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Mom and son sexy vi
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In this day and age, you work hard for low pay, so every now and then you just wanna come suave japanese hottie tomoe hinatsu sucking cock uncensored and relax while getting a nice massage, but unfortunately for me, I didn't have a boyfriend to help me with that though.

The best I had was my brother Jason, and I think that might be a little weird honestly to ask for anything like that from him. I'm Heidi and I had been driving him crazy, I came home frequently pissed off and like a good brother, he didn't complain too much about it. We lived together in an apartment and I always brought a bad vibe home. I was 23 and he was 26 at the time and one night, something happened between us.

"You know, for all the work I do for my boss, I should have relaxation around here for both of us 24/7 honestly. I get his coffee, I fill out his expense reports for him along with about a million other things, and I still get this pathetic paycheck," I said.

Then he got up to take look at it, and he looked insulted. "Just from what I've heard, this is bullshit, why don't you look for a new job?" Jason asked. "Trust me I have been, but so far, no bites," I replied. So as a good brother, he gave me a hug. "Thanks bro, I appreciate it. I'm sorry I've been so unbearable lately, if I were you, I'd slap me," I said.

"Well I'd never do that, and I wouldn't say 'unbearable', maybe 'A pain in the ass' which is what you are supposed to be sense you are the younger sister," Jason replied just before he kissed me on the forehead. Then I cracked a smile and laugh a bit, he could always make me laugh, so I gave him another hug and he felt my shoulders and my back.

"You are a little tense sis, you need a massage, that will help you relax," Jason said. "I know, I need a manicure and a few other things too, but if I could afford that shit, I'd be there in a heartbeat," I replied. "Well, you have me here, let me give you a massage," Jason said. Then I gave him a weird look, that was really odd for him to just offer. "Well, don't you think that's a little weird, I mean we're brother and sister," I said.

"I know, but I can still do teen babe amber gray gets banged and enjoys a hot cumshot for my pain in the ass sister from time to time, definitely when she needs it.

I'm not asking you to get naked and put a towel over your butt," Jason replied. Call it whatever you want, but I felt a little insulted. "Why not, I'm a sexy lady to look at," I said. Then I laughed again and gave him another hug. "Sure why not?" I asked. We both walked over to the couch and sat down. He sat down first and I sat right in front of him.

He put his hands on my shoulders and began giving me a massage. I immediately started to feel better, it was like a weight was coming off my shoulders. That was one of the best feelings I think I ever felt in my life truth be told. "Holy fucking shit times 50 dude, do you charge by the hour?" I asked. "The first hour is free, that's how I get them," Jason replied. "And still funny," I said.

"Well I love to make my sister feel good in more ways than 1," Jason replied. "Obviously," I said. He just continued to give me the best massage of my life, I felt like I was about to have an orgasm honestly. I felt very hot and a little horny too, then I turned to him and just starred for a minute. Call it lust mixed with love, but I asked him something. "Would it be weird if you did give that massage when I was naked with a towel on my butt?" I asked.

I think he had the same feelings going on right then. "Sure sis, but I don't have a massage table though," Jason replied. "Oh fuck that, who needs that when we got your fingers? We can do it on my bed," I said. I got up and took off my shirt, then I put my hand out and he took it. Maybe it wasn't the best idea for us to go in there, but I had the best feeling of my life on my shoulders and I wanted it on the rest of my body too, also when you are horny, things happen.

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So as we got in there, I just started to strip. He didn't stop me, as matter of fact when I was naked, he got me a towel for me. So he saw me naked up close for the very first time less than 10 feet and he seemed to be impressed. I laid down on my stomach and he got on the bed with me as I put the towel on my butt. He was on his knees and right over me as he began giving me my full body massage starting with my back.

"Oh Jason, you just scored like a million points in my book bro," I said. "Thank you sis, and I must say, you got some body," Jason replied. "Thank you bro," I said. It was like an angel's touch, or maybe I just really needed a massage and it was gonna feel good no matter what, either way, I was in paradise. He did my back and lower legs as well and eventually made his way up to my butt, but he hesitated though. "It's just my butt, it won't bite, feel your sister's butt," I said. That encouraged him, so he moved the towel a bit and massaged my butt as well.

I think that made both of even hornier, but eventually he was done with the back on me, so I flipped over. "Whoa Heidi, that's a little more than I should see of you up this close," Jason said. "Who cares, we're brother and sister, it's not like we're gonna tell anyone, ogle me if you want, I don't mind, it'll make me feel sexy," I replied.

So he thought why not and started massaging my stomach first. This was definitely one of the effects of me being so horny, but then I leaned up and began undoing his pants, maybe I wanted to see something too.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" Jason asked. "Well, you got to see me, I think it's only fair I get to see you too, and it's nothing we haven't sex mom porn son mobi com before, we've seen each other naked a hundred times before," I replied. "You haven't seen me up close though," Jason said. "Like I said, we're not gonna tell anyone," I replied. Once again, he could not disagree, so he started to undress. He took off his pants and boxers off first and then his shirt of course.

Seeing his cock up close, it seemed much bigger and I also noticed it was hard as a rock it, so obviously, I liked that. Then he got over me again to begin massaging me again as I was on my back. "Wow that's big Jason, been having a lot of sex lately, it been making it inside some girl's mouths and pussies?" I asked. "Some I guess, and thank you," Jason replied. I couldn't see his face because my eyes were closed, but I could tell he was a little embarrassed.

"Is that weird to hear from your sister?" I asked. "I'd say yes, but I'm massaging you while we're naked right now, so no," Jason replied.

"Well it is a good size, I'm sure your next girlfriend will love it," I said. "Thank you sis," Jason replied. "How long is it? 8, maybe 9 inches?" I asked. "I think 8 inches sis," Jason replied. "Well, like I said, your next girlfriend is gonna be a lucky lady, if she gets to have her way with that cock," I said. He was my brother and he was massaging my boobs, it was a little weird obviously, but we were both very horny, so it got less and less weird by the minute. His hands were so soft, and we were both having a good time, so it was hard to remember that it was weird after a few more minutes.

I literally never ever felt so damn good in my life, he was looking at my boobs and I noticed his dick was still hard. "Jason, why is cock your so hard? Do you wanna do it with me or something?" I asked. I just meant it as a half joke I guess, then we both just looked at each other with some very lusty eyes. Then I pulled him to me and we began making out passionately. We made out for about a minute, then he broke the kiss.

"We can't do this, we're brother and sister," Jason said as he got up. He stood up on the floor for a minute, then I got up and went over to him. I gave him a hug and then felt his cock with my hands. "Come on, I'm horny, you are horny, we love each other, and we're obviously sexually attracted to each other. We've danced around this for years, let's try it and make love, I wanna take this cock or a ride myself," I said just before I kissed him again. I had him sold on that, so we began making out and we slowly made our way to the bed.

I laid down on my back and he got on top of me. We both wrapped our arms around each other made out passionately for about 3 minutes straight. After that I reached for a condom. "Jason, we both want this, so please make love to me," I said.

"OK sis," Jason replied as he took the condom. He put it on and got on top of me once again. He put his dick right in front of his pussy, but hesitated again though. "What, do you not want to now?" I asked. "I'm just nervous, you are my sister you know, having sex with you wasn't something I thought would ever happen," Jason replied. "You have had sex with a bunch of different ladies, don't think of me as your sister, I'm just another sunny levine first time saxe story that wants it inside her pussy, so stick inside me, we both want it," I said.

Then he very slowly inserted his cock inside my pussy. "Yes Jason, oh that's good, really good, I've masturbated thinking about this so many times," I said. I immediately started moaning a bit and we both wrapped our arms around each other once again.

We made out passionately for a minute and then he broke the kiss. "So this is incestuous sex?" Jason asked. "Yes, you like it so far?" I asked. "Yes, I think so," Jason replied. Then he began thrusting his cock in and out of me slowly.

It felt even better than I thought it would, this was more than just lust, we futa autum blaze and futa djpon fucking fluttershy and rainbow dash making love because we loved each other.

My boobs leaned up against his chest and his hands went south a bit. He put his hands on my butt, so his hands were a little squished, but he liked it. "Every single part of you is extremely soft, your butt, your boobs, your lips and your stomach as well. You are beyond sexy sis, you are ravishing," Jason said.

"Thanks, now start ramming me get my pussy as sore as you can get it, I want every inch of that cock inside me, and remember, you can't say no to your little sister," I replied.

"No I can't, I love her too much," Jason said. He put some space between us and he began ramming me a little harder. His cock being inside me felt amazing, but when he began ramming me, I immediately felt my pussy starting to get sore with his big cock.

I looked up at him and he looked down at me with those same lusty eyes. "I love you sis," Jason said. "Well I think you are certainly proving that to me now, you can't just make love to your sister without loving her, and I love you too bro," I replied. He put his hands onto my boobs and pinched my nipples hard. It hurt a bit, but it was kinky though. "Be nice to those nipples, they are mine, not yours," I said.

"Pinch my nipples if you want sis, I don't mind," Jason replied. So I took him up on his offer and pinched his nipples as hard as I could. "Ow sis, if I gotta be nice to you, then you gotta be nice to me too," Jason said. I pulled him down with me and we made out for a minute. After that we both just looked at each other as if we just met. We starred at each other for a few minutes and he stopped thrusting.

"I know we're both horny bro, but I really love you and we should have fucked each other months ago, but and just promise me one thing," I said. "Yes sis?" Jason asked. "If you ever get married, I wanna be the best man," I replied. He was puzzled. "Sure sis, if you really wanna be my best man," Jason said.

Then I leaned up and he got another really good look at my boobs once again. "Wow sis, these are bar none the best boobs I've ever seen in my life," Jason said. "Sure they are Jason," I replied. "I'm not kidding," Jason said. He leaned his head over and licked my nipples a bit. My nipples were a little sensitive, so when he licked them, it just felt amazing to say the least. "Holy shit Jason, where did you get that tongue?" I asked as I moaned.

"From mom and dad," Jason replied. He began sucking on my nipples a bit as well and I felt so damn titillated. Jason knew just how to please me and make me feel good, really good.

My pussy just got a but wetter every time he licked my nipples. "Damn sis, you are the happiest chick on the planet too, you are some kind of woman now," Jason said. "Well, if you wanna make me happier, then you might wanna try that tongue around another great part of me," I replied. "I think I can do that for you sis," Jason said. "But I want another kiss first," I replied. "Of course my dear sister Heidi, I can do that for you too," Jason said.

Then we kissed passionately for over a minute. "Thank you," I said. Then he started heading down and he kissed me the whole way down until he got to my pussy. As he was down there, he started with a gentle lick. I immediately felt the high point of paradise as soon as he did it. "Oh yes Jason, make your little sister feel good, really good," I said. He spread out my pussy lips and stuck his tongue into me as deep as he could.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as far as I could. I was breathing rapidly and my heart rate was through the roof. I thought it was getting to be almost too great. I mean the pleasure was maxed out already, they say most good things end too early, and him making me moving around wasn't helping.

"Holy shit Jason I love you so fucking much, don't stop, please don't stop," I said as I moaned loudly and moved around. He stuck his fingers up into my pussy while he had his tongue inside my pussy as well. I knew this was gonna be the best orgasm that I ever had when it came time. He spread out his pussy lips as far as he could and hit my g-spot. Of course then I began screaming. "Fuck!!" I screamed. I came all over his face, and it was drenched as much as it could possibly be.

Then he climbed up on top of me and planted one kiss on my lips. "Well, if that was free, how much does it cost for 5 times a week?" I asked. "Don't worry sis, I'll give you discount," Jason replied. "So nothing then?" I asked. "Well you may have to let me have sex with you again," Jason replied. "Well I think I can do that for you, but I wanna see it first," I said. "See what?" Jason asked. "You cumming on me, I wanna see it big brother," I replied. Then he took off the condom and shot his load on my stomach.

That was yet another one of the sexiest things I ever saw in my life. Then we cuddled in silence for a minute. "Are you sure you wanna do it 5 times a week sis?" Jason asked. "Well you have to give me the massage first though, there isn't gonna be any of the 'We're skipping the massage' bullshit," I replied. "Deal sis," Jason said.

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I wanted something else from him, but it would be in the future though. "Jason, when you do get married, I want you to tell her you had sex with me," I said. "What, why?" Jason asked. "Well, I think now we're gonna be really close now, and that would be a huge secret to keep, and I want her to be OK with it, especially if we're gonna be having sex regularly now," I replied. "I;ll do it for you, but what if that freaks her out and delicious teen engulfs cock hardcore and blowjob leaves?" Jason asked.

"Then she is a stuck up bitch that doesn't deserve you, besides then you'll have me, so you'll always have someone to have sex with, fair enough?" I asked. "What if you meet someone?" Jason asked.

"Well, same thing, but I don't think I'll be finding anyone anytime soon though, I think my brother has enough cock for me already," I replied. "I like that answer," Jason said.

"And just so you know that was the best massage I ever got, bar none," I replied. "Thank you, and what was with that best man thing?" Jason asked. "So, are you implying there is a better best man out there than me? Don't you want your best man to love you and want the best for you? Are you trying to mom step my boy son me I'm not the best?" I asked.

"No, not at all sis, the job is yours," Jason replied. "Damn straight it is," I said. Then we kissed again. Now truth be told, this just made work suck more, the time went by slower now that I had him to give me a nice massage when I got home. He always made it feel good every time, and I'm not just talking about the massages either, but we made sure to always use protection.

Maybe it started by both of us being horny, but we're not regretting it now. We worked out a great arrangement, now I just gotta get him to work on the weekends too.

I know sooner or later he'll marry someone and then his services will be withheld, so I gotta use him as much as I can now, and I'm using him nonstop now, he's even working some overtime.