Brunette babe abigail loves to get fucked

Brunette babe abigail loves to get fucked
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Due to a surgical wound a nurse comes to our home every day to take care of the wound. One of the nurses is a gorgeous babe of about 25 years old. As I laid on the bed while she dressed the wound, I noticed that she moved in close and pressed her pelvis against my crotch. She pressed up against me several times, just long enough so I could feel the warmth of her body reaching mine.

It didn't last very long, so I managed to keep my erection from becoming too noticeable.

The following day, she had let down her hair, her blonde curls cascading down her face and shoulders. As she touched me gently, she pressed her pelvis up against me. I noticed that the tiny blonde hairs on her arm, which was close to my face, stood up on little goose bumps. The next day, she made a show of carefully examining the wound, before dressing it. Leaning over me this way and that, I glanced down her top and had milf rides stepsons cock pornstars and mature fantastic view inside her tunic.

She was not wearing a bra, and I concluded that she was intentionally showing me her small firm breasts, with tiny brown nipples. The following day, I talked my wife into hiding in another room when I let the nurse in, and we went through our routine.

She was wearing a short skirt under her white tunic, with black tights covering her long legs. Before she applied the bandage, she again gave me a show of her gorgeous breasts, and leaned into me with her pelvis. I didn't bother to contain my growing erection, and she had to have felt it growing in my boxers. I reached around and tentatively touched the nearest thigh from behind. Since this could not have been an accident, I waited for her reaction. I heard and saw a brief intake of breath, but she did not slap me.

So I slowly slid my hand up. Suddenly I was touching the skin of her tight ass. Her tights were cut away around her ass cheeks, which I now proceeded to feel up. She sighed, leaned over me with her eyes closed and rested both arms on the mattress below me. Her tunic fell open at the neck and I could see her firm tits again; this time her nipples were hard and protruding. My hand caressed her soft ass, and near as I could tell she was not wearing any underwear. I used my free hand to undo the buttons of her tunic, which was easy to do since it is intended to be outerwear over a t-shirt, and the buttons are not a tight fit.

When it fell open I gazed at the most perfect pair of breasts I have ever seen up close and personal. Her nipples were even harder than when I'd seen them earlier. I carefully touched one breast. It was so firm that it did not dangle. The nipple was like a rock on a soft mound. When I touched her, she bit her lip as if to restrain the groan I heard escaping her. I reluctantly let go of her wonderful ass and used both hands to caress her breasts, and then moved them down her slim waist.

I moved my hands to her back and slid her tunic up, over her shoulders and head. I gazed intently at this gorgeous creature leaning over me. She had a diamond studded bellybutton ring, just a hint of a tummy, an hour glass figure and of course, those beautiful breasts.

In taking off her tunic she had moved up a bit and one nipple was just inches from my mouth. I took it between my lips and teased it. I could hear her gasp in pleasure. I took the nipple and most of her tit into my mouth and sucked like a baby.

She literally shuddered. I slid my hand down to her waist again and encountered the loose elastic band of her skirt. My hands slid under it without resistance. Lying there as Mom and son anal seduce rough was, I could not get down her beyond her ass, but she was ready for this.

Without changing the angle of her upper body, she reached behind her and moved her skirt down her hips. I felt her wiggle her hips and the skirt probably fell to the floor. I was too busy touching her firm abs with my hands to notice.

Then her hands were on me, touching my nipples, moving down slowly to my tented boxers. She carefully pulled them down. When she turned her back to guide my boxers down to my feet, I could see her perfect ass. She was indeed not wearing any underwear. She turned back to me and smiled. She raised one leg to put it on the bed on the other side of me, and I saw that her pussy was completely shaved. Her dark labia were slightly swollen and distended.

I could glimpse pink below her clit, and she was already dripping with cum. From the corner of my I eys I saw her long, black (the tights, remember) leg sailing over me. I was not about to look away from her glistening cunt. She straddled me, sitting up on her knees, giving me a perfect view of her shaved cunt.

I felt my cock spring to attention before her. She looked at it with lustful glee. I wanted in the worst way for her to crawl up my body, so I could place my mouth on her shaved mound, suck the living daylight (and cum) out of her, and pleasure her, but she had other plans for me. She shimmied up me until she was poised above my penis. She took hold of my throbbing shaft and guided it to her moist sex. Then she slowly impaled herself on me.

She was tight but extremely wet. My dick slid into her and I watched it disappear into her, until her clit touched my abdomen. I looked up her body slowly. Her abs flexed as she started to gyrate on my cock. The diamond in her bellybutton glistened in the light. Her breasts swayed a bit in this position, but were still firm and pointy. Her nipples had grown even more. As I marvelled at her breasts and nipples her hands came up and she caressed herself, moaning with pleasure.

Her blonde curls moved slowly, her gorgeous face was serene with pleasure. She alternately gasped with little shivers and bit her lip. Her eyes were closed. Her forehead was creased in concentration, looking for the right spot to guide my cock to inside of her.

When she'd find the pleasure spot in her cunny, her forehead would smooth out, she would smile. Every so often her eyes would open, only to reveal the whites of her eyes. She was clearly doing this for her own pleasure, which was fine with me, because it was giving me tremendous pleasure to watch her enjoy herself. After a while she leaned back, placing her hands on my knees. I could tell this was working for her, because her eyes were rolled in the back of her head, her mouth was open, as her breathing became more rapid.

Her chest above her gorgeous breasts started turning red. Her abs were rippling and I could feel her cunt starting to contract. Suddenly she started gasping and she squeezed my cock repeatedly as she started to cum. I could feel her juices gather around my dick and slip out past it as she started bouncing up and down on my more vehemently.

After a long orgasm, she fell forward and rested on her arms. I took her hard nipples into my mouth and teased them while she calmed down. After a while I reached around, found her ass and pushed her gently up until she her soaking cunt was above my mouth. I started licking xxx hinda storys dowdloads saree main pani wali qurbani wali, using my hands on her ass to guide her to the right vantage point.

Her clit was warm and tender; she would shudder whenever my lips or tongue touched it. Her vagina was open girl boobs inject by injection animated not about to close. When I put my mouth over it and inserted my tongue, I could taste her cum. Within moments she was gasping again, while leaning against the headboard do the bed.

I could feel her legs begin to squeeze me intense anal session with a blonde looker she came again. Her cunt contracted and s small gush of cum came out in my mouth. I swallowed it gleefully. Then she came three more times as she pushed her sex into my mouth.

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Breathing heavily she moved down my body, tracing her lips around my wound, my nipples, my navel and finally towards my frantic cock. She moved down, but in order to be able to stay on the bed, she had to make herself small, pushing her luscious ass in the air. Her legs were still in those sexy black tights. Her upper legs were brown from being out in the sun, I could see a tan line from her bikini, and her ass cheeks were lily white. I could have cum just looking at her sexy body, but then her lips were around me and I was inside her mouth.

She sucked me tender, sucked me rough. She teased me, tasted my balls, wrapped her lips around the head of my dick. She seemed to know instinctively how to bring me so far and then to, wait long enough for my cock to settle down. She would change tactics and again would bring me right to "the edge". That's when I saw my wife.

She had heard my nurse cum the second time, and decided enough was enough. She had undressed in the other room, and was now quietly approaching the bed. My nurse was so wantonly attacking my dick, that she did not notice her. I could well imagine the view my wife had of this woman's tight ass and cunny as it moved slowly back and forth in tandem with her oral administrations.

I saw that she had a dildo in her hand, and noticed her aiming carefully as she moved in. I lost sight of what she was doing, but when my nurse suddenly gasped, and firmly closed her mouth around my dick, I knew my wife had penetrated her.

Nurses are anything but stupid, so she recovered quickly and said: "Hi there, feel free to fuck me too." Which is exactly what my wife did with abandon. She was pushing the dildo so deep into my nurse's dripping cunt, that she pushed her away from my dick. When Her cunt was positioned in the area of my dick, my wife removed the dildo.

The nurse's eyes had been closed in ecstasy, so I don't think she knew exactly where her sex was, only that it was being pounded while I fondled her breasts and caressed her figure. When the dildo was removed, she actually complained with a disappointed moan. My wife and I pushed and pulled her into a sitting position, but before she could think to open her eyes, my wife had positioned my dick below her and pushed down on her shoulders so she slumped onto my impaling organ again.

Her eyes flew open, she cried out in surprise and I saw her eyes roll back into her head. My wife slowly pushed against the nurse's back until she bent down. I saw her breasts come towards me and was ready with a willing tongue.

Her hair cascaded on my face, as she snuggled her fact into my neck and shoulders. I caressed her back, her skin was amazingly soft and she smelled like flowers and sex. With all those blond curls in my face I couldn't see what my wife was doing next. I felt the nurse suddenly tense up in my arms. I heard a sharp intake of breath from her and then a sigh as she groaned in pleasure. She began to shiver, and just then I felt something rub against my penis inside of the shivering creature pretty chick in darksome dress drilled hard top of me.

I realized that my wife had taken the dildo, which had to be soaked with my nurse's copious juices and pushed it gently inside her anus. The gorgeous woman on my chest began to move. At first I thought she wanted to get away from that anal penetration. But then I realized she was moving very slowly and up and down.

As she moved up and my penis started to withdraw from her cunt, I could feel the dildo in her ass going in, chasing my penis in the tight available space of this woman's body. She continued to fuck herself like this for a while, becoming more insistent. I caressed her hair, ran my hands up her back and sides, kissed her head, basically did every gently thing I could think of to contrast the rough treatment she was giving her pussy and anus.

When I was about to explode I felt an arm moving between my body and the nurse's body. It had to be my wife's arm, I knew where mine and the nurses were. Her fingers slithered down between us parker swayze and ryland ann horny threesome action they found, what I assumed had to be the nurse's clit. I could barely sense a finger moving back and forth, up and down.

I could hear my nurse's breathing becoming more laboured as she approached orgasm. Suddenly she gasped and brought forth little yelps. Her body stiffened on top of me. Her cunt grasped my dick. I felt the dildo slide beside my dick as my wife slowly drove it deep inside my nurse's quivering body. Her cunt released and grasped my dick repeatedly as she came violently in my arms. I felt my semen gather speed and raised my hips.

She hardly weighed a thing and I easily thrust my erupting penis deeper inside of her wet sex and emptied myself into her. She collapsed on top of me afterwards and my wife slowly removed the dildo from her anus. She said it gaped for nearly a minute, while she kissed and licked it in an attempt to get it to close. Well, that's what my wife said she intended. I caressed my nurse's back and kissed her on the head.

When she finally started to sit up, I kissed her deeply on the lips, while my wife kissed her deeply on the ass. I think we French Kissed her at the same time, because she began to shudder again, and I'm not that good of a kisser. She whispered in my ear, that she had to get to her next patient, and got off me. My wife took one look at her breasts, walked over, pushed her gently against the closet and began to kiss and lick her tits.

Her nipples immediately hardened again. My dick responded in kind. She mumbled something about needing to get dressed and leaving, and my wife released her. All she needed to put on was her white real drunk wife tricked intthreesome and shoes (when did they come off?).

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I am guessing that she had left her bra and undies in her car. She had obviously intended to seduce me, but ended up getting more satisfaction than she expected.

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When we heard the front door close, my wife jumped on the bed and we made love for another hour. Maybe I'll tell you about that another time?