Night club foot fetish and big tits rough fuck one of the very first things you will

Night club foot fetish and big tits rough fuck one of the very first things you will
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Ahn was sitting in her dressing room after the show in Baton Rouge. She was sitting with her leg up on the chair. I came into the dressing room, wearing a black sweater and jeans, with my usual smile.

I stood in front of her enjoying the view of her panties, then I walk over giving her a peck on the cheek as I made my way to the nearest chair and sat down. " How are you, Ahn?" " I'm fine," She said distractedly, trying to remember me. " Is my agent with you?" " No," I said. " He called asking me to come see your show." " Oh," She said, not registering.

She skinny bint has her tight asshole drilled in a moment that I was the possible investor in her music and band.

" Oh, sorry John for not recognizing you sooner." I shook my head. Ahn stood up standing close to me, my stubbled lower lip brushs her chin. She shakes her head against my face, her eyelashes brushing my eyes. My finger sifted up the hair at the back of her neck. I kiss her. "Just don't," She said. My hands tighten on her shoulders. " Why did you come here?" She said. She was uncomfortably pressing aganist me, thinking she was comfronting me. My hands wrapped around her arms holding her tight aganist me.

She was off-balance. My lips grazed her cheek, then pushed firmly into the corner of her mouth. " I can't-," She breathed into my mouth.

I look into her eyes. " Can't what?" I murmur. What was happening? Ahn couldn't stop me from pushing her back into the chair. Ahn could feel me begin slender beauty has her moist cunt plowed undue her blouse.

" John, don't-" She breathed into my mouth. Our tongues touching. Ahn didn't know what to do, as long as she kissed me she thought I'd leave the blouse alone. " Don't do something you'll regret," Ahn managed to gasp out as I caressed her midsection. I reached down and pulled her skirt up. I laid warm hands over her cold thighs. She jumped. " John!" Ahn tried to push me away and get up from the chair.

I lean in closer to her, " Where do you think you're goin'?" I chuckle. My hand filled with her hair pulling her back, forcing her towards me instead. Reflexively she looks at my face. I was smiling mischievously again, my eyes sparkling with that same sense of delight at her appearance that I had for quite sometime.

" I ain't done with you yet," I grin. " I ain't lettin' a sweet angel like you get away that easy." My hand pulls at her hair, drawing her head downward, " Get down there and suck my cock," I tell her. " You want to play on the dirty side, so play.

Suck me until I get hard. Suck my cock, sweet angel." My hand pulls harder, more insistently, guiding her down along my body. Instinctively she reachs out with one hand and grabs my soft cock, wrapping her fingers around it.

She feels the coating of sweat on it, intending to wipe the majority of the sweat off with her hand she strokes the limp cock with her fingers. Before she pulls on it twice I shove her face into my crotch, forcing her to engulf my cock in her mouth. She feels the limp member slip past her lips, feels it fill her mouth. As her taste buds were suddenly assaulted, her nose fills with the scent of musk mixed with my sweat, she feels repulsed. She whimpers as I shove her face further into my crotch, made her engulf my entire monster cock.

Reflexively she swallows, sucking on the soft member and rolls her tongue over it. " Yes, suck it, suck it good," I tell her. " You suck on my cock like a good little angel and I'll give you more of it in your pussy. I'll fuck your sweet little tight pussy hard." Ahn's body feels weakshe manages to hold herself up while I hold her face buried in my crotch, my cock held in her warm, wet mouth.

She rolls her tongue across the sweat coated pole again and again as she sucks on it deeply. Seconds later she feels me reaching down, feels my hand grabbing her thigh and tugging on it. " Get up here.

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. . on your knees," I instruct her. " I wanna play with your pussy while you suck my cock." Struggling to keep my cock in her mouth she shifts and slides on to the sofa, pushing her ass up towards my head. When she got her body at an angle to me, her ass near my face, I make her climb onto her knees and spread her legs. In this new position she had her ass sticking into the air, with her legs parted so that I could stick my hand between them.

When my fingers brush across her swollen pussy lips her hips jerk in response. Sparks of passion runs through her body, warms her insides and fans the flames smoldering within her pussy. " Mmm-mmm," she whimpers around the flaccid cock between her lips. Ahn couldn't believe the way her passion is starting to burn, couldn't understand why she was becoming so aroused.

Instinctively she slides her knees on the sofa and spreads her legs further apart. Her hips pushing her crotch into my fingers as they play with her throbbing clit. In her mouth she feels my cock growing hard and twitchingsensing the first indications of it gaining life and she reflexively sucks harder. " Yes, suck it. Get me good and hard Ahn. " I breathe happily. My fingers playing with her pussy, stroking along her slit and slipping into her opening.

As two of my fingers penetrate her roughly, pushing inside and swirling against her upper wall she whimpers around my cock. Sloshing sounds reach her ears as my fingers begin to thrust in and out of her pussy, stirring the juices. My cock is hard between her lips. She swirls her tongue over it, sucking on it and sliding her lips up and down. With one hand she grasps the base and squeezes it. Her hunger building, she drops her hips lower, spreading her legs more, and pushing her cunt at my probing fingers.

" Mmm-mmm," she whimpers weakly as they drive deeper inside of her. I hold her hair, hold it tightly within my grasp as she sweet horny couple having great passionate sex her head up and down on my hard cock. Blood pumping into the member, making it hard and throbbing.

My fingers thrust harder into her pussy, pushing and rubbing inside of her with growing intensity. She feels her juices flowing heavily. Her tits were smashed against my thigh beneath her, the hard, sensitive nipples flattening into my hairs. " Mmm-mmm-mmmmmm," she whimpers as I push a third finger into her.

Her pussy growing hotter, her big black booty take on huge white dick building. Her hips starting to rock into my pumping fingers. She pants through her nose as she slides her lips up and down my cock, sucking hungrily on it. The duel actions of her pumping mouth and my driving fingers continue for several minutes with my rock hard cock throbbing painfully within her lips. Her own passions grow hotter from the actions too, her body responding to what is happening.

Her hips rocking faster on my fingers, pumping themselves with growing urgency. Suddenly one of my fingers slip from her wet pussy and pushes its way into her tight ass. The action was so swift and her state of arousal so intense that her sphincter never had a chance to tighten up, to prevent or even hamper the intrusion in the slightest.

My finger simply slides from within the hold of her pussy to be hot threesome session with a fit blonde european big tits past her little rose bud and into her anus with speed and ease. " Mmmm-mmm," she whimpers from the sudden sensation. Never before had Ahn's asshole been touched or probed in such a way, never had anyone even dared to come near it.

And now there she was, on a dressing room sofa on all fours, sucking a strange man's cock while I stuff my finger into her ass and roll it around a little. Through the thin membrane that separated them she feels the one finger rubbing against the two buried in her cunt, feeling my fingers wiggling and twisting in both her holes.

" Mmm-mmm," she whimpers as new, surprising sparks of lust races through her to fuel the heat within her pussy. " Mmmm-mmmm." Soon I begin to pump my fingers once again, pulling back then pushing forward all three fingers at once. The sensation of her two holes being simultaneously fucked like that causes Ahn to moan around my now completely hard cock, causing her hips to rock and push back at the assault.

" What a sweet upeksha swarnamali xxx sri lankan actress you have," I grunt behind her, my fingers pumping at her backside. " You ever have a hard thick cock in this sweet ass, Ahn?" The question causes Ahn to tense up as she realizes the implications of it. She feels her asshole tighten around my pumping finger, feeling her sphincter clenching around the finger. The action makes it difficult for me to continue my pushing and pulling actions, causing my fingers to freeze in place.

" Suck my cock, Ahn," I order roughly. The hand in her hair pushes down, stuffing her face into my crotch. She is forced to relax her throat and allow it to be penetrated by my hard thick cock, to deep throat the member. This causes the rest of her body to relax, her muscles to loosen, which was the effect that I desire. With the loosening up of her asshole my finger was able to probe at her ass with ease once more. Holding her face buried in my crotch for a moment, her nose pressed into my pubic hairs, my cock stuffing her mouth and throat, I used her body's vulnerability to slip a second finger from her cunt and into her ass.

This penetration of a second finger stretched her sphincter, sending bolts of pain coursing with ones of unrecognized pleasure to her lust filled pussy. Her body tenses with the desire she was feeling. As her head pushes up at the hand holding her face down, her ass jerked in the air. Once I had the second finger planted in her ass I allowed her to raise her face from my crotch.

She breathes in deeply with relief from the suffocating effect of having her throat blocked by my hard thick cock. Locking her fingers in place around its base she grips the member tightly to avoid another such assault. For a few minutes her ass remains still as I pump my fingers in and out of her different holes, now with only one in her wet cunt and the two stretching her sphincter.

I pumped them slower now, with less force and speed. Instead I seemed to slide them along with slow and deliberate ease, the two fingers rolling and twisting slightly as they stretch her pink hole slightly more with each passing second.

After a few dozen strokes I slid the fingers from her ass and push them into her cunt once more, rolling them around and coating them with her juices before pulling them back out and pushing them into her ass again.

I did this several more times while she continues to suck on my cock, sliding her lips up and down along its length, her tongue swirling over the fleshy pole. My treatment seemed to work on both her body and her mind. With each new insertion her sphincter seems less and less resistant to the penetration and with each removal her mind seems to be more unhappy with the loss.

Soon she was rocking her hips once again at my pumping fingers, rolling her ass in the air and humping herself at the fingers fucking her ass. " Mmm-mmm," she whimpers and mewes around my cock as the attentions stirred the flames of her lust higher and higher.

" Mmm-mmm." Sucking deeply she tastes my flesh and a small amount of precum. " Yes, Ahn. I can't wait to shove my cock in this sweet little ass of yours," I growl, pushing my fingers completely into her.

" This sweet, angel ass." This time when my words register it wasn't fear or trepidation that shot through Ahn's mind, instead a surprising sense of anticipation and desire.

" Mmm-mmm-mmmmmmmm," she whimpers, releasing the base of my cock with her hand and dropping her face freely into my crotch. A moment later I yank her mouth off of my cock, jerking it up and away with the fingers filled with her hair.

Busty hotties christy and kirsten fuck each other silly pull her away from my hard cock, pulling her lips from around it. As I did this I swung my body up and around with hers so that in an instant I was kneeling behind her as she remains on all fours on the dressing room sofa. The maneuverings made me remove my fingers from her holes and she whimpers from the mixture of their lose and the painful way I moved her. She feels my free hand lining my hard cock up with her wet pussy a second later she reflexively pushes back at it.

She was on her hands and knees, with her legs spread, her aching pussy being penetrated by my cock. Her long black hair was tied up in a knot around my clenching fingers, her head pulled back. Her bottom lip quivering, her eyes closed from the mixture of sensations shooting through her body. As soon as the first inches of my cock was enveloped within her wet pussy I released the base of it and grabbed a handful of her ass cheek, my fingers gripping the soft flesh tightly.

I then thrust myself forward, driving my cock completely into her, burying the entire length in her wetness. " God yes," I moan as I grind myself into her, rolling my hard cock around inside of her pussy. " That feels so good." Slowly I withdraw myself from her clasping muscles before driving forward again.

In quick succession I then pull myself back and ram forward several times, slamming my cock into her pussy with jack hammer force. Ahn rocks upon the sofa, ramming herself back at my hard charging cock and slamming her pussy along its length with each filling penetration.

Her passions were flaming inside of her, another orgasm beginning to emerge deep within her pussy as I thrust my cock in and out of her aching pussy. " Like it hard, don't you, Ahn?" I huffed as she whimpers several times. " Mmmoooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss," she groans. " Harder. Fuck me harder.

Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm." I pull on her hair, tugging her head back further. My other hand fills itself with one ass cheek as my thumb slips into her crack. While I slam myself forward, drilling my rigid cock deep into her wet cunt my thumb finds her sphincter and applies pressure. The tip of it pops past the small pink hole and into her anus. " Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm," she whimpers, her mouth falling open slightly.

My thumb rolls around in her ass a few times, stretching her sphincter open. Her body rocks faster into my cock as the feel of this throws fuel onto her raging pussy, causing her orgasm to move forward, closer to the brink.

" Mm-mmm-mm. Mmm-mmmm-mm." I slam into her several more times, honey gives an astonishing blowjob hardcore russian her orgasm closer and closer to the edge.

Her juices flowing wet and free around my cock, coating the fleshy pole as she fucks backwards into me. Her neck was bent back, her body arching downward as my hand pulls at her hair and forces her to move in this fashion.

Suddenly I stop thrusting my cock into her, withdraw it as I lean back away from her. The suddenness of this, the fast removal my hard cock from her spasming cunt, causes her orgasm to freeze in place and begin to fade back away. " Mmm-mmm-mmm," she whimpers. A second later she feels the tip of my cock brushing along the crack of her ass, feels my hand spreading her one ass cheek. My cock tip finds her sphincter and presses at it her body suddenly tenses, her muscles clenching and her asshole squeezing itself shut.

" Mmmm," she whimpers with a mixture of excitement and dread. " It's goin' in your ass, Ahn." I growl. My cock pushing at her tightened hole. "Just relax a little." The hand on her ass slids down and under her body. My fingers finds her pussy. One of them presses at her clit, rubbing the hard nub, while others dip into the wetness of her slit and strokes the walls of her opening. Bolts of excitement shot through her body from the touch, her passions being stoked.

Her body relaxing slightly as she pushes her pussy into those fingers. " Mmm-mmm." The tip of my cock presses into her sphincter and pushes past the very edges, slipping into her anus with slow, deliberate pressure. Between this and the feel of my fingers on her pussy her body went into a state of confusion, unsure of what to do or how to respond. Most of it, heated and aroused by the events that has transpired, wanting to relax and allow the penetration of her ass, wanting to feel my hard cock filling her ass and fucking her.

The other part, the part unaccustomed to such acts and now beginning to dredge up thoughts of pain and betrayal of her boyfriend, wanting me to stop and just put my cock back into her hungry cunt. The finger on her clit rolls the sensitive little nub, stroking it and sending more bolts of electricity through her. Reflexively her body rolls beneath me, her hips jerking backward slightly.

The action helps force the entire head of my cock to push into her ass, causing it to slip past her sphincter, stretching her open more. Shots of pain and surprise runs through her, mixing with the hunger her body was feeling. " I'm gonna fuck this sweet little ass of yours, Ahn." I told her with confidence. " Gonna stuff my cock deep into it." With the head of my cock completely inside her anus the full penetration was now only a matter of time.

Still stroking her hard clit and rubbing her pussy walls I slowly applied more and more pressure, pushing the first inches of my cock into her ass. Her body tenses then relaxes only to tense back up a second later. " Mmm-mm-mmmm," she whimpers. Once I had partially inserted my cock I begin to withdraw it, sliding it back until only the head remains inside of her.

I pause for a moment, allowing her body a small chance to get used to the feel of it. Ahn feels her sphincter gripping the circumference of the fleshy pole, feeling it clenching around the hard cock assaulting it. I slowly push forward once again I apply more pressure to her clit, rolling it around under my finger.

Her hips roll back at me, her body reflexively responding to the attention. Then I push a little more of my cock into her ass, pushing forward another inch or so before stopping and holding still. As I remain kneeling behind her, my cock halfway buried within her ass I rub and roll her clit, my other fingers caressing her slit and opening. " Mmm-mm-mmmm," she whimpers, her body squirming in front of me. " Mm-mm-mmmm." Once more I pull back until only the head of my cock remain then hold still for a second before pushing forward again.

This time as I slowly penetrate her ass with the rigid cock Ahn feels the fires in her lust filled pussy raging higher and hotter from the sensation. The heat causing her to push her ass back oiled up webcam girl rides her dildo into me, pushing herself down onto the length of my cock. Seconds later she feels my pelvis push against her ass cheeks, feels my corase pubic hairs scratching her soft flesh, and knew that my entire cock was buried inside her ass.

The two of us ground into one another then, rubbing against each other. " Feel that, Ahn? That's my cock in your ass. My entire cock." I tug harder on her hair, pulling her head further back and causing her body to bend downward more. " Mm-mmm-mm," Ahn whimpers. I pull back then, withdrawing most of my cock from her tight ass before pushing forward again.

This starts a rhythmic pace of me pulling back and pushing forward, steadily fucking her ass with the rigid thick cock. Ahn whimpers and mews as I thrust in and out, the sensation of my cock sliding along her sphincter, the feel of my hard thick rod filling her ass, fanning the flames in her pussy.

She rolls her hips, pumping herself back into me each time I push forward. I continue to rub and play with her swollen clit, massaging the hard nub while stroking her slit and caressing her pussy walls. As our pace steadily increases it becomes difficult. I pull my hand back around and fill it with her ass cheek, my fingers squeezing the soft flesh, gripping and digging into her.

" Mmm-mm-mm," Ahn whimpers, her body rocking faster, her ass jerking into the squeezing hand. " That's it, Ahn. Fuck my cock with your ass," I growled. I squeezed her ass cheek, digging my fingers into her pliant flesh as the speed of their fucking increases.

My cock slids back and forth in her ass, slipping along the edges of her sphincter. Horny college girl fucked by a friend pumped and pounded our bodies at one another. Ahn feels the orgasm re-emerging, rolling along her heated pussy toward the edge of release. She rolls her ass into me, pushing herself at my now driving cock as she moans and whimpers more pigtail blonde camgirl live webcam show jincamcom each thrust.

Her breasts rock beneath her, the hard nipples sticking down and being brushed by the air swishing past them. The fingers in her hair tugged at her, pulling her neck back and forcing her back to arch downward more.

" Mmm-mm-mmmm," she whimpers as the orgasm grew closer to exploding within her. " Mm-mm-mmmm." " Yes, fuck my cock with your ass, Ahn. Fuck me with your ass." Ahn's body begins quivering, her nerves twitching with the impending orgasm.

She mews loudly, whimpering as she bent her head further back and jammed her ass onto my cock again and again. I sense what was happening, understood that she was on the brink of cumming and suddenly stop thrusting my cock into her. I froze with the entire length of it buried deep within her, my pelvis grinding hard against her soft ass cheeks.

The suddenness of this, the quick halt to the pumping of her ass which had been driving Ahn's orgasm to release, causes the sensation to stop, to freeze as it sat teetering on the cusp of exploding and to recede slightly.

" Mmm-mmm-mm," Ahn whimpers hungrily. Her ass ground back into me as she rolls herself against the cock filling her ass. Her body quivering and twitching from once again being refused the orgasm.

Needed fully she rocks upon her knees with limited mobility as I hold myself tightly against her, keeping her from fucking my cock in and out of her ass. After a moment of this I pull back, completely withdrawing my cock from her ass.

Ahn whimpers again with the loss. As the head of my cock pops out of her tightly clinging ass jerking her head to the side, the hand on her hip pushing her as well. Ahn iss tossed down onto the sofa rolling onto her back with the rough actions.

Releasing her hair for the moment I grab both of her legs and swung them onto my shoulders, effectively spreading her open to me and lifting her ass upwards. " You're liking it in your ass, ain't you Ahn?" I chuckle as I position myself. " You like having my cock in that sweet ass of yours." " Mmm-mmm," she mews in dejected agreement. Laying upon the bed with her legs over his shoulders, her long tresses splayed out wildly around her face, she looked at him from under heavy lids, her bottom lip quivering.

On her chest her large tits rolled and swayed as her body was maneuvered, her nipples standing out straight and hard. In her crotch her pussy shined with her wetness, her juices shimmering as they coated her flesh. Her lips puffed out, displayed wetly by the moisture glistening in her fine, downy hairs.

Below that her asshole lay still gaping open slightly from the stretching of the cock that had invaded it. Seconds later she feels the tip of my cock pressing at her pussy, feeling the head slipping into her opening and filling her with one steady thrust. Ahn's head rolls back, her eyes close and she pushs herself at the penetrating cock.

" Mmm-mmm," she mews with delight. " Gonna get it lubed up again," I groan as I push forward. " Get my cock all wet with your juices so I can fuck your ass some more." Ahn whimpers in response to my words, her body and mind tormented by the different sensations she was feeling.

She feels my cock filling her pussy, feeling its rigidity stroking along her walls with delicious delight. She wants this to continue, wants my cock to fuck her pussy, to slam into her pussy and drive her orgasm forward. At the same time she wants that delicious cock to be filling her ass once more, to feel its stiffness ramming into her to bring her orgasm forth that way. She laid there whimpering and moaning as I push myself in and out of her cunt several times, her juices coating my cock.

Her tits rolling with the actions, her body rocking beneath me as I slam her pussy with my hard cock. The feel of it reignites the torches of her orgasm, pushing it back toward existences moist and wild twat licking pornstar hardcore. " Mm-mmm-mmm." After several strokes I withdraw my cock and hot angel goes from giggles hardcore bondage whimpers sadly. Quickly I line it up with her sphincter and push forward.

Although the opening had started to recoup from my previous assault, the muscles re-tightening, the mixture of having already been opened and the new supply of juices coating my cock and having ran down from her drenched pussy made this new entrance go easier and smoother.

Like the first time though I enter her slowly, pressing my hips forward with slow, deliberate force. The head of my cock pushs past her opening, stretchs the hole back out and allows the length of me to follow.

As her ass was steadily filled by my rigid cock I reach down and brush a thumb across her swollen clit. " Mmm-mmoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh," Ahn cries, her hips jerking, her ass jumping down my shaft. "Mm-mm-mm." The orgasm that had twice been halted suddenly explodes inside of her. Tidal waves of pleasure washs through her entire body, earth quaking shocks rumbles through her. Her head flew back, her eyes clamping shut, her mouth hanging open. Blast after blast of lust inspired delirium explodes inside of her.

With the entire length of my cock buried deep in her ass I grind myself into her while playing with her clit. Ahn's hips jump and jerk at me, her ass pumping into my pelvis in short, rapid strokes.

" You like that, Ahn?" I smile. " Yes, yes, yes," she pants, her ass humping crazily. " Ooohhh, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass with your cock." The hand not playing with her clit reachs up and fills its fingers with her hair again.

Her head is jerked sideways as I yanked on her long tresses, pulling her body into a slight sideways arch. Holding her like this I pull back a couple of inches then ram my cock forward again, alicia toys her juicy hairy pussy with a toy tube porn it into her.

The orgasm sends Ahn to new heights of pleasure exploding through her, huge waves of lust crashes against her. " Oohhh God. Do it again. Fuck my ass hard. Fuck it hard." Ahn had never before said such things, never before spoken so crudely to any man.

No man has ever fucked her ass or brought her to such an orgasm. I quickly give her what she asks for. Slipping back a few inches I slam into her again, simultaneously jerking on her hair and stroking my thumb across her clit. Ahn cries out again, her body jumping under the feel of so many sensations. I drive my cock forward I pull my hand away from her pussy and grab one of her tits.

My fingers dig into the soft flesh, squeezing and mauling her firm mound. This throws new fuel onto her orgasm as it continues to roll through her with more and more waves of pleasure.

" Mmmoooohhhhhh God yes," she moans. " Fuck my ass hard. Fuck my ass with your cock. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck iiiiitttttttt." He began a steady, rhythmic fucking of her asshole then, pumping his cock in and out, slamming it into her with each forward thrust.

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The orgasm caused more juices to flow in her sex and they leaked out, running down along her flesh to coat his cock and her sphincter.

The lubrication added to her lust and made his pounding cock slip and slide in and out of her with greater ease, allowed it to fuck her with limited hindrance. As her orgasm continued to wash through her then slowly subside, her body quivered under his assault, her tits rolling on her chest with one of them covered by his hand and being massaged hungrily. Her head was pulled to one side, her tresses locked in his fingers and being pulled on, drawing at her scalp. Her hips jumped upon the motel room bed, her ass jerking its way upon his cock as he pounded it into her.

Gone were any lingering thoughts of her husband or the betrayal she was performing. Gone were any concerns about anything other than the feel of this man's cock fucking her ass with ruthless abandon. "Mmm-mmm-mm," she whimpered as her body quaked through the aftershocks of her orgasm. "Mmm-mmm-mm." I'm slamming my cock into her, jerking on her hair and squeezing hard on her tit.

Her hard, sensitive nipple lay beneath my palm, flattened and caressed by my rough hand. I grunt and groan above her, telling her how good her ass feels around my cock and how much she looks like an angel being fucked deliriously. I exclaim about how she likes having my cock in her ass, telling her that she was an ass-fuck loving little bitch. And she agrees. She tells me she loves my cock in her ass, that she wants it harder, that she wants it faster.

She whimpers and mews under the verbal assault, she is exploding with this additional new experience. " Mmooohhhhh God yes," she cries as my pistoning cock brought another orgasm toward release. " Fuck my ass harder. Ooohhh God, fuck my ass with your cock. Fuck it. Fuck it harder. F u c k i t h a r d - eeeeeeerrrrrrrr." The new orgasm explodes inside of her as her body was quivering from the previous one's aftershocks.

She rams her ass down along my cock as I'm thrusting it into her with extreme force, slamming it into her like a jack hammer. Her head tries to pull to the opposite direction and I jerk it back with a hard yank. Ahn's body rises up and crams her tit into my mauling hand, flattening the soft mound under my squeezing fingers. She feels my cock growing harder inside her as it slams into her, pulling and pushing at her ass.

Her body instinctively tightens the muscles surrounding that hard pole and milk it hungrily. As her orgasm crashes through her body, sending tidal waves of passion coursing along her nerves, she feels me bury the length of myself in her ass, feeling my cock throbbing and jerking inside her. A second later she hears real french maid fucks her ass and pussy with dildo live on grunt as the first shot of cum sprays into her ass, the warm liquid washing and coating her insides.

" Mmmmoooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she mews excitedly. Her body rocking and quaking its way through her orgasm as my cock shoots spray after spray of cum into her, the hard pole throbbing and jerking wildly as it unleashs the load from my balls.

Several moments later the two climaxes are over and I drop onto the sofa, away from her, my softening peter north and angel kelly are back at it again o slipping easily from her ass. Ahn's legs fall onto the sofa, her body slumping weakly into the sofa's support as I release her hair and the hold on her tit. Together we lay panting, our chests rising as we gasp for air.

Ahn's body iss coated in sweat, her nerves twitching as the aftershocks roll through her. She rolls onto her side, brought her legs partially together as cum leaks from her ass and her lust juices shimmer across her pubic area. Her tits showing red marks, the nipples shining red and hard for several minutes as her body relaxes. " You better get cleaned up," I told her after catching my breath. " Don't want your manager to see you with your body like that." " Mmmm," she manages to agree quietly.

I rose up and stepped from the sofa. Standing above her, my naked body covered with sweat, my now limp cock hanging down, I stared down at her. " I'm leavin' day after tomorrow," I grinned.

" If ya wanna come to my hotel room tomorrow I'll be there." With that I turned and walked toward the bathroom, disappearing behind the closed door. Ahn hears the shower, its water spraying against the back wall. Weakly she pulls herself from the sofa and reaching for her cloths.

Her mind screaming at her, cursing her for what she had done while instructing her to hurry up and go take a shower herself. As she dresses and steps toward the door to leave she tells herself that she would not go to the hotel the next day, that this had not only been a one time thing but that it was wrong and she shouldn't have done it at all.

But as she stepped out into the hall a quiver runs through her body as she remembers the way it had felt and she found her resolve quickly weakening.