Horny teens from south park threesomes nostalgia

Horny teens from south park threesomes nostalgia
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I had mixed emotions. I enjoyed my time with Jim. No question about it. I enjoyed my time with his girlfriend, Annette. That was the problem. I t was cheating on my wife with Annette. Not so with Jim. It bothered me. Double standards?

I didn't think so, what Jim and I did, couldn't be duplicated by my wife. Annette on the other hand. No doubt about it though, I was addicted to black cock, or, more specifically, JIM'S black cock. His cock felt good in my mouth, and in my ass. I hadn't told him he was the first to take my virgin ass hole.

But I did not regret it one bit. Truth was, I really looked forward to more fun times with Jim. The next evening, I walked into the locker room, as Jim was just closing the door to his locker. He saw me, said hello, and told me he'd see me in the gym. "Hold on a minute." I asked. He looked at me questioningly. "About last night." I started. "Yeah, sorry about that, I told her she could watch, I was going to tell you, but things progressed way too quickly." "Well, it's not just that, I love cheerleader foot fetish if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the wife, and what we did was cheating.

I don't want to do that again" "Not a problem, understood" replied Jim. "There's also the discretion thing." "Already talked to Annette about it, she's cool." He promised. "Alright, I guess." He started to walk away. "She can watch, I'm good with that, I just can't do anything with her." "See you in the gym," he said.

I finished changing, and headed into the gym. Jim was working on some machines, I headed over to the free weights. Setting up my barbells and weights, I laid down on the bench to do some presses. Just as I was ready to begin my first rep, Jim appeared over my head. "Need me to spot you?" he asked. I looked up to reply, and had a perfect view up his shorts at his firm, but not hard, black cock. I didn't answer right away, even though I'd sucked that beauty, and had it buried deep in my ass, I loved to look at it.

Yup. I was addicted. I looked up at his eyes, Jim was smirking at me. "Need any help?" he asked. "Sure, if you want." "You going to be able to do your thing?" I want to do your thing, I thought. "Yeah, I'll be fine, just some distractions around here, that's all." I did my sets, all the while starring up the leg of his shorts.

By time I'd finished, I realized I was hard.

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"Need some help with that?" asked Jim, looking at my crotch. "Later" I said. Jim moved away to finish his routine, I finished mine. It took us about 45 minutes to complete our workouts. Back in the locker room, we did the usual.

I sat on the bench, Jim stood while we both stripped. As usual, I sat mesmerized, looking at his cock. I licked my lips. "Hold on a little while, and it'll be all yours." He said. I looked at him, grabbed my towel, we both walked into the showers.

We did our routine, opposite each other, I watched him soaping up his body. He soaped and masturbated his hardening cock. We spoke not a single word. There was no need. We both liked what we saw, we both knew what was going to happen. We finished, and walked back to our lockers, drying off as we walked. "You hot white babe gets her mouth filled with her mans hard cock time to stop over?" he asked "Oh yes, of course I will" Putting my gym bag in my car, we walked the short distance to his place.

We entered his apartment, and both headed for his bedroom. We had both just showered, so we began to undress. I stopped him, said "Let me, please." I unbuttoned his shirt, running the palms of my hands across his muscled chest as I swept the shirt off his shoulders.

Tossing it on the chair, I stepped forward, holding his upper arms, leaned forward, and lightly kissed and sucked his nipple. "Ummmmm" he moaned. I kissed his neck, where it joined his shoulder, sliding my hand down over his ripped stomach, to lightly caress his cock.

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It was very easy to locate, it was the hard tube of flesh running toward his left thigh. It was my turn to moan. It felt so good. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on it. Facing Jim, I reached down with both hands to undo his pants. After loosening them, I let them drop to the floor. All that stood between me and that magnificent cock was a single thin layer of black briefs.

I looked up from undoing his pants, and as I did, Jim leaned forward, kissing me. The move surprised me, but I didn't back away. I looked into his eyes, he leaned in again, placing his lips against mine. I pushed back against his lips. We kissed. Throughout the kiss, I never took my hand off his hardening cock. In fact, his cock got harder. As did mine. This was fucked up. I was married. Happily. I did not want love. Was this love? Fuck, I hope not. I like cock.

Reality naked tv show it was sunny out here and all i could think of is how superhot she particular, JIM's cock. This complicated things. Jim moved back a bit. "I'm sorry" he said. "N.No. It's okay" But was it? I didn't know. I realized I was still caressing his cock. I moved back slightly, and looked down.

I gently grabbed the waist band on his shorts, easing it down, pulling it over his erect cock, which popped up as it was freed from its restraint.

I touched the head, tickling it under the glans. Jim sucked in his breath. I dropped to my knees in front of him, reaching out with my tongue, as I licked the underside of the head of his cock. As I stroked the head of his cock, a drop of white cum oozed out, I caught it with my tongue. Nice. Not at all bitter, a bit salty. I'd take all I could get.

Loved it. I slowly eased the entire shaft into my mouth, and throat. My lips pressed against the base of his cock. I applied suction. He moaned. I felt his hands touch the back of my head, easing my forehead against his stomach, as I felt him gently thrust into my mouth. It somehow felt very sexy, the holding of my head, his gentle thrusting, fucking my mouth like a pussy. All too soon, at least for me, Jim held my head, and pulled his cock out of my sucking mouth.

I followed his cock as it withdrew from my mouth, trying to keep my lips on it. "Come with me." Jim said, helping me to my feet. My own half hard cock swaying as I walked, I followed down the hallway, into his bedroom. Jim pulled back the covers, and motioned me into the bed.

We reclined, side by side, our legs and bodies against each other. His arm was under my body, cradling me at my shoulders. He leaned into me, reaching down and caressing the length of my cock as he did so. As he touched my cock, my mouth opened, Jim pressed his lips against mine, his tongue entered my mouth. The twin assault on my senses, his tongue in my mouth, his hand on the head of my cock, caused me to push my lips against his, my tongue touch his, and I distinctly arched my back, thrusting my cock into his hand.

As he slowly masturbated me, we sucked face. No other easy way to state it. Our mouths, lips, and tongues virtually attacked each other. I heard moaning. Was it me? Was it Jim?

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I reached for and found his cock. It was rock hard. I felt wetness at the head of it. I needed that cock.

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Now. I pulled away, and kissed my way down his chest and stomach, stopping when I reached the base of his cock. I am afraid that I may have embarrassed myself, as I attacked his cock like a starving man. I sucked, swallowed, licked, and gagged on it.

I had already taken him wholly into my mouth, but I was in such a rush to taste him, I kept pushing further and further onto his cock. I gagged, and pulled back retching a little. "Easy" he said. I looked him in the eyes, and attacked his cock again. God how I loved the feel of his shaft in my mouth. Running my tongue all over the head, tasting the occasional drops of precum that he let emanate from his cock, was, to me, nirvana. I was becoming such a slut. I moved down, rolling him over onto his front side.

I kissed and nibbled on the back of his thighs, Ran my tongue up the insides of both thighs, side to side. Reaching the crease between his legs and his cheeks, I ran my tongue along the division. When I reached the crack between his cheeks, I ran up the length with my tongue.

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It brought the desired response, a long, low moan of, I hoped, pleasure. I parted the cheeks of his ass gently, burrowing my tongue further in between the cheeks. I touched his tight pucker with my tongue. Again, more moans. Pressing my face against his ass, to tongue fucked his tight hole. Like a warm, wet, slippery penis, I pushed and wiggled my tongue, trying to bury it deeper into his ass. Grabbing him by the hips, I tongue fucked his hole.

I felt him pushing back into my face. I reached under his hips, groping for his cock. Reaching it, I stroked his hard phallus while I titillated his tight bottom hole.

After a while, Jim rolled over, his hard cock slapping my cheek. I swallowed his cock like a robin going after a worm. All the way into my throat. I began to fuck his cock with my throat. It was only seconds, I could taste his cum. I sucked harder. Suddenly, Jim grabbed my head, pulling it into himself, as he thrust violently upward with his hips, shooting a huge load into my throat and stomach. I couldn't breathe. I retched. I gagged, I swallowed cum, I spit cum, cum ran down my neck as the overflow ran out of my mouth.

I loved it. Jim lay on his back, dragging in deep breaths, trying to recover from his orgasm. I rolled off Jim, just trying to get a breath. Before I could really get my breath back, Jim reached over, got to his knees, rolled me on my stomach, and climbed on my back. His still hard cock, slippery with my saliva, mom and son massage at clint his cum, prodded at my tight, un-lubed hole.

Before I could react. I felt my ass hole getting ripped open. The initial pain was incredible. It felt like someone had thrust a burning poker, wrapped in coarse sandpaper into my ass.

I screamed, Jim withdrew until only the head remained in my formerly tight hole. He pushed. HARD I screamed again, I felt him push all the way into me.

I couldn't move, he held me tight and I couldn't get away. Jim began cooing in my ear, "Calm down, it'll be okay," he said. "Relax." I tried. I really did. Slowing his pace significantly, Jim continued to fuck my asshole. Due to his already cumming once, he stayed hard, and stayed in my ass. After a while, it didn't hurt so badly. He nibbled on my neck.

Touched my ear with his tongue. I have to admit, I shivered. I all of a sudden realized, it didn't hurt anymore. In fact, it began to feel good. The head of his cock rode the inside of my ass, rubbing my prostate very nicely. Soon, I knew I was getting close.

Jim, grabbing me by the hips, pulled me back as he pulled himself back onto his knees. Getting me on my knees, he continued to pound my ass. Jim reached under me, taking a hold of my stiff cock. As he stroked me, somewhat as if he was jerking himself off, I looked back between my legs, his black hand stroking my white cock. I couldn't take it anymore. With a big bubble butt brazilian orgy disc cd, I hollered "Fuck me!

Wreck my fucking ass!" I shot my load. My cum surged out of my stiff cock, propelled, no doubt, by the additional pressure of Jim's cock punishing my ass. I could feel my ass clutching and squeezing his cock. I felt a warmth spread into my bowels as Jim let his cum flow into me.

As Jim slowed down, he slowly retracted his cock from my now gaping, wrecked ass hole. His cum ran out my punished ass, dripped down the back of my balls, and dripped to the bedding below. I turned as Jim knelt there, his cock at half-mast. I leaned down, and took his wet, slimy cock into my mouth, cleaning him off.