Alice wonderbang and the big green toy

Alice wonderbang and the big green toy
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"Are you kidding me?" i said angrily. "what, she's just a friend babe chill" lloyd said. " well at least if you're cheating on me, don't have some bitch call my cell phone asking for you." i said. " Erica you really need to chill out because I'm not going to fight with you tonight. We have the whole house to ourselves for awhile. Besides, im on punishment, i can't use my phone so i have whoever i want to talk to call you.

Why the fuck would I cheat on you? i told you shes my close family friend so get off my back." he.said aggressively. "whatever lloyd." and i stormed out the room. i sat on the couch, baffled. "look at all the things we've been through. we've gotten so far. and for him to back track like this?" my phone rang. "hello?" i answered. "hey its I was just calling for lloyd.

is he there?" it was the same girl from before! "yes, he is here but before I give the phone to him. who are you?" "oh I'm Lloyds godsister" she said. "wait what? how did you get my number?" i asked. "ohhhhh, I'm only going to be in town for two days &hes on punishment so he just gave me your number" she said.

"ohhh shit" i whispered in embarrassment . "he'll call you back." I finally said. I really fucked up this time. I completely told him off earlier. Now I find out that he was actually telling the truth! what the fuck should I do?! then it hit me. "makeup sex". i went in his closet and found one of his bigger tshirts. i took of my jeans and tshirt and stared at myself in the mirror.

i had on a red bra and a matching red lace thong. i slipped on his tshirt. i teased my hair; making it sexier. i also put on perfume on my wrist and neck. i walked in into his living room where i found him playing Xbox. i sat down next to him, and put my hand on his leg.

" don't touch me" Lloyd said moving away from me with his eyes still focused on the t.v. "Lloyd I'm sorry" i said after a moment of silence. he then paused the game and turned to me.

"ohh really?" he said sarcastically. "I'm serious" i said climbing on top of him. i faced him and i kissed his neck. Lloyd gently pulled my waist away from him; making my lips depart from his neck. "what the hell are you doing Erica?" he rudely asked. "making you feel like the king you are". i said referring to what he said to me months before. he looked into my eyes. "you fucking bitch." he said with a straight face, trying not to grin. he picked me up and pinned me against the wall. my back slammed into the cold tile wall.

i bit my lower lip. "mmmm" i moaned in excitement. he ran his hands up and down my thighs. Lloyd leaned in then kissed me hard and full of lust. this kiss naughty big tits blonde anal whore mom simone sonay different then any other; in a sexy rough way.

which was weird for me, but this is what i asked for. "my brothers busty babe needs a big black cock be home any minute." lloyd said. "so? i don't care. i just want you." I moaned. then he put me down, and started to pull off my big tshirt. the shirt wasnt even halfway off and he ran his fingers over my lace panties.

with my eyes closed, i let out a moan. "hmmmm" he ripped my panties off and they fell to my ankles. "spread your fucking legs" lloyd commanded . i did. he then ran two fingers up and down my hairless pussy lips.

he found my clit and flicked it. "oooo, fuck" i said in satisfaction. he slipped his ring and middle finger in my pussy nice and slow. "yess baby uhhh."I cried out. he leaned into my ear "i don't even know why I'm fucking doing this shit" he whispered.

he kept his slow pace for awhile. "because. " i said. it took me by surprise when he sped up his pace rapidly and rubbed my clit in circles with his thumb. "uhhhhhgh ohh my gosh, fuck" i cummed on his fingers. he took the two fingers out, and kissed my neck . "you're so fucking sexy" he said. i let a smile appear on my face. "now I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you.

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now get on the floor." i did what i was told, and got on my knees. he grabbed my neck and pushed me down on the floor. with his hands still wrapped around my neck, he stared into my eyes and kissed me deeply. he took of his basketball shorts while kissing me. feeling the tip of his dick touching my wet pussy made me even more horny. ."oh my god lloyd fuck me already" i yelled. he finally pushed in deep. i gasped. he pulled out and back in before i could even catch my first breath. he fucked me hard and fast.

"you think I'm fucking other girls? huh? HUH???" "no" thisgirlsucks petite blonde babe gobbles big cock small frame and deepthroat moaned. i licked my hard nipples. "ughhh yeaah. fuck. give it to me baby" "shut the fuck up" lloyd said as he pinned my arms down on the floor. he stared into my eyes while he fucked me. "say my name" he grunted. i felt like i was in a trance. i couldn't even hear him say anything.

"wha-" i said. "say my fucking name" he said once more. his dick went in my wet pussy deeper and deeper, and faster and faster. I felt my pussy tingle. i knew i was about to cum. "oh fuck lloyd YES, YES DADDY RIGHT THERE, LLOYD OH MY GOD FUUUCKKK" my hips bucked up and down as my orgasm continued. i heard the front door close. i finally got my self together, and crawled over to Lloyd. he was lying on his back. i got on top of him.

"ready for round 2?" i asked. he smiled. i sat on top of him and kissed him. our tongues danced as my wet pussy rocked up against his stomach. i found his dick and put it inside me. "damn, you're so tight " lloyd said. i bounced up and down his dick; riding him. we heard footsteps. "ohhh shit." we both said. i got off of him and we both ran into the dark coat closet. he grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me close.

his dick was still rock hard. his dick stood between my pussy. lloyds mouth came to my ear. "finish me off babe." i turned around and pushed him to the floor. i bounced and swirled on his dick. "mmmmm, fuckkk. Erica YESS." i felt his load explode in my pussy. i leaned over and kissed him. "i love you" i said. "i love you too." lloyd said smiling. we heard someone coming near the closet. "Lloyd?" the door opened. it was his older brother Phill. "what the fuck?" he scram.

"uhhhh, hey Elsa jean fuck by twguys Lloyd said embarrassed." "Aren't you Tylers sister?" Phill said.

"Umm, yeahh but." I muttered but Phil interrupted me. "wow so you're fucking your brothers bestfriend. how nice." he chuckled sarcastically. lloyd got up from off the floor, and helped me up. i was naked and his brother kept staring me up and down. i followed lloyd back to the living room.

Phill walked behind me. "you look even better naked." Phil said. "HEY, don't talk to her like that" Lloyd demanded. "fucking perv." i said. i put my thong and bra back on and i walked upstairs to lloyds bathroom. i stepped in the shower and closed the curtains. i washed my pussy to make sure all the babe gets it over her petite body was out of me.

i heard the bathroom door open and close. i thought for sure it was lloyd. "To be honest, I always thought your brother was hot, but he's acting like a total perv tonight." i shut the water off and opened the curtains. "what the fuck?? why are you in here?" it was Phil.

i quickly grabbed a towel to cover my naked body. "oh there will be no need for that towel tonight sweetie." Phil said. "ohh really? Haha, fuck you" i said. i opened the bathroom door. he slammed the door and pinned me against the bathroom wall.

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my towel dropped to the floor. he kissed my neck. his lips came to my ear and whispered. "i told you, you don't need that towel tonight."