Teen nymphomaniac raylin ann gets fucked by a stranger

Teen nymphomaniac raylin ann gets fucked by a stranger
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Last week we had a great orgy with the kids and Stef, one of Kim's friends, who was now a cum loving slut, so it was no surprise when Kim asked us to arrange another group fuck, saying Stef could stay over Friday and Saturday nights. I made a lot of phone calls, and all of the guys from last week said yes, and wanted to know if there was room for more, as some had told their friends about our fun, of course always room for more cocks, so we set up a date for Friday and Saturday nights, for as many as could come.

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Friday afternoon Stef arrived, looking stunning in a tight black mini, and high heels, her hair now blonder than before, Kim kissed her and they headed off to get ready, I had got prepared earlier, so Stu helped me set things up.

We had moved a double bed into the games room and more toys and Mattresses, and a couple of surprise items.

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Sue came home real teen fingerfucked deeply at sexaudition fingering 4pm, and get ready, the girls came back in, both naked and looking great, we sat down to eat a light meal, the talk turned to sex and what Stef wanted to try again, with a smile she said, anything, I loved last time, and want it all again, and maybe a fisting with a cock in my pussy too, "No problem" I said, then shyly she said, that she had been trying anal at home with some large objects with her dildo in her pussy, and had squirted again.

Seven pm and guys started to arrive, it wasn't long before we all had a cock in us, Stef and Kim got the most attention of course, Stef already going for a dp, as Kim took 2 in her butt. Stu was fucking Sue, with guys taking turns fucking them too. I moist mother id like to fuck is obsessed with sex hardcore blowjob a couple of cum loads then worked my way over to Stef, as one cock slipped out of her cummy butt, I shoved mine in, Stef at first didn't notice, then she looked at me and asked what I had put in her butt, I smiled and said "Tooth paste on my cock", (for those that haven't tried it, just a bit at first as it gets hotter the more you fuck, the gel type is best) the more I pumped her arse the hotter it got, her anal orgasms got better and next thing, My body was a wash, as she squirted me again.

I fucked her for quite awhile, as other guys used her mouth another got under her to DP her, I slipped his cock in her butt, then eased mine in with him, now the heat and pressure really built up as Stef went wild. I gave Frank the nod to grab my poppers, and told him to give Stef a good sniff, she has not used them before, and looked at me, I told her to try some, but if she didn't like it no problem, Frank held it, and Stef took a good sniff, her butt relaxed beautifully, as my cock worked her harder, I saw her go for more popper, so with a few more good pushes, she came once more, then after a while she took more, so without warning, I slid my cock out, pushed the other cock in her pussy, and with one good push worked my fist into her well lube butt.

That did the trick; she came so hard her body shook as my fist was gripped tight.

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Frank had his cock in her mouth, and nearly lost the end as she bite him. Working my fist faster she took it all, Stef had realised the poppers helped her relax more and her orgasm were better too, as she grabbed the bottle and sniffed again. Once I had worked her up, I eased up, my cock near her butt once more, slowly, I eased the tip of my cock in her butt, with my wrist at the opening, it started going in, Stef was going wild, sniffing more and more as my cock went right in, she had my fist and cock in her butt, and Gary still fucking her pussy, with Tomuch cum on one girl face fucking her.

I knew I wouldn't last long, the pressure was so tight my cum had trouble shooting up her bowels, I felt it warm my fingers inside her body, as Gary then blew his wad in her. My cock slipped charlee chase and young slut get cum facials, as Frank finished of filling her mouth with tasty cum, I kept my fist in her, as she slowly came down from her high, Kim had been watching us, and now had the strap on with our big dildo ready to pounce.

I slid my fist out, as Kim pushed in, Stef didn't have time to breath, her first orgasm hit home as Kim took the full force of Stef's squirt, Gary still had his limp cock in her pussy, but by the look on his face he was enjoying the dildo too. Stef pushed back, her butt full with a 12 inches dildo, Gary was still fucking her pussy, his cock once more seemed to be hard, I replaced Frank's cock in her mouth with mine, as she sucked me hard I held my cummy fist to her mouth, she licked my hand clean, I kissed her then went off to play, leaving her to enjoy the dildo.

As my butt took another 2 cocks, I looked at Stu; he was going well, his butt running over with cum as another cock exploded inside him. Sue was under him, sucking his cock, and licking up the cum from his butt, her butt took a good fucking too. Both more than a bit sweaty and cummy, as a few guys waited their turns to fuck them.

Stef was now on her back, the big dildo still pounding her butt, as she sucked of some cocks, then a guy stood over her, cock in hand, and pushed his member into her pussy, I saw her orgasm and squirt on Kim's belly, as stud assists with hymen physical and pounding of virgin nympho kept her going, not to be out done, I lifted her arm and slid my butt down onto her fist, riding her for while, she carried on moaning and squirting every time she orgasmed, Stu also joined me, his butt sliding down on her other fist, Stef was working us both, as she too was filled by toys and cock, I looked at Stu my cock showing signs of blowing its load, Stu also wanked his cock, then just about in sync, we shot our cum right over her face and boobs, that was all it took to send her over the top again and orgasm big time, the fluid hitting the guy fucking her and bouncing back onto us all.

Kim and the guy pulled out of Stef, allowing her to relax a bit, as we lay cuddling, another couple of guys shot their loads everywhere, we kissed and shared it between us. The night carried on, Stef took a few more fists in her pussy and butt, as well as being screwed in all sorts of ways, while Sue, Kim, Stu and I put on a family show, sucking and fucking every hole we could find, at one time Sue and Kim fisted me together, holding hands inside my butt, caused me to orgasm big time, as Stu face fucked me, every now and then a load of cum would splash over us as guys watched on.

I got our big toy out and gave Kim a good arse fucking with kayla carrera is inviting every inch of cock in her well rounded ass brunette, then she turned me around and fucked me silly with the same toy, at one point one of the guys shoved his cock in me too while Kim was still fucking me, I felt really good when he did that, as the tightness was so intense, After we had all had fun, I took Kim into the shower, kneeling her down I started to piss over her face and boobs, she massaged it in her skin, as I saw others look on, they too joined in with me, washing the cum from her body.

It was only when I heard a wow from the door, that I saw Stef, her eyes glassed over seeing Kim being pissed on, but Kim's smile let her know she was enjoying it, then to our surprise Stef walked over, kneeling next to Kim.

The stream of piss changed direction and she too began to soak up the hot pee. Soon the bathroom was awash with piss and guys, both girl's more than soaked, took a shower together while we watched, it is so sexy seeing two lovely girls playing with one another.

As always some of the guys fucked us again, before going home, now their cocks were fairly empty and most just happy to have their cock in a warm hole, Kim and Stef looked great as they took a face load of cum between them, kissing and licking the juices from one another. Sue was still riding Stu's cock, he was laying down whilst she took advantage of his meat, his fist in her butt while she rode him, I was happy as I took a couple or more loads and Frank then fucked me with our big dildo, whilst he shoved his cock in too, blowing the last of his seed for the night.

Well the kids finished off, and slept together in Kim's bed, Sue and I slept in the games room with a few of the guys, all drifting off into a well earnt sleep. The last sound I heard were one of the guys fucking Sue while she lay next to me, with the sound of her gagging on a hard cock I knew she was happy.

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