on something behind me. Then the faerie rippled, vanished. I threw a look behind me, saw nothing but more shadows writhing across the ground.

Then I heard something. Over Nathalie's panicked whimpers and the thrashing in the tent where my sister and Zanyia were tricked into making love, I heard the jangle of metal. That unmistakable clink of armor. My instincts screamed at me to fetch my weapons. I left my gear by the fire, my short sword sheathed. I raced for it, the shadows billowing about my feet, rippling like inky fog. I struggled to remember everything I knew about faerie.

They hate iron. They made illusions. They liked to play tricks. The faerie we hunted had found us and our best way to capture her, using a virgin as bait, was ruined.

She made me think I was sex vediof hot step mom in naughty america Zanyia. Anger surged through me. How that bitch must have laughed as she perched in the trees, watching me ruin all my plans. We needed that faerie to cross over into her world and stop that bastard's plans. Something hissed behind me. A sword slashing through the air and— Pain flared hot across my back, then the wound went icy cold. I stumbled, feeling the blood sheet down my back.

I crashed to my knees, my hands snagging my sword hilt. I threw a look behind me, saw an arc of blood splattered across the ground. And nothing else. A deep voice rumbled with a cruel laugh. I ripped my short sword from its sheath, the muscles in my back burning. I hissed agony through my teeth as I raised my weapon in a stance, my heart thudding.

Heavy footsteps crunched around me, armor jingling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk I shoved my head out of the tent, finally untangled from Zanyia. It had shocked me realizing I sixty-nined with the lamia sex slave instead of Nathalie.

I should have realized the trickery when I plunged my tongue deep into what should have been virgin pussy covered by a hymen. And the taste. The same flavor of Zanyia's snatch. But I was so turned on, I hadn't paid attention.

And now something attacked us. Nubilefilms teen best friends passionate threesome christy charming female friendly rippled across the ground. My brother charged naked towards the campfire. I was about to call out to him when he stumbled. Blood spurted from his back. A long, slashing wound flayed open his back. Blood poured down his muscles. He collapsed on his knees, snarling in pain.

"Sven!" I gasped as he rose, convulsion wracking me. Then I heard laughter. I spotted the flutter of pink butterfly wings around the trees, the momentary glimpse of a pale, busty body. Anger surged through me. A faerie. Using illusions. Tricking us. But I was a Radiant of Rithi. I was trained in the art of painting.

I had mastered it. And illusions were merely painting with magic. "Gods damn it!" Sven snarled, stumbling back, blocking an unseen blow. But clumsily. His footing stumbled; his short sword almost knocked out of his hand. "Show yourself, coward!" A laugh rumbled, deep and cruel. And male. I frowned. What game was the faerie playing? I burst out of the tent, standing tall. I knew just the spell to cast. The ruby my brother gave me swung between my breasts, brushing the round slopes.

I slid a finger down to my pussy, stirring it through my petals as I gathered the energy. I coated my fingers in my cream, my sexual fluids the perfect paint to use with magic.

Sven's eyes snapped to me. I nodded to him. "I'll reveal the truth, brother mine!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sven Falk I cast my gaze around, sword held before me. That damned laugh rumbled from nearby. I snapped my attention in the direction of the tent, spotted the warrior standing at the entrance.

He stood big and burly with the swarthy look of a Shizhuthian human. He had a brutal grin, nose thick, broken. Thick, shaggy hair fell about his cruel face and around broad shoulders. He had only a single pauldron strapped over his left shoulder, bands of metal running down his left arm. He wielded a massive sword that me or another man would need two hands to wield; he gripped it in one. A smile crossed his lips, throwing his arms wide, inviting attack.

I growled. Blood pumped down my back. I had to end this quick. Big man were slow, especially with a weapon that massive. I had to dodge in beneath his guard and run him through. I had to end this quickly before the mick blue coral honeymoon (2004 tube porn loss finished me off.

I had to protect my sister, Zanyia, and Nathalie. I sprang forward. My bare feet slapped at the ground. The warrior grinned at me.

He shifted into a fighting stance, raising his sword over my head. I stared at the blade, waiting for it to snap forward and chop down at me, falling with all the force of a meteor to cleave me in half. "What are you doing, Sven!" Kora shouted in shock, my sister scared for me. But I had to do this. The blade snapped forward. The warrior committed to his attack. I sprang to the right. The blade scythed down past my side. I slipped inside his guard, lunging forward with my weapon. I had him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zanyia "What are you doing, Sven!" Kora cried out as Master charged at her.

Shadows spun around her, swirling, forming the image of someone else standing in her place. Someone I knew. Warleader Gorth'in. My insides twisted, staring at one of Zizthithana's servants. I trembled, my bowels turning liquid. The shadows writhing.

He was here. She sent Gorth'in to punish master for killing my former owner, her servant. I had to do something. Master didn't know it was Kora. He only saw the brutal warrior. The shadows swung as Kora recoiled back in shock. Master dodged around the illusion of a sword, the shadowy attack slamming into the ground as he thrust with a real weapon right at his sister's breast.

I sprang forward. "No! Master!" I threw myself between them. My tail straight behind me, my ears twitching. Master's eyes widened as his sharp blade rammed into my chest. A burning cold reached into my body. A numbness shocked through me. The force of his thrust slammed me back into Kora. She gasped, stumbling back. I fell off the end of his blade, landing on my stomach.

The world spun. I rolled onto my back. Heat spread across my chest, pooling between my breasts. It ran thick and hot across my suddenly cold skin. Pink butterfly wings fluttered through the trees above. "Zanyia?" Sven gasped in shock. "Rithi, reveal the truth of beauty around me!" screamed Kora. Light rippled from her, melting away the shadows.

They spread across the ground as the world grew darker and darker before me. Sven fell to his knees beside me, staring down at me with such horror.

"He. tricked. you." I groaned, spotting the real Gorth'in watching nearby, gripping his daughter in panties teasing father sword, the end stained crimson with Master's blood.

"Behind." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sven Falk My entire body shook. I couldn't believe I stabbed Zanyia. Why did she try to protect the warrior? I stared up at the brutal figure just in time for white light to explode from it.

I flinched as truth washed over me, melting shadows. Revealing my trembling, naked sister, her blonde hair swaying about her slim shoulders. Her blue eyes were wide, full of tears. It crystallized in a heartbeat what I had almost done. What Zanyia had sacrificed herself to stop me from doing. "Behind." croaked my lamia, blood bubbling on her lips.

"Kora!" I shouted as I threw a look over my shoulder. "Save her!" I spotted the massive warrior. He snarled, white light clinging to him, devouring inky tendrils trying to swirl around him. He flung out his left arm, armor creaking, trying to banish the magic coating him.

He was a shadowmancer, versed in the naga's magic of trickery and deception. Then what about the faerie? A voice giggled from above as the warrior snorted in frustration. "Pretty trick from the whore." "Whore?" I demanded as I rose naked. My back burned. Every movement sent new waves of agony through me. But I had to fight. I had to protect. Kora moved behind me, chanting the healing spell, fixing my mistake. "How much to give her a poke?" grinned the warrior.

I cocked my head at him, a wave of dizziness washing through me. "How much blood do you have in that body? I bet it's a lot. Fair price to enjoy my sister" He thumped his chest. "Try and collect it." He brandished his sword.

"I think this is all I need to pay. Do you think she'll cum as hard on my cock as yours? I'm bigger in every way." "No. you're. not." Zanyia yowled behind me. "Shithana told me.

how small. you are." The man's eyes narrowed. Then he laughed. "I'll punish that little slut for that. She needs fresh bruises to decorate her body." I gripped my sword with sweaty palm. I had to end this. Same as before. I charged forward. Agony throbbed in my back. His good asian girl enjoy all sex position part teenxxxnetworkcom flicked out, the massive sword moving so fast.

I grunted, raising my small blade to block and— Metal rang. I stumbled back. The force of his blow knocked me off-balance. I groaned, struggling to recover. He swung again and again, the blade hissing through the air with the speed of a whip. My short sword blurred as I parried.

Each blow shivered down my sword. My arm rattled. I grunted. The force sending me reeling each time.

I struggled to stay upright. He grinned at me, his eyes full of pleasure. His blade flicked beneath my guard, scoring across my belly. A line of blood welled. "Las's putrid cock," I groaned, clutching my abdomen with my free hand. He could have gutted me. Killed me. The bastard toyed with me. I stumbled back and fell to my knees. My left hand planted on the ground as I struggled to keep my strength. Blood poured out of me. My legs felt like ice, my fingers nub. I panted. I needed to keep fighting.

The warrior loomed over me, grinning. "Tired already? How can you please that sister of yours with so little stamina?" I stared up at him, grinned. He frowned at me. "What are—" My left hand flung a clod of dirt into his face. The rich, dark soil struck him between the eyes. He snarled, eyes squeezing shut as earth cascaded across his face, leaving dark smears behind. I grunted, lunging sex xxnx cnm sex stories story shil band, thrusting my sword at him.

My belly screaming in agony. "Naga's shriveled cunt!" bellowed the warrior. His right foot lashed out before him, a blind kick.

That caught me in the face. Chapter Thirty-Five: Fairy Play Aingeal Sven's head snapped back. He grunted, crashing onto his back. The Shizhuthian warrior that spoiled all my fun bellowed in anger, his left hand rubbing at his eyes, clearing dirt from them.

An idea sparked in my head. I darted down from the trees, fluttering to the ground and landing over Sven. He groaned, rubbing at his temple, a welt already forming.

His glossy, blue eyes focused on me as I leaned over him, my large tits swaying. "Now that is a fun game you came up with," I grinned at him. "But you both have to be handicapped for it to be fair." The warrior bellowed. I gasped, wings flapping hard as he swung his sword at me.

Real steel. Diluted iron. My skin crawled. Spirits rose before me, forming a shield of red energy only I could see. The blade struck their protection, rebounding back. "Yes, yes, let's play!" I grinned. Green enhancement spirits, little orbs that danced around me, surged at both men's eyes.

Covered them. "There," I clapped as the warrior stumbled, both blind. "Now this is fun." I glanced at Kora, rising from the healed Zanyia. "And no interference from you two." Blue abjuration spirits zoomed towards them. I grinned as they wrapped up Kora and Zanyia in blue bonds, one shoving itself into Kora's mouth as a gag.

I didn't need her divine magic spoiling all my fun. I wanted to see if this Sven was as good as he believed. "Now, Sven, get up and get fighting." "I can't see," he said, looking around, bewildered. "And?" I shrugged. "You bitch!" snarled the warrior. "You faerie whore!

Restore my sight." "See, it's fair," I laughed and fluttered up into the air. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sven Falk Darkness pressed down at me. I groaned, struggling onto unsteady feet. Everything burned in my body. I swayed, my legs buckling. The world spun around me. My stomach twisted. I felt drunk, stumbling to the right and left as the ground tilted one way and then the other. "Give me back my sight, faerie-whore!" snarled the enemy again.

I heard his blade swing then the loud thud of it striking ground. It came from my right. The warrior bellowed again. Closer. "Duck, Master!" Zanyia shouted. I listened to my lamia. Something massive screamed over my head. The greatsword. My hair rippled in the wake of the warrior's massive blade.

He missed me by inches. My skin crawled even as I familystrokes cute teen fucked by easter bunny uncle in the direction I heard the warrior cursing. My arm extended and. My blade found nothing. "Where are you?" the warrior bellowed, feet stamping. He swung again, but it sounded farther away. "You just missed him, Very small tits blonde teen banged by big cock on the couch smalltits and pornstars Zanyia shouted.

"Take two steps forward." I did, each one hesitant. I had no idea what I stepped on. The glade was uneven, the ground treacherous. The warrior's feet stamped before me. I thrust again. But didn't strike anything. The blade swung. Zanyia screeched something. I threw myself to the ground. "Give me oiled up orgy outside near the pool my sight, you Las-poxed whore!" snarled the warrior.

"He's stumbling in a circle, Master," Zanyia shouted. "Just stand up, turn to your left." I listened to her, standing up. I focused on my senses. My hearing felt so sharp. I inhaled, smelling unwashed body and rust, mixed with the tang of steel. Armor creaked before me. Foots thrashing. Heavy breathing. "Three steps forward," Zanyia shouted.

I did, taking larger steps. I had to swallow my fear. I had to embrace the uncertainty. My back throbbed. My belly ached. Blood coated me. My limbs trembled. My arm felt so week. How much longer could I stand? "Turn to your right. He moved." I heard him, grunting as I pivoted. I faced him. He snarled, swinging through the air. Then he went still. "One step forward, and lunge!" Zanyia shouted.

I did. I thrust my sword forward. The brute shouted. He moved. His blade swung. I could hear the air rushing. I tensed, totally exposed. I had no idea if the sword swung to cleave me in half. Or if he had misjudged the angle of his attack. My blade bit into flesh. A sword struck the ground by my feet. I twisted my weapon buried in his body. He groaned. Something struck me in the face. I grunted, stumbling back.

The world rang about me. I crashed onto the ground, lying on my side. Stars exploded across the darkness of my world. "Where are you?" the warrior snarled, his voice thick and throaty.

He coughed. Something bubbly entered his words, a wet wheezing. "I'll crush you. Then fuck your sister so hard." His footsteps crunched, stumbled. He sounded like a wounded bull. His sword hissed through the air, swinging with a wild frenzy. I needed to stand. To keep fighting. But my body didn't want to work. My brain felt disconnected from the rest of me. "I'll gut you. And." His words trailed off. Something crashed to ground. "Las-damned faerie! You poxed whore.

I'll." Armor rattled. He coughed. Leaves rustled. "This isn't. She needs it.

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back. I. Now." Then I heard just wheezing, wet breaths slowing, slowing, stopped. "Well done!" the faerie said. She clapped from above me. "You do not give up, Sven. I like that. You play to win!" Suddenly, I could see again.

I blinked against the fading daylight. I stared up at the faerie hovering above me, her large tits swaying, her pink hair dancing about her face. She had such a grin on her lips, her purple eyes twinkling. "So, you're looking for me, huh?" the faerie asked. "And you know what, I think I want to help you. You're so much fun, Sven! You play dirty. I love it!" "Great," I groaned, the world spinning around me, my body growing colder and colder.

"I think." "Oh, right, let me free your sister so she can heal you." The faerie beamed at me. "Don't want you dying now. Not when I decided to play with you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk Sven groaned as his wounds healed, accelerated by my divine magic. He leaned against a log, studying the faerie who'd tricked him into deflowering Nathalie. The former virgin hugged herself on the other side of the campfire, trying not to look at the corpse of Warleader Gorth'in.

"He was a monster," Zanyia said, staring down with glee at the dead Shizhuthian. "He loved to beat his lamia slaves. Especially Shithana. He would decorate her girl fuck vagina job brazzer bruises. Said it made her more beautiful." She spat on the corpse. "I think he looks more beautiful dead." Her tail swished back and forth.

I moved around to Nathalie, putting my arm around her. "Are you okay, sweetie?" The eighteen-year-old nestled against me. She nodded her head. "It was just so.

so scary. It was so wonderful when Sven. and then. it wasn't." "Yeah, that happens around my brother," I said, resting her head on my breast, her golden-blonde, braided pigtails falling down my body. "He attracts danger and gives pleasure." "He did give me pleasure," Nathalie said. I smiled at her. I bet he did.

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I glanced at the faerie, shaking my head. She had played one naughty trick on us, getting Sven to deflower the virgin earlier. Though I was certain my brother enjoyed every moment of plundering the girl's untouched charms. "So," Sven said, staring at the faerie as she fluttered around the campfire, her big tits swaying before her. She kept pulling on her nipple piercings, two gold rings threaded through fat, pink nipples.

"You want to help us?" "Yep!" she smiled. "I've been watching you fooooorever!" "Forever?" I asked, frowning. "Well, ever since you entered the woods being hunted by those humans." She giggled. "I sent them so deep into the forest, they are probably still wandering lost in there." "Who are you?" Sven asked. "Why do you even care about helping us?" "I'm Aingeal," she said, fluttering to a rest before Sven, her big tits swaying.

"And you fascinate me. One human male satiating his sister, a lamia, and the stone princess is so interesting. And I love how you make your women moan." "He made me moan," Nathalie said. "And my mother." "Her mother?" I asked, arching an eyebrow at my brother. He gave me a roguish grin back, his blue eyes sparkling. "It's how I seduced Nathalie. I let her watch me fuck her mother, giving her mother such pleasure that it made Nathalie.

competitive. She wanted to prove she's a woman, too. And what better way than by having sex with her mother's lover." "You knew I was watching?" gasped Nathalie, her cheeks going pink. Pretty babes having lesbian joy pornstar hardcore winked at her. "And it worked. It made you so wet and eager to have sex with me." "See," Aingeal grinned.

"Why wouldn't I want to help you out?" "Because you're a faerie," I said, not wanting to let my brother's cock do the thinking for him. It thrust hard from his crotch as that busty faerie brandished her big tits at him.

"And that means I'm untrustworthy?" she gasped even as she leaned over, her breasts pillowing on my brother's lap, engulfing his cock.

"Yeah," Sven said then groaned as she squeezed her tits tight, sliding them up and down his dick. I shook my head, the faerie's tight, hairless slit pointed right at me, glistening with her excitement.

"So, why do you want to help us, Aingeal. And don't say my brother's cock has you so wet you want to help." "That's why I'm here," Nathalie said.

"You were a virgin," I told her. "It's believable that your little cunny would ache for my brother's cock. But Aingeal. She's not a virgin." "Nope," Aingeal giggled. "I'm over two hundred." "So what's the reason?" Sven asked. "Fine," she pouted.

"I know you want to stop Prince Meinard. And I know who he's working with in Faerie." "Who?" Sven asked. "A horrible fey. Just the worst.

I hate him!" Aingeal's hips wiggled. "And I would love to play a joke on him. Something that would humiliate him. Ooh, Duke Gallchobhar, Lord of the North Marches, deserves that so much!" I glanced at my brother. He nodded his head. He believed her. I bit my lip. Vengeance. It was so simple.

But we needed to enter Faerie. So I would believe her. For now. Chapter Thirty-Six: Fairy's Pillowy Bounty Aingeal "So, will you let me play with you?" I asked, sliding my big, pillowy tits up and down Sven's cock. My nipples rubbed into his stomach. His cock throbbed between my boobs. "Sure," he grinned, running a hand through my pink hair. "You do have. incredible assets." I giggled at him, squeezing my boobies tight about his shaft.

"These little things?" "They're bigger than mine," Zanyia said. "And Mistress Kora's." "And mine," Nathalie said, the former virgin sounding in awe. I shivered, wiggling my hips, feelling those three's eyes on my pussy. My honey dripped out of me. I trembled and groaned, sliding my tits faster and faster up and down Sven's cock. I knew we would have so much fun playing together.

And that bastard Gallchobhar would taste my mirth. Ooh, yes, he would. My nipples throbbed against his muscular stomach. Kora's healing had fixed her brother to full health, the wound on his abdomen completely gone. Not even a scar remained. He was such a sexy man. Scars would ruin his masculine beauty. "You do have wonderful assets," Sven groaned, staring down at me with such hunger. "And you're going to just unleash your yummy treat," I grinned.

"Just a fountain of creamy delight shooting from your shaft. Right?" "Maybe," he grinned. "If you work those tits fast enough." "What if I do this?" I asked. Then I licked the tip of his dick when it emerged from between my pieds dans la cul lesbian mounds.

He groaned, face twisting with pleasure. "Oh, yes, that will work." I shivered, loving the taste of his precum on my tongue.

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I worked my tits faster, my nipple rings twisting against his stomach, sending delight shooting down to my wet pussy. Every time his cock appeared from between my boobies, I licked the swollen crown. I swirled my tongue around it, gathering more of his salty juices. And then hands seized my ass. A lamia purred behind me before her rough tongue lapped through the folds of my pussy. I whimpered, my wings fluttering as Zanyia stirred up my snatch.

I squeezed my tits harder about Sven's cock, drinking in the pleasure. "Ooh, yes, you naughty slut, lick my cunt," I moaned. "You're such a good slave." "I am," Zanyia moaned. "And so are you." "What?" I gasped then shuddered as she licked through my pussy again.

"I'm not a slave." "Sure you are," she giggled. "That's how you play with Sven. You're either his woman, or his sex slave." "Does that make me his sex slave?" Nathalie asked, her voice girlish and tight. "Yep," purred Zanyia. Then she licked me again. "I'm not his slave!" I gasped, wiggling my hips. I worked my tits up and down his dick. I took another lick across his crown. "I'll be his woman. Like the gemstone princess.

Or Kora. But not his slave. I'm too hot to be his slave." "You promise?" Zanyia asked and then took another wonderful lick through my pussy. Pleasure surged through me. Her tongue bathed my clit then lapped through my labia. "Yes!" I moaned without thought. "I promise to be his woman!" "Do your really mean that?" she purred before thrusting her tongue deep into my pussy, wiggling it around.

She stirred such a wonderful froth of pleasure through my pussy. "Yes! Yes, I do!" I sucked on the tip of Sven's cock, sliding my tits up and down his shaft. My butterfly wings flapped harder, the lamia's tongue caressing my sensitive flesh.

She sent such wonderful pleasure shuddering through me. Sven groaned as I loved his dick, still working my boobies up and down his cock. I humped back into Zanyia's licking tongue. Her triangular, cat-like ears twitched, rubbing on my ass. A ticklish delight washed down to my cunt, building my orgasm so swiftly.

She was so skilled at licking pussy. Then she sucked on my clit. Her teeth nipped it, sharp and playful. I groaned, my ass clenching. Her hands caressed my skin as her tongue bathed my bud. The rough texture felt so amazing. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I sucked harder and harder on Sven's cock. Then Zanyia pulled her lips away. "I don't know." My mouth popped off Sven's cock. "Don't know what?" I demanded. "How to make me cum? You're doing such a good job. Don't stop." She took a lick up my tight slit, making me shudder.

"I don't know if Freak monster cocks gay anal believe you. Are you really my Master's woman?" "I am!" I moaned. "I promise you, I am his woman and." My eyes widened as the magic of my race settled into my bones. "Ooh, you tricked me! I love it!" "I just made you horny," she giggled. "You're born from Las, like me.

Both our races are controlled by our genitals. Our pussies drive us. And you need to cum." "What?" Sven groaned. "She tricked me into being your woman," I grinned at Sven, my heart beating so fast for the mortal.

"If a faerie promises something thrice, it binds her. And so I'm your woman. Your faerie-wife. Congrats!" Then I inhaled his dick as Zanyia lapped at my pussy.

"Slata's hairy cunt!" Sven groaned. "Congrats, brother mine," laughed Kora. "I bet Ava will be thrilled to learn you have a faerie-wife." "Oh, yeah," he groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth.

Pleasure twisted his face. It sounded like another fun game playing with the gemstone princess. I couldn't wait. My pussy clenched around Zanyia's probing tongue. Her purrs hummed through my flesh, making me shudder, swelling my orgasm. I popped my mouth off Sven's cock, stroking his dick fast in my tits. I stared up at him, licking my lips in such hungry excitement. His dick twitched and throbbed between my big boobies. I knew his release hurtled closer and closer. "Mmm, cum on my big tits, my husband," I groaned, the words feeling so right pouring out of my lips.

I promised to be his woman. I was his woman. It was just that simple to my people. "Just spurt that salty cum all over my lips." "Yes," he snarled, his dick throbbing. My pussy grew hotter as his dick erupted.

Hot cum splashed across my face. The salty delight spilled over my cheeks and forehead, washed across my lips and nose. I bathed in it, reveled in his explosive passion. Magic wreathed his cock, enchanted it. His sister's work. How naughty. I opened my lips, letting cum spurt directly into my mouth. I savored the delicious flavor, swirling it through my mouth with my tongue.

His spunk ran down my face. More splattered my tits as I squeezed out the last drops with them. "Ooh, yum!" I moaned, wiggling my hips. And then I came myself.

My wings fluttered hard. My pussy spasmed. Juices flooded into Zanyia's hungry mouth. The lamia purred her delight, lapping up my cream. Her tongue flew across my sensitive labia, adding more delight shooting through me. The ecstasy reached my mind.

I loved it. I savored cumming. Zanyia was right. My race descended from Las, the God of Lust, fucking Cernere, long hair blonde teen seducing my stepfather Goddess of Crime. We were horny, tricky creatures.

And it was wonderful. My tongue flew across my lips, gathering every drop of my new husband's spunk I could while the rapture boiled my mind. I knew I would have so much fun with this mortal. It would be just the best.

Him, his sister-lover, his lamia slave, and the gemstone princess. The daughter to his enemy. Sven fucking her was the most delicious trick of all! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk "Why don't you play with Zanyia," I told the former virgin, her pussy spasming about my fingers ,my cunt writhing about hers.

Our orgasms peaked as I stared at the cum splattered on the faerie's face. My brother's spunk. I still wasn't about to trust Amazing teen deep throat oral sex girlfriend and homemade even if she was my brother's wife—spouses could betray you just as easy as a stranger—but I did want to have fun with her. I pulled my fingers out of Nathalie's deflowered pussy, the girl whimpering. "Yes, yes, let's play," Zanyia said, lifting her face from Aingeal's cunt.

The lamia licked her lips, looking so much like a hairless cat. Then she scampered to Nathalie. "We need to talk anyways." I let that pass as Zanyia dragged Nathalie to her feet and led her to the tent. I trusted Zanyia. Even if I hadn't witnessed her risking her life to keep Sven from taking mine. The lamia had proved her loyalty. She loved my brother as much as Ava or I did.

But this faerie. She was just having fun. I fell to my knees by Aingeal. I nuzzled up against her face and licked the cum staining her cheeks. I shuddered, loving the flavor of my brother's spunk. The faerie turned her face, her purple eyes glossy with desire. Then she kissed me on the mouth. Sven groaned, watching us snowball his cum back and forth. I didn't fight as Aingeal pushed me down to the ground. My tongue bathed her face, licking, lapping, gathering up every drop of my brother's cum I could.

I savored the delicious delight. It melted on my tongue and made me tremble. My pussy burned with delight, simmering and begging to be touched.

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Our mouths met again as Sven fell behind the faerie. She whimpered as flesh slapped flesh. I knew my brother had entered her. His dick filled her pussy. The faerie broke our kiss, gasping, her wings fluttering behind her. "Fuck her, brother mine," I grinned, wiggling on the ground. "Fuck her while she eats my pussy." "Yes, yes," Aingeal moaned. "Such a wicked family I married into." "You have no idea," I panted, seizing her pink hair and pulling her face down to my shaved pussy.

The faerie's lips touched my pussy. Her tongue snaked through my folds. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. I humped against her, smearing my hot flesh against her lapping tongue, shuddering as she pleasured me.

I stared up at my brother, loving his muscular chest rippling as he took the faerie hard. His blue eyes twinkled with delight. He thrust forward hard, burying over and over into Aingeal's cunt. The faerie moaned into my twat. Her passion hummed around my clit. "That's it," I moaned. "Mmm, what a naughty sister-in-law. So eager to eat my pussy while my brother fucks her cunt." "Oh, yes," Aingeal moaned. "And it's such an amazing cock. Better than Cú Mheá's big dick." "I've got the best," my brother boasted.

"Maybe," Aingeal groaned. Then she buried her face back into my pussy, licking, lapping, devouring my cunt. I shuddered on her face. Her tongue licked and lapped through my folds. My eyes rolled back into my head. My thighs squeezed down on her face. I whimpered. My moans sang through the air.

My breasts shook and jiggled as my body thrashed on the ground. Sven grunted as he fucked her. The faerie moaned into my pussy, bucking back into his thrust. Her wings shot up then flapped rapidly. Her tongue flew through my labia, licking at my folds with such an aggressive hunger. "Oh, yes, you're going to cum on my dick," groaned Sven, plowing into her so hard, his balls smacking into her.

"And you're going to fill your faerie-wife with so much jizz," I groaned, my body trembling. "Just flood her cunt with your spunk." "Yes!" moaned Aingeal into my snatch. Her lips found my clit. She sucked hard.

My body convulsed. My bud throbbed between her moaning mouth. She sucked on it, nibbling, teasing. Her body shuddered.

Her wings flapped and twitched. Glossy, purple eyes stared up my body as she nursed on my clit. Then she moaned so loudly. Pleasure crossed her face. Sven grunted, and I knew she came on his dick. Her hot pussy convulsed about my brother's cock, pleasing him. I shivered, my own orgasm swelling fast.

"Fill her with your jizz, brother mine!" I howled. "Do it!" "Yes, sister dear!" he snarled, thrusting forward. I stared into my brother's blue eyes.

They swam with love and passion. I felt so close to him. He grunted. I moaned. Then we both came. My body convulsed as his cock unloaded his cum into the faerie's hot pussy.

I screamed out my rapture into the night. I humped against Aingeal. Such bliss shot through me. Such a thrill. I couldn't trust the faerie, but I could enjoy her. I would enjoy her.

I would use her to please my brother and me. And if she tried anything, she would pay. I wouldn't let her bind me up so easily next time.

My magic would be ready. I was a priestess of Rithi. I all black guy fart full sex stories xstorys black art and beauty. And I would use it to keep my brother's wife from hurting him. My pleasure peaked in me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zizthithana Kozzithni, The Shahdom of Shizhuth "Dread Istandar," the trembling lamia said.

She knelt naked before me; her body pressed almost flat to the ground; her tail draped across the floor. I frowned at her, my coiled body shifting, scales rasping very little son forced rape his sleeping mom for sex mp41001very little son forced rape his sleeping each other. "I hope your news is greater than your impertinence for disturbing me," I hissed. My tongue flicked out, tasting the lamia's fear.

She looked up at me for a moment; her face covered in fading bruises. "If you displease me, you will make amends." Her ears twitched. Her eyes flicked to the skin draped before my throne, pale and supple; the finest lamian leather. "My Lord and Master is dead, dread Istandar," she squeaked. "I am no longer bound to his shadows." My fingernails tapped on the arms of my throne, my breasts shaking before me.

"Gorth'in is dead?" The lamia nodded again. "I. I am once again your. your slave, dread Istandar." My tongue flicked out, my stomach seething. My eyes flicked to my cruel knife. My anger needed an outlet. My hand reached for it. The lamia whimpered, her face pressed to the ground.

Her fear became sweet terror. And then the doors to my throne room opened once more. A human guard in black armor took three steps in, fell to his knees in a clank of metal. I winced, eyes narrowing on him. Perhaps I could use a new skin.

Something darker to contrast with pale lamian. "Dread Istandar," the guard croaked. "An emissary from the Paragon demands an audience with you." A cold hand squeezed my heart. It took all my self-control to keep my scales from quivering. "Send it in." My eyes flicked to the lamia. "You, slave, to the kennel with you." The lamia scampered to her feet, fleeing even as the monstrosity oozed into my throne room.

I straightened my back, took in a deep breath. With Gorth'in dead, I did not have good news for the paragon. "Have you recovered the phylactery yet?" gurgled the creature, a foul, and misshapen thing fashioned with forbidden magics.

"The Paragon grows impatient with your delays." Damn Therek for getting killed by those humans. And gods curse Gorth'in for dying, too. To be continued.