Her boyfriends large dick gives her total joy

Her boyfriends large dick gives her total joy
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Part 1 I stepped on the school bus, people were pointing and whispering, jeers were made and I must have looked very confused. My brother and adopted brother got on and sat down a few rows in front of me. My friend Ben, started talking, "What's going on Ed, what's with all the attention?" He looked as confused as me.

I just shrugged, I hadn't had so many looks since my adopted father had put me in this school. He was a multibillionaire and was often in the press, especially after he had adopted three children who's parents had died in a car crash. My adopted dad (who I call Dad, having barely know my parents) was a basketball player, who went on to be a huge name in sports goods, and now pretty much anything from holidays to cookery.

He had adopted me, a 14 year old boy, interested in everything people my age were interested in. Then there was my 12 year old bro, Mike, who was almost as tall as me and looked very similar to me, we both had shaggy mousy hair, bright blue eyes and a cheeky look. My adopted brother, Jeremy, was Dad's nephew, who's dad was never known and Mom died of cancer 3 years ago. He had dark skin sasha gray fucking big cock the startings of an afro.

He was also 12, but looked older. He was fairly muscular, and a brilliant football player. Throughout the day I figured out what all the fuss was, from bits of news I had figured out that my sister had sexy busty wife com full sex stories story video of her spreading across the school, and it involved two other people on the year above her and lots of nudity.

I was disgusted, I mean she was my sister, I couldn't believe that she would have sex, or even ever be naked.

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However as the day went on the idea appealed to me even more and more, and I couldn't get it out of my head. When Fucked and raped and forced my teacher got home, I just had to see it.

I got my laptop and turned new sex porn 2019 docter hot on, then I asked my friend if I could have the video so I could "beat the fuck out of whoever was in it". So he sent it to me, making a joke that "it looked like they had already had the fuck taken out of them" I opened the video and it started, there was my sister, with her brown, short hair, spiky, but still feminine.

She was stroking a flaccid black cock, it must have been about 4 inches and quickly increasing. Another guy moved on screen, already hard and put his in her mouth, it looked about 6 inches and quite pink. she began deep throating it, taking the whole thing easily. I couldn't make out the faces of either, but the black one moved round and took off my sisters bra.

"Oh, god Katie that's good, don't stop" I was getting hard, and I took my cock out and began stroking it. It was almost 5 inches, and I was a bit embarrassed, having seen other boys of my age in the changing rooms. I focused back on the screen and the video had really got going. Part 2 I focused back on the screen and the video had really got going, Katie had her lips wrapped round both the large, thick rods.

Taking turns engulfing them, they were glistening and my hand was furiously rubbing my throbbing cock-head. I could feel my foreskin gliding over the sensitive part of my dick. The white guy came over her face and she licked his dick clean. He moaned as she gasped for air. With cum still shining on her face she began to finish off the second cock. The massive tool had grown to more than 7 inches but Katie was fitting it all in, she was gagging, but looked like she was loving it.

Finally he pulled it out and gasped "I'm gonna cum" the ropes landed all over her face. There was so much that she had to wipe it off, she started licking it from her fingers, and rubbing his dick on her face and then cleaning it with her tongue. Then I started cumming, the majority of it landed on my stomach.

I scooped it up and started tasting it and then went into the bathroom to clean it up. Part 3 That night, Jeremy, Mike and I were in our room. Even though we lived in a large house we all slept in the same room. We each had our beds against a different wall, then an area in the middle had a TV, sofa and an XBox. Dad had often offered to gives us our own room.

But us all being adopted we had formed a strangely strong bond of brotherhood.

We were all lying in bed, with the TV on watching friends, I had my laptop open and was watching the video with the screen facing away from them. Mike turned to me, "Are you watching the video?" I tried to look confused "What video" Mike smiled "I know, the one of Katie" Jeremy butted in "Did she know she was being filmed, she is so hot" I said "C'mon man, that's my sister!

I know its not the same for you-" Jeremy gave me a weird look "I know you watched it, you left the video open on your laptop" They both climbed onto my bed and we began watching it. I was wearing nothing but boxers and my brothers were wearing boxers and T-shirts. There was already a tent in mine, and theirs were growing. Soon I couldn't resist and I stuck my hand inside and started rubbing. The others followed suit and then I pulled them down. My 5 inch cock sprung out and both of them looked awkwardly at each other, then I heard Jeremy's wasteband of his boxers flick out.

Mike then took his out. I stared at it, quite amazed. Mike's cock had to be about 4.5 inches, and almost as thick as mine. Considering he was about two and a half years younger than me, I was very impressed.

Mike saw me staring "do you wanna touch it?" I responded by leaning over and grabbing it, it was very hard and hot. I loved the feeling.

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Jeremy was watching intently, slowly rubbing his own. I sped up my movement, and slowly my face got closer. I put the head in my mouth and Mike let out a groan, he was panting and clearly enjoying it.

I began sucking it like Katie had.

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I tried to force as much as I could in my mouth and Mike kept wanking me. He tensed up and shot his load into my mouth, i loved the taste and soon I came. He licked up all my cum and we went to bed, all much happier.