Busty milf and teen amazing threeway by horny boyfriend oldvsyoung threesome

Busty milf and teen amazing threeway by horny boyfriend oldvsyoung threesome
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Later that morning, I got a message from my little girl. She shared in detail what happened after I left her at the airport in the OC.

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"Daddy I went thru security with no problems. Then at my flight's gate, one of the flight attendants ask me to follower her thru the gate onto the plane, Daddy, it was still 40 minutes before the flight. The attendant, Mary, was a beautiful, large chested African America. Daddy, I was hot for her. We reached the very back of the plane and she asked me to sit down on her flight seat.

"I could smell sex on you as soon as you walked up." Mary said. I smiled and told her about the garage. She was rubbing her clit as I told her. She asked if she could go down on me.

She had my pants and panties off in a second babe. And her mouth was licking and sucking your' cum juices from my pussy. I heard someone coming down the isle. It was the co-captain babe. He got behind Mary, pulled her uniform off and shoved his hard cock into her pussy.

Daddy, she never once missed a lick of my pussy. As this man started to fuck her, I came for the second time Daddy.

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Mary came hard soon after me. Then the co-captain wanted the two of us to change positions. Soon I was lick her black pussy and I had another cock inside my pussy. Daddy, I hope you don't mind. You know I love your cock the best. And you know I am a slut. Daddy, this crew flights to OC all the time.

Another female attendant joined us, a very pretty, white blond with average tits. She pulled off the bottom of her uniform and lowered her pussy onto Mary's face. Daddy, you would have love to watch all of this. The co-captain fucking me hard from behind, my face buried in Mary's pussy, her cum all over my face, and now this cute blond riding Mary's face. The guy gushed cum into my pussy Daddy.

Then the blond gushed her juices all over Mary's face. Then the blond got off Mary and took the man's cock into her mouth. Mary showed me where to clean up and said I could take a specific seat in first class.

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Daddy it was so much fun. We are about to take off. I will share more later. Later in the day, I got a call from May. She wanted to go on cam with me with voice. As soon as my cam opened, I saw May face, her naked body, with her tits hanging down. She asked me to get naked and stroke my cock so she could see. I did as she asked.

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May started to explain: she was home on her bed. She said she sleeps alone, and her husband is a good man, but she tell him what to do and when. I recognized a chuckold situation. A chuck is a man who is married to a dominate woman as far as sex is concerned.

A usually the woman openly has sex with others. As I am watching May and she is talking about her husband, I can see her body moving like she is having sex. the cam shifted a little, and I can see someone behind her. She says, "Mike, I am allowing my husband to fuck me right now with his little cock. He got very excited while I sinsiyer man and girl saxx with him what happened earlier at the hotel.

Mike, I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband like Sam." I responded, "yes you are May." "Thank you, Mike, for saying that and for your wonderful cock." I am letting Sam cum inside me right now.

"Good for you and Sam," I said. The cam stopped, and May typed, "I am thinking about your big cock, and how it filled me Mike.

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I wish." "Tell me your address," I typed. She did. "I am less than 5 mins away." "Can you?" "I am on my way." I pulled up to the house. May stood at the door in a simple thin smock. I could smell the sex on her. She took my hand. As we walked thru the living room, she introduced me to Sam. It was a short non-verbal acknowledgement. In a few seconds, we were in her bedroom, then her bath and she was turning on the water. She told me to take my clothes off.

We stepped into the shower. I started washing May. She was telling me more about her life. She and Sam have a daughter, 16, in high school. I was washing her ass, and May bent over. I slide my hard cock into her. She backed into me, putting her hands up on the shower wall to brace herself. I slammed forward causing May to moan aloud. As I pounded her from behind, her body reactions were completely different from what I saw on cam just a few minutes earlier.

Her orgasm was so much more. She stepped away, stepped out of the shower and said thank you, you can go now. I was somewhat shocked, but them remembered the way of a dom. I dried off and left. In my car, I called Natalie. "Mike, what are you doing?" "Natalie, I just fucked May. But, I am still horny." "Mike, do you want me to come over?" "Yes!" Natalie was over to my house in about 20 minutes.

5 minutes more and we were naked in my spa in the backyard. Natalie lowered herself down on my lap as I sat in one corner of the spa. The hot bubbling water was really nice. Nat's big tits were rubbing against my chest as she rode my hard cock. I kissed her, then started to suck on her nipples. My hands were holding her ass red and blonde lesbos have a massage water. Her first orgasm was hard and fast causing her to start moving faster.

I lifted her as I stood. Moving her to the side of the spa so she could lie down on her back. I moved between her legs and started to lick and suck her pussy. I could taste her cum. I continued to lick and her clit was there to suck. Soon she had another orgasm. I continue to suck on her clit. "Mike, I want your cum inside me," she said. I rolled her over and shoved my cock deep inside her. Holder her tits as I fucked her deep and hard. Soon, my cum filled her pussy and she came again.

We got out of the spa, took our towels and headed for the master shower. We showered and fucked some more. I told Nat she could spend the night. Just then, my phone showed a text. May said. "Mike, I am sorry, I should not have treated you that way. I know you are not a submissive man. Please forgive me, Mike" I showed this to Natalie.

She said, playgirl sucks and gets creamed girlfriend and hardcore her, I am here with you." I sent a text back to May, saying just that. May quickly responded, "may I ask, did you fill her pussy with your cum?" Natalie saw the text, took my phone, and said, "this is Natalie, May, yes, Mike's cum is inside my pussy." May asked, will you come over here now, so I can eat his cum from your pussy?" Natalie was excited.

I told her to go.