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Stud is fingering vagina hardcore and massage
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*There is a prequel which will come later. Everything will start to make more sense in Chapter 2* The man awoke groggily bringing his hand up to his forehead rubbing it. Where was he? Brunnex opened his eyes and promptly closed them again groaning as the sunlight pierced his eyes like a thousand molten daggers.

"What happened?" he groaned in pain rolling onto his side feeling something squelch beneath him. [cen]***[/cen] Twenty four hours previously… Brunnex managed to get halfway to Stocksmith before he collapsed. His head had exploded in horny amateur fattie taking a bbc on cam pain as if someone had set off a sonic bomb in his immediate vicinity.

His vision had swum as he fell to his knees. A flash of breast concealed in clothing and then utter darkness. Until now. His eyes were still closed but he was conscious and could detect light due to the fact he could see his eyelids. He was lying on something soft and fluffy; a feather mattress. He also appeared to be entirely naked. His doubt, and therefore his conscious state, must have showed in his face however for a soft, light voice spoke to him.

"Don't be afraid." It said sitting on the bed and patting his head with a wet cloth reassuringly. "You're lucky my daughter was out walking." A high, man's voice spoke.

He must not have been in the room before because the girl jumped up to attention and cried "Father! Shame on you to enter a ladies' chambers." He opened his eyes to the beautiful figure of an angel and an old looking English Banker. Where her face had been carved out of the finest porcelain his had been mashed together from some extra skin lying around God's floor. Where her hair was of the finest light brown silk his was balding with a shadily put toupee haphazardly strewn across the top.

Where her eyes were of the deepest amber his were suspicious little brown dots. Where her lips were soft and pale red his were scarlet and scabby. Where her breasts were ample and perky his were heavy and sagging. Where she wore a white dress he wore an extra-large suit. "What's your name?" she asked softly as her father departed wordlessly.

When Brunnex had not answered her eyes flitted back to where her father had been and realising he was no longer there she nudged up against him sitting with her backside against him.

Brunnex' breathing quickened to some extent as he felt an unfamiliar stirring in his loins yet it was not wholly unfamiliar to him.

He had never felt something like this before; it was a neat playgirl gets nailed doggy position homemade hardcore instinctual feeling. Her finger came up and started to circle his somewhat muscular chest.

"B-" He stopped. He couldn't tell this angel who he was; what he was. "Peter." He answered masking the earlier 'b' as a 'p'.

She smiled sweetly. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" Her voice was sweet but with a hint of something, well, cheeky. Her finger trailed lower. Brunnex' reacted accordingly: his breathing quickened; his loins stirred even more.

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He could've sworn for a moment her eyes glanced at his rising crotch but quicker than thought her eyes were once again on his face. "My names Elizabeth," She said finally and her hand started to trail downward now.

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It was getting ever nearer. Brunnex' breath really quickened now. Suddenly her hand was right where he wanted it to be. "But you can call me Emily." She said seductively as she grasped his cock lightly beginning to stroke.

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Brunnex gasped hard as the pleasure shot through him in sudden, intense sparks of sensual electricity. After a few minutes of this she glanced hurriedly at the door and leapt atop him her lips rushing to silence his.

Brunnex didn't know how to react to this invasion of his mouth as her tongue explored his mouth liberally as if it were to be her last kiss before death.

as she started to rock her hips (still fully clothed of course). Brunnex found himself kissing back passionately opening up a passageway of sexual energy between them.

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Emily started to moan into Brunnex' mouth as she dry humped him her arousal evident. She reached down and pulled off her dress revealing that she wore nothing underneath. Brunnex didn't know why but the most obvious thing to do now was to reach out and play with the little nubs on the c-cup breasts. She moaned quietly obviously not wanting anyone to come investigating. She positioned his seven inch cock at her dripping hole and slid down onto it. The question of whether or not she had done this before was instantly answered when his cock travelled through her tight pussy without resistant.

Brunnex groaned loudly unable to contain it as he felt her warm vice-like grip around his cock. She slowly started to bounce up and down on his cock making little uh sounds with every bounce.

Brunnex could feel his pleasure mounting. He drove his hip upward instinctually as his release came his eyes clamped together firmly. She closed her eyes too and bit her lip hard to stop herself from screaming out at the force of her orgasm. Suddenly there was a white flash in Brunnex vision. Consume, it told him. Brunnex eyes opened in panic but he could not stop it.

Their pelvises fused. She hadn't even noticed. The pleasure in his loins doubled. His pleasure just kept increasing as she was slowly sucked into his pelvis as if both of their orgasms had fused. She fell on top of him her head only reaching his stomach as she blacked out due to the intense pleasure she too must have been sharing. Brunnex' own vision was starting to swim. As the very last part of her fused into him, his pupils rolled back and his head lulled. [cen]***[/cen] Brunnex awoke sitting up almost immediately.

He was still on the feather mattress. However his clothes had been changed and he was fairly sure he had been cleaned. A gas lamp was on by the bedside and he could see that it was night. When he had awoken earlier he had been sure it had been noon. He must have slept for quite a while and have been quite unconscious not to have noticed the clothes switch or the cleaning.

"Oh no!" He gasped suddenly remembering Emily. He had consumed her. She was gone, she was dead. He had killed her. He swung his legs over the end of the bed and sat there staring out of the window. He was a monster. What was the point of all this destruction and consumption? He had no reason.

What sort of a purpose could he possibly have? That didn't matter. His creation had happened but he was the one who was truly a master of his own action. His purpose was his own to make and no more would he destroy and consume. It was pointless to kill those like Emily who were only trying to have a little fun in their dull, every day lives.

The door suddenly burst open and a tall man in emily and nikki threesome fucking bbc interracial sucking cowgirl, with a sword on his belt, strutted in with Emily's fater in toe.

"Ah, good. You're awake, Sir." The guard spoke with a nobleman's tongue. He must have been a Captain of the Watch. A lot of Nobleman's sons bought their way into that profession.

Brunnex knew this even though this must have been the first time he had ever heard a guard speak or, at least, listened.

"A lady was in here earlier tending to you, Sir. She's gone missing and you're the last person anyone's seen her with. Do you mind answering some question, Sir?" The guard asked rather nicely for a guard.

Brunnex nodded. He didn't know what to say or do. His days of random murder were over yet if he told the truth he would be forced to kill the man. He would just have to lie for all that he was worth. "Okay, so what's your name, Sir?" "B-Peter." Brunnex caught himself again. "Peter? The grape farmer? So this is where you've been the past week. Should've checked here sooner. Your farmhand's been worried about you and your wife; says you both just upped and gone.

What happened to your wife than, Sir?" Brunnex silently cursed. He should've used some sex xxnx cnm sex stories story shil band name. "I don't know. I was looking for her when I collapsed." He lied.

The guard just nodded.

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"His wife too!" Emily's Father cried "There's a mass-murderer about. He's targeting women. Oh no, my poor Emily!" He cried. He appeared to be starting to lose it. "Calm down, Sir." The guard said none too reassuringly "We've got no proof yet of murder. Ebony slut enjoys a big black cock, Sir, did the young lady tell you where she was going when she left." "She said she was." Brunnex clamped his eyes shut as his headache came back in a flash.

Destroy, it said. He shook his head in unconscious response. The guard placed his hand on his pommel. His instincts told him to defend himself instead of help the man. His instincts had never failed him before. The pain kept coming even increasing. His vision flashed white again. Destory, it pressed harder. What was this? Why had it never plagued him before? What had changed so much that his purpose had become his craving?

And where had consumption come from? So many questions; so much pain. The guard erupted in flame. Two more guards rushed into the room as the first guard started to roll around in the flame.

Brunnex stood turning to them a mischievous smile on his face. "Destroy!" [cen]***[/cen] He opened his eyes to check what the squelching was and quickly rolled away in horror. He had been lying on a much flatter version of Emily's father. He looked about groggily.

He was in the middle of a courtyard in what remained of an estate. It looked as if it had been smashed in by a hurricane, razed to the ground, built again, flooded, hurricane and razed to the ground again.

There were bodies everywhere. Some more mutilated than others. Most however seemed to have been the victim of fire transforming them into smoking, charred corpses. Brunnex stood groaning and promptly fell again his face landing in the guts of Emily's father. Everything hurt but that was no excuse. After hearing about this Dr. Elijah and his men would be on his trail again. Damned be his morals for the time being he had more important things to do…