Blonde hooker gets cummed prostitution and prostitutes

Blonde hooker gets cummed prostitution and prostitutes
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its been a few weeks now and i have been living as a woman. although i still have a cock its strictly for my sperm. my misstresses milk me often and then sell my sperm on the internet.

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they make a healthy amount of cash from it and i no longer workunless you count the few times they have taken me to that seedy part of town and ho out my ass for cash (as they call it ). oh man the dicks i suck on those nights.

they say that i've been doing very well and that i desreve a reward. they want me to find a male to dominate. they want me to dominate the cum out of his cock.

turn him into a panty-boy sex slave and then finally turn him into my tranny lover. plus they say having 2 sperm slaves around would double there income.

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so i set out on the internet to find the right guy. after posting my storys on this web sight i recieved a e-mail from a young man in my area telling me how lucky i was to live out these storys i just knew this was the right guy for me.

first i seduced him with sexy e-mails. next thing i know i'm talking all sexy to him through instant messages.

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the girls are directing me the whole wayyou see they love to watch me beet off to the computer. as long as i don't waste any of my valuable cum ofcorse.

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so there i am dominating this guy online. i have him with his leggs up in the air with a dildo in his assholeand ofcorse he's dressed in pantys.

i have this chap wrapped around my little dick so he quickly agrees to a meeting. the girls set the whole thing up. they rent 2 hotel rooms side by side with the joining door. they get me dressed to the hilt and they would be next door spying on us through the door that conects the rooms. as i waited for him to arrive my heart was fluttering.

i really wanted to pull this off for my girls. if i didnt do good they would take it out on my asshole as you already know from my last storys. as the door bell buzzed i opened the door to find a very sexy black boy he had a freind with hot bodied babe riding masseurs hard pecker and as soon as he saw me he said to his friend " it looks ok you can go now" and then he says to me"you cant be to careful these days" I said " your freind doesn't need to leave if he wants to stay.

John the guy i met on the coputer ran over to his freind and talked to him for a moment and then they both came back to the hotel room. i said to john and rick " ok guys now i am incharge you must both do as i say or this isnt going to work out do you agree" "yes misstress we agree" they said the power i felt at that moment.

not only was i about to dominate 2 beautiful black pricks but they were treating me as a real woman.

my little pecker started to rise in my panties. " ok you two off with your clothes, and you put these new panties on john and your friend will just have to wear mine " as i pulled my panties off from under my mini skirt. i made him smell them before putting them on and he said " ummmm good i love your sent " and i could tell he wasnt lying because that black bonner was sticking straight up. as they tried to contain there pricks in the panties i looked over at the door where the girls are and they are smiling and held up 2 fingers and then the thumbs up ( i guess because there was 2 of them ) now that i knew they were watching it was time for a good show.

i said " i want both of you on the bed in a sixty nine and hurry up " " hey " they said " wait a minute we came here to screw you not each other were friends we cant suck each others cocks that would be sick" " oh yeah " i said reaching for my whip and cracking it on the nearest thigh i could reach.

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"i said do it and i mean do iti am in control of your cocks from now onyou will do what i say regardless of what you want" again cracking that whip on a nude buttocks " now get up on that bed you worthless sex slaves and do as i say. they cower onto the bed in a 69 and slowly start to try to suck each other crack " faster " i scream "fasteri want to see cum on your chins in no time flat." they start sucking like crazy and in no time at all they are gulping down each others loads.

"ok now that we've emptied your balls boys its time for you to service meyou see i like my panty boys to have empty balls while they sevice me so the can two iowa strippers giving private hotel room show on my pleasure not there'snow start with my asshole and lick it good because both of those long black cocks will be in there soon and then you can take turns cleaning the cum out of there.

i rolled over and new this would be a night to rememberi also new the girls were watching and would be pleased with me. more soon