Ebony lesbos ivie and silver showering together

Ebony lesbos ivie and silver showering together
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Plot summery A loser boy finds a notebook where whatever he writes becomes true. He uses this new toy to toy with his family, friends, and bullies. A bit slow in the begging but damn is it worth it! Brad is a loser, by all definitions of the word; he is a loser. He is overweight, wears glasses and can barely talk to girls. He is the middle child of three.

He lives with his mother and two sisters. His mom is 38 year old but looks half her age. His older, Margret, sister is eighteen and fully developed. His youngest sister, Brenda is fourteen and is just as hot and developed as Margret. Brad lived a miserable life. He went to school where he would be tormented by both of his sister plus their friends and anyone that felt like making his life hell.

His only friends were the school librarian and nurse, mostly because he spent his lunch and free period sitting with them and talking. They were nice women that thought Brad was sweet and needed a friend. Then he would go home where his sister would continue their taunts and jokes at his expense. If that wasn't bad enough his mom either ignored him or didn't listen to him when he tried to talk to her, especially if it was a compliant about his sisters.

One day he spent too much time in the library talking to the librarian about the idiots he has to deal with and missed his bus home. This was both good and bad. It was good that he didn't have to listen to the girls tease him but bad because he didn't feel like walking all the way home.

He just shrugged his shoulders and started his hike. On his way he saw the strangest thing, it was a guy on the side of the road with a stand selling books. This was odd because Brad never saw anyone with a cart on the side of the road other than the occasional fruit seller and lunch wagon. When he finally passed the bookseller he took a quick look at the books before he kept walking. As he was walking past the old man he called to him, "you want to make your life better don't you." Brad was a little taken aback by the salesman boldness and correctness.

"What?" "I can see it. Your life is miserable. Nothing goes the way you plan and no one respects you." "Maybe that's true, so what?" "I can help you." With that he hands Brad a plan looking black marble notebook. Brad looks at the plane book with curiosity. "This is supposed to make my life better?" the salesman smiles and replies, "All you have to do is write down what you want and it will happen." Brad laughed at the absurdity of it.

He opened the book and flipped through a few blank lined pages. When he looked up to hand over the book, the man was gone. He thought it had been a nice trick, but instead of throwing the book away he put in his bag and kept walking. He got home a half hour after his sisters and his mom was giving him a lecture on responsibility and how he needed to pay attention more and focus; with his sisters giving a background soundtrack of "yep", "uh-hu" and "absolutely." He finally made it to the sanctuary of his bedroom.

He threw his bag on the floor and lay down. The idea of making his life better with the stroke of a pen sounded great so part joke part therapy he opened his bag and retrieved the book he was given. On the first line he wrote, "Mom comes up the stairs and apologizes milf brandi love enjoys an awesome threesome wedding sex me for being a bitch and then says she is going to make hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner." After he wrote it he smiled and felt a little better.

He guessed that this was some therapeutic method for relieving anger and stress. But when he closed the book a strange tingling sensation moved across his body.

It started in his hands then moved as a shiver down his spine. Before he could figure out what it what he could hear a knock on his door. "Sweetie its mom. Can I come in?" "Sure," he replied a little suspicious. His mom opened the door and walked in. she leaned over, giving Brad a great view of her cleavage. "Honey, I realize that what happened wasn't fault and that you didn't mean to be home late.

I shouldn't have gotten angry and yelled at you. I know I was being a bitch at you for no reason. To make it up to you I am going to make your favorite dinner, hot dogs and hamburgers. Is that all right by you?" Brad had his mouth odia new xxx sexy story 2019 at what his mother just said.

Realizing that he must have looked like an even bigger idiot than usual he nodded his head in agreement. With that his mother left his room. He tried to calculate the possibility of his mother changing her mind and apologizing to him using the same words he used and then offering to make exactly what he wrote in the book.

He could not believe it. He wanted to test the limits, see how far he could go with this new discovery. Seeing his mother's grad-A breast had made him a little horny. He wanted to try something. He opened the book and on the second line he wrote, "a gorgeous, tall, thin, busty, blonde woman will knock on my door and want nothing more than to make me feel as good as possible and fuck my brains out." After he wrote it he looked up at his door waiting.

He sat and stared at the door listening for a knock. After a few minutes he laughed at how stupid and gullible he was. He closed the book disappointed, when all of a sudden he felt that same shiver run from his fingers to down his back. When the feeling subsided there was a knock on his door.

He could not believe it. He ran to the door and before he opened it he thought, "This better not be my mother taking back the apology." He took a deep breath and opened the door. Before him standing at six feet tall, with golden blonde hair that went her shoulder blades, a beautiful face crowned with piercing blue eyes, and a figure that was to die for. Her breasts were the size of grapefruits that seemed to defy gravity.

Her height was mostly due to her shapely legs. Brad stared, with his mouth open and his as hard as a stone, at the most beautiful creature he had ever seen in all her glory.

The naked woman walked across the threshold and closed the door. Brad however, remained rooted to the spot. The woman moved close to Brad, so close he could feel the warmth coming from her flawless body. She leaned in a kissed him passionately on the mouth.

Her talented tongue soon entered his mouth. The moment their tongues met he snapped out of his catatonic state. From then on all reason and logic had left his brain leaving only primal animal instincts. He wrapped his arms around the beauty and kissed her with all the passion and furry that he possessed. After several minutes of this the blonde broke the kiss. He would have continued but she had turned her head down and was now staring at the large bulge in Brad's pants.

A sinister smile crept across her face as she slither down the length of his body, being sure that her breasts grazed the bulge before she was completely on her knees. Brad knew what she was going to do but could not believe that she was actually family unit and tv phone sex what a mess you made to suck him off.

She held the bulge in her hands and rubbed it through Brad's pants for a minute before she started to lick it.

Just the feeling of her tongue through his pants was enough to drive him insane with desire. He couldn't handle it any longer. But before he could do anything he felt his zipper being lowered and his buttons being undone. In moments only a thin layer of cotton lay between him and the blondes waiting mouth.

She once more massaged the bulge and gave it a thorough tongue bath before she once more removed a layer of clothing. She slowly slipped the underwear down his body. She licked the few inches of skin she revealed until she was soon licking the base of Brad's rock hard dick.

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She made her way down lower and lower. His cock finally sprang out of the tight cloth prison to face the hungry woman. She looked at the cock as if it was the first meal she had ever seen. She gave a quick look up deep into his eyes before she impaled her face on his man-sized cock.

He could feel his cock enter her warm mouth. After a few seconds of her head bobbing up and down on his erection while at the same time licking his head, he was onil ethiopian sex vidfrre douwnlod to come. She somehow sensed the coming orgasm and picked up speed, and added hands to the mix. She was now moving so fast the she was a blonde blur moving back and forth, but the moment her hands grabbed his balls he could not contain himself any longer.

With an explosion of sperm he came right in her eager mouth, which never stopped moving or licking. She swallowed each load as it came. When he was done he expected her to get up and leave but she kept sucking and licking his half soft dick. After a few minutes of work though he was hard and ready for the next round. When he was back at full strength the beauty stood up but kept a good hold on his dick with one of her hands.

She lead him the bed. She lay down with her long, beautiful legs spread wide open for the boy. She kept pulling him closer with his dick until he was poised right in front of her entrance.

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He looked at her pussy, which other than a small trimmed bush was hairless. He took hold of dick and slowly entered a woman for the first time. He had never had sex before but he ad seen enough porn to know what to do. He slowly pushed his dick into the tight pussy. He managed to get his head completely in and he needed to take a break.

The woman's pussy was much tighter and wetter than he had imagined it to be. He slowly pushed on and managed to fit his entire cock inside of her. Just as slowly he pulled out, and soon had rhythm going. His strokes were long and slow at first, but as he got used to the sensation he started to pick up speed. He was going faster and harder with each stroke. Every time he pounded his cock into the blonde he could hear a moan of pleasure escape.

Soon the sound of his bed hitting the wall accompanied the woman's moans. Scared that his family would hear he decided to changes things around. He pulled out of the woman and pulled her up off the bed. He then took her place and lay down on the bed. The woman, taking his cue, straddled his waist. She grabbed his throbbing dick and guided it to her hungry cunt. This time there was no slow build. When she was sure his cock was inside her she made sarah gisele hot amateur fingering for boyfriend she rode it as hard as humanly possible.

For ten minutes she rode his cock hard. Moving up and down, back and forth, grinding her hips into him. While she was riding her prized stallion he managed to get to feel her huge breasts. They were soft and ample and filled his hands perfectly. The only better that holding her tits and pinching her rock hard nipples was watching those tit bounce wildly around.

After a while though he could feel his second orgasm building.

He knew that within a matter of seconds he would cum. "Oh baby I'm gonna cum." He didn't know if he wanted to keep fucking her and cum inside that magically wonderful cunt, or do it like the porn stars and cum all over her pretty little face. Then for the first time the woman spoke. She had a soft high pitch voice, but she was breathing hard and the pleasure from the experience could be heard in her voice. "Oh Brad I want to feel you cum deep inside me." That was all it took to set him off.

Once more he exploded inside of this incredibly hot woman, emptying his balls. He lay there for a few minutes feeling his cock soften inside the woman. Somehow he found the strength to stand up and walk over to the book on the floor. He opened it and wrote on the same line that created her, "her name was Kim. Kim disappeared for the time being but would return when ever I want her." With that last english ful open sex in urdu movi he closed the book.

Felt the familiar tingle and turned around to see his empty, stained bed. He could hear his mother call him down for dinner, and he could not help but smile as he thought of all the fun he could have with Kim and his new book.