Slut loves to get her ass plowed

Slut loves to get her ass plowed
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Craig was an average guy. He was of average height, average intelligence, et cetera. He was sitting on his front porch on a Friday night, bored as ever with his friend Pete. Pete was also fairly normal with the exception of his height. They were unconsciously watching the girls across the street, Amelia and Jennifer, who were dancing in their bikini's through the lawn sprinkler. Craig knew Amelia fairly well, she was at his school and had been his neighbor for around two years.

Craig was normally good at controlling his hormones, but Amelia broke him. She was a 17 year old brunette with the perfect body, the kind where you just stare in disbelief, disbelief in that there was something so perfect in the world. He always stared up and down as long as he could, before being noticed, awing at her perfect ankles, her perfect legs, her perfect ass, her perfect breasts, her perfect arms, and her beautiful face. At school she dressed not to impress, but as long as she wore those gym shorts, she would have Craig pretty freaking impressed.

Outside of school, though, she wore a pare of fat mom and friends daughter the stepsis conversion. These jeans were Craig's favorite thing in the world.

They were skin tight, had enough holes for a good view of her bottom half, and because the waist was too tight, she left them unbuttoned and unzipped. This gave the view of her neatly trimmed pubic hair. As you can imagine this drove Craig insane. As a friendly girl does, Amelia went over to talk to them, bringing her hot friend with.

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"Hey guys, whatcha doin?" Coming out of the trance Craig replied, "Not much, just hanging out." "Yeah. Well we were just about to go in and watch something or something, you wanna come?" "Yeah sure." They both said in their best attempt at a relax tone.

So they all went in, watched some TV and Youtube, but that became old fairly quickly. Jennifer suggested truth or dare as their cure, and so they began to play. "Truth or dare Jennifer?" Pete asked. "Dare me up." "Hmmm." he said as he thought. With a smile on his face he said, "I dare you two girls to kiss." "Whoa whoa whoa, what?" Craig said, trying to hide is anger towards his stupid friend.

They stared each other down, trying to have a silent conversation until they were interrupted by Amelia. "Whatever." The two leaned in to the center of the circle and kissed for a few seconds, and returned to their seats. The boys were wide eyed and realized that big butt slut gets licked pornstars and amateur game just got serious, and a lot more fun.

"Alright, Craig, I dare you to go run around the block in your boxers." Amelia said. "Whoa," Craig said, smiling, "I never said truth or dare." "Oh who cares, truth is boring," Jennifer exclaimed.

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The two boys could not argue with that, and so Craig completed his dare. They then went through everyone twice, getting everyone to do something like Craig's dare, if not the same thing exactly, which left the girls in their bras and panties, and the boys in their boxers. Craig and Pete were getting nervous, hoping not to disrupt the disrobing process at all, which actually lead to the delay of nakedness.

It was Jennifer who was the one who broke the barrier, daring Craig to toss his boxers. Craig blushed as he got up, pulled them down, and returned to his seat. There he was, his cock just laying on his knee as he sat cross legged.

He felt proud, he was taking pretty well actually. Next came Craig's turn. "Alright girls, time to take off the bras," He said, almost trembling in anticipation.

He was about to have two topless, beautiful, 17 year old girls in front of him. They obeyed, and took off their bras. Both had very perky breasts, Amelia with size 34C and Jennifer with 32C. Next came Jennifer's turn where she had Pete remove his boxers too. From there they went through three cycles, all dealing with the play of their exposed parts. The boys had the girls jump up and down, touch each others, and let them play with their tits.

The girls, on the other hand, hentai blondie gangbanged by men in masks the boys stroke themselves enough to get hard, and then groped their cocks and balls.

They were all getting very aroused now, and having a lot of fun while doing so. Craig knew he wanted to make the next advance, and considered having the girls get completely nude, or have Amelia give him his first blowjob. He decided on the blowjob. "Amelia, I want you to suck me." Without hesitation the brunette got up, making her breasts bounce some more, and bent over his cock, and started sucking.

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The three watched her in amazement, while her breasts were bouncing up and down as she did with his cock in mouth. He ejactulated into her mouth, which she spit out.

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"Well she is 17," Craig thought. "Pete I dare you to let me give you a blowjob," Jennifer said. "Um, what? Can she do that?" Pete asked the group.

Jennifer made her way over to him, grabbed his cock, and stuck it into her mouth. She then did what Amelia did to Craig. During Pete's turn he had the girls make out for a few minutes, mostly to take time to recover.

They began their kiss with a hug and kiss combination, pressing tits together. They rolled down onto the floor, off their knees, and lay side to side, making out. It was a beautiful site, and although Pete did not get to take in his doing, Craig did, making him more horney then ever. At the same time Amelia was also building up inside.

For her dare, she dared Jennifer and herself to go completely nude, to take off their bikini bottoms. They both dropped the clothes that were left, revealing their beautiful pussies. "Damn!" Craig exclaimed. "You like boys?" Jennifer said, as they both twirled around, giving the boys a view of everything. Craig and Pete were speechless.

"Alright, girls, I dare you both to put pieds dans la cul lesbian in your pussies, and keep it there all night." "And what would be that, that we stick into our pusses?" Jennifer asked, with a grin on her face. With that the boys went through the house for a few minutes, looking for penis shaped objects. They came back with a full water bottle and cucumber. The girls did as they were told, which was struggle for Amelia, since she did not have the same masturbation history as her friend.

The boys kindly helped. As part of the fun of the dare they decided to take a break, watch some movie, to have the girls filled for two hours.

After that, the girls were tired of waiting, and demanded cocks to fill them. Craig took Amelia and Pete took Jennifer. Craig grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it against Amelia's pussy, teasing her. He counted down in his head from three, and then entered without warning. He went back and forth on her, doing the best he could for a virgin. Across from them Pete was fucking Miya khalifa sexy story sex stories, and they moved so the girls could face each other, kissing each other once in a while.

They all reached climax while fucking except Jennifer, who was then taken care of by Amelia's mouth, which was a great site to cool down from for the boys.