Busty momma and pretty teen lesbian session on the couch oldvsyoung fingering

Busty momma and pretty teen lesbian session on the couch oldvsyoung fingering
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Hi, I'm Nick, a 32 year old average looking single. A week ago while browsing and swiping on Tinder, I came across a girl named Brenda, a single mother. A regular good looking girl, with a bit of a naughty look on her face.

I liked her picture, read her little profile text, and it seems she's into kinky stuff and is looking for a submissive boyfriend. Although I've experimented with a bit of bondage, I don't consider myself that submissive, though with a little hesitation I clicked "like". That evening I get a Tinder message saying that someone has liked me too. When I check, I immediately get an exciting feeling to see it was that Brenda. I send her a message, and before I know it Brenda and I are chatting.

She seems very nice and funny, but it doesn't take long before she asks if I've read the part of being submissive. I hesitate what to answer but while thinking "we'll see where this goes" I write in all honesty that I am inexperienced, but more submissive than dominant. Brenda sounds very excited but admits that she can only enjoy intimacy when in a dominant role.

And if we like each-other, a possible relationship will only work if I can submit to her and her kinky ideas. Her last relationship ended because her boyfriend wasn't submissive and she doesn't want that to happen again. Still, I decide to go on because I think it's worth the try, she really seems very nice and funny, perfect really, she even lives quite nearby. After chatting for a few days and exchanging some pictures, we decide to go on a date together.

We meet at a restaurant and have a nice dinner, and from the first moment on, there was a sexual tension between the both of us. We share stories, we laugh together, she really is perfect.

And time flies by and a few hours later the waiter gives us a polite hint that it's closing-time. We decide that the night is still young and don't want to say goodbye just yet, so we go to my place. When we arrive, we barely make it indoor as we start to remove each-others clothes and kiss passionately, my god, she knows how to excite me. We have steaming hot sex, really the best I've ever had. Her body is just perfect, she is slim with a smooth skin, a perfect bum and quite small but firm breasts with beautiful nipples.

Although she didn't bring any "toys", she definitely doesn't need any to be dominant in bed. Sunny leone first anal 2 on yousex fairy tales sits on top, and when she wants her pussy to be licked she sits on my face while she grabs my hair.

And although she has the dominant role, she somehow perfectly understands what I like and includes it in her "game". Eventually, after hours of steaming hot and kinky sex we fall asleep in each-others arms. The next day, after a quick breakfast, we kiss goodbye because we both have appointments to attend to, but we both agree to plan a second date as soon as possible.

I have a busy day full of meetings and appointments at my work that day.

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I'm glad they're not very important because in my mind I'm back in bed with Brenda and can't really concentrate on my work. That evening I receive a WhatsApp message from Brenda. It's send with a different telephone-number because It's her business-phone she hard gloryhole cock for a busty stunner. Anyway, she asks me if I would like to meet her for a second date, at her house tomorrow afternoon.

It's Saturday tomorrow and the grocery-shopping I had planned can definitely wait till Monday so I reply I'm looking forward to it. That Saturday, after a 20 minute drive my navigation tells me I have arrived at my destination. I park my car and send her a message to let her know I'm there. She writes "It's on the top floor, I'll open the door for you. Go trough the front door and follow the hallway left. Go inside the last door.".

It's quite mysterious but exciting and I wonder what kinky game she has in mind, anyway I'm more than happy xnxubd 20s6 2019 xbox one play along.

When I enter the hallway I say "hello Brenda?", but she doesn't reply, so I do as asked and walk to the last door. When I enter the room, it seems it is a girls room, with a lot of pink and girls stuff, so I think I'm the wrong room until I see a chair with a note on it. The note says I have to strip down to my boxers, sit down and attach the leg-cuffs, and then the self locking handcuffs behind my back.

This excites me immediately, and I do exactly as the note says. I sit down on the chair facing the bed and await what is going to happen, I look around in the room and still think it's kind of strange to be here.

Then the door opens and I turn my head around expecting to see Brenda, so I am quite shocked to see a teenage girl standing there. I say "Oh shit I'm sorry I can explain, I must have entered the wrong room! Oh shit!". The girl says "Whahaha, no you didn't you've just been pranked!

hahaha!" I feel very uncomfortable and ask her who she is and where Brenda is. She says "My mother? I don't know, she said she'd be home late" Me "But. Then you must be Amy?", Amy is Brenda's daughter she's told me about.

Amy "Yes I am hihi" Me "Okay Amy, you've got me, it was a good prank, so can you release me now?" Amy "release you? No not yet! I haven't finished the prank yet" this irritates me, I won't let a teenager make fun of me. Me "Oh c'Mon, this really isn't funny" While I start looking down to my legs to see if I can get out of the leg-cuffs. Then all of a sudden she holds her head next to mine. I look up, and she makes a selfie from us with her phone "smile!" she says.

Me "What are you doing?, just untie me now Amy c'Mon!" Amy "No this picture is for Kim, my best friend" Me "NO! Don't send that, you can get me into a lot of trouble with that!" Amy "Oh okay, I won't. but only if you promise to behave" Me "What?! no Amy untie me now" Amy "hmm, let's see. Kim." I think she pretends to look up Kim in her phone but I can't take the risk, nobody must ever see that picture.

Me "NO! Okay okay! Stop!, just tell me what you want, but make it short because this isn't funny!" Amy "Well, I just want to have a laugh before I untie you" Me "Don't be stupid Amy, there's nothing funny about this" Amy "Yes there is, because I can make you do al sorts of funny things and you can't stop me" I can't believe my ears, who does this girl think she is?.

Me "If that's what you think, you're wrong girl" Amy "I'm sure of it. Now you don't want me running outside, screaming and telling everyone that you tried to touch me inappropriately do you?" Me "WHAT?!

NO no no! please don't!.Fuck.I-I'll play along. okay?" I'm quite sure it's just a threat, but I'm in quite a vulnerable position right now.

Amy "Sure you do hihi" Amy "Now what is a funny thing to do? hmmmm." while walking towards the bed in front of me. While she walks past me, I can't help checking her out. Starting at the bottom she wears a pair of sneakers without socks.

I look at her bare ankles and move up along her slender legs in her tight jeans. I stop at her bum and notice it's the same shape as her mother's, but even tighter.Then I look at her belly-button under her short top, from the side I can perfectly see the shape of her perky young breasts.

Then my eyes get attracted by her bum again, It's beautifully shaped, firm and round and I can't help to picture them without those tight jeans. Amy "HEY! Are you looking at my ass?!" Me "UH No no!. I'm sorry, I-I uuhh!" Amy "Yes you were, don't lie to me!

My mother taught me how to spot adult men looking at my ass" Me "What?! Huh?!" Amy "Yes she did, and she also taught me what to say when that happens" Me "Okay?!". She bends over, moves her head close in front of mine and says "Stop staring at my bum you pervert". Oh my god, I immediately feel ashamed of myself. "I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to. uuh." Amy "of course you did" She gets back up again and turns her bum towards me, looks over her shoulder and says "Just admit it, you like a young girl's ass huh?" I can't resist looking at her bum.

She spanks her bum "You like that huh?". Then blonde riding dildo watch part on ulacamcom moves closer "And you like this too huh?" while she begins a bit of a bum wiggling dance right in front of me, the growing bulge in my boxers gives away I do.

Amy "Now kiss it, kiss my ass you perv." She moves her bum right in front of me, I look but don't do anything. Amy says "Do it, kiss it". I hesitate but I kiss her bum. It feels warm and firm, I can feel excitement trough-out my whole body. Amy "Good boy hihi!" She turns around again and says "Now kiss my foot" and she moves her sneaker right in front of my face.

Again with hesitation I do it, but it makes me feel quite humiliated because I realize she has already won her little game. Amy "Gooood boy hihihi!" Then she points at the bulge in my boxers which clearly is a huge erection "Hey!

What is that?!" she says. Me "I-I uhhh. it's uuhh nothing" She steps towards me, twists my ear and keeps hold of it. "AAAUW!" Amy "don't lie to me, don't let me do this again. say it!", and releases my ear.

Me "I-I've got a hard-on, I'm sorry" Amy "How dare you! An adult man that gets a hard-on in front of a teenage girl geez!." Although she is the one teasing me, I do feel ashamed of myself. Me "I'm sorry Amy". She sits down on the edge of the bed, lifts up her feet and lays them on my lap, her elbows behind her back supporting her.

Amy "Now this is so funny, I can bully you czechtaxi multiple female orgasm in the backseat everything, and you can't stop it huh?" She is right, this little teaser. I know it is wrong, it's Brenda's daughter for god sake. She starts to wiggle her feet so the soles of her sneakers grind against my erected dick.

I must admit that although the grinding is way too rough for my most sensitive body-parts, I enjoy this humiliating stimulation, and my face obviously shows my excitement.

Amy continues her sneaker foot-rubbing for several minutes, this must be exciting for her too. Then she stops, looks at me with a grin on her face and says "Now what do next huh?" She stands up, moves her face close to mine and says "I know what, you go and lie down on my bed. I'll untie you, but don't be naughty, you don't want anyone to find out about your hard-on do you?" Me "No please.I'll do it okay?" Amy "good" and she unties me.

I see no other option then to lie down on the bed. As I lie down I look at her in anticipation of what she's going to do next. Amy "Good boy, and from now on, now you do nothing unless I tell you to okay?" Me "Okay.

I won't" Amy "We are now going to play a little funny game" While she picks up a bag from the corner of the room and returns to the bed. Amy "These are a few toys from my Mom, she used them together with her last boyfriend." She empties the bag on the bed, it's a lot of kinky stuff. Dildos, butt-plugs, gags, everything" Amy "When I show you an item, you are going to tell me what it is, and what it's for.

And don't think you can cheat, because I already know a few of them and if I catch you cheating I will use it on YOU!." Me "Holy shit. Well okay" The fact that this girl has control over me definitely excites me, although I don't know her real intentions yet, and that frightens me. For now there's not much else to do than play the game along. She starts her game when she picks up an item. "This one!" she says, and she holds up some-kind of a thin rod. Me "Uh.I think it's to spank someone with" Amy "I think so too hihi!" and she hits me on my chest with it "Aaaw!" Then she hits me on multiple places on my legs and belly.

"Aaaw, AW!" I wiggle, it hurts quite a bit. Amy giggles and she holds it above my crotch and says "Lie still, don't make me hit you there" Me "Oh no please don't. I'll lie still" Amy "Good boy! I'll keep this one, you'll never know when I need it. Now and this?" She picked up a pink dildo, in the shape of a real dick. Me "It of course is a dildo" Amy "And what's it for?" Me "Uhh, for in a woman's vagina" Amy "and where else?" Me "In her ass?" Amy "Oh really?!

interesting." her eyes look naughty, giving away she already knows it all, she's just playing me. Amy "But you've forgotten to mention mouth huh?. Open your mouth, suck this thing!" I hesitate but I open my mouth, still lying down.

Amy sticks the dildo my mouth and says "Good boy, now suck it!". I start to suck while looking confused at Amy. She takes it out of my mouth and says "Now treat it like a real dick, give it a blow-job, lick it" I lift my head of the bed and start to suck and lick, like it's a real dick, it feels very humiliating to do this in front of this young girl. Amy "Good boy, you like that huh?

I might even think you'd like it in your ass" Without giving me a chance to answer, she shoves it deeper in my mouth. I still try to suck it, but as she shoves it back and forth and in my throat I start to cough. The saliva is running down my chin and gets spread around my mouth, I'm being mouth fucked by a teenage girl. After a few minutes she finally takes the dildo out of my mouth and says "Now that was nice huh?. and don't dare to say no" Me "Ughe!

Ughe!. Yes Amy" Amy "Good, and what is this?" She picks up a strap-on penis. This worries me, I have to play this smart. Me "That can be strapped on by a woman to simulate a penis, it is used by lesbians" Amy "Is it?!.

By lesbians alone?" Me "Not alone, but mostly yes" Amy "Imagine what I could do with it huh? I'll keep this in mind." She looks very teasing at me, I look back but wisely say nothing. Amy "And this one?" She shows me a metal butt-plug with a white plush ball on it, like a bunny tail. Me "It's a butt-plug for in your butt" Amy "Yes and I could make you look like the Easter bunny with it can't I?" I decide not to answer.

Amy "And the last one, this one" She shows me a ball gag. Me "it's a gag, the ball goes in someone's mouth so they can't speak any-more" Amy "Nice! Open your mouth!". I open my mouth and she immediately shoves the ball in, attaches the belt and giggles. Amy "Hahaha! Very nice! Now you can't whine anymore" Amy "Now lie down, and don't dare to touch me!" I nod as I do what's told. She gets on the bed and then stands down on my legs, with her shoes havana ginger gangbang white guysyoung on.

It's definitely uncomfortable but luckily she's not that heavy. She takes her phone out of her pocket and takes a picture of me, with one foot on my chest and says"Just as a reminder hihi" Amy "Now put your arms wide". I do as she says, and she drops on her knees with both knees on my arms, her crotch is now right in front of my face, this excites me even more. But all I can do is groan, her knees pushing down on my upper arms hurt quite a bit.

Amy "Oh slutty teen thief sucks giant cop cock boy, lie nice and still". She gets of my arms and turns around, now her bum right above my face, and new her ankles are holding down my arms. Amy "Now lets see what's what" as she starts to look down with her delicious ass right in front of my face. She turns her head and looks at me and says "Oh my! There's a wet spot on your boxers! Have you peed in them?!" I shake my head to say no.

Amy "I need to look into this" it is very clear this little teaser knows exactly why there is a wet spot on my boxers. She looks down again, but this time she shoves her ass in my crystal rae and alexis fawx shared cock in the bathroom. The hard edges of the denim scrape over my face, it hurts, but the fact that it's her crotch that's grinding against my face is incredibly exciting.

Then she gets up and turns around again, this time with her crotch pushed hard on the bulge in my boxers. She doesn't say a word but she looks me deep into my eyes. She starts to grind her crotch against my hard dick, she does this quite hard, a bit too hard. I can feel my foreskin stretch and the rough denim makes it quite painful. All I can do is groan and breath heavy through the holes in the ball, I can feel the saliva run down my cheeks.

This goes on for minutes and she definitely can see this both hurts and excites me. Amy "Ooh I get it! My jeans are a bit rough huh?" I nod yes. Amy "I will take them off, but only if you promise not to touch me" I nod again. Then she steps off the bed and starts to remove her shoes, her movements are very slow and teasing.

She opens her belt and slowly unbuttons her jeans. When she lowers her jeans I'm are able to take a look at her blue boys-shorts like panties and her beautiful slender and smooth looking legs. Amy "That's that huh?" As she sees me looking very excited she shows me her bum again. Her boy-shorts reveal the underside of her perfectly shaped bum, round and smooth but firm.

Amy "Do you like my ass this way too huh?" I nod. Amy "Now again, lie still with your arms wide again, and don't do anything unless I ask you" She crawls back on the bed and on me, her hands holding down my arms and her crotch on mine again, a dominant cow-girl-like position.

After her rough treatment the feeling now in incredible. I can feel the warmth and shape of her pussy, my dick slowly sliding along the length. The only thing I can do is look at her, moan and breath heavily trough the holes of the ball-gag. After a while she says "Well I think it is time to turn you into the Easter bunny now don't you think?." She gets off me and the bed and reaches for the metal butt-plug tail.

Amy "Now take off your boxers!" I do as I'm told and lay my legs down again. Amy looks at my dick, then she slowly runs the pointy end of the butt-plug along my dick, starting at the top collecting pre-cum, and down the length to in-between my balls. Amy "Very interesting. Now retract your legs and widen them for me" I again do as I'm told, despite what she's about to do. Again she runs the butt-plug along my dick but now all the way to my butt-hole.

She doesn't say a word and looks at me, she takes the butt-plug and circles the metal end of the butt-plug around my mouth, collecting the slimy saliva. Then she runs a few lily love and jessica rayne sensual kiss around my mouth, and then rubs them on my butt-thole. Amy "oh hello there little bunny hihi" and she positions the cold metal butt-plug on my butt-hole. She begins to push slowly but without a pause, as I feel the butt-plug start to enter my butt-hole.

All I can do is groan and gasp for air while the pain increases. Fortunately when the thickest part has passed my "entrance" the pain slowly starts to fade. The plug is quite thick and still cold but I'll be alright. While I lie on the bed with my legs still retracted and my eyes closed, I try to get used to the butt-plug. Then Amy says "Say carrot, little bunny hihi". I open my eyes, I didn't notice she again got hold of her phone and makes another picture and giggles.

I feel very humiliated, but at the same time extremely excited. Amy "Now I will remove that ball out of your mouth, but only because you're wetting my bed, you dirty little bunny!" She unties and removes the ball-gag and I thank her. I am glad to be able to close my mouth and swallow again, though my jaws still hurt.

Amy "You're welcome little bunny. Now retake your old position with your arms wide, and I warn you, don't do anything until I tell you" I lower my legs, and with this the butt-plug gets pushed tighter which feels quite good.

Amy climbs back onto me, again with her beautiful bum right in front my face. But this time it's without jeans, and the view is spectacular. Through the fabric of her panties I can see the shape of her bum and even her pussy, and I can't miss the dark wet glistening spot on the blue fabric which shows how excited she is. I can feel her touching my dick in her close examination, while she wiggles her bum, right in front of my face.

I feel the warmth of her crotch on my face, and the soft skin of her thighs on the sides of my chest. I can even smell the scent of excitement from her pussy, while I beautiful brunette vienna black gets banged by a strangers huge cock pornstar outdoor want to bury my face into her pussy and lick her like my life depends on it.

I slowly bring my face closer to her crotch until my nose touches her bum. She immediately lifts up her bum and turns around.

Amy "Hey I thought I'd told you to lie still and do nothing huh?" Me "Oh shit, I'm sorry Amy, it was a mistake" Amy "you're damn right! A naughty little bunny! that's what you are!. Now I have to teach you how to behave" She grabs my balls quite firmly and squeezed them a bit as she says "Will you listen to me and do as I say?!" Me "Oh geez AAW, please stop.Yes I'll listen!

Please!" Her grip loosens and she says "Good bunny-boy!" Amy "Now where was I?!" Now she grabs my dick with her whole hand, she pulls the skin down and places her thumb on the glans. That feeling was intense and my whole body shivers. Amy "Lie still bunny, I won't warn you again" She slowly starts to rotate her thumb while still looking over her shoulder at me.

Despite enough lubrication from my pre-cum, the feeling is incredibly intense and I can only close my eyes and moan with my jaws crunched together. Amy "What's wrong? a little touching doesn't hurt does it?" Me "AAAH GOD. No it's just ooh fuck!" The stimulation is totally over the top, my body shivers and my arms and legs move almost uncontrollable. Amy "Oh is that it hihi" and she stops, but still holds on to my dick. Amy "You know, this is the first adult-man-dick I've ever seen?

It really is bigger than the ones the guys at school have" Me "Uuh I guess so" Amy "Now I'm going to give it a try at sucking it, but only if you lie still, and if do anything naughty down there I'll stop immediately understood?" This sounds like a very good deal so I nod yes.

She turns her head around and bends over towards my dick, again her bum just in front of my face. Then she takes my dick in her mouth and slowly starts to suck up and down. The feeling is fantastic, her warm wet tongue on my glans and her soft lips around the shaft moving up and down. At the same time I see her crotch moving back and forth, right in front of me, again I can feel her warmth while she gently sucks my dick. Then she lowers her crotch until it touches my face.

I can feel the wetness of her soaked panties on my mouth, with my face buried between her but-cheeks. I however don't dare to do anything after her warning, so all I can do is lie down and enjoy this magical moment. Now she begins to rub her crotch up and down my face, the wetness and sweet scent of her pussy-juice is amazing while I'm still getting sucked by this hot teenager. Then she stops, moves her bum up, looks over her shoulder at me and wipes of her mouth with her hand.

Amy "Well little bunny, you have shown me that you do listen. Now I am going to remove my panties as an extra test of your obedience" She kneels down on the bed next to me, and slowly lowers her boy's-shorts panties. Because her legs are closed I can only see the front of her pussy, but it looks just as delicious as I imagined. Amy "Now remember what I've said little bunny".

And she turns around and climbs back onto me. She lowers her crotch until right in front of me which releases a wave of excitement trough my body, her pussy looks so smooth and tight. There is a light trace of thin blonde soft hairs around her pussy and the wetness glistens everywhere. Just above this greatness from my pint of view, is her little pink butt-hole, the cleanest one that must exist.

Meanwhile, Amy has started sucking my dick again and I know she gave me this good look on purpose. What a cruel tease. She now starts to lower her bum again, and slowly buries my face in it again. This is almost too exciting, the warmth and wetness is everywhere. Even with my mouth closed I can taste her, it is so hot. Again she starts to ride my face up and down, my lips in-between her pussy-lips, my nose poking her butt-hole.

Meanwhile, the wetness starts to run down my shin and cheeks and the wet slithering feeling and sounds increase. I can hear Amy's breath and moans intensify by the minute. Then she lifts her bum up, looks over her shoulder and says "good bunny boy, you deserve a bonus. I'm going to remove my shirt" She climbs off of me and kneels next to me, then slowly lifts up her top along her smooth belly and pauses when the underside of her breasts are exposed.

I swallow of excitement when she pulls her shirt up, lifts it from her head and drops it on the ground. Her breasts are as beautiful as the rest of her body, smooth cream-coloured with tiny pink nipples. They are small and a bit perky, an amazing sight. Here she is, fully nude right next to me, a beautiful young lady with a body, right out of my naughtiest dreams.

There is nothing in the world right now I want more than lay this girl down and make the wildest love to her. I want to lick her, fuck her, explore and admire every part of her body. But I know I have to play along, only then this might become reality. Amy "Hey are you still here or what?!" Me "Oh I'm sorry, I'm here" Amy "I'm going to sit op top of you now and want you to lick me, but if I think it's not good enough, then It's over, understood?" Me "Yes Amy I understand." Amy "And don't start until I say so, and arms wide again!" She climbs back onto me again chubby amateur gets facial in fake taxi me, with horny blonde gets her pussy pounded and her face jizzed ankles holding down my arms, her wet pussy right in front of me.

Th month pregnant blonde milf loves dp looks at me and slowly lowers her pussy onto my face. I know I have to wait and play the game along, while she slowly starts to grind her pussy over my mouth and nose again, while still looking me straight into my eyes. Amy "Now bunny, show me if you can do better than the guys at school.

All they want is a blow job, cum of my face and move along to the next girl" This is the moment I've been waiting for. I open my mouth and push my tongue between her wet pussy-lips, the taste is incredible. I start to lick up and down, licking and sucking up the wetness, while I make sure I pay extra attention to her clitoris. I keep my attention to her reaction, her breathing and moaning so I know what she likes best. She starts to moan and breath harder and closing her eyes of excitement.

She lifts her bum up a bit, but I keep my face buried into her pussy. But this enables me to lick further down over her butt-hole and run my tongue along her butt-crack. I'd wish I could grab her butt and move her hip myself, but my arms are still pinned down by her legs. I know I have to be patient. Then she grabs me by my hair with one hand and pushes my face hard onto her pussy. Her moans sound so sexy and sweet, I know she's enjoying this as well as me.

Then she lets go of my hair and moves her hip up. She says "Oh my god.

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Little bunny. this is so good" She looks me straight into my eyes again, although they are now halfway closed. Amy "I want you to fuck me bunny, I want you to be the first one to do that" Me "Oh fuck Amy, are you a virgin?" Amy "If you exclude my mothers dildos, yes" She starts to crawl down my body until she has positioned her pussy just above my dick.

Without saying a word she grabs my dick, places the head on her pussy and slowly starts to lower herself while sitting straight up. We both moan and gasp of ecstasy. The feeling is incredible, the warmth, the wetness and smoothness.

At the same time she is tight, and I can feel every cfnm creampied arab teen pornstars and big tits of my cock sliding in. She doesn't make it go all the way down, but slowly starts to fuck me while moaning increasingly loud.

The sight of her skinny body in front of me is incredible, although I desperately want to hold her body close to mine. She continues to ride me for a few minutes until she bends over and moves her face next to mine. I can hear her moan and breath heavily and feel her warm breath in my neck.

Then she eventually whispers "Hold me bunny, fuck me, do everything you want" This is the moment I've been waiting for.

I wrap my arms around her and feel the warmth of her complete body against mine. I place one hand on her bum and start to direct her hip up and down to match my thrusts. Not fast but sensual and deep. I lift op her bum before every thrust so that my dick slides nearly out, to then slowly push back in again. I lower my hand to the underside of her bum and gently grab her pussy.

I can feel my wet dick sliding in and out between my fingers, and her soaked pussy-lips moving and stretching with every thrust. She still holds her head next to mine as I gently grab her neck with my other hand, and guide her head towards my face, her eyes are almost closed. I start to give her kisses, and she replies. Then I open my mouth and lick her lips, with a little hesitation she opens her mouth too, and answers my tongue with hers. She seems inexperienced at kissing, her tongue moves very fast, but it only takes a moment to slow her down, and kiss each-other passionately.

After a few minutes I guide her upper body upwards a bit and look at her. Her eyes still half-open, her long hair a mess, and her mouth wet from the kissing. We look each-other in the eyes, and she gives me the cutest smile. I bend my head and start to lick and suck her nipples, her small breasts are smooth and warm. I explore, kiss, lick and suck every part of her bare chest. Then I lift her with both arms of my dick and direct her to lie down on her back.

When she lies down, I start to kiss and lick her breasts again and slowly work my way down along her body, towards her pussy.

I position my face between her open legs and support her bum with both hands. Her pussy is even wetter than before and mixed with my pre-cum it smells even more exciting than before. I start to kiss her pussy, and it doesn't take long before I lick and kiss her all over her pussy, her butt-hole and inner thighs, pushing my tongue deep inside her pussy and enjoying every moment. I try to pay attention to her moans and her breathing and they clearly have become more intense.

After a few kisses on her mother teaching sex ther son and his girlfriend, I position my dick in front of her pussy again, and slowly push my dick inside. While I slowly increase the tempo of my thrusts, I keep looking at her face so I can admire the cute chubby chick with a nice big ass and a sexy natural bush she's enjoying and moaning, it is incredibly exciting.

While I keep penetrating her heavenly tight wet pussy, I slide my hand under her bum, in between her butt-cheeks. This way I can lift her bum up a bit, and the change the angle of penetration.

Tomas falsas (segunda parte tube porn seems to intensify her moaning even more, and when I move my hand even further and start to massage her butt-hole with a finger, her moans begin to sound like screaming. Then I realize I have reached that point of no return, when my desire for an orgasm is no longer under control.

I start to kiss her again and she answers with passion, as I want to give this girl an orgasm to remember, and to make her first time a special moment. I start to thrust faster, trying to get her close to her orgasm. I can feel her hands gripping my arms harder, her breathing and moaning seem almost uncontrollable. I want this incredible erotic encounter to last for ever, but I know I can't, I have to orgasm.

Then she starts to moan "OH GOD YEESSS! This luscious teenie college gir hardcore and reality and I know she's about to reach her climax. I grab her bum even harder and I start to push a finger inside her butt-hole, my other arm is wrapped around her back.

I can feel my own orgasm getting really close, but I want her to climax first, I do my best to suppress it. Then, I can feel her whole body begin to shake while she screams it out!

Big bazzers hot new fucking is climaxing!. She screams out her final moan "OOOOOOOOH!" While her body shakes and shivers uncontrollable. I too, feel my orgasm approaching as I lift her of the bed while fucking her as deep as I can. And then. "OOOH FUUUCK!" with a few final deep thrusts I squirt a huge load of sperm deep inside her warm wet pussy.

Both our bodies experience uncontrollable spasm-like movement which force my dick for the final intense thrusts even deeper, we both gasp for air and make uncontrollable sounds. Then after this incredible overwhelming shared orgasm, all the sexual excitement and tense physical exhaustion make way for a trance-like relaxation.

We both need a few moments to regain our normal consciousness, and begin to realize the fantastic erotic experience we've shared.

After what must be a few minutes we look at each-other and share a few kisses, before Amy says "Thank you little bunny, that was fantastic". I smile at her, and she smiles back with that same cute smile again. We enjoy this moment, until a few minutes later the door of the room opens!

Brenda appears in the door opening and looks straight at me. I am in shock as I realize what situation I'm in, and I begin the stutter "B-Brenda, I-I can explain I-I Uh!" Brenda "You can explain this?. I'm listening". But I can't. I seem unable to speak. Brenda stares at me, and I bend my head down and look at the floor.

stunned. There is now a terrible silence that seems to last forever, while it's only for a minute or two. Then Brenda says "You have passed your test little bunny, you have even submitted to my daughter.". I look up and at Brenda. It takes a while before I start realize that Brenda was somehow involved in this. Me: "But.

you. I-I don't understand?" Brenda "I've told you I'd find a way to make you submit completely to me. But it was Amy who came to me and told me about her struggles with the attitude of today's teenage-boys".

Me: "So.uh. you knew about all this?!" Brenda "Well no, I just told her you are handsome and respectful, and she was free to do whatever she wanted.

I just wanted to watch the both of you on the webcam" She points to a camera in the corner of the room. Brenda "I have to say, the bunny-tail is a brilliant find. But one thing. You've just ejaculated inside my daughter, and I don't want her to get pregnant!" Me: "OH SHIT!

I-I totally didn't think about that! OH GOD!" Brenda "There's no need to panic, just lie down on your back" Me: "Huh?.but." Brenda "C'Mon do it. Lie down". I do as I've been told, with Amy still sitting next to me on the bed.

Brenda "Now Amy, kneel down over his face and let the cum run out". Amy giggles and climbs on top of me, with her thighs on either side of my face. She looks at me and says "Oh that's a great idea huh sweet little bunny?" The first drops of cum start to drip on my mouth when Brenda says "C'Mon bunny, lick it all up, eat her out, everything!" I lick off my mouth and try to catch the rest before Amy lowers her hip and covers my mouth with her very wet, cum-drenched pussy.

I start to lick and suck, and while her wetness is mixed with my sticky salty cum, the experience is very erotic. The warmth and the taste of sex from her pussy is amazing. While I stick my tongue deep inside her pussy, eat her out and clean her up, Amy moans and enjoys every moment until she lifts her hip and thanks me. Brenda "Now that was very good little bunny, I think we'll make this the standard procedure. And I think I you should know that Amy is on birth-control". After this, the three of us continue this erotic adventure for hours to come.

Brenda and Amy make sure to stay in charge of the situation though, and Amy gets to use her strap-on. Eventually, the three of us fall asleep in each others arms, and who knows what the next day will bring.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry, the story was off-line for a few days for a few improvements. Please let me know if you liked the story, I like to know if there's interest in more stories like this.