Two raunchy bimbos and one hard member

Two raunchy bimbos and one hard member
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It was almost the end of spring semester and I was finishing up my first full year at community college. I had decided it would be best for me to attend here locally where I could better afford the tuition and get my basic courses out of the way and maybe by the time I finish two years I would have some idea what I wanted to study at the University.

But after a full year, I wasn't any closer to making up my mind what I wanted to be when I grew up. It had been a long winter which began during Christmas break when I had been stranded up at the mountain cabin with my younger sister for a weekend. It had snowed us in all by ourselves and we had the greatest time discovering each other to the fullest. But the winter weather hadn't really let up and as spring was here finally, we were still enduring very strange weather.

I was just thinking about Squirt, my nickname for my little sis, when low and behold, my cell rang and it was her. Now she talked with me many times during the semester; we had gotten kind of close after our experience up at the cabin when we were snowed in, so it didn't come as a surprise when she once again called.

"Hey, Squirt," I answered cheerfully. "How goes the battle?" `"Oh Wit," she started but I could tell she was crying. "I wish you were here right now. I need to talk with you. You always know what to say and what to do." She began to sob and I got concerned. "Squirt, what's wrong?" I demanded.

"Oh Wit, I did something real dumb, just like I always do and I got myself into a mess," she said through her tears. "Now what did you do?" I asked, half laughing at her. "It's not funny, Wit. This time it's serious," she scolded me and cried even louder.

"Okay now Squirt slow down and take it from sexxi muvi janwar ka sath beginning," I told her, realizing that at least she thought it was serious. "Okay, well Mark Webster, the senior, you know him, asked me to the Prom.

He's so dreamy and he's got a real nice car, and so I said yes of course.

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So we went to the dance and afterwards he took me to a motel and wanted to, you know, do it with me. I told him no but that I would suck him off, you know like we did up at the cabin. Well I got him to shoot his stuff and I swallowed it all like you told me to when I wanted to make it fantastic for the guy and he really liked it and everything.

Then the next Monday, all the girls came up to me and asked me if I had sucked Mark off. He had told everybody that I had and he was laughing about it. Wit, he used me!" she said and burst into tears all over again. I let her cry for a while and then asked her if she wanted me to come home and have a little talk with Mark Webster. She thought about it but said, "No, don't bother, he's a jerk anyway and I never want to think about him ever again." But she asked me, "Are all guys jerks like that?" I laughed and told her, "Not all guys, but most." "Well, you're a guy and you're not a jerk," she said.

"Thanks Squirt, I'll take that as a compliment," I said. We talked about some other issues, like whether our parents were spending all of their time at their Real Estate Office or if they were keeping their promise and spending more time with their only daughter. Squirt told me they were trying to be there for her but I knew that we weren't.

They will never change and then one day, after both of us have left the house, they will wonder where the time went. Squirt was finishing up her first year in high school and I felt bigtits ho face jizz bbc interracial and pornstars that she had had that terrible experience and no matter what she wanted, I would have a talk with Mr.

Webster this summer and teach him a few manners. I came back home in a couple of weeks after Squirt's phone call and as I pulled up in front of the house, I spotted my little sister and my heart raced a little bit. Why did I feel that way, I've seen her many times this year but I guess that it had been along time. I walked up to the front door asa akira ava addams diamond kitty get a great party she came out to greet me with a big hug around my neck.

"Oh Wit," she said burying her face into my shoulder, "I've missed you so much." "I've missed you too Squirt," I said, feeling the warmth of her hug deep within my soul.

"I've missed you too." Our parents were still at the office when dinner time came so I took my sister out to the local diner to eat and we talked about her year in school. Other than her unfortunate experience with Mark at the Prom, she had a fun year and was definitely looking forward to the next. I told her that I wasn't any further along the decision making path towards what I wanted to do with my life but I had hopes of coming up with something meaningful next year.

I can only hope that I can find the rudder to my ship, grab hold of it and start to take control of its destination. When we arrived home, both of our parents cars were parked in the driveway and the lights were on in the house. We wandered in to a warm, energetic greeting.

With hugs all around and a few slaps on the back, we all sat down and had a wonderful night of sharing and love; it was the first time that I remembered having such an evening ever with my parents. It was refreshing and I liked it, but by the next morning it was over, they had left for the office and we were by ourselves again.

As I awoke the next morning, I lay there trying to remember where I was and whose bed I was sleeping in.

Then I remembered that it was my old bed, in my old room, in my old house and that I was there with my sister for the entire day, all alone. My mind went back to our Christmas adventure and I immediately started getting a hard on as my mind kept re-winding those events. I wondered if she remembered them as fondly as I did. I finally decided to get up and go take a shower and see if the cold water would cool my brain a little and as I walked down the hall to the bathroom, I passed Squirts room and I noticed the door partly ajar.

I couldn't help myself, I had to look in to see if she was awake. Pushing the door open enough to stick my head through, I gazed into her room and found her still asleep on her back with a lone leg sticking out from under the covers. As I looked at that leg and then upon the rest of her, my cock gave a sudden jerk as it sprang back to life. I closed the door silently and headed towards the bathroom and the shower.

As I let the oklahoma teen young zorah gets her bald vulva fucked water run all over me and stood under the soothing spray, I couldn't keep my hand off of my cock and I soon found myself stroking it to attention and then ejaculation.

As I splattered my sperm all over the walls of the shower, my thoughts were on Squirt and her delicate little body. As I regained my composure and finished my shower, I scolded myself for my inappropriate thoughts. I walked back to my room, wearing just my boxers and carrying the wet soiled towel and as I passed by Squirt's room again, I was determined not to look in.

I was keeping my promise to myself but when I passed the doorway, I heard her call my name so I stopped and turned back to the opening. "Good morning Squirt," I said cheerfully as I stuck my head into her room.

She was still lying in bed with her legs stretched out and her arms in the air with a grin on her face.

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"Good morning Wit," she yawned. She looked so angelic with her hair in a mess and her eyes still with sleep in them. Just her innocent looking expression and her outstretched arms towards me caused me to enter her room and walk towards her bed. As I approached her, she got a shy little look on her face, but her arms were still extended towards me in an inviting indication that she wanted a hug from her big brother.

As I sat down beside her on the bed, her arms came up to welcome me around the neck as she sat up and embraced me fully. As the covers fell away, I got a brief glance at her tank top that she was wearing for pajamas and I noticed two little protrusions at her breast line. Try as I might not to feel anything emanating from my crotch area I detected an urgent throbbing coming from deep within my groin and I knew that I was in trouble again with my sister.

Not that I was against doing anything with her; God knows that after what we did up at the cabin last Christmas that I wanted it to happen all over again, but I didn't know how Squirt felt about it. So I didn't want to be the one to instigate anything. It had to be her doing and I was hoping that this hug was her way of letting me know that she wanted it too.

As she hugged me greedily around my neck and shoulders, her head came up to mine and we were soon face to face. She smiled and looked up into my eyes dreamingly and tilting her head to one side, closed her eyes and moved her lips into mine and gave me an inviting kiss.

My lips melted into hers as we embraced each other with our arms and then my bare chest touched her protruding nipples under her pajama top and she slowly pulled me down upon her slender little body. "Oh Wit," she panted softly into my ear. "I've wanted you ever since last Christmas. I want you now; I want you to make love with me Wit, please.

I rejoiced when I heard these words come from my little sister; my beautiful little Squirt. My mind was racing between gratitude and lust as I knew that I must take my time and make this special for her. But first I must show her just how much I wanted her too. I rose up onto my knees and slowly pulled the covers out from in between us. They had gotten trapped there and I wanted no interference between our longing sensations of lust that we would feel by rubbing our bare skin together.

As I released the blankets from her legs, I saw for the first time that she wasn't wearing any pajama bottoms but just her pale yellow little cotton panties that she had slept in. My heart skipped a beat and my lustful eyes penetrated her junction. When I had successfully dislodged the covers, I lay myself back down between her legs as she spread them out to cute babe masturbates by the book shelf striptease and homemade room for my body.

Resting there on top of her, I looked down into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back and then raised her head and placed her mouth against mind in an invitational kiss that left no doubt at where this session would end. As we explored each others mouths with our tongues, the greed and need that I was beginning to feel deep within my soul made me wonder what it would feel like if I hadn't relieved some of the pressure this morning in the shower.

I was sure that I would have spewed my stuff all over her by now, leaving us both in a mess and very frustrated. But instead, I was giving as well as receiving all of the love that we felt for each other with our oral exchange of saliva as we continued to stimulate our lust and passion until I broke away panting.

"Oh Squirt, I've thought about nothing else since Christmas with you up at the cabin. I can't think of anything besides making love with you and I want to make you feel so special. Can I make you feel special?" I begged her through our kisses. "Oh God yes Wit! Make me feel any way you want me to feel," she said through her heavy breathing. I scooted down a bit and started licking and tenderly biting on her neck and throat as she rolled back her head to make room for my assault.

A little moan escaped her lips in acceptance as my face began tracing all over her shoulders and upper breast area. I was mad with lust by this time; stimulating my oral gratification with my wide open mouth as it continued to plant kisses all over the bareness of her shoulders. As I reached my way down to the top of her tank top, I slipped one of the straps that held it up, down over her shoulder and then I kissed at her upper breast.

With my teeth, I guided the tank top off of her breast as she squirmed a little and let out a thankful moan. My mouth went immediately to her little sentinel and started to lick. As I ran my tongue upon it, the hardness began to show itself and soon it became like a little rock.

It stuck straight out like the little soldier that it was; standing at attention, in its dress uniform, awaiting my oral inspection. I flicked it twice with my tongue, making contact with the hardness of the puckered skin and exalting a slight cry from her lips. Breanne benson cumshot compilation (lord of cumshots tube porn she shrugged her shoulders in an attempt to move away from my linguistic assault, she then threw her shoulders back to the bed and stuck her chest out to receive the pleasure.

I licked and flicked it with my tongue and then, puckering my lips, I drew in between them and beautiful teen pornstar noelle gets pumped by a massive and meaty dick on it hard.

She was biting her lower lip when she felt the anticipated sensation and cried out in lustful pleasure. Her cries urged live fingering pussy with blonde babe camdotnet onward to the remaining side and I, not so slowly and much less gently, pulled down the other strap exposing the other breast. Her nipple was taught but I wanted it to be hard as a rock so I put in between my lips and pulled it away from her skin.

She reacted warmly as she bit on her lip and squirmed her hips.

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She put a leg over the back of mind and as she pulled down on it, she raised her hips just a little, grinding her crotch into me. The sensation was delicious. Sliding down just a little with my tongue; still moist and leading the way, I replaced my mouth with both hands as I rode up under the tank top and pushed it over her breasts and let it stop at her throat.

I took two hands full of small, tender mammary glands and squeezed them not so gently. I kneaded them firmly with my palms and then between my thumbs and fingers until I was holding them and squeezing just the tips. She moaned once more but I wondered if it was from my tongue on her stomach or the squeezing of her nipples. But the main thing was that she was enjoying the stimulus.

She arched her back a little when I reached her navel. Sticking my pointy tongue directly into the bottom of her indention and running it around, I felt her settle into a rapid, steady breathing rhythm as her breaths became labored. She was enjoying everything I was doing to her because she kept repeating, "Oh yes Wit, I love it." I scooted down a little further and let my tongue licked over her abdomen sending a chill throughout her body.

She squirmed and jerked as she moaned loudly and then said, "Yes Wit, I love it when you lick me down there." I reached the waistband of her panties with my mouth and took a thin bite of it with my teeth, pulling it away from her skin. When I released it, it snapped back on her tummy with a quick little slap. I scooted down some more until my nose was directly over her pussy. I took a long breath in through my nose; smelling the strong female aroma coming from between her legs.

It was stronger than I remembered it ever being and I wondered if not having a shower had anything to do with it. But the smell didn't detract the advance of my passionate mouth. She spread out her legs in preparation of my determined assault of her pussy.

As I looked down at her junction, I noticed two things that brought my erection to a straight up steel rod. The first was a small spot of moisture that was escaping from her opening and gathering at the crotch of her panties.

Even though they were padded down at the crotch area of the panties, she had emitted enough of her juices that she had saturated her panties and now there was a wet spot showing through. The second thing that I noticed was the dimpled effect of the panty material that covered her pubic mound.

For some reason, seeing this and knowing what lies beneath it was a turn on for me. My engorged cock was jerking in anticipation. She moved her knees up and spread her legs wide open for my further inspection. I ran my hand down her inner thigh but stopped short of placing it on her crotch. I then decided to prolong my exploration of her body by raising her right leg hardcore rough sex fat chubby amateur rough crying cry hard fuck force upward and licking on the bottom of her foot.

This new and unexpected sensation sent shivers though her body and a small oral sound of approval escaped her lips. Then I found her toes and, one by one, I stuck each into my mouth and sucked on it seductively. This negro ruins perfectly good hot teen assholes brought another gasp as her breath caught in her throat.

Her legs convulsed uncontrollably as I laid it down to her side and ran my tongue down the entire length but stopped just short of her junction again.

I was teasing her unmercifully with my starting and stopping towards her crotch and the part that she was anticipating most; the full deployment of my tongue on her bare pussy, but I wanted to extent this moment of pleasure for both of us.

So I released her right leg in the position that I left it and raised the left one to lick and suck upon the foot and toes. Finally, after tracing my tongue down her other inner thigh, I placed it as the other had been placed; spread wide to the side so I looked down at my gorgeous little sister, laying bent kneed and spread wide open before me, waiting with halting breaths. I slowly rose to my knees and slid my boxers down and off my bent legs and kicked them off completely.

Squirt's eyes were closed and she was breathing rapidly and deeply, just laying there waiting for my next move. I though for a moment, not wanting to rush it, but not wanting to prolong the thrilling conclusion to this wonderful moment either. I decided that I needed to taste her juices so I lowered myself down to where my nose was a mere inch above her wet spot and commenced to plant my entire mouth around her pussy.

By placing my wide open mouth over such a large area, it left my tongue free to explore on its own her panty covered slit down below where it covered her opening. As it penetrated her labia lips, it rammed the cloth of wet cunt stuffed by toy blowjob and amateur panties into her hole and I could taste the wetness that had accumulated there.

It was a strong, almost bitter taste at first, but after the initial bite on my tongue, I felt the uncontrollable need to taste it some more. I put my tongue into her hole as forcefully as I could and lapped up the juices from her crotch. Over and over I fed from the trough of her juices as we both got more and more excited. I could take it no longer.

I felt the need building within my groin and I wasn't about to ignore my own desires but I couldn't disregard Squirt's either, so I had to move it along before I spoiled it for us both. Moving my hands and forearms between her legs and catching both of her knees, I ran them up to her sides, taking her legs with them.

I immediately felt for the waistband at her rear and started with the removal of her panties. As they easily slid over her rear end and up her thighs, I got my first glimpse of her bare pussy that I hadn't seen in a long time. It was just the way I remembered it; full and beautiful. I slid her panties off of her ankles and then stared down between her legs at her wet, kinky haired lips and almost died. They looked so inviting, so touchable and so lickable that I just had to taste them once again, but this time I could put my tongue deep inside of her.

I placed my hands on both of her hamstrings and then throwing myself down between her legs, I plunged my tongue deep within her opening as she screamed with delight.

It felt so good licking her well lubricated vaginal canal that I almost forgot that she had a hidden treasure awaiting at the other end of her slit. Finally I traced my tongue upward until I found her little node, hiding beneath the hood for protection against any unwanted stimulation. But I could tell that she wanted this as much as I did, so I sucked down hard on the hood until the shinny little clitoris sprang out of its confines and joyfully joined in between my sucking lips.

She jerked her hips widely as she started gasping for her breath, but she could no longer breathe, her lungs would not work, so she tightened up every muscle in her body in an effort to force herself to once again take a breath and then exhaled in a loud, screaming convulsion that shook the windows. She was ramming her clitoris into my mouth with abandonment as she squeezed the last ounce of strength out of her orgasm but before she could come down completely, I got to my knees right at her crotch and placed my throbbing cock at her entrance.

As she starting to calm down a little, I made my insertion into her well with my cock and started my push into her opening. This caused her to lusty carmen has her tight pussy destroyed a deep breath once again as I knew her cycle was about to renew itself. I steadied myself above her opening with just the tip of my cock in position and then I started to impale her with it. Her walls separated reluctantly to my intrusion but they did give way and as I moved forward into their depths, they spread out in acceptance and welcome.

Her eyes were shut and her mouth was wide open as I hit the bottom with my cock. I eased into her cervix so I started the long slide out. The walls sensed the retreat and closed down behind it and almost spat it out as any foreign object. But as it slid back in once again, they complied and, this time, were not as unyielding. Squirt was beside her self with desire and wanting, having just reached a wonderful climax and now facing another one building, and building it was. With every thrust of my hips forcing my cock to impale her to the fullest, was an equally forceful counter-thrust coming from her hips ramming into mine.

She was arching her back and jamming her hips into every intrusion of my rock hard cock into her willing cunt. She was milking me for all she was worth and I loved the sensation, but I knew that I was almost there. I intensified my efforts by throwing every bit of energy into each thrust of my hips, ramming my cock into her without regards to the effect on her. I heard the slapping sound of our skin coming together and the sloshing sound of her juices being forces out of her vaginal opening by the continuing pounding of my meat into her.

We were both feeling the impending release and then it happened. We each started our panting sounds in a forced yet, halting sort of gasp and then nothing was coming out of our lungs. We were slamming into each as rapidly as we could now without breathing, tightening every muscle in our bodies, straining to make it last. I heard her whimper at first, "Oh, Oh, OH, OH, OH!" then a full throated cry of submission to the throws of ecstasy as she screamed, "OH GOD YES, WIT, YES, YES, OH GOD YES!!" She continued to ram her open pussy lips into my groin as I shot my first load deep within her womb.

I could actually feel it as it splashed off of the cervix back onto my slick cock and then I shot another one. I was ramming myself into her pussy with perfect coordination as every shot of my sperm expelled at my bottom point inside her.

Feeling every shot hit her cervix, she would respond with a sound coming from deep within her lungs. It almost sounded like an "Oh". Our fluids co-mingled as we continued to slide my cock along her vaginal canal long after the need had subsided. It just felt good for both of us to come down from our euphoria by slowly continuing to insert and extract, insert and extract until my cock became flaccid and then limp and pigtail blonde camgirl live webcam show jincamcom being cooperative.

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Finally it fell nympho a gets cock in her asshole, making a mess in Squirt's crotch but the mess that it made was a small contribution to the overall drenching that we were lying in. But its cleanup would have to wait. We were each totally exhausted, spent and unable to move, so we stayed right where we stopped, immobile and lost in a wonderful sense of afterglow.

I was awakened by the sobs coming from my beautiful little sister. I was lying beside of her naked, sticky body and I wondered if I had hurt her or something. The sound of her crying startled me and awoke with a start. "What's wrong Squirt?" I asked. "Oh Wit, I'm just being silly that's all," she said trying to dry her eyes. "Why do you have to so perfect?" she asked gushing out with another burst of tears. "Wit how can I meet anyone else as good as you are?

I love you Wit," she said sobbing her eyes out. I hugged her close and kissed her tears away. "I love you too, Squirt, I love you too."