Sexy ladies get happy to max smalltits and homemade

Sexy ladies get happy to max smalltits and homemade
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Courtesy of Eager Horny Cousin Chapter 1 Susie Blake had big tits, and she knew it.

She cupped them in her hands, hefting them out for Mark's inspection as he stood gaping before her, frankly astonished. "Well?" she asked sweetly, enjoying his stare. "I told you they were bigger than Pam's, didn't I? Is this proof enough?" Slowly Mark Harmon's head bobbed up and down, his face slack with amazement.

"Jesus, are they ever! I never saw any like those before, even in pictures! Can.can I touch them?" The question came out shy and breathless, making Susie smile at the tortured look on her cousin's face. Though excited by the prospect of having her oversized titties touched, she pretended to hesitate.

"Well.I don't know. Are you sure Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda won't come back from town early? If they got home and started wondering why we didn't have the morning eggs collected yet." She glanced fearfully at the open chicken coop door, almost expecting to see Uncle Dave's big station wagon coming up the gravel driveway beside the house. She'd arrived almost a week ago to spend her entire summer vacation with them, and the last thing she wanted now was to get caught like this.

Mark's handsome face scrunched in a wince, and he spoke hastily. "Nah, they never come back early from their town trips. And even if they do, they won't bother coming out here to look for us. Look, I'll make sure no one can see anything." With those words he quickly set down his egg basket and bolted for the wood-slatted door, pulling it shut with a bang and hooking its crude, handmade latch to give them privacy. Actually, the chicken coop wasn't the most private place in the world even with its door shut.

Little more than a makeshift shack, its boarded walls gaped to let the country morning sunshine stream in, more than enough to let someone peek in if they wanted to.

And the subdued lazy cackles of the chickens as they perched in their roosts or waddled along the hay-strewn wood floor poking for food reminded Susie of an audience, all intently looking on as she stood with her shirt bunched at her shoulders and her tits jutting out.

For a moment she was almost sorry she'd set out to show Mark that her tits were bigger than his sister's. If he hadn't pointed out Pretty arielle faye and india summers getting hot and horny Bess, the family cow, as they were heading for the coop and made a snide remark about Pam's tits, it never would have gotten started. On the other hand, she was the one who'd pushed the subject by announcing that her tits were every bit as big as his sister's and maybe even bigger.

One thing had led to another, and now she found herself standing in a chicken coop with her tits sticking out just like that cow's, all because she wanted to impress her cousin. At least she'd accomplished that much. Mark was impressed. Glancing furtively toward the house where he hoped Pam was still sleeping, he fixed the door shut and came back. "Okay. Now we've got lots of privacy. Are you going to let me feel your tits, or not?" "Oh, all right." She shrugged, making them bobble with enticement.

"Just a little, then. Until I say to stop." "Sure." Mark grinned agreeably, knowing that once he got hold of those big tits he intended to hang on just as long as he wanted. After all, it wasn't every day a guy got to wrap his fingers around a pair like those! "Anything you say, Suse. Anything at all." As he spoke, his hands flew up without warning and mashed against her ripe pliant tits, making her gasp.

"Ohhh, that hurts! Not so hard.ahhh, that's better. Much better." Mark's fingers slowed their first urgent kneadings, and began to rub across her tits in a slow, tender massage. His voice came out husky. "Is that all right?" "Uhmm, yes." Susie gave a purr as her fat, tingling nipples spiked out against his palms, itching with a sudden incredible sensation. Startled by that abrupt press of hard rubbery nipple flesh, he jerked his hands back. "Jesus! What's happening?" Staring down in total amazement, Mark saw her nipples puff out until they had to be at least an inch long and finger-thick, their flared points distended, red with inflamed reaction.

She had to smile, observing the consternation on his face. Despite all his big talk about tits and the fact that he and Susie were the same age, Mark was even less experienced than she was! "Nothing's happening, silly.

That's just how girls are, that's all. I thought you knew all about titties from Pam and Old Bess!" "Well." He blushed, trapped by his own bravado. "Well, hell, Bess is only a cow! And.uh, I mean Pam never did really show me her tits on purpose.

Just sort of once when I walked into the bathroom while she was taking a mean all girls get like that?" He reached out again, this time gingerly, and flicked one stiffened nipple with a finger. Susie gasped.

"Ye--ehhss." Her nipple strummed out quivering. Mark frowned. "Does it hurt?" His finger flicked across her taut nipple again, then moved in a circle over the bumpy plumped surface of its pink areola. Susie felt her cunt melt in a flood of steamy juices. "Uhm, not when you do it nice and easy like that. In fact, it feels nice!" Picking up courage once more, he gently placed his palms over her large expanded nipples and rubbed them in a rotating motion, feeling those huge swollen buds bend and spring erect, stiffer than ever.

Frowning in utter concentration, Mark studied his cousin's tits as if they were the last tits he would ever see. He watched their nipples pop up resiliently under each roll of his hands. He also noticed the tremors that shot through Susie's body.

Her attractive face took on a strange expression, full lips parting in a long, low groan and blue eyes fluttering oddly as he twanged and teased her nipples with hesitant, curious care. "Are you all right, Suse? I mean.I can stop, if you really want me to." "Nuh--no, don't stop." Breathless and dizzy from the aching excitement that soared through her pussy, Susie shook her head, her long blonde curls cascading like a golden aura. Instead she arched her shoulders, shoving those big bouncy jugs at him for more attention.

"Keep doing that. feels nice. Oh, ohhh." He grinned, gaining confidence. Hell, maybe Susie's tits weren't all that different from Old Bess after all. They sure weren't the floppy old cow udders he was used to, but they looked just juicy enough for milking! His grin spreading wide at that comparison Mark deftly grasped those fatly blossomed nipples between thumb and forefinger and gave them a couple of rhythmic squeezes, as if actually expecting a stream of hot liquid to gush forth.

"Aaah!" Susie gasped at those curious nipple-twisting tugs, her teenaged pussy frothing in a fresh torrent of cream. Seeing that she didn't object, Mark tugged again. His fingers pulled on her big inflamed nipples with tender expertise, taking care not to pull too hard.

"Oh man, I could milk these babies dry! I'll bet I could get a gallon out of 'em and it'd taste sweeter than Old Bess ever thought of! Yeah, I'll bet you'd taste just like sugar, Suse. All creamy and warm, like.oh shit." Suddenly he couldn't stand it anymore. His head swooped down and without another word Mark pursed his lips hard onto one giant pink nipple and sucked it into his mouth, unable to hold back the urge to taste that sweet sugary tit a moment longer.

"Oh Mark, that--ooohhh!" She squealed and arched, automatically mashing her tit to his face. Susie had never before felt a thrill of pleasure like the one tearing through her now. But then, she'd never had her tits sucked, either. The nipple caught between his lips started to tingle like crazy, and the tingling abruptly increased as his tongue slid wetly over her bloated spike, making it quiver like a plucked string.

"Yes!" Before she quite realized it, Susie heard herself crying out. "Yes, suck my titty like that! Suck it good and hard! It feels nice, soooo nice! Ahhhh." She reached up and clutched his head, fingers tangling in his dark tousled hair. Her tit shoved forward, filling his mouth and smashing against his face with such ferocity that he couldn't breathe. However, instead of pulling back he sucked all the harder. His hands slipped about Susie's waist, and found that she was shuddering all over in a series of ripples that almost scared him all over again.

But her gasping, purring voice urged him on. "Suck.suck me, oh suck me good! Harder, Mark, harder! I'm--I'm going to--to--oooooh!" Her cry rose to a wail, and she spasmed. An earthquake seemed to erupt all through her, and by twisting his head Mark could see that her blue eyes were glazed and glassy, not like. Susie's eyes at all. He didn't have the vaguest idea what was happening. But since she didn't seem the least interested in releasing her death-grip on his head, he kept on sucking.

Finally the eruptions subsided, and it was at that moment that Mark had to jerk back for air. "Whuh--whew!" he gasped, flushed and breathing hard. "Wow, I never thought I'd almost get smothered to death by a tit! Suse? Hey Suse, you all right?" He took her shoulders and gave her a nudging shake.

"Huhhh?" Susie focused once more into reality, and the worried look on her cousin's face. Spiraling down from the nicest surge of sensation she'd ever known, she blinked. The haze that had clouded her eyes slowly seeped away, and with it came the dawn of realization.

She'd just had an orgasm. The very first real honest-to-gosh orgasm of her life! The crotch of her jeans was sopping wet, and her tits throbbed. Her heart was pounding, and she felt dizzy all over. Her very first orgasm--and it was wonderful! "Hey, Suse, come on! If you're just trying to scare me again--" She smiled, and Mark let out a loud sigh of relief.

"Oh shit, what'd you do that for? The way you looked, I thought you were dying or something!" Her smile widened. When she spoke, her voice was a bit hoarse. "Oh, don't be such a big baby! Haven't--haven't you ever seen a girl come before?" Mark went blank. "You mean girls can come too?" His total ignorance and serious expression were so ludicrous together that she had to bite her lip to keep from laughing out loud.

"Of course I did, silly! You should know--you're the one who did it!" At first he didn't understand. But the glow in Susie's bright blue eyes told him he'd just done something 'right, whether he understood it or not. After an instant's hesitation, Mark grinned. "Want me to do it again?" He looked down at her tits, ready for another taste. However, he was in for a new surprise. Susie nodded, reaching for the snap of her jeans.

"All right. But this time I'm going to let you see just what happens when a girl comes. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Stunned, Mark stared as she undid her jeans and began to push them down.

He swallowed hard, feeling his cock lurch in his pants. He hadn't expected anything like this! His prick was twisting into a confined lump of solid rock as he watched the jeans slither crisply over his cousin's hips and glide to the old wood floor.

She stepped out of them, at the same time tugging her shirt the rest of the way off too. Now she stood before him in just her panties, atremble with a mixture of shyness and anticipation as the vivid memory of that very first orgasm urged her on. Mark's eyes fastened on her damp silk-clad crotch, and he let out a hoarse breath. "Oh shit." He could see the darkened thatch of her cunt hair beneath the flimsy white fabric, and his prick began to throb so much it hurt.

"Well, don't just stand there!" Susie's taunting voice cut through his mesmerized stare. "I'm not going to strip naked in this old chicken coop all by myself, you know! And.and besides, if you want to see how girls come, you're going to have to show me how boys do it too! That's only fair, isn't it?" He looked up at her dumbly. Then his face contorted.

"You mean I gotta take off my--the hell I am! Hunh--uh. No way!" "Oh, is that so?" By this time College babe kelly klass take cock brunette and glasses had noticed the ominous bulge in his trousers, and the sudden sexy smile that flitted across her face was playful and knowing. "You want to see me, don't you? Like this?" Hooking her thumbs under the elastic band of her panties, she eased them down.

The crisp top fringe of her pussy curls burst into view, all gold and downy and rich with the promise of more to come. Mark's throat went tight. Just that hint of pussy hair had his balls aching like hell, practically begging for a better look. Despite his inexperience, he knew when he was trapped. "Oh, shit! Cock-teasing bitch!" Angrily he jerked his shirt off peta jensen yoga for perverts threw it on the hay-littered floor.

Then he went for his pants, and had them completely unfastened before he froze, too embarrassed to go on. "You first." Susie smiled. "All right. I don't mind." With one deft motion she shoved the panties down her legs, and stepped out of them completely.

Mark ogled the abrupt spectacle of her blonde-furred cunt. Its thick triangular carpet glinted in the rays of the morning sunlight, and he could even see little flecks of wetness on the tufted peak that curled between her thighs, hiding the rim of her pussy from view. She stood proudly before him, enjoying the look on his face. "Now it's your turn.

That is.if you want to see everything. And I mean absolutely everything!" She smiled even wider now, tingling with wicked excitement. There was no way out of it. Flushed and embarrassed but encouraged by the spectacle of his now-nude cousin, Mark worked his pants down too. They inched off, with torturous slowness. The asian domina teases and spits on toilet slave of his cockcurls burst free, thick and dark and richly entwined.

Her breath sucked in. The base of his cock appeared then, and she hissed the breath out again. "Ohhhh." It loomed out of his cockfur like a fence post, much huger than she'd ever imagined and so thick that it made her pussy suddenly erupt in a frothy mixture of fear and excitement. The pants worked away, and more of his cock appeared. And more, and more, as if it intended to go on forever. His prick arced like a bow in the lowering confines of his trousers, and now she could see that his cock was all veined and pulsing, with a life of its own.

She'd never seen anything like it before in her life, not even in pictures! Suddenly Mark jerked the pants down, and his cock sprang entirely free. It wagged up, enormous and hard and soaring out at her, its little pisstip glistening with a hint of moisture. Taken altogether, his cock was unbelievably bigger than she'd imagined a boy's cock to be. It scared her.

But at the same time, it made her ache. "Oh, Mark." Hastily he pushed his pants to his ankles and kicked out of them, now as nude as she was.

Flushing embarrassedly, he clenched his fists to keep them from trying to cover his engorged cock. "Well, what do you think?" Susie's cunt was juicing wildly as she took in the big bloated cock sack that dangled beneath that monster prick, college amateur couple hidden cam first time thats right they get to screw an australian wrinkled and lightly fuzzed and perfect. She didn't even try to hide her awe.

"'s fantastic! I mean.oh, wow!" She watched that enormous prick bobbing majestically before her, its length swollen to incredible hugeness and big reddened head nodding acknowledgment, as if fully aware of the effect it had.

Slowly Mark's embarrassment faded and a grin of satisfaction tugged at his lips. "It's pretty big, huh? At least I always kind of thought so, compared to the other guys in gym class. Do you think it's big, Suse?" He sidled forward, still a bit shy at the blatant way his prick was throbbing and straining straight out, aimed at her like a spear.

Her answer came out in a husky appreciative whisper. "Oh yes, yesss." For a moment longer Susie simply stood there, taking in that monster of a cock and juicing up a torrent that leaked down her thighs, drenching them. "Well?" Mark spoke up suddenly, catching her attention. "I showed you everything. Now it's your turn.

Like you said, Suse." By this time even the slightest trace of inhibition had been swept away in a flood of hot cream. Susie obeyed gladly. She sank onto the cluttered floor, making chickens squawk and flap out of her way as she spread her legs wide. Her pussy opened up like a flower, its pink petaled lips pooching open all dewy and well greased to expose the entire creased recess of her hole to him, right down to the small erect hood of her taut, fattened clit.

It was the first pussy he'd ever seen close-up in his life, and Mark goggled. His cock thrummed up. His dark brown eyes fastened on his cousin's splayed pussy, taking it in with a hungry expression. She creamed furiously under his stare, and wiggled. " do you want to see me come, like I promised?" Her hands slipped down between her slickened inner thighs.

His head moved up and down. "Yeah. Show me how girls come. I want to see.oh Jeez." His voice rattled off as Susie pulled her cunt lips even wider apart, gleefully showing him the snug wet depths of her pussy gash in her most blatant display yet. Mark looked as if he were going to explode his load of cock cream on the spot. His prick wagged frantically, and his eyes took on a hazed expression.

Pussy juice burst from her drenched young cunt in a flood. She dipped a finger along the slickened crease between her cunt lips, all the way along her pussy gash until it rolled across her clit with twanging jolts of delight. She gasped. When she spoke, the words came out as a surprise, even to her. " might be better if you used your cock to make me come. If you just put it against my pussy, know, almost like we were fucking, I could come really nice then." If anything that offer made Mark's prick ripple with furious agreement as he took in his cousin's pert open-mouthed pussy, all slick with fragrant drool and gaping with eager invitation.

His answer came out a groan. "Yeah, me too. We could both come like that.let's try it and see." Instantly he was scrambling forward. On his knees, he glided between her open thighs into a crouch and pushed his hardened cock at the gold- fringed slash of pinkness that pouted wide before him.

His cockhead slithered into a ticklish tangle of soaked fur, pressing against hot, wet, pussy flesh. Susie groaned loudly at that hot-poker feel of cock sliding up to her pussy. "Oh--ohhhh." On his hands and knees, he grunted. "How's this?" His inflamed cocktip pushed against her buttery cunt lips, lodging between them. Susie's mouth flew open and a long moan slid out as, for the first time ever, she actually felt her cunt mouth being pried open around a real, throbbing prick!

"Oh yehhhsss." She squirmed ecstatically, feeling her cunt folds expand and melt into a snug vise about her cousin's rimmed cockhead. "Oh, shit!" Mark hissed.

Her moist, rubbery cunt lips seemed to suck his pricktip in like a fat piece of candy, slurping at it for the rich goodness that boiled up in his balls. Shit, he practically had his cock poked right in a girl's cunt! It felt so good that he twitched his hips, easing his cock around in her taut, slickened pussy hole. "That.that's nice!" Susie cooed, blasting juices all over his meaty prickhead. "Oh that's going to make me come really good!

Move it around some more, yes that's--aaahhh! What--what're you doing? Oh Mark, don't!" As if of its own accord, Mark's cock eased deeper into his cousin's slurpy hot cunt hole, snuggling into her.

It stretched her cunt wide apart, and she cried out as a sudden burst of pain seemed to rip through her. "Oh fuck, that hurts! Don't Mark, it--it's too much! Too--oooooh!" Mark let out a growl, but it was too late to stop now. His prick was being sucked right up her tight cunt chute, aided by the writhing twists of her hips as she tried to escape.

He sank atop her with a shudder, and Susie wailed as her virgin cunt was split wide and filled with hard pulsing cock. They lay like that a long moment, both panting equally surprised by the fact that Mark's cock was totally sheathed inside her.

Neither of them had really expected anything like this to happen. They were cousins, and cousins weren't supposed to do this kind of stuff! But Mark couldn't hold back a throaty groan of sheer delight as he lay gasping atop Susie's voluptuous body, her large tits shoving against his flat chest and legs flopping apart and pussy squeezing on his meat in a vise-like grip.

"Oh shit, Suse, your pussy feels great! So fucking great, I just can't.ohhh." "Nuhhhmmm." Susie's response came out in a gurgle of pure sensation as the worst twangs of pain faded, being replaced by a feeling so nice that she felt her body twitch to experience it better.

Threads of hurt continued to snap through her young stuffed cunt, but they were diminishing quickly as she clung to Mark's muscular body, getting used to his weight and the feel of his prick buried up her cunt.

"Ohhh, I can feel it!" she moaned, practically whimpering as fresh floods of juice poured over his cock shaft until it was oily and slick. "I can feel it all the way up inside me! Wuhh--we're really fucking! Oooh, Mark, you're fucking me!" Her words made him laugh. "Yeah," he grunted harshly.

"Yeah." He couldn't stop himself. His hips started a slow pumping motion, working an inch or two of his engorged cock in and out of her squeezing hot hole. It was the real thing, all right. Although he'd never done it before, he'd read enough books to know. His prick slid back and forth, picking up speed.

Its strokes grew longer, faster. It reamed Susie's pliant cunt flesh apart and shoved with increasing friction. She squealed, and her ass arched off the chicken coop floor as if pulled up by a magnet. "That.that's nice! Oh gosh, that's so nice!

Keep doing it, keep moving it around inside me like that! Oh we're fucking, we're really fucking now! Owwwoooh." Her long gold hair streamed out amidst the littered straw and curious pecking chickens, her lithe teenaged body writhing with swelling rapture as the last little twinges of pain gave way to blossoming explosions of bliss.

Her strong slender thighs clamped on either side of his waist for leverage, and she began to hunch in a rhythm that matched Mark's thrusts as he shoved his cock in and out of her pussy, hardly able to believe it was actually happening. "Ohhh shit." "Owwhh.wuhhhhwww." They were fucking, really, truly fucking. Mark pushed his meat deep up his cousin's pussy, making her wail and surge with the growing fury of his lunges. Her fingers slid down and clutched his taut asscheeks, nails digging in hard as she reeled up to take his harsh thrusts.

They- both soared to orgasm. Only moments had passed, but it seemed to last forever. "I'm gonna cum!" Mark blurted out as his cock snaked up her grasping cunt, plunging in and out with frantic need. "I'm gonna shoot my load up your pussy, Suse! Oh shit, I'm gonna do it! Yeah, yeah!" If it was possible, he lunged even faster. His cockbase slammed against Susie's stiff, fattened clit, sending extra sparks shooting all through her.

The eruption of orgasm that built in her now was like nothing she'd even remotely suspected possible. She bucked up on the old creaking floor of arab dance sex mia khalifa tries a big black dick shed, giving a small scream as her pussy was jammed full again and again. "Yesss! Come in me, shoot your cum up inside me Mark! I want it--I want it all up my pussy! Faster, faster! Ohhhh Mark, nowww! Now-- ooowwwoooooohhh!" When the eruption came, it lifted her up with the force of an earthquake, sheathing her onto his pounding prick as if they were fastened together for eternity.

She shrieked. "Aaaaannnhhh!" "Uhhhh!" A shuddering spasm surged throughout Mark's tensed body, and his cock exploded. A spurt of hot geysering liquid shot deep up Susie's crammed pussy, and was followed by a second. And then a third.

And a fourth. Blast after blast of jism tore into her in long thready arcs, making her own climax all the nicer. The two teenagers hung onto each other, panting and hurting and mewling in unison, as they soaked up the most complete orgasm of their lives.

When his balls were drained, Mark slumped with a husky sigh. "Aaahhhhh." "Uhhhmmm." Susie groaned in return as his prick splattered the last little droplets of jizz into her flooded pussy. Hot thick syrup overflowed and trickled down the crevice of her ass. It was the most wonderful feeling she'd ever known. "Oh man, we did it!" he gasped into her ear, his breath warm.

"We really did it.oh Suse, that was something else! Oh yeah." Slowly his cock went limp inside her, until it slipped free with a wet plop. Mark gave her a last cousinly hug, then rolled away still gasping.

"Ohhhh." Susie lay there a moment, just luxuriating in the sticky hot lather of cockcream seething in her cunt. Then a smile crept over her lips. She rose languidly, and nova cane in sexy brunette with a secret for her crumpled clothes. Mark watched her dress, until she stood over him fully clad and looking down at his limp used up prick with an odd self-satisfied expression on her face. He grinned back. "What's the hurry, Suse?

We haven't collected the eggs yet, and.I'll bet if we wait a few minutes, we can have some more fun." "Oh, there's lots of time for having fun." There was a lilt in her voice, and an extra sway of her hips as Susie soaked up the realization of having gotten her first fucking ever. "I'm going to be here all summer, aren't I?

We'll have lots of time for having fun--and that's a promise! But I feel like waking up Pam. That girl's going to sleep the whole day away if I don't!

See you later, Mark." She started off with a light bouncy step, and Mark rose onto his hands, calling after her. "Hey! I thought you were going to help me with the eggs!" "Well I changed my mind!" Pausing mature horny milfs persia monir and sadie michaels curious about lesbians sex and tries it the door, she stuck out her tongue.

Then, with a last little sway of her ass, she bounced off. Mark grinned after her, frankly not surprised. "Girls!" Chapter 2 "Hey sleepyhead, wake up! Come on, Pam--up!" Racing into the bedroom all flushed and surging with energy after her recent experience, Susie pounced on her cousin's big double bed and tumbled over the sleeping shape snuggled there, shaking Pam awake.

"Whuh?" A thick mane of glossy dark brown hair cascaded across the pillow as she jerked back the single sheet wrapped about her cousin's shape, and uncovered Pam Harmon's attractive face.

"Susan, don't!" Pam tried to pull the sheet back over her head, but Susie wouldn't allow it. "Get up, Pam! God, I think you could sleep forever!

Come on, I've got something to tell you!" Reluctantly Pam gave up the struggle and blinked awake, her large brown eyes focusing up at Susie's beaming face. "Oh, all right.

But it had better be good!" Grumpily she kicked away the sheet and sat up, yawning widely. In a sheer blue nightie that showed off the thrust of her tits, Susie could see why Mark thought his sister's tits were big--because they were. Jutting out against the flimsy material without the least little bit of sag, they jiggled slightly as she pushed herself groggily into a sitting position and rubbed her eyes, blinking.

"Okay, I'm awake." She frowned a bit, puckering her full lips. "Now, what's so important?" "Guess what I've been doing?" A gleam flared in Susie's eyes, a playful glitter as she felt the warm seeping ooze of Mark's cum leaking from her cunt. "Su--san!" Pam made a face. She was always a sourpuss in the mornings. "How would I know? Are you going to tell me, or not?" Susie would've enjoyed tormenting her cousin more, but she was bursting with the news.

It wouldn't hold back, no matter how hard she tried. "All right. Guess who just showed me his cock?" At first the words didn't register. Pam pushed back her long brown hair, hardly listening. "Oh, I don't know. Who?" Then the statement penetrated. Her eyebrows flew up, and she gasped-- "Just showed you.his what?" That was the reaction Susie wanted. "His cock--you know what a cock is, don't you? And if you don't, you sure ought to find out from that brother of yours!

Wow, is his ever something!" Pam reacted as if she'd been punched. Her eyes went round and wide with shock, growing rounded and wider as the whole episode spilled out. Susie told her everything, down to the smallest detail. She hadn't intended to be so explicit, but the words just poured out of her. "And then I let him put it in me," she finished casually, as if it happened every day. Pam's face was slack, her mind stunned and, whirling with the images her cousin had described.

When she finally managed to speak, it was with a breathless awed gasp. "You.what?" Susie shrugged, enjoying Pam's response. "I let him put his cock in me and it was like., well, like a giant firecracker going off or something. I mean, it really felt great! You ought to try it sometime. I bet you'd like it too, if you did!" Finally something besides shock crept across Pam's high-cheeked face. Her expression turned into a look of pure disgust at the mere notion of letting a boy shoot his cum in her.

"Ugh! That's gross!" "No it isn't! It's nice. Real-l-l-l nice! I mean.wowwww!" She made a face of sheer ecstasy, just at the memory. For her part, Pam was adaze. She couldn't even imagine Mark and Susie doing such a thing, and just wouldn't have believed it if her cousin hadn't been so convincing. Mark. and Susie--fucking! Ugh! But despite herself, she felt a tingle of curiosity stir deep within her, emanating from her cunt.

The images Susie had conveyed were having their effect. When she spoke again, it was in a small voice. "Did it.did it really feel nice? Like in the books and movies?" "Oh wow, did it ever!" Susie's answer was a gasp of vivid recollection, as if she once more felt those gushes of hot cockcream spurting up her cunt.

Pam blushed, tingling with an excitement she couldn't quite ignore. "What'd it feel like, Suse? I mean.was it tingly, sort of?" "More like an explosion! when you finger yourself, only ten times better. A hundred times better!" At that statement Pam's blush deepened and her soft brown eyes dropped. "I.I've never fingered myself." "What?" Susie stared at her, blankly amazed. "You've never even--oh, what a dummy! Don't tell me you think that's disgusting too! Oh wow, everybody does that!

Don't you ever get horny at all?" Her expression was so astonished that Pam hung her head in dejection. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, she nodded.

"I guess I do. That is, sometimes I get this funny itchy feeling and it doesn't go away for a long time. Is that being horny?" Her absolute innocence was so new porn game b preggo sucked hmv play free that Susie felt a surge of pity, and softened her scoffing tone.

"Well, that sounds like it, all right. Look, we've got some time before your folks get back, and Mark's collecting the eggs. Do you want me to show you some stuff?" At any other time Pam would have burst out a horrified "No!" But after all their talk about Mark and fucking and how nice it felt, her cunt was all wet and achy in that ominous way, demanding attention.

She knew how it felt to be horny, all right. She was horny right now. "Well."she let the word linger, then shrugged. "Okay. Do I have to do much?" "Only as much as it takes," Susie said in an authoritative tone, wiggled up onto her knees. "The first thing we have to do is get rid of these clothes.

Take off your nightie, while I peel." Instantly she jerked off her tee shirt and squirmed out of her jeans, for the second time that morning.

Pam hesitated, suddenly shy in front of her own cousin. She watched Susie's big jutting tits spring free, and was still timidly looking on as she dropped her jeans to the floor and turned, her blonde cunt fleece shining all downy and moist from her earlier activities.

"Well what're you waiting for, an engraved invitation? Oh honestly Pam, don't be such a big baby! Here, raise your arms, I'll do it." Abruptly she reached forward, grabbing the hem of Pam's blue nightie. The brunette barely had time to throw her arms up in surrender as the crisp material slithered up and over and off, drifting away in a crumpled heap. She sat absolutely nude, shivering a bit as Susie took in the spectacle of her large trembling tits and pale slender body, the girl's blue eyes traveling down across her lithe figure and coming to rest on the thick rich thatch of dark brown cunt bush that curled at the juncture of her closed thighs, hiding her pussy from view.

"Wow, Mark was right." Susie gasped, her gaze approving. "He said you were really built, and he sure knew what he was talking about!" "Mark said that?" Pam was wide-eyed, shocked that her own big brother would even think about her like that.

But at the same time, a pleasant ache surged through her cunt at the notion. "Uh-huh. Now come on, do you want to learn or not?" Susie waited for the brunette to give a reluctant nod, then went on.

"First you have to relax and think sexy. Think about boys you've had a crush on, or someone you'd like to have peeking in the window at you right this very moment--that's what I do. Like.well, like Mark. Boy, wouldn't he just love to look in and see us right now like this!" With those giggly words she flopped onto her back and gave a lazy stretch, pushing her huge pink-tipped titties into the air in a blatant display.

Pam did the same, and felt a pleasant oozy warmth sneak through her at the image of Mark gaping in the bedroom window at the two nude girls, his mouth hanging open. Wouldn't he just be surprised! That thought made her feel sexy and desirable, as if she were the kind of girl boys liked to stare at, which she was. But she'd never before stretched out naked in bed, all hot and tingly.

"Do you feel it?" Susie asked, her own pussy tingling by now. "It feels nice, doesn't it?" "Uh.hunh." Pam agreed, trying to keep the huskiness from her voice. "Good. Now reach up and cup your titties, just as if Mark's watching the whole thing.

You can feel him looking at your tits, and I can guarantee he sure likes tits. It feels so nice that they feel all hard and sore in a nice sort of way, and when you touch them.aaah." Susie sighed, rolling her thumbs across the swelling spikes of her oversized nipples. They twanged up, and a gush of cream leaked from her pussy.

She gave them a flick, and gasped. Then another. "Susie, I can't!" Pam suddenly broke the spell, jerking her hands away from her own uplifted tits. "Whuh--why not?" Susie's eyes unglazed, and she looked over at her cousin. Pam was blushing furiously. "It's not nice to do those things to yourself! I just can't help it!" For a long moment Susie simply stared.

Then she burst out angrily. "Oh, bullshit! Look, I'll get you started, okay? Then when you're good and horny, I'll show you the rest." "I don't think that's such a good bombshell lela star has her pussy serviced pornstars and hardcore Pam began, but it was already too late.

Susie rolled onto her side and reached out, capturing one of her cousin's big soft tits in a cupped palm. Pam gasped. Her gasp turned into a groan when the blonde thumbed her quarter-sized nipple, bringing its peak to stiff erection.

kira thorn her cock sucking and getting stuffed, Susie don't!

This is so awful, feeling ourselves this way! Don't--ooooh." Her nipple swelled up hard and rubbery and taut, itching like crazy under Susie's thumb. She worked it like a button, alternately pressing and twiddling until Pam's shoulder arched up in response. "There, see?" her voice was triumphant. "You like to have your titties touched too, just like any girl! And I'll bet I can get you good and horny, too.

Then you'll be ready for some fingering! How about it, Pam?" "I.I don't." Pam's cunt was creaming wickedly now, and the last thing she wanted to do was stop the wonderful feelings that shot all through her.

Instead, she gave in. "All right. Let's--let's do it! I want to!" "That's better." Pleased, Susie felt her pussy churning up a froth of juices as she massaged her cousin's big tits, determined to show Pam just a little of what she'd been missing.

"I knew you'd come around. Look, it's working already!" She watched with delight as Pam's nipple popped up stiff and quivering from its pink textured areola, straining under her rippling fingers. Pam's brown eyes took on a glaze and she squeezed her thighs together as hot juicy warmth spread through her. "See? That feels nice, doesn't it?" "Yeh--yesss," she gasped, reaching up to grasp Susie's hand in one of her own. She urged it to knead faster, rubbing across her tits in a furious massage.

It was all happening so fast that her tender virgin cunt was sopping. Her pussy ached, and the ache was getting worse. "Do it just like Mark did you, Susie! Do it good!" She wiggled, her face ecstatic. Susie smiled. By this time she was fully aroused herself, her cunt juicing as well. "All right, since you asked for it. But he did more than just rub my titties.

He did this, too." Suddenly she leaned over and caught the brunette's rigid nipple spike between her lips, giving it a tentative tongue-flick. "Ahhhhh!" Pam's eyes flew open, and her cunt fluttered. "Ohhh, that-- that feels so funny!'s making me.ooohhh." She reached up, hardly aware of what she was doing, and tangled her fingers in Susie's long blonde hair. "Muhhmm." They were both taken by surprise. Without warning Susie found her mouth filled with vibrant tit-flesh, her lips stretched apart to take almost the whole soft orb of Pam's tit between them.

She'd hardly expected anything like this to happen, but now she discovered that the feel of having another girl's tit thrust into her mouth wasn't an unpleasant sensation at all. She began to suck, recalling the way Mark had sucked her big tits. "Oh--ohhhh, Susie!" Pam squealed, arching up.

She'd never before felt anything like the pangs of pleasure that shot through her cunt now, and clutched her cousin's head tighter. "It feels so nice, so--ohhhh." "Muhm." For her part, Susie couldn't have agreed more.

It was naughty to be sucking another girl's tit, and she knew it, but that naughtiness only added to the ripples of delight that had her pussy sopping. She nuzzled deep into Pam's naughty wife amira latina big ass creampied by bbc tit, sucking and licking and flicking in a fury.

Then she moved to the other tit and gave that one huge knockers milf threesome sex after piano lesson young old pornstars the same treatment, all the while squirming with her own arousal.

When she finally pulled back flushed and gasping, Pam sank on the bed in a daze. "Aaahhh." Her long brunette hair swirled across her slackened face and fanned out as her slick young tits rose and fell in quick, heavy gasps.

" that wasn't so bad, was it?" Susie's voice came out husky. "No-o-o-h-h-h." she breathed, shaking her head. "And I'll bet you're good and hot too, aren't you? Here, let me see." Abruptly she scrambled to the end sunny leone in hotel porn xnxx the bed and pushed Pam's limp, unresisting legs apart, exposing her pussy.

It flared open in a pink pouting gush of wetness, its delicate lips pooching apart to display a soft, velvety inner lining and small pert clit button all oily with juices. "Susiiiie." Dimly realizing that her cunt was gaping wide under her cousin's stare, Pam reached embarrassedly down to cover it. But the mere touch of her own fingers was like an electric jolt that went soaring through her.

She cupped her sensitive pussy, trailing her fingertips across it in a fondling caress. "Yes, that's it. Now you're getting the hang of things Pammy, just like the rest of us. How's it feel?" "'s nice," Pam managed huskily, groaning. "So niccce!" Then an overwhelming new notion struck, and she went on without thinking.

"But--but it might be even nicer if you did it Suse, you did my titties!" Kneeling between her cousin's open thighs, Susie was inclined to do just that. The sight of Pam's fingers entwining in all that brown fleecy cunt hair and gliding across her greased butterfly-wing pussy lips was an enticement. But she hesitated.

"Well, I don't know." "Oh, please?" Caught up in a flood of sensation she'd never known before, Pam hurried on. "You're so much better at it, and--and I'll do you too, if you want! You can show me how that way!" Though the logic of her argument seemed lacking, its promise wasn't. Susie creamed wickedly at the thought of having her cunt fingered by someone else.

This time she didn't hesitate at all. "Oh, all right then. Maybe that would be a better way to learn, after all. Here, let me turn around." She moved across her cousin's trembling body until she sprawled atop Pam, her blonde-fuzzed cunt splaying open just before the girl's face. They each gazed into a lush drenched pussy, both juicing and ready for some action. Susie reached down and plunged her fingers into her cousin's brown cunt fur, pulling her slick, dainty pussy lips apart with a slurpy sound.

They smacked open into a taut little mouth, bursting a fresh flood of cream. "Aaahhh--" Pam gasped and automatically clutched Susie's firm hovering asscheeks, clenching supple pliant flesh. "Wow, you're really hot now, aren't you? I mean, really hot!" Her breath fanned over Pammy's small, juicy cunt and her fingers glided across alia bhatt fuck story hardcore girl's delicate plumped outer lips as if to test their moistness.

Pam groaned and twitched in response. "Tha-- that's nice, oooh it feels good when you touch me there! Do it some more.yes, yesss.ahhh!" Susie's fingertips converged on her taut clit button, and slid gently across it. She arched, her joy bud strumming. With careful ease Susie kneaded the stiff clefted bump of sensitivity with increasing friction, and within moments had the other girl panting and bunching up for more. "Oh--oh good, that feels so good Susie!

Rub.rub me there, rub me good and hard! Yes, yes!" Tremors of unbelievable intensity swept through Pam, pulling her firm round ass off the bed as if drawn up by a magnet. Without realizing it she moved her hands toward the wet blonde-fringed pussy looming above her, fingers sliding through its moist, golden curls and groping for the slippery cunt flesh beneath. She frantically massaged the soaked folds of resilient pussy there as if it were her own cunt she was rubbing, kneading into fresh bursts of pure joy.

"Ahhhh--ahhh, yehhhsss." It was Susie's turn to groan as her rubbery slick cunt was eagerly massaged into a froth of excitement, juicing up a lather of need.

She worked Pam's little clit furiously, twanging it in her fingers until the lithe brunette was squealing and grasping her bloated cunt with greedy inexperienced urgency.

"Oooooh--ooooh, I'm tingling all over Susie, I.I'm going to pee! Oh I'm peeing, I'm pee--eeeeeeee!" Suddenly she bucked up, spasming in the first explosion of orgasm she'd ever known. Her brown eyes went wide and glazed, and she hardly noticed when Susie's undulating cunt loomed above her face, thrashing and gyrating with delight, too. Breathless, Susie plunged a finger up her cousin's snug cunt.

Pam's arms flung around her ass in a clutching hug and she screamed, wailing in the bliss of her very first climax ever. "Aaaaannnnh! Ahhhh--hhhmmmumfff!" It all happened at once. Susie's hunching, wet pussy surged over the girl's face and her open mouth plunged against moist parted lips in an ecstatic kiss as she surged in sheer bliss. Her tongue Shot up Susie's cunt and writhed there in a muffled shriek of joy, stabbing between those blonde-fringed cuntlips and digging deep.

"Ohhhh--ohhh, fuck!" It was Susie's eyes that bulged now, as her pussy was invaded by a wildly lunging tongue. Her cunt-mouth smacked hard on Pam's face and wiggled there, splattering the oblivious girl's chin and cheeks with juicy wetness as she shoved her finger in and out of her heaving cunt, urging her on. Obviously Pam had no idea what she was doing. Totally caught up in the surges of pure rapture shooting through her, she clung to Susie's hips and stabbed her tongue all the deeper in an unconscious kiss of gratitude, completely unaware that it was another girl's pussy ass and bawdy cleft lanced with ramrod hardcore russian was kissing.

By the time realization dimly seeped in, it was too late. "Eat me!" Susie wailed, humping her cousin's face with shivering surges of pleasure. "Eat my pussy out Pammy. Stick your tongue up it good! Oh fuck, that's so fucking nice! More, more!" Her finger old spunkers cum ladies cum complications in and out of Pam's tight little cunt with sexy teen fucks her ass with dildo strokes, mashing her palm hard against her clit.

And if any twinge of shocked disgust crept into Pam's hazed mind, it was quickly pumped out of her by the eager intruder that lunged between her cunt lips, smacking in and out with wet fucking sounds. She couldn't resist. Sighing a stifled moan of frenzied sensation, she burrowed her face into Susie's fleecy pussy and failed her tongue deep, deep into her, tasting the heady flavor of another girl's cunt juices.

"Muhhm--ummppff!" Her tongue stabbed up blonde babe salvaggia enjoys strangers big cock meet Susie's hunching pussy, and began to flick in and out urgently. It was a fantastic feeling--almost as good as having a cock inside her.

Susie purred, soaring to a climax of her own. "Faster, oh faster! Eat my cunt and fuck me good! Oh Pammy, that feels so fucking good I can't stand it! Ohhhh--ohhhh, yessss!" Her finger increased its pumping to a blur of harsh jabs as she slapped her seething pussy hard against the writhing girl's mouth, her body shuddering toward orgasm. Pam knew in a vague, disjointed way that she was doing something awful by eating a girl's pussy!

But she couldn't have stopped herself now even if she'd wanted to. Susie's finger was fucking in and out of her with an intensity that made fresh blasts of oblivion erupt all through her and begin a fresh chain of climaxes. Any horror at her own naughtiness was swept away in a gush of horny juice as she hunched frantically, impaling herself on that darting probe and tonguing her cousin's pussy in pure grateful release. Hot thick syrup literally poured down her throat, and she gulped for more.

"Gggummmppff!" "Oh fucking yes, that's it! That's--aaaahhhh!" Suddenly it was all too much for Susie as well. The sensation of having that sweet, eager tongue drilling up her cunt hole, the feel of orgasm building in her like a lit fuse, the sight of her slick finger gouged between Pam's puffy brown-fuzzed pussy lips, all had their effect. Whatever else she was, Susie was not a girl to pass up new experiences- -especially when she was as turned on as she was right now.

She plucked her finger from Pam's sopping cunt hole and buried her attractive face deep into that downy rich carpet of inflamed cunt flesh. Pam gave a muffled wail as a pink hungry tongue shot deep into Susie's seething cunt, returning her favor. The two girls clung together, sobbing and thrashing and worming their tongues into each other's cunt as naturally as if they'd been doing it forever.

They rolled and surged on the big bed in a flurry of long slender legs and cascading gold and brunette hair, mouths fastened on drenched pussies and pink moist tongues drinking up flood after flood of hot sticky juice. Taut, rounded asses bunched in simultaneous fury, and soft lips pressed to even softer pussy lips as they drove each other to completion, both caught up in this new delightful thrill.

It was Pam who climaxed first, pumping and slurping up her cousin's cunt froth in a heaving burst of satiation. Instantly Susie followed suit and clutched the other girl's twisting asscheeks to hold her lathered cunt in place as she dove her tongue into it, moaning out a long throaty breath. Pam sobbed, reeling in an oblivion she'd never known before. Ripples of rapture tore through her, again and again as if they would never end. But finally the ripples subsided, leaving both girls drained and gasping.

For a long time they simply lay like that, legs lolling and pussies fanned by each other's pants of breath. Then, laughing hoarsely, the blonde scooted around to hug her cousin, her high-cheeked face aglow with a broad, slick smile.

"Huhhh--how was that, Pammy? I'll.I'll bet you didn't expect that to happen!" She cuddled to the limp glassy-eyed brunette, their tits crushing together. Slowly, Pam's eyes focused. She opened her mouth, and sighed. "Ooooohhh.oooh Susie, it.felt nice.sooooo nice!

Was.was fucking?" Susie giggled. "Almost, I guess. But fucking's even nicer! Can you imagine that? I'll bet you'd like to try fucking now, wouldn't you?" "Even nicer?." Her mind still in a whirl of sensation, Pam simply couldn't believe there was something nicer than what she'd just felt.

Images of Mark spun before her. Mark and Susie, fucking. Mark putting his cock in Susie's pussy. Mark, putting his cock.his cock. "I might." Her answer was small and hushed, a mixture of fear and anticipation. Susie understood and spoke quickly. "Then maybe you will. Maybe you just will, at that. We'll see." She gave her cousin a tender kiss on the lips and their wet faces came together, tongues flicking into each other's mouth. At that moment the Harmon station wagon pulled up outside with a crunch of gravel, breaking the spell.

"It's--it's my folks!" Suddenly blushing, Pam wiggled free. Hastily the two girls dressed and scampered down the stairs, their faces aglow. Chapter 3 "Did you have a nice morning, children? Goodness, what've you two been up to? You both look positively worn out!" Linda Harmon's tone changed from polite conversation to motherly concern as Pam and Susie burst out of the house toward her, flushed and breathless.

"Oh, nothing Aunt Linda. We were just playing, that's all. Here, can we give you a hand with those bags?" Susie covered up smoothly, scurrying forward and scooping a load of groceries from her aunt's unresisting arms. "Thank you, Susan." Linda broke into a smile, her attractive face beaming. But the concern was still there as she reached up to touch Susie's forehead.

"Are you sure you aren't both catching something? Your faces look so red and--" "Oh, leave the girls alone and stop fussing over them!" Dave Harmon rounded the station wagon, his strong handsome face split with a grin as he easily hefted two overfilled sacks in his arms.

"Can't you see they're just having fun? Susie's not used to this clean country air, it's good for her to get a little flushed--get some color into that city skin of hers! And as for you, young lady," he fixed Pam with a playful glare, holding the sacks up, "come and help your poor old dad before he collapses from the strain!" Laughing, Pam hurried to do just that.

"Well." Reluctantly, Aunt Linda gave in. A voluptuous redhead in her mid-thirties, she was just about the most beautiful woman Susie had ever known. High cheekbones and full soft lips gave her the features of a magazine model, but she wasn't a bit slender like the typical model. Instead, wearing a modest light cotton dress that didn't do a thing to hide the curves of her body, she was voluptuous to a degree that made even Susie look skinny in comparison.

Her tits jutted out enormously, and her hips swayed with natural sensuality. Her red hair was a rich glorious burst of fire cut short in clipped curls. "All right then," Linda said, unaware of her niece's scrutiny.

"Just don't overexert yourselves, all right? After all, Susan's only been here a few days! You both have the whole summer ahead so don't try to do everything at once. Agreed?" "Sure, Mom." Pam shrugged, keeping her expression perfectly innocent, lugging more groceries up to the house.

The station wagon was loaded with bags, the booty from their trip into town. As the girls carried their first load in and rushed outside to fetch more, Linda started putting things away. It was while she was re-stocking the kitchen shelves that Dave came up behind his wife and slipped his large hands about her slim waist. "What do you say you and I go upstairs and leave this to the kids, huh?

They can put the stuff up just as well as we can, and I've been waiting for a chance to get you alone all morning--" "Dave!" Linda gave a shocked gasp as his hands slipped up to cup her ample tits in a loving squeeze, hefting their large jutting tit swells. At that moment the girls returned with more packages. Fortunately neither of them noticed, chattering to each other in that teenaged staccato of two close friends who had everything to talk about and only one short summer to do it in.

She pushed him away, her cheeks going rosy. "Now stop that -- do you want them to see? Be nice!" "Oh, I've got something very nice for you." Dave lowered his voice to a lustful murmur, his grin broad and knowing.

His crotch was swelling, nudging into the folds of her summer dress until it pressed against her ass. "I've got lots of nice stuff all stored up and waiting, and if I don't give you some in about five seconds the girls are going to see a lot more than this, believe me." As if intending to carry out his threat he reached up and began to unzip the back of her dress, easing the zipper down several inches.

"Dave Harmon!" Linda's voice was a shocked hiss, but she couldn't hide the smile on her lips as she twisted about to face him. "You coming, babe?" His grin spread from ear to ear at his wife's familiar flushed expression, and the way her hips rolled just a bit to acknowledge the stiff bulge of cock pressing against her crotch. "Oh, all right, if that's what it'll take to calm you down!

And in the middle of the day--you really are absolutely depraved!" With those admonishing words and a glint in her green eyes that meant that she was feeling a bit depraved herself, Linda caught the two girls in mid-chat. "Darlings, would you mind putting the rest of these things away for me? There's something Dave and I have to discuss,'s too important to wait. Okay?" "Sure, Aunt Linda." It was Susie who answered for them both, glad to help out her aunt and uncle.

"We'll finish up. And we'll even fix lunch too. You just go ahead and don't worry. Pam and I will take care of everything. Won't we, Pammy?" Pam nodded agreement. "That's all right, Mom. We don't mind." "Thanks, girls." Dave was already steering his wife toward the stairs. "Shouldn't take too long, but you know how it is." Linda tried to give him a shocked glare, but by this time she was fully aroused too.

Her cunt felt steamy and hot, itching furiously. The short trip up the stairs to their bedroom only took a moment, and as soon as they were alone Dave caught her in his arms, murmuring a deep throaty chuckle.

"Ah, this is what I've been waiting for all morning. Come here, babe. You've got something I want, and if I don't get it real soon you're going to be minus one husband because I'm gonna explode!" His strong hands were already pulling at the shoulder straps of her dress, deftly tugging them down.

The light material slumped against the rise of Linda's oversized tits, and she giggled as it stopped there, refusing to go any further. "Oh, you! It goes over the head for your information, David Harmon! Now why don't you just let me do it while you take care of your own problems? Maybe then we'll see what we can do about saving your life!" With those words of surrender site pushed back and hiked her dress up, then jerked it over her head and off in one fluid motion.

Obediently Dave tore off his shirt and kicked his shoes into a corner, then worked the snap of his jeans. He froze with an appreciative stare as her voluptuous body undulated into sight, nude except for bra and panties. Frankly, Linda had to admit she enjoyed the way her husband always stared at her, as if he was seeing her for the very first time. She reached up and unhooked the bounteous white confines of her bra, then pulled it away and tossed it aside with a slightly theatrical gesture.

Her enormous tits spilled free, big and pale and lush. They bobbled with almost embarrassing blatancy, their huge rosy pink nipples swaying before him and instantly spiking into fat, distended peaks, aching to be sucked. A burst of cunt cream oozed ticklishly from her heated pussy, and with quick precision Linda peeled her panties down and off, then kicked them away.

She was a natural redhead, and her fiery rich tangle of cunt hair glinted in the streaming sunlight as if all aflame, shining with little dewbursts of juice at the tufted curls entwining between her thighs. Linda had a sexy body, and she knew it.

"Well?" she said, planting her hands on her hips and letting an extra lilt of excitement creep into her voice. "I thought you were in a hurry to keep from exploding.

Is that all you can do, just stand there and look? Or aren't you in the mood anymore?" Her hips swayed, adding to the taunt. "Oh Christ," Dave laughed, breaking out of his spell. "You're really asking for it, aren't you? Well, I've got just the answer you need. Right here, babe, waiting for you." He shoved his pants down and his cock swung up.

It snaked into the air, massive and stiffened to full hardness, strumming out its whole eight inches toward her bared pussy. Linda couldn't resist a hiss of breath and a blast of fresh juicy need as she surveyed her husband's cock.

Its sheer enormity made her cunt ache, just as it always did. Blossoming out to erection, veined had her pussy drooling. She smiled, more turned on than ever as he kicked out of his jeans and stood before her, his muscular, tanned body tensed with arousal and his cock soaring out like a missile from his thick tuft of cockcurls and heavy bloated ball-sack.

Somehow they merged together, both moving at once. Instantly Dave's hands captured her hefty tits, fingers rippling along their large ripe nipples and making them quiver obligingly as he grunted deeply, his prick nuzzling into the rich red fuzz of her cunt. "Oh yeah, I've got action for you right here, babe.

You're just begging for it, aren't you? We'll see who gets the last laugh around here, right now!" Suddenly he twisted and caught her in his arms, hoisting her into the air. Linda barely had time to let out a playful scream as she was lifted and dumped in the middle of their bed, her legs failing. Dave was still grinning as he sank atop her, his lips seizing one hard pointed nipple and sucking it into his mouth.

"Ahhhh, oh you bastard, that's just what I like!" She gasped with wicked pleasure, arching up to shove her tit in his face. Its fattened spike tingled with electric sparks that soared right to her cunt, drenching it.

"Suck it, suck it for me baby, ohhhhh." By this time she was hotter than a firecracker. Her pussy was sopping wet, and the throbbing press of his prick against her pussy made it gush all the harder. Linda reached down and clutched his bloated cock, pulling it up until its engorged head nestled between the wet plumped lips of her cunt hole.

With a single fluid undulation their bodies meshed, and Dave's stiff prick slid effortlessly up inside her. The familiar feel of his cock slithering deep into her cunt made-Linda groan with delicious delight.

She clutched his ass with one hand and his head with the other, purring ecstatically as her tit pushed between his lips and her pussy stretched wide to take the full length of his pulsing prick. "Ohhhh God baby, that's wonderful! This.uhhmmm.this is the best idea you've had all day! Oh sweet lover, give it to me! Give me your cock, yehhhsss." He sighed in complete agreement, slurping at his wife's huge inflamed nipple with new vigor.

His tongue rolled roughly across it in the way he knew she loved best, making it pop up urgently in response. His hips began to undulate, casing his prick around in the snug squeezing sheath of her cunt. After all these years Linda still managed to keep in shape, and her pussy filthy aging blonde crack whore sucking dick point of view just as tight as it had been on their honeymoon.

It caught his shaft in a soft vise-like grip, sucking at it like a hot greedy mouth. She bunched up, working herself on every inch of cock meat, and her voice turned to panting moans of uninhibited need.

"Yes, yes damn you, do it to me! Fuck me, fuck me and suck me good! Now that you've got me going, give it to me hard! Stick it to me, lover! Stick it--to--meeee! Ahhhhh!" Fresh floods of cunt juice poured over Dave's balls. Linda was really going now, as the last of her hesitation dwindled away. She surged under him like a dynamo, plunging onto his cock in a rhythm that perfectly matched his long, slow strokes.

Eighteen years of marriage hadn't diminished their sex life a bit. If anything, Linda got sexier as the years went by and her drives got stronger, as well. Right now she was proving that fact with upward thrusts, taking every bit of his cock and grinding her cunt mouth against his cockbase as if to suck up just a fraction of an inch more. Her cries grew more frantic, urging him on. "Yesss, oh fuck yes! Drive it in me good and hard!

Suck me and fuck me, oh sweet bastard that feels so nice! Fuck it to me! Give me your big fucking cock -- ahhh -- annnhhhh." She wailed, rising to the first explosion of orgasm in a blast of juicy heat. This had been their first chance to fuck since Susie had arrived almost a week ago, and right now Linda was enjoying it to the fullest.

Her pussy smacked greedily on Dave's prick, picking up speed. The first tremors of release went spiraling through her and she hunched even faster. "Oh my God, I'm coming! Do it honey, make me come good!

Yes, yes -- aaaaahhhhh!" Linda bucked off the bed in a fury, climaxing in delirious waves of completion on her husband's lunging cock. Her fiery pussy slapped against his balls, and Dave slammed down with a last explosive heave that shoved his meat all the way into her, pinning her ass back to the bed. "Muhhhmmm!" His cock jerked, and the first spurt of hot cream geysered up her cunt in a long wet arc, ripping deep inside her.

Linda mewled and writhed with luxurious ecstasy, taking that blast and the ones that followed. Cum shot up her pussy in thready eruptions, until she was overflowing with it. Cum dribbled down the crack of her ass and oozed from her stretched cunt hole as his prick continued to slap in and out until every drop of jism had been torn from his balls. Dave and Linda heaved and thrashed in unison, captured in mutual orgasm. After having gone almost a week without fucking, neither of them was satisfied until they'd wrenched every single spasm of completion from each other.

It was Dave who slumped first, releasing lp officer seduced by a slut shoplifter wife's big wet nipple and groaning with open appreciation. "Jesus.oh yeah babe, that was worth waiting for! Now isn't this better than putting away groceries? Or wasting a whole morning shopping, for that matter?" Still twitching, Linda had to smile.

If anything, he knew her all too well. "Ohhhhh, that was.uhhhhmmmm." She gyrated to soak up the last little splatters of jizz, then sank back on the bed in a sated heap. "Uhhhmmm, I suppose it'll do.for starters!" Her green eyes glinted, and Dave laughed. It was the same old story. Once she got started, she never wanted to quit! Suddenly Linda twisted, pushing him onto his back.

"Hey!" Shouting with surprise but not resisting, Dave floundered as his prick slid wetly from her cunt and plopped free, all glistening and slick with juices. "Ohhhhh, damn you Dave Harmon! Now I won't get any work done all day! Now I'll just be horny and tired and wondering when you'll get around to performing your husbandly duties again -- and damned if I'm going to wait another week!

You're going to get yours, while I've still got you here! We'll just see who gets the last laugh -- mmmuuuhhmmm." Even as those defiant words came out Linda was wiggling around on the bed.

She swooped, capturing his drained cock between her full lips, and her tongue slid across its dripping surface with angry determined strokes, lapping it clean, "Ahhhhh." Dave smiled, letting his wife take her revenge.

He watched as her pink tongue flicked across his wrinkled balls and lolling cock, licking off the juices of their fucking. Then she began to suck his limp prick in earnest, taking it in the moist warm pocket of her lips and working it hard again. It didn't take long, not long at all.

If there was one thing Linda could do as well as fucking, it was sucking him off. Soon his cock nudged up, swelling once more to full hardness. She sucked harder, her red hair glinting in the sunlight and her round, firm ass squirming before him as her head started to bob up and down with hungry suction.

"Ahhhh, that's it Lin." He murmured his approval, fondling her lush ripe ass and urging her on. "Yeah, oh Christ you know how I like it best!

Give it to me babe, give it to me real good." Linda was concentrating on doing just that. She loved to suck her husband's cock. She loved the taste of his cum, the warm sticky feel of its thickness gliding down her throat in furious fountaining spouts.

During the past several days all her attention had been focused on the children, and Susie's presence in the house. But now things were back to normal, and all she wanted at the moment was to make up for lost time. Her head moved faster, bobbing up and down on the fully swollen shaft of his huge veined prick in a sweet abandon of sensation. Within moments she had him groaning, twisting under her and shoving his cock between her lips as they rode up and down even faster. "Yeah, that's good.

Faster babe, faster.aaahhh." His cock filled her mouth and throat, wagging with life. Eager to taste more of its precious jism, she sucked until her jaw ached. Dave's fingers slipped down to tickle at the fat hooded nub of his clit, and Linda gave a muffled moan of pleasure as she pumped her head on his prick with horny need.

Rolling his fingers across her clit bud, he arched. His prick strummed up between her lips and a warning tingle seemed to come from it. Linda could practically feel the fresh load seny lion sexy story bf raped by hard core cum boiling up in his balls, and increased her suction with ravenous delight.

"Yeah, yeah that's.oh Jesus, I can't take it! You're asking for it Lin, and I'm gonna -- ahhhhh!" That was all he could stand.

Hunching up with a suddenness that crammed the full length of his cock down her throat, Dave let his second load of jizz rip loose. "Muhhhm!" She purred as it jetted into her mouth, gushing across her tongue in huge globs. Swallowing again and again, she took it all.

Each and every blast of cum slid between her lips, and she drank them up. Clutching her head, Dave heaved. "Oh you sweet sucking bitch, you're sucking me dry! Yeah, yeahhhh." His voice came out in a harsh little chuckle as she mouthed his cock empty, not satisfied until she'd licked the last tiny droplet from his pisshole. Then she lifted her face, beaming with a wicked smile. "There! Now you won't be causing me any trouble for a while -- at least through supper!

But just you wait until tonight, buster! I won't forget this little incident, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we didn't have another discussion just as soon as we get the kids bedded down! Oh, you're going to pay -- just wait and see!" Dave grinned back. "I can't wait. And if you forget those threats of yours, don't worry. I'll be around to remind you." Linda was giggling girlishly as she collapsed in his arms, enjoying one last hug before they had to go back downstairs to face the children.

Dave and Linda Harmon were a happily married couple, without a worry in the world. Neither of them expected the changes that the next few days would bring. Chapter 4 "Hey, watch it!" Mark veered the tractor with a sharp twist of the wheel, my friend gave spear in my pussy to a stop as Susie popped out of the barn and stood before him, waving blithely. "You want to get run over or something?

Jee--zus!" With that scoffing admonishment he climbed off the heated vehicle and pulled his tee shirt from his black jeans pocket where he'd stuffed it, wiping it across his sweaty face like a rag. It was late afternoon and the sun was blistering. Sweat poured over his bare, tanned chest and soaked his pants, adding to his irritation. But Susie took it all without a qualm and smiled back, her voice lilting. "I was just waiting for you, that's all!

I thought you might be tired after being out in the field all day and want to relax! Want to relax some more, Mark?" She pushed her tee-shirted tits out in a blatant arch, showing him just the kind of relaxation she meant. Mark's irritation instantly drained away and for a moment he even forgot how worn out he was.

"Well." he glanced back at the house, a bit uncertain. "What about my folks? And Pam?" "Oh, you don't have to worry." Tingling with excitement, Susie beamed. "Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda are keeping to themselves, and Pammy's no problem. I'll bet we could relax really nice in the barn, and no one would notice us at all." She added a sway of her full hips to that wager, and Mark's eyes followed it with growing interest. He'd been thinking about this morning's incident all day, going over and over it in his mind until his cock was so swollen and aching that he'd had to concentrate on other things.

Now, the offer of repeating that episode had his cock blossoming in his wet jeans all over again. It didn't take long to form an answer. "Okay, let's go. I guess I could use some more relaxing, at that." He grinned wide, his mouth already watering in anticipation. "I thought you might." Susie flashed a smile of triumph. "And for that matter, so could I! Let's go." She led the way, slipping into the barn ahead of him.

Though the Harmons' barn was certainly an improvement over their chicken coop, it was still little more than a wood-slatted shell with a stall for Old Bess in one corner and a small hay loft above that. However, it was cool and dim after the hot day he'd spent on the tractor, and instantly Mark felt more in the mood for another session with his horny cousin. Susie darted ahead of him and instantly clambered up the rickety ladder that led to the loft, calling over her shoulder.

"Come on, lazy! If you don't speed up, I'm going to start without you!" "And just see how far you get!" Mark retorted with a chuckle, watching her firm jutting ass wiggle up the ladder and disappear in a flutter of thrown hay. But he followed quickly, his prick already pulsing in his crotch with a painful insistent throb. By the time he reached the cozy hay-carpeted niche, she was already shedding her shirt. Susie hadn't bothered wearing a bra, and her tits jounced free.

A fresh wave of heat swept over him at sight of those luxurious bouncy tits, but this was a much more pleasant kind of heat than that which had his clothes sopping. "You're really asking for it today, aren't ya? Oh man--" Deftly unsnapping her jeans, Susie smiled back. "I don't have to ask for it, Mark Harmon! You're going to give it to me anyway, whether you want to or not -- just wait and see!" She fell back in the hay and arched, pushing her jeans down and off.

Her blonde curled pussy tuft hovered in the air before him, and Mark's throat constricted. "Ohhhh, shit!" He tore his plastered shirt off and flung it down, then kicked off his sneakers and fumbled at his own jeans. That was when a motion caught the corner of his eye, and his head jerked to the darkened corner of the loft.

He came face to face with his little sister, Pam, who stood there goggling. "Jesus -- Pam!" He froze, clutching his unsnapped jeans, caught in the act of shoving them down.

Pam stood staring down at the fringe of cockcurls popping into view beneath her brother's smooth stomach, at the juncture of his unzipped jeans. Her brown eyes were wide and round, her mouth open with an intake of breath. "Jesus Christ! What the fuck's this? Pam, you--" Stunned, he was at a loss for words. His mouth worked soundlessly. "What's the matter, Markie?" Susie said teasingly as she wiggled her jeans off and tossed them aside, now sitting nude in the middle of the hay pile.

busty asian slut tigerr benson intense domination with anal promised Pam she could watch us, that's all. She only wants to watch -- there's nothing wrong with that, is there?" Mark stared from one girl to the other, speechless. Slowly Pam's head nodded up and down. "I.I only want to see you doctor x story sex stories f me Susie do it, Mark. don't mind, do you?" For an instant he was too surprised to answer. Then his face went red, and a flush crept across his shoulders.

"The hell I don't mind! This is crazy!" Blushing hotly, he realized his cock was practically showing and jerked his pants up. "I'm not gonna go showing off my cock to the whole world -- and especially not to my own sister!" "Oh, don't be a baby!" This time it was Susie's turn to be irritated as her pussy itched for satisfaction. "I already told Pam everything, and she knows every single detail! Now she just wants to see it, that's all.

Big tits at school nicole aniston johnny sins career day lay brazzers

Do you want to show her, or not?" She raised one knee and let it swing out leisurely, splaying her moist, dewy cunt before him with uninhibited temptation. Mark stammered, torn between the ache in his cock and the surging embarrassment.

"Look," he said slowly, forcing his eyes off Susie's gold-trimmed cunt crack. "I'm just not gonna -- you know--in front of my own sister!

It''s." "Oh, Mark!" This time it was Pam who spoke up, her voice pleading. "I'm not going to tell on you, or anything! It's just that.I've never seen anyone actually fuck before! Fuck Susie, and let me watch! Please?" He'd never heard Pam use the word 'fuck' before, and that was another surprise. He hadn't even thought she knew what it meant.

Susie was getting impatient. Her pussy was juicing, aching to be filled with prick again. She reached down and massaged it, feeling cuntcream spurt onto her fingers. "Well? Are you going to just -- ahhh.stand there? I.uhhmmm.I told you I'd start without you! Oooooh." She fingered her now-drenched cunt with open delight, obviously not the least bit bothered by anyone's presence. It seemed wrong. A guy doesn't strip down to his bare cock and go at it with his horny cousin, when his little sister was standing there watching the whole thing!

On the other hand, Pammy seemed so eager to watch them fuck, and Susie's pussy was spread out so hot and wet in front of him that his prick was aching.

With a deep breath he gave in, still blushing furiously. "Okay, you two asked for it. But I'm gonna give you a fucking you'll never forget for setting me up like this!" He jerked his jeans down and kicked out of them. Pam gasped loudly as her brother's cock swung up bare and stiff, bobbing into sight with a sheer hugeness that made her tremble. It was enormous! Not at all like the vague image she'd pictured, but big and thick and veined and blooming into a fat round head that looked as big as her clenched fist.

"Well, are you satisfied now?" His own fists clenched as well, Mark let her look. And surprisingly, despite his embarrassment, he felt a nudge of pride at the expression on his sister's face. "What's the matter, Pam? You act as if you never saw a cock before!" Lips twitching in what was almost a grin he shifted subtly, making his cock rock up and down in long swinging arcs. Pam ogled at that. Her wide, shocked eyes traveled along his immense cocklength, reaching its thickly furred base and taking in the hefty sag of his large wrinkled ball-sac.

His nuts looked as large as chickens' eggs curvy slut barbie sins has her pussy slammed her, jiggling slightly. Altogether, it was much more than she'd ever imagined and she spoke in a hushed tone of pure awe. "You mean you actually got all that into Susie's cunt? I -- I don't believe it!" Mark grinned then, relaxing a bit. "I sure as hell did. And I'm gonna do it again too, just you wait and see!" With that leering tone and a jaunty stride that made his stiffened prick wave with pendulous wagging grace, he stalked forward until he stood over Susie's prone body, staring down at her well-greased cunt.

She smiled up, tingling with wicked pleasure. Her fingers shifted, pulled open the inflamed lips of her pussy to show off the moist pink depths of her hole just aching to be filled. "Well, what're you waiting for? Are you going to get it all into me like you promised, or not?" If there'd been any hesitation left in him, it vanished as he gazed down on that sweet snug cunt-hole that had given him the very first fucking of his life only this morning.

Mark chuckled and knelt. "I'm going to, all right! I'm gonna show Pam a fucking she'll never forget--and you too, bitch!" With that harsh grunt he pushed between her wide-spread legs, spearing his reddened cock knob straight for that open, inviting pussy. It shoved between her dripping cuntlips, and she squealed. "Ohhhhh, yesss! Get it in me, Mark! Give me a fucking I'll never forget! More, more!" He heaved, his bare asscheeks going taut.

Susie purred ecstatically. Pam stood blankly, fascinated, watching it all. She saw her brother's meaty cocktip pry Susie's blonde-fleeced cuntlips apart, saw it slowly sink between them until its mushroomed hugeness had vanished. Mark's cocklength jutted out, pulsing and rippling and so huge that it looked ready to shove itself all the way up into Susie's tummy. His balls hung in the air at her ass, lightly fuzzed and dangling all big and bloated as if they contained a gallon of cockcream.

She felt her pussy ache and melt, just watching. Then, slowly, his cock began to slide up Susie's cunt. "Ohhhh, oh fuck that feels good! You've got such a big fucking cock, I can't stand it! Give it to me, give it--to--meeeee!" She writhed under him as inch after inch of monstrous veined cock vanished up her cunthole, magically disappearing from sight.

Obviously it wasn't too big for Susie's pussy, after all. "Oh jeez--" He groaned, sliding the last inch into her with a shove. For an instant they both lay on the pillowy pile of hay, gasping and clinging together as they soaked up the feel of Mark's prick throbbing up the sheath of his cousin's cunt.

Staring down at them and hardly daring to blink or breathe, Pam felt something deep inside her flutter. It was as if it were her pussy stuffed with Mark's cock, her delicate little cuntlips snapped around his thickened slab.

Her pussy seethed. Without thinking she reached down and pressed a fist to her crotch, grinding it hard against the crisp material of her skirt and feeling her panties go wet with excitement.

"Uhhhm, so nice," Susie panted, rolling her hips to work his prick around inside her. "Sooooo fucking nice." Her dazed blue eyes drifted over to Pam, who stood with mouth agape and fist pressing into crotch. Mark noticed the effect they were having, too. He grinned. Hell, maybe a little showing off wasn't so bad after all! It added a new thrill of excitement. And maybe it was time his kid sister learned some stuff about sex anyway! With that thought he pulled his prick free, slid it out, slick and filmed with juices until only its head hung in the snug vise of Susie's cuntmouth, displaying it proudly before his sister's rapt gaze.

"You want it, bitch? Come on, Suse, tell Pam how bad you want it! Let's hear you beg for my cock, before I give it to you!" "Oooooh, you--bastard!" Susie was smiling too, her eyes glinting as she arched to hold his cockhead inside her, fearing that it might slip out altogether. "Get it in me, fuck me good!

I want your cock bad, oh fuck- -so bad! Fuck me Mark, fuck me!" Satisfied by that wail, he rammed his shaft base-deep in her cunt once again. Susie shuddered under that lunge, her huge tits rolling and her nipples peaking like a pair of bulging eyes.

Their bodies plunged together with a wet slurping sound, and Mark hissed. "Oh shit--yeah, that's good." He wasn't showing off anymore. He began to hunch, with slow leisurely strokes. His prick slid effortlessly in and out of Susie's cunt, and splatters of cream spewed over his jiggling balls.

Pam let a hypnotized little groan of her own slip out as she watched her brother's monster of a cock glide between Susie's pussylips. Her unfucked cunt twanged with a pleasant ache, growing hotter and wetter with Mark's every thrust, as if she was the one writhing beneath his sweaty body right now instead of her cousin. Her fist moved in a grinding circular rhythm at her crotch as pussycream plastered her panties and drenched her thighs.

Mark's hunching increased and his cock slurped in and out of Susie's cunthole with hard, fast strokes. "Yessss!" she cried delightedly, humping up to take each lunge. "Fuck it to me, just like this morning! fuck me and cum in me, shoot me full of cream! Harder Mark, harder! Owooooh!" She thrashed in the bed of hay with her legs drawn wide open and her hands clinging to his ass, pulling him deeper into her with each stab of cockmeat. Thoughts of Pam drifted away as big booty girls suck dick by strangers on cam more concentrated completely on the massive prick plunging into her cunt, reaming it out for the second time that day.

"Unh! Oh shit, oh fuck--" Mark gasped, shoving his prick in and out of the tight squeeze of her cunt muscles. They were both caught up now. Neither of them was aware of Pam swaying on her feet only a few yards away, the front of her summer skirt blossoming with a large spot of dampness as she undulated against her fist and watched every motion with a captivated stare.

Her brother's face took on a wrenched expression. He hunched faster. His cock appeared and vanished with quick rhythmic thrusts, giving her short glimpses of Susie's pink split-open pussy wrapped around it, her blonde fur matted and tangling with his dark curls with mesmerizing intimacy. The look on Susie's face was sheer ecstasy as she soared to orgasm, flinging her legs about his waist. "Aaaannnh! I'm coming Mark, I'm coming! Faster, oh fuck give it to me faster!

Give me your jizz! Uuuuuuh! Guhhhh--gimme your jizz baby, gimme your--gimme! Gimme--eeeeee!" Suddenly she spasmed with that high scream, her body arching and her ass bucking wildly on the damp hay beneath her. Pam saw it all. She saw Susie's expression go slack, her body lunging up with a fury all its own. She saw Mark's muscular frame slam down, heard tasted gals sugar tits and heating up their asses young old pornstars loud throaty groan as he careened atop the lurching blonde.

They blonde amateur dirtbags sucking dick and sharing facial at hole gloryhole cumshot coming. Pam saw it happen and imagined the sudden eruption of cockcream spurting up her own virgin pussy as Susie flailed like a girl transported to heaven.

Their bodies meshed in twitching frenzy. Mark shuddered again and again. Globs of thick white syrup oozed out of Susie's cock-filled pussyhole, threading its pinkness with trails of rich, lathery fluid that Pam instinctively knew was cum. Gasping, she abruptly wished that it was her own pussy being flooded with cum instead of her cousin's. Her fist ground in hard, and her cunt itched like crazy.

For what seemed hours Susie and Mark hovered like that, moaning and entwining and glistening with sweat. Finally, in slow motion, they slumped. "Aaaahhhh." "Ohhhhh, shit!" Susie undulated liquidly, sloshing brim-full with hot jism. Mark twitched atop her, gasping. "Ohhhh, that.that was good, so fucking good." Then, unexpectedly, she laughed. Her next words caught both Mark and Pam by surprise, bursting out in a gleeful voice.

" fuck Pammy! I want to see you fuck your sister!" Mark's head twisted. He and Pam stared across the loft at each other, adam and eve sex parody aghast. Chapter 5 For an instant they froze like that, too shocked to react. It was Pam who moved first. Hesitantly, she reached up and began to undo her blouse.

"This.this is crazy!" Still weak and drained but unable to tear his eyes from her trembling fingers, Mark let out a fearful breath. "Mom and dad are right in the house, and they could catch us any moment! If dad even suspected something like this was going on, he'd peel my ass! Oh fuck!" He gulped, his heart thumping with a strange excitement as the buttons of Pam's cotton blouse popped free one by one.

Shifting position to watch better, he let his emptied cock slip from Susie's cunt with a plop. She gasped. Pam's blouse flapped open and she shrugged it off. The white cups of her bra burst into sight, her rich creamy tit flesh taking him by surprise.

Man, his sister really did have big tits after all! She reached behind her and unsnapped the bra's catch, then pulled it off altogether. Mark hissed. "Oh man--" Her tits bobbled free, their pert, round nipples spiking straight out into little hard peaks that just begged for attention. She murmured a soft question, her cheeks rosy with embarrassment. "Do you think my titties are nice, Mark?" With those shy words she cupped her tits in her hands, hefting them out for his inspection.

Though not quite as large as Susie's, they made his throat go dry with sudden tightness. "Jeez." His wide stare and groaned response made Pam smile, creaming harder than ever. She moved forward, thrusting her tits at him.

"Would you like to kiss them a little? I mean, if you want to." She stood before him, her taut-nippled tits hovering above his face and a flicker of pleasure darting at her lips.

Mark opened his mouth. So much had happened already today that the spectacle of his little sister standing over him with her tits in her hands and that tempting offer drifting through the loft was just all too much.

He gasped, spellbound. Beneath him, Susie squirmed with glee. "Oh go ahead, Mark! Don't be a big baby! Besides, you want to--we can both see that!" And she was right. It must've been all over his face, because Pam's smile widened. "Oh shit, I can't believe this!" His voice came out in a throaty growl, cracked and hoarse. Slowly he drew up on his knees, his eyes gleaming.

"You're asking for it, sis. Just push those tits at me one more time and I'm gonna--ohhh, shit!" Creaming wickedly, Pam took her brother's dare. Rising on his knees, his face came just even with her taut pink-tipped tits. With a husky giggle she thrust them at him. "Then just do what you want and see if I care!

Do it Mark--ohhh, ohhh!" Her jutting tits slapped at his cheeks, her big, distended nipples sliding across his mouth with a shy urgency that demanded attention. Mark was so shocked by that unexpected action that his mouth dropped, and one fat thrusting nipple slipped in. "Mummfff--" His lips instantly clamped around his sister's soft plump bud, and before he knew it he was sucking it greedily, mouthing her lush, quivering nipple and wallowing into those pillowy young tits with hungry smacking noises.

"Muhhm--uhhm." "Oooooh--ooooh, that's.nicccce!" Pam wilted in a sudden blast of heat and clutched her brother's head, mashing her tits to his face. Creamy delight burst through her pussy in electric jolts of pleasure, even nicer than when it had been Susie sucking on her titties.

She reeled limply, mewling with a rush of very unsisterly cunt-juices as he sucked and licked her nipple to an aching frenzy, gulping at it for more. "Oh yeah, that's nice, that's really nice." Susie murmured her approval, her blue eyes aglow.

The last thing Mark had expected when he went to fetch eggs with Susie this morning was to find himself kneeling in the hayloft stark naked between his cousin's legs with his mouth fastened on one of Pammy's pert jugs, sucking for dear life.

The whole situation was out of hand, and there wasn't a thing he could do to stop it. Instead, as if watching from a distance, he felt his fingers creep around Pam's waist and fumble at the catch of her skirt, unsnapping and pulling the crisp wet-spotted material down as if she were any ordinary girl, and not his sister at all. The skirt slipped to the hay-padded floor, and now she was only in panties. "Ohhhh, oh Mark that feels good, so good.ahhhhhhh." Pam shuddered as his fingertips grasped the elastic waistband of her panties and began to peel them away.

The flimsy material slithered down, baring her pliant young ass and allowing the first matted brunette pussycurls to burst free. "Fffuuuhhmm." His muffled voice was a groan of mixed arousal and uncertainty as he jerked the wisp of fabric off. Its crotch pulled wetly away, and then it was gliding to her knees and down around her ankles. The tit in his mouth pushed deeper with smothering need, and he sucked harder. Daintily, she stepped out of the panties entirely and clung to her brother in a tingling surge of uninhibited pleasure, grinding her wet pussy fleece to his bare flat chest.

If there had been any slightest hesitation left in Pam by this time, it was torn out of her in ripples of sheer ecstasy as she rubbed against the first naked man's body she'd ever known, groaning with the wet need that drenched her slender thighs and urged her on. Abruptly Mark pulled back, gasping and breathless.

His limp cock was nudging and swelling with fresh arousal, and he stared at her sopping cunt hovering before him. "Puhhhh.Pammy." His lips moved across her trim tummy, his tongue flicking and licking its way across firm tender flesh and dipping into the tight little crease of her navel, and then sliding downward.

Shivering under that rough-spot probe and the sight of her brother eagerly licking his way to her twat, Pam moaned.

"Ohhhhh, oh yes! Lick me.lick me good all over Mark, lick me all up! It--it feels so good, don't stop! Don't.stop.aaahhh." His tongue plowed into her thickly curled fur and she eased her legs apart.

It dipped along her cunt crevice and delicate flared lips, and a blast of juices poured over it. "Wooohhhh." Mark drank them down and plunged up for more. Scuttling between her open legs he craned his head and burrowed into all that pussy hair, stabbing his tongue against her pooched cuntlips and worming its tip between them.

Pam squealed and before he knew it he was eating her out. "Yes, yesss! Oh Mark, eat me up! Eat me good! Good! Goo--ooooh!" She squirmed, grinding her pussy to his mouth with automatic humping gyrations as he shot his tongue up her tight, greasy hole, tasting its juiciness and digging deeper for more. "Yehhhsss, that's very good." Neither of them heard Susie's purr as she reached down to fondle her cum-bloated cunt, feeling its seethe all over again at the sight of Mark crouched between his sister's legs lapping her cream and tonguing her virgin pussy as if he'd completely forgotten just whose cunt it was.

"Muhhhmmm.uuhhmmm." His lips smacked against Pam's soaked pussylips, and she bunched with delirious spasms, clutching his dark hair and squatting mp3 sex story for school girl him with harsh little undulations that made her asscheeks quiver. Mark couldn't breathe. His mouth and nose were covered by wet hunching pussy, his tongue snaking up her cunthole.

But he kept right on ramming up his alice wonderbang and the big green toy depths until suddenly she wrenched and cried out in bliss, climaxing frantically. "Owwwooowwhh!" Pam's tits flopped. She bounced wildly on her brother's face as his tongue brought her to orgasmic heights, reaming every blast of climax right out of her.

She'd never come so hard in her life! Shuddering and sobbing, she humped furiously. Then, when the initial peaks of rapture dwindled to a hazy focus on reality once more, she collapsed. "Ohhhhh, Mark!" Her lithe young body sank against him, her furry cunt sliding across his chest and her tits bobbling once again past his face as she groped and entwined her slender fingers around his wet blossoming cock.

" fuck me! Fuck me like you did Susie, fuck me good and hard and come in me so I can feel your jism shooting, I want it to shoot all up inside me!" Crooning urgently, she began to pull on his prick, working amazing pussy and her sticky panties enjoy sex to full hardness.

Her hand gave a series of harsh pumping jerks that rode the whole length of his prick as she spread her legs wide and lay back, positioning her well-oiled cunt just beneath his soaring reddened cockshaft. "Oh jeez, Pammy!" Mark's voice was a grunt of conflicting emotions as he stared down at her splayed pussy, all pink and wet and opening its perky butterfly wings to display the snug little cunthole that had only moments ago been filled by his tongue.

"Do it.please!" She wiggled, her tone almost a gentle sigh of unleashed need as her ass arched from the carpet of hay. Her pussy seemed to wink open and shut, begging for his cockmeat with its silent cry.

It looked so small and petite beneath his looming engorged cock that he wasn't sure he could get his prick in her even if he wanted to. And.oh shit, she was his own sister! But that face didn't stop his cock from throbbing. It jerked to full stiffness in her eager grip, aching to be stuffed in that candy samples and uschi digard big breast orgy, precious hole. Beside him, Susie gasped. "Go on Mark, give it to her!

You want to, we can all see that! Fuck her g eazy x bebe rexha me myself amp i teen sexy good.for me." His cousin lay sprawled out, propped up on an elbow so she could see everything. Her legs were spread wide and she was kneading her plumped clit with mischievous delight at the torment in his expression.

Susie was enjoying every moment--like always. "Yesss, fuck me real good! Please Markie, fuck it into me! Pleeeease!" Pain clutched his prick as if to pull it down to her waiting cunt by sheer force, her face lit with an anticipation he'd never seen before.

Surrounded by beautiful naked girls and seething pussies, betrayed by the swollen ache of his own cock, Mark couldn't have resisted if he'd tried. And he didn't try very hard. With a long low grunt he sank between Pam's legs, diving for her open pussy. His inflamed cockhead pushed into the flare of her cunt mouth, and he thrust. "Guuuuhhh!" This time Pam's cry was something other than pleasure.

Her pussylips were unexpectedly wrenched apart, stretched to their limits and beyond. Her brother's cockhead surged forward, its massive bulb tearing her open. Cunt juices poured over his prick and young cunt muscles clenched in an effort to squeeze the monstrous intruder out. Her eyes bulged. But it sank further, and she screamed. "Ohhhh, you're splitting me in two!

It hurts Mark oh it hurt so bad I can't stand it! Don't--dohhhhh!" His bloated cockknob pushed inside her and her ripped-open cuntlips snapped around its helmeted head. She writhed, suddenly wanting nothing but to wiggle out from beneath the jolt of searing pain that shoved her virgin cunt apart.

But it kept coming. Inch after lurching inch, squeezing its way up her tortured cunthole as Mark grunted and heaved atop her, unable to stop now that he'd started.

For a moment there was an incredible tearing sensation deep in her pussy. It hurt so bad that she thought she was going to die--her brother's prick was going to kill her! She shrieked.

"Gaaannnhhh!" Flailing and flopping and glassy-eyed, Pam felt him tense and push again. Then he collapsed on top of her, gasping, his cock driven up her cunt to its base.

"Unngghhhh." Pam's head lolled. She was bloated with cock, filled to the brim and more. It seemed to pulse all the way up through her, deep and alive and twitching inside her.

Then, slowly, the worst of the agony began to seep away. "Oh fuck, you're tight! Man, I thought I was never gonna get it in you! Oh shit Pammy." Mark groaned, trembling from exertion.

A fresh torrent of cream gushed over his cock, drenching his fuzzy bails. The pain eased away, and now Pam discovered a new sensation. It hardly hurt at all, really. In fact." " feels nice!" she gurgled hoarsely, twitching. Her rubbery cunt lips sucked tight around his thick, meaty shaft, and she hissed. "It.feels.soooo fucking nice.aaaahhhhh." And it did, too.

Her hard small clit rubbed against his cockhair, and twangs of joy strummed all through her. She moaned, digging her fingernails into his back. "Fuhhh--fuck me! Fuck me now, do it good! Fuck--meeee!" Puffing for breath, Mark rose up on his hands for leverage and eased an inch or so of his cock out, then slid it back into her.

Pam wailed, twisting up in response. Wanking brit beauty stripping in lingerie handjob cumshot did it again.

"Oooowwwhh!" And again. Blasts of pleasure erupted in her with every pump. The pain vanished entirely, and for the very first time in her life Pam was actually fucking a real, honest-to-gosh prick! She arched off the hay, eager for more. "Fuck me, fuck me hard! Good, ohhhh fucking good!" Beside them, Susie watched it happen. She watched Mark's cock pick up speed, sliding in and out between his sister's stretched pussy lips with increasing fervor.

She watched Pammy hunch to meet it, her tits rolling drunkenly and her thighs clenching with each upward surge. However, watching wasn't nearly enough. Susie had two fingers cased up her lathered cunt, slipping them back and forth with a rhythm that matched her cousin's gyrations. She lay there, taking the whole scene in and finger-fucking herself with uninhibited abandon.

"Nuhhhm, Mark, oh Mark do it, do it! Fuck, fuck!" Pain squealed as her torn cunt muscles relaxed around her brother's prick and started to suck with steady friction, no longer stud is fingering vagina hardcore and massage to push him out but to hold him in.

Groaning his delight, he pumped faster. His cock shoved in and out her tightly clenched cunt hole, balls slapping against her ass.

Natural busty teen bangs outdoor for cash

He feasted on the spectacle of his little sister's ecstatic expression as she arched in return. Her hands drifted down to his taut ass and clamped on each cheek, pulling him to xxx storys black guy with old women harder. Bristly cockfuzz mingled with soft downy cunt hair, and within moments he was sloshing his prick back and forth in that sweet glove-like pussy as if he and Pam had fucked every day of their lives.

"Take it, Pammy! Take my cock--yeah! Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna shoot all my jizz up your pussy, Pam! Suck on it, cunt! Suck for my jizz!" Gleeful with horny need, he pumped harder. Susie's moans rose with her cousin's as she hunched on her sopping fingers, humping up delightedly.

With her free hand she plucked and tweaked her erect nipples, soaking up every bit of pleasure as her gasping cousins fucked toward mutual climax. "Unnggh--uuhh--gguhhh!" Pam's cries exploded from her in panting moans as his prick rammed in and out, drilling her cunt with a fury. Bursts of pleasure like nothing she'd ever known ripped through her. She was coming, soaring up to an orgasm she'd never even dreamed possible.

Her round, ripe ass plunged off the hay more vigorously than ever before, and suddenly she thrashed in an unbelievable sensation that erupted from her pussy like fireworks.

When she came, it was with a shriek of pure ecstasy. "Gggaaannnhhh!" She pounced up, totally sheathing his cock inside her. That was all it took. Mark groaned loudly and slammed down.

"Uuuuhhhfff--" Cum spurted up Pam's cunt hole in great rolling globs, washing through her in thick sticky spouts of hot climax. His prick seemed to ripple inside her again and again. Jism gushed up her twitching pussy and she took it all, writhing and mewling like a kitten. It seemed to go on forever.

They clung to each other, humping and gasping and heaving, until every twinge of satisfaction was soaked out of them. Not to be outdone, Susie came as well. She lunged up to her hand, stuffing her fingers in hard and fast until her own pussy was spasming with climax. The three teenagers came furiously, all at once. Gasps and groans filled the hayloft, until each of them sank drained and sated, breathless from exertion. Pam purred, hardly aware of her surroundings as she concentrated on the silky feel of jizz oozing in her cunt.

Atop her, chest heaving, Mark managed a weak, tired grin. "Oh shit Pammy, that was really great! That.aaaah." They were like that, slumped in each other's arms and breathing little moans of mutual satisfaction, when Susie's voice giggled huskily beside them.

", see? That wasn't so bad, was it? And now we can really have some fun--all the time! Oh wow, won't que rico mueve el culo le saca la leche a be something?

We've got the whole summer.eeewww." She gasped and fondled her sopping hot pussy, just thinking about it. This was going to be her best summer vacation yet! Chapter 6 None of the children talked much at supper.

In fact they all seemed unusually quiet. Once again Linda found herself frowning with concern as they picked at their food, hardly tasting a thing. "Soon as we finish that north acreage, we'll be set up for harvesting." Dave was talking, lightly keeping the conversation going as he munched a mouthful of steak. "You've done a good job, son. A man's job. This year ought to be our best yet, just wait and see." Mark didn't seem very interested.

He toyed with his mashed potatoes, not meeting his father's gaze. "Yeah. Thanks, Dad." Frankly, Linda was getting worried. Susie had been visiting almost a week now, and at first the kids had seemed to hit it off extremely well.

But they'd been so subdued and unlike themselves all day that she was beginning to fear that her niece wasn't fitting in. She spoke up abruptly. "Well, enough talk about farming. This is the children's summer vacation from school too, you know. They ought to be having at least a little fun while it lasts! What've you been up to, dears? Are you showing Susie all around?" "Oh, sure," Pam answered with a little shrug, glancing over at her cousin.

"We're having a really nice time, Mom. It's been fun." A look passed between the two girls, and Mark only stared down at his food all the harder. Something was going on--that they weren't telling her about. Linda could sense it, though they were trying fiercely not to give the fact away.

It bothered her throughout supper and the rest of the evening, though she didn't make another attempt to get the truth out of them. Later, as they slipped into bed, she mentioned her worries to Dave. "Darling, do you think it was a good idea to have Susie here for the summer? I mean, it seemed that she was getting along with the kids so well at first, giving them someone new to play with, but now.have you noticed a difference in them?" "Oh come on Linda, give 'em a break.

They're just feeling each other out, you know, the way kids do. They'll be fine. And the only difference I've noticed is this." Climbing into bed beside her, Dave slid forward with a grin on his face. His stiffened cock pressed against her bare thigh, and despite herself Linda had to laugh. "And just what's so different about that? It feels just the same to me as it does almost every night!" As usual, Dave knew just what it took to get her mind off worries.

His strong fingers dipped between her thighs, plowing through thick red curls to test the moistness they found seeping between her already- slickened cuntlips. He grunted his approval. "The difference is that I've got a hard-on that just won't quit, and all you've got to worry about is how to make it soft.

Where do you want it, babe? Here? Or here?" A mischievous finger pushed its wet length up her sopping pussy, and another squirmed down to the small puckered rim of her ass and wiggled to its knuckle up that taut channel.

Pussy juice burst into his palm, and Linda's answer was a throaty giggle. "Both. God, I want it up both my holes, and in my mouth too! Damn you, you're getting me so hot I want it everywhere at once! How do you intend to solve that problem, lover?" She shivered up, bunching on his hand and working both fingers inside her.

This time it was Dave's turn to laugh, delighted. "Well, that does call for an interesting stud pounds sexual gorgeous cutie girlfriend hardcore, I'll admit. But I've got some ideas on the subject. You'll see." He did, too. Moments later he'd twisted around on the bed and was diving into her soaked cunt, his tongue stabbing wetly into her. The finger in her asshole wedged itself even deeper, and his magnificent engorged prick speared up at her face, bobbing urgently for attention.

This afternoon's all-too-brief session hadn't done a thing to satisfy their appetites. Linda hastily pulled his cock to her full lips and slipped them snugly around its rippled surface, sucking greedily as it slithered down her throat. His tongue flicked in and out of her pussy with long loving strokes, lapping its wet slippery length and playing across her large fattened clit as well.

The finger up her ass wiggled until it was as far up that small damp hole as it could go. All other thoughts drifted away as she concentrated on sucking her husband's meaty cock and humping his face, her juices now churning in a froth that slickened his chin and drooled along her ass crevice, allowing his finger to push in and out with a jabbing rhythm that perfectly matched his tongue-stabs.

It didn't take long before they were both groaning and twisting in oblivious sensation, all problems forgotten as Linda bobbed her head on her husband's cock and gyrated onto his mouth, muffling his appreciative murmurs as her pussy slapped at his lips, her ass bunching on his hand at the same time. Linda loved sucking Dave's cock. She loved the feel of its massive hugeness sliding along the slick warm vise of her throat, threatening to fill it completely and then pulling back to allow her tongue to dart across his cocktip, tasting the first little dribbles of jism that leaked from it.

If there was one thing she enjoyed as much as feeling the hot, slick presence of cum in her pussy, it was feeling it on her tongue as well. She gulped and swallowed, drinking his cock like a big long straw. His tongue shoved up her cunt hole, a finger plunging in and out of her ass with growing intensity. Dave nuzzled deep into his wife's thick bush of fiery cunt fur, his lips pressed against her wet pussy mouth in an incredible intimate kiss.

They thrashed in simultaneous frenzy, building to climax amidst hasty sucking sounds as their bodies entwined with the expertise of a long- married couple, each of them soaking up every bit of pleasure before the final crescendo. In what seemed mere moments Linda was whimpering and purring ecstatically, pussy grinding to his face and clit pumping up hard against his teeth. His finger was pistoning in and out of her ass to add extra jolts of pleasure as she soared up and sucked at his gliding prick with a fury.

A long groan slid from her throat. The explosion of orgasm built up within her to incredible proportions. Her cunt was twitching and creaming onto her husband's face in a fountain of juices, until she couldn't hold back another second.

And just at the moment she erupted, Dave came too. "Muuuhhhmmmfff!" Linda gave a stifled wail of release, writhing deliciously as Dave shuddered in her arms. His big swollen cock jerked between her fat ass girls big butts white asses bubble booty, and an arc of sweet cum poured down her throat in thick, pearly splatters.

She drank it all up, head bobbing and ass thrusting. His tongue lunged up inside her and twisted around in the clenched vise of her pussy hole, finger reaming her out hard and fast as they both tossed on the bed in mutual culmination.

Their climax went on and on, in a chain of eruptions that made the bed squeak. It wasn't until Dave pulled from between her thighs gasping for breath and his cock slumped from her lips, now emptied and lolling, that their blissful gyrations ended. "Aaannnhhh." Linda sank onto the bed in a heap, groaning softly. Dazed and delirious in a cloud of satisfaction, she was hardly aware that Dave had shifted around until he took her in his arms, breathing heavily.

"Ahhhh, now that's what I call the end of a very pleasant day," he muttered, snuggling against her. "And that's what you ought to be worrying about, instead of the kids. Just concentrate on keeping your husband happy, and things around here are going to be just fine." He chuckled, sighing blissfully.

She smiled. "In that case I've got no problems at all because you're easy to please! Now, if only everything else could be solved like that.uhhmm." They clung to each other like a pair of happy teenagers, just enjoying a few more moments without having a houseful of kids underfoot. But brunette cutie loves being pounded captain willy in her haze of fulfillment, Linda hadn't forgotten her worries. And they came back, nagging at her like an itch.

Long after Dave had drifted off to sleep she lay there, restless and thoughtful. Finally, after it seemed she had lain wide-awake for hours, Linda carefully rose and slipped from the bedroom, moving away from her husband's soft, comforting snore.

The upstairs hallway was dim, lit only by moonlight. Nude, she walked to the door of Pam's room, intending only to peek in and see that the girls were all right. It was a silly, motherly thing to do, but if it would help her sleep.

Her hand turned the knob, and gently eased the door open. That was when she heard the voices, and froze. "Uhmm, that feels nice! Ohhh now you're really doing it Mark, yesss that's real good!

Now do Pammy too, so she can have some fun!" "Like this?" Mark's voice filtered into the hall, followed by his sister's squeal. "Ooooohhh." Stunned, Linda recognized those sounds all ass of a pretty hotty screwed hard hardcore russian well.

She'd been making very similar sounds herself not long ago, with Dave's tongue and prick urging her on. But to hear them coming from Pam's room-- Pam, and Susan.and Mark! The awful realization sank home. A flush crept over Linda, growing fiercer with each of Pam's small tits teen lanna carter banged hard by her stepdad. "Oooh--ooh that's nice, yes do me some more!

Ohhhh." The children seemed to be getting along just fine, after all! Linda stood there, trembling in a confusion of emotions. Her first impulse was to burst in on them and confront whatever shocking scene she would find. But on the other hand, she might be jumping to conclusions.

Just because those ominous groans sounded shocking enough in themselves, that didn't have to mean anything wicked was really going on, did it? After all.oh God, not her own children! Hoping against hope that her imagination was wrong, Linda carefully eased the door open and peeked in. Her breath hissed out in choked horror. Moonlight filled the room, cascading across Pam's big double bed. They were all three nude, the two girls on their sides with Mark horny teen nice riding dildo on webcam them on his back, his hands moving rhythmically between their spread-open legs and mouth groping at the firm big tits that thrust at him from both sides, pushing forward for attention.

She took it all in at a glance, as the girls both wiggled. " it faster! Yehhss." "Ooooh! Oooh yes, yes ahhhh." Just as carefully Linda shut the door, drawing in a breath. It was true. It was really happening. Her Mark, and innocent little Pam.oh God, no! Unable to merely stand by another second, she reached up and knocked with a trembling fist.

"Mark? Mark, would you come out now and let the girls rest? You can all visit tomorrow, but right now they need their sleep. Mark?" At her first rap on the door all activity froze. Her voice came out surprisingly smooth and unconcerned, as if she were simply interrupting a late-night chat instead of the terrible thing she'd seen. For a long moment she thought Mark wasn't going to answer, not daring to admit he was in with the girls.

Then, after a long silent pause, his voice came back hoarsely. "Uh, okay Mom. Just.just a minute." Linda stood there, seething over what she'd seen, as the door cracked open and he slipped out. Mark hadn't taken any pajamas with him, and was totally nude. A hand covered his crotch, trying desperately to hide the full throbbing shaft of his bare cock. "We.uh, we were just talking about some stuff, you know, like--" "Yes." Her voice cut him off, throaty with emotion.

"Yes, I know just what you were doing. Come with me, young man." Frankly, Linda had no idea how to handle this situation. She'd come upon it so suddenly and unexpectedly that her thoughts were awhirl. Stalling for time, she led the way to her son's room, not looking back. Mark followed sheepishly, swallowing hard. It wasn't until they were in his bedroom, with the light flicked on and the door safely shut behind them, that she turned on him full force.

"Mark Harmon, I'm ashamed of you! What's the idea of sneaking into your sister's room at this time of night without a stitch on, doing God knows what? Just what do you think you're up to, may I ask?" "Uhh, well." Mark's jaw worked, his cheeks growing rosy.

There was no hiding his stiffened prick, or the fact that his mom obviously knew what he'd been up to. His excuse came out lame and unconvincing. "We were just.I mean, it's not like we were punish fingering ryland ann loves it rough doing something or anything like that! It's just that--Susie was showing us some things--" "Susan?" His mother pounced on that. "You mean Susan is to blame for what you were doing?

She's the one I should be having this talk with? Are you certain, Mark?" Mark's eyes dropped. For the first time he noticed that his mom was nude as well, her enormous tits jiggling before him and thick red cunt fleece glinting in the light of the bedroom as if her pussy were on fire.

It was the first time he could ever remember seeing her without clothes, and a sudden burst of unexpected awareness made his prick strum out all the harder, bobbing and jerking under his hand with a life of its own. Suddenly Linda was aware of her son's hard-on too. She saw his furtive glance across her body, and a ripple of something other than anger shot through her. God, she was getting horny! Taken aback bbw german mature fucked hardcore and blowjob that abrupt realization, she hurried on quickly.

"Answer me, young man! Was this all Susan's fault--or were you to blame too?" "Well, was kind of everybody." His tone wasn't convincing, and instinctively Linda knew that the real blame lay on Susan. That, plus the growing tingle deep in her cunt, made her tone soften. "All right then, I believe you.

But Mark, I don't ever want you to do that again, no matter who's to blame. Do you understand me?" Unable to tear his eyes from his mother's voluptuous body, he nodded. "Yeah. I promise, Mom. I won't. It's just that.well, sometimes I can't seem to help myself! I get all tensed up and funny feeling, like- -like right now! I just can't help it!" To prove his point he let the hand over chick madison stuart gets doggystyled and facialized cock drop.

It sprang up to full attention, thick and rigid and straining out with a hugeness that took Linda's breath away. Her son's prick was more enormous than she ever would have imagined, thrusting out at her like a fence post wagging in a breeze.

Her pussy melted with little sparks of pleasure, and she went on in a softened husky tone. "I know, darling. I know what you mean.'s this, isn't it?" Without warning she swooped out a hand and caught his hard prick, capturing it in a firm, deft grasp. Mark's eyes bulged. His meaty young prick pulsed in her palm, and without even thinking she gave it a squeeze. "It's natural for a boy your age to get excited.

And when he does, this is what happens." Her fingers curled around her son's big swollen cock, squeezing again to feel it thrum with veined throbbing life. Her pussy oozed with warm itching delight, and she couldn't seem to make herself release it. Instead she held on tighter, concentrating furiously on the motherly lecture she was trying to voice. "I know it makes a healthy young man do things he wouldn't normally do, but darling.not with your own sister!

Or your cousin either, for that matter! This is for, for when you're married, when you've found some nice girl who.who." Linda's voice drifted off as she began to squeeze that sweet massive prick rhythmically, unable to control herself. Mark was twitching, his eyes glazed lucky legal age teenager enjoys mind blowing head from ravishing brunette hair hips rolling in small appreciative jerks.

He opened his mouth, and cuti teens vs big cock managed to keep from groaning. "Yeah but.but what am I supposed to do in the meantime, Mom? I might not get married for years!

You mean it's gotta just stay like this all the time? Oh jeez." He gasped, not so much at the thought of having a hard-on for years to come as at the steady squeezing of his mother's hand, combined with the lush feminine body that hovered before him. Her pussy was churning up a froth.

She didn't seem to have any self- control left at all, with that thickened cock fluttering against her palm. When she spoke the words seemed to tumble out all by themselves, as if she were merely the audience. "No darling, it doesn't have to stay like that all the time. There are things you can do to help, and.and I'll show you one of them right now, since that's what you need. Like this." Her fist began to pump, riding back and forth over her son's big hard prick with long, loving strokes.

"Mom--" Mark's face wrenched with pleasure, and without realizing it he arched in her hand, pushing his cock into that tight tugging vise in a natural bunching motion. His hands slipped up to cling at her waist for support, and that innocent touch against her bare skin sent a blaze of fire soaring through Linda's cunt with unbelievable fury.

In fact, the whole situation was pretty unbelievable. Here she stood, absolutely nude in front of her son and showing him how to beat off--as if any boy his age needed lessons on that! But the juicy seething in her cunt had grown to a hungry ache, making her fist pump faster.

She was breathing hard, gazing raptly down at the smooth knobbed cockhead that jutted from her fingers, its little piss slit glistening with a tantalizing glob of cum.

It was all she could do to keep from licking her lips, aching to taste her son's jizz. She was behaving just as wickedly as her own children! And the worst part was that she couldn't make herself stop. Her fingers clutched at that vibrant young cock, jerking on it in a fast rhythm that; perfectly matched the rushes of steamy need sweeping through her.

Mark arched, his eyes widening and his down-fuzzed balls bobbling as his mom jerked him off. "Uhh, ohhh shit." Normally he would never have used a word like 'shit' in front of her, but by this time they were both beyond the normal boundaries of a respectable mother-son relationship. "This.this is one way to relax when you're all tensed, darling." Linda's voice came out much too husky, and she went on in a rush. "It feels good, doesn't it?

And it's much better than doing awful things with your little sister, isn't it?" "Yeah, oh yeah." He gasped, twitching. Linda gasped as well. Her pussy loomed just inches from his red engorged cocktip.

Unmotherly gushes of cream drenched it, and she had to fight back an impulse to undulate forward, rubbing her thick cunt fur against that lush inflamed prick. She would have loved nothing better than to feel it sliding through her dewy cunt bush, its hugeness pushing into her hair and between her thighs and lodging against her pussy, forcing its way up into her and fucking--oh God fucking in and out!

She wanted to fuck her son, and she wanted it bad! Instead she pumped harder. When she spoke, her tone was hoarse. "Don't hold back, baby. I want.I want to make you feel better, so you won't have to listen to Susan and her ideas anymore.

Just.just let it come, darling. Let it come, oh honey, let it all come." They were both panting now. Mark twisted and moaned, his fingers digging into the soft pliant flesh of her waist in a kneading grip. His prick punched in and out of her fist with fast pistoning strokes, and his response was a cracked squeak. "Oh Mom, I'm gonna--I'm gonna shoot! Faster, faster! Good, that's really good! Oh fucking shit, that's great!

I'm gonna--uuunnnhhh!" With that loud groan he spasmed. His cock lurched in her hand, and the first geyser of thick white cum spurted. It arced in a long fountaining glob, making a syrupy trail in the red thatch of pussy curls that twitched before his prick.

The first hot splatters struck her cunt, and Linda let out a gasp as she pumped frantically, eager for more. "Ohhh, ohh fuck Mommm." The second spurt shot across her thighs in sticky ooze, and the third flooded across her plunging fingers. Mark bucked, shuddering as she wrung every blast of jizz from his prick. He saw his cum threading across his mother's pussy thatch and rolling wetly down her thighs, and that only made his climax all the sweeter.

"Yeah! Yeah, ohhhh." She kept pumping until he slumped, his prick emptied. Then, reluctantly, she let it plop from her fingers. Forcing back a groan of her own, she tried to sound calm. "There. That's.that's one way to relax. And from now on, instead of getting your sister to do the honors, I want you to come to me. Do--do you understand, darling?" "Yeah." He nodded, his head bobbing weakly. "Yeah Mom, I will. I promise! I will!" "Very well. Now go to bed, and get some rest.

After relaxing like that, you could use some sleep." She waited until he'd fallen into his bed in a heap, huge tits star stella fox public sex threesome in a subway train gratefully. Then she flicked out the light and paused.

"Good night, dear. Sleep tight." "Night, Mom." Mark's voice was soft and tired. She slipped out quietly, shutting the door behind her. The moment Linda was in the darkened hall, she instantly dove her fingers into the hot trickles of jism that seeped across her cunt and thighs. "Ohh.oh God baby, baby." She leaned against the wall, cooing with pure delight as she rubbed her son's cum into her sopping cunt, feeling its rich velvety thickness plastering across her pussy in a sweet musky film.

Before she quite knew it, Linda had two fingers stuffed up her cunt and was shoving them in and out with wild gyrations, finger-fucking herself to a lather. "Yesss.yes honey, fuck me! Fuck.fuck.oh fucking sweet baby yehhhhssss!" She tremored in eruptions of bliss, plunging her cum-drenched fingers into her pussy as if they were Mark's big young prick.

And as she careened to orgasm, Linda knew things would never be the same between her and Mark again. She knew, because she intended to see to it. Chapter 7 "The thing about milking cows is to be firm but gentle." Dave's big shoulders moved as he talked, fingers working Old Bess' udders and milk spraying into the bucket at his feet in long streaming arcs.

"If you're not relaxed, it makes her skittish -- even cows can sense that sort of thing. And if Bess gets skittish, you get less milk from her." "Oh, I see." Susie leaned across his crouched form, watching his hands push-squeeze with determined intent.

Morning sunshine filtered through the barn and beamed across her supple young figure, clad in skimpy halter top and short cut-offs. Her long blonde hair cascaded down, a strand of it curling across Dave's shoulder as he worked. "Are you sure you want to learn this?" he asked, strangely uncomfortable under the voluptuous teenager's scrutiny.

"I mean, wouldn't you rather be with your aunt and cousins in town right now having a good time instead of being here with me learning how to milk Bess?" Aunt Linda had taken Pam and Mark on a shopping spree that morning, but on impulse Susie had pleaded to stay behind, to watch her uncle work. She bent forward, nudging a big ripe tit against his arm. "That's okay Uncle Dave, I like to watch!

Can I try it too?" Very aware of that swollen tit pushing against his bare arm, practically spilling from her halter right into his face, Dave gave a polite cough and rose.

"Sure, go ahead and give it a try. That's the best way to learn, anyhow." Under his watchful gaze Suzie scooted onto the small stool and reached out, deftly catching two of Bess' flopping udders. She began to knead rhythmically, the way she'd seen her uncle do. "Like this?" Her hands pulled up and down, only no milk was coming out. She frowned, and darted a glance up as he laughed. "Well, you've got the general idea down fine. Now be firm, let the old gal know what you're after.

There you go." A burst of warm white liquid squirted across Susie's bare leg, and she squealed. "Oh, I did it! Did you see that? I'm doing it!" "Good girl." Dave grinned, amused by her exuberance. "Now if you'll just aim for the pail, we'll have Bess done up in no time." Delighted, Susie attacked Old Bess with a fury.

Milk splashed into the pail, and the cow's head turned as if to peer at the girl in wonder over what all the excitement was about. Her tits bobbled in their sheer confines, and Dave found himself standing there staring at their creamy exposed cleavage with a gaze that just wouldn't tear away, no matter how he tried. Ever since Susie's arrival, he'd noticed the aura of youthful sensuality about the girl, but this was the first time he'd been alone with her long enough to catch the full effect.

His niece was sexy as hell, and she obviously knew it. Her big lush tits bounced in the halter as if aching to escape, and her taut little ass wiggled on the stool with small, tantalizing gyrations. Christ, he was getting turned on by a girl! And his own niece, yet!

As if suddenly aware of what he was thinking, Susie slowed her milking and looked up with a bright, glowing smile. "The bucket's almost full, Uncle Dave. Should I stop?" "Uh, yeah." Dave's voice came out gritty and he rushed on. "Yeah, that ought to just about do it. Here, let me get that." He reached down to take the pail, and by accident one of Susie's large soft tits brushed his cheek. Dave jerked as if he'd been struck, and the pail toppled.

"Oh, Christ!" He grabbed, but it was too late. Milk had spilled everywhere, soaking into the hay-strewn floorboards. "Oh no!" Susie grabbed too, wailing as her morning's work seeped away. They both scrambled forward, in a tangle. One of Dave's feet slipped out from under him and he crashed into the girl, tumbling. She fell atop him with a little scream, and in the next moment they were both laughing and rolling on the floor of the barn, caught up in the unexpected ludicrous situation.

Bess gave them a look and sidled away, as if to remain aloof from these strange goings-on. It all happened that suddenly, without warning. Abruptly Dave found himself flat on his back, gasping with laughter as Susie squealed and giggled on top of him, her large tits mashing against his chest and her long, slender legs flailing, her crotch bumping hard to his.

Instantly he felt his prick soar up with embarrassing awareness, even in the midst of their laughter. Flushing with humiliation, he moved to slide out from under her. "Well, that's that. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow." "Oh, do we have to wait?" Still smiling, she made her voice woeful.

She didn't make the slightest effort to let him up. "I was doing so well, and now it's all ruined! Can't we do another bucket, so I can show everybody?" Despite his growing hard-on Dave had to grin.

"I don't think Bess'd take too kindly to that. We've just about tapped the girl out for today!

But tomorrow we can have another go, okay? Now, we'd better get to cleaning up the mess I just made." He started to rise, but Susie didn't move. Instead she squirmed atop him with playful enjoyment, their crotches grinding together even harder.

"That's not fair, Uncle Dave! I was just learning how to milk, but now no one's going to believe me! I ought to have something to show for my efforts, at least!" By this time his cock was bulging up stiffly, pressing against his trousers with an insistence that couldn't be missed. And with the way Susie's crotch was rubbing against his, there was no chance she didn't feel it. He blushed more fiercely. "Come on young lady, up! We can't just roll around in milk all morning.

I promise I'll tell the whole family what a great job you did." "Oh, well." Susie smiled, beaming. This was the moment when she should have finally given up and let her uncle wiggle out from under her, but she didn't want to. His prick pushed against her crotch with a stiffness that had her pussy tingling. She'd learned a lot about bulging crotches lately, and it was perfectly plain that her uncle had an enormous hard-on.

The last thing she wanted now was to let it get away from her. "I know!" she said suddenly, smiling down at him with an impish gleam. "Why don't we just practice, so I can really know how to do it next time! There's nothing wrong with practicing, is there?" There was something in her voice that Dave didn't like at all.

He didn't like it, because it made his cock strum up like a fence post. His hands had gone to her bare shoulders, but he couldn't seem to make himself push her off. When he spoke, his voice was weak guys stare at lesbian joy pornstar and hardcore not nearly as stern as he meant it to be.

"Come on, Susan. I'm not going to have you practicing on Bess after we've worn her out already--" "Oh, I didn't mean Bess." The gleam in her eyes brightened, and suddenly she reached down. "I meant this!" Her fingers groped along his bulging crotch and Dave hissed with a mixture of shock and lust. "Susie, stop that! Jesus--" He started to push her away, and that was when his thumb caught in the loop of a shoulder strap on her halter. It pulled away with elastic ease, and one of her big creamy tits plopped free.

It burst out of the flimsy material and jounced loose, quivering and jutting and topped by a pink swirled nipple that made his mouth go dry. "Why, Uncle Dave!" Susie giggled again, pleased at his stare. "If you wanted to see my titties, all you had to do was ask! Or did you want to do some practicing too?" She raised up a bit with those words, hefting her shoulder.

Her big pendulous tit dangled above him, its nipple puffing out to a distended erection of rubbery hardness as it danced over his face, hanging tauntingly near. "Susie." His jaw worked. Her fingers were rubbing at his crotch with blatant arousal now, with the certain knowledge that her uncle wasn't going to object. Dave's mouth opened, but no words came out.

Only a throaty groan, as he feasted on that young tender tit with a hunger he couldn't hide. "It's all right, Uncle Dave." Susie's voice was a purr as she stroked his hardon, feeling it twist and jerk under her hand. "Like you said, we've worn Old Bess out. So you can practice on me if you want to, while I practice on you. Here, go ahead." Still smiling, she shrugged her shoulder.

Her bobbling tit swung forward, and its pink flared nipple thrust between his open lips. Taken all at once, it was too much to resist. Dave tried to protest, but only a muffled sound came out. "Su--sssuuummm." He couldn't help it, uncle or no. His mouth closed around the girl's spiked tit bud, and he sucked greedily.

"Oooh, ooooohhh!" Susie mewled in a tremor of delight, pushing her tit in her uncle's face and massaging his cock eagerly. Her fingers plucked at the fastener of his pants, then darted under their confines to grasp at the meaty hard cock that twitched there.

"Muhhm--ummppf!" He let out a shocked groan as she grasped his small girl r boy sex vidrplay cock, squeezing on it as if testing its hardness.

More and more of her pliant tit pushed between his lips, and he sucked. It was wrong, and he knew he ought to break it up right now. Her fingers had wrapped around his prick and were pulling it out into the open, and if he didn't put a stop to this crazy scene right now there was no telling what would happen!

But he couldn't. Instead, as his cock was tugged free and leaped out wagging and bare in the air, he sucked all the harder. "Muhhmm." "Ohhh Uncle Dave, yesss!" Susie squealed with pleasure when her uncle's big bloated cock sprang up hugely into the open, pulsing in her fist with throbbing life. By this time her pussy was juicing up with a hot wet ache, and she knew that she had to get that sunny leonards xxx story download into it in a hurry.

Still grasping that massive cock, she unsnapped her cut-offs and began to work them down, all the while shoving her tits in his face and purring with delight. "Ooooh, that feels so nice! Suck my titties, suck me real good, Uncle Dave! More.ohhhh!" Dimly Dave realized what was going on. It was like getting caught in the middle of some incredible dream. Susie's big lush tits slapped against his face as she wiggled on top of him.

Suddenly he felt her thick damp bush of pussy fur pressing against his reddened cocktip, and his hands slid down to cover two taut young ass globes as she kicked the cut-offs away and straddled him, squirming into position. Everything happened at once in the next instant. Susie placed the knob of her uncle's prick against her heated cunt gash, and a flood of tingling cream poured across it. Unable to stand that tantalizing pleasure another moment, she sat upright and in one deft motion plunged down hard on his cock, wailing in sheer luxury as that enormous hardened cock shoved between her soaked cunt lips and drilled up into her, filling her completely.

"Aaannnhhh!" "Oh Christ--" Dave blurted out a hoarse cry of his own as his cock sank deep into the snuggest little cunt he'd ever known.

His teenaged niece swayed over him, her slickened tits jiggling and golden hairy cunt mound entwining with his dark cockcurls as she slumped onto his prick in delirious abandon.

" little.little bitch!" A tight hungry grin of pure lust spread over his face at the sight of the girl reeling atop him, her tight, wet pussy engulfing his swollen cock. "This, ahh! This is what you've been after all along, isn't it? Well now you've got it--take it, bitch! Take it! Unnh!" As if it were happening to somebody else, he heard his own words come out. He felt his hips gyrate upward, shoving his rigid cock even further up that sweet fur-lined cunt.

Whatever reaction he'd expected, it wasn't the cry of sheer glee that rose from Susie's throat as she obeyed without hesitation, undulating on his prick to take every precious inch. "Oh yesss, yes! Harder, oh Uncle Dave that's it, give it to me harder! I want it.want it.Ohhhhh!

Ohhhhh!" Blasts of pleasure soared through her seething pussy. In all her experiences of the past few days she'd never felt anything like the monster cock that throbbed inside her now. It stretched her cunt lips as far as they could go, and seemed to keep coming. Her uncle grunted and heaved up, digging his fingers in her ass.

Within moments Susie was bouncing up and down, riding that magnificent prick with all her might and sobbing ecstatically as she got the most thorough fucking of her young life.

"Ohhhh, fuck that's good! More, more Uncle Dave! I can't stand it! Oh your cock, you're fucking me good! Oh--oh--ohhhhwwww!" Her vibrant tits flailed wildly as she plunged onto her uncle's cock, her silky cunt sheath riding the length of his veined prickshaft with furious suction. Dave's initial astonishment at the unexpected turn of events had long since faded beneath a surge of arousal unlike anything he'd ever felt before.

The uninhibited exuberance of his teenaged niece had taken effect, and he lurched up to meet her downward thrusts with an urgency that whipped his cock in and out of Susie's cunt, until his balls and stomach were filmed with hot juices.

"That's right, baby. That's just right.oh Jesus yeah, that's just fine.ahhh." He grabbed her big flopping tits and squeezed them hard, urging her on. As if Susie needed any urging. By this time she was riding his prick for every inch, sliding her cuntmouth up to the very rim of its bloated head and slamming back down again with an intensity that made his balls shiver. The first little pangs of approaching climax rippled through her stuffed, plunging cunt and she rode even faster.

"Yes--yes, oh fucking yes, make me come! Oh, Uncle Dave, I'm coming! More, more!" Incredible jolts of pleasure seared through her lunging cunt, making her bounce furiously. At the same time Dave felt the ache in his balls soar to eruption. Clinging to his niece's huge, pink-tipped tits, he arched with a long harsh groan that wasn't like an uncle's groan at all. "Do it, you sweet little cunt! Fuck my cock. Oh Christ Susie that's it, come baby, come--uuhhh!" "Aaaannnnh!" Crying out, Susie did just as instructed.

Orgasm ripped through her pussy in multiple spasms as her uncle's cock twisted inside her, spurting its long arcing fountains of hot cream. She came again and again, in unending bliss. The fact that dorm room college orgy with afro sluts cunt banged hardcore was her Uncle Dave's big prick shooting all inside her only made her come all the harder, screwing herself onto his thrashing cock to soak up very precious drop of thick, jetting jism.

Their mutual climax seemed to go on forever. Even when Dave slumped back, drained and breathless, his niece continued to reel on his emptied cock with a glazed delirious expression clouding her blue eyes. Not even at her most insatiable had Linda ever been as hot as his niece was right now. Then realization seeped in. He'd done it.

He'd just fucked his own niece. Oh, Christ! At that moment Susie collapsed atop him, cooing with hazy satiation. "Ooooh, that was.soooo good." There was nothing Dave could say. Because she was right. It had been good. He'd just let himself be seduced by a sexy teenaged girl, and it was damn good!

In fact, now that the damage was done, there didn't seem much point in stopping. "That's just the beginning, babe. Now you're going to see what happens to naughty little girls who get their uncles all heated up. Oh yeah, you're going to see it all." His hands moved promisingly over her body, and his prick nudged again before it even had a chance to soften from its first draining. Susie giggled with expectation. What a perfect morning this was going to be! Chapter 8 "Keep a watch out, Pam.

Do you see mom coming?" "Hunh unh." Pam's brown eyes surveyed the crowded parking lot as Mark struggled beside her in the front seat of the station wagon, working his jeans down to his knees. His engorged cock flipped into the air, wagging and straining. He let out a sigh. "Okay. Now it's your turn. I'll keep an eye out. Just hurry up, that's all." Pam nodded and pulled her skirt up about her waist, vid 24 milf mom son mum fuck the edge of her panties.

In one deft motion she arched and peeled them off, pulling their crotch stickily away from her tender heated cunt. Mark couldn't help staring down as her dewy pussy mound burst into view, all matted and curled and tickling at her wet inner thighs.

It had been a fat old man teen anal and mature kissing first time introducing dukke dull morning shopping with their mom, driving from one shopping center to another as she picked up items here and there and spent hours on end just browsing.

Finally, worn out on this whole excursion, they'd begged to stay in the car and wait instead of following Linda from store to store. And almost as soon as she'd disappeared from sight, they'd looked at each other with mutual agreement. Pam slid the crisp moist material down her slender hips, then off.

Now her pussy was bare beneath the skirt, all warm and oozy with anticipation. She reached over and grasped her brother's bobbing prick, and he grunted. "Ahh, yeah. Now do it, Sis. Climb up on me -- hurry! If I don't get my prick in you right now I'm gonna shoot all over the place! Come on!" Still holding onto his swollen cockshaft, Pam obeyed with a smile. She wiggled onto her knees and straddled his lap, facing the window so she could see out in case their mother appeared unexpectedly.

Then, easing his cockhead against her pooched, dewy cunt lips, she lowered herself onto it. this is a blonde who got picked up on the street b long happy groan rose from her throat as her cunt mouth stretched wide around her brother's cockmeat, sinking down on it with a spew of hot, steamy juices. "Oh yeah, that's right, ohhh shit." Mark groaned too. His prick sank up into her, throbbing and lurching in her snug cunt.

"Uhhhmmm." She settled on his lap with an ecstatic flutter, her skirt fanning out to cover their actions. People and cars were everywhere, some of them passing by so near that Mark could have reached out the passenger window and touched them.

That fact only added to the thrill as he grasped his sister's hips, urging her on. "Jesus, that feels good! Now fuck it, Pammy. Fuck it good, like that.ahhh." Not that Pam needed urging by this time, by any means.

She began to ease up and down on her knees, undulating to feel his cock jerk and slosh inside her. "Ohhhh.ooooh." Her head lolled, long brown hair tickling at coroa cavalgando gostoso e me fazendo gozar face. Her tight wet pussy made slick sucking sounds around his aching prick as she rocked rhythmically, riding it like a bronco.

He gave an approving grunt, reaching under her skirt to feel all that soft thick cunthair split apart by his cock, fingertips exploring around until they located the taut stretched button of her clit. He rubbed it furiously. "That's real good, Sis.

Pump the jizz right out of me, so I can shoot it up your cunt hole! Faster.faster!" "Uuunnnggh." Pam obliged gladly, her clit shooting off sparks under his twiddling fingers. She humped up and down harder, until her pussy glided along the entire length of his massive veined pecker. The seat springs squeaked frantically as she bounced to climax on her brother's cock, slamming down with furious delight. "Ohhh -- oh fuck, I'm coming Mark!

I'm coming on your cock! -- ooowwwhhh -- mmumppff!" Her wail was cut off as Mark slapped a hand over her mouth. At the same time he lurched and his cock spasmed. Cum fountained up Pam's taut pussy, and she careened on it in wiggling ecstasy as its hot floods pumped her to completion, gasping and moaning into her brother's clamped palm. "Muhhhm.ummppfff!" "Aaahhh." He groaned, releasing his grip as the jism was sucked from his balls.

Pam wavered atop him, her pussy filled with thick hot gushes. "Oh shit, Pammy, that.that was something else! Ohhh, fuck!" He sank back, drained and happy. Pam slumped too and her cunt squeezed on his pecker until it finally slid free with a limp wet plop. Splatters of cum seeped from her hot girlfriend gets fuck by her boyfriend hole, and she collapsed on the front seat in a sated heap, skirt bunching about her hips to display the slick crease of her pussy drooling his jizz, its brown fuzz dewy with big white globs.

Mark grinned. But then his grin froze when he glanced up and saw a familiar package-laden figure heading toward them, only a few cars away. "Oh shit -- it's mom!" Frantically he jerked his jeans up and snapped them together, then pulled his dazed sister upright and shoved her panties under the seat.

Pam slipped back to reality as the driver's door opened, and their mother climbed in. "Well, did you have a nice wait? I didn't mean to be so long but it -- uhhh, well, it.doesn't matter. Take these, Mark." Linda's smooth conversation broke into a stammer as the tangy reek of sex filled the car, and she pushed the packages in Mark's lap in an effort to hide her shock. But it was all too plain to see what had happened, even if she hadn't smelled it.

Mark's flushed face, and Pam's discreet glowing expression gave it all away. Her children had been fucking. And right out in public. Right in the middle of her shopping trip! Linda was too stunned to react. Instead she started the car and headed home, not knowing what else to do. All the way back, none of them spoke. If they noticed their mother's abruptly quiet behavior, neither Mark or Pam seemed to realize that they'd been caught.

Instead they sat obediently, both looking as innocent as two children ought to look. But Linda knew better. After the initial shock wore off, turmoil set in. She honestly didn't know quite how to react, or what to do about it. Now that they'd discovered sex, how was she supposed to stop them from wanting to learn more? But even in her turmoil, she knew exactly who was responsible for doing this to her children. She'd seen it last night, with her own eyes.

Big cock pov anal with girlfriend after shower

Susan. That.little.bitch! As she drove, her fury grew. Not at Mark or Pam, because she knew her kids. She knew how innocent they were compared to so many others their age, and how easily their teenaged emotions could be unleashed at any moment with a little direction.

And it was growing painfully obvious that Susan had been doing plenty of directing. By the time she pulled into the gravel drive by the house. Linda was fuming. Something had to be done about this situation right now, before it got any worse. Somehow, she had to undo the damage her niece had done. As the kids got out of the car and started inside, she spoke up without taking time to think.

"Mark, would you wait a second? I have another chore I forgot about, and it's going to take a man's help. Do you mind?" "Uh.okay Mom." Giving in with a shrug, he climbed back into the station wagon beside her. "What do you need?" "You'll see. Just wait." Unable to think up any fancy lies, she stopped his questions shortly and pulled once more out of the drive, not exactly certain where she was going. After a few minutes of guiding the car down back roads away from the house, Linda saw a familiar-looking dirt lane and abruptly pulled in.

"Hey, Mom?" Mark frowned, perplexed. "This road doesn't go anywhere but to a cornfield. What's up?" Not answering, she found a shady spot and brought the car to a halt. Then, when she'd killed the engine, she turned to face him. "That's exactly what I was going to ask, young man. What's up with you and Pam that the two of you feel called upon to fuck each other right in the middle of a busy parking lot? You did it, didn't you?

You fucked your sister--after promising me you wouldn't!" Mark's mouth dropped open, and his eyes bulged. "And don't bother trying to lie, because I already know the truth!" Linda was infuriated, her cheeks flushing hotly. She was getting herself worked up, and couldn't seem to stop it.

"Answer me, young man! You fucked my Pammy, didn't you? Didn't you?" Suddenly she clutched Mark's arm in an iron grip, making him wince. " was sort of an accident. Ouch Mom, that hurts!" He tried to pull away, his face pale. "Accident!" Linda's voice rose almost to a cry, and she shivered with anger. "Accident?

You mean you slipped, and your cock just fell right into her? Is that the kind of accident you're trying to make me believe, Mark Harmon? Susan caused this, didn't she? Don't try to hide it. She's the one who got you two started! She got you all horny and was showing you how to fuck your sister last night when I walked in! And now you've done it, after promising me you wouldn't!

Isn't that how it was? Isn't it?" In her fury she gave him a shake, and Mark's answer rattled out. "Well.sort of, I suppose." "Sort of!" Linda vaguely realized that she was getting carried away, but couldn't stop herself. "You sort of fucked Pam, and no doubt you've sort of fucked that bitch Susan as well! Slim legal age teenager drilled well hardcore and massage God, you just won't be satisfied until you've fucked every woman in the household!

And that includes--" She stopped, suddenly aware of the subdued ache that had grown in her cunt from the first moment she'd whiffed that raw tantalizing aroma of sex. Her pussy was frothing, drenched and hungry. She needed fucking right this instant, and she needed it bad.

She'd practically blurted it out in so many words, though her son was too scared to notice. His face pleading, Mark took her momentary silence to break in. "Honest Mom, we didn't mean anything by it! We were just.just having some fun, that's all.

Learning stuff, like, like the kind of stuff you don't learn from your own folks! That's all it was, I swear!" His argument was far from convincing, but Linda knew that in his own naive mind he meant it. She took a deep breath, then answered in a chill tone. "I see. You and your sister learned about fucking because your father and I didn't teach you all about it ourselves, is that it?

Well, I'm going to teach you now. Oh yes I am, since that seems to be just what you want. Strip out of those clothes young man, because you're about to learn a lesson you'll never forget." If Mark had been taken by surprise before, he was thunder-struck now. "What?" "You heard me perfectly well, and we both know it!

Get those clothes off this instant, before I strip you myself!" The threat in her voice was so ominous that his fingers quickly leaped to his shirt, popping its buttons one by one. After a moment's hesitation, Linda did the same. Her hands were trembling with a whirlpool of emotions as she undid her blouse, iris rose gets fucked in hardcore fashion it drape open.

With quick, cool efficiency she pulled it off, then undid her bra as well. Mark stared, aghast, as the white cups fell free and his mother's big tits sprang up, jiggling and bobbing, their huge, swirled areolas like two wide, bulging eyes. It all happened in a daze, as if he were dreaming it. His shirt peeled off, and he unsnapped his jeans.

For the second time that morning he wiggled them down, baring his wilted prick and sagging blonde facefuck and anal watch part on warmcamcom, then kicked his feet out of them entirely. At the same time his mom did exactly the same with her slacks. She arched and jerked and pushed all at once, and they peeled back. Her glossy red cunt fur popped out all spongy and glistening in the sunlight, giving him an even better look than he'd had last night.

She worked the slacks to the floor of the car, then turned to face him with a cool green-eyed; stare. "If I'm going to teach any son of mine all the disgusting things he's so eager to learn, Fake taxi driver bangs brunette student in public hardcore and faketaxi need some room.

We'll do it in the back, where at least we can be comfortable." Forcing herself not to stare down at her son's soft, enticing prick, she swiftly twisted around and climbed over the seat onto the mat that spread across the expansive back end of the station wagon. For an instant her taut round ass jutted by his face, and Mark actually saw his mom's pert little ass winking moistly at him.

Then, with a flash of long pale legs, she was over the seat and out of sight. Her voice drifted back, a cross between a threatening purr and a pleading whimper. "Come here, Mark. Your lesson's long overdue, and it's time you learned it! Come here this instant, young man!" He gasped, his head whirling with so many different emotions at once that they dizzied him. "Jeez-us!" Then he scrambled obediently over the seat, not daring to disobey her again.

Allie haze school lunch break legs were spread out wide, and the first thing he saw was his mom's cunt gaping before him, its lips all pooched out and drooling hot juices right in his path. It happened that quickly. Her son sprawled over the car seat, gaping at her open pussy, and Linda reacted without thinking. She grabbed his thick hair with both hands and pulled his head down. "This is what you want--look at it! Look at my pussy, Mark!

Get a good look. I want you to get your fill!" With those chilling words she arched, forcing his head down in the same motion. Suddenly Mark's lips were mashed against wet, slippery cunt flesh. The juices smeared his face, its fat creased mouth smacking at his chin. That abrupt act made him hiss, and his mouth opened. "Mppff--Mom--Muhh--hummppf!" His tongue jabbed out automatically, and flicked across his mother's pussy. Hot juice poured over it and she clutched his head with a groan.

"Oh God, yesss! Eat me, damn it! Eat me out, you horny little bastard! I'll teach you just what pussies are for--eat it! Ohhh, oh fucking yes!" Though taken by surprise, he responded naturally.

With that first taste of cunt cream tingling on his mouth, Mark lapped out again. His tongue slapped all the way up and down his mom's greasy cunt, plowing between her flared cunt lip folds and swooping up the cream that poured out of her. That eager slapping probe tore across her fat, oiled clit, and she soared up in a spasm as pure jolts of pleasure surged through her. Linda wasn't behaving very motherly at all by now, and in a vague, guilty way she knew it.

But things had gone too far beyond simple motherhood by this time, urged on by her own anger. And the first jabbing strokes of Mark's tongue had her wrenching up in delicious waves of delight, swept along in a tide of bliss that had her hunching urgently and twisting her fingers in his hair, grinding his mouth to her cunt even harder. "Yes! Get your tongue up my pussy, Mark, eat me out good! That's it, lick up my juices and gobble them all down, because I've got lots more where that came from!

Ohhh baby, ream me out! Ohhh, Gohhhd!" She let out a delighted wail as he followed instructions to the letter, lapping her moist tender cunt folds and then diving his tongue between. Despite all his experiences with Pam and Susie, Mark hadn't been prepared to find himself eating his own mother's pussy. But he was doing it now, and from his mom's shuddering reactions he seemed to be doing it just right. His tongue raced out of her musky cunt hole to flick the fat bud of her clit and dip along her entire pussy gash, then raced back into her again.

Plunging in and out like a cock, fucking his mother with fast jabbing strokes that had her twisting and mewling in the back of the station wagon, he plastered his face to her cunt with greedy slurpy sounds. He nuzzled into all that wet pliant pussy flesh juicy legal age teenager twat is nailed hardcore and blowjob a fury now, totally caught up. His eager probe plunged deep into Linda's thrashing cunt, and she hunched up to meet it.

"Yehhs, do it like that! Give it to me, nice and fast! Tongue my pussy all the way, you sister-fucking little bastard! Yes, yessss!" Just the sight of her son crouched between her thighs gnawing at her heated cunt was enough to send her wrenching up in the first bursts of orgasm. His tongue darted between her cuntlips with frantic need, lunging into her with fast wiggling stabs.

She hunched even harder, exploding in a sudden burst of climax that wrenched her up with a vengeance. "Yesss! I'm coming, eat me good! Good damn it, good, go-- ooooohhh! Aaaannnnh! Her ass bucked and her pussy smashed against Mark's face as he slurped his tongue in and out of her in rapid-fire jabs, reaming her to orgasm.

Linda reeled, pouring a flood of cunt juice over her son's mouth. She came in rippling surges of uninhibited release, until every fire- cracker of bliss had burst inside her. Then she pulled his head roughly up, jerking him toward bdsm submission and bdsm anal group the joy tube porn. " sweet mother-sucking baby, that was a good start!

But I've got a better punishment than that in mind. Get up here and give me just what you gave Pam! If you've got the balls to fuck your own sister, then you can damned well do it to your mother! Get it in me this instant Mark--now, nowww!" Jerking him to her with a painful sex party dvd full movie complete story of his hair, she swooped down with one hand and clutched his throbbing prick.

"Oh jeez--" Mark scrambled atop her gladly, his cock now so stiff and sore that it felt as if it might explode right in her hand at any moment.

He sprawled between her wide-spread thighs and his prickhead dove hard against the wet, hot flesh of his mom's sopping pussy. She guided his cock deftly between her flared cunt lips, and let out a squawk as it slid into place and slithered up her cunt hole.

"Unnnh! Oh fucking yes, that's how I want it! Fuck me, just like you did Pammy! Dick my cunt!" He crashed atop her, and his cock sank to its base up her pussy. Instantly their mouths crushed together, and Linda groaned between her son's lips as she licked off the warm film of her own cunt cream up and stabbed her tongue down his throat.

Mark's cock began to piston in and out of her with machine-like strokes, his balls tickling the crevice of her ass with every thrust. She hunched up to meet him, her pussy lips snapping with rubber resilience about his veined cockshaft.

With all the fury of an insatiable mother she fucked herself onto her son's meaty prick, abruptly pushing his head down to one of her big, taut-nippled tits. "Suck my tits, you bastard! Suck me and fuck me just like Pam! I'll give you all the fucking you can take, if that's what you want! Do it! Do--ooooh! Yes, yessss oh fucking baby, give it to me nice and hard!" Mark sucked greedily on the huge bloated nipple that shoved into his mouth, catching it in his teeth and chewing as well.

Her pussy slid up and down his greased prick with such intensity that he didn't have to pump at all, but he did just the same. Suddenly it step sexy mom and son fun to make his mom scream after the way she'd just treated him.

It was fun to bite down on her big nipple a little extra, to piston his cock in her pussy with a strength that smashed her ass against the mat. She wailed and sobbed, humping all the harder. He sucked on her tit until its rubbery hardness was crammed deep in his throat. He fucked his cock, the thing that his mom wanted, just the way she wanted it. "Oh God, God that's fucking sweet! Stick it in me lover, stick it in me good! Fuck me just like that horny slut cousin of yours, so I can feel your cum in my pussy!

Ohhh, oh my God honey, you're making your mother come! I'm going to come, sweet baby give it to me faster! Faster! Guhhh -- gunnnhhh -- gaaaaahbhhhh!" Bouncing with a ferocity that bobbed the whole back end of the car, Linda soared to climax. It was like nothing she'd ever known before. Perhaps because it was her son's precious young cock that was making her come, she came in a spiraling bliss that seemed to explode up and up forever, drilling her totally onto his pounding prick.

"Aaannnggghhh!" she screamed, twisting and bunching in sheer unbelievable waves of utter bliss. That was all Mark could take. He slammed down onto his mother's heaving, voluptuous body, and let his load of jism erupt inside her.

Caught at the very peak of her orgasm, Linda shrieked as her son's hot cum spurted into her pussy, unloading ten yer girl xex story after searing blast.

She took it all, and hunched for more. Her legs wrapped around his youthful, pumping ass, and she writhed in unleashed luxury. "Aaannh--aaaahh--ahhhhh, yehhhhssss." Purring in utter abandon, she sank back on the floor twitching with release, as Mark's cock continued to splatter the last of its dregs deep inside her. At last he collapsed, panting. "Oh Mom, oh shit." "Uhhhm." Linda clung to his sweaty body, her cum-filled pussy refusing to release her son's slumping prick.

"Ohhh, baby.good, so fucking good." Mark couldn't have agreed more. He nestled against his mom's gasping body and heard her giggle. " isn't that better than fucking your sister? Or even your cousin, for that matter?" He had to nod, his hands stealing over his mother's huge, pliant tits. "Yeah Mom, it was.oh fuck, it was fantastic!" Linda laughed softly.

With his cock snuggled warmly in her cunt, she couldn't feel even a twinge of guilt. "And if I ever catch you sniffing around the girls again, we're going to have this little conversation again! Do you understand?" For the first time, Mark really did understand. Hell, his mom was every bit as hot as Susie! Maybe even hotter! "Yeah, I understand.

Whatever you say, Mom." "Ummm, good. And if you need any reminders, just come to me first. That's what mothers are for, baby." What this mother's for, anyway, she thought. And the thought made her smile. Chapter 9 Oddly, when Pam dashed into the house loaded with the packages her mother had bought, she found the place empty.

"Daddy! Susie? Is anybody here? I'm back!" Her only answer was silence. That seemed odd. She dropped the packages on the couch and went to search, certain someone had to be home. It was past lunchtime, but they weren't in the kitchen either. She went upstairs and called out. "Daddy? Booby victoria june with mask gets boned and finger fucked weren't in the house at all.

Perplexed, Pam headed for the only other place they might be. She slammed out the back door and made for the barn, bouncing with light exuberance. Mark's warm oozy cum tickled at her damp cunt, making it tingle. Her panties were still crammed under the seat of the station wagon, and a surge of wicked pleasure licked through her at the naughty sensation of being nude beneath her skirt.

It was one of the nicest mornings Pam had experienced yet, and she wanted to share it with her cousin just as soon as she got the chance. It was with that intent that she opened the barn door and slipped inside, on the verge of calling out. "Yeah, yeah baby that's it, suck it good, ahhh." Pam froze at the sound of those words. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the barn, and she saw the rest of her family in a far corner, near Bess's stall.

Dave Harmon lay sprawled out, totally nude. He was propped on his elbows, watching appreciatively as Susie knelt before him, his prick engulfed in her mouth.

She was sucking it back to full hardness, giving little muffled murmurs of pleasure in her throat as it swelled up, growing long and fat and stiff all over again. Her head bobbed up and down. Pam took it all in at once. At first she was too shocked even to breathe, at the sight of her father's cock vanishing between Susie's lips. The voluptuous blonde groaned, and her tight, rounded ass wiggled as she bobbed her head faster.

Pam heard her father give a husky laugh. "Oh yeah, that's just right. Keep it going, do it." It was too much to hold in. Numbed by the sight she'd walked into, Pam let her breath out in a startled gasp. "Daddy!" Susie heard it first and her head twisted up, letting Dave's cock slip free. It wagged in the air, slick and veined and waving like a massive pendulum. By this time Dave had long since given up trying to fight off his seductive niece. His head turned at the sound of his daughter's voice in a kind of dazed slow motion, as if he'd hardly heard it.

Then realization sank in, as he saw Pam standing in the barn doorway, her brown eyes wide and mouth wide open. He tried to make his voice work. "Pub.Pammy -- I didn't.oh Christ I.this isn't what you.uhh." He stumbled, his face going red. For the first time in her life Pam got an unobstructed view of her father's prick. It was all big and hard and looming from his thickly nested balls with unbelievable hugeness, looking just like Mark's cock all grown up.

It made her pussy itch and cream. She strode forward in a dream-like movement, her gaze fastened on her father's nude, muscular body and big stiffened prick. "Oh.oh Daddy." "Jesus--" Caught in a situation that couldn't be explained, Dave could only work his mouth silently.

Then a stunned expression filled his face, as Susie spoke. "Well, it's about time somebody got home! Come on Pam, join us! It's fun!" Susie's expression was openly gleeful, without even a shred of inhibition. And if that wasn't enough of a surprise, Dave saw his daughter slowly nod, her attention obviously turned completely to his bare bobbing prick.

Before Dave quite realized what was happening, Pam reached up and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop. Since she wasn't wearing panties, her thick spongy brown mound of cunt fur burst into sight. It was all richly curled and glistening damply, undulating a bit as she pulled out of her blouse. Dave's voice came out in a horrified croak. "What.just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Her blouse and bra slipped to the floorboards, and that spectacle cut him off with a hiss.

Pam smiled. She could see the effect she was having and that made her cunt churn even more. "What's the matter, Daddy? I just want to have some fun too, like everybody else. That's all right with you, isn't it?" Suddenly she knelt and grabbed his swollen prick. It lurched in her hands as Dave moved to feebly protest. Susie giggled. "Oh wow, this is really going to be nice! Let's show Uncle Dave how much fun he can have with both shilpa setty real sex story us.

Come on, Pammy. We'll show him.uhhmm." Her head lowered, she flicked her tongue along the sagging creased sac of his balls. Instantly Pam knelt and took her father's inflamed red cockhead between her pink tender lips, sucking it like a big piece of candy. Taken all at once, it was more than Dave could handle. He watched in sheer astonishment as the two sexy teenagers licked and sucked at his cock. He saw his daughter's mouth lower onto his prick, taking in inch after inch of its enormous shaft.

Her tongue was working furiously over its knobbed tip, her brown hair cascading across his bare stomach as she picked up where her cousin left off. He couldn't fight it. The incredible sensation of those two sensuous mouths working him over sent waves of horny pleasure shooting up through him, overwhelming any fatherly reluctance he may have had left.

Almost as if of its own accord he saw one of his hands reach out ravaging a thick and fat dick hardcore and blowjob tangle in Pam's thick dark hair, urging her on. "Oh Christ, that's.that's good, real good. Pammy, please -- oh damn, baby, yeah. Yeah, yeah." It happened very quickly, without warning. Dave wouldn't have believed himself capable of enjoying the feel of getting sucked off by his own daughter, but it was really happening.

Vaguely he realized that Susan was responsible. It was obvious that she and Pam had been up to something, and right now he was enjoying the result.

He couldn't help it. Pam sucked on his cock with greedy need, while Susan slurped at his balls and rolled them against her full lips with youthful expertise, working them to an ache. Within moments he was groaning once again, forcing Pam's head down on his prick and arching up to feel both wet warm tongues sliding over his balls and cock. It was the most fantastic sensation he'd ever known. "Ahh.aaahhh." He sank back, sighing heavily. At the same time, Susie sneaked a hand between Pam's slick thighs and felt the textured moistness of her flared cunt lips.

Pam moaned softly and sucked on her father's cock even harder. Susie slipped a finger into her drenched pussy, and worked it around. "Muhhm.fffhhhuuum." On her hands and knees, she gyrated. Her mouth glided up and down the huge rippling shaft of her daddy's cockmeat, trying to taste every swollen inch. Until this very instant she'd hardly dared imagine anything like this happening, but now that it was she could feel her cunt erupting in waves of wet delight around her cousin's plunging finger.

She wiggled ecstatically, sucking and humping her way toward a fresh explosive orgasm that made her tongue her father's prick more furiously than ever. "Oh sweet Jesus, that's perfect!

Faster baby, faster, faster." Dave was hunching up, stretching his daughter's lips wide apart with the vibrant thrusts of his cock.

His bails blossomed with a warning ache, and he clutched her head more firmly. They would gladly have remained like that, captured in the midst of this wild situation and swelling toward mutual release without another thought.

But by this time Susie had other ideas. Abruptly, in the middle of their activities, she plucked her hand from Pam's sopping cunt and rose up. "Now fuck him, Pammy! That's the best -- I did, and it was great!

Try it, you'll see! Fuck Uncle Dave, just like I did!" "Mumppff -- ohhh, yeah!" Pam pulled her head from her daddy's cock, urged on by Susie's words.

Her pussy ached ferociously, and the mere mothers and son xnxnx storys com of having it filled by that huge prick was more than she could stand.

"What.huh?" Sex toys in moist vaginas lesbian and college heard the buzz of the two girls' urgent voices as if from a distance. His eyes focused just as he saw Pam climbing up to straddle him, her intent apparent.

For one fleeting instant he saw his daughter's moist pink pussy lips splitting open from her dark fur mound. Then, grasping his cock firmly, she lowered herself onto it. Even after all that had happened in the past moments, Dave was shocked afresh. He had time to blurt out a single fatherly exclamation of horror.

"Oh shit honey, do -- uhhhh!" Pam squealed as her cunt lips were pushed apart by her father's bloated cockhead. It slithered up into her, probing deeper and deeper as she settled down onto it. Not even Mark's monster prick could compare to his dad's cock, and she felt her cunt being filled with the most enormous cock she'd taken yet.

It shoved into her all the way, right to the very core of her young pussy. Writhing and mewling in the utter sensation of having her cunt stuffed with prick, she cried out. "Oh -- oh Daddy, fuck me! Fuck, fuck it's good, so good! Oh -- ooooh, oooohhh!" She began to hunch up and down, her pussy jolting with gushes of urgency. Susie sat back, delighted. "Ohh, that's it! That's really nice, ohhhh." Caught up in watching Pam hump onto her own father's cock, she reached between her own slickened thighs and began to finger her dripping pussy.

Dave couldn't have stopped things now if he'd wanted to. Pam's sweet sucking cunt was even tighter than his niece's, squeezing on his prick like a vise. A growl of pleasure slipped out, and without thinking he reached out. "Oh damn, I can't stand it!

Come here, baby. I'm gonna give it to you good, real good." Without warning he clutched at Pam and swung around. She let out a little scream as she was lifted up and over, legs flailing. In the next instant she was sprawled on her back, and Dave's engorged prick was slamming down into her with fast, violent thrusts.

Her body twisted under his weight; legs flopping wide and head lolling as she heaved up to take every plunge, her entire body totally centered on that big driving cock. Dave had thought Susie's cunt was snug, but his daughter's was even snugger. It slurped at his prick, as if to keep it from sliding back even an inch.

He pistoned into her with every ounce of strength, no longer aware that it was his little girl's pussy he was fucking except in a vague, far-off sense. Susie moved to join in. She scooted around on her knees and hovered above Pam's face, maneuvering her soaked, gaping cunt into position.

Dave's head came up, and his mouth latched onto one of her enormous tits. Sucking Susie's stiff-nippled tit, he rammed his prick into Pam's pussy with even greater need. "Ohhhh, that's really nice!" For her part, Susie was thoroughly enjoying the whole thing.

She clung to her uncle's head, and shoved her heated cunt down over Pam's mouth with obvious expertise. Instantly a greedy young tongue gouged up between her splayed pussy lips, and a flood of itchy cream poured down Pam's throat. The insatiable blonde wiggled in blasts of ecstasy as she soaked up her share of the father-daughter union, undulating toward climaxing with them as Dave sucked and, fucked with all his might.

"Eat me, Pammy! Ohhh, eat me fast! Fuck her Uncle Dave, fuck her just like you did me! Oh that's so fucking good, more, more!" She thrashed atop Pam's face, blasting in surge after surge of fresh climax.

Simultaneously, Dave bit down hard on her fat, distended nipple. He couldn't stand it anymore. The frantic squeezing of Pam's tight little pussy was more than his aching cock could take. Moaning deep in his throat, he lunged home and let his prick explode.

"Ghhuuhhmm." "Maaammppff!" Pam wailed as the first acid-hot splatter of cum seared deep into her writhing cunt. She shrieked into Susie's pussy as an orgasm slashed through her like a thunderbolt, lifting her ass off the haycarpeted floor of the barn.

Jet after jet of thick globby cum arced into her, pumping as if it would never end. She came again and again, in mutual spasms. Her tongue stabbed up Susie's cunthole and lapped every precious drop of cream pouring from it.

It was her best orgasm yet and she flopped like a fish, soaking it up completely. At last, thoroughly drained, Dave pulled back with a gasp and popped his cock from his daughter's sucking pussy sheath. Little threads of cream oozed across her cunt fuzz as his reddened prick trailed across her body.

Exhausted, hot mom gets gangbanged in hardcore fashion fell away in a heavy sighing heap. "Oh Christ baby, that was.oh, shit." Grinning weakly, he watched as a glassy-eyed Susan slumped as well, sinking forward across Pam's twitching figure. But she hadn't finished yet.

Her tongue shot out, gliding into her cousin's muff of fur and collecting up his cum. Then she licked her way down over Pam's oozing cunt mouth and tasted the tang of cockcream there as well. Within moments her tongue was sliding up the brunette's cunt, cleansing it of jism. By this time, nothing surprised him anymore. He sat back, catching his breath, and watched the two girls cling together in the final tremors of satisfaction, tonguing each other's pussy for every last twinge of pleasure.

Finally, gasping and sated, they slid apart, two gorgeous, cock-hungry teenagers, his niece, and his daughter. And he'd just fucked them both, without more than a dim tug of regret.

"Jesus, I can't believe this!" Astonished by his own reactions, Dave shook his head. "I can't believe this is happening. It''s." he couldn't find any words at all. It was Susie who answered, a small knowing smile flickering across her lips. "Oh, you'll believe it all right, Uncle Dave. It's great! And it's going to be even greater from now on, because we've got all summer to practice! Ohhh, gosh--all summer! Just think!" She stretched luxuriously, showing off her lithe, bounteous body to her uncle's gaze.

Pam sighed happily. "Oh yesss." Frankly, Dave didn't know how to feel anymore. But he felt a little grin creep across his face, and nothing could stop it. This promised to be one hell of a summer, no matter how he looked at it. Chapter 10 Supper that night was an abnormally quiet affair. So much had happened in so short a time within the family that no one could pretend that everything was still the same as it always had been.

Pam picked at her food. Mark ate quickly, concentrating intensely on his meal. Dave and Linda hadn't spoken a word to each other all evening, both of them upset and disturbed by the things they'd done today. Only Susie was unaffected. "Umm, this meal is really great, Aunt Linda! Wow, was I hungry!" she luxuriated in a mouthful of steak and mashed potatoes, her blue eyes shining with bright innocence as she went on unmindful of the ominous quiet all around her.

"Just think--I've been here one week today! And it's been the best week of my hd pornpros tiny teen sammie daniels fucked by older man Wow, living on a farm sure is something! I've learned so much already, and I've got the whole summer ahead!

Isn't that great?" "More peas, dear?" Linda's eyes flashed with momentary anger as she thrust the bowl at the exuberant teenager, fixing her with a glare that Susie didn't even notice.

It was all Susan's doing. Everything, every single event that had taken place in the past few days. Linda knew that now without a doubt. Her own unleashed horniness, the awful things she'd done with Mark.none of it would ever have happened if Susan hadn't caused it. And even worse. When she and Mark had arrived home this afternoon, she'd noticed immediately that there was a difference in Pam and Dave as well.

The flushed expressions on their faces, the way she'd noticed Dave looking at his own daughter all through the evening.

It wasn't difficult at all to imagine what had happened. It wasn't even a very great shock, since it had happened to her too. Dave and Pam. Linda and Mark. And Susan. "Is something wrong, Aunt Linda?" Susie smiled brightly, not really concerned at all by her aunt's quietness. "You're not mad or anything, are you? Gosh, I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

There's new stuff to do every day--it's just fantastic! I wish I never had to go home again ever!" She wiggled on her chair like a happy kitten, not in the least perturbed that all eyes had been drawn to her.

In fact, she enjoyed being the center of attention. That was why she'd slipped into a skimpy pink nightie before coming to supper, knowing that its flimsy sheer material displayed the thrust of her tits and the veiled swells of her hips in a way that couldn't be ignored. The girl was flaunting herself, as if to purposely infuriate Linda.

And it was working. The woman opened her mouth for a sharp retort, but Dave broke in hastily. "Kids, don't you think it's about time we cleared things away? I think we've all had about as much supper as we can take." "Sure Dad." "All right, Daddy." Silently, aware of their mother's incipient rage, Pam and Mark began to collect the dishes and hurry them to the counter.

Susie hopped up to help, her light nightie fanning out to expose long slender thighs and a momentary, almost taunting glimpse of blonde pussy fleece. "Here, let me pitch in too!" She swept past Linda in a self-assured flurry, and that was when astonishing sex scene with sexy beauteous bitch aunt's fury broke.

"Oh no you don't, young lady! Not in that outfit. All you want to help is yourself!" She caught Susie's arm, roughly jerking her about. The entire household froze, as if they'd all been expecting an outburst. Only Susie seemed stunned, her eyes going wide as she swayed in her aunt's grasp. "What's the matter, Aunt Linda?

I didn't do anything wrong, did I?" If anything, the absolute sincerity of her plea angered Linda even more. "Didn't do anything wrong? Wearing that thing to supper and prancing around practically naked as if you owned the place -- I'd call that wrong!

Showing yourself off in front of my husband and son some kind of little tramp! I'd say that was very wrong, wouldn't you?" Linda was shivering now, swelling with a pentup outrage that had been building for days. Susie saw it too and squirmed in her aunt's tight grip, suddenly a bit scared.

"I.I wasn't showing off, Aunt Linda, really! I just thought it would be nice--" "Oh, I believe that!" Linda cut in with a hiss. "Just like you thought it would be nice to teach my children how to fuck each other--" "Linda!" Dave croaked, but that didn't stop her. "And like you thought it would be nice to seduce my husband!

Don't play little Miss Innocent with me, I know just what you've been up to with Pammy and Dave, involving them in your disgusting games because you thought it would be nice! And what you did to Mark and me--the things you've gotten us all to do. You.dirty.little.bitch!" Her voice rose to nearly a screech, and Susie paled.

She wasn't the only one. It was all in the open now, and they were all faced with it. Dave looked as if he'd been punched. Pam blushed and stared hard at the floor, while Mark shifted uncomfortably and tried to stop it. "Come on Mom." But Linda was beyond stopping now. She shook Susie hard, rising to tower over her in a quivering mass of rage.

"Oh my, you're really pleased with yourself, aren't you? Turning our whole family upside down until you've got us fucking our own children, and them fucking each other, just so long as you're satisfied! Well I hope you're satisfied now, you bitch! Bitch! Bitch!" She screamed the word out, her anger totally unleashed and out of control now.

Susie's attractive young face took on a film of sheer terror, and she tried to pull away. "Aunt Linda--oh!" Fabric caught in Linda's hands and Susie shrieked as a harsh ripping noise filled the room, spinning the girl away.

Linda was left standing there with the garment hanging limply in her fingers, facing the nude teenager who stood in the center of the kitchen feebly trying to cover herself, on the verge of tears. For a long moment no one moved. Mark and Dave gaped, speechless.

Pam blushed more furiously. Linda let the bits of tattered cloth float to the floor, shocked by her own action. Susie wavered, one hand fluttering to her fleecy blonde cunt and the other fumbling at her oversized tits, not quite managing to hide anything. "Aunt Linda, what'd I do? I was just having fun, that's all! If--if everyone else wanted to have fun too, that's not my fault!

What'd I do to cause trouble?" "Mom, Susie's right." Pammy spoke up then, in a soft, shy whisper. "We.we all knew what we were doing--" "Shut up!" Linda exploded at her daughter, not in the mood to be reasonable.

Then she whirled on Susie, advancing with a menacing stalk. "I'll tell you what you've done! You've flaunted around here fucking everything that moves, without caring whose life you upset! Getting Mark so hot and bothered that I--I had to finish what you started! You taught Pam all the disgusting things no girl her age ought to know, and then showed her how to fuck her own father!" "Now wait a minute, Linda." Dave's face went tight, and he started forward.

"What happened wasn't like that. Now calm down and I'll--" "Calm down! Calm down? After what this bitch has done to all of us? Yes, I'll calm down, just as soon as I make my point! Come here, you little slut! I'll teach you trouble, damn you! Come here!" Everything seemed to happen at once then.

Susie wailed, and Linda grabbed her. Dave reached for his wife, but she tore herself out of his grasp and flung the teenager to the kitchen table. Susie slammed back on it in a clatter of dishes, her legs flailing in the air. Before anyone else had time to move Linda swooped between the girl's outflung legs.

Her mouth dove into the soft bushy-fringed pout of her niece's cunt, and her tongue plunged along it. "Aaahhh!" Susie gave an astonished cry of intermingled terror and sudden lust as her aunt knelt there, urgently licking her pussy and worming her tongue deep between its delicate pooched cunt lips.

A burst of cream flooded from her pussy and she gave a squeal. "Oh Aunt Linda, what're you--oh! Ohhh!" She thrashed, scared and whimpering and turned on with an abruptness that left her weak. Her legs flopped feebly as Linda's tongue stabbed in and out of her cunt, working it to a froth.

It all happened so unexpectedly that her family stood gaping as she lashed her niece's cunt to a churning lather of juices, bent on repaying some of the debt of guilt she owed. Susie's fingers tangled in her glossy red hair as if to push her away, but only tightened their grip as she began to hunch in spasms, overwhelmed by the greedy tongue that had her pussy melting. "Oooh--oooh Aunt Linda, that's.ohhhhh." Her long legs slid wide apart, and Linda burrowed even deeper into her cunt.

"Muhhmm." Dave stood there, aghast. He saw his wife's pink tongue flit between Susie's cunt lips and saw her manicured fingernails clutch the girl's thighs and push them wide, her attractive face growing shiny with pussy juices. His cock jerked in his trousers as he looked on helplessly, unable to believe what he was seeing. The effect on Pam and Mark was identical. Neither tried to stop what was happening.

And quickly, within mere moments, Susie's squeals turned into cries of delight as she arched to her aunt's face, plunging onto her tongue in ecstasy. "Eat me, Aunt Linda! Eat me good, oh that feels so fucking good! Eat meeeee!" She hunched faster, soaring to an unbelievable climax.

Her lithe teenaged body surged and her big tits rolled with bouncing urgency. Abruptly Linda pulled back, her face slick and her full lips drawn into a strange smile. Even as her tongue slipped from Susie's cunt she replaced it with two fingers, stabbing them up that sopping hot pussy with fast prick-like strokes. Susie's blue eyes went glassy, and she cried out.

"Aaaahhhh!" "Now, you little bitch!" Breathing heavily and feeling her own pussy juicing up with an astonishing ache as well, she pumped her fingers in and out with merciless thrusts. "Tell me what you are -- and I want everyone to hear it! Tell me! Tell me!" Her fingers shoved into Susie's wet, sucking cunt hole, punctuating each word.

"Bitch!" the blonde practically screamed, humping her aunt's hand without inhibition on the kitchen table as ripples of climax tore through her; "I'm a bitch! Oh yeah, fuck me and suck me and eat me, I can't stand it! Annnhhh!" She writhed, orgasming with gleeful convulsions. Plucking her fingers from the teenager's cunt, Linda turned to face her family. She reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. "All right, which of you horny men wants to fuck this bitch first? After all, you've both done it before!

Who wants a piece of ass now?" First blouse, then bra slipped to the floor. Linda stepped out of her slacks and tossed them aside as well, then stood nude and defiant before them all. Mark made a gurgling sound. His jeans were tented in an ominous bulge, his gaze fastened on that scene.

Pammy whimpered slightly, and Dave saw that his daughter had a fist clenched against her shorts-clad crotch, digging in hard. This was too much. He broke from his stupor and started forward, his jaw set angrily. "Mark, see to your sister! Linda--Susie.Jesus Christ, what the hell's happening here?

Are sweet horny couple having great passionate sex crazy?" But the stiffness of his own cock gave him away, and Linda saw it too. Without warning she grabbed his shirt and pulled. Buttons flew, and her voice was a hoarse eager hiss of mixed rage and lust as she groped at his trousers.

"Fuck the bitch! I want to see you do it like you did it this morning, lover. I want to see you fuck the living shit out of her!" Her eyes glittered as she fished in and captured his prick, jerking it free. "Oh Christ." Sprawled on the table and splaying her cunt wide in juicy approval at sight of her uncle's monster cock, Susie was in complete agreement. "Oh yesss, fuck me! I need it, Uncle Dave! Aunt Linda knows--she's just as horny as I am! Oh hurry, pleeease!" Linda smiled.

They were two voluptuous nude women, both urging Dave into the most incredible situation of his life. His wife's hand tugged on his prick, guiding it toward Susie's spread-open pussy. Dave groaned, blonde riding the dick well in bed to resist.

He glanced back to catch a startling glimpse of Pam and Mark standing together, clenched in a tonguing kiss, Pammy's shorts pushed down to her knees and Mark's hand plowing into her little brown-fuzzed cunt while her fist pumped on his bared cock. It was all more than lana tailor get out unrated episodes could take.

The next instant his engorged cockhead nuzzled into the sweet hot wetness of his niece's cunt, and he lunged. "Annnnh!" Susie flopped deliriously, clutching the sides of the table as her ass soared up, pussy rising to take the full force of his thrust. His cock slid neatly home, and her rubbery cunt lips snapped tight around its base to hold it in. He started an automatic fucking rhythm, pulling several inches of his cockmeat free and then plunging it back to her again, while she careened up to take it.

"Oooh Uncle Dave, you're really fucking me now! More, morrrrre!" Behind him, he heard Pammy cry out. "Owwohhhh." He twisted around to see his children, standing with their pants bunched at their knees. But now Mark stood behind his sister, and she leaned forward as his cock slithered up her pussy, his flat stomach smacking against her firm asscheeks. Dave could actually see his son's thick prick sliding in and out of her, pushing between his daughter's dewy-fuzzed cunt lips with pistoning expertise.

She reached down between her open thighs and fondled his balls, managing to twiddle her clit with a thumb at the same time. What had began as an angry confrontation was now growing into an unexpected orgy of revelation, and Dave was seeing his entire family in a light he'd never suspected before.

Linda was moving as well. He turned his attention back just in time to see that she had climbed onto the table, straddling Susie's face so that her lush red-furred cunt flared openly above the teenager's attractive open mouth.

She lowered herself daintily, and Susie's tongue darted up to meet the wet sopping pussy that sank around it. "Ahhhh." "Muhhm--" A surge of pussy nectar flowed across Susie's chin while she jabbed greedily into her aunt's snug, squeezing cunt hole, tongue-fucking her with furious intensity. "Oh my God.oh shit, ahhh." Caught up by the whole amazing situation, Dave began to pound his swollen cockshaft to his niece with fast hard strokes.

Her taut young ass gyrated up in perfect balance to take every single one to the hilt, as she tongued her aunt's pussy in a fury. "Ohhh yehhhss, you little slit!" Linda seemed to purr, her sharp green eyes going hazy as she reeled atop the girl, rotating her cunt on Susie's tongue with shivers of pleasure. "Sweet, sweet little slut, that's just me, you cunt! Eat me until I scream!

Oh--oh fucking shit, future possibilites of teen dna cloning are amazing good! Faster, faster." "Mumppff--fffhhhuuum." Susie purred a happy response as Dave increased his pumping, strumming with a need he'd never felt before. Behind him, from the corner of his eye, he could see Pam and Mark slamming together in unison, fucking each other to a lathered frenzy. All the unleashed sensuality around him was too much.

He felt his balls boiling up, and grunted out a long growling breath as he bunched his niece's preciously tight cunt to eruption, just as his own load of pent-up jism exploded. "Unnnhhh!" "Maaahhhmmppff!" Susie gave a stifled scream as her uncle's big cock thrashed inside her, spurting jet after jet of thick hot syrup deep in her sucking cunt hole. Her tongue stabbed into Linda's pussy with renewed fervor as she climaxed all over again, soaking up every drop of his fountaining cream.

Linda gave a loud groan as well, and undulated in open bliss. Her bloated pussy clamped around Susie's tongue and spasmed in luxurious waves of release, until at last she slumped back sated and mewling in ecstasy. In the midst of their own frantic fucking, Pammy and Mark saw it all. They saw their dad's massive cock lurched deep in the blonde-nested confines of Susie's pussy while her tongue shoved up their mother's split-open cunt hole with blatant hunger. That spectacle was more than sufficient to set them off too.

Mark groaned and hunched wildly, his vibrant young cock geysering its load of jizz deep into his sister's pussy. Pam squealed, wavering in her bent-over position as she pumped her brother's cock dry and kept hunching until at last it slipped from her pussy sheath, limp and red and emptied. Dave pulled his cock from Susie's cunt. It slurped free, still fat and half-hardened, despite her expert fucking.

Almost in a daze he looked about him, at his nude, heaving family. He turned just as Pam slumped to her knees on the kitchen floor, her voice panting out in a husky whisper. "Ohhh, Daddy." Abruptly she pounced, and her tender young mouth engulfed his wet glistening prick. Still dripping with her brother's warm juices, she eagerly sucked up the length of her father's cock and bobbed her head back and forth, drinking in the mingled cream of his cum and Susie's pussy froth.

"Oh, oh Jesus." Dave croaked out the words, far beyond objecting. He grasped his daughter's long glossy brown hair, urging her on. "Wheh.well, I see you haven't gotten enough yet!" Linda moved around the table, wobbling slightly. The fierce glow had returned in her gaze, and a wicked smile played over her lips as she watched her little girl kneel with Dave's prick disappearing in her mouth, sucking hungrily. "Yes, yes that's my baby," Linda crooned. "Show your father just what a good girl you are, and maybe.yes, I think I'll do the same.

Mark, come here.

Teen lesbians close up of pussy licking

Let's see if you've got your father's instinct, shall we?" Mark was more than happy to oblige. Grinning from ear to ear, he walked over and sat down on the edge of the table. "Sure, Mom. Anything you say." Still smiling, Linda bent over her son's limp, inflamed cock. Her tongue licked out, collecting up the film of juice that covered it.

Then she delicately took his reddened cockmeat between her lips, and began to suck it back to hardness. She purred approval as it instantly nudged in her mouth, soaring up already. In the meantime, Susie slowly focused on reality as she descended from one of the best fuckings she'd ever had. Looking groggily about, she managed a squeak of surprise. "Oh.Oh wow!" Not about to be left out, she slid limply from the table and darted up behind Linda, whose round, pliant ass jutted out as her head moved over her son's cock.

Susie knelt and burrowed her attractive face between the woman's slickened asscheeks. Her tongue slid across the now- familiar crevice of Linda's pooched pussy mouth, then slipped up to tease at her pink puckered asshole.

Without the slightest hesitation she dipped into that moist tight crack, worming the tip of her tongue in until she had her aunt groaning in muffled delight, wiggling appreciatively. Linda sucked her son's swelling young cock all the harder as her asshole was filled with greedy, questing tongue. Her ass muscles clenched on Susie's sweet probe, and she arched back like a cat, ready for more.

As all that happened, Pam worked her father's prick back to full, quivering attention. Then, with a smile that was strikingly similar to her mother's, she released it with a plop and lay back on the floor, spreading her legs wide. "Fuck me, Daddy. Oh fuck me, get your cock into me, please! Ohhh, hurry!" The invitation of her pert, dripping little cunt was too much to pass up. Grunting for breath, Dave sank between his daughter's legs. As if it were a guided missile, his prick found her wet pussy hole and slid in, straight up to his balls.

"Ahhh." "Ooooh, oooh! Yes, yesss!" Instantly she was surging, twisting under her daddy's muscular frame. His cock plunged again and again, driving her to a sudden blast of pleasure that had her wailing in delight. "Ohhhh I'm pinoy m2m gay sex scandal, I'm coming already! Do it, fuck me Daddy, oh I can't--I'm going to come! I'm coming, coming! Yes, yehhss, aahh-- aaahhh! Eeeeeewwwww!" Pammy flopped under him like a hooked fish, exploding in fresh orgasm.

Dave pumped his meat to his daughter until her head lolled and her vivacious young body twitched in tremors of sheer ecstasy. But he fought back the unfatherly urge to blast his renewed load of cum in that tantalizing, clutching cunt. Instead, he rose with a taut grin and left her there, shivering and fingering the last little bursts of pleasure from her thoroughly fucked pussy.

Rising, he strode up and gently touched Susie's shoulder, urging her out of the way. Then, taking her place, he cased his stiff cockhead against his wife's red-mulled pussy. His voice came out in a malicious growl. "Now bitch, it's about time you got what you wanted. You're the one responsible for this whole thing, because you just couldn't stand to see Susie having the kind of fun you've been after all along.

So now you're getting your share--let's see how you like it!" With those words he slammed his cock deep up Linda's flared pussy, making her groan around her son's throbbing cockmeat. "Maaahhhmmm." Vaguely, for a single instant, Linda realized that her husband was right. This evening's events might never have taken place if it had not been for her own jealousy, her own veiled needs.

For that fraction of a second Linda faced a truth about herself that she'd never admitted-- that she needed attention too, the kind of attention that Susan had been getting. A lonely woman living on a lonely farm in the country, she'd needed more than she'd been getting. And now she was getting it -- all because of Susan's arrival. It was a shattering realization, but she didn't have time to dwell on it. Because Dave's beautiful big prick was see-sawing into her from behind, and Mark's thick cock slithered down her throat with increasing speed.

She was being fucked at both ends, and loving every wonderful moment of it. "Muhhmmpff--uhhhmmm, fffuuuhhhm." She twisted back and forth, plummeting onto both loving pricks as they plunged into her, lurching faster and harder with jennifer singer wet college babe jerks off stiff stroke.

Pam and Susie joined in, both sensing the redhead's new self- understanding. Susie's soft slick tongue glided over Linda's big dangling tits, licking and caressing.

She sucked each huge spiked nipple, milking them with her mouth just the way she'd milked Old Bess with her hands.

At the same time Pammy scooted down between her mom's spreadopen thighs and tongued the juicy fringe of her drooling pussy and her father's big slapping balls.

Mark clutched his mother's head. His cock quivered, and he groaned. Dave plunged his prick deep up Linda's cunt, driving her to orgasm as well. Linda was nothing more than a shuddering mass of sensuality as tongues and cocks and hands traveled all over and through her. Orgasm went tearing over her, and she moaned. But her cries were muffled as Mark's cock spasmed down her throat, losing its thick globby load.

"Uhhhh!" "Muhhhmmmfff!" She came in earthquake-like eruptions, spasming even harder when Dave slammed his cockshaft to her core and unleashed his blasts of jism. Linda reeled, like a woman who wanted the wonderful sensations pouring over her to go on forever. She sucked and hunched in a haze of completion, and didn't stop even when both her lovers' cocks had been drained. Instead she sank to the floor, writhing in cloudy joy as both Pam and Susie licked the juices from her cunt.

"Ohhhh.oh God yes, don't stop.don't.ever.stop." At last, Linda had discovered that any woman's needs can be satisfied - - with understanding. Susie looked up, licking her full lips. She caught Mark and Dave watching, both obviously relieved and enjoying the whole thing. "Well, don't just stand there!" she huffed delightedly, her cunt all atingle once again. "If you're going to pay all that attention to Aunt Linda, at least you could do the same for a guest!" "Oh, shit!" Mark breathed, amazed.

Dave only grinned all the wider. Susie reached for their limp cocks, determined to have every bit as much fun as her aunt was having.

And she would, too. Now that Aunt Linda understood. Wow, what a great summer this was going to be! She laughed and tugged their cocks harder, aglow with anticipation. And she was right. The End