Hot nurse and patient blowing doctors cock for hot piss

Hot nurse and patient blowing doctors cock for hot piss
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The Meeting Judy Tsang was in no doubt that she was taking chances by not telling anyone about where she was going. Over the previous two months she had built up a friendship over the internet with a supposedly nice guy. She had felt at ease with John Thompson right from the very start.

Even so all trust was just on his word. At the very start it had been an innocent chat as she already had a boyfriend and John knew this. He had in no way tried to undermine her relationship. The fact that the chat had turned to sex early on had only reinforced her view that John was an ok! Guy. It was his laid back approach that had instilled some trust in her.

But as the meeting was looming ever closer she did begin to get some butterflies in her stomach. The mere prospect of what they were going to do both excited and frightened her. It had been agreed that she was to meet him at New Street station in Birmingham where he was going to then drive her out to his house on the outskirts. Although she had seen photographs of him and his car, with the registration plate fully visible it was the only real evidence that she had to trace him by.

The problem was she hadn't left any instructions or details just in case she didn't return. She was both sweating in the palms of her hand and was wet between her legs at the thought of what John had promised her would happen. Just as the train pulled in at platform 4 she made a mental check to see that she had prepared right.

She was wearing a short dress, stockings, suspenders, silky knickers and bra, all in white. It was warm enough to forgo wearing a coat. Her slender figure accentuated her femininity and she smiled because she knew she looked good.

Her oriental skin blended well with white. Briskly walking out of the exit she had a brief anxious moment when she suddenly realised he might not even turn up. This was only brief though because there he was, as promised, at the bottom of the elevators.

John smiled and they recognised each other the hot real nasty hoe gets a cumshot instant from the many photo's they had exchanged. With a grin as wide as could indoors fucking with a sexy slut hardcore creampie humanly imaginable he made a few steps toward her.

He stood five inches taller than her at 5 foot seven inches. His blonde hair was cut short and although he was dressed casually in jeans and Blue T shirt it was obvious that he was a business man. He broke the ice. "Well all I can say is that you look good in your pictures but even so they don't do you justice." Judy knew he was right but all the same she still glowed with pride. A lot of the apprehension she might have felt earlier disappeared. John led the way to the carpark and Judy soon spotted his dark blue convertible Jaguar sitting proudly with the same number she had seen in the photo's.

Within five minutes they were cruising down Broad Street with the top down and wind in her hair. John's house was in Edgbaston just off Hagley Road and she felt quite at ease even though it was detached and hidden from the outside world. John didn't even put the hood up before he led Judy through the front door. Without further ado John took her upstairs to the main bedroom. Because they had already discussed what they were going to do Judy felt no unease at the speed of events.

She looked to John for instructions on what to do next. John just put his finger to his lips to indicate few words were going to be said.

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Then he gently but firmly placed his hands on her shoulders and directed her to stand at the end of the bed. After a 5 second pause he slowly began to unbutton the dress from behind. It slid off her shoulders and lay around her feet. John then got on his knees and lifted each of her feet in turn before taking her pristine white shoes off. Judy closed her eyes as he stood behind her and unclipped her bra. Slowly his devouring beautys luscious fuck holes smalltits and homemade slid over her skin to cup her small pert breasts as he tenderly kissed the side of her neck.

Her nipples promptly stood to attention as the palms of his hands circled around them. It was very erotic but Judy hadn't anticipated what happened next. She never saw anything but she could sense something different when it was apparent that he had used scissors to cut her flimsy silk knickers. She was aware of him putting them to his face and obviously enjoying their smell. After a minute he moved around in front of her and rapidly stripped naked two feet away.

There in front but untouchable. She looked down to see his erection pointing up at her face. It was murder to stand still. She could feel her juices quietly seeping out. Still facing her John backed away towards the door that apparently led into the ensuite bathroom.

With a knowing look on his face he opened it slowly and an alsation trotted into the room. As if on cue the dog put his nose straight up to Judy's fanny. It only sniffed for a moment before its tongue darted out and began licking.

This in itself brought a mini orgasm. Still reeling from this she had no resistance when she felt Johns hands pulling her backwards towards the bed. Refusing to open her eyes to what was happening all she could do was gasp when she realised that as soon as she was sitting on his lap his cock was at the ring of her bum hole. At the same time as his cock entered her small, tight anus she felt the dogs rough but strong tongue licking all around her labia lips.

John pulled her backwards so that she was lying on top of him and she could feel his cock deep inside. As soon as she was lying flat petite teen craves for big sex toys dogs two front paws were astride her body as it jumped up in order to mount her. John helped to guide the dogs big red cock inside her soaking fanny. John stayed still as the dog pumped away at an ever increasing speed.

One orgasm followed another. She wished it would never end. Just as a spurt in her bum indicated that John had cum she squealed in delight as the gallons of spunk shot out of the dog into her fanny. The combination of the dogs very enlarged cock and Johns erection still in her tight bum made her feel like she was about to burst.

After a minutes rest John slid his cock out and it was only then that Judy realised that the dogs cock had got so big it couldn't pull it out. Realising her trauma John calmly explained that the dog had what was called a knot part of his cock. Bluntly speaking the dogs cock head had swollen to the size of a tennis ball. He then leant down and gently parted her labia and after a bit of effort and some pain on Judy's side she felt it pop out.

The dog immediately began to lick his own cock to clean up any fluids still on it.

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John pulled Judy up before he laid her on the bed alongside him. He gently kissed her on the lips for the first time. They smiled at each other. Thirty minutes later they came out of the shower with barely a word being spoken. One thing they did agree on though that they would meet like this on a monthly basis.

John promised that the each time there would be a variation on the same theme. One hour later Judy looked at her watch as the train pulled away and realised that she had just had the most incredible 3 hours of her life. She was sorry it had happened so fast but she certainly wasn't going to miss one monthly meeting with her mister stranger.