Mom say dad is mot here pleas fucl me

Mom say dad is mot here pleas fucl me
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Entering our sixth year of marriage it seems like a lifetime ago that my beautiful little Asian princess, my baby doll would leave for work together and lived a peaceful and content life together, a picture of love booby ebony pounded by horny pawn dude in the pawnshop fulfilment.

That memory is all but gone now as I sit in a swinging chair on the porch running my fingers through the matted shoulder length locks that use to be my brides crowning glory. She wasn't sleeping, she was never really awake, and she just sat staring off into the baron field, at nothing. I emptied the last quarter of a bottle of scotch down my throat and touched her face, still beautiful but aged far beyond her years. I wasn't worried about drinking too much, if Trina ran off while I was sleeping she would not get far even if she ran for hours.

Our farmhouse was surrounded by miles and miles of nothing and I would find her and bring her back to take care of her before she got too far. I leaned over and grabbed a new bottle of scotch and opened it, the cork popped out of the bottle interrupting the deadly silence but only for a second.

I gulped down another few mouthfuls and enjoyed the burning sensation in my throat as the scotch filtered through me and entered my bloodstream desensitising my body a little more. I wasn't going to get drunk anyway I thought to myself. I hadn't been drunk in months yet I hadn't been sober for weeks either. My eyes fell closed as I attempted to pray for healing, forgiveness for both of us. I prayed no one would find us, for a fresh start and in a brief moment in outright despair I prayed for death, for quick release from this pitiful life.

I heard the bottle bounce of the wooden floorboards as I fell into a deep sleep and began to dream of a time past. 6 months earlier Trina and I had decided to spend summer vacation in the woods camping, relaxing and screwing each other's brains out. Neither of us were really outdoorsy types and we were only really pretend camping. We had borrowed a colleague and friends Winnebago and had found a picture perfect spot at a very lush clearing down by the lake.

The night before had been a night of heavy drinking that followed a seriously long stint on the road.

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Trina and I had both crashed before even undressing properly. When I awoke I heard the birds and I smelt the beautiful fresh clean air but I was alone. I propped myself up on one elbow to see if my bride was preparing breakfast but she was nowhere to be seen. I looked down my naked body and wondered when and how my clothes had managed to disappear and chuckled to myself before getting up.

I walked out of the van and stepped out onto the lush green grass and stretched with an enormous yawn. "Come on in B, the water's great" Trina was walking toward me with only her head sticking out of the water as she spoke. As the water line moved further down revealing more of her magnificent body I replied thinking I was very clever "Really? It looks awful cold baby!" As I looked at her erect nipples standing proudly out from her fantastic round breasts.

"Smartass, what's your excuse?" She said looking at the telephone pole sticking straight out from my naked body. I watched her beautiful naked wet body glistening in the sunlight as she moved out of the water toward me. She kissed me hard on the lips and said "Thank you B this is perfect, it's just what I needed" Her nipples almost hurt as they pressed into my chest.

I cupped her beautiful ass cheeks in my hands and lifted her to myself. I paused briefly to feed hungrily on her glorious breasts like there was no tomorrow.

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Trina placed an arm between us clutching at my cock and positioned it perfectly between her dripping pussy lips which were warm considering the cold bath my Trina had just had. I began to lower her slowly onto my throbbing prick making her gasp in delight and shudder her way through an orgasm. "Oh dear, upskirt cam video with big assed hottie water must be cold" I teased. "Fuck me B" She pleaded with lust and desperation in her eyes.

I lifted her tiny frame and began sliding gracefully in and out of her. The stark contrast between the warmth of her pussy and a cool breeze on my rod as it slid in and out of her felt incredible and added a new challenge as I struggled to not fill my wife with my seed to early.

I kissed her neck and her chin and slid my tongue up and down as I continued to thrust into her. She arched her back as I began asian teen masturbates in her bedroom with a new toy japanese and hardcore her down harder onto my rod and she rode out her second orgasm letting out a little whimper and biting her lower lip as she pulled herself back close to me and dropped her head on my shoulder.

I set her down in front of me and turned her around and bent her over with one hand as the other placed my cock at her entrance. I wasted no time as I became selfishly eager to fill my gorgeous queen with my life giving seed. I cupped her magnificent breasts in my hands and rubbed the nipples between my fingers and thumbs as I slammed in and out of her. She raised her upper body arching her back and placing her arms over her head and behind mine. I placed my hands inside her thighs and again lifted her so I was holding her weight and again pumping into her.

I was delighted with this position as I could see Trina's perfect round tits bouncing hard on her chest as I began ramming my way to an orgasm. I felt her pussy tighten around my eager shaft as my balls contracted. I Slammed into her and paused each time releasing a blast of semen deep into her womb. She gasped with every thrust as she too came hard coating my cock, balls and legs in her sweet nectar. I carried her onto the icy water and we splashed and played a little before climbing out of the water to dry each other off before breakfast.

"What's for breakfast Hun" Trina asked batting her eye lids "Uh ah, it's your turn babe, why don't you show me a trick you learned of the old master" I said smugly. "You got the old bit right, want me to cut your meat for you?" "Hey, I'm not too old to give you a pounding young lady" "Bring it" she said and then pouted and separated her exquisite shaved pussy lips with her thumb and finger making my cock ache like crazy.

"Ok ok you win Hun. My god you are amazing" I said completely unable to take my eyes off her perfect face and body. "Why thank you teach" "Go on get out of here and get dressed before I come after you, I'll cook breakfast" I said giving in to her charms. Trina disappeared for 15 minutes then came out in some denim cut-offs and a shirt tied off just below her gorgeous tits and pair of high heel sandals looking like a porn star and totally ruining my concentration making me spill my omelette mix.

My now flaccid cock immediately sprang back to attention. "Oooh you read my mind Hun, I was just in the mood for sausage" she said dropping to her knees and taking me swollen purple knob between her thick moist lips. She put her hands on my ass and started pumping my shaft into her mouth with a tiny hand while she massaged my balls with the other. "Oh shit you are hungry aren't you Hun" I gasped with my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

"Starving" she said barely missing a stroke as my balls churned and fired a load of hot sticky cum straight into the back of her throat. She milked me dry and didn't miss a drop pushing and massaging my balls to make sure there was nothing left in reserves. She passed me a pair of shorts that she had brought out from the van as she rose to her feet and kissed me on the lips "Thanks for breakfast" she winked at me and then disappeared back into the van to set the table.

I prepared another omelette mix and then cooked breakfast and joined Trina in the van. "Aaahh coffee, you're a lifesaver babe" We sat and chatted about the days plans deciding to do a bit of hiking and then fishing followed by a tentative plan to shop for supplies just in case our fishing session was a disaster.

We packed enough for a good 3 hour hike and stuck as close to the river as we could. We walked for just over an hour and didn't see anything that exciting before we found a spot to cross the river.

We sat down for a quick bite to eat and a skinny dip before heading back along the river toward camp. When we got there Trina fixed some sandwiches for lunch as I set us up to do some fishing of the lake.

We caught a couple of trout, barely enough for dinner and then packed it in so that Nikki rhodes and zoe britton lesbian adventures would have enough time to get some supplies before the store closed.

Trina decided not to go to the store with me so she began cleaning the fish as I set of on the bike, a little 125cc trail bike we had brought to get around on.

The store was a little over an hour round trip but was a handy little store. I would be able to pick up some champagne and some chocolates for my bride while I was there and perhaps some dessert as well as the other stuff that we needed.

Around 15 minutes into the trip the bike started running rough and stalled. I came to a stop and checked over the bike but found nothing. Fuck! I was half way to the store, should I go back to camp or keep heading in to town? I decided to push on with the bike until I got to the store and see if anyone could fix it there. I got into town 10 minutes before the stores closing time and found everything I needed just in time.

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The store owner set me up with a guy in town who could look at the bike and have it up and running by the time we left the camp site in a couple of days. He even offered to take me back to the camp site which I gratefully accepted as it was dark and I knew Trina would be getting worried back at the camp and I had no way of contacting her.

I was dead tired and nearly nodded off in the truck on the way back and hoped my loving wife would not be too disappointed if I wanted to just go to bed when I got back. I climbed out of the truck and waved as the store owner drove away and walked over to the van half expecting to see Trina reheating some dinner but to my surprise she was not there.

I went down to the lake and looked around the fishing spot but there was still no sign of her and I really started to worry.

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I ran back to the van to grab a flashlight and headed off down the walking track calling out as I walked. I didn't get far when I heard a noise and stopped.

It was heavy breathing and the movement of water down at the water's edge. Although I was terrified of what I might find I hurried in case Trina needed my help. I came up behind Trina as she sat rocking back and forth at the water's edge "Are you ok Hun? You had me worried" I got no response and could sense she was upset. "What is it Hun? What's happened?" I came around beside her and shone the torch out in front of her and gasped as I could see blood on my precious bride's clothes.

"Oh fuck, what has happened baby?" I knelt down beside her and put my arm around her. She jumped as if she had not yet known I was there and when she saw my face burst into tears. I held her close staring at the large chef knife in her hand, the bright light highlighting the contrast of the steel blade and the blood smeared over it.

As I examined Trina I could see it was not her blood all over her but it did little to calm my nerves. "Its ok baby, I'm here.

You're ok" "I didn't see him coming. I, I, I was cooking dinner and he came up behind. "Who baby where is he?" I asked A small part of me expected to see a man's body somewhere in the vicinity but hoped like hell I was wrong.

"A bear, he ran off. I, I, he ran off" "Oh my god baby I'm so sorry baby, I should've been here. The bike.the stupid fucking bike broke down and.oh baby I'm so sorry.

I picked my bride up and carried her down to the water and removed her blood soaked clothes and helped her bathe and inspected her head to toe to make sure she was ok.

Apart from a few scratches she appeared old lady creampie chillin with a steaming tamale, just very shaken by the ordeal. I carried her up to the motor home and put her to bed and packed up all of our gear and swallowed a couple of pills to help me stay awake and then headed for home.

Our vacation was cut short but I was just relieved Trina was ok and as for that shitty fucked up bike, the mechanic could keep it, I never wanted to lay eyes on it again. Trina slept most of the way home and despite my exhausted condition I managed to keep the motor home on the road until we got home. When we got home I carried Trina inside and crashed without even shutting the front door. When I awoke in the morning at around 10 am Trina was gone but she had unpacked the van and by the look of it had taken it back to our friends place.

Sexy lexxxi rides a massive meat pole straight lockhart seemed she was ok and I was again relieved and hoped that she was over the shock of what had happened.

I took a shower and just as I was finishing up heard the phone ringing, it was Trina "Good morning B can you come and pick me up from the police station" "What the.why are you. "Oh it's ok Hun I just came in because I thought I ought to report what happened is all. Garry dropped me here after I took the van back" "Oh ok babe, be there soon" When I went in Trina was leaning on the counter chatting to a female officer, a very beautiful officer actually.

She was around 6 foot tall with dark brown almost black skin with long curly locks flowing from her cap. Why this girl was earning next to nothing and copping crap from criminals and junkies instead of earning big bucks modelling professionally was beyond me.

"Ok, see you on Friday Jess" Trina said as she headed my way. "What was that about Hun?" "Oh I have seen Jess at the gym a couple of times and we are going to go out dancing on Friday night. Want to come?" "Um no thanks baby I'm not much one for dancing, and I didn't think you were either" "It'll be ok and Jess thought I could use some fun after our camping disaster" "At least you'll be out with a cop I guess" I said "You sure you don't mind babe?" "No you go out and have a good time and if you ever want Jess to cum around our place that would be fine by me" I said with a grin.

She picked up on my sleazy remark and replied "Oh it would be fine would it?" Trina and I had experimented a couple of times with threesomes but we were too big a fans of each other's and didn't really need anything extra to spice up our sex life that often. Having said that if something eventuated with Jess, I was not going to be that disappointed.

Trina went out with Jess as planned on Friday and I caught up on some marking and dozed off in front of a game on TV and didn't even hear Trina come in. Trina went out a lot with Jess and was a little quiet at home but she seemed ok with me. All the same I decided to go out with her and Jess dancing one night. We had a lot of fun but more guys than I was comfortable with were hitting on Trina. She handled them well though and to my great relief she showed no interest in anything other than dancing and Jess was looking out for her.

I sat down for a drink and to catch my breath and ogle my drop dead gorgeous bride and was amused and a little embarrassed as my cock started to stiffen watching her move. I began to fantasise about her and Jess and did not even see jess walk up to me.

"You got a permit for that thing" she said looking at my crotch "Oh fuck I'm so sorry" "Don't be it's nice that your wife still makes you hot" she said with a wink "I'm a little worried about your girl actually" "Oh?

How so?" "Well she's hitting the club scene kind of hard. Is everything ok at home?" "Well sure it is.I think. I mean she's out a lot but I figure it's because we're on vacation. It'll stop once we get back to work" I said "I hope so, this business party ends in such wild way least for now until we catch that crazy" she said "What crazy?" "You don't keep up with the local news?

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There's a serial killer out and about but at this stage he is only killing males, but you never know when someone like that will turn" "I thought the dancing was your idea" "Hell no, but Trina is awesome and it's been a lot of fun. Besides I get to keep an eye out for the psycho while I'm out.

It will actually be a little bit of a shame when we get him" Jess sighed looking into her drink "Why the fuck would you say that?" "Well he's only killed 3 so far but there's already a pattern. He likes to kill pervs" "Pervs?" "Guys with a history of sexual assault, at least that's what it looks like at the moment" "Hell, I don't know if I want her out when there's a creep like that out and about.

Like you say, who knows when he'll turn or snap or whatever happens to them." We went back to work the following Monday but Trina continued to go out clubbing. I was starting to worry and every time I brought it up she said she was having trouble sleeping since the bear attack.

But that creep was still out there and the count was now up to four. When Trina was in bed I wasn't sure she was getting a lot of sleep at all. She used it as an excuse to go out all the more 'if I can't sleep I may as well go out and have fun' 'if I burn off energy maybe it'll help me sleep'. My precious wife was having a hard time and I could not help her, it was killing me. I took Trina do see a doctor to get some sleeping pills and it seemed to work for a while until I discovered big ass milf needs four fingers to cum she had only been putting on a show, pretending to take them.

Her physical and mental health was on a downward spiral. She was cranky at work, tired at home and was living on two or three hours of sleep a night. She lost weight which I didn't think possible and looked a mess. Going on a couple of weeks and we were barely communicating apart from at work where we put on a brave front but whatever was going on with my Asian princess was tearing us apart.

Jess had tried to warn her that she was overdoing it and pleaded with her to take it easy but stopped short of losing her as a friend. Five weeks in to the school term and Trina was forced to take leave until she was fit t o work again.

Now I worried about her day and night, I used to be able to keep an eye on her at least when she worked with me hotmosa anal sex with mom now I didn't know where she was and what she did most of the time. The weeks went by and she didn't improve. I considered there was more to the story than the bear attack but had no idea what it might be and encouraged her to seek help, perhaps see a psychologist or something.

She agreed a little hesitantly much to my relief and booked her first session for the first Monday of the holidays.

I awoke alone on the Monday morning very groggy with my head pounding which Jess later informed me was probably due to being drugged. Trina had disappeared and did not come home that night. After the second night I was sick with worry and planned to take a drive up to where we had camped the night of the attack. As I was packing there came a pregnant friends daughter creampie bailey brookes home alone at the door, I opened it and there was a tall elderly Asian gentleman standing there.

"Can I help you sir?" "I am looking for a Trina, is she here?" "So am I" I lost it and collapsed on the floor in front of this perfect stranger who knelt on one knee and put his arms around me. "Dear boy, what has happened?" "Who are you and why do you care" I asked "This will be hard to believe but I am Trina's grandfather, I have not seen her in over 15 years" He sat and explained that her parents were killed in a drowning incident that had occurred when their boat had sunk as they left their homeland to start a new life.

He thought Trina had died also but had been contacted recently by her adopted parents who had let them know she was alive. We chatted for over an hour, he was such a nice man I began to think he was an angel sent to help get my Trina back to the way she was before. Hesitantly I agreed to let this man stay in our house while I took the trip up to the woods, after all he was family and I was desperate. When I got up to the lake I searched for a while but she was not there, I guess it was a long shot.

As I left the shop owner came by and stopped and to my surprise remembered me. "Hey, why didn't you come back to get your bike?" "Long story, I never wanted to see it again" "There was barely anything wrong with it, you were out of petrol is all" "The tank was full?" I said staring to think he was a little nuts "It may well have been but it was never going to take long for the fuel to pour out of that little drill hole in the fuel line.

I'm surprised you didn't smell it?" "Drill hole?" "Yes sir, I fixed it up for you. Come and get it if you like, it should fit in the back of your truck." I drove into town with him and looked at the bike, he was right; a tiny little hole had been drilled through the fuel line. But who? Why? As I loaded it into the truck a local cop came in. "Hey guys who's this?" he said in a firm overprotective cop voice.

"Hey this guy was camping out in the woods the night that guy was attacked" "Really? Why the fuck didn't you tell me that before?" "Oh shit he didn't have anything to do with it. He was out there with his pretty little wife on a second honey moon" the store owner said "Oh my god, someone else was attacked?" I interrupted "What do you mean someone else?" "My wife was attacked by a bear out there, it's why we left. She was traumatised and hasn't been the same since.

I actually came up here hoping to find her" "She's missing? "Yes" I replied "I don't know how to tell you this sir, but that was no bear. It appears the same offender that attacked your wife attacked the old man we were talking about" "Old man?" "Yes old, a tall Asian man came into the hospital with knife wounds to his stomach" A flash of Trina sitting there shaking holding the blood stained knife hit me.

"Asian?" "Yes Asian son, why? What's the matter?" "Oh fuck, I have to go" I raced to the truck and headed for home. I did not know who the old man was but he was sitting in my house, waiting for my wife. As I sped home my mind raced, I could now see clearly some of the floors in this bastard's story. Why was I so stupid? Why did I not pick this up earlier? My beautiful Trina had suffered so long and I had been so blind. Who was this man really?

Was he the serial killer? I had to let Jess know that he was after women too. It was dark when I got near home and my heart must have been pumping out 200 beats a minute as I got close. I came around the corner in our street too fast and lost control and slammed into a tree and nearly took my head off.

When I was able, I got out of the car and tried to run but fell and got up several times. Eventually my head stopped spinning and just throbbed from hitting it on the windscreen and I was able to run. When I reached our house I ran toward the stairs. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" A blood curdling shriek rang out as I collapsed on the stairs.

I held my head in my hands and began tearing at my hair. How the fuck could I have been so fucking stupid, why did I speed around the corner? I crashed the car and got there just a second too late. Why didn't I. Just then I nearly jumped through the roof as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun around. "Hi baby, welcome home" Trina said as she knelt down student and teacher zabardasti sex stories xxx europe storysfirst time put her arm around me with the old man's blood spatter all over her.

She didn't cry, she didn't even look close to crying but instead just stared straight ahead stroking my hair. "It's ok mum, he can't get me now. It's ok" Trina said as she kept staring through the wall. I grabbed her head and stared at her then kissed her on the forehead and said "It will be ok Hun, we'll fix this" I picked up the knife from the kitchen floor and scrubbed it in the sink. I placed it in juicy legal age teenager twat is nailed hardcore and blowjob old man's hand and squeezed his hand around it wearing plastic over my hands.

I took the knife out of his hand and squeezed the handle then dropped it next to him. Now the cops would think I had got home in time. In time to save my wife from this serial killer that was terrorising the neighbourhood.

I awoke to someone shaking me and when I did Trina still lay in my lap staring into nothing. "Come inside and have some dinner" Geoff (Trina's adopted father) said We had lived with them on the once thriving farm since Trina's 'Awakening'. Specialists said that Trina may snap out of her trance at any time or never at all. One of them believed that a significant event had yet to take place before Trina was released from whatever it was that had hold over her.

I guess only time would tell either way. . And we just had to wait!!!