Hot babe gets anal creampie at casting

Hot babe gets anal creampie at casting
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The thought of another man being with my wife was nothing new for me. But, having my beautiful tall, buxom, long legged wife tell me it was something she fantasized about was something new entirely.

The anticipation and excitement of having my wife tell me that there was actually another man on this planet that she would bring in to our relationship had brought me to excitement levels I had not experienced before.

Was this a possibility? After many conversations we decided that this was something we were ready to explore. Lance, a mutual friend, was the person who was going to join us on our adventure. We had a couple lunch dates with Lance to address our proposal to him and while surprised, he was very willing to help us satisfy our fantasy.

Westport and the Channel Lodge was this was going to happen. I have to admit the California King in room 201 was made for what we had planned. That room in itself with the fireplace, soaking tub, parlor area, and rustic appeal is a very sexy environment. A room key will be left at the desk for Lance, 9pm is when we were requesting his presence. The days that led to our date are a blur. We had the most amazing and intense sex we have ever had&hellip.kind of like we were in training for our big night.

Tanya is the most amazing lover who is like a dance partner to me in bed. But, am I ready what is about to happen? Yes, yes I am. When Femdom rides slave bound in latex see Tanya in the throws of passion or having an orgasm it's the most amazing thing for me to experience. I can only imagine what having two cocks for her to play with will be like.

Our trip to Westport started out like any other besides the part of having to buy condoms, lol, it was like being a kid again. But I have to admit, I don't remember much of our shopping experience. All I could think about was what was going to happen in a few hours and how fucking hot Tanya looked.

We flirted and played like we were teenagers again. With a dinner date at the Nell Thorne at 7 we knew what was in store for the rest of the evening. After an amazing dinner we went back to our room lit a started the fire, lit a few candles, and prepared for what we an amazing evening. It's 8:30 and my wife enters the parlor of room 201 in a red baby doll.

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Not only does she look amazing in that she has tasteful heels an impeccable makeup application featuring ruby red lips and long lashes. She looks and smells amazing. My cock that had been hard about 10 times during the day springs to life like its trying to find its way out of my jeans. I stood up and met her in the middle of the room and begin the most passionate make-out session I think we have ever experienced.

I didn't miss a spot on her neck, behind her ears, or her beautiful lips. Thank goodness we carried our activities to the couch because my knees were weakening by the second. As I lay back to regain myself Tanya unzipped me and pulled my cock out. She buried her face behind my neck while she stroked me and I massaged her inner thighs. It was hot and time sure flies&hellip. The beep of the door unlocking brought us out of our passion for just a second. Lance slipped in the door to see Tanya giving me the best head of my life.

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Like he had done this before, he slipped in behind my wife and started kissing her back and massaging her tits from behind. She reached back and squeezed his hard cock through his jeans and moaned so deeply…it made a sensation on my cock I had never felt before and it was out of this world.

I actually had to call a time out and get a drink of water so I didn't blow a load to fast. When I cam back in the parlor what do I see, my gorgeous wife sitting on the couch stroking his impressive cock while he sits beside her.

All Tanya does now is take her free had and pat the open spot on the couch next to her. How crazy was this I thought? But she looked so amazing and knowing her hands with the perfectly manicured red nails were going to be pumping two dicks was all I needed for encouragement. I took my place beside her and she wasted no time grabbing my swollen cock and stroked us simultaneously.

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We oblige her by taking turns at kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders. She looked to be on the brink at all times and the depths of her stares were mesmerizing. Tanya slowly slid off the couch and climbed between Lances knees. She licks his cock up and down like a summer treat before she buries it down her throat. Between her wet red lips and the moaning, my wife makes any pornstar look like an amateur.

I slid in behind Tanya and buried my face in her wet pussy and hard clit. I think she probably came two or three times while I was back there she was absolutely wet and trembling. I tongue fucked her as hard as I could while trying to be not distracted by the slurping and moaning sounds coming from in front of me.

It's time at taan xxx story full full sex stories point to fuck my wife and fuck her hard. She has put so much effort into this I want her to experience pleasure she has never felt before. As I stood up all I could see was Tanya's head bobbing up and down on Lance and her beautiful fresh licked pussy peaking out from her baby doll.

I grabbed her hips and guided my hard as fuck cock into her pussy.

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The sound Tanya made was so deep and intense I knew nothing other than grabbing her hips and fucking her as deep and hard as possible. She came so hard while I pounded her, I could feel her tight pussy squeeze my cock and her thighs were trembling.

I laid my head back and pounded as hard as I could, her pussy was so wet and absolutely amazing& wasn't long before I was going to cum. Tanya knew when I was ready, and spun around to let me cum on her tits.

But what was crazy was Lance stood up and got next to her on the other side jacking his cock. Tanya wouldn't stand for that and grabbed both of our cocks and jacked us off on her amazing tits. It was an absolute flood and the hottest fucking thing ever.

After my spasms stopped I looked at my cum covered beautiful wife and said "round 2?" She squeezed both our dicks and said, "That better be a statement and not a question." To be continued……