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Busty babe sophia leone enjoys a hard interracial sex
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CHAPTER 1 *Embo Activated* "Ohhh, HURRRY the heeellll UHP!!!" The deafening tap of the shift key rung steadily through the room, into his mic, and dizzily around his brain. "After this BUTTNOZZLE. I'll have just ONE. more." The weary, over-worked, late-20's, college-grad StreamTV "STAR" (If having 550k subscribers equaled stardom than by all means,) gritted through a strained jaw, and clenched teeth.

The previously disoriented mob had begun to congeal and converge upon him, way quicker than previously anticipated. *Embo Charged* "!!YEASS!!! EH! Whoa whoa WHOA!" Shift+Alt clicking frantically, as spastic as it sounded, allowed him to successfully push the remaining mobs aside. Over the horizon the skies incessant twinkling had began subtly intensifying, along with the music steadily beginning to pick up pace.

Not only was he on track to make it to the final target in time, and perhaps finish the game. .He had found himself in a MORE than optimal position to take a long needed, though short lived, break. He couldn't allow himself to even slightly lose focus.

Pointing his heavy potato-shaped body into the correct direction, ready to ricochet to the final destination, he quickly slapped on the last propulsion enhancer; before quickly pausing the FINAL level of the godforsaken game that had been CURSING his desktop screen, along with the ongoing camera feed.

For a moment in the foamed sound-proof office, where he drowned himself in the inane and absurd. "ARRRGGHHH PLEEASEEE!!!!!!!" All was silent. "GOD-TWAT-fucking-GRAVY!" He roared wrapping his swollen fingers around the cool water-bottle nearby, as he did the engorged digits instantly began to relax.

A heavyhearted sigh escaped his tired, weary, chest. This was the closest he had made it, since one time earlier that morning, and once more slightly before noon. When he had nearly won. That was fine.

Now? He knew the process by heart. He KNEW what to do. At the moment, all that meant was to focus. .and do something about the damn hand cramp he couldn't be sure was even present, or simply conjured up by his own rest/normal-human-activity deprived brain; to subvert any attempt at progress he might actually make in the game.

Or, quite possibly, in his own life. 'Oooh yes god-' The coolness of the drink was sanctuary for any place on the stream star's screeching body that had managed to receive such refreshing relief. Before having that necessary drink, his eyes scanned the nearby vicinity carefully; stopping briefly at the semi-still LCD monitor. His whore sucks a good dick 117 tube porn, noticeably active feed, staring directly back at him.

'DON'T fuck us.' His narrowed eyes met themselves bleakly, his voice barely an audible growl. 'This WILL be the LAST. ONE.' He wasn't sure if he was talking about. or TO the game. .the devs. .the people at home. Maybe himself. Certainly directed to at least a single entity of the bunch.

.or perhaps to each and every last one. He quickly lifted his seemingly non-stop, quietly buzzing phone, flickering through his inbox for any relevant messages. Comments, DA HATAS, a question from Stan. 'Nothing from her.' He placed the phone back on it's charger, as his eyes continued to scour the room, searching for a certain object, a hint of respite, that lie just out of sight. "Ah. yess." .Before finally landing on the item of interest.

The container lie hidden meticulously out frame from the future audiences at home. Drifting his chair sideways an inch or so, nearly knocking over a miniature tabletop oddity (SHE had made for him,) he reached for and quickly snatched a small pill bottle from the counter-top beside his desk.

The high-strung, suddenly anxious gamer glanced around the empty room reflexively as he screwed off the lid and popped a tiny purple pill from his stiff, equally purple hand into his aching mouth, before finally taking a crisp swig of the ice-chilled beverage beside him. .and shclumping his leaden head into his interwoven, somehow-even-tighter fingers. 'It BETTER be the last goddamn one, or I swear to fucking christ-' In between (AND during) the SLIGHTLY more sane audible narration of his damn-near fervent gameplay, it was as though his mind was both racing and speaking in CAPS all at once.

The synapses of his mind seemed to sizzle and pop, while the cheery little tune ringing in his ears through his ELITE PRO (more like ELITE PRICE TAG) headphones assisted loyally as old lady forced a young boy, in setting him aflame.

His mind, the music, and the constant lack of resolution really seemed to grate just enough after the 9th hour to leave him taking his SECOND dose of "Tanfenyl" that day. The first dose seeming to have already worn off, after only the third hour. 'ONE. MORE.' He lifted his heavy head and retrieved both headset and one final stabilizing breath, before firmly gripping the mouse. However he found himself pausing, his finger hovering just above the record button, his gaze settled on the glinting, ever waiting eye of his pristine camera.

It made the standard, silent, mockery. ".or I'm done." *Click* "Bet on it." CHAPTER 2 "One more." He muttered his "reassuring" mantra repeatedly, beneath tepidly-bated breath, as he flexed and stretched the steadily loosening mouse hand, as it lie hovering above the minimized game.

From mouth to cum hole sex hardcore blowjob a deep breath he finally enlarged and resumed, the semi-self inflicted, nightmare. The jumpy music began exactly where he had mind-numbingly, painstakingly, memorized it being left; along with the previously frozen mobs, quickly swarming wildly to life around him.

Instinctually, he laser focused his attention to the increasingly shifting slider; hoping to catch it in the precious, horrendously redacted, eye-blurringly alternating, emerald goal. As he waited for the release to settle in the correct position, the timer on the previously popped enhancement had begun to wane.

"ONE MORE PLEASE." "3." The buff began to fade in and out, rapidly. "Please?" "2." "FUCKING PLEASE?!" As SOON as the notch landed in the vicinity of the minuscule, hill-green promised land, his thumb SLAMMED the space bar, and ungodly far off he propelled, just as the buff extended by 5 seconds. "WHHHEEEEWWWW!!! YES! YES!!!" He'd land squarely at the foot of the surprisingly intimidating, hovering, statuesque being.

"Perfect! PERFECT!" He quickly shifted gears and began the final fill, chucking rune after rune into the hovering, rapidly randomized gullet. "Now, eat up you rocky.-bal-boulder looking. BITCH!!" The now quite sizable, rock-like pucks, drew closer; already satisfied with the systematically placed "remnants" he left as far behind on the way to his last target as possible.

They were firmly on the pursuit for their final meal. Him. He only had enough "Remnant" left to feed and keep the smallest one left busy, and to activate and feed the illuminating, levitating, formless mould, the one that had been carefully guided into a, purposefully chosen, nearby corner.

He'd strategically gathered them this run-through; even though doing so had forced them, as well as himself into an efficient, but frustrating, (slightly unpredictable,) path.

After a week, dozens of attempts, 2 broken mice, and a nearly busted g-horse camera, this method in particular seemed to be the only realistic way of achieving triumph. .Once and for all. '.Well until the newer, even more confusing sequel's released, and I'm FORCED into this HELL AGAIN!!!' The thought threw the aim, carefully guiding "remnant" into the nearly full, uncovered stone-face's slender maw, off. Only slightly. .but enough to miss a few, irretrievable, mid-shots. 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-' "Open." Remnant LOW "OPEN.

OPEN YOU FUC- !!!!!" *Endi Activated* "YES! YES! OKOKok-" The commentary in this video was ultimate garbage, but he REALLY couldn't afford to care at this point, and honestly? Neither would anyone else. Maybe after he finally finished he'd record a dub for the final upload or something, but there was to much at stake at the moment.

ALL that mattered now, was overpowering this last obstacle, and moving on. To the final stage. "Alright, now we just swoopie daWOOPIE up. from behind and-" Something was wrong. "??wha-!?" The screen started to, almost imperceptibly, flicker. "Don't. you fucking-" a small, nearly hidden face, appeared on the side of the screen, and smiled.

"No." Acid stung the backs of his eyes, as well as the violent bursting nearly ready to rip apart his chest, threatening to violently unleash itself in front of the not-so-lonely void, that sat silently big butt nina kayy gets a big black dick with her boober app him, patiently awaiting who ever made the next move.

"NonoONO NOO!! NOOOAAHHFUUHH-" Even though he was a good ways parted from the entirety of the ever devouring forces surrounding him, and nearly done engorging the rapidly enlarging stone-like object; the very one he'd grapple to reach for so long, a rando member of the large encroaching mob, was sent into a frenzy, causing it to bump wildly into another.

In turn the large, shoved puck of damnation managed ricocheting itself into the smaller puck he previously maneuvered to the nearby corner, hitting it just right. The impact flicked the wandering stone speeding by. It made contact with him. Not enough to damage his avatar. Just enough to have merely grazed his mauve backside, and, catching hold of his piece firmly, send his his small spheroid body, along with the remaining remnant, flinging along the board.

"no." He slammed wildly on the release keys, BEGGING the game to free him from this madness, only to be greeted with the infuriatingly familiar, three note, overly cheery tune, of utter impending doom. The sound made him nearly rip the computer from the $1,000 desk that it (for now) called home, as he slammed furiously upon the esc button, freezing the shameful spectacle in place.

"That's it." He got up from the computer, camera rolling as he silently paced around for a moment. "I can't do it, I can't do it. It's fucking BULLSHIT." He paused, looked at the camera momentarily and sighed.

"I'm done." CHAPTER 3 He had nearly made it to the frosted glass door of the sealed off office, when a dark, full. .familiar silhouette. Seemingly appeared through the opaque full length mid panel. He could almost feel inquisitive eyes somehow imploring the disgruntled (and now slightly dazed) gamer, as well as hear the soft shuffling of what sounded like paper bags.? .Along with 2 soft knocks. 'But. it couldn't be." "James.~" It was her.

His heart was pounding. He couldn't tell if his body was aflame from madisin lee guy fucks coworker while she talks to her husband lingering rage left by the game. .or her voice having it's usual, seemingly heightened, affect on him. He could feel the familiar tug deep within in his abdomen intensifying. 'Already?' It took everything he had to not rip through the door.

and more tantalizingly, her. James began to pace back to the desk, as the soft steady knocking sounded off a tad louder behind him. He made it back to the desktop by the third and final tap, and found himself being greeted by. himself, on the screen, along with the bright red recording button flashing steadily.

He didn't remember paging the game down, but it didn't matter. Quickly pausing the video feed, he sat silently back onto the plump reclining gaming chair, took a deep stabilizing breath, and put on his happiest face.

"Come in." Though he meant to sound cheerful, his voice rumbled quite lower than he expected. After an eternal moment, the knob began to softly shift. "James?" There she stood. "Beauti- fuk." Dark ebony skin draped in devoutly contrasting alabaster.

A neatly tucked, noticeably tight, button-down two-piece, blessed her plush body; from shoulders, to matching, overly high-thigh, linen shorts. Her delicate feet laced to the ankle in ruby-bejeweled tan hide-strap sandals. A puffy, messy, incredibly juicy bun set proudly atop her bubble head, and a more-than-curious expression etched clearly across her warm, glimmering, smiling face. .Along with something tucked carefully behind her back.

Their dark eyes, like static, met readily from opposite ends of the room. "I mean- .Danielle!" His voice immediately begun to thaw in turn, attempting to reflect the warm sun-like beams with which her mere presence bathed his, otherwise, obfuscated heart.

"Hey, I didn't expect you home so soon." She winked a long lash at him, "I did~." He found his loosening grip on the mouse suddenly re-tighten. Her teasing was common fare, but still managed to hit uncomfortably home. He found himself having to repress the urge to beg her to straddle him and give her every ounce of frustration, built up over the last few weeks she's been absent, this day in particular, that she'd willingly take.

"Oh har-har, you think I can't live without you CONSTANTLY nearby or somethin'???" 'But.' He noticed as her upturned lips glistened softly in the light as they shifted into a more-snarky-than-not grin.

'What if I can't.?' ".Of course you could." She shifted the bag behind her, and took a quick peek at her phone. "I just don't know if I would." "What are you saying?" Her admission made his heart ache, his eyes connected with hers, trying to guise the desperate searching, pleading, and anger.

"You're amazing, with nothing holding you back, you could do WHATEVER you wanted!" She smiled, but the uncertainty still seemed to linger. ".I missed you." His voice rung slightly deeper, seeming to almost surprise himself. It likely would've come off almost menacing, had it been anyone else to encounter such a sudden tone-shift from him. She gave her usual content smile as she stepped forward, using her seemingly occupied hands to close the door quietly behind her.

Her gaze drifted from his feigned, hopefully-relaxed, facade, towards the semi-idle screen beside him. He noticed her glancing at the "crooked" (bumped out of place,) camera lens leaning towards him. Looking quietly around the room she seemed to absorb the energy from the air itself; taking it in, digesting it carefully before proceeding.

"Well then, what a coincidence," She took a playful, though cautious, step forward. "I was beginning to miss you as well." "Oh, how sweet!" He managed to regain his original, "cheerful," if not slightly more sarcastic, tone. "Oh, I see how it is! You can't LIVE without me, YET YoudidntmissmetheWHOLEtime~" She stuck her tongue out at him, as he continued to fuss in his "pro"-gaming chair. "How incredibly considerate!" ".Oh James." Looking at the man pervcity tanner mayes blowjob and anal butt fucking and deepthroat the seat, his smiling downcast face slightly red, his entire posture tense and his.

"aid" nearby, he needed not divulge his feelings unless he otherwise felt the desire to do so. It seemed he could sense as much for himself as he, with a final resigned sigh, buried his face into his whitened palms upon her continued, justified, scrutiny.

"Are you ok.?" She knew. She'd seen. He knew Dani had watched everyday that she'd been away. She knew how tired he was, and sent encouraging comments on both the video's AND in private. She knew how hard he'd push himself on something most would deem "insignificant." and she could see that he was at his limit. "Oh James." She knew. CHAPTER 4 "Looks like you're done for the day~" Her smile changes, perhaps taking on a slightly sadder (guilty?) note, before her elegant body proceeded thoughtfully moving towards the weary soul.

"Guess I've got great timing after new sex game mercy x soldier fuck pov play free, huh?" He'd been peeking out the corner of his eye, through his pinkies, at her cautious form approaching the short distance deliberately. She dropped the small bag to the floor behind her, a few meters away, and was left with her phone in one hand. and something indistinguishably small in the other. His senses sharply peaked.

"Yeah. and no." He finally sighed between his large muffling hands. "I've still got more to do. I just." he reflexively sat up, as she stood directly above him, her finger lightly drawing his chin to her meet her concerned gaze.

She was looking down at him with her sad, knowing eyes. It was to much. She released him, and his head dropped once more, resting this time against her plush waist. ".I don't know what to do anymore." She stooped forward slightly, cloaked her oh-so-warm arms gently over his shoulders, and softly cupped the back of his head; in turn he reciprocates engulfing her fully in a heavyhearted embrace. "I mean it. I keep trying, and I know I usually get it.

but I don't know if I can keep doing it." He felt her hands softly running the length of his neck, down his back only to return. Her finger tips slowly swirled along his nape once more, before her long dark arms enclosed around him, gripping him tighter.

".I just. Don't. Know." "And that's, al--right." He heard her coo softly, whilst attempting to near-impulsively bury his face snugly between her cushioned, clad-in-cotton bosom. "We're all learning." She managed to bring him, somehow, closer to the pillowy burrow; as he softly inhaled the silken, delicate bouquets below. The heat, like a cognizant force drawing him near, stimulated a near instinctive response, as his steamy mouth began absentmindedly searching through the thin cotton for blood; her arms thoroughly fastened around him.

He was smothering in her snugness. 'Mm. Jackpot' "Mmuh. Ahh.?" He was just about-near to latching on to her noticeably pert, heavily cushioned teat, THROUGH the porous fabric, only to encounter sharp pressure at the back of his dome and find himself pulled firmly away.

She was gazing down at him. She had gently tugged the soft locs at the back of his head, forcing his returned peer into suddenly serious eyes; a hand, he assumed still held her phone, hidden subtly from view.

".Don't wear yourself out trying to get good either." He felt a single hand release the pressure from his tufts, and dip swiftly from the back of his skull, far below his collar. She leaned in close to the side of his semi-flustered face, as her finger rested square above his sacrum.

He realized, after a moment, that he felt something foreign, pressed firmly against his back. "Relax." She whispered, warming the inner canal of his ear slightly. "AwhYeah- Not the ear- AHHWHa-!!" Suddenly he jumped, as the strange sensation of a mystery object buzzing, with surprising force, against the fabric of his graphic gray tee, nearly caused him to collide his forehead into her lowered chin.

She, defensively, jumped as well, giggling all the while. Understandably pulling partially away, she held up a surprisingly small, vibrating, silicon disc-like object; and her de-cased, slightly-scratched smartphone, before sliding the latter into his empty palm.

James lingers on the scuffed screen display finding what appeared to be an app. "What's this do?" There's not much other than a logo, and a tiny marker set to the mid point of an on-screen slider. Curiously he slides it to the left, and the already soft sound emitting from the suction-suspended disc grows even softer. He blinks. "Hmm, quick response, very fine-tuned." He watches as her deviant smile, forming from cheek to dimpled cheek, returned in full. "I was actually gonna try it out." Her pensive not-so-subtle "glee", was a MORE-than-subtle challenge, and made the ever-present tingle, plaguing his gut for the majority of the day, intensify dramatically.

He fiddled absentmindedly with the slider, understanding vaguely what this interactive. toy. was meant to do.

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Noticing the bag a few meter's away, it's contents carefully tucked away, he could also tell this was just the portal to the seemingly never-ending void. "I just wanted to check on you first." Her exquisite voice, was dark. He knew what she was trying to do.

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and though he was almost tempted to deny her systematic attempt at distraction and allow himself the space needed get his bearings, on his own, he just couldn't let her get off (alone) on such torment. "Oh yeah?" He mumbled, pushing the slider far to the left, nearly turning it off, before looping a sturdy arm around her plush waist, bringing her near to engulf and inhale once more. "Maybe you shouldn't wear IT out." He muttered gruffly against the insanely comfortable cotton fabric shielding her belly button, and below, from his suddenly ravenous reach.

Skipping not a single-beat, her eyes go, quite noticeably, from the phone, down to his left palm, up to the small disc in her right. Before settling even lower onto his, immensely pronounced, crotch. .Only to return an equally heated, bemused glower. ".I can't help it." She sighs. He finally releases the fabric from gently clenched teeth, as he turns his attention to her. Danielle's grin parts as she sticks out her tongue and licks the sterile surface of the blue fingertip length, suction-cup-like oval.

Her eyes never leaving his as she insufferably engages her teasingly, entrancing goading. "I like to play." She lifted a corner of her once neatly tucked button-down, giving his eager orifice new and rich territory to taste and explore.

As he attempted to get a suck or nibble, she daftly dipped the softly shivering sticker below the bow stringing her shorts to her waist; before holding out an expectant palm. James, struck with the sudden realization, looked down, once more, towards the cracked screen staring back at him.

The slider, though nearly drawn, was still a ways from touching true left, and ready to be increased. He smiled as he returned her gaze. "Ya do~?" "Uh-huh. Now can I ha-Ahh~!" Her eyes widened in disbelief as his long thumb, set squarely between them, hovered above the slider; both of which had 'mysteriously' shifted back to mid-range, sending her quickly to the precipice.

"Well then." He quickly pulled her voluptuous hips, down onto his surprisingly limber lap; so she sat comfortably facing him. The Tanfenyl seemed to be having a somewhat delayed, but potent response. "Let's play." "James." .Quickly, swarthy beauteous nymph loves white knobs hardcore blowjob thumb drew the slider up a tad more, instantly distracting her.

She seemed thoroughly surprised as the dot sized pad shivered markedly between her legs, directly atop his slightly more rested thighs. He held up the phone in front of her as they seemed to commune in wordless motions and looks. "May I?" Silently, she pleaded with him for mercy, but still he wouldn't relinquish control of her at her most vulnerable. She sighed, resting her head softly against his still shoulder. He sat silently, waiting for an acknowledgment to proceed.

.to which she responded with the subtlest of nods. The compulsion to drive the toy up to max and immediately send her over the edge had to be stifled.

He couldn't handle another meaningful encounter backfiring. 'Not hardcore blowjob meet fresh fantastic arab gf and my boss pound her excellent for you to took a deep breath, glancing at the computer, at the mirrored image of them huddled closely.

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at his own weary reflection. 'YOU BETTER NOT mess this up.' As toxic thoughts plagued this otherwise mutual moment, he noticed her gaze set deeply upon him, her spread hips slowly beginning to work their way up towards his readily awaiting member; before draping her arms over his broad shoulders, and securing him in a alexxxis allure loves anal scottish and english kiss.

He delve into the embrace, heart pounding. He savored every copious centimeter of her plenteous and tender lips, as well as the warmth of the inside of her mouth. The taste of berry pop on her tongue. All the while their dance began to pick up pace. She broke away from his exploring orifice, gasping for air. "James-!" He wanted to start slow, but he'd at least continue from where he'd left her. He gazed between them at his noticeably active bits, both of them knowing there wasn't much time left on his end, regardless.

"Ahh. Ja. Mmmf-" Her arms draped themselves across his shoulders once more, as she quietly rode out the wave-like sensations he provided her, via her new toy.

The top button's of her shirt seemingly shifted open somehow, unfastening lower and lower. Pinching a few more buttons open with his free hand, he tore down the soft, decorated cup-like barriers, and hungrily engulfed each freely exposed, dark swollen nipple, one by one.

"Mmmrff." He rumbled low and slow, initiating the preferred reaction; her wringing his head closer, shoving his mouth even tighter against her plush, sweet, sensitive flesh. He could feel her warm, sticky sex beginning to gush onto his lap. He looked down and was greeted this time, by the full length of his member; which had been pressed and growing firmly upright between them. Her gaze, and hand, quietly followed. He felt the jangle of his belt buckle, and release of the pressure previously built beneath it; followed by the immediate build up of unreleased tension, as her hands attempted to lovingly goad it from his pent up being.

A swift, sharp inhale escaped his once again tensed jaws. 'Ah fuck. she's gonna. I'M gonna.-' He slid his thumb a little further to the right.

As the buzzing began to (noticeably) pick up, the mewling intensified. .From them both. Her hips bucked slightly, as she slid herself from his lap onto the carpet below, replacing his immediate vision with that of his despondent monitor. He found himself faced with the minimized game and his own image staring back at him once more. '.I'M NOT taking another L, I REFUSE!' He looked away from his defeated self.

'I- Ohnono-' His attention quickly diverted to the sight below. Her tongue slid purposefully along the underside of his thick, slightly aching member. Her hands cupped tenderly around the base, as she steadily stimulated the shaft. The sweet soul rendering sound of her pleasureful moans, like static all around him. He gave the dial a noticeable shift downward. "Ahhfuck~!" As she swooned, her lips eagerly tightened around the head of his swollen manhood, and plunged forward.

"FUCKahh-" He could feel her tongue teasing a full 360 within her tightly secured mouth, hear her sweet softly stifled panting and sighs. He could see, as she stripped the small cotton fabric from her hips, down past her ankles and unto the floor; the fragrant sex had begun to drip from the juicy spot between her legs and onto the carpet below, warming them both thoroughly, inside and out. His hand firmly gripped the bundle of hair loosely looped in the back of her head, driving her only slightly deeper.

He wanted in. He wanted her. He would make her cave. And then he would fill her to the brim. He would be victorious. CHAPTER 5 Though he couldn't see the small thumb print sized disc, he could hear it (muffled,) on and thoroughly active.

Even though he wanted to dive in himself, find it against her likely swollen clit, and tag team the sucker out of there; he figured his best chance would be to let the at least 500+ rpm machine do it's job (perhaps such would even be his saving grace.) .But he still wanted to feel the inside of her body. Deep within her hot walls. Running the full length, of the current tensest place on the still stiff let's player being, true.

Her breaking around him, moments before he allowed himself to do the same. With a succulent moan, her lips met the midway of his girthy piece. "Dani stop." .They both could see quite clearly who was losing this battle so far, and she had only taken the first half of his engorged shaft so far. "Doesn't it feel good ja- AHHa Shiiii-" .But with a soft flick to the right, they found that she agility helps chap to fuck adorable hottie hardcore blowjob due much longer herself.

He quickly lifted her probing lips from his pearling head, and engaged her mouth deeply with his tongue. As he did, he directed her back onto his lap; his twitching member a few inches away from the buzzing and devilishly humid, dizzily sanguine sanctuary, that seemed to promise sweet and utter release from ALL the anxiety, frustration and fear that he'd been holding onto for so long.

Suddenly her lips parted from him, into a satisfied smile. "I love you." She rose above him and slid his head densely against the slick entrance of her, before returning her lips to his. "I love you tooPleaseImgonna." He mumbled almost nonsensically into her mouth.

"Shut up." She rocked herself, the softly vibrating pad gently flicking his tip with every random, somehow perfectly timed pass. "Shit- Dani. Don't make me." He quickly attempted to give the phones slider a boost, but dropped it beside the chair.

'No.' "Ahh damnit, I dropp- OhGodFFFUh-" She shivered teasingly, sliding herself a good portion of his length, before resuming clenching and gorging the head. He gripped her smooth, soft, thicc af bottom, as he desperately felt around the nearby carpet for the displaced phone.

He could feel the distinct tension rising. "Oh James. I can't." Unable to resist any longer, she begins penetrating herself with his throbbing shaft. "Dani. fuck. Please." His fingers connected with the screen. "You're gonna. I'm gonna-" He was so close, it was JUST within reach. 'Come on James, GRAB IT, what the fucking FUCK kind of fail asshole ARE you exactly.?' Suddenly the vibration noticeably jumped to the highest setting. "OH!! GODFUCK- JAMES~!!" Her body spasmed wildly against him, he would've nearly had the phone, had she not needed stabilizing; and had apro hair maid teen cecilia lion gets fucked by her master been careful enough to prevent the phone from ricocheting further beneath the chair.

"Damnit. Dani I." His arms were wrapped tightly around her shivering waist, her insides jumped and twitched around him from every direction, and he was now fully inside. "I. I'm gonna- Fuck-!" He hissed, burying his head snuggly into her breast once more.

The familiar waves of disappointed bliss wrung up, and out, as he steadily begun to fill the quickly diminishing, contracting aperture. He could do nothing else but go along for the wavy, semi-delirious ride. "Oh fuck, James~." Only to feel her catch up with him, as her walls rhythmically milked the final drops from his still vibratingly tense member. She shuttered from head to toe.

Her familiar scent was a comfort. Asian girl gets her hairy pussy plowed was lovely. Her body was his heaven. 'I'm a failure.' CHAPTER 6 Softly shaking, she reached beneath the chair, pulled out the phone and gradually the vibrations died down.

Finally she wrapped her arms lazily around him. "Thank you~" She cooed gooily in his ear. He kissed her cheek, as his hands gently kneaded her back. "Pffffft- for what? Having no skill or timing or any other quality that redeems my existence on this planet?" He could hear her giggle softly, and his heart seemed to finally relax. "For having ALL that, and so much more." She kissed the side of his neck before gently rocking for a few moments, riding the remaining waves of euphoria.

"and for playing with me either way." "Well, you're welcome." She pulled back a tad as they found themselves drawn into one final, soul affirming kiss; before finally rising from his still softly cumming, still slightly twitchy staff, and off his, once-again, tired lap. She found her clothes and satchel from the floor, before turning to face the man as he lie back dazing off and catching his breath. Even though his body looked markedly more relaxed, his features were still tinted with stress.

Even though such wasn't her intention, she knew the portions directly related to her weren't helping. Her head dropped. ".You're not. mad at me.

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are you?" Her characteristically soft voice surprised him, shaking him from the absent-minded, self-pity filled void he seemed motfrenchs intention for daughter incest7 to fully escape.

"What? Are you kidding?" He had finished temporarily clearing and buckling his front area, and was finally up and out of the chair.

He walked over and wrapped her snugly within his wearisome grasp, resting his arms around her waist and his chin in her fluffy bun, it too smelled just as honeyed as the rest of her. "YOU are why I do what I do. I want to make you happy." He kissed the top of her head lightly, as she looped her arms back around him. "Sometimes I just feel like I might fail to do that." Suddenly the soft worls of her hair dispersed beneath his scuffled chin, only to be replaced with sad, incredibly deep set eyes.

"You have always succeeded at that, and as long as you continue to do it for us, for them." She motions towards the offline feed, and the potential invisible masses. "You ALWAYS will." Her determined gaze was zen-like to him, as he lowered in for a final, irresistible, confectionery-like kiss.

"Even if I fail at getting what I want?" "As long as you go for it, regardless of outcome, of course." "What if it means giving up?" "Especially then." She flashed a devilish grin against his own. He somehow enveloped her ever tighter. "I love you." He couldn't stop himself from softly groaning into her mouth as he noticed her breathing beginning to pick up once again. "I love you too." She mumbled in-between the soft smacking of lips. ".I'm about to hop in the shower.

Wanna join me?" She put her lips to his ear.

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"I got something I wanna show you." He (in)voluntarily squoze the remaining bejeezus out of the antagonizing woman he couldn't seem beautiful girls posing and showing their body stay away from.

"Oh yeah.? BRING IT ON~" He delve in for just one more kiss, before the pair took their leave towards the stairs. They had nearly reached the door, when James suddenly paused. ".Is everything alright?" Danielle curiously implored, clenching her folded shorts a tad snugger to her chest. "Ahh yeah.

I just remembered." His gaze had trailed to the still paused stream, waiting at his desktop, before returning back to her. "I swear, it won't take long, I just gotta-" She placed a calm finger over his plea. "I understand. Just hurry up, so you can try again." She winked playfully at him before swaying quietly from the office towards the master bath, her dark voice ringing through the doorway.

Before she stopped. Eyes twinkling like the midnight sky. A promise on her grinning lips. "Next time~" He found himself speechless as she turned on her heels and paced hurriedly towards the steps, her sweet voice softly giggling all the way. He nearly floated his way back to the desk. By the time he finished fixing his lopsided camera, hitting record, explaining his goal of completing the game soon, and begun the process of bidding the audience Au'dieu, the sound of running water poured softly through the padded walls.

He smiled warmly into the camera. "James~?" He heard as she called above him, her voice blended beautifully along side the white noise raining steadily behind her. "Coming!" His glance returned to the quiet feed. "-And with that, beautiful viewers at home, remember. We'll play together again. Next time." The water pressure began to rise. "Farewell~" The record button's red, incessant flashing, came to a halt; resting on a subtle gray, for the final time.

.That day. Part I