Slender tighty teen busted and fucked by a mall cop

Slender tighty teen busted and fucked by a mall cop
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Married at 19mum soon after I'm now 36. I worked my way up through my company from sales secretary to area sales manager for North West and wales, which is a bit strange as I live in London. For 15 years I have spent at least 6 nights a month except December sleeping in hotels out of a suitcase. Its good money busty blonde pornstar luna star anal rammed on pool table I love my job, I have some great customers who I have known since the beginning and I would almost consider as friends.

As a young sales rep they would hit on me, but my refusals to entertain them, in more ways than one, built their respect for my professionalism and my sales targets were knocked over resulting in promotion after promotion until now I have my own sales team of 4 reps and two managers.

Its hard looking after a team and still having to achieve my own personal targets, but I love putting in the hours. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of women who have demanding jobs, but we don't neglect our families.

My daughter is legal age now and still gets loads of attention from her mum. I take her horse riding Mondays and Thursdays and we go to church together, she has just joined me in the choir. She gets top marks at school and is a great kid.

no longer a virgin but no where near being a slut. Ironic that it should have been me that gave the talk. My husband is a skilled wood worker, when he gets special commissions he can earn a lot aki sora episode 1 english dubbed money, sadly they are few and far between.

Which is why my salary and bonuses are the core of the family income. He is 45 and I have known him since I was 16, when he was subcontracted to do some panel work at my parents. After two years, he asked my parents if he could date me and three years later he asked my dad if he could marry me. Whatever you read about me later, however you may judge me, I love my husband but 4 years ago he developed a neurological disease, which has caused him to be impotent and that is the only dissatisfying aspect to our marriage.

At first he tried to satisfy me with his tongue and finger, but I could tell his heart was not in it and slowly we have drifted sexually, but we are no less in love.

He suggested that we have separate rooms but I will have none of that. The obvious solution would have been to meet someone and have a relationship during my trips away. But I did not want to potentially get involved and risk my families happiness. So a relationship was not on the cards.

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About me, I am not unattractive. I am slim, with a 34C bust which remains firm, hardly any semblance of stretch marks. my hair is brunette and shoulder length to match my big brown eyes and slightly olive coloured complexion, I have full lips and a large mouth which is my worst feature, although a lot of men think its my best but then they tend to be looking at the top of my head bobbing up and down when they do.

I'm intelligent witty . I think and successful. I work out daily if I am at home and have a flat stomach to prove it petite blonde babe fucks naughty pawnmans cock for money pretty good guns. I always used to trim but now i shave or wax. I dress modestly, not too much flesh on display, skinny, but never camel toe, jeans, high neck lines. We are pillars of the community. I don't have tattoos or piercings, although my husband does have tatoo sleeves and enjoyed pictures of naked tattoo girls.

I stay in hotels a lot, fortunately I sell high turnover, high value items so my company puts me up in good hotels for instance last time I was in Manchester I stayed in The Lowery! Unlike budget hotels I stay in hotels that have nice bars and serve good wine and food.

I often get hit on in bars like 5 times out of 6, maybe by two or three different guys.

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I politely accept their offers of a drink, but never anything more. It just was not babalu is a thick juicy brazilian cock whore the hassle. By the time I was 32 I had had two cocks my husband's and the teenager who took my cherry.

The frustration of no home sex life was relieved by porn and toys. As time had progressed I had got into stronger porn but not extreme or hardcore, just enough to get me off. I did not need the hassles of guys in bars and casual sex, which as my numbers of partners tells you, I never did. That was until one evening in the bar soon after my 33rd birthday. I was sitting in the corner of the bar in the Hilton Four seasons, dinner was done and I was on my second glass of white wine soda spritzer.

As ever a guy came over and offered me a drink. I did not want anymore, so I thanked him and said no. "Do you mind if I sit with you!" I looked him up and down, mid fifties, full head of hair, greying, stocky without being too over weight, soft cheshire accent.

I pulled the seat for him and he sat down. He had strong blue piercing eyes and as we talked it was his eyes that mesmerized me. Its only now I realise I was his prey and he was stalking me. I was a rabbit and he was a snake, his eyes had entranced me. After half an hour as we talked, I succumbed to a low calories cola. I was enjoying his company and enthralled by his eyes. His hands were a bit touchy feely but on my arms and hands, nothing intimate, but I could feel my self getting turned on.

In fact I went to the toilets and my under wear was soaked. Aware of their dampness and likely discomfort of sitting in them and the fact they were an old pair, I removed them and threw them into the bin.

As I returned, he was not at the table, my heart missed a beat .

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had he left, had he deserted me and then there was rich relief as he walked back into the bar. I was surprised at this feeling. "Sorry I had to top up my parking ticket " "Oh I thought you were staying here!" "No I own a property 5 minutes from here" Laughing, he added " I come here to pick up and corrupt innocent business women." I heard my self say "Sounds like fun" What the fuck was I saying.

He did not react, but there was a change in his demeanor and a sly smile on his lips. We were now sitting closer, he continued to be touchy feely, but now it was more intimate, firstly stroking my back .

we were so close my mouth was aching to kiss him, then he stroked my breast through my blouse and his hand slipped up my thigh slowly and surely before he discovered my bare pussy. He did not need to say anything he just asserted his authority on me. The coke had now changed to beer and the gentle stimulation and alcohol had me horny as hell and he knew it.

Whilst I'd never had a hotel liaison before I had fantasized to it and had developed strict rules about who would be in control and that would be me, but the rules had changed in reality. In fantasy we would go to my room, but In reality he had taken my hand and led me to the car park. His absence whilst I was in the wash room had been due to him paying for my hotel room and having the hotel pack my things into his car.

My car was driven by the hotel valet to his home. None of this knew, except I was being led by him and I had no objection. In fact I was thinking why not just this once let yourself free, enjoy it, you love sex so have it. Standing next to the passenger door, he pushed me back, we kissed, long deep, passionate, his tongue in my mouth, my tongue playing back.

He stood between my legs, hoisted my skirt to my hips and found my soaking pussy, and then my clit. "You are mine, I am owning you from now, your innocence mercy hardcore fuck big cock new porn game play free lost… you will return to your husband, but you will be my whore…… say it!" What the fuck, my mind said but I heard the words " I am your whore, my innocence is lost." And it is true that evening I lost all semblance of prudish thought and became open to the world.

Reluctantly, for both of us he withdrew his fingers from inside me and presented them to my mouth, to be licked clean, and I duly obliged. We had been in the bar for about three hours and he had slowly brought me to the boil like the expert chef he was.

As I discovered layer the mild aphrodisiac he dropped in my drink helped too. I was sexually drunk, uninhibited, lost and reliant totally on him. When we sat in the car, my skirt still around my waist the aphrodisiac he supplied me with was of course a sexual stimulant, further removing my inhibitions.

As he revved up the engine, I spontaneously wanted to do something for him, and raised one leg on to the dash board spreading myself wide, so he could watch and drive while I played with myself. I think that little display surprised and delighted him, my development had gone further than he expected. It was a 5 minute journey as he had said but I still managed two enormous orgasms.

I have a big house, but his drive was bigger than the square footage of my home, we drove up and parked outside his mansion. I got out and he came round and kissed, his hands all over me. Pushed me against the car, his fingers slipped in side me, his thumb on my clit. I was cuming and this time a deep, hard cum!

"oh my god, oh my god, fuck me fuck me" "Soon my dear, soon" I exploded and my bladder released, there was nothing I could do to stop my bodies involuntary reaction to the evening and this assault on my clit. He let me go and I slid down the car on to the wet floor.

I was a mess. "Liked that?" I nodded yes, that's all the strength I had. He lifted me up and still out side his house he stripped me.

"We will collect your wet things later" and he half led half carried me in. By the time we got inside my composure had returned, I was drunk, horny but compas mantas and in super hot brunette gets her pussy stretch with big cock pornstars hardcore control of my faculties.

He threw me a towel to clean my self off and another to sit on his couch while he poured me a tequila. I looked at the clock and it was inly a few hours since id met this man but I felt thoroughly comfortable sitting naked with him and the decisions I had made. He came over and stood in front of me . im old enough to know what a man wants when his groin is at face level.

I was pleased to note how hard he was as I kissed his manhood through his trousers. Kissing, nibbling, biting . he moaned and groaned and that was just kissing his trousers covered, I then proceeded to unzip him, undo his trousers and expose his dick.

It was oozing precum, which I quickly cleaned up with my tongue before taking him deeply into my mouth. It was a nice dick, quite madelyn marie preparing tfuck her best friend, about 7 ½ inches long, very veiny and with a lot of foreskin.

Its ages since I played with foreskin, I love nibbling it, biting it, running my tongue behind it, cleaning it with my tongue. He began again to take control, pumping into my mouth, while he held the back of my head. Then I could not move as he literally fucked my face, I felt like I was just a fuck hole and I did not care. He held my head hard against his pubis, his cock lodged in my throat, I just about managed to breath through my nose. "I've asked a coule of mates to join us!" And then I realised I could hear footsteps.

He pulled me offf his cock and stood me up.

Two guys stood there, both late 50's early 60's, still fully dressed but their arms betrayed guys that had looked after themselves, massive biceps.

Could I say no, as they advanced, should I say no? I had a daughter and a husband &hellip. the truth of the matter is if i'd said no they would have raped me, so there was no real choice and the idea and the facts of the situation excited me and my response was "Hi" The three guys introduced themselves, my befriender was Jerry and the other two were Frank and George.

They were three retired chemists who had developed their own sex drugs. Jerry said we were going to the bedroom and at the same time put a choke best xxx story by sunny leon and lead around my throat and led me up the stairway, making sure the chain was tight without marking or totally closing my airways. The bedroom was amazing, it was a sex emporium, a massive bed, cameras all around and screens on the wall. Jerry laid me on the bed and told me to open my legs, the screen on the wall flickered on and there was my pussy exposed.

A little ticker flicked into motion, later I was to find out that was number of viewers. Jerry took his index and middle finger and opened my lips, by now Frank and George were naked and watching, grinning as my innermost was exposed and the ticker was now in double digits. I could hear them saying what a whore I was, how I would have a night to remember, how I was going to be bred tonight, no condoms total bareback. "shit" I thought to myself as I was probably my most fertile of the month but I said nothing.

Frank and George were stroking their cocks, when Jerry began to kiss and lick my pussy. I held his head, he was good, kissing, licking probing. I needed those other cocks and George came over, got onto the bed knelt by my face grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth, Jerry was probing my pussy and my ass as his finger pushed into my tight ass he raised his head, "shes fucking tight!" "Fucking ass virgin, lovely" says Frank George was well into fucking my face, my throat opened by Jerry was taking him with ease, before Jerry told him to pull out, laid down and told me to straddle his cock.

I did as I was told and lowered myself, impaled myself. I leaned forward, arms outstretched resting my palms on Jerrys shoulders and riding his cock.

His hands reached up and held my breasts . kneading tjem like dough, squeezing, then as I got more into it, twisting and pulling both my breasts and my nipples. Behind us as I bounced Frank used his finger on my ass hole, spuring me on with new sensations, a jar of elbow grease lube had appeared and he used this to insert first one then two and finally three fingers in my forbidden and tight hole, each new digit was greeted with a gasp although I was not sure if the pain came from the manipulation of my breast or the insertions in my ass, whatever, it was sending waves of ecstacy through me.

George stood on thr bed and as I bounced presented his cock to my mouth. All of these guys had copious foreskin. I was in heaven and each of these guys were in me. Finally, Jerry pulled me forward by my nipples before putting his arms around me so that my bare breasts met his bare chest, George knelt so he could pummel my face, his balls just above Jerrys face.

Frank manouvered behind me, he straddled Jerrys legs and ran his cock up and down between my spread butt cheeks, leaving a trail of precum, before stopping at my butt hole. "Don't resist" Jerry whispered in my ear, as Frank began to push, gently, slowly millimetre by millimetre, opening me up.

Each millimeter hurt, but I wanted him inside me, I wanted to lose my anal cherry. Jerry stayed hard inside my pussy, moaning slightly as he felt brutal teen ass fucking and anal bondage analmal training cock in my ass pushing down on his motionless cock, with only the thinnest of membranes between them.

"God she is fucking tight" He pushed past my sphincter and it was then easier as he began to make greater ground and Jerry began to thrust and withdraw. George had stepped back knowing that as I received I might bite down and he was not into losing his dick right now.

Soon the pain eased as the two guys inside me got into a rhythm, which they had perfected over years of double penetration and I could really feel it as they both were pumping me, somehow I got the rhythm too and we were fucking away two cocks sliding in and out of, George was jerking right in front of my face, I was in an ecstatic lust. I did not think about my husband, but wondered what my daughter would think if she ever walked in on me like this and that just about pushed me over the top and my whole body spasmed, crushing the two cocks inside me which in themselves were pushed over the top and I felt both cocks harden further and them spew their hot liquid deep inside me, maybe seeking out my unprotected ovaries.

And finally, George shot into my face over my lips into my mouth The three of us collapsed in a heap and the two cocks plopped out of my body, sperm dribbling out of both orifices. Frank rolled onto the floor, lying there. All three guys were not particularly long but were thick girthed and I was amazed at the flaccid cock that had been in my ass.

It had felt the size of a bicep but infact was still bigger than my wrists. "Fuck, you were good he said, so fucking tight, you better come back again!" I smiled, an exhausted, tired but satisfied smile. George looked at the screen, a close up on my dripping ass hole and the counter showed 1,000 viewers and it had peaked at 5,500. I laid down over Jerrys body, dripping from two holes. Jerry whispered "move up, straddle me" I was confused.

George and Frank smiled knowingly, as I straddled his chest. "Higher, cover my face!" Suddenly I was alert again. "The cum will drip on you" He smiled, I shrugged my shoulders and shuffled up over his face. Oh my god, he licked, and sucked his and Franks cum out of me.

His tongue probed deep in my pussy, then moved to my ass and cleaned up my thighs. My hand had to go down and play with my pussy, this was beyond anything erotic I had ever experienced. George came round behind me, I felt Jerrys legs pushed behind my back as he ate me.

Jerrys mouth between my legs and his legs over Georges shoulders as he pushed his cock inside Jerry. And to make the coupling complete Frank pushed his cock in my mouth &hellip. It was indescribable! We all came together, Frank shot his load deep in my throat and then over my face, George in Jerrys ass and I juiced all over Jerrys face .

it was magic. I again lay down over Jerry as he hugged me while licking any remnants of cum off my face, the other two guts disentangled themselves dressed and kissed me on the top of my head goodbye and I drifted into an exhausted but very satisfied sleep.

I woke up the next morning in a double bed, Jerry sat in an armchair watching me. I smiled, I was fortunate my first meeting of the day was in the afternoon, I had plenty of time. After giving Jerry another blow job I got ready. "Till the next time" said Jerry, as I left &hellip. "Oh yes . " I replied Within 24 hours I had gone from respectable business woman, wife, mother and church goer to a slut … my inner whore was released and there was no going back.

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